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this is kiinda late but if you're still doing those fandom requests how about The World Ends With You?

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Do you think Keith is afraid of the dark? Or Lance?

[my first reaction to this was “keith?? is not afraid of lance??? what the fuck??????” until I understood what you meant lmao]

So, are Keith or Lance afraid of the dark. I don’t think so. I don’t think any of the paladins are afraid of the dark - but let’s start with Lance, because he’s easier to prove:

He sleeps with a sleep mask. A sleep mask and headphones. On the first night in an alien ship. That’s not something he would do if he was afraid of the dark. He also tried to sneak out of the Garrison at night (!!!) and chose to hide in a really dark trashcan:

Sneaking around in general seems to be something he is pretty good at/used to. And that’s just not something you can do in broad daylight without making use of dark corners. So no, I don’t think he’s afraid of the dark.

[He is, however, afraid of unnatural darkness. In s1e9, Crystal Venom, he came pretty close to freaking out when the castle’s lights suddenly turned off. But it’s not the darkness itself that was the problem, it’s what it implies. Something was not right. He seems to be scared of ‘haunted’ things: “you wanna know what I think? I think this castle is haunted!” *shudders and looks from side to side*]

Next, Keith. He has to have explored Blue’s cave all on his own and while he most likely brought a flashlight, it doesn’t seem like the best activity for someone that is afraid of the dark. There was also the Blade of Marmora episode where Keith faced lots of his fears - but never once was darkness brought up:

We have Shiro leaving (into the light; but Keith was already chasing after him before the light appeared) and being forced to leave his past with any explanations for his Galra heritage behind (and the pic I chose is the darkest it gets). No darkness.

Most importantly though:

He wakes up from a nightmare. A nightmare that was bad enough to get him to try and leave the team to see if Zarkon is tracking him. It was dark in the nightmare itself too but he never even attempts to turn the lights on after waking up. Instead, he just grabs the knife and sits in a dark room:

So nope, I don’t think Keith is afraid of the dark either^^


So on my way to work today, I was jamming to How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20. 

Singing, dancing… ya know how that goes.  (Take into account the fact that I absolutely MUST have my windows rolled down because my A/C doesn’t work that well and my minivan is basically BLACK. It was hot.)

There was some construction going on though, so we were stopped at a light for much longer than usual and this guy was STARING at me.

A year ago, I probably would have stopped singing and dancing. Because, self conscious, shy, blah blah. 


Music is amazing.

i wish that i could accurately express to people how much i care about them. but like, honestly i don’t think i have the words to do it? so it always comes out in all caps and fangirly and like i just snorted a shit ton of cocaine so for that i apologize but like okay honestly, it’s really hard to go to a person and be like “hey friend, i just wanted to let you know that there are some days when the sun doesn’t shine. and even on those days, you do. and you make the world brighter and my life bigger and i don’t know what i would do without you but thank you for being one of the reasons i can smile in the face of hardship, and wake up on the mornings where waking up seems like the hardest thing to do, thank you for being there even if you’re only there as a presence over a computer screen. thank you for making my life whole.” without it sounding super emotional and heartfelt ( and like being heartfelt is apparently uncool now? which is dumb but #whatever. ) so just like, if you ever get the fangirly caps messages from me, just translate it into something that’s 100 times more emotional and heartfelt, and know that my heart swells 100 times bigger than my body when i think about you guys because i love you all.

shout out to m’gann m’orzz, who came from a species that wanted to destroy planets and kill/enslave all the inhabitants, for fighting for what was right and actively try to save people. 

shoutout to m’gann m’orzz for showing everyone that where you come from doesn’t have to define the person you are. 

shoutout to m’gann m’orzz for proving that she is a hero time and time again without just going around and saying “i’m a hero now!” like other characters on the show.

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'#I'll never get over just how obvious his crush was... while also being something people were able to miss??#henrik just nailed it PERFECTLY' yeah i always think about because i totally get why people were skeptical and thought even was a fuckboy because he had a gf!! but also looking back he was SO into isak from the jump and it's so funny how obvious it truly was

I myself can’t really see people how people thought he fucking with Isak, because he was so clearly framed as the love interest, but I kind of like that they did? I like when people are working hard to read a story and have a lot of questions (when it pays off, lol). But I can DEF see how people were entirely taken in and thought he was cool and mysterious and “wtf is this guy’s deal!!” “wtf pt 2: he has a gf?????” alongside Isak.

It’s great that you can take just the first two episodes (I like to think about it before we even get to even’s room in mekke øl!) and nothing else and go “okay, whatever is going on with him… dude has a crush” though:

he’s legit not paying attention and scanning the room until he sees isak, wow…

he’s so nervous, how did I not notice how nervous he was??

do you know how hard I worked for us to have accidental eye contact

p l e a s e, he’s so happy a chance to talk to his crush fell into his lap like this

and then this shyest, crushiest little birdface!! he was so… obvious

I just love that it’s not that specific hints were dropped but rather if you watch Even closely, you can see it from his perspective the whole time. Henrik deserves a lot of credit imho for how well he walked that line and the directing/editing for showing you just enough but not too much. Production makes a huge difference, sometimes it’s down to the lighting and post processing! Do you remember how when Passe på meg aired with “I saw you the first day of school”, there was suddenly a deluge of people lightening the first meeting at kosegruppa and ‘discovering’ Even’s face then?? I laugh now at how perfectly D A R K those shots were:

And how much that worked to obscure his expression:

Everything about Even’s perspective in those early eps was so well done and it adds so much to the show that you can go back and see through his eyes once you know him better.

Patience yields focus.

I had an anon a while ago asking for Hunk love and I was so busy I didn’t get to it until now! (And even now it’s kind of messy but !!! I love hunk!!!)


*On every planet, always