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170723 Super Junior D&E Hello Again Fanmeet [FULL]


D&E’s moms, Donghwa, Yesung, Kyuhyun, and MC Leeteuk attended.Kyuhyun had told leeteuk he’d come to every thing the members did. 



Opening VCR showed Still you cuts, getting #1, enlisting, and Donghae and Eunhyuk’s hug during discharge. Words: we’ve missed you. ©


EH: I have an apologetic heart to everyone here, let’s not break apart again, let’s only walk the flower path now.

DH: I’m sorry for making you lonely for 2 years, I will work hard to show a good image in activities from now on. 

They saluted to Leeteuk.


DH: It was really nice today, LT and YS hyung came today too, I’m really happy.

Eunhyuk showed a vacation pic of eating with his unit.
DH: Didn’t you make plans to eat with me? And you went to see others?? ©

Eunhyuk talked about the Super Junior dorm situation: After living in the same dorm for so long, now we’re in out thirties, we said “let’s have a go at being independent!” But we couldn’t go too far from each other so we are all living in different houses in the same area/apartment, we eat pizza together and go on walks together too, we went to find Heechul too but Kim Heechul didn’t open the door (I don’t know if he was home or not). © 

Eunhyuk confused the old SJ dorm and the new dorm. When he was in the army, SJ moved out of the old dorm so it was empty. Hyuk didn’t realize that when he went there. He thought at least kyuhyun was inside so he kept trying to press in the password and pressing the door bell, making funny faces in the inter-phone camera for minutes. Then he asked in SJ’s group chat and the manager asked if he went to the old dorm where they moved out. ©


Eunhyuk asked Donghae to find him in a picture of him with all his army staff in uniform and Donghae walked to the screen and pointed at a lady wearing a dress. Eunhyuk replied, “I wore a dress? Good job.” © 

Eunhyuk looked around at fans who all have long hair.
EH: We made a promise? Do you remember? How did your hair grow so fast?

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Simon Imagine - The meeting (mentions of Joe Sugg, Dan and Phil, etc)

REQUESTED:  “Hi!! I have a quite different imagine request but one where y/n is a beauty you tuber who lives in america and has a beauty release or something like that “think zoella” and her and Simon have been dating for a while and he surprises her at her product launch party”

The minute I entered the room a giant smile erupted over my face. Everything looked beautiful. The polished wooden floors were sprinkled entirely with glitter, sparkles and confetti, leaving my heels completely covered in a coating of shine. Over every wall were photos, polaroids, all from the several shoots I’d done in the past few years building up to this very moment. Pastels and neons, metallics and glitters, the entire room screamed colour, and it was very reflective of the way I felt in this very moment. I could not believe the job that had been done, and as I thanked everyone I was ecstatic; nobody could have done a better job of promoting the launch of my first ever beauty range.

It wasn’t long before people started arriving. I stood at the door for a while, welcoming those I had not yet met, admiring the clean city streets of London whilst I did so. The entire atmosphere was worlds apart from what I was used to back in LA, and I couldn’t help but feel like I knew which one I preferred. London was smaller, more comforting, less dramatic - there was a definite home vibe to it, and it was massively enjoyable.

“You must be Y/n, right? This event is incredible congratulations!” 

I turned around at the mention of my name, and was instantly greeted face to face by Zoe Sugg, the woman who had inspired me most to construct this event. I felt the blood rush from my face.

“Oh my gosh, Zoe! Thank you so much!”

“Aw it’s okay! Come on, let’s go inside, you shouldn’t be missing out on all the fun!”

I complied politely, taking her arm and walking through the hallway towards where my event was taking place. Inside everybody had arrived. There were youtubers everywhere, taking photos, vlogging, testing out the products lined up along the stands and tables. Zoe turned her head towards me.

“Have you tried anything from the sweet table yet?”

“There’s a sweet table?” I asked, astonished. Her face softened into a humoured smile and I couldn’t help but feel envious of her beauty.

“Yeah, I thought I as much. I know when you’re planning these things it’s hard to actually experience them. Let’s go get food!”

She tugged on my arm slightly, taking me in the direction of where three tables stood consecutively. Each one was decorated in different types of confectionery; jars of brightly coloured sweets, plates of cupcakes, bowls of marshmallows and chocolates. I picked up a mason jar of pink lemonade as Zoe pulled me over to her group of friends.

“Y/n, I want you to meet Alfie, Joe, Louise, Dan and Phil. Guys this is Y/n, the creator of this event and it’s products.” 

I was greeted with a chain of hellos and hugs, and it occurred to me how attractive the British vloggers truly were. I sipped on my straw to suppress my nerves as I made small conversation. I had met so many lovely new people tonight, and yet still there was one left; Simon Minter. I had met him over twitter, and skype, and facetime and Snapchat and every other social media currently existing, however face to face was still yet to happen. Despite our lack of actual human interaction I felt hugely attracted to the boy, something that was no secret to my fans and followers, who had been tweeting me since sunrise asking if today would be the day of our meeting. Secretly I had been hoping for months that it would - I was desperate to see him, hear his voice without the robotic alterations, touch him for the first time. Even my managers were keen, set on the fact that the presence of someone with that large of a following would do nothing but good for the sales of my products. However, realistically, a place as pink and glorified as this would be no place for a fifa youtuber. I tried to shake this thought in order to keep up my high spirits.

“So Y/n, what made you decide to host your event in London, why not LA?” Dan asked with genuine interest. 

“It’s where most of my following is,” I smiled. “And I’ve always wanted to visit anyway, so it seemed to make sense.”

“Ah. Yeah it’s a decent area!”

“Does that desire to visit correlate in anyway with a certain Fifa youtuber? Someone who’s name perhaps rhymes with Dimon?”

I blushed as everybody laughed at Joe’s comment. “There is that, I suppose. May I ask how you know of mine and Simon’s interactions? Big fan of my Q&A’s?”

“Well of course Y/n!” Joe laughed, a flirt of light hearted mockery laced in his voice. “Although it definitely helps that I’ve been blessed with the privilege of playing cards against humanity with the Sidemen, so I’m pretty clued up on the extent of your relationship, actually.”

My face heated as I squirmed. “I won’t ask anymore on that one!”

“Probably for the best.”

The conversation continued for a while. Louise complimented me on my dress, Dan and Phil quizzed me on my life and I tested out some of my scrubs and moisturisers on Joe’s face. As I l talked, my eyes turned to Zoe and Alfie, who were whispering just beside me, Alfie’s eyes down at his phone. I raised an eyebrow as Zoe looked up at me.

“You know what Y/n, I think you and I should go and take some photos in the photobooth.”

“Um, sure..?” Her spontaneity threw me off slightly as she took my arm once again, speed walking me out of the room. There’s a photobooth too now??

“And here we are!”

I admired the golden machine, my name sprawled on the side in large, sparkly letters.


“It’s pretty, isn’t it.” She smiled. “And talking of pretty, you look amazing, so get your bum in there first!”

I smiled. Someone like Zoe was impossible to say no to. She watched me eagerly, Alfie not far behind as I pulled back the red curtain..

“Oh my God!”

Sat on the swivelling stool inside was none other but Simon. He looked outstanding, all clad in a black and white suit, his collar opened slightly missing a tie. His hair was still red toned, and it looked surprisingly good as he climbed out of the machine and picked me up off of the ground. 

“Hello Y/n.”

His voice sent shivers down my spine. It was much deeper than what I was used to, although still just as soft and comforting, especially whilst blessing the syllables of my name. My cheeks ached from grinning.

“Simon! I didn’t think you’d be here!” 

“Why would you think that? I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“I didn’t exactly think face masks and bath bombs were your thing, funnily enough.”

“Hey, you don’t know my lifestyle.” He joked, and I smiled.

“Very true, I don’t.” He released me from his arms. “But I’d like to.”

“Well, if ever there was a moment I was more sure of wanting you to find out, I think it’s this one.” My cheeks heated for what seemed to be the tenth time tonight as Simon held me at arms length, his eyes scanning up and down my body, focusing on the curves of my silky red dress. “You look..incredible, Y/n.”

“And you, Simon.”

We stood for a second, just watching eachother. I paid particular attention to his eyes and their deep blue pigment. He looked younger in real life, his face fresher, a lot brighter without the dim of a computer screen in front of it. I felt zoe touch both our arms.

“Right you two love birds, let’s go back to where the party’s at, come on!”

We both grinned as her and Alfie shuffled ahead.

“11 million subs just touched my arm. I’m gassed.” Simon whispered, and I hit his arm playfully.

“Aren’t you used to it? You live with the KSI.” I quizzed him as we walked along.

“Oh trust me Y/n, 15 million subscribers touches you in a very different way.”

5 Things I Hate About You

Requested: No

Pairings: Jeff Atkins x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Angst(?), Shitty

A/N: The setting is before Hannah’s suicide

I hate how you never noticed how much I loved you

“(Y/N)? Hello?” You hummed, acknowledging her existence,”(Y/N), you’re drooling.” Your eyes widen as you use your hand to wipe away the drool,”Just go up to him and tell him how you feel. You’re his best friend!” 

You sighed as your head thudded lightly against the lockers,”Its not that easy Hannah. This could make or break our relationship. And besides, why would he like me? Rumors are going around that Nina and him have something going on. I’d believe it, I mean she’s gorgeous.”

“I’d have to disagree with that, you’re beautiful (Y/N). And besides, they’re just rumors.” 

“Maybe.” You turned your head to face Jeff again, noticing that he was facing you too. He smiled, waving at you and you repeated his actions. 

“Take the chance (Y/N). It might work out.”

I hate how you hurt me without even laying a finger on me

Jeff💕: Hey (Y/N/N)! Meet me at Monet’s please in 10! I got something important to tell you!

You: What a coincidence! I got something to tell you also!

Jeff💕: Great see you soon!

You quickly changed out of your sleepwear, excited to finally express your feelings.

Today’s the day. 

You entered the small cafe, the smell of coffee filled your senses. You looked around, trying to find the tall brunette. “(Y/N)!” You smiled at the waving boy, quickly walking over to him and giving him a hug,”Jeff!” You both sat down, and ordered your drinks. 

“So whats the important news?” “No, no, you go first.” “Well you asked me to come here, so yours must be important.” “Well,” he smiled happily,”I got a girlfriend!” Your smile slowly dropped, your heart dropping to your stomach. ”W-What?” He let out a sigh of happiness,”I have the most gorgeous girlfriend ever.” Your eyes watered slightly, wanting to cry.

You cleared your throat,”Oh well, congratulations. I got to go, bye.” “Wait we didn’t get our drinks yet!” “Its fine, Jeff, really.” “But-”


I hate how you spend more time with her than me

You watch as Jeff and his girlfriend smile at each other lovingly,”Snap out of it, (Y/N).” “I can’t, Hannah. It’s different now.”

“What do you mean?”

You sighed,”He spends all his time with her. I get it that she’s his girlfriend, but every time I want to hang out or we planned something, he either says he’s busy or cancels last minute. I just feel like I’m cut out of his life.” 

Hannah brought you into a hug, giving you a tight squeeze,”He’ll come ‘round (Y/N/N). After all, you’re an amazing friend.” You smiled faintly,”Thanks HamHam.”

I hate how you left me so soon

Tears welled up in your eyes, storming towards Hannah’s locker. “Hannah,” your voiced cracked,”Where is he?” Hannah tried to pull you into a hug, only for you to escape her grasp.

”Where is he, Hannah?” 

She took in your state. Your hair is everywhere, your makeup is smeared, and your eyes held a broken look. “(Y/N), sweety, I’m sorry but, he’s gone.” Tears slipped down your face,”No, he can’t be. He’s not that irresponsible! Please tell me this is some stupid prank.” Your body shook as little sobs escaped your mouth, which allowed Hannah to bring you into her embrace. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N/N).”

I hate how you still have a hold on me, even when you’re gone

You slowly walked towards the grave that held your former best friend and crush, holding onto the small bouquet of flowers. You stood there in silence,”Hey Jeff. Its me, (Y/N/N). Its been a couple of months, almost a year, since you left this place. I’m sorry I haven’t visited you at all or even come to your funeral. It just, hurts so much to accept that you left me. I know thats selfish of me but,” you let out a shaky breath,”I’m so sorry.”

“I miss you, a lot. Everybody does but I can’t blame them, you’re an amazing person. I never got to tell you this but I love you, in a romantic way. I thought, maybe, if I try to avoid my feelings, everything will just go back to normal. But it never stopped. I was going to tell you, but then you told me about your girlfriend,” a little chuckle left your mouth,”Its kind of pathetic that I still love you even when your dead. I guess you’re just that powerful, Jeff Atkins.”

You placed the flowers down neatly,”Rest peacefully Jeffery. I love you.”

-Admin Luna ☾

“Choose Me” (ft. BTS’ Suga) - Yoongi’s Alternate Ending

a/n: If you haven’t read the series, I suggest that you read it first before scrolling. Here is the much awaited alternate ending to Choose Me. Please read the premise before proceeding. Enjoy! This brings back a lot of feels for me personally and hopefully to you as well! 

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxYoongi

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen Point Five Twenty Twenty One Twenty Two (END) Epilogue

Premise: If the reader were to end up with Yoongi, the series would have ended at Chapter 21 and the following is how Chapter 21 would have looked like if Y/N and Yoongi ended up together. Jimin’s feelings still exist, but if the story had ended with Yoongi, I would have included a scene in the epilogue of Jimin nonchalantly saying, “You know, I used to like you.” or smth like that. I will not do an epilogue for this anymore because that’d be spoiling you guys too much. (jk but really my brain can’t handle it anymore.)

“Oppa!” you exclaimed when you Jin in his black gown and cap. You tried waving at him, but your hands were full. He beamed at you and jogged over. “Congratulations!”

He laughed and hugged you tightly before pulling you to his side. “어, 고마워 우리 귀여운 동생이~”

You beamed at him and handed him a bouquet of flowers and small box of cookies. “Congratulations for graduating, oppa! You finally graduated!”

“Ya, what do you mean finally?” he scolded as you linked arms with him and began walking. “For your information, I was only delayed by a term.”

You nodded along, “Okay, okay, it’s your graduation. I will laugh at all of your jokes during your speech later.”

He frowned at you and you only laughed again. “But seriously, congratulations. I’m kinda sad that you’re leaving.” your grip on his arm tightened unconsciously. “I mean, you’re like my real brother, I’m going to miss you nagging at me.”

“Wa…” he let out in disbelief. “..you must be so happy.” Jin noticed that you had another bouquet tucked between your arms, so he nodded towards it. “Who’s that for? The other guy?”

“Yeah, his name is not banned anymore, you know.” your wrinkled your nose at him. “He’s graduating too, so I’m here to congratulate him. You know that he doesn’t have a great relationship with his parents.”

Jin shrugged in response. “Fair enough. Are you happy though? Will this make you happy?”

“Hmmm…” you thought for a second. “You know, by now, I thought I’d still be confused and sad. I thought I’d regret the decision I made, but strangely, I’m just… fine. I’m not jumping for joy everyday, but I’m not crying either. It’s really weird, I guess time really heals all wounds.”

Jin glanced down at you and patted your head. “That’s great, that makes me feel relieved. You know what, no more boys! Boys just suck the life out of you.” you giggled, shaking your head. “Don’t tell me… Wait, it’s still him? After all these time? I thought you didn’t want to…”

“I don’t know. Maybe? Now that I took a step back from all of them, I finally realized the true answer. After all the trouble it took to arrive at that answer, I just want to take my time and heal. I’m letting the story unfold by itself.” you two started to walk more slowly as you approached the graduation hall.

“What about all that talk about choosing the one you love?” Jin raised his eyebrow at you, but you only looked ahead.

“It’s not that I’m not choosing him, it’s just that I’ve gone through so much and have been hurt for too long just to make this choice that I don’t want to ruin it just because I rushed into things.” you let out a huge breath, feeling as if you had just unloaded a heavy burden off your back.

Jin broke free from you and held you within arm’s length. “Look at you, eo? Look at where you are, look at where you started… You’ve come so far and you’ve grown so much.”

You easily felt the tears well in your eyes. “I couldn’t have done without you being there for me. Thank you so much, Seokjin-oppa.” your lower lip jutted out as you tried to hold in your tears.

Jin laughed boisterously, his infamous ahjae laugh that didn’t suit his face, and ruffled your hair. “Aigoo, you’re still a crybaby. You’re a big girl now, you don’t need me anymore.”

You smacked his chest and headed inside with him to the graduation hall. He gave a splendid speech as the outgoing student council president and brilliantly turned an ahjae joke into an inspiring quote.

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” he asked and everyone was prepared for the punchline. “…because it wasn’t afraid to take risks.”

The crowd exploded in cheers and you clapped along. Jin sent his patented hand kiss for the last time and got a standing ovation.

When the ceremony had ended, you searched through the crowd, looking for one person. Somehow, it felt like deja vu. You were always the one looking for him and today, you were looking for him as well.

Finally, you spotted him with a number of girls congratulating him and his thesis mates taking pictures with him. You watched from a considerable distance quietly. You waited for him to notice you and when he did, you waved the bouquet at him.

Min Yoongi, with his black hair and perfect skin, always looked good in black, but seeing him in his graduation robes somehow made your heart swell with pride, but with such surge in emotions also came memories of that night six months ago…

“I don’t know.” You sighed, answering his question by another, “Someone once told me that you can choose who you can fall in love with. Do you believe that?”

“No.” he paused. “Well, actually… I don’t know.”

“Why? Why not?” you pressed, trying to meet his eyes which were looking at your hands.

“I’ve never loved anyone but you.” his gaze was sincere and warm in contrast to his cold touch. “Y/N, you’re my best friend and it took me a while to realize, but I know it now. I made you wait for such a long time, but we’re here now and you don’t have to do anything, I will come for you this time.”

You inhaled with closed eyes, his words brought back the answer that you lost, “Jimin… He… He once said that we all do unfair and selfish things for love. Do you also believe that?”

“Yes. If I didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be saying all of these if I didn’t think that I don’t deserve a second chance.” Yoongi pleaded you with his eyes, something that you were seeing for the first time in your life.

You were quiet for a very long time because you sorted out all the possible answers that you could give Yoongi until you realized… he didn’t need an answer. “Exactly.” The word was out before you knew it and you could see Yoongi’s pupils shaking, trying to search your face for explanations. “You see, I don’t believe that. Love should be selfless… I just, I don’t why you’re doing this to me!” your voice shook until it died down to a whisper. “왜, 윤기야? 지금 왜? Why didn’t you hold onto me when I was giving myself to you? Why are you trying to get me back now when I finally moved on from you?”

“I…” Yoongi was flustered, it was obvious that this was not the answer he expected. “I…didn’t have a choice.”

“Bullshit, Yoongi.” you spat out and shot out of the chair. “You always have a choice, I had a choice… a choice that led me to you a long, long time ago.” The image of the picture on your table suddenly crossed your mind. “I decided to love you and I spent years doing that because I thought that once I made my decision, I couldn’t change my mind, but now…” you tried to catch your breath. “I think I can, so I’m choosing for myself. I choose me. Believe it or not, in the past few months that I wasn’t with you, I learned how to live. I stopped waiting for you the moment you chose to look the other way. More than anything, I chose to move on. Thank you for loving me and letting me love you all these time.”

You took slow steps towards him and he looked at you with a lopsided smile. “Did you get me flowers?”

You chuckled at his mocking tone, glad that you were able to talk to him like this again. “No. Jimin got you flowers as an apology for not being able to come since he’s performing for that end of the year thing tomorrow. He’ll try to catch us at dinner though.”

He shrugged and accepted the bouquet nonetheless. “Thanks anyway.”

“Congratulations on graduating.” you smiled genuinely at him and he received it graciously with a slight nod. “Come on, I’ll buy you jjajangmyun.” you turned around to leave and Yoongi caught your wrist.

“Can’t it really be me? Can’t it be me again?” The way he enunciated each word already told you how much he hesitated to ask.

You turned slightly, just enough to look him in the eye. “I… also don’t know. I’m sorry.”

He nodded. His crestfallen gaze hitting the floor faster than raindrops hit pavements. It’s not that he didn’t know that he hurt you. In fact, he knew too damn well. It’s not he didn’t understand that you needed time, he did because admittedly, he knew he also benefitted from the six months that he wasn’t with you, but ultimately, he didn’t know if it was worth it.

He didn’t know if you were still in love with him as he was in love with you.

And if Yoongi wanted to avoid something, it was you slipping from his fingers again.

As he watched you walk slowly away from him, his heart constricted at the rather familiar yet unwelcome sight of your back. He no longer wanted to see such a view, he’d much rather walk side by side and hold your hand and kiss your temples. All the things that he denied for himself.

But not anymore, so he walked with quick strides until he was by your side. In the blunt manner that he always did, he took your hand in his. You flinched, turning to him with a look of surprise. You met his gaze then stared at your interlocked fingers before looking at him again.  

“What are you doing?” your voice was soft and yet the way it lilted in the end told Yoongi that he was hurting you again by keeping his mouth and eyes shut.

“Y/N, I can’t… I can’t let you go. I can’t pretend that I’m not in love with you any longer than I already have in the past.” his grip tightened on your fingers and at this point, your heart felt an old erratic pattern, one that it has learned and forgotten and learned again many times over. “Please…”

And it was at that second that you finally listened to the rhythm that your heart sang.

Your heart beat for Yoongi, as simple as that.

You pried your fingers away from his solid grip and Yoongi felt like he was socked in the stomach. He looked at you with glassy eyes that have never held such confusion, agony and a mixture of a thousand prickling emotions at the same time.

“I’m not going anywhere, Yoongi.” you smiled genuinely and maybe painfully too. You weren’t swimming in euphoric bliss, but somehow, as you closed the distance between you and Yoongi with your arms wrapped securely around his neck, you knew you’ll be fine. “I’m going to try again. I sincerely believe that we went through all that pain, so that we could be like this; so that we could hold each other like this.”

Yoongi’s trembling hands wrapped around you, burying his face in your neck. His graduation cap fell as he hugged you close, the tremors from his hand, travelling the expanse of his whole nervous system.

“Yoongi, you’re shaking.” you muttered as you patted his back.

“I’m not.” was his stubborn reply. “I’m happy.”

“Fair enough.” you laughed and Yoongi didn’t know how much he missed the sound of your unabashed, unforced laughter.

“Y/N… You know I’m not letting you go again, right?” his already quiet voice dropped a decibel lower and you finally understood that he felt as much pain as you did, if not ten times over. “You can’t hold me now and decide that you’re going to change your mind later–”

“I know, Yoongi.” If holding him closer means you can also caress his already fragile heart, then you were going to do just that. “You’re a little late, but thanks for choosing me.”

He chuckled, finally pulling away to brush and flatten your unruly hair. “I’m not choosing you when you were the only choice from the beginning. There was no contest, Y/N. You’re the only one.”

You smiled, you kept smiling and you didn’t realize until Yoongi wiped the lone tear from your eyes that you had been waiting for those words all these time. “Finally…”

Finally. Finally was the word that rang in your head when Yoongi inched closer to your face. It was the words you whispered when his lips hovered over yours until he kissed you.

Finally, he chose you. Finally, your fates crossed again.

You will be faced with many choices in life and sometimes you will make the wrong ones, sometimes the right ones. Some days, you would think that you don’t have a choice, but you do. It’s okay to make mistakes, to stumble and to lose your way because at the end of the day, if it’s the right choice, it will come through.

You will be happy. You can be happy.

Choose to be happy.

End of Alternate Ending.

supreciousgirl  asked:

I read on the tag somewhere that you're not into baby headcanon?It's cool tho I am sad because that means you'd never answer my ask which I sent ages ago... But how about this, let's try my luck. Reactions: the lords (and any side fellas/ninjas you want) on MC's pregnancy, buuuutttt plot twist: they're not the father!

Oohhhh helloooooo!

Lol, yes, you read right (I’m sorry!) I’m not particularly into babies and kids headcanon, not that I hate them but it’s just I have no plan on becoming anybody’s parent and there are many, many great writers in this fandom who do these headcanon justice and more (FLUFFY FLUFFY GOODNESS) so yeah, I’m not the best person (AT ALL) to send these asks to.

That being said. OH, MY GOD

“The lords (and any side fellas/ninjas you want) on MC’s pregnancy, buuuutttt plot twist: they’re not the father!”

WHY. Okay, when I first read this I thought this ask was an ATOMIC ANGST BOMB, but hey, I read that again and hmmm,  it could be a happy HC actually lol. I was assuming when this happened MC is in a relationship with that particular lord and HGSAHVDHMBJHBJKJHVGHHH

NTR (netorare = cuckold) trope could be perversely exciting but let’s not go there (I don’t have the mental capacity - it’s beyond me) and make these characters happy aite?

Headcanon after the break.

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anonymous asked:

OKAY SO TUMBLR SOULMATE AU DUDE HERE AGAIN. Do you know that one where they stop aging at like 18 until they find their soulmate. Can you do that for Seungcheol where he looks like an 18 year old for like 5 years and when he goes on tour in another country he doesn't realize it but he starts to age. Angst pls!

Word Count: 2540

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Discussion of fate, discussion of gods, discussion of punishment, probably very incorrect information


also rip bc like zero dialogue

Seungcheol waited and waited for the day to come, his eighteenth birthday. He was excited for the day, he was excited to know that he’d start to age when he’d meet his soulmate. Being the young romantic he was, all he could do was think of finally meeting his soulmate and loving them unconditionally.

Even at a young age Seungcheol knew that in extremely possible cases, his soulmate could be from another country. She or he could speak a totally different language, and she or he could already be in a relationship. There were a trillion possibilities and the only way he could think to slim them were to become an idol.

The year of 2015 was when he could finally start his search. He had endured harsh trainee life and was finally granted debut in 2015 along with twelve other boys, most past the age of 18 and some not quite there yet.

He was happy to debut and so were his members.

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Meet The Robinson’s AU

Ok @imagine-miraculousladybug I just thought of the absolute BEST AU ever which could totally be canon compliant with MLB because lets face it…everyone in that show is either dense as a brick, blind as a bat or both.

Behold…The AU that is totally plausible :

  • So Adrien is upset for some reason because his Dad is (in his best interest) trying to control him and normally Adrien is used to it but Gabriel says he wants what’s best for him and then the next day turns around and cancels yet another dinner/lunch break he promised to spend with his son. Adrien feels betrayed and used and really pissed off so he runs to his room and cries and even Plagg can’t comfort the cute muffin. 
  • He spends literally hours staring at pictures of him sandwiched between his Mom and Dad as a kid who are tickling and smiling at him and basically they all are acting like a family.
  • Adrien want’s to- no needs to fix his family so he asks Plagg for a favor. 
  • The next day he signs up for Ms. Mendeliev’s science fair who is excited to see what her prized student will do (Mme M. basically only likes Adrien from the class and very grudgingly).
  • Marinette signs up as well because its Adrien. (Need I say more ?)
  • So Adrien spends days and weeks and nearly a month studying up everything he can going way beyond the Physics a boy his age should know but he is very desperate so the long nights are worth it. (He gets to nap in his Lady’s lap while she watches over Paris after Patrol so that’s a plus).
  • Come the science fair. Adrien is really pumped and nervous but a few encouraging words from Nino and he takes his project to the fair very happily. 
  • Now Adrien is no Physics prodigy but the favor he asked Plagg, who only wants his charge to be happy, comes in very useful for his project.
  • Mme Mendeliev is judging the fair and Mayor Bourgeois is a guest. M. D’Argencourt demands to be allowed to judge because a) it’s his stadium and b) his ancestors were very well educated in the sciences.
  •  Adrien sets up his project. He bumps into Marinette who promptly drops some of her things but its okay. No harm done.
  • Now Adrien was completely prepared to be a magical girl when Plagg showed up. What he was not prepared for is a strange green eyed boy with extremely messy raven hair to pop up out from behind the table as soon as he takes out his project. (Extra emphasis on the boy’s messy hair).
  • He talks cryptically and he can’t be much older than Adrien himself but he gives a weird introduction about being from the future and a strange warning to look out for someone who might sabotage his project and disappears. 
  • Adrien shrugs it off. The boy seemed familiar for some reason but Adrien pegged it as a prank and moved on not noticing someone of to the sidelines spying on him.
  • That someone in particular manages to sabotage the project even though he doesn’t come within a 10 meter radius of the young Agreste.
  • Finally its Adrien’s turn to present. Mme Mendeleiv has already scolded a few students and M. D’Argencourt even made one run a lap around the football stadium for the poor project quality. 
  • All three judges know and respect Adrien though so they expect his project to be good. 
  • Adrien is ecstatic. This is his chance. He’ll get a good grade and show his dad and if his plan works he might even be able to fix his family.
  • He starts his presentation. The strange boy is watching but in the course of being at the fair he bumped into Marinette three times too many and the normally sweet girl is pissed, so this time she demands he help her clean up. (Both are staring at Adrien’s presentation though).
  • Marinette thinks he looks familiar too but doesn’t know from where either.
  • The boy notices the project going wrong before Adrien does. It doesn’t work and causes a mass panic in the stadium when a propeller hits one of the lights and the smoke sets off the fire sprinklers.
  • Adrien runs off frustrated, angry and upset. He can’t do anything right. (Poor Muffin).
  • The boy follows him and comes into his huge room and very discreetly pretends to be a cat but that’s ridiculous and Adrien just isn’t in the mood for this nonsense.
  • Boy claims his name is Louis and that he’s from the future. Adrien has none of it this time.
  • An argument ensues and Louis fails to convince Adrien to go fix his project and Adrien fails to believe Louis is from the future. So Louis strikes a deal, he proves he’s from the future and Adrien fixes his project. 
  • The model with banana hair goes along with it because, Come on. This boy can’t actually prove he’s from the future, right ? Wrong.
  • Adrien has seen many weird things and done many weird things. Being Chat Noir sort of ensures that. Being thrown out out the window isn’t new to him but when a stranger does it and your not fighting Akumas in battle it’s pretty terrifying.
  • Apparently there exists an invisible time machine that catches him. Adrien is screaming and the boy is smirking and in a weird burst of light they enter…another dimension ?
  • It’s beautiful. Tall buildings, clean skies, greenery and flowers and basically it’s the perfect Utopia of the future.
  • Louis asks for confirmation that Adrien believes him. Satisfied that he kept with his end of the deal, he asks Adrien to fix the project who rips up his diagram and decides that a time machine that works is way better at solving his problems than a device that doesn’t.
  • Louis is baffled and at a loss for words because he can’t explicitly explain why it’s so important Adrien fixes his machine instead of using the time machine. 
  • Both boys fight over the steering wheel, crash the ship and from Louis’ point of view, prepare his grave.
  • After a bit of arguing over the fact that who’s older, what should be done about the ship and how to keep Louis’ family from murdering him and dancing on his grave they come to an agreement : Adrien will try and fix the ship with the help of Louis’ friend Carl and Louis will take Adrien to exactly where he wants to go in his timeline.
  • They manage to get the ship to a garage so as to fix it and meet a robot who promptly screams and runs away. Louis gives Adrien a hat that is essentially a sculpture of…Cookies and Camembert ? (“It’s all the rage right now. I should know, my Mom’s the designer”).
  • Adrien learns that under NO circumstances can he meet Louis’ family and he must stay. in. the. garage. at all times. Adrien absolutely hates that because he’s been cooped up all his life but now no one can stop him so up a magic tube thingy he goes.
  • It takes him in front of a large mansion. It looks nothing like his own mansion and has a warmer feel to it but Adrien suspects that like all needlessly large houses, it’s mostly empty.
  • He freaks out when he meets a towering old man who apparently can’t find his rolling pin ? That’s odd. But nonetheless he’s the only one Adrien can ask to get back to the garage so he follows the old man all around the house.
  • Adrien is pleasantly surprised to find that the house in fact is not empty but full of life and even meets a bunch of Louis’ family.
  • Finally they reach the sewing studio. A giant door that leads into a huge room covered in fabric of all types and sewing equipment. Mannequins are spread out and assorted papers are stuck to the wall. 
  • A woman with Louis’ jet black hair is sewing something while Jagged Stone blares from the speakers. She is wearing a red, black, pink and white dress and makes it work. She addresses the older man as ‘Papa’ and finds Adrien endearing while giving him an impromptu tour around her studio while they search for the rolling pin.
  • They find it and the family rushes in excitedly and they apparently really love cookies because they congratulate Louis’ grandpa for having found it. (”Cookies for desert tonight, Uncle Tom ?”)
  • Louis has been freaking out and looking practically everywhere for Adrien and they run into each other just as he escapes the sewing studio not wanting to intrude on this obviously happy family. 
  • Louis’ asks for a rundown of what he knows. Adrien complies :
    • “Ok so Tom is married to Sabine. They are bakers. Their daughter is Mari, who’s full name I do not know. She’s a designer and is married to someone everyone refers to as CN, for some absurd, reason…who does your Dad look like ?” 
    • “Jeremy Johnson.” 
    • “Okay so Mari is married to CN while her best friend is Alya. Alya is married to The DJ who has known Mari since Kindergarten. The rest are also childhood friends. Kim is married to someone dubbed Swift who has pink hair. They like challenging each other. Then Prince is married to Rosie and they are really close with Jules. Nath is a painter and a world renowned artist. He is in a relationship with someone dubbed Bee but I didn’t meet her. She was on the phone talking to a ‘Sabrina’ in another room and Tom said disturbing her wasn’t wise. Ivan and Millie are married and Max is someone who is on a business trip with your Dad. I didn’t get to meet any of the kids in the family but I know DJ and Alya have a son and so do Ivan and Millie.” 
    • “Aren’t you forgetting something ?” 
    • “Oh yeah, Mari and CN have three kids. You are the eldest and from what I know have a younger brother and sister.” 
    • “And no one know’s your from the past ?” 
    • “Not a soul.”
  • Ok so now Adrien should have put two and two together or someone from the future should have but everyone is dense and couldn’t see the similarities because apparently Adrien’s hair was hidden in the Cookies and Camambert hat. Thus no one suspected and the boys made it to the garage.
  • They manage to get the machine to work for all of a minute before it crashes and Adrien’s self loathing reappears.
  • Mari demands they come up for dinner or she’s gonna come get them. They can’t very well show her the broken time machine so up they go.
  • Adrien finally meets Emma and Hugo and the other future kids. Dinner time is the best and for the first time in a long time Adrien has dinner with an actual family who may not be related by blood but it doesn’t matter to them.
  • When the conversation steers too close to personal territory, Louis creates a fight between Kim and Mari. Adrien is astounded at her mad Kung Food skills. (The family makes this pun and Adrien is so ecstatic).
  • Adrien lets it slip that : “Your all so nice. If I had a family, I’d want them to be just like you.”
  • Mari who is very much like her own mother goes into mom mode and asks Louis what that means. Turns out this Adrien has a similar backstory to her husband’s.
  • A dinosaur crashes the dinner party along with a swarm of butterflies. It target’s Adrien and you would think this family is made of superheroes’ the way it works together.
  • The sun has nearly completely set by the time the fight finishes and Adrien gets carried away and calls Mari, “Mom” when she hugs him and Louis. 
  • Cue awkward silence. 
  • Louis decides to take Adrien home very loudly announcing so because suddenly his Mom has her determined face on and before he knows it she’s inviting Adrien to stay with them, because from what Louis tells her and she knows, Adrien’s home isn’t one he should be living in.
  • The hat comes off, gasps all around. Adrien defends Louis but Mari tells him he absolutely has to go back to the past. Feeling rejected he asks to let Louis take him to his mom first. Mari is furious and Louis lets it slip that he never intended to go through with his promise of taking Adrien to his Mom.
  • That is the last straw. Adrien runs away and Louis is grounded for life. The boy still goes after him just in time to see Adrien accept a deal from Hawkmoth (who in this AU has not been defeated).
  • Adrien doesn’t even notice the butterfly when it slips into his family photo in his pocket. Hawkmoth promises him to see his mom in return for something. For once, it isn’t the miraculous. 
  • Adrien accepts. Hawkmoth takes him to an abandoned building with a large butterfly window and makes Adrien fix it while he’s mumbling hateful words about the machine as he fixes it.
  • In an unlikely turn of events, Hawkmoth makes him come to the conclusion that he is Louis’ dad. (Hallelujah give the boy a prize !).
  • Hawkmoth tells him he just wants to find his wife, just like Adrien wants to find his Mom, but Adrien know’s what Hawkmoth’s doing is wrong by akumatizing people.
  • Hawkmoth then betrays him and refuses to take him back but promises Adrien that he will see his Mom soon. Once again the poor thing is betrayed.
  • He’s rescued by Louis and the robot friend named Carl. Hawkmoth steals back the machine though and Louis disappears as Hawkmoth goes back in time and changes the future. 
  • Louis only manages to tell Adrien that Hawkmoth is Gabriel and reminding him that only he can save the future, before being wiped from existence. The last think he says is , “I know you can do this…Dad.”
  • Now Adrien doesn’t know what to do because his Ladybug isn’t here. She’s back in their own timeline. When he makes it back to the house to find Marinette and the others they’ve all been akumatized already so they can’t help.
  • Adrien hurriedly fixes the time machine and travels back in time to stop his Dad from signing the machine to a Invention company, thereby broadening his market and helping him get more influence which, (according to him), would somehow help him to be able to find his wife so him, Adrien and Catmom Agreste can be a happy family again.
  • Adrien interrupts the meeting right as his Dad was giving his concluding statements about ‘The Memory Scanner’ and forcefully brings his Dad back to a future in which everyone is akumatized and there is chaos and destruction. 
  • Gabriel is shocked and upset. He just wanted to make his son happy by making their family whole again. 
  • Adrien just tells him that Gabriel needs to be a better father and  pay more attention to him and he’ll be happy. They hug. 
  • “One parent is better than none. I miss mom, but she’s gone. I miss you, but your still here.”
  • Since Gabriel never signed the contract handing over Adrien’s machine, the future is back to normal. Louis appears in front of him and hugs him.
  • He attacks Hawkmoth and when Adrien pulls him off and says “Meet your grandfather. I’m assuming you haven’t.” Louis is shocked and replies “He’s your DAD ?”.
  • Mumbling apologies and saying something like “We have too many superheroes in this family.”, Louis grudgingly accepts Gabriel who backs off as the rest of the family greet Adrien.
  • Cue a frantic Older Adrien and Max rushing out of the house and Tom commenting “They’re home early.” Both are screaming about the two time machine’s being missing when younger Adrien comes face to face with his older self.
  • His older self is an inventor apparently and still Chat Noir. While Marinette is Ladybug (Adrien can’t wrap his head around that). 
  • This convo takes place :
    • “Do we ever go back and find mom. Do we see her again ?”
    • “You’ll have to find that out yourself. I can’t tell you for certain.”
    • “I was figuring you would say that.”
    • “Well we are one smeowrt kid.”
  • Everyone can’t stop saying goodbye. Mari gives him one last piece of advice while booping his nose : 
    • “I am always right. Even when I’m wrong, I’m right.”
    • “She’s right. I’d believe it if I were you. And I am.” 
    • “You’ll always have a family Adrien. You still do. Just wait and see.” 
    • “I sure you are absolutely right.”
  • Louis and Adrien finally go back in time and Adrien is shocked to see himself farther back in the timeline than he expected. Louis wants to honor his promise but Adrien doesn’t stop his mom the night she leaves. He has an opportunity but doesn’t take it because he realizes he has a family.
  • He still doesn’t know why his Mom left even though they were happy, but he won’t deny her what she felt was right.
  • Back to the science fair. Adrien gets a retry and this time he calls his Dad who, for once, shows up for him having learned his mistake. Adrien asks for a volunteer and his Dad steps up.
  • They see memories of his family when Adrien was younger and its a bittersweet moment and Gabriel and Adrien work on their relationship.
  • Adrien gets an article featured in the newspaper. For once its not because he’s a model or Gabriel’s son. 
  • He looks around the room, sees his proud classmates and future family, Marinette is cheering him on, Nino giving a thumbs up and the rest of his class is proud too.
  • Slowly things heal between Adrien and his Dad. He’s more free and finally he takes steps to reach where he was in the future. 
  • Not everything is the same. His father is in that future. But his family never changes and Adrien is content and happy.

This is rushed, unedited and quickly done because I was in a hurry. I apologize for the mistakes in advance. Tell me what you think. I had fun writing this. It struck me and I just had to get it out. I didn’t see this AU done before so I hope I did it justice. I’ll try to go back and properly edit later but probably won’t have time so this’ll have to do.

Send feedback. Feel free to Art or Fic and be sure to tag me so I can see it.



Today is the first birthday of a fic which burned through my mouth and lungs: The Law of Equivalent Exchange. I started writing it on October 31st, 2015, and I posted the last chapter three weeks later, on November 22nd. I have no memory of those three weeks - I think I wrote hours and hours every day, ignoring my deadlines and eating nothing but m&ms from our school’s vending machine. It felt - I don’t know how to describe it. And I’d never meant for that story to feel so personal, but, well - I should know better than to start writing fiction when my feelings are too loud to hear myself think. What did Irene say? No matter how hard you try, it’s always a self-portrait.

In any case - it’s a bit self-indulgent of me, perhaps, but I’m very proud of this story and I wanted to celebrate this anniversary. And if you don’t know it already - it’s a resurrection fic with a happy ending. A lot of angst and tragedy, though, because Castiel watching over Dean for three thousand years - watching him die, again and again - 

(Poor Cas.)

Then again, these are our characters, and this is our canon - no escaping that, and why would we want to? 

(Two strong, flawed, desperate warriors. A beautiful tragedy, and how love can overcome everything.)

Here is my favourite part: ancient Greece. You can read the whole story here.

Castiel expected he would soon lose count of how and why his charge dies. He is but a human boy, after all. Humans die all the time. And yet - yet every time it happens Castiel feels it, deep within his heart. Every time it leaves a scar inside him.

Almost two centuries pass before the boy is even allowed to reach the age of fifteen. Castiel had hoped that seeing him grow up might have eased the knot of guilt and pain inside him, but it does not, because as the boy gets older, he is claimed by the battlefield. He is, after all, the son of a king, and a warrior at heart.

And so Castiel has to stand by and watch as the boy is stabbed, and trampled by a golden chariot; as he stays behind to help his brother and is pierced by an arrow; as he falls down the walls of Troy into the dreadful carnage below.

In Troy, Dan’s name is Doryclus, son of Priam. He has dark, curly hair still glistening from the oil his young wife has combed through it in the morning. As Castiel steps closer, he can see the golden rings glinting between the locks.

Despite the chaos of the battlefield, Doryclus feels him coming, turns his head back, only just, to gaze up at him.

“I know you,” he whispers, and Castiel stops walking, stunned.

The boy has never known him before; never remembered him. Every time they meet, he accepts the truth of Castiel’s words and asks for his brother. Nothing else.

It is perhaps a good thing Ajax the Great is the one destined to kill Doryclus, because he is so swift and brutal Castiel cannot act against it (and he’s not supposed to); instead, he instinctively takes a step back, his angel blade appearing in his hand. And then Doryclus’ soul is standing in front of him, achingly familiar, and Castiel forgets about his weapon, lets it fall back into non-being.

“Your brother is safe,” says Castiel, anticipating the boy’s question; and then he adds, despite his better judgment, “Do you know who I am?”

He can see, however, can feel inside his heart and soul, even before Doryclus answers him, that the glint of recognition the young prince felt seconds before his untimely death is now gone. Doryclus may have known who Castiel was before that; or maybe Castiel was deluding himself. In any case, now they are strangers.

“You must be Thanatos. I have seen pictures of you,” replies the boy, and even though his skin is now fair, and he has the high cheekbones of the northern princes, his green eyes are shining with the same courage, the same determination Castiel remembers in Dan’s. “Where are your wings?” he adds, and it is as if, all around them, the world stills.

Suddenly, there is no more blood, no more shouting. The sound of horses and men dying softens and disappears. Keeping his gaze in Doryclus’, Castiel extends his wings until they cover both of them, hide the sight of the slaughter around them.

The boy - in this time and place, actually a man, Castiel amends, a young warrior whose body (broken and cooling two steps behind them) still wears an armour of leather and bronze which has been taken apart and repaired far too many times - looks up and utters what Castiel recognizes to be a curse. Castiel cocks one eyebrow.

“I - I’m sorry. It’s just - I knew the gods to be wondrous, but this -”

Castiel holds his breath as Doryclus rises his hand and runs his fingers through the feathers; and, as soon as they make contact, he feels it again - something deep adjusting within himself, as if a key has found its lock. Judging from the expression of unsettled awe on the young prince’s face, he has felt it as well.

“Who are you?” he whispers. “Why do I know you?”

Castiel does not know why this boy is not allowed to die; and he suspects that, in any case, he is not allowed to share his orders with a mere mortal.

“I am yours,” he says instead. “And you are mine.”

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anonymous asked:

I read your comment on the post about Hijikata and it was really interesting so I wanted to congratulate with you about it. While on the matter I'd be curious to have a quick overview of the actual love life of the other Shinsengumi members, at least what's known about it: how many were married, if a stable relationship was discouraged given how they lived and how young they were and so on.

Thanks for the question. The love lives of the various Shinsengumi members involve lots of legends and rumours. One thing is for sure: they spent a lot of time in Shimabara and Gion collectively.

And yes, the Shinsengumi generally didn’t want married men or family heirs in their ranks. Being the head of a samurai household is already a duty: both to the members of the household, and to the lord you serve. No one wants their retainers skipping out to go play ronin and get themselves killed. The Shinsengumi tended to be drawn from the ranks of younger sons, who had no status back home.

Before I go into specifics, I think it’s important for people to understand the culture of the time. The pleasure quarters were taken for granted, with hardly anyone seeing the exploitation of women as immoral. There was really no ideal that men should be faithful to their wives. (Also, Edo-period Japan was a polygamous society, but a man would have one official wife, and then take other women as concubines. Most men had just one wife, of course.)

Moralists did criticize men spending too much time and money in the pleasure quarters, because they should be focusing on their duty and not wasting their family’s resources. The Shinsengumi members really had no family ties to keep them in line, and after Ikedaya they had a lot of spare cash to spend on women and sake. 

Anyway, keeping all this in mind, it’s no wonder that the Shinsengumi’s love-lives were tamed down for Hakuouki.  ’Shinsengumi No Makoto’ has details on a lot of their relationships. I’ll sum up the Hakuouki characters in a short list with links to their entries, where you can find more detail. 

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rental store encounters; drarry

rental store encounters; for the scaredpotternet secret santa exchange!
for: @actuallydrarry! happy holidays! i hope you like it <3

pairing: draco malfoy/harry potter
rating: general audiences 
words: 1815
notes: this is my first ever hp fic?? what even??? excuse the shitty title lmfao if i ever come up w a better one i’ll change it asap

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

Harry turned to find himself in front of the scowling face of Draco Malfoy, who for some reason, looked well beyond pissed off, though Harry could only guess why. He was pretty sure that the last time they saw each other was at the Ministry, and even then that interaction had consisted of only a curt nod and a strained smile on Harry’s part, so Harry couldn’t help but wonder what on earth he had done this time to receive such an expression.

“Draco.” He tried to keep the slight annoyance from seeping through. Part of him had hoped that with Scorpius and Albus becoming friends, they would in turn maintain a more amicable relationship, but what Draco seemed to give him instead was some sort of exasperated tolerance. Harry would never admit it out loud, but it aggravated him to no end.

“Potter. Do you have any idea what you’ve got in your hand?”

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Void- Stiles imagine

Request : 

An imagine where the nogitsune returns and the only way to get rid of it is by sacrificing Stiles and reader dies too. and just sad please, like a small story/episode 

A/N : i did not exactly kill them you’ll see what i did :) I tried to make it look like an episode but i can’t actually write that much. Sorry if this is sad and too long. 

Scott re-adjusted his backbag on his shoulder as he grabbed the books out of his locker. The door of the locker was shut only to reveal the worried face of his best friend. Stiles’ hair were sweaty and he was breathing heavily as if he had ran all the way to school.

‘’easy there..’’ Scott furrowed his brows and walked along his friend. Stiles raised his hands motioning him to stop while he tried to recollect his voice.

‘’i..’’ he paused looked up and breathed in once. ‘’ I had a dream..’’ he said his voice rising at the end of the sentence.

‘’congratulations. Your subconscious works…?’’ Scott mumbled trying to figure Stiles’ point.

‘’No , not that kind of dream. It..was more like a nightmare…’’

‘’…and ?’’ Scott said waiting for something more.

‘’and I couldn’t wake up. Or rather, I didn’t know if I was awake or not..’’ Stiles finished and Scott’s eyes widened.

‘’well..it’s ..it’s to be expected. Deaton said-

‘’I know what Deaton said, but the dream wasn’t like the Nemeton’s impact…’’ Stiles tried to explain.

‘’what was it like then ?’’

‘’like when I was possessed. ‘’ Stiles whispered but the bell rang, Liam Lydia , Kira and you approached locating the two guys and they stopped talking about it.

‘’you okay ?’’ you questioned looking at your boyfriend.

‘’what ? oh yes fine.’’ He was shaken out of his thoughts and the panic he was feeling.


——————-THAT SAME NIGHT————


Stiles shifted in his sleep , cold sweat running down his forehead being absorbed by his pillow. The tantrum in which he was frustrated every inch of his body. The phone on  the desk next to him vibrated.

‘’ hey, about today, maybe we should talk to Deaton.’’ Text from Scott.

‘’I called him. He told me to not let you sleep. Please tell me you are not asleep.’’

‘’Stiles I called Derek. We have an issue.’’

Along with them 3 missed calls and two more texts from you.

‘’I know something is wrong, just don’t push me out okay ?’’

‘’ Stiles I talked to Scott I’m coming over.’’

If he was conscious to read them he would warn you to stay away, But he had fallen in a sleep that much resembled a comma.

The turned off lights in his room flickered, and the windows blew open as he kept on sweating, shifting and cursing under his breath while asleep.

Then all of the sudden , the lights turned on so bright they could burn holes in his skin. The glass of the bulbs broke and Stiles’ body changed position. He stopped moving. Every muscle tensed to the point they would break and his eyes opened wide.

The lights turned off again, and Stiles looked at the ceiling , smirking.

‘’Hello old friend’’ the nogitsune said in Stile’s voice.



You arrived at his place and used your extra key to get in. You dialed his number once more as you walked up to his room.  You expected the door to be closed so you prepared your hand for knocking. But to your surprise it was wide open , and so where the windows in Stiles’ room. You looked at his bed. The sheets were rolled over and messy. You dialed another number on your phone.

‘’Scott ?’’ you asked waiting for the voice on the other line to answer.

‘’we have a problem.’’


—————THE NEXT DAY—————-

Stiles was missing, which had made everyone nervous and worried. The return of the nogitsune was the worst thing that could ever happen. They had fought kanimas, alphas, assassins, but the one and only battle they had ever fought against the nogitsune was when they lost one of their own.

The pack had gathered at Deaton’s clinic, trying to figure a way out of this.

‘’We need to find him’’ you said. Your eyes were red from last night’s tears. Lydia’s hair were messy, Kira was terrified,because she, more than anyone knew the cost of the nogitsune’s existence. Scott was in denial and Derek was the only one in his right mind.

‘’you’re going to have to trap it again..’’ Deaton said and you punched the table/

‘’No. There must be another way. To permanently end it. ‘’ you argued.

‘’I’m afraid there isn’t’’

‘’But there is no point in trapping it again…’’ Lydia said and you knew she was right.

‘’we tried it once and look how effective it was.’’ Scott yelled.

‘’it escaped Deaton. We need something else. You have to give us something..’’ Lydia added.

Deaton sighed.

‘’ what I have to offer…depends on many things…’’ he said placing both of his hands on the metallic table.

‘’like what ?’’ Kira asked.

‘’like , what you’re prepared to lose. ‘’ Deaton finished.



‘’we’re not doing this. ‘’ you protested from the back of the van.

‘’You heard Deaton. It’s the only way. ‘’ Derek said

‘’that’s not a solution ! Scott. This is Stiles we are talking about !’’ you argued . Scott did not like the alternative Deaton had offered you.

‘’look, Y/N , I don’t want this either. We are not going to give up on Stiles, but right now this is all we have…’’ he said as Derek stopped the car.

You, Kira, Scott , Derek and Liam walked into the market. Derek stopped by a little shop. As soon as you entered a bell rang. The shop appeared to sell chicken and tacos. Derek said something to the owner and he opened a door from the back , leading you into a dark alley.

Before you even knew it , you were all tied up behind a table against the Calaveras.

‘’this is your welcoming ritual ?’’ Derek asked and one of the guys smiled.

‘’what do you want ?’’ the leader asked.

‘’ we don’t want something. We need it.’’ you explained.

‘’well my ..boys ..,,searched you, they found no money. So whatever it is you seek , I’m afraid will remain in my possession. ‘’

‘’the benefit is more than money..’’ Kira said.,

‘’talk.’’ She said.

‘’the nogitsune is free again. If you don’t give us what we came for, it will bring chaos on its pass. Trust me Mexico, isn’t that far from Beacon Hills..’’ Lydia spoke this time.

‘’ I know what you seek. ‘’ she said and motioned one of the guys to fetch her something. Minutes later she placed the object you were looking for on the table.

‘’oil lantern ‘’ she announced the object.

‘’will you give it to us ?’’ you asked.

‘’ did your druid tell you how it works ?’’ she asked again.

‘’yes..’’ you mumbled.



‘’the whole Aladin’s lamp myth ?’’ Deaton said. ‘’not a myth,’’ he added.

‘’There is no known way of eliminating the nogitsune. Like I said the only way to defeat it is to contain it. Trap it. No matter how well constracted the vessel in which you put it , there is always a chance it will find a way to escape. Like it did. ‘’ Deaton told you and pulled out of a drawer some old scripts and pictures.

‘’ an oil lantern, magic lamp whatever it is you wish to call it. Is the only way to get rid of the nogitsune forever. ‘’

‘’how ?’’ Scott asked,

‘’ it doesn’t exactly work , like in the myth. For someone to get in or out of the oil lantern a portal needs to open. Throw mountain ash on the lantern and the portal will be active for a few minutes. If you manage to trap the nogitsune in it then it’s done. ‘’ he explained.

‘’why did you not tell us this last time?’’ Derek asked.

‘’Because great sacrifice comes with the usage of the oil lantern. ‘’ he said.

‘’explain.’’ You demanded.

‘’The host, will have to enter as well.’’ Deaton said.

‘’No ‘’ you whispered.

‘’ You can’t kill a void kitsune , If the host enters the portal and goes into the lamp with the nogitsune then you can trap it forever. The host will be in an enternal battle, always fighting to keep it locked into the lamp. ‘’

‘ NO !’’ you protested throwing something off the table.

‘’what happens when the host dies ?’’ Kira asked.

‘’times different in the lamp. A thousand years on earth is a millisecond in the lantern…’’ Deaton explained.


‘’she’s right. We can’t do it. We won’t ‘’ Scott agreed.

‘’is it the only way ?’’ Lydia asked again.

‘’yes. ‘’ Deaton said.

‘’No. end of story, No’’ Scott said.

‘’where can we find it ?’’ Derek asked.

‘’….your friends in Mexico..’’ Deaton explained.




‘’I can’t just give it to you.’’ The leader said.

‘’you can , if you don’t want the world to end…’’ Derek said .

She sighed and motioned the guys to untie you.

Scott approached her and she almost handed him the oil lantern, but then she pulled it back.


‘’if…’’ she paused ‘’ if you fail…i will come searching for you.’’ She said. Handing it. Scott grabbed it and you turned to leave.



Stiles hadn’t showed up and even though you had the lamp nobody wanted to do it. They couldn’t . Scott was squeezing his brains trying to figure a way round this. Someway they could change the host, trap the nogitsune in the lamp without losing his best friend. You weren’t even discussing it.  You had stopped talking to each other. Each and every member of the pack , was thinking on its own how to save Stiles.

Stiles on the other hand, was in an abandoned hospital. Knees curled to his chest. Dark circles beneath his eyes and blood on his hands. Not his blood. The guilt would be less if it was his blood. This was a loop, an ironic repeat. He could feel everything. The chaos the nogitsune would spread on its path. He felt the muscles of the victims tensing.,The nogitsune looked with his eyes into the souls of those he hurt . He could pin point the moment they would lose contact with reality and he knew he was responsible.

He couldn’t do it , not again. The very few hours he gained control of his own body and mind he had tried re-trapping the nogitsune but there was no point in it.

Stiles was the kindest, most caring person anyone ever knew, and it seemed cruel to be actively present when an evil spirit would do monstrous things as such.

Stiles picked up his remaining strength and figured a way out of the hospital.

‘’enjoy control while you have it’’ the nogitsune told him using his own mouth.


‘’LEAVE ME ALOOOONE !’’’ Stiles screamed squeezing his forehead as he walked in the highway. He managed to get on track and find Deaton’s clinic.

‘’You…’’ Deaton said as soon as he saw him.



—————-THE NEXT DAY————–


Everyone was into class, looking as terrible as ever. All sleep deprived, stressed and worried.

‘’right , so while half my class has been zombified for some reason. I HAVE A GAME TO WIN!’’ coach said and was about to scold the players when the door swung open. Stiles entering.

‘’Ah great. Stiles found Dora the explorer’s map and his way to school ‘’ coach said., All of yo got up. Eyes wide. Stiles himself looked terrible But you did not care.You rushed to him and hugged him tight. The thought of ever losing him was unbearable.

‘’I love you ..’’ he whispered and you pulled back concerned.

‘’why did you say it that way ?’’ you asked.

‘’what way ?’’ he smiled at you opulling a few strand of hair behind your ears.

‘’like goodbye…’’ you whispered and he did not answer. He released you from the hug looking at Scott and nodding.

Scott got up as well and you noticed what Stiles had in his bag. The lamp.


‘’where did you get this ?’’ you asked but Stiles exited the classroom.

‘’SCOTT HE HAS THE LAMP!’’ you said and Scott got up running with you after him. Kira and Lydia followed while Scott howled once in the corridors to call Derek and Peter.

‘’YES. YOU ARE EXCUSED. YOU MAY GO’’ the coach said long after they were gone. You all run in the corridors searching for Stiles.

About ten minutes later you reached the lacrosse field.  You could see Stiles in the middle with the lantern on the ground.

‘’how did he find out about this?’’

‘’Deaton must’ve told him. I’LL KILL HIM !’’ you said

‘’STILES !’’ Scott screamed/

‘’ I told him’’ a voice was heard and you saw Peter and Derek. Scott ruin to Peter punching him/

‘’ YOU KNEW HE WOULD DO IT IF HE FOUND OUT YOU KNEW ! I’LL KILL YOU FOR GOOD THIS TIME !’’ Scott yelled while everyone ran to Stiles.

‘’he came to me.i had to tell him.’’ Peter said. Scott let go of Peter when he heard your screams.

‘’STILES STOP ! ‘’ you yelled and Scott shifted running to him. You had all formed a circle around him, when Deaton arrived as well. Stiles stared at the lamp.

‘’Stiles do not..’’ Lydia instructed.

‘’Stiles please.’’ You begged your voice cracking.


‘’ I am not going to be in control for much longer’’Stiles whispered not averting his gaze from the lamp.

‘’STILES I FORBID YOU.’’ Scott yelled. Stiles turned to look at him.

‘’It’s not your choice to make Scott/’’ he said.

‘’baby please. Please don’t I can’t –‘’ you fell to your knees begging.

‘’ I have to do this Y/N , if I don’t…’’ he paused.

‘’How many more will I have to watch die huh ? how many more will I kill ? Last time it was Allison…and I can’t bare the thought that this time. It might be you. Not you y/n, never you’’ he said his voice cracking.

‘’ but..if you do this. I’ll never see you again’’ you breathed out.

‘’and if I don’t , I might never see you again. Please understand. It choose me. I wish … I wish it didn’t but it did. ‘’ Stiles breathed. Scott approached him and saw the mountain ash he was holding in his fist. He had not yet activated the portal.

‘’I’m not …i won’t be the same ..if you go..’’ he admitted.

‘’Yes you will. Look at what you achieved Scott. You’re a true alpha. With a loyal pack. This is your part in this. And this…’’ he looked at the lamp. ‘’ is mine..’’

He threw the mountain ash on the lantern. There was a muffled sound of cries and screams and ash hitting the metallic surface. Then the air was torn in two. A blue electric field like a cloud-portal appeared.

Stiles gulped. He was not letting it show but he was terrified. Peter had told him that once he passed the portal he would spend an eternity fighting the nogitsune and though he was willing…he was not ready.

He turned back to look at his friends.

‘’You need to tell my dad..’’ he whispered shaking his head. He was never good at goodbyes.

‘’you need to tell him, because he is going to think this is his fault. And it’s not. It’s none of your fault. ‘’ he breathed out and focused his gaze on you.

He bit both his lips and let his head fall back as he chuckled.

Then he shook his head in denial looking at you.

‘’you ..’’ he paused a tear running down his cheek.

‘’you made this all worth it.’’ he smiled and nodded multiple times to himself.

‘’you , y/n , are the best thing that ever happened to me’’ he whispered but you heard it.

Your chest hurt and your legs were numb.

‘’please don’t..’ you begged.

‘’I’d appreciate it , if you waited like a month before finding someone new..’’ he joked and you chuckled.

‘’my abominable snowman..’’ you whispered and he shut his eyes.

‘’I do love you. And I’m not going to say goodbye. Because I wil figure a way to beat it in there and I’ll jump right out and I know that by that time, your grand children will be dead, because time runs differently in there, but I’ll find a time machine and I’ll come take you on a date ‘’ he mumbled. Looking at the portal.

‘’I love you.’’ You mumbled and before you could process anything he jumped through the portal.

‘’NOOOO’’ YOU SCREAMED . LYDIA AND KIRA HELD YOU IN TEARS. You pushed them away and got up ., standing against the portal/ You looked right in it. This was too much. 80 years was nothing, Nothing without Stiles.

‘’it’s still active…’’ Derek said . Deaton told you it remains like that for a couple of minutes.

You turned in tears looking at everyone.

‘’look at you.’’ You said.

‘’fancy claws and fangs and eyes that glow. And tails…’’


‘’all he had was a heart. AND HE WAS STRONGER THAN THE BEST OF YOU ‘’ you addressed Scott.

‘’he did the right thing..’’ Peter said

‘’the right thing ? the right thing..’’ you mumbled breaking down while looking at the portal. AND THEN IT HIT YOU.


‘’it’s still active…’’ you mumbled slowly getting up. The blue of the portal was reflected in your orbs as you stared at it.

‘’y/n..step away..’’ Lydia said.

‘’if I jump , right now. If I go , will it take me to him ?’’ you asked.

‘’no !’’Scott said.

‘’yes.’’ Deaton yelled.


‘’but I’ll be with him…’’ you whispered stepping closer.

‘’no..no don’t’’ Scott said in tears unable to take much longer.

‘’ I love him Scott. And I know he did the right thing. But this is the right thing for me. I have to..’’ you mumbled wiping away your tears.

‘’AN ETERNITY , STUCK WITH AN EVIL SPIRIT. ‘’ Lydia tried to shake some sense into you.

‘’I can’t leave him alone…’’

‘’go..’’ Kira whispered and Scott turned surprised.

You walked closer to the portal.

‘’who would’ve known huh ?’’ you chuckled.

‘’go.’’ Lydia agreed.

‘’ an eternity with the one you love..’’ you whispered your hand touching the portal.

‘it’s more than most people get ‘’ you smiled and jumped right in. Seconds after that the portal closed.

The first time they fought the nogitsune They lost Allison. Now they had lost both Stiles and Y/N.

But they weren’t lost

Not really.

Because after an eternity of fighting, they won. Together., as they had always done things. They found a way out and though there was no time machine. They had lost their friends but they’d made peace with grief a long time ago, and now…Now they had what they always knew they would.

Each other.

We Found Love Where We Are,part 4

Previous parts:

1 | 2 | 3

A/N: This was called “being best friends with Harry” but I figured it deserved a better title.Okay so this has branched out into a series which I have filed under We Found Love Where We Are just to save any confusion!(Don’t confuse with this imagine series)

Just a heads up that this contains sexual content from the beginning (nothing graphic) I’m really liking this story,it’s fun to write and there’s just so many different directions I could go with it!You’ll have to let me know if you want a fifth part though :) Enjoy x


Pushing my back against the door,we made our way back into his executive suite.Harry carried me,his hands still firmly round my waist,making his way towards the king size bed that was situated in the middle of the dimly lit room. He laid me down gently so that I sunk slightly into the mattress,noticing that it was covered in dozens of rose petals,just like the roof where he’d just proposed was. He must have asked room service to do it as it wasn’t this way when we both left to go up on the roof earlier that evening.

I stretched my arms above my head, Harry climbing on top of me and pinning me down by my wrists gently. His green eyes had gone three shades darker,filled with lust and need. He dived his head towards my neck,leaving a trail of kisses all the way up to my jaw before moving higher to nibble slightly on my ear lobes which caused me let out a slight moan.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Y/N”,he mumbled into my ear. With a swift movement he lifted himself off of me.He picked me up by my hips,leaving me to wrap my legs around his waist again.Letting out a gentle sigh he pouted slightly. “You know,I’ve always wanted to fuck you in my shower”, a devilish grin grew on his face.

“Then why don’t you?”,I challenged him, knowing that was on his agenda anyway. With a sense of urgency, he made his way over to the en-suite, still carrying me and never breaking eye contact. 

He pushed me up against the shower cubicle door,covering my neck with delicate kisses, stopping before he reached my chest. He dropped me from my hold and stared down at my dress. The way he was looking at me was driving me insane, making me need his touch. 

“Take it off”. He was now looking at me whilst slightly biting his lip,waiting for me to follow his demand. I flashed him him a smile before reaching my hand round to the back of my dress to pull the zip down,allowing the dress to fall to the floor. Harry’s mouth formed a small ‘o’ shape, taking a small step back. Although this wasn’t the first time we had had sex (we had the same night he confessed his feelings to me) I was feeling nervous as he was intensely studying my body. 

“You’re so fucking beautiful,Y/N” ,he found himself repeating his earlier comment with his eyes scanning every inch of my body, clearly lost for words to see me standing there in an emerald green laced bra and matching thong,looking great against my complexion. His amazement at my body made me chuckle slightly.

He stepped closer to me,filling the distance he had previously created. His face wore a slight look of annoyance as a I chuckled away. He was stood close enough for me to feel his breath on my neck. 

“Shut up and let me fuck my wife-to-be in the shower,please”.


I squinted slightly at the bright sunlight peaking through the curtains of the hotel window. My head was placed on Harry’s bare chest which was heaving up and down at a gently pace,still in a deep sleep. I’d been woken by both of our phones going off constantly, buzzing against the oak of the bedside next to me. I lifted my head off of Harry’s chest slowly,not wanting to wake him because he looked too peaceful and leaned over to grab my phone. Pressing the unlock button I realised I’d picked Harry’s up by mistake, they were both iPhones so it was a simple mistake. The screen was full of messages from various people but I didn’t want to be nosy. I glanced at the time before going to lock the phone,before one message from Gemma caught my eye.

So I had to find out you’re dating Y/N from Instagram,and now I’ve had to be informed you’re getting married to her from Instagram too?! What the hell Harold x

My heart sank slightly. How on Earth did people know about that when it only happened 12 hours previously?Making a mental not to find out what Instagram photo she was referring to,I placed Harry’s phone down and picked mine up to find several messages that were all similar to Gemma’s. I swiped on one from my friend Ellie to read it in more detail. It contained a link with caption ’please tell me this is for real?!’. The link lead me to an arcticle on the E! website:

        Has One Direction’s Harry Styles popped the question to girlfriend Y/N Y/LN?

I threw my phone to the bottom of the bed in slight frustration. I watched it as it hit where Harry’s foot was hidden underneath the duvet. I looked to see him stir slightly,eventually letting out a groan.

“Sleep,woman.” His eyes remained closed as he reached for my arm, pulling me to lay next to him. I sighed. He looked too pretty to be complaining at so I decided not to moan about the whole world knowing about our engagement. I snuggled up next to him,placing my head on his chest. We laid there without saying anything for a few minutes, Harry playing with my hair softly. The silence was interrupted by the sound of Harry’s phone going off. He left it for a few rings and then realised he should probably answer considering he’d been ignoring his calls all day yesterday as he wanted to dedicate all his time to me.

“Can you pass me that,love?”,his voice was so raspy,deeper than usually as he was tired. I handing over his phone,not looking to see who it was who was calling.

He answered the call with a neutral expression. “Good morning to you,too”, his voice oozed with sarcasm but there was a jokey element to it. Noticing my confused face, he put the phone on speaker.

“I just can’t believe it mate! Me and Eleanor knew you would eventually but wow,great news!” Louis’ excitement traveled down the phone. I felt all giddy.

“I’m just glad she said yes,mate” Harry let out a short laugh,squeezing my hand gently and then letting go before getting out of bed. I blush slightly when I saw he was stood there naked,his back facing me as he said his goodbyes to Louis’. I looked down to find that I was naked too and my thought trailed back to last night in the shower. It was so passionate,so meaningful.

Without noticing, Harry had gotten into bed,sitting against the headboard. He pulled me towards him, an arm around my shoulder.

“Good morning,beautiful.” He placed a kiss on my cheek. reached over to lift my left hand up,fiddling with my grandmother’s ring. My engagement ring. A smile spread across my face,remembering Harry proposing to me,something I’d never forget. 

“I can’t believe I’m going to be stuck with you for the rest of my life” I joked,faking an eye roll. He elbowed me softly.

“No one’s forcing you Y/L/N, or should I say,Styles” he winked at me.

“I can’t believe it’s already all over the internet!I don’t think Gemma is too impressed with you.” I ran a hand through his messy curls,slightly damp in some places from last night’s shower. 

“Yeah,Louis said there’s a photo on Instagram of me down on one knee. Someone must have been stood on a building opposite or something.” He was still fiddling with my ring, a small smile on his lips. “Don’t worry about Gem,I’ll explain. I think her and mum will be throwing a party as we speak,they’ve always wanted us to get married."He laughed slightly. I was about to say something about my mum doing the same but I remembered that she would already know considering Harry had asked for her mother’s ring.

"Right,can I go tell the world I’m marrying the most beautiful woman to grace existence or what?”,he whispered into my ear,sending butterflies swarming in my stomach.


We’d met up with the other boys plus Sophia and Perrie who were stopping in the same hotel in the afternoon,all congratulating us. I was now sat by myself in Harry’s hotel as the boys had a live TV performance and interview. He’d begged me to come but I was starting to feel guilty about having not done much studying so I told him I’d stay back to get on with some work. He’d shown me his puppy dog eyes but eventually dropped his argument, telling me to make sure I watched the show. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,babe”,he planted a kiss on my cheek and left to meet the others.

I glanced down at my watch to see it was 9pm. I’d spent several hours working with the odd break to get a snack. It was almost time for One Direction’s TV appearance so I decided to stop for the night. I rubbed my eyes and stood up to stretch. I’d put one of Harry’s shirts on- a white one with black vertical stripes- which was like a dress on me. It was getting too cold though so I wandered round the room til I found my suitcase. I rummaged round til I found a pair of leggings and put those on. I hadn’t bothered unpacking as I was going back home to Wolverhampton tomorrow. My heart sank just at the thought. Both me and Harry had been so excited about the engagement that neither of us had spoken about me going home.

I sighed loudly,throwing myself onto the bed. I wanted to stay but I couldn’t have any days off college as it was such a busy time in terms of workload. The hardest thing about leaving Harry was not knowing when we’d next see each other. He’d talked about staying in New York for a few days before flying out to Australia for the for the start of the OTRA tour next week. I’d gotten used to seeing Harry less whilst he was on touring but this tour would be different,it would be harder.

I shook my head in an attempt to get rid of these negative thoughts,knowing that they would eventually reduce me to tears and once I started I probably wouldn’t stop. I fumbled around the bed for the TV remote when I realised I’d probably missed the performance. 

Flicking on the flat screen TV, my heart ached to see Harry on my screen. He made my heart flutter just looking at him. He and the boys was sat on a green sofa, the one closest to the interviewer. Niall was in the middle of talking about the OTRA tour,with Liam and Louis interrupting every so often to say what they’re most excited about. I noticed Harry was a little quiet,wearing a sad smile that broke my heart whenever I saw it. I presumed the mention of their world wide tour had prompted him to think about how long he’d be apart from me.

“So,Harry”, the interviewer had moved his focus onto him,forcing Harry to snap from his thoughts. “I hear congratulations are in order for you.” A happier smile appeared on his face as he nodded. “For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, Harry proposed to his girlfriend last night”. The crowd starting clapping like crazy, the boys all clapping along enthusiastically. 

“I did indeed”, Harry flashed his best grin into the camera. I couldn’t help but mirror it.

“I think we have a photo of the exact moment,actually”, the interviewer and all five of the boys turned their heads slightly to look at the screen in the middle of the stage that showed the photo Harry described earlier. It was a pretty good quality,a sideways shot so you could see both our faces. Harry was bent on one knee,holding the ring out to me. I looked down at my left hand to see the same ring twinkling back to me. My heart swelled.

The audience awed and cheered at the photo. Harry looked down into his lap,smiling to himself. “I’ll be honest,I’m a bit surprised she said yes!” Harry remarked jokingly.

“So am I,mate."Liam leaned over Niall and Zayn to look at Harry so he could see him laughing,showing he was only joking. Harry shot Liam a look of offence before breaking out into a laugh,laughing along with the audience at Liam’s comment.

"In all seriousness,are you guys a fan of Y/N?” the interviewer referred his question to Niall, Zayn,Liam and Louis.

“Oh,she’s a lovely girl. Honestly couldn’t be happier for the pair of 'em”,Niall spoke with such a genuine tone. I made a note to hug him for that.

“Well actually me and Y/N go way back” Liam said “and I introduced Haz to her at one of my parties a couple of years ago,didn’t I mate?”

“You do realise Liam is going to mention that a least 100 times at the wedding don’t you?”,Louis laughed to himself.

“We all know Zayn is engaged too”, this earned the interviewer a cheer from the audience “But surely this is a bigger surprise considering your reputation and past habits with girls?”

Why did he have to say that? I tutted to myself in frustration. I knew Harry hated these types of questions. I could see Harry thinking carefully,trying to find the right words to say.

“I just think that none of that is relevant anymore."He spoke clearly. I loved the way he spoke,always with such thought and never wanting to hurt anyone. "I like to think it’s only surprising because of my age but when you know you want to spend the rest of your life with the person that makes you happier than you thought you could ever be,you just know don’t you?”

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. He was just so incredibly perfect,inside and out.And he’d just declared his love for me on national TV. I tried to imagine ever getting used to knowing Harry loved me.

In the midst of further awing and applause from the audience Harry spoke up again and the camera focused on him. “Can I just add,she actually turned down the opportunity to be here with me tonight because she wanted to focus on her studying. She’s just incredible”. 

My cheekbones started to ache from how much I was smiling. I felt like my heart was going to burst from how much I loved Harry. 

You’re Just A Number 7/?

Summary: AU Some say it was fate, others say luck, most say it was just a wrong number (basically Caroline and Stefan meet over a text sent to the wrong number)

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Crap. This was the only word circulating through her panic struck mind. Crap. Holy crap. Ohmygodthiscannotbehappening crap crap. It took exactly 3 minutes, 14 pants of breath and a few paces left and right to finally get her head together, or at least at a stable enough place to consider her options. Option 1: go home, at that moment in time she favoured this one the most. Option 2: make up some excuse and retreat into hiding, she kept this as a reserve as she didn’t really want to spend her only evening in a 5 star hotel in the bathroom. Then there was option 3: meet up with him. Now her mind began to battle between 1 and 3 flitting between them like a ball in a tennis match. 1 no 3, but 1 is the safest, yet 3 is what you have been waiting for…isn’t it?

Caroline are you okay?

Keep reading