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JESUS!! tptb cant get over Daddy issue!! I can't believe. they testing us. i dont want to be done with the show but... but... the answer where is it? and red saying what Kirk want to listen or believe whatever. still they put Red as Liz father, then he whispered to him and it's over. Help me here. 4B wiil be a "traitor", Fakobstill aroud, Liz to fakob: "With red you never know". Cerone is trying to calming don us, but i do think they lost hand in the series...

This show has been fucked for quite some time now, anon. The only thing 408 managed to confirm is that they will never be able to confirm anything (and they don’t really want to bc dicking fans around is now firmly prioritized over any serious attempt at solid writing). Any decent narrative has to be built around something immutable that ultimately anchors it. In TBL universe everything is a lie, therefore nothing is. Everything is “confirmed”, therefore nothing is. It is a pointless, directionless, formless mess where characters and principles are regularly wiped and reset to fit the most recent sensationalist, desperate grab for the steadily dwindling audience attention.

Red’s most recent “yes” is surrounded by the same off-screen noise his previous “no”s were (except that JB and JE and the rest didn’t even re-affirm it the way they did w/ the “no”), which means they cannot be relied upon. If you say one thing is true and then you say the opposite is true, you kinda lose credibility. The on-screen circumstances, however, are different as in his “no” is backed up by common sense and logic and character integrity the way that “yes” will never be. Red killed Sam - acc to him the hardest thing he’d had to do - in part to keep the bio father’s identity a secret, yet he gave himself up to the FBI and refused to speak to anybody else but Liz, making absolute sure that ppl in possession of the finest investigative tools - including DNA testing - started wondering at (and investigating) their connection? He claimed knowing her father’s name would put her in grave danger, yet he continued to closely associate with her and make her suspect what he didn’t want her to even think about?? He claimed he was a sin eater absorbing the dark deeds of others to keep their soul pure, yet he let Liz believe she murdered her own father and pushed her mother to commit suicide??? Big Bad Arch-nemesis Berlin went to amazingly great lengths to get to Red via Liz, claiming he sniffed out their connection, yet never bothered to find out if they were related even though the very basis of his decades-long revenge mission was eye-for-an-eye, that is daughter-for-daughter, and was ready to move on Zoe based on mere suspicion that she was Red’s daughter but completely ignored Liz whom he had spied on for YEARS? And so on and so forth. The stupid never stops once you go down this road.

Red the biodad is still the dumbest, most nonsensical and reductive bullshit “answer” there is, and the simple reason for that is that he was never conceived or written to be biodad. According to one of the original-but-later-abandoned concepts he and his partner actually killed biodad (there’s a screencap of this somewhere from a DVD bonus material). We also have the original pilot script where the descriptive bits indicate his disposition towards Liz to be anything but paternal. We have company emails talking about marketing strategies to gear the Red/Liz branding towards having clear Hannibal/Clarice vibes. And then there is the on-screen stuff ranging from song selections to acting and filming choices that point in the same not-dad direction. So me refusing to accept his “yes” as any kind of confirmation is not me refusing to face facts. It’s just me refusing to swallow plain bullshit the writers continue to shovel in front of us to distract from the only fact that remains about this show: its so-called writers have no clue what they are doing and they keep moving the goalposts and confirm contradictory statements which only results in the type of chaos that’s no fun at all.

And this is why I am taking an indefinite break from this show. I’m beyond tired of going in increasingly absurd circles that lead nowhere and punish those who actually pay attention.

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any STOP headcanons?

I’m going to cry I was working on this. It was so long. So extensive. The most beautiful Bullet HC post of my life. And I hit the wrong button and lost THE ENTIRE POST. I want to cry. This is the third time I’ve had to write this out. I lost it earlier when I was on mobile too. This post doesn’t want to be written. The world isn’t ready for the beauty of STOP. I will persevere. (Parsevere. Ha.)
There’s a ton under the cut. (Credit to @foxtrotdefencesquad for writing the first thing. Life immitates art. Art immitates life. And here we are.) 
• OK so to start with. The pets. Between Kent “A Literal Old Cat Lady” Parson, Neal “I genuinely enjoy throwing the ball for my dogs for HOURS” O’Wool, Wango “Do you want to hold my Hamster?” Tango, and Snowy “My parrot says Fuck too” TheGoalie, their house is just covered in animals
• Plus their first date was the zoo, so, you know
• It’s special to them
• Also Tango definitely falls for the old “They told me it was a teacup pig and after a few months I came to realize that they definitely lied to me But I Love My Large Weird Fat Dog Anyways”

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