where is the next war

Kidnapping Step Daughter = Bunny on a Rampage

Here’s a sneak peek of the next chapter of Take A Stand where Judy goes to war with the Underworld Trio by the amazing @ziegelzeig. This is last chapter before the epilouge. Who will live? Who will die? Find out on Sunday and if you’re not caught up yet here’s a link to Fanfiction.net https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/1/

🌌⭐️The Space Family ⭐️🌌

I wish to follow more blogs!

Hello! I’m looking for more blogs to follow so I’m going to do the thing! If you post any of the following, feel free to give this post a like or reblog and I will check out your blog!

-Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

-Agents of Shield (particularly fitzsimmons)

-The Agents of Shield Cast

-Eddie Redmayne

-Kate McKinnon

-The SNL cast/ SNL in general

-Star Trek (Any and all! Right now I’m particularly obsessed with Next Generation but I love all of it)

-Doctor Who

-Harry Potter

-Star Wars


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Blatant Resistance Propaganda

Someone hasn’t really taken the events of KOTFE well, and the Dark Side has finally gotten to my previously LS Sith Inquisitor. :’)

The combination of watching Civil War and then Eurovision the next morning has led me to spend most of the day picturing Wanda Maximoff making all the American (and Asgardian and Wakandan) Avengers watch Eurovision with her. Natasha, of course, already knows about it and thinks that’s a great idea. Clint knows about it because Natasha has been making it the centerpiece of his family’s Memorial Day barbeque for years. 

Everybody else starts out staring in awkward confusion, but by the time the votes are getting announced they’re all jumping up and down and yelling indignantly. 

the civil war nearly breaks out again

I’m going to do some speedpaint practice redrawing of screenshots of my favourite films and stuff.
Here’s my first one, it took me way longer than I wanted (about 2 hours and 15 minutes) but everyone’s gotta start somewhere right? I’m actually just posting it to discourage myself from poking at it any further.

I love Luke in Ep. 5 what a cute patoot

Ash Kecha Wacha the Uchi Villager!  I’ve been so busy lately so I treated myself to some time to revisit this project today.  I kinda thought the Kecha Wacha was kinda gross-looking, so I wanted to design one of those kinds of villagers that cute but still on the generally ugly side.  I imagine she’s the villager you get when you check your campsite for a really cool villager, but no.  You get Ash Kecha because apparently your town is where the turf wars are.

Kirin is next!

Okay but because I’m a sap that loves callbacks when it comes to my romances I’m going to need, at some point in the next Star Wars movies, a scene where Finn is in trouble and Rey comes to save him and when they reunite he says “You came back” all in awe and making hearteyes at her just like she did in The Force Awakens.

A few details on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 have surfaced via a Facebook Q&A held by James Gunn:

  • The Mad Titan Thanos will not be making an appearance in the film. The studio is likely saving him for Infinity War.
  • The Collector will also not feature, possibly due to Benicio Del Toro’s commitments to Star Wars: Episode VIII.
  • Tyler Bates will be returning to score the film.
  • Nebula will appear in the film.
  • Nova, in reference to Richard Rider/Sam Alexander, will not appear in the film.
  • The Infinity Stones will also not be a big focus in the film.
  • Most if not the full cast will be revealed next week.
  • The movie will be filmed in its entirety in the studios in Atlanta, where Civil War was filmed, beginning early next Thursday.

New Rogue One trailer! This one is really fantastic - we finally see Galen and Krennic speaks!

Do look out for the next episode of the Scavenger’s Hoard podcast, where this will be discussed between myself and @bastila-bae in glorious detail.

With the reception of the new Fire Emblem game, I can’t wait for the next Advance Wars where you get to put a bikini on a tank and rub it’s face.