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Kidnapping Step Daughter = Bunny on a Rampage

Here’s a sneak peek of the next chapter of Take A Stand where Judy goes to war with the Underworld Trio by the amazing @ziegelzeig. This is last chapter before the epilouge. Who will live? Who will die? Find out on Sunday and if you’re not caught up yet here’s a link to Fanfiction.net https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/1/

Blatant Resistance Propaganda

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I figured. I’m firmly convinced Karen Miller writes Obikin/ObiPadKin fic under a pseudonym because BY GOD those books were not subtle.

You know, a lot of people have made the observation that Karen Miller was Obviously Totally Into It but I’ve never REALLY considered the possibility that Karen Miller’s just out there among us, liking shit on my tumblr and posting stuff on AO3 about the Hard-Blowing and Relentless Pace of Obi-Wan and Anakin (…her words, not mine.) 

Although now that I think about it, why bother writing fanfic when Star Wars evidently will just straight-up pay you to write about how Anakin can’t even pay attention to what Obi-Wan is saying because he’s too busy fantasizing about how he and Padme could show Obi-Wan the Power of Love. 

So as I scrolled through all the challenges I was signed up for (specifically Kat’s challenge), I came up with this idea for a new little short series. Hope y’all enjoy the ride!

A/N: This series takes place in a futuristic version of SPN, where Lucifer (in the president’s body) actually managed to start the next world war. Now it’s 5 years later and the boys are still surviving!

So buckle up, we are in for some turns and surprises in this one (I think..lol)

There are a few challenges included in this one:

@motleymoose              Kat’s Mediocre Challenge 

Prompts: “We always expect trouble. This tends to work out better than never expecting any.” Clariel by Garth Nix   –  Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen  –  fic must be set in Post-Apocalpse, Western, or Regency Era

@megansescape          300 Follower Challenge

Prompt: “I’ll rise but I refuse to shine”

@jalove-wecallhimdean    “Do it like Dean” Challenge

Prompt: “You’re the short bus!”

@itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps    Steph’ s 500/Elvis Challenge

Prompt: Love Me Tender by Elvis

@impalaimagining   ​2K One Word Prompt Challenge

PROMPT: Future

PAIRING: None yet …. Dean, Sam, Chelsea (OFC) in part 1

WARNINGS: none in this part, just a little angsty


Mama’s Master List

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SPN Writing Challenge | breathingdestiel vs. sataniccas 
prompt: proposal
pairings: dean/cas
word count: 3,500
tags: kid!fic, hs!au, best friends to lovers, fluff


          8 years old

Castiel Novak sat on the bench in the school’s playground. His eyes were glued to a boy standing near the school entrance and looking absolutely lost. Dean Winchester was a new kid and Cas wanted to help him, but he wasn’t sure how. Still, he understood how Dean had to be feeling, so he took a deep breath and made his way over to the other boy.

“Hello, Dean.”

Dean looked at him questioningly. “Hi?”

“I have a proposal you won’t be able to refuse,” Cas said in a rushed breath. It was a phrase he had heard his mother say on the phone when he had visited her in her office. He was sure it was appropriate for this situation too.

“What?” Dean croaked as his eyebrows shot up.

“Be my friend.”

After one slow blink, Dean frowned. “I thought proposal meant you’re asking someone to marry you.”

“Oh, well it can mean that, but it also means you’re offering something.”

“Huh, I didn’t know that. You’re really smart.”

Cas blushed and looked at his shoes. “I’m not; my mother explained it to me when I asked her about it.”

“I ask my mom a lot of things, but I forget most of it. So you are smart.”

“Thank you, but I think you’re smart too. Your brain is probably just too small, so you can’t remember everything. It will grow, don’t worry,” Cas explained seriously.

Dean nodded thoughtfully, “Thanks… Cas is your name, right?”

“It’s actually Castiel, but only the teachers call me that. You can call me Cas.”

“Great. Look, two swings are free. Let’s go.” Dean grabbed Cas’ hand and pulled him towards the swings.

“Wait, does this mean you’ll be my friend?”

A huge grin broke out on Dean’s face. “Of course I will. It’s an offer, uh, a proposal I can’t refuse.”

10 years old

Cas laughed as Dean made another silly face and, in return, made Dean laugh too. Cas had spent the whole day at Dean’s house because his mother had an important meeting and his babysitter had cancelled, but Cas still wasn’t bored or fed up. They had watched TV, read comic books and played with Dean’s younger brother Sam.

At the moment, they were in Dean’s room where they had tried to play two-player charades, but had soon given up because they couldn’t keep a straight face for long enough.

“Hey, Cas?”

“Yes, Dean?”

“I have a proposal you won’t be able to refuse,” Dean answered with a toothy grin.

“What is it?” Cas asked as his lips lifted up in a small smile of his own.

“Sleep over.”

Cas thought about it. He had never slept over in the two years they had been friends, but there was no reason he shouldn’t. And he definitely didn’t want the fun to stop. “I have to ask my mother, though.”

“Yes!” Dean pumped his fist in the air. “She’ll say yes for sure. C’mon, let’s call her, my mom will definitely persuade her.”

Dean dragged him to the kitchen, where his mother Mary was washing dishes.

“Hey, Mom, can Cas stay the night?” Dean jumped excitedly around her.

“Sure, if Naomi agrees.”

“Could you please call her and ask?” Cas questioned, more calmly than Dean, but his excitement was still evident.

A few minutes and one phone call later, Naomi had agreed for Cas to stay overnight and she promised to bring his pajamas and toothbrush. Both of the boys were thrilled that they were allowed to spend more time with each other.

After several hours, both boys were bundled up in Dean’s bed, exhausted but content.

“I’m so glad you’re my best friend,” Dean whispered.

Cas smiled. “I’m glad too, Dean.”

“We’re going to have sleepovers when we’re old too, right?”

“Of course,” Cas said and took hold of Dean’s hand.

“Can’t wait.” Dean squeezed back.

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please let there be a scene in the next GOTG movie (or Infinity Wars) where someone asks Peter who his father is and he says “my dad was a Ravager, Yondu Udanta,”

just please kick me in the ribs with that


James McAvoy ‘The Conspirator’ promo shots - part 2

Plot (*contains spoliers*): On April 14, 1865, the Civil War ends with the North’s victory. Lawyer and Union veteran Frederick Aiken (James McAvoy), with his friends, William Thomas Hamilton (James Badge Dale) and Nicholas Baker (Justing Long), and girlfriend, Sarah Weston (Alexis Bledel), celebrate. 

Later that same night, Southerner Lewis Payne (Norman Reedus) unsuccessfully attempts to kill Secretary of State William Seward (Glenn R. Wilder), only seriously wounding him. German immigrant and carriage repair business owner George Atzerodt is assigned to kill Vice President Andrew Johnson but becomes afraid and runs away. Meanwhile, actor John Wilkes Booth enters Ford’s Theatre and sees his target, President Abraham Lincoln. Booth sneaks into the President’s box and shoots Lincoln, mortally wounding him. Booth stabs diplomat and military officer Henry Rathbone who was a guest in Lincoln’s box, and leaps onto the stage, shouting, “Sic Semper Tyrannis! The South is avenged!” before escaping. A crowd, including Aiken, Hamilton and Baker, watch in horror as the unconscious President is taken to a nearby boarding house where he dies early the next morning.

Secretary of War Edwin Stanton orders all suspects, including Mary Surratt (Robin Wright), arrested. Booth and David Herold manage to evade capture for some days, but Union soldiers find a barn where they suspect the conspirators are hiding and set it on fire. Herold is arrested, while Booth is shot and killed by sergeant Boston Corbett. Maryland Senator Reverdy Johnson is Mary Surratt’s lawyer. Her son, John Surratt, had escaped with hundreds of agents looking for him. Feeling unable to defend Surratt because he’s a Southerner, Reverdy asks Aiken, a Northerner, to take over, but he tries to refuse. He is ordered to defend her and tells Sarah and his friends, who are shocked to hear this. 

Aiken visits Mary in her cell to question her. Mary asks Aiken to look in on her daughter Anna (Evan Rachel Wood). Aiken does so and searches the boarding house for clues. He finds a ticket with the initials “LJW” (Louis J. Weichmann). At the court, Weichman - a seminary friend of Mary’s son John, is the first witness and describes John Surratt’s meetings with Booth. Aiken incriminates Weichman, making him appear as guilty as the rest of the conspirators. Aiken again tries to give up defending Mary, believing her guilty. He meets with her, intending to get evidence of her guilt. She explains that John and the others conspired to kidnap Lincoln, not to kill him. They were about to attack a carriage but were stopped by Booth who reported that Lincoln was elsewhere. She says John left town and went into hiding after this, two weeks before the assassination. Aiken asks Anna for information to help with his trial preparations, but she refuses.

At the court, Chief Prosecutor Joseph Holt brings Innkeeper John Lloyd to the stand. Lloyd claims that Mary sent binoculars to Booth and prepared shooting irons and whiskey for Booth and Herold on the night of the assassination. Aiken angers Lloyd, implying that he was bribed for his testimony in whiskey. Lloyd is dragged out of the courtroom after threatening Aiken. 

While attempting to attend a party at the Century Club, Aiken finds his membership has been revoked due to his defending Mary Surratt. This triggers an argument with Sarah and she disowns and abandons him. Aiken asks Anna to testify next. Anna testifies that Mary had no part in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, but that it was her brother John instead. Anna visits Aiken at his house and tells him about Booth and John, and sends him to where John Surratt is hiding. He brings the message that John must surrender or his mother will hang for his crimes. On July 6, Mary is found guilty on all charges and, with Stanton’s intervention, sentenced to hang with three others on the 7th. Aiken procures a writ of habeas corpus to try Mary in civilian court, but President Johnson suspends the writ and Mary is hanged.

Sixteen months later, Aiken visits John Surratt, who was captured abroad and is in jail. John thanks him for his kindness to his mother. Aiken offers him Mary’s rosary but he declines. The epilogue goes on to state that a year later the Supreme Court ruled that citizens were entitled to trial by a civilian jury and not a military tribunal, even in times of war. A jury of Northerners and Southerners could not agree on a verdict for John Surratt so he was freed. Aiken left the law and became The Washington Post’s first City Editor.


The Heroines of Star Wars Panel FULL - Star Wars Celebration 2017 Orlando

Strong female characters are central to the “Star Wars” universe. From Leia to Padmé, Rey, Jyn, Sabine and Ahsoka - each has become a fan favorite around the globe. Join Dave Filoni, Lucasfilm Story Group’s Carrie Beck, Ashley Eckstein (“Ahsoka”) Tiya Sircar (“Sabine”) Daisy Ridley (“Rey”) for a talk about the importance of these role models, how they have inspired generations and where we might see them next! The Heroines of Star Wars Panel FULL - Star Wars Celebration 2017 Orlando
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The Heroines of Star Wars Panel FULL - Star Wars Celebration 2017 Orlando

What do you think about when you hear the word sex?

For most, I bet it’s the moaning.
The golden lining of waists and hips being mined for the first time.

For some, it might be the kissing.
Their lips softer than the nights before.
Their lips rougher than the nails gripped into your back like #2 pencils finding comfort in old manual sharpeners versus new electronic ones. You have to work for it, right?

Some soft, some rough.
Some sweet good morning,
some angry after an argument.
Some with laughter,
some after tears.

The sweating that gives you the thought
“is this mine or is it hers?”

What is the best part about sex?

I bet most would say, the orgasm.

It is not.

Far from it.

I.) The build up, the foreplay, & the tension.

The selfish and selfless teasing.
The lowkey this is exciting smile.
The faces losing control
of all expression.
The bodies soft movements
between hands
gently moving to
where it doesn’t belong
to where you want them.

II.) The aftermath, the cuddle & the nap.

The wave of euphoric desires
long passed and you’ll sleep
as teaspoons and sugar cubes.
Simmering in a new cup of tea;
warm and added milk.
Your relaxed bodies stirring
the feelings of home, safety
and your favorite song,
your bodies at rest
and them in your arms;
all mixed into a warm
cup of tea composed of
wet bedsheets and
not knowing whose
arm is whose and
whose leg was hanging
off the bed because
it was way too hot
and sweaty under
the blanket.

You see, the act of sex.
The in between.
The hair grabbing.
The scratched backs.
The chest needing attention.
The necks because we’re vampires.
The hands not knowing where to feel next.
The tug of war motion.
The cramps from running marathons
while laying down.
The sweat from jogging a bridge in the middle of winter because the fan is on, but it sure feels like summer even if your windows are open and the rain covers the sounds of passion.
The sweat is confusion and peace finding a home on top of your skin.
The giggles because they made a cute mistake and it’s one you could live with.
It’s one that was needed from your long day.
The tears if you’re a first timer.
The warmth of how bodies join together;
your body’s way of holding hands.
Your innocence shaking hands and hugging sin for minutes and lasting up to four hours for some; or the whole day.
However your drive goes.
It’s different for everyone,
women to men,
women to women,
& men to men.
It matters not.

The middle part is not the best.
It is a blur. It is the bottle not the liquor.
It is the pill and not the chemicals inside.
It is the lamp and not the light provided.
It is the candle and not the scent given off.
It is the blue line of college rule paper,
but not the words written by a writer.
It is crucial, but it is also
the part where most get lost in.
I know I did.

Have you?

They call it lust.

The misplacement of trust
and the lack of communication.

The longing for skin
more than that person’s heart.

It’s more than reaching down their pants
or failing to unhook her bra
because you could never wrap
your head around the mechanics
of such a wonderful invention.

I know some men might read this
and go; god, this guy is soft.

Aight, go ask her right now. Go.
Ask her to name the best part.

It wasn’t how your tongue
could spell the alphabet
backwards, okay that’s
pretty dope,
but she’ll always
put foreplay and
cuddling above it.

Well, unless she’s a freak,
but I’m sure they love
the embracing parts too.

Who doesn’t want to feel safe
after being that open?
That vulnerable?
That honest?

To truly share yourself with someone
from heart, mind, soul and body;

If you can make them feel safe afterwards,
the orgasms will only be a minor detail

to this perfect painting they call making love.

I promise.

—  Sex, cuddling and never unhooking bras, correctly.
// k.c.

Authors Note: Hi! This is my first one shot ever so take it easy on me. The reader is Australian (purely for the snappy attitude of “if we were in Australia you’d be fucking melting you weaklings” or “you think that’s a big spider? Peter I’ve seen spiders bigger than you” and the fourth wall breaking that will definitely come when Deadpool comes in)

Pairing: Avengers/reader, Xmen/reader, Deadpool/reader, AOS/reader

Summary/Prompt: The reader some how gets sent to a world where The Avengers, Xmen, Agents of Shield, Nextflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones are all in the same universe.


“Ok so you found her in the middle of no where, asleep, fully clothed, with a Star Wars bag next to her?” Wanda asked, peering into the window of the white container to see the mysterious girl that was brought in by a group of people she didn’t know.

“That basically sums it up.” The man who introduced himself as Phill Coulson said turning to her and nodding slightly.

“Her vitals are fine, no radiation, no wounds, bumps or bruises.” Jemma Simmons, a British doctor with PH.D’s in fields she couldn’t even pronounce sighed from across the room while looking at the monitors. “It’s as if someone just dumped her in the middle of the forest and left via Bifrost to get our attention.”

“She’s moving!” Pietro loudly announced with his face pressed against the window. Fizt and Simmons moved quickly to where the speedster was standing and looked through the glass with him, Bobbie, Mack, Lincon and Daisy soon following.

“You’re alive.” It wasn’t a question at this point and Coulson sighed lightly while turning to the still shocked Avengers in front of him.

“Yes I’m alive. I was brought back to life by an alien DNA that almost drove me completely crazy but I’m here with one less hand. Can we move on?”

“What makes you think we can help?” Steve was the first to snap out of it and started walking towards the glass to see what the speedster was so impressed about.

When he did his eyes nearly bulged out of his eye sockets when he saw the woman stretching like cat, arms above her head, shirt riding up to her ribs and hair a tousled nest of bed hair curls. When he looked back to Coulson waiting for an answer some pops could be heard and an outright filthy moan left the woman’s lips. Everyone then went to the window to see she was still sound asleep on her stomach this time with her left leg hanging off the small bed comfortably and her head buried in the duvet and pillow.

“We were hoping with Thor around he could help with some theory’s about where she’s from and how she got here.” Daisy cut in looking at Thor who was just as lost as the rest of them.

“What about facial recognition? Finger prints? DNA tests.” Natasha stepped back and turned to Dr. Simmons.

“We haven’t done DNA but the rest?” She frowned with a sigh. “We run everything though every system there possibly is, even Daisy hacked into a few we didn’t have and nothing.”

“Nothing?” Tony was next to walk away from the white box with a frown.

“It’s as if she doesn’t exist.”

“What if she doesn’t?” Clint asked looking through the glass at the sleeping woman, when he saw everyone’s confused expressions he continued. “Not here anyway we know that. But what she isn’t from here?”

“She can’t be from a different realm. I mean look at her.” Bobbie added. “She has a Wonder Woman shirt on, caps shield helix bar, ripped skinny jeans, heeled batman boots and a Star Wars bag.”

“Are we talking alternate universe theory.” Bruce piped up turning to his team mates.

“That would fit.” Simmons tilted her head in agreement.

“But how did she get here.” Fitz turned to Simmons and they went to the monitor before they heard Pietro speak up.

“Wait Batman? As in DC comics? What about the flash?” Everyone gave him questioning looks and he rolled his eyes. “Didn’t flash have a huge thing where he ran so fast he time traveled? What if it’s something like that? What if she’s a mutant?”

“That why we’ve called the X-Men for help as well, they’ll be here shortly with Deadpool to see if he’s run into anything like this.” May answered leaning against a desk top with her arms crossed.

“Not Wade!” Peter Parker groaned in annoyance.

“Problem?” Lance looked at the kid with amusement, knowing just how bad the merc could get.

“He thinks we’re dating.” Peter replied unamused causing everyone to chuckle.

“Pietro get away from the glass! She’s not an animal at the zoo!” Wanda scolded her twin.

“Pft that’s obvious.” He turned back to glass.

“Why are you so desperate to look at her?” Natasha asked with a raised eyebrow. He turned to her with a sassy face ready to give her a sassier reply but he was interrupted by a croaky, deep, morning voice.

“Well I’m drop dead gorgeous what would you expect?”


“My name is-“

“Nicholas J. Fury. Former director of SHIELD and a pain in HYDRA’s ass.” The woman sat across from him answered almost like second nature. “I know.”

“Well I’m at a disadvantage.” She raised an eyebrow. “You know me but I don’t know you.”

“If you want to ask me questions you don’t have to do it super spy style like I’m an enemy or some shit. Just ask me the questions.” Fury was taken back by the woman calmness of the situation and lent back in his chair. Behind the double sided mirror next to them Tony chuckled.

“I like her.” He said nodding while everyone else in the room looked on in curiosity.

“Where are you from?”

“Planet earth, Queensland, Australia. The place where from the minute you’re born everything under the sun is trying to kill you. Including the sun as it turns out.”

“She’s not lying there.” Coulson said turning to them. “Have you seen the spiders there?”

“Why can’t we find you in any of our systems?”

“Have you asked your systems that question? It might have a better answer than me.”

“Can you cut it with the smart ass answers?” Funny said annoyed.

“Can you cut it with the boring ass questions? I feel like we’re on a date arranged by our parents which is weird because you’re old enough to be my dad.” She scrunched up her nose and looking at the double sided mirror remembering the part in Kingsmen when Egsy recognised it and punched it open under water. “Is Bobbie Morse in there?”

Fury frowned at the question and brought his hands together.

“Why do you want to know that?” She rolled her eyes at him, knowing he’s looking for a hidden reason as to why she’d want her in here.

“Relax Patchy the Pirate, she’s just a better interrogator than you. Plus she likes Star Wars.” As much as she liked the guy, he was getting on her nerves.

A thoroughly annoyed Fury stood in the room behind the double sided mirror watching Agent Morse talk with the woman they still didn’t know the name of. Tony was holding in laughter making his face turn bright red along with Natasha, Clint, Steve, Bruce and the twins. Coulson’s team just watched with amusement while Peter hung from the ceiling upside down eating a bag of chips he’d occasionally share with Pietro and Clint.

“What’s your name?” Bobbie started with a kind smile.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” She replied at more ease.


“Depends, what year is it?” Bobbie frowned before answering.

“2018.” Y/N’s eyes widened before she looked down.

“Shit.” She whispered. “Well that means I’m 19.”

She brought her elbows on the metal table and started rubbing her temples to ease the headache she could feel coming on.

“How do you know so much about us?” Bobbie continued.

“You want the honest truth?” She asked, not really sure she should tell them, when Bobbie nodded and leaned forward she sighed before answering. “Where I’m from, every single one of you are either comic book characters, tv shows, Netflix series or movies. You’re all frictional. Thor or anyone related to him doesn’t exist, or if he does he’s staying the hell away from earth, Cree never came to earth and started the Inhumans program, in World War two HYDRA never existed Steve was never born-although there was a Russian Bucky doppelgänger in the U.S.S.R. called James Barnes and a Sargent James Barnes somewhere else-Tony was never born, the technology is way less advanced, SHIELD never happened-any disaster that lead the Avengers getting involved never happened, New York, The Mandarin, Washington, Ultron, PYM Industries. None of it happened because it was in a comic book or TV or on the movie screen.”

Bobbie was silent before she leaned back in her chair with her mouth slightly agape.

“Jesus Christ you’re telling the truth.” Y/N nodded with a small sad smile. “What about us? Or rather not us?”

“Actors. Your name is Adrianne Palicki.”

“What about the rest of them?” Bobbie shook her head trying to wrap her head around it.

“All actors. You and your team are a TV show called Agents of Shield, Steve, Thor and Tony with their solo films, The Avengers, Avengers Age of Ultron which doesn’t really make sense because it only lasted a few days.”

“Yeah.” Bobbie agreed nodding.

“More like The Long Weekend Of Ultron.” Bobbie hummed in agreement. “But there was so much wrong with that movie anyway.”

“Really?” Y/N groaned and rolled her eyes leaning back in her chair while slouching.

“So much. Joss Whedon directed in and wrote it to basically be his own messed up fanfiction so he could have his ship.” Bobbies face went horrified at the mention of Joss but leaned forward with a determined face. Just before she was about to speak the door opened to revel Natasha dragging in a chair.

“Tell me everything.” She said pointing to Y/N sternly and sitting down next to Bobbie.

“Ok.” Y/N got business like, tucking her chair in so her stomach touched the table and pointed to Natasha. “Do you and Banner have a thing?”

Natasha was thrown off by the question and she frowned. “No.”

“Did you ever have a thing?” She said double checking.


“Thank fucking Christ!” It looked like a weight had been lifted from Y/N’s shoulders. “Well Joss made it that you two did but it was so poorly written because in the first Avengers movie there was nothing. No chemistry no hint at a romance like yeah you went and got him and yeah you tried to calm him down but that was it. You had an inside joke, you were friendly that’s it.

“AOU rolls around and it’s suddenly ‘oh Bruce I adore you! Let’s run away and be misfits together!’ Like.. Don’t get me wrong I could’ve accepted the ship if it was written well but the way he made you out to be was just.. Not you..”

“What was the first Avengers movie?” Bobbie said frowning.

“Loki and the Chitari.” Y/N realised she got a head of herself and tried slowing down to make easier to understand.

“Tony wants to know what his solo films are called.” Bobbie sighed while rolling her eyes.

“Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3-they’re not really that creative.” Natasha nodded and took out a Stark phone to give to Y/N.

“Put everything on a timeline so it’s easier.” Nat said handing her the phone.

“Shit you mean these are a thing?!” Y/N took the device with wide eyes, huge smile as she looked at it with amazement. “I thought it was just in the fanfiction!”


1892 words

Tagging: @uncomfortable-writers @imagine-that-marvel @alloftheimaginesblog (not really a Merlin one shot but I’m still writing it) @stupidcleverjoke

The combination of watching Civil War and then Eurovision the next morning has led me to spend most of the day picturing Wanda Maximoff making all the American (and Asgardian and Wakandan) Avengers watch Eurovision with her. Natasha, of course, already knows about it and thinks that’s a great idea. Clint knows about it because Natasha has been making it the centerpiece of his family’s Memorial Day barbeque for years. 

Everybody else starts out staring in awkward confusion, but by the time the votes are getting announced they’re all jumping up and down and yelling indignantly. 

the civil war nearly breaks out again

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When was 13 years old he was walking through the streets of Haven enjoying the views and the many shops along the streets. He goes to the park and bumps into some one on the way to the sit at the swing. He then helps the girl stand up "I'm sorry about that milady" (war- priest)

“Hey watch where you’re going next time buddy.” She said sighing as he helped her up

I’m going to do some speedpaint practice redrawing of screenshots of my favourite films and stuff.
Here’s my first one, it took me way longer than I wanted (about 2 hours and 15 minutes) but everyone’s gotta start somewhere right? I’m actually just posting it to discourage myself from poking at it any further.

I love Luke in Ep. 5 what a cute patoot

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Brexit and Trump - general thoughts of where the world will be in the next four years?

Star Wars 8 & 9 will be out by then so we’re good.