where is the inflection

The election of the DNC Chairperson is pivotal choice for the Democratic Party. After the drubbing Dems took all the way up & down the ballot in 2016, the choice *should* be an inflection point - where Dems realize that centrism (aka Clintonism) is a losing strategy from last century.

We need an actual, real deal progressive. An easily recognizable, polar opposite to Trump. Not someone else who has worked for the same banks and has the same questionable business interests as Trump and Clinton. Not more of the same old same old.

Progressives shouldn’t have to work so hard to get Democratic Party leaders to adopt progressive ideals, and Democratic Party leaders shouldn’t be so concerned with what conservative voters think.

Safe at Last (Part 3):

Originally called (Feysand Fic Part 3)

Hey guys! So here is part 3! Everyone has been soo supportive with part two so I’m literally going to tag everyone who liked/reblogged (91 likes/reblogs in TWO DAYS!!!) towards the bottom because not everyone wants to scroll past that and hope you guys enjoy! (and yes I typed EACH and everyone one and I regretted it afterward but LMAO!)

ps. FINALLY found a title! Thanks again to  @heirofthebookstore​ for offering me a good idea! So again please LIKE/COMMENT I would greatly appreciate it! @feysand17 thanks for rooting for me girl 😘


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Feyre has escaped Tamlin for the second time but this time, no one in the Night Court is aware of what happens. Feyre is depending on the bond to bring Rhysand to her.

I wanted to see a short fic where Rhysand takes care of a weak Feyre and I know that that was like his entire role in ACOMAF but I wanted a scene where Feyre would have nothing but adoration for him and allow him to fuss over her. So here goes nothing…

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Good evening, folks! Songwriting is all about balance - when crafting lyrics, you want to give your audience something that, through repetition, is memorable and easy to sing along with. Overdo the repeated lyrics, however, and you find yourself with a song that is memorable for the wrong reasons, from having annoyed the listener. 

Terms like “lyrically dense” and “repetitive” are thrown around a lot by reviewers, but there is an objective way to measure lyrical repetitiveness, by dividing the number of unique words by the total number of words in a song: the lower the percentage of unique words, the more words (and often whole phrases) have been repeated. When it comes to English, at least, even very wordy and unrepetitive songs seldom get over 50-55% unique words - not just because of repeated choruses and bridges, but because of the common words, especially articles, basic verbs, conjunctions and prepositions which are difficult to avoid. Songs with 30% original words or less, on the other hand, are notably repetitive. 

Just like the overall number of words in a song, how repetitive or not a years’ songs are is a strangely cyclical thing. In 2015, the average song had a quite considerable average of 39.41% unique words, with about half the field sending songs that had 40% or more unique words. However, the winner and five of the top 10 sent songs well under the average number of unique words - and in 2016, consequently, the average dropped to 34% unique words, with the number of songs that had 40% unique words or more falling by almost half

Whilst in 2015, 6 of the 10 most repetitive songs did not qualify - and out of those that did, only Australia really made a mark at the top of the table - in 2016, 7 of the 10 most repetitive songs qualified, and nearly all of them got in the top 15. So, one would expect an even more repetitive year this year - but instead, the average song’s original word count has increased a little to 35.7%, perhaps because last year’s winner, as well as big hitters like Russia and Sweden, were all less repetitive than the average.

The 5 least repetitive songs this year all have a specific reason for this status. Malta’s song has few words and is delivered slowly with little repetition; Portugal makes use of long instrumental breaks and keeps the lyrics poetically sparse; Croatia boosts its unique word tally by singing in two languages, whilst Belarus and Hungary owe their status, to some degree, to their languages. Belarusian lacks articles (like a and the) and in most instances a copula (I am a teacher is  Я настаўнік, I teacher) - two things commonly repeated in English language songs. Hungarian has both copulæ and a definite article, but can use cases and other inflections where most European languages would use prepositions and possessive pronouns (house is ház, but my house is a házam and in my house is a házamban - you can see how this agglutinative structure makes for a high number of unique words.)

The 5 most repetitive songs are mostly ones that you may well have predicted thanks to how often a phrase is repeated in them: Latvia (where we baby, where we draw the line), Moldova (hey mamma, hey mamma, hey mamma), Cyprus (let me be your gravity) and the most notorious of all, Spain, where “do it for your lover” is repeated 26 times and “just do it” 17 times, meaning that we hear one of these implorations every four seconds on average. Making up the five is Belgium, whose multiple lyrical repetitions owe themselves to the fact that musically the song is built like a hymn, repeating two phases and without a prechorus or bridge.

Most winners of Eurovision have a percentage of unique words that sits firmly in the sweet spot of 35-45%, which is where we find the bookmakers’ top tipped songs, Italy and Bulgaria. Other hotly backed songs, like Belgium and Sweden, fall well below this average. Will we see a more or less repetitive song take the trophy this year? We’re inching ever closer to finding out. Check out the full data table below!

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“Fine,” said Gansey, looking gallantly martyred. He did noble hangdog better than just about anyone. “Does anyone know know where Adam is, anyway? Work?”

This last word he inflected differently than the rest, as if he was hoping for Blue to notice that it had occurred to Gansey that some people worked. The effect was lost on Blue, who was devoting enough of her attention to refastening her sweat-crazed hair that she missed both the original question and Gansey’s clever understanding of Henrietta economics.

The Dream Thieves Outtakes x

I’ve been asked many times to share some of my deleted scenes from the Raven Cycle. The outtakes. Here’s the thing:

- they do exist. The Dream Thieves is 125k words long, give or take. My outtakes file for it — stuff that I cut out of the draft — is about 150k words long.

- they’re not exciting.

- they are either more boring versions of scenes that are in the book, bits of scenes that were going on for too long, or aborted plot lines. Sometimes they were me just writing my way around in circles while I figured out what I wanted out of life. Bits of book 2 ended up in book 3 and book 1 ended up in book 4, etc. etc. Timelines were always strange — The Dream Thieves used to begin with a prologue where Ronan lost the Camaro to Kavinsky in a drag race, and a lot of the outtakes involve me writing my way out of that. 

That said, here are some bits and bobs from the Dream Thieves outtakes file. Under a cut, because this is a lot of words. Still not even approaching the number of words in the outtakes file. But. A lot of words.

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mooremooo  asked:

what does ja jebie mean?

Ok this is gonna be a long one so be prepared to meet a very complexed yet vulgar polish word. 

First we need to start with the whole grammar thing because “ja jebie” is an activity, but we’ll get to that later.

Anyway the infinitive here is “JEBAĆ” and it stems from Proto-Indo-European  language as “yebh” meaning “to copulate”. In old slavian it was “jebat” or “jebati” and basically meant “to hit”. Nowadays it’s much more of a vulgar word and thus much more colloquially used. That’s why its meaning varies

1.1 to have sex (as active side)

2.1 to hit sb or smth

2.2 to throw sth

2.3 to disregard sb

2.4 to steal 

3.1 making a noise (like so something exploded and it made a loud sound) - for me it’s usually when a lightning strikes with a loud thunder, you just say “ale jebło”

3.2 to make things up, tell silly things

4.1 to smell (to reek)

5.1 to hit yourself (usually meant by accident)

5.2 to rot (I’m assuming I don’t use it as such)

5.3 to make a mistake - it’s very common, it can be used as “jebnąć się” or “pojebać się” depending on grammar, situation and many other issues :)))

6.1 to fuck

But this is just the infinitive and we’re about to go deeper. In polish language we use declination and inflection and here’s where it’s get more complicated. You may have some idea how to do it if you studied Latin, because a lot of polish grammar comes from Latin. Right now i just need to tell you more about the proper grammar ending to the word. Basically inflection means I have to grammatically contribute the word to the person and it looks a little bit like this:

My tag “ja jebie” is in the 1st person, in present tense and in singular so that’s why it’s ja (me) jebie (fuck)

As you can see there are many, many different uses of JEBAĆ but we’re not even close to where my “ja jebie” tag comes in. Because to me the meaning of it is not even here. We would have to get a second word here to fully understand my understanding of jebać in the phrase “ja jebie”. However as much as I’d like to make it even longer and in depth I doubt it’s very interesting. I also have this feeling that linguist are going to be after me… So let’s just say it’s somewhere between the lines of “tell silly things “ but meant more as a strong vulgar answer to said silly things, if that makes any seance at all.

And don’t get me started on collocations because we’ll be here even longer…

I also intentionally make a grammar mistake in it, because there are things that just deserves that (go check the my tag you’ll get what I mean). And also I’m lazy on the phone :))) But to be grammatically correct it should be written “ja jebię” with “ę” at the end because it’s in first person and I’m stating it.

But I guess the short answer here is “well fuck me” or something between those lines. I hope this answers your question

I think that one of the biggest moments in passing from adolescence into adulthood is the realization, when you go from believing, “my parents are wrong about everything” to thinking, “wow my parents were right about sO many things”

this in no way means the reverse isn’t an equally big “ah ha” moment: “I thought my parents were right about everything, but now I see they’re wrong”…..sometimes that’s how it goes. but I think it’s probably a little of both with one outweighing the other

the point is it’s important because no matter which way it went for you, it’s not simply a moment when we begin to question authority (most kids are good at that), but it’s a much broader inflection point in our lives where we begin critically thinking about *why* something is right or wrong

when we get to this point in our lives, hopefully it allows us to see our parents as nuanced human beings with flaws who are (if you were lucky) also capable of great wisdom

I’m hopeful that when I become a parent I can teach my children as well as my parents, grandparents and all my elders taught me

I went to NYC

…and all I got was some candy, some salt, a crumpled red boat, a feather, a potion, three stones, and four masks. (That’s a lie–I got a lot of joy and other intangibles, too.)

Increasing my SNM experience by 400% in three days was overwhelming and there’s no way that I can transcribe or translate most of it here. It remains fascinating to me on all levels both inside and outside the constructed world of the show. Which means I’ve got a pretty expensive interest on my hands if I want to keep attending, although I guess it’s cheaper than, say, taking up skydiving or horseback riding.

In retrospect, it was a mistake not to go to May Fair, and thus meet more show veterans. As it happened, we first met the very informative @markeee99, who was first in line on Saturday. He later introduced us to the completely delightful @readwithjoy. Did I mention completely delightful? I also chatted briefly with the talented @evenghostandhorse. Everyone’s May Fair outfits were sublime. In turn @readwithjoy introduced us to @mrhecate and @redlipsandlostrings during the Sunday double, as well as some other folks who I’m not sure are Tumblrites. Monday night I ran into @francesmk. But by not going to May Fair I missed out on, for instance, wishing a hearty “Hail, Satan!” to @emmastory, and potentially meeting all the other regulars whom I later spotted in party photos. Then again, loud crowded parties are usually not my bag. Maybe next time.

I know that if I keep attending, there’ll be an inflection point where most of the surprises and mysteries will have been revealed. But I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near such a point yet. I know my way around the space better, but my mental model of it is incomplete. I’ve seen much of the show, but not every major scene (no door dance yet, for instance). Even after over a year of obsessively reading old Tumblr posts, there were many discoveries and surprises for me in shows 2-5. And I certainly couldn’t note and remember cast lists. I am astounded that some of y'all can go to a show and then generate a full cast list. I did manage to photograph the cast board for the early Sunday show, and there were specific performers whom I recognized, but that was about it.

I’ll post later about the specific shows but for now a jumbled list of observations and experiences, behind the cut:

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Dial Tone

Based on this  from ectoimp‘s stream, and the conversation that went with it. Hope it sounds good. Biggest warning is that Lewis is an Ass with a capital A. But at least he’s above the whole murder thing (now, at least).

He didn’t know what exactly possessed him to do it.

Usually, it would have never even occurred to him; Mystery was an ever-watchful presence, eyes on both Vivi and Arthur in case he pulled something.

But tonight, on the outskirts of an unfamiliar town and in a potentially dangerous neighborhood, Mystery had let his nerves reach him, and when Vivi had left for groceries, he walked by her side. 

He had trusted that Lewis would do nothing to Arthur while Vivi cared for him, before proof that Arthur had “betrayed” him had been found. And if anything dangerous lurked, several cases proved that Lewis would reluctantly come to Arthur’s rescue, if only because if anyone was to exact “justice” on Arthur, it would be him.

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Drabble based on this which resulted in this and  this and well…

Warning: Slight mentions of a daddy kink (though it’s more of Vlad being an asshole and teasing Danny) 

Edit: you can now read it on AO3, FF.net, or under the cut

Every kid knew how embarrassing it was to accidentally call a teacher “mom” or “dad”.  It was like a given, at some point, you have or almost have, made that horrifying mistake. Usually in elementary or middle school, which let me tell you, is a whole hell of a lot better than in highschool. However, you don’t know how truly mortifying it is when it’s done outside of an innocent environment, where the teacher simply shrugs it off. It’s especially worse if the words are what the other actually wanted to hear, but… context is everything.

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Can we just appreciate Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acting for a minute

he does this thing where he tells you exactly what Hamilton’s thinking and feeling just from the inflection of his voice:

- “He looked at me like I was stupid. I’m not stupid.” precious bb, so young so indignant
- “Now why are you upset?” “I’m not.why would I be upset YOU’RE upset shut up
- “Hamilton?” “Sir?” “A word.” oh shit Washingdad’s mad what did I do
- “I imagine they’ll call for your removal.” “Sir!” - shocked and slightly wounded, like he can’t believe Washington would let that happen after all they’ve been through
- “Hamilton?” “Sir?” “Draft a statement of neutrality.” - so fucking smug omg, no wonder Jefferson decides to bring him down
- “You sent the dogs after my scent, that’s… fine!it is NOT FUCKING FINE YOU FUCKHEADS


VOLTRON AU High School

This is my first time writing a fan fiction, but I felt pretty inspired after seeing @chiouart post some pretty Voltron art of the Paladins as high schoolers. I hope you like it, I might write more!

Shiro - Senior; 18(early bday)
Allura - Senior; 17 (moved up a grade)
Keith - Junior; 16
Lance - Junior; 16
Hunk - Junior; 16
Pidge - Junior; 14 (moved up 2 grades could’ve been 3 but she liked her lame ass friends)
Coran - Graduated; 20 (is the super chill older kid who works part time by the high school)

-It’s finals week and top Paladins of Altea High are currently relaxing at their usual spot in Sals Diner; Coran just started his shift so they’re all eager to annoy him as they study for upcoming exams-

Lance: I’m totally flunking out in Altean Lit guys, I don’t even how I’m supposed to pass the dumb test.
Pidge: *mildly annoyed* You could try studying like the rest of us Lance..
Hunk: Lance have you even read the book?
Lance: Wait, what there’s a book!?
Keith: *deep sigh* What did you even think the test was on?
Pidge: If he didn’t spend all class staring at the back of Nymas head maybe he wouldn’t be struggling. I swear I don’t even know how you’re in the advanced class!
Lance: *blushing* I don’t spend all class staring at Nymas head! She just happens to sit in front of me..
Keith: *rolling his eyes* Ok so who’s got the better grade in Altean Lit because I’m in the Galra Lit class..
Pidge: *mildly defeated*Hunks pretty good at Altean but we should wait for Allura considering she has the top grades in the whole school.
Hunk: Don’t worry about it Pidge, that’ll definitely be you next year.
*Coran walks to the young Paladins table*
Coran: What’ll it be today guys?
Pidge: Vanilla Shake.
Hunk: Chocolate Sundae, and a side of large fries.
Lance: Blueberry Lemonade.
Keith: Strawberry Shake.
Coran: Alrighty, you know you could have said the usual considering you get the same thing every time.
Pidge: Goodpoint. *the rest of them nod in realization*
Coran: So where is Allura and Shiro?
Lance and Keith: *annoyed inflections* Senior duties..
Pidge: *chuckling at the word duty* I know Allura was helping the yearbook club finalize designs for the cover.
Hunk: Yeah, and Shiro stayed after football practice to go over next games plays with coach Ulaz.
Coran: Ah, I see. Well they shouldn’t be long now, I’m gonna put in your order.
*Coran walks away and as he does the doors to Diner doors open to reveal Allura and Shiro entering, they approach the table*
Allura: How’s the studying coming along?
Lance: *pushing Keith* Saved you a seat Princess !
Allura: Lance how many times have I told you Allura is just fine, we are friends aren’t we?
Lance: *slightly defeated by the word Friend*
*Shiro takes a seat next to Keith and Allura sits next to Pidge*
Shiro: *he takes in a deep sigh but still smiles*
*Everyone looks over to him a slight look of concern*
Keith: Is something wrong Shiro?
Shiro: *slight pause* This is Allura and I’s last year at Altea High..
Allura: *smiles gently in his direction*
Shiro: We’ve achieved so much already but there’s a lot left unknown, *to the group* I want you guys to keep putting your all into your time here, one day we’ll all be attending Voltron University and maybe even someday form Voltron ourselves. I’m so proud of you guys..
Pidge: Lance is flunking Altean Lit.
Lance: Shut up Pidge, I’m not completely flunking !
Shiro: Well I’m no Altean scholar but what parts of the book are you struggling with?
Keith: *mildly amused* He hasn’t even read the book..
Shiro and Allura: Lance!
Hunk: *chuckling*I’m pretty sure if there’s a question where you need to draw the back of Nymas head he’ll pass.
Pidge and Keith: Nice one.
Shiro: *looking at Allura* You got this?
Allura: *looking towards a puppy faced Lance* I guess… Lance take out the book I’m gonna go over it with you,
*Coran interrupts with food*
Coran: *smiling* Looks like you’re all here now, Shakes for Pidge and Keith, Sundae and Fries for Hunk, Lemonade for Lance, strawberry Jello for Allura, and tall iced green tea for Shiro.
Allura: Awe thank you Coran for remembering.
Shiro: Thanks Coran you can put it on my card today.
Allura: You’re too kind Shiro, Coran just put it on my tab.
Shiro: Allura you always treat us, now it’s my turn.
Allura: It’s really no trouble Shiro, you work hard for your money it’s really no trouble to treat my friends.
*the young paladins watch the two go back and forth*
Keith: We’re all super broke but it shouldn’t be all on one person I’m sure we can all cover what we ordered individually.
*Shiro and Allura glare at Keith before they continue on who will pay the bill*
Pidge: How about you split it ?
Allura and Shiro: Sounds good to me.
Keith: *still feeling wounded from glares he received a moment ago*
Shiro: I’ll cover Hunk and Keith as a treat from their captain.
Allura: I’ll take Pidge and Lance as a treat from the robotics club president.
Coran: Alright then, I’ll leave you guys to your studying. Have fun guys.
*Coran walks away and the paladins begin there studies*
Hunk: Here Allura maybe my notes will help you with Lance.
Allura: Thank you Hunk, ok Lance time to focus. When’s your test?
Pidge: Tomorrow. Up to Chapter 12.
Allura: Tomorrow?! Lance how could you leave this to the last minute.
Lance: *feeling guilty* Well I mean I had two swimming competitions and then all the practice and then Hunk and I had to finish the preliminary designs for Engineering.
Allura: Ugh fine Lance let’s go through these notes.
Pidge: Hunk you needed help with History right?
Hunk: Yeah, I had food poisoning when my class went over the lesson on Zarkon.
Keith: Oh Pidge and I are in advanced the advanced history class. Maybe our notes will help boost your grade.
Pidge: You should probably look through my notes, Keith’s is mostly bad pictures.
Keith: *embarrassed* They help me remember, it’s not like I’m bad at the class.
Pidge: That’s true Keith got a better score than me on our last test.
Shiro: Woah nice job Keith, I’m proud of you!
Keith: *uncontrollable smiling* I mean it’s like you said Shiro “Patience yields focus”.
Shiro: I’m glad you remembered that, *Leans forward to look at Lance* maybe it could help some others with their studies.
Lance: I’m trying really, aren’t I doing well so far Allura.
Allura: He’s not as absent minded as I thought, he should be ready for his test tomorrow by the time we finish going over chapter 12.
Shiro: That’s good, as long as we work together there’s no reason any of us should fall behind.
*The Paladins continue their studies until the sun had already set*
Shiro: I’m thinking we should call it a night, anyone need a ride home?
Pidge: My moms dropping off Lance and Hunk.
*Pidges phone rings*
Pidge: Oh that’s her, cmon guys.
*Hunk, Lance and Pidge all step from their booth seats*
Hunk: Later guys, see you tomorrow.
Lance: See ya tomorrow oh and Allura thanks for the help I’m totally gonna beat Pidge and Hunks scores tomorrow.
*Everyone laughs as Lance makes his annoyed exit, Pidge and Hunk Exit behind him*
Shiro: Allura do you have a ride?
*Coran interrupting*
Coran: I actually just finished up, so I’ll take her home.
Allura: Thanks Coran, *she winks* maybe next time Shiro.
Shiro: *lets out an embarrassed chuckle* C'mon Keith I’ll drop you off, you’re on my way home anyway.
Keith: Oh, sure. I actually my bike with me, do you think I can fit in the back?
Shiro: Yeah no problem.
*Coran, Allura, Shiro, and Keith all exit Sals together making their way to different cars*
Allura: *she shouts from the other side of the small parking lot*See you tomorrow, goodluck on your exams!
Shiro: *Smiling he waves back to her and enters his car* You got it Princess !
Keith: *waves and enters the passenger seat of Shiros Car*
-The next week-
*Paladins sit at a lunch table in the cafeteria together*
Pidge: *smirking* So what’d you get Lance?
Hunk: Yeah I want to see this cause that test was harder than I thought, I only got an 84.
Pidge: I got an 89.
Shiro: *he smiles proudly* Nice job you guys.
Allura: Well Lance, we’re waiting..
*Lance dramatically whips out the tests from his bag*
Lance: 91! I read ahead and answered the bonus question ! Woo beat that Keith!
Keith: *confused* Im not even in Altean Lit..
Shiro: *shocked* Wow Lance nice job, I guess we should be expecting more from you.
Lance: Wait, no way I’m not gonna study any more than I already do!
Hunk: Lance you don’t really ever study.
Lance: Exactly. This is all Keith’s fault.
Keith: *annoyed* I’m not even in your class!

I Try My Best to Understand

My name is Joseph Zachary Finely and I am 7,350 days old. That is 20 years and 45 days. I know because I counted. I would like to tell my story.

It might be hard to understand because I do not know when to use question marks. I also do not know when to use other punctuation but I am a very precise speller. People tell me that I need to use inflection to understand where punctuation goes but I cannot hear any difference when people are talking.

My grandfather got very sick last week. Well he was sick before because he had cancer. But he started getting sicker last week.

My dad took me to see him and it was just the three of us for most of last week because my mom is not around. My dad and my grandpa who is his dad did not use to talk very much because they do not always get along. Sometimes they are together and do not say anything at all for a while. My dad says that he doesn’t like it because it’s an awkward silence. But I do not understand because he loves to go camping. He says his favorite part is the peace and quiet. Quiet and silence are the same thing. So I do not understand what the difference is between “awkward silence” and the type of silence that my dad likes. It sounds the same to me.

My dad confuses me sometimes. He says that he is proud of me a lot. Like when I got a 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam when I was only 5,515 days old which is fifteen years and 36 days. But other times he says that I need to get a fucking clue and just understand what people are saying. I know that means he is angry because people usually are angry when they are swearing.

Grandpa was always different from dad. I could tell that he was patient because he never swore. He did not make as much money as dad. I know this because my dad paid for all of his hospital bills. My grandpa would always say “I’m sorry, Timothy.” And my dad would say “It’s all right.” But when grandpa was not there my dad would say that “the old man didn’t save a fucking dollar and left me with the burden” when it was just the two of us at home. He used a swear word so he was angry. But he said “It’s all right” when my grandpa would say “I’m sorry, Timothy.” So I did not know what to think, since I had evidence of contradicting opinions.

A few days ago my grandpa said “I want to read some things to you, Joe.” And so he read from the Bible. There was a quote that said “If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another.” I can use commas if I am quoting another source. And my grandpa said “Do you know what that means Joe” and I said “It means that we can see where to walk if the lights are switched on because we cannot see where to walk when it is dark and nighttime.” Then he laughed but I do not know why because I was not trying to make him laugh. That happens sometimes with me. Then he said “Yes I suppose that’s right.” So I was glad that I understood it. Then my dad walked in and said “What are you reading that to him for.” And my grandpa did not say anything and my dad did not say anything and I wondered if it was an “awkward silence.” Later my dad told me to go and get some coffee for him and I told him that he was already holding coffee. And the he said “just take a walk” so I walked 1,913 steps and came back to the room. They were still not talking to each other.

That night my grandpa had a hard time breathing and my dad and I stayed the night in the hospital room. There were a lot of doctors and nurses and my grandpa went to sleep without eating any dinner. That was strange because he usually got dinner between 7:25 p.m. and 7:37 p.m. when he was in the hospital. I wondered if he was hungry but he just slept.

There were two chairs in the room and my dad and I each took one. I must have fallen asleep in mine because I started dreaming. I dreamed that my dad and my grandpa were sitting together and my grandpa was dressed in white. They weren’t talking but they were both smiling, which is a “social cue” that means people are happy. Then my dad said “don’t worry it’s not an awkward silence it’s a happy silence.” And my grandpa said “he’s in the light” but that did not make sense. And I said “The light is really bright” and I put up my hands to shield my eyes. And then I realized that it was morning and I was sitting in the chair and I was shielding my eyes from the sunrise and it was 5:59 a.m. And the light was really bright so I could not sleep any more. And it was shining on my grandpa’s sheets and they were white which made them really bright. My dad was asleep in the other chair. He was breathing slowly. His hand was on my grandpa’s bed and his and grandpa’s fingers were interlocked. My grandpa was not breathing at all. He was very still.

Sometimes I don’t understand things that people mean. But this time I was pretty sure that this is what grandpa meant when he talked about walking in the light together.

I liked that explanation. So I closed my eyes and I went back to sleep.

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i would be really interested in looking into the effects of the Tumblr Syntax™ on grammar comprehension, like, the way we write on this hell site has kind of evolved into long run on sentences that doesn’t have punctuation or capitalization or at least not usually where it would be correctly employed. but i bet i wouldn’t read this in a monotonous tone i’d read it in the same way i’d speak it, because i intuitively know where all the pauses and inflection changes are even when the punctuation isn’t there to signal me. to be able to read this type youve got to really know the implied grammar or learn/reinforce through trial and error where the invisible punctuation would lay where it would be natural in verbalizing, and i bet that really helps people retain natural feel of punctuation and grammar. though we tend to use commas whenever there’s a pause in verbal speech, and that isn’t always grammatically correct depending on how you look at it lol. my point is, i want someone to do a study of comparing high school tumblr users’ ACT english section scores to the national average 

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What did you think of the clip ??

Really good and really bad,

 that part where she says aWAAAAAY has the weirdest inflection as if she was trying very  hard to remember the line, but the part where she says “I’ve never felt like this before, she hit that line with power and i almost teared up. I just don’t know how to feel . What did everyone else think?


Electric Feel: From the Studio to the Stage with DJ and Producer Kid Koala

To see more of Eric’s studio and stage work, check out @realkidkoala on Instagram. For more music stories, head to Instagram @music.

Is your recently purchased Roland Jupiter-8 synthesizer in need of love? Then perhaps you should give DJ, producer and electronic matchmaker Eric San, aka Kid Koala (@realkidkoala), a ring at his studio in Montreal.

“It’s like I have a dating service,” says Eric, about all of the randomly paired musical equipment he keeps in stock. “It’s like, this pedal sucks on just about everything except this OMNI port. It’s almost to the point where, OK, these two things are married, let’s just duct tape them together because there’s no way I want to hear those apart.”

Eric is always digging for new gear — amps, guitars, synths, pedals – mixing and matching new and old gadgets, trying to figure out which ones mesh with each other. He admits his current set up could never function as a professional studio — though it’s hard to believe him considering all of the projects he’s had a hand in.

Eric has been performing live for more than two decades. Best known for his turntable and production work with Gorillaz and Deltron 3030, he’s also written a graphic novel, designed album covers, released solo material, composed short films and created his own experimental and immersive audio projects. Mostly, he’s big on taking a standard format and flipping it on its head. That’s why he started DJ’ing in the first place — it’s an art form where you’re allowed to sample, scratch, mix and create sounds off of an already existing work.

“I was drawn to the turntable when I was 12,” he says. “It seemed to have such a wide range. That’s what was exciting to me: actually, yeah we can use it as a rhythmic adrenaline-inducing thing; we can cut funky.”

For his latest trick, Eric has embarked on an expansive stage production based in Nufonia Must Fall, a graphic novel he released back in 2003 about a robot that’s trying to write love songs but can’t sing. The project is ambitious to say the least: a reproduction performed live with puppets, filmed, then projected onto a movie screen. There are 12 people on stage throughout the performance, including a string quartet, a team of puppeteers, a camera operator, a video engineer, a sound engineer and Eric himself, who plays “a plethora of weird gizmos.”

“I have been doing gigs for 20 years now and this by far is the most dangerous show for me because so many things can go wrong; there are so many moving parts to it,” says Eric. Still, he considers the risk exhilarating: “It’s the most high-tech / low-tech show you’ve ever seen.”

For the production, he’s teamed with designer K.K. Barrett, best known for his work in films such as Her, Lost in Translation and Being John Malkovich. Eric admits his career has been full of pinch-me moments, but getting to work with K.K. ranks toward the top.

“He came to my show in Los Angeles and I met him after the gig,” he says. “A mutual friend said, ‘You two should work on a project together.’ I was like, Oh wow, what could that be?”

Eric eventually sent K.K. a copy of Nufonia. He always considered the book to be a screenplay to a silent movie. K.K. liked what he read, so the two began brainstorming ideas for a full stage show. Now they’re in the process of touring across the world. (The premiere, in Australia earlier this year, opened to favorable reviews.)

If one massive audio project weren’t enough, Eric is also workshopping something called “Satellite,” a concert series where everyone in the audience is seated at their own turntable, where they play records that have their own custom sounds and inflections.

Just like Nufonia, Satellite is about taking something already established and flipping it on its head. Because what fun is there in showing an audience something they’ve seen a million times in the past?

“In my mind, I haven’t strayed from that core motivation,” says Eric. “When I started scratching, if I were to go to a battle, whatever you do on those turntables that night, it would have had to been something that you hadn’t heard … If you gave me an hour to play records I probably wouldn’t just play one tempo the whole time. I am not that kind of DJ. I like the storytelling aspect of it and see if we can go on a little bit of an audio adventure.”

– Instagram @music