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a story of one of the many reasons why real diversity in YA lit is important (involving fanart, harry potter, and blue from the raven boys)

so, why is this important to me, a person who can throw a rock in a bookstore and hit a million titles that represent me? 

i don’t know the legitimate hurt feelings that come from growing up never seeing a character accurately share my experiences. at the same time, i never thought twice about the fan art and head canons where harry potter characters were not white. i thought it was absolutely lovely when jk rowling came out and said there was no reason hermione couldn’t be black, or when she said that dumbledore was gay. i was happy that other people were so happy that they could see themselves in such a great story and in such great characters.


in my head, hermione is still white. why? it’s not because of emma watson or the fact that for many americans british automatically = white. it’s because when i grew up reading harry potter, white was my baseline. not for any malicious reason. only because that was my experience, and i lived in a super white place where i didn’t get exposure to diversity until i was old enough to start seeking it out. i had no reason when i was a kid to picture her otherwise.

this didn’t hurt me, per se, because i am white, i am the majority in YA lit, i didn’t explicitly need a black hermione or a gay dumbledore. but it did hurt me. it hurt my ability to think about the world in bigger ways, ways that i didn’t start learning about until i was a teenager. it limited me, which then limited my viewpoints.

enter The Raven Boys.

before i ever picked up those wonderfully weird books, i saw posts about it on tumblr. FAN ART EVERYWHERE. and in a lot of it, Blue is depicted as Black or Asian. when i finally read the books, i almost expected Blue to be characterized as a certain race because of all the fan art i’d seen. but just like hermione, blue is never explicitly characterized as a certain race.

so what happened? I read the books and automatically pictured Blue as a WOC. I pictured her family as WOC. this came naturally to me because i had been exposed to diverse viewpoints, and so i was able to read about these characters and these stories and picture them in more and real diverse ways.



this is why real diversity in YA lit is important.

at the end of the day, diversity isn’t about me. it’s about the people that get a voice when diversity happens. it’s about #ownvoices being able to write their own stories, and about people who are not writing from their own experience doing the best they can to accurately capture somebody else’s. diversity has benefits, and a side effect of those benefits is that everybody is better off.

“I hated you,” Laurent says, tracing the scars with his fingertips.

Damen starts, then goes still under Laurent’s touch. “I know,” he says after a long moment, his voice slow and rough.

Damen tends to doze off after sex, in the interval between his climax and Laurent returning to their bed, molding himself against Damen’s warm pliant body. Maybe he’d already been asleep.

Maybe Laurent should’ve kept his mouth shut.

“I hated you so badly,” he says. “I’d been hating you so badly for so long. I couldn’t—”

Damen doesn’t move. He stays exactly where he is, curled up on his side with his back to Laurent. Head bent forward, resting on his hands. The curve of his neck looks both appealing and achingly vulnerable. Laurent wants to touch it, wants to kiss it. Wants to cover it with his mouth and his hands to shield it from the world.

“I fixated on you,” Laurent says. He doesn’t want to say these words. He needs to say these words. He’s been holding them inside for too long. They’ve been growing larger in the space between them, even if Damen hasn’t noticed. “People die in war, in battle. In honest combat. I must’ve known, on some level, that it was foolish to hold you—you personally—responsible, but I did. It was easier, blaming you.”

Damianos, prince-killer. The image of his face forever etched into Laurent’s memory. The whisper of his name. All those years Laurent had carried it with him, a maddening undercurrent to his pulse. Damianos, prince-killer. Damianos, who had slain the man Laurent loved more than anyone.

“And then they brought you in front of me,” Laurent says, “trapped, chained, forced down onto your knees, utterly unable to make sense of what was happening to you. Refusing to believe it.”

The way Laurent had felt, after Auguste’s death.

Damianos, prince-killer, who had unwittingly removed the last obstacle standing between Laurent and his uncle.

Damen is breathing hard, Laurent realizes. Curled up on his side, holding still, taking deep shuddering breaths that make his back tremble under Laurent’s hand.

Laurent should’ve kept his mouth shut, but it’s too late now.

“I hated you for so long,” Laurent says, as his fingertips find a thick, ragged line of scar tissue that runs diagonally down one of Damen’s shoulder blades. The lash must’ve cut especially deep here. Too deep for Paschal’s healing salves to assuage it. “If I hadn’t—”

I would never have been able to forgive you.

I would never have been able to forgive myself for forgiving you.

“I had to,” he says, “I’m sorry,” and he leans down to press his lips to the scar, feels Damen shudder under him.

Special Swedish words

I decided to do a post with some special, weird, funny Swedish words. Some are dialectal (don’t exist in some parts of Sweden, or mean different things etc.). Here they are!

Fårgråt-Eye discharge. You know that goo in your eyes in the morning? That. There are many words for this (ögonvar, ögongegga, ögonsömn, etc. etc.), but sheep cry is possibly the best one, just for being ridiculous.

Skavfötters-A lying position with two people where each person’s feet are juxtaposed to the other person’s head. If you share a bed with someone (a friend) it is very common to sleep skavfötters instead of sleeping with your heads next to each other. Skavfötters = sore feet’s. Illogical, I know.

Tjafs-Fuss. Unnecessary talking, hassle.

Idas-have enough energy (to do something). Example: Jag ids inte gå till affären-I don’t have the energy to go to the store. Ids is probably, I’m not sure, but probably only used in the northern part of Sweden.

Orka-have enough power, energy, strength (to do something). Same as idas, but not restricted to the north. Example: Jag orkar inte städa nu-I don’t have the energy to clean up now. Another word for this is palla. Idas, orka and palla all mean basically the same thing.

He-Put, lay, turn (on/off). Best Swedish word ever, but it is only used by Swedes from the north. The Swedes of the south often don’t know what it means. Example: He på tvn-Turn the tv on. He nyckeln på bordet-Put the key on the table.

Börs/portmonnä/plånbok-Wallet. For some reason we have several words for this, and which word you use often depends on where in the country you are from. I use börs and I am from the north. Portmonnä is an older word. Plånbok is probably the most common in for example Stockholm. Plån is a small flat surface that can be used many times (like on a match box), and bok of course is book.

Skräcködla-Dinosaur/unnatractive woman. I don’t think I have to explain this further really. Skräck is horror, ödla is lizard.

(Att) bjussa på-To offer someone something/to treat someone (normally). Bjussa is another word for bjuda. Example: Kan du inte bjussa på biljettkostnaden?-Can’t you treat me to the ticket charge?

Leg-Identification card. Leg is short for legitimation. I have this in this post because it can be good to know that if someone is asking for your leg in Sweden, it’s not the body part they’re after. Pronounced basically the same tho, but more Swedish.  

Fara-Go/travel. This is a dialect word. If you say fara in the south of Sweden it ONLY means danger. In the north it means both danger and to go somewhere. Dra or åka is used in the south, and they have the same meaning as fara. Example: Kan inte vi fara till disney world?-Can’t we go to disney world?

Grina-Cry. Another word for gråta. This is a word with double meanings. In Scania (and maybe around Gothenburg as well) it means to laugh, basically. In the rest of Sweden it means to cry. I guess Scania has taken the English meaning for grin, almost. Funnily enough, the translator of the HP books used grinade when it said grinned in the original versions, which made for some ridiculous sentences for most of Sweden. Grina can also mean to make faces. To grina illa means to twist your face in pain (mostly).

Haffa-Catch/arrest/capture/get a hold of. Common use is for example that the police haffar bad guys. Slang use is for example att haffa brudar-to pick up chicks.

Tupplur-Nap. Tupp means rooster and lur is an old word for a phone. Put together it becomes a nap. Example: Jag ska ta en tupplur-I’m gonna take a nap.

Latmask-Slacker/lazybones/dawdler/lazy. A lazy worm. That’s the meaning of that word. Example: Sluta vara en latmask och kliv upp ur sängen-Stop being lazy and get out of bed.

That’s enough for this post. Feel free to add words, or send me comments or requests :)

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Is it too late to request? Fluffy gruvia!

“Dad! Dad!”

“Yeah, Silver?”

Gray smiled and picked up his small daughter.

“What is it?”

“Where’d you get the big scar on your tummy?” Her head slowly turned to the side out of curiosity, laughing at her father looking down to finally notice his lack of a shirt.


He made it seem that way.

The question put him off edge, and he didn’t want to scare Silver.

“Even after all these years…”

Both of them turned to the direction of the new voice.


Gray could’ve sworn that Juvia had a sixth sense for feeling his emotions as well.

“Don’t worry, snowflake! I’ll tell you how he got that scar.”


Gray handed Silver to his wife, and they all sat down.


She looked up and smiled.

“Long ago, your father was stuck in a battle, with no way to escape it-”

“Just like with deliora…?” The child spoke softy interrupting her mother.

“No…” Juvia looked at Gray. “This battle was…”

She paused, wondering how to explain.

Then Gray spoke up.

“Your mother was in the battle too! We were protecting the guild from evil…!”

“Ahh~!” Silver now listened more intently.

Juvia then spoke up. “There was an evil… Ice monster, who was trying to defeat us both…” She smiled, just then figuring out the rest. “The monster’s claws swung out trying to hurt me first, but then Gray jumped in the way!”

“Did you defeat it, dad?!”


Being enthusiastic about the subject was hard…

Even so…

Gray planned to tell her the truth.

What little he remembered of his real family was the love and trust they all shared.

Long ago Gray decided he wanted to raise a child in that environment.

But he was glad Juvia made up a story to protect her innocence.

Looking at his wife playing with their daughter, he was then reminded of the reason he had the scar in the first place.

True Love.

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Hi there! I was wondering how you did the Jacksepticeye cat edits? Where you made Jack have cat ears?

I started with the screencaps, then found some pictures of white cats where the head-tilt was compatible with Jack’s. I cropped out the ears, tweaked the size and positioning until they looked okay, and then on a new layer I started coloring over them with the various greens from Jack’s hair. I set that layer to multiply, which was why I used white cat ears, so it’d do that effect without messing up the colors. Then I blended the greens to look more natural and merged the the color layer with the ear layer.

After that, I erased along the lower part using Jack’s hair as a guide, so it looked like the ears were poking up through his hair. Then I used the various greens to draw in additional strands of hair, to really get everything to come together. 

I used the color of his facial hair to draw in cat whiskers, then I played around with transparency and layer effects until it looked okay. I also drew in little points on his teeth. I ended up not really liking the eye edits so much, but all I did with those is use the colors of his irises to color in the whites of the eyes, using the existing shading as a guide, and then elongate the pupils. 

It’s basically a lot of trial and error, just learning as I go and seeing what works best. And a lot of patience. :3 And I generally use SAI and a drawing tablet when I edit.

alright but hear me out, I had such a GREAT vision for justin’s where are you now music video. in my head, it was in a beach, with belly dancing and it flowed beautifully!!!! someone hire me for my artistic insights!!!!

Pointers on Writing Concussions

So, I noticed a recent trend in a lot of fanfictions when it comes to concussions in particular. From what I’ve seen, it looks like it’s almost no big deal and they don’t have too many symptoms. They might just stay in bed, be a bit tired and it’s brushed off completely. It’s pretty vague when it comes down to description.

After a hecka lot of research, I’m finding this to be an improper depiction of concussions.

There are some cases where it may be a minor concussion, and this would be okay. In the terms of ‘Miraculous Ladybug’, where we have superheroes flinging themselves around with their heads unprotected, this may not be the case.

Concussions can be caused by car crashes, sudden movements, or hits to the head. Hits to the neck can also cause concussions. They can also develop overtime, and can take months to years to actually heal. Symptoms will not show for a few days, making it hard to diagnose. Fanfiction-wise, I’ve seen characters getting hits far harder than a sudden jerking motion, and would surely cause more damage and trauma to the brain.

Not all concussions will cause fatal symptoms or permenent damage- but with this sort of head impact symptoms can, and will, be more severe and take more than a few days or a week to heal. These types of injuries are not ones to be handled at home, and may need temporary (sometimes immediate) hospitalization.

They can also be pretty dangerous though, and can be accompanied with internal or external bleeding of the head. Some cases have had fractures in the skull as well. Blood clots in the head can also occur, which can result in stroke. Now even more severe symptoms are brought up. These types of strokes can result in blindness even.

The following are a few potential symptoms of concussions:

• Seizures
• Nausea and Vomiting
• Headaches (can be severe)
• Dizziness or Disorientation
• Memory loss
• Confusion
• Loss of coordination
• Ringing in the ears
• Excessive fatigue
• Irritability
• Sensitivity to light
• Mild depression
• Difficulty speaking (slurring words)
• Sensitivity to sound
• Personality changes
• Blurred vision
• Loss of conciousness

Concussions are basically big ol’ hits to the head with lots of different symptoms. A tad more description can certainly help a ton. It can happen with lots of other injuries as well. Getting a good background on the injury you’re working with can help you a bunch.

I hope this helps the next time you have to write your characters ramming their heads into things!

A few head canons of domestic bliss amongst the TFK~

Charlotte and Cordelia-
Slow dancing in the kitchen to a sappy old record Charlotte likes. It’s been an especially long day for her, and she looks tired, yet is smiling as she looks at Cordelia, who is still wearing one oven mitt from the meal she just put in their George Foreman. They keep going off time because they keep tripping over their over affectionate cats, Garfield and Marvin II.

Marvin and Whizzer-
Marvin’s relaxed, sitting on the couch sideways reading, neck craned at an awkward angle and glasses heavy on his face, tired from long and tedious work hours. The book’s an action novel, a little bit of thriller, mystery, and schmaltz thrown between covers. It’s kind of shitty, but he puts up with it. His back is against the armrest and his legs are crossed lazily, next to where Whizzer lay, head on Marvin’s chest and hand in Marvin’s hair. Their dog is asleep at the foot of the couch.

Trina and Mendel-
Trina’s laying back in a chair, one eye closed and breathing deeply as her last layer of polish on her nails dries. Mendel is in an armchair next to hers, snoring in a well-deserves nap. Trina’s open eye is looking at Mendel, and she can’t help but smirk and hope he’s sill in that position when she comes back with a camera.

Jason reads late into the night and into the morning, laying under his bedsheets with a flashlight and squinting at the pages of whatever sci-fi novel he picked up at the library. Occasionally it’s a thriller, but it’s usually one of the Star Trek companion books, or even a comic or two. He uses a ruler to prop up the sheets and if he’s lucky, can nick one of Marvin’s book lights.


Sootsnout Kell

Charr Daredevil and Vagabond Gladium

“I was born and raised outside the Legions, they were within. I get it; we’re different. Biggest difference is that I don’t call them names on sight. At least not where they can hear it.”


Head - Wizard’s Hat
Shoulder - Drover Shoulders
Chest - Drover Coat
Gloves - Mistwalker Gloves
Legs - Mistwalker Leggings
Boots - Drover Boots
Back - Sturdy Leatherworker’s Backpack


Midnight Rust


Mainhand - Daredevil’s Staff
Ranged - Reclaimed Shortbow

GW2 Fashion Week Day 3

It's Quiet Tonight

This is for @feelingalittlesick, who wanted Victor with a migraine. Hope you like it!

Yuuri frowns when he returns home to a dark, silent apartment. “Victor?” he calls out. Usually when he’s the last one home from practice, Victor will be lounging around in the living room watching old movies or Russian dramas; sometimes, to Yuuri’s horror, he’ll be attempting to cook dinner.

But today there’s no sign of his fiancé when Yuuri pokes his head into the living room. Concerned, Yuuri heads for their bedroom. Where could Victor be? “Victor? Are you okay?” There’s still no answer.

When he enters the bedroom, he’s horrified to find Victor sprawled across the floor, clutching his head. “Victor!” Yuuri gasps, and immediately rushes over to his side. “What’s wrong?”

“Too loud,” Victor mumbles, the words slurring together a bit.

“Sorry, sorry,” murmurs Yuuri, immediately dropping his voice to a whisper as he crouches next to his fallen boyfriend. He’s doing his best not to panic, but seeing Victor in this much pain is terrifying for him. “Your head hurts?”

“Migraine,” Victor says carefully. It seems like it hurts him to talk. Yuuri thinks frantically for a moment about what he should do, before Victor gives a sudden sharp gasp. “Gonna puke.”

There’s no time to get him to the bathroom, and moving that far that fast would probably just make things worse. Instead, Yuuri carefully helps Victor sit up, moving slowly and carefully. He’s just in time for Victor to gag violently, bringing up a wave of vomit all over his lap. Yuuri cringes at the sound and smell, but Victor isn’t done yet. He coughs violently and spits more stomach acid on the floor before clutching at his head. “Ow,” he groans, his voice rough from throwing up.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Yuuri soothes, rubbing circles between Victor’s shoulder blades. “I knew you were overworking yourself today.” Yuuri stands and starts to head for the bathroom, outlining his plan to Victor. “I’m going to grab a towel and get you cleaned up. Then I’ll get you to bed. Is there anything else that you need?”

Victor gives him a weak smile. “That sounds wonderful.”

there’s this one scene in atla book one where iroh pops his head into zuko’s room and zuko’s all like “for the last time i’m not playing the sugi horn for you” (bc it was music night on the ship) and like what i love about that scene is that it implies zuko knows how to play the sugi horn

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Why is it that the ES with animal affiliation are the ones booking a room in "crazytown"? First horse woman and now dog woman (diggysdog) is firmly heading for the tinfoil crown. It's as funny as it is exhausting.

I’m not sure where “crazytown” is Anon, but I’d make a head left to avoid it, and so should horse woman and diggysdog.

Alice 🐇

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Roz X Lilith?

I’m so glad you asked…. despite interacting maybe two (2) times, I ship Roz and Lilith based solely on the fact that I’m in love with them both. I also think their personalities would mesh well together and wish the writers had bothered to give them more screentime together. 

Some evidence:

height difference!!

where’s my room service 2.0 where lilith and roz hook up and frasier’s head explodes?

lilith dragging frasier and roz finding it hysterical

and a bonus:

lilith, straight? not with that outfit.

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For your Priest AU a friend & I started an RP based around it where Gabriel is the new head of this particularly old cathedral & Jack is the stranger who watches from the hill (like a total creeper). Thing is Jack is supernatural & a guardian of the church (so old he actually helped build it!). Wanted to share & say thank you for giving us such amazing inspiration to create a story! :D

;___________________________________; aaaaahhhhhhhhhh omg you guys should make it into a fic!!! that’d be awESOME.

i’m just happy it inspired you guys!! you’re always welcome Q v Q <33333