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The real S6 episode titles

So, Roomfriends - I took the liberty of re-naming all the New Girl episodes of season 6 from a Ness perspective (somewhat inspired by “Friends”).

S6e1: House Hunt OR
“The One Where Everyone But One Finds Out”

S6e2: Hubbedy Bubby OR
“The One Where Nick Has Phone Sex With The Wrong Girl”

S6e3: Single and Sufficient OR
“The One Where The Serie’s Most Pointless Relationship Starts”

S6e4: Homecoming OR
“The One Where There Is No Ness Interaction Whatsoever”

S6e5: Jaipur Aviv OR
“The One Where Jess Fills The Friendship Hole”

S6e6: Ready OR
“The One Where The Series Most Cringeworthy Kiss Takes Place”

S6e7: Last Thanksgiving OR
“The One Where There Is Still No Ooomph”

S6e8: James Wonder OR
“The One Where Nick Didn’t Do ANYTHING”

S6e9: Es Good OR
“The One Where Jess Pursues The Series Most Pointless Relationship”

S6e10: Christmas Eve Eve OR

“The One Where We Finally Get a Small Hint From Nick”

S6e11: Raisin’s back OR
“The One Where Jess Is Nick’s Fluffer (part 1)”

S6e12: The Cubicle OR
“The One Where Nick And Jess Have Their Most Honest Talk Since Season 2”

S6e13: Cece’s boys OR
“The One Where Jess Bonds With Nick’s Girlfriend”

S6e14: The Hike OR
“The One Where The Series Most Pointless Relationship Finally Ends”

S6e15: Glue OR
“The One Where Jess Is Nick’s Fluffer (part 2)”

S6e16: Operation Bobcat OR
“The One Where Nick Says The L-word To The Wrong Woman”

S6e17: Rumspringa OR
“The One Where Things Are Finally Starting to Look Up”

Today, I fucked up... by destroying my aunt's entire Swarovski Crystal collection

This happened over a decade ago when I was around 9.

My siblings, cousins and I were playing hide-and-go-seek in my Aunt’s fairly large living room, while the adults were doing their boring adult thing at the table along one of the walls. You know when you’ve played hide-and-go-seek a million times in the same house, yet by a stroke of imagination you manage to find that new spot that nobody’s ever found before? Well this time, I had found it. It was the short circular table that supported my Aunt’s Swarovski crystal collection. You know, the one with about 75 pieces that she’s been collecting her entire life? The house’s centrepiece? The one where friends would surprise her with a new thousand-dollar item every so often for decades?

Anyways. I felt like a genius for finding the spot. The table’s cloth perfectly covered the table’s legs. Genius. This was real estate that De Beers would be proud of. The only problem was that there was just so little room under there. So while my brother counted to 20, which probably happened over the course of a couple seconds, I scrambled under the Swarovski-ladden table and held my breath.

“20!” And the hunt began. From one corner of the room, I hear “No! Darn it!” Oh, there goes Christina. From behind the piano, you could hear a dissatisfied rumbling from Gary. Amateur. Entire seconds passed in the blink of an eye. When suddenly somebody – my brother! – grabbed my foot, which was neatly protruding from beyond the table’s hanging cloth. “Gotcha!” he cried.

That’s when I decided to scare him by springing up with all my might. Except I was beneath the table, which required extra might. And that’s when it happened. Before I knew it, I heard a loud crash on the floor behind me. Turning around, I saw it: all those crystal bears, elephants, monkeys, and other animals, destroyed. Some were decapitated; others suffered much more gruesome fates. Perhaps a few Siamese kittens survived; I forget. I pouted up to notice the parents mid-gasp. My aunt looked shocked and angry. I turned to my cousins – but the alibis disappeared! So I did what was natural, racing to the couch where I buried my face, crying, in the cushioniest corner, away from the world.

What would you do if some pesky kid accidentally ruins your life passion?

Well after 15 minutes of me sulking, my aunt sat down next to me. Perfect calm. And she told me this story:

“Once I was a dinner guest at a friend’s house. We had a very lovely meal and a great time. But when it was time to go, I started walking out, and when I did, my foot fell right through their hallway floor! I was so embarrassed! Their floor was broken! My friends were looking at me with such disapproval and I didn’t know what to say. I had ruined their home. I just felt like crying… I know exactly how you feel. And it’s okay.”

She was an incredibly strong woman. Passed away some years later. May she rest in peace.

TL;DR Playing hide-and-go-seek when I was 9. Destroyed Aunt’s entire Swarovski collection by jumping out from under the table that supported it. She showed tremendous grace in comforting me.

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Story time.

Yesterday I decided to put a ring on @sleepless-ride so I went to the jewelry store after work today to buy my girlfriend a promise ring (the left rose gold ring) and some Christmas presents. After buying the gifts and ring, I went to a mutual friend’s house where my girlfriend was hanging out and I kicked her out so the friend and I could wrap the gifts and ring I bought. Our friend asked if I wanted to put a bow on the tiny box with the ring in it and I told her that I didn’t know how to tie one so she did it for me. She also asked if I was gonna give her the ring tonight (and insisted I do it tonight) and I said yes lol. 

So the girlfriend and I went back to our place and then she said some lovey dovey things and then gave me a tiny box (it was the same box tbh but with different wrapping paper) AND the same bow on it…. After laughing for 2348023 years, I got up and gave her my tiny box. 

Turns out we spontaneously decided we wanted to put a ring on each other on the same day, actually bought each other a ring on the same day, and bought it from the same store. I’m so glad I bought that ring bc apparently she really wanted it when she saw it at the store (honestly tho, I knew it was The One). It’s also funny though because her ring is too smol and my ring is too big and we both have to wear it as a necklace.

Also shoutout to our friend who knew we both had a ring to give each other and tied our bows for us. I should’ve known my girlfriend bought a ring when our friend immediately guessed that I bought a ring when I told her she was going to freak out when I tell her what it was and wanted me to give her the ring tonight.

So anyways, the gf and I are soulmates confirmed. 

i love that this book thinks i’m likely to be in a situation where i’m at a friend’s house and i spontaneously decide to make eight pounds of bread dough and either my friend just happens to have a 10-quart food-safe lidded container lying around or i’ve casually brought my own 10-quart dough bucket over to my friend’s house in which case i am clearly obsessed with bread and they will not be the least bit surprised that i’ve memorized this very simple recipe

You’re a Newly Self-Discovered Empath; Now What?

So you’ve just figured out that you’re an empath. What should you do now? Here’s a quick list of essentials to get you started. 

  • Shields: You need these. I mean need them. Going out without a shield is like leaving your house on a freezing day buck naked. To create shields, visualize the element you are the most connected to surrounding you in a protective shape. For me, it’s earth. My shields are made of very large visualized boulders surrounding me in the astral plane. You can also keep certain crystals around to strengthen your shields. 
  • Practice: Just as they say, practice makes perfect. You can harness your abilities and use them to your advantage, and others’. Read your potential boss and use your findings to nail that job interview. Use your ability to communicate with your deities, or household spirits. Become familiar with your friends auras so that you always know where they are in the house. Read new potential friends so you can better communicate. Practice reading the energies of various stones and objects.
  • Project your aura: Some of us have always been powerful, and have never known our true strength. Because of this, we never knew how to control it. When I feel something strongly, everyone around me feels it. When I am angry or sad, everyone around me becomes angry or sad. I don’t have to say a word or make a face. This is another reason for why shields are so important. We as empaths feel things so deeply that it can and will affect those around us. 
  • Meditate: Meditation allows us to practice and get in touch with ourselves. It will help us discern whether or not the emotions we are having are our own, or from someone near us. 
  • Astral travel: This will make you help you harness your abilities, as well as control them. In the astral plane, it will be much much easier to set up shields and work on your shiz. Plus, it’s really fun. 
  • Journaling: Journal things as you learn and realize them. Notice something unique to being an empath? stick it in your handy dandy empath journal. Notice something unique to YOUR experience as an empath? Jot it down in your journal. It will make things so much easier. 
Old friends

With the encouragement of his brother and a sweet house elf, Newt is finally able to rekindle an old friendship. Pure fluff


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“Are you alright there Millie ?’ Newt asked the slight house elf, that he had known since he was a boy, holding a tray laden with bite sized food above her bat like ears. “here let me take this’, he tried to lighten her load, but would she hell let the tray go, ‘no master newt, Millie  must hand out the food, you must chat and drink and eat. Master newt deserves it.’ She tried to persuade him, ‘please Millie , I’m losing my mind, just let me hand things out, you can go to the kitchen and prepare for tomorrow. how does that sound?’ newt was almost begging the petite creature. His parents would have get together like this a few times each year, and he always left feeling utterly exhausted. “Millie hopes that master newt doesn’t use those eyes on ladies very often, he will break hearts’ Newt chuckled as the house elf allowed him to take the tray from her, before she scurried back into the kitchen, to get a head start on the chores for tomorrow.

Newt felt a bit more at ease, now that he had something to occupy him, it also meant that he didn’t have to stay and chat for long.

Before too long, his tray was empty, with his task complete, he went back to the edge of the room, trying desperately to blend in with the wall paper. Clearly his attempts were failing as his elder brother came and clapped him on the shoulder. He was about the same height as newt, maybe an inch or so shorter, but he had broad shoulders and a far stockier build. With dark hair to match his deep blue eyes. They talked for a while, catching up on what the other had been up to, until Thesesus noticed that Newt wasn’t paying attention anymore, he followed his gaze and landed on a beautiful young lady, a smirk grew on his face. “well little brother, whose the pretty little thing?’ Newt brought his attention back to Thesesus, realising that he was staring, he cleared his throat, ‘what do you mean? It’s y/n, you’ve known her since you were seven’ newt informed him incredulously. Her parents were old friends of the family, she was a few years younger than newt, but they had always been friendly.

“bugger, that’s y/n? She grew up well didn’t she’ Newt didn’t like the way his brother was looking at her, he cleared his throat once more, not wanting to make a scene. When that didn’t stop him, newt could feel himself growing warm, ‘Thesesus.’ He barked and  gave his brother warning look, ‘sorry Newt, I know you always had a bit of a fancy for her, but look at her, she’s grown quite lovely’ he said apologetically, ‘she was always lovely, far more than lovely’  newt smiled fondly. She must have felt his gaze, as she turned to give him a little wave along with a familiar smile.

“that’s it, you’re going over’ Thesesus pushed him, ‘no, no I don’t think that’s really necessary, look she’s talking to somebody already, and We haven’t seen each  other in such a long time.’ Newt stressed as his brother continued to escort him to the young lady, ‘well then, you’ll have plenty to catch up on, say hello from me, would you.’ He whispered into Newt’s ear before disappearing back into the crowd.

Newt silently seethed at his brother, he meant well really, he just wanted Newt to be happy, but he went about it like a bull in a bloody china shop.

“Newton? Newt is it really you?’ her curious, hopeful voice pulled him from his thoughts. He gave her a lopsided smile along with a nod, before she wrapped her arms around his waist, slightly taken off guard, it took newt a moment to react. He enveloped her in a warm hug, much like the one that they shared the last time he had seen her, as she waved him off on his first adventure, case a bit less worn, his journals pages fresh and empty. He smiled into her hair, at the fond memory.

He didn’t want to get his hopes up to high, after all he had been gone for a fair few months, any number of things could have happened in that time. The way she was holding him, clinging to the back of his jacket, so he might never leave her again, he couldn’t stop the glimmer of hope shining through his slightly cracked heart.

She eventually pulled away, letting his jacket go. “sorry, I missed you’ she gave him a watery smile, ‘Merlin, don’t cry, I thought you would be happy to see me’ Newt joked lightly as he brushed her tears away, ‘would you like to go into the kitchen? Like we used to.’ She nodded as she took his arm and he lead her through into the kitchen, where they had spent many of these dinner parties hiding under the scrubbed wooden table, seeking refuge with the house elves.

“I don’t think you’ll fit under the table anymore.’ She joked, ‘I’m sure you will though, dinky’ he teased back lightly, she gave him a slight smack on his arm. He chuckled as he pulled a chair out for her to sit.

They chatted like old friends, catching up with each other, Newt telling her his tales of his months of travel, while she told him of her career now that she was out of Hogwarts. While Millie made you both a pot of tea and a never ending supply of biscuits, ‘mm Millie, this shortbread is amazing, you’ve really out done yourself’, She praised the blushing house elf, as Millie poured Newt another cup of tea, despite his insistence that he was more than happy to do it himself.

“Millie thinks that master Newt needs to tell miss y/l/n,’ she whispered in his ear. He could feel his face flushing red, at her comment, heavens to Helga, he was so obvious even sweet little Millie had noticed.

He almost lunged for her small hand resting on the table, by her tea cup, he mumbled an apology, good start. He glanced to Millie, who gave him an encouraging smile. He took a deep breath and threaded his fingers with hers, his mind had often wandered to what he would say if he was ever given this opportunity, but now that he was finally here, it didn’t matter what he said or how he said it, it would never be enough.

Full of determination, he kept her hand clasped in his, as he stood and made his way around the table, next to wear she sat. He knelt on the cool stone floor of the kitchen, his face level with hers. He tucked a few stray hairs behind her ear, away from her beautiful face, he ran his long fingers back across her blushing cheek, and dared to ghost over her soft lips. She kissed his fingertips as they lingered, she gave him a slightly cheeky flirtatious smile. That was the last push that he needed, he brought his lips to hers, but stopped just short of those plump delicious looking lips, ‘are you sure?’ he whispered, his breath surely tickling at her skin. She gave a small nod before finally closing the gap between them.


Have a great day and be safe

Mistletoe (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: You’re an amazing writer. In the spirit of Christmas being right around the corner, could you do an imagine where you’re Peter’s best friend? You go over to his house and decorate the tree. Could you include like ugly sweaters, hot chocolate, and mistletoe? Please and thank you. // hiiii could you possibly write a holiday season themed fluff w/ dorky Peter? xx

A/N: I changed the first request a little so the imagine would be on Christmas day. I thought it would be nice to upload it today, as a present from me to you to thank you for your support and the kind words you always offer me. Thank you ver much for following me and reading my imagines and merry Christmas/happy Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate(if you celebrate anything at all). Lots of love xxx 

‘’I can’t believe you are actually wearing that’’ you said after looking at Peter for five minutes.
He stopped looking at his food and looked at you, furrowing his brows.
‘’What’s the problem? Your sweater is as ugly as mine!’’ he said, sounding offended.
‘’It’s not!’’ you told him. ‘’Mine is ugly, but yours is horrendous. It hurts to look at it.’’
He laughed softly and directed his gaze to his aunt, who was speaking with your parents.
‘’Can we open presents now?’’ you asked, a begging look in your eyes.
Your mother laughed and nodded swiftly, gesturing for you to leave the table and walk to the tree that was in the Parker’s living room.
Peter got up from his chair even faster than you, grabbing your hand and pulling you through the house.
‘’I’m so happy your parents agreed to spend Christmas here this year’’ he said as he pulled you down so you were seating on the ground. You laughed and nodded, looking at him. ‘’Come on, open your presents!’’ he exclaimed.
Your parents and Aunt May rested against the doorframe, looking at the both of you and whispering. You didn’t really care -you just wanted to open your presents.
Starting to unwrap one of them, you stopped in your tracks and looked at Peter, noticing the way his eyes were filled with joy as he stared at you.
‘’Thank you’’ you told him. ‘’I don’t even know what it is, but thank you.’’
He blushed and smiled, shaking his head as if to tell you it didn’t matter.
Just as you were about to finish opening the present, your mother’s voice called your name.
‘’[Y/N], sweetheart, I forgot my phone in the kitchen and I am really tired. Would you mind getting it for me?’’
You sighed and rolled your eyes, but nodded, not wanting to make your mother mad.
‘’Come with me?’’ you quickly asked Peter, to which he nodded and got up, walking to the kitchen beside you.
Once you got there, you couldn’t find the phone anywhere, so you started walking out of the kitchen to tell your mother.
‘’Oh, dear, look!’’ Aunt May said as you were walking through the door, Peter’s hand in yours, her hand pointing to something over your head. ‘’You can’t break the tradition!’’ she said before winking at you and disappearing, walking to the living room.
You lifted your head and found a piece of mistletoe hanging from the doorframe. Peter looked as well and when you both looked at each other, you both blushed, not knowing what to do.
‘’I mean-I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, you k-‘’ Peter started, being cut off by your lips pressing against him, one of your hands still holding his and the other behind his neck.
He put his other hand on your hip, moaning into the kiss. When you pulled apart he smiled softly and let out a sigh.
‘’Wow’’ he simply said.
You laughed and rested your forehead against his, closing your eyes briefly.
‘’I’m too embarrassed to go in there now, so do you mind opening the presents later and watching a movie now?’’ you said, not eager to go back to the living room and have the adults tease you about the kiss.
Peter laughed and kissed you softly once more, running his hand through your hair.
‘’As long as it involves kissing, I’m fine with whatever you have in mind’’ he told you.


Then I asked for a photo and he said yes, and asked me if I was going out for party, but I said no, I’m not from Madrid, so I said I was comming to a friend’s house. He asked me where I am from, I said Galicia but he didn’t know, so I said Portugal, because it’s next to the country, and he said he knew where is Portugal. Then he hugged me again x,D And because I couldn’t say anything normal, while they were leaving, I said with a distance of few meters “I FOLLOW YOU SINCE YOUR VERY FIRST CD! SINCE I WAS 14 YEARS OLD!” He laughed and he said “See you tomorrow!”. I don’t remember if I said “I love you” during a hug, I just said “OH MY GOD” and “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT”. HE IS LOVELY. I LOVE YOU, BRENDON ;_;


Request: Hey, can I request a Damon oneshot where you’re Damon’s (human) best friend and live at the Salvatore house and accidentally walk in on him masturbating and it goes from there? Thx and I love your blog!! – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut 

Word Count: 2173

I had to rethink life.

Caught (Part 2), Caught (Part Three)

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You hated being a part of the freaking council. Yeah, you get to not hide the fact that vampires, werewolves, and witches do exist, but did need to hide the fact that you were surrounded by a lot, which is frustrating. Heck, your best friends are vampires. “Just as accept the fact that your family is a part of the founding families.” Stefan said as he sat beside you on the couch. “And that you and Damon are part the first ones? And that my family used to kill your species?” You sarcastically replied and he rolled his eyes.

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Notice Me || Joe

Request: Could you do an imagine where y/n is friends with zalfie and joe comes round their house and meets her for the first time and flirts with her cause he finds her really attractive?


It was a hot summer day when Zoe invited you around to her and Alfie’s. You had been friends with Zoe for nearly a year now and Zoe suggested you make a video with her for her channel about how well you knew each other. Once the video was filmed, you were going to hang out around the flat, probably have Alfie cook something on the barbecue, and then spend the night. You loved hanging out with Zoe so you were excited to see what the day entailed.

You greeted Zoe and Alfie with hugs when you got to their house and leaned down to pet Nala who was circling your feet with excitement. “Since it’s such a lovely day out,” Zoe said, “I thought we could film a friendship test. So we ask each other questions and if I get yours wrong, you get to smash a water balloon over my head, but if I get it right, I get to smash one of over your head.”

“Great,” you laughed. “I picked a great day to do winged eyeliner then, huh?” Zoe laughed and beckoned you to take your shoes off and head out to the backyard. You sat around in the grass for a bit as you tried to come up with five questions for the video. Zoe already had hers written, so the video was just waiting on you. It only took you a few minutes to come up with what you would ask her.

The video went really well. Although your navy blue t shirt was now practically stuck to your skin, you had fun filming it. In the year you and Zoe had been friends, it was clear you learned a lot about each other. You were cleaning up the backyard when Zoe got a text. “Oh Alf, Joe’s here,” Zoe said. “Can you go let him in please?” Alfie nodded and left the two of you to pick up the water balloon bits that were scattered on the patio. “I hope you don’t mind,” Zoe said to you, “but Joe’s filming a bit with me as well. Today was the best day for him to stop by.”

“That’s alright,” you smiled. You had never met her brother Joe before, but you knew he and Zoe got along well, so you were excited to meet him.


You and Zoe turned around when Alfie spoke and immediately, he and Joe started throwing water balloons at you. “Alfie!” Zoe cried. “Joseph! Stop it!” You and Zoe were laughing while also holding your hands out in front of you to stop water balloons from hitting your bodies. “You dickheads!” Zoe laughed, picking up a water balloon that hadn’t popped and throwing at Alfie. Naturally, Alfie was vlogging the whole thing and was doubled over laughing at you and Zoe. Once you all composed yourself, Zoe introduced you to Joe officially. You smiled at him and said hello, then the four of you went inside.

Alfie brought towels for you and Zoe which you eagerly wrapped around your body. “I’m going to change,” you said to the others. They nodded and you padded upstairs, deciding to change into the pink floral shorts you wore to bed and a light pink camisole that matched. You threw your hair up, wiped some make up stains from your cheeks, and went back downstairs to join the others.

You sat beside Zoe on the floor and patted your lap so Nala would come lay on you. “Pizzaface for dinner?” Zoe asked. Everyone agreed and so Alfie went to call in an order.

“So how did you guys meet?” Joe asked you and Zoe.

“I work for Gleam,” you told him. “Nothing big, just a bit of office work.”

“Can’t believe I haven’t seen you there,” Joe said back. “You’ve worked there for over a year?”

You shrugged, “Yeah, but like I said, nothing big. You probably wouldn’t notice me if you were there.”

“Oh I’m sure I’d notice you,” Joe said with a smile. You gave him a bashful smile back and Zoe changed the subject to something else.

Once the pizza had arrived, the four of you had a great time sitting around and chatting. Joe was sitting beside you with his arm resting on the back of the couch. You thought Joe was lovely. He seemed really interested in the things you talked about and always made eye contact with you when you were telling a story. You shared the same taste in music and had very similar senses of humor. Not to mention, he was strikingly good looking.

After dinner, Joe, Zoe, and Alfie filmed a video together. It was hilarious to watch how the three of them interacted with each other. Once they finished, Zoe suggested you all watch a film if Joe was keen on staying a bit longer. When he said that he was, you were surprised at how happy that made you. You excused yourself to get a drink from the kitchen just before Zoe clicked on the horror film she wanted everyone to watch.

A few moments later, Joe came into the kitchen as well. He smiled at you and laid a hand on your back as he scooted past you, causing a shiver to run up your spine. “Are you from around here?” he asked you as he searched the fridge for something to drink.

“I’m closer to London,” you said. “But I don’t mind making the trip out here.”

“Oh, whereabouts in London are you?” he asked. You told him and found out that you only lived about a 15 minute’s drive away from each other. “We should get dinner sometime,” Joe said, leaning up against the counter and sipping the drink he had poured himself.

“Yeah,” you smiled. “I’d like that.”

The two of you exchanged numbers and made your way back to join Zoe and Alfie. The film was only a few minutes in when Joe’s phone rang with a call he had to take. He left the room so Zoe used his absence as an opportunity to tease you. “God, you’re both flirting up a storm!” she laughed. You shrugged and smiled as you brought your drink to your lips.

“Maybe you’ll be the one to get him to settle down,” Alfie teased.

“Just remember,” Zoe said, “I introduced you.” You laughed and slapped her arm lightly just as Joe walked back into the room.

The horror film had you jumping and covering your eyes every few minutes, some scenes especially making you grab onto Joe’s sleeve, as he was the one sitting right beside you. Eventually, you were sitting so close that his arm was resting around your shoulders. While Joe was particularly infatuated with a scene in the film, Zoe nudged her foot with yours, giving her eyebrows a wiggle. You smirked and stuck your tongue out at her, inwardly wondering if she planned on this happening all along.

Today I drove down to where I grew up and met some friends from high school near my house. We had a long conversation while overlooking some mountains and this lake about death in the outdoors. We’ve had a lot of friends that have died because of extreme sports and shitty situations, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. My friend sat there and said openly that she’s been dealing with deep depression, and wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for rocks to climb and mountains to ski. I was humbled in that moment by her openness. I take for granted the power of Mother Nature and what it can teach us, like how to love a bit deeper and hold on a little longer.

minsuga-cubed  asked:

13 with Jungkook ❤️

sorry it kinda got long….

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13.) “ I can’t stop myself from feeling things for you- it doesn’t work like that!”

“How much did you have?” your friend asked and you shrugged, “No clue, but I can still count to a hundred so pour me something” you stated and your friend laughed loudly.

You grinned and took your drink gladly, taking a sip and helping your friend take the rest of the drinks back to the dance floor. It was beginning to get late but you had lost track of time a while back, and frankly, you lost track of yourself as well. You no longer were at the dance floor, but instead, you were stumbling through the packed hallway in order to find a vacant bedroom for you to sleep in. Your friend had told you where you could stay at her house in case you felt like you couldn’t drive back home sometime during the party, and right about now, you felt like not being able to drive was not the only thing you couldn’t do.

You found her bedroom and unlocked the door, opening it and walking inside. As soon as you did though, Jungkook was walking in from her balcony and making you gasp since you expected the room to be vacant. “How did you get in here?” you asked, eyebrows furrowed as you pointed at him who looked just as taken aback. “I asked for the room, how did you get in?” he replied and you scoffed, “I asked for it too, so I have the keys, how did you get in here?” you repeated and Jungkook stared at you perplexed. You chuckled and sighed, “Okay, doesn’t matter, leave so I can sleep” you said and Jungkook cleared his throat, “How drunk are you?” he asked, earning a smile from you as you sat down and kicked off your heels.

“Can’t count to a hundred anymore” you stated and Jungkook scoffed with a smile, “Pretty drunk then” he said and you nodded, “What about you? Oh wait- you don’t drink right?” you said, squinting your eyes in thought as you teased him. Jungkook stood before you and rolled his eyes, his smile shrinking, “I do, I just like to keep my head straight more” he said and you raised your eyebrows in acknowledgement.

“Well, sometimes not keeping your head straight helps relieve stress” you said, scooting to the headboard of the bed and leaning against it. “Can I?” Jungkook asked, motioning towards the headboard and you nodded. He then crawled to the opposite side of the bed and sat next to you, “Is this how you get when you’re stressed then?” he asked and you chuckled, “Apparently” you stated and he smiled once again. You frowned and stared at the wall, “No I don’t, actually… but my relationship ended, I’m sure you heard” you said and Jungkook turned to you, “I did” he said softly as you nodded gently. Jungkook sighed and leaned his head against the headboard, “He was an asshole anyway, Y/N” he commented and you turned to him in distaste, “He was, but you’ve said that a lot to me” you stated, as Jungkook met your gaze.

“That’s cause you only date assholes” Jungkook countered very matter of factly, making you turn away and roll your eyes. “What makes you any different?” you asked bitterly and Jungkook scoffed, “For starters, I’m not an asshole” he replied and you straight out guffawed. “Good one, that was a real good joke” you said, pretending to wipe your tears of laughter off your eyes. “When have I ever been an asshole to you? As a matter of fact, you’re the one who always blows me off and sends me down a tube whenever I try to be nice to you” he retorted and you clicked your tongue, “What are you even talking about, you’re just pissed I don’t date you” you said, leaning your head against the headboard again.

Jungkook glared at you and shook his head, “That’s not true, I have respected you for not wanting me, but you- you’re a bitch to me for trying to at least be friendly to you” he said, his tone hurt and frustrated. You waved your hand in the air and smiled, “Just get over me, give up, Jungkook. You’re too good for me and the type of guys I date” you stated indifferently but Jungkook turned to you completely, disbelief written all over his face. “I can’t stop myself from feeling things for you- it doesn’t work like that!” he said, raising his voice and making you grimace at the loudness. You glanced at him and took in a deep breath before looking at your hands on your lap. “I know… but you’re going to have to… because I can’t force myself to like you either”

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Roman Reigns Blurb request - The Introduction

Anonymous asked: Can you do a blurb where you’re friends with Seth and he introduces you to Roman at a house party and you hit it off. Make it smutty please. Thank you!!

Seth and I had been friends for years. He had always talked about Roman but somehow, for as much as we both hung out with our mutual friend, we always seemed to miss each other when we were in the same town or city. So, I was nothing short of shocked when I stepped through the doorway of Seth’s Tampa home and found the man himself sprawled out on the sectional. I swear he took up half of it.

“Is this the infamous Cassie I hear so much about but never see?” His deep voice matched his size and boomed across the room as he stood up with a huge grin on his face.

“One and the same,” Seth grinned back at him.

He strode over to where I was standing in a few short steps and put his hand out, “Hey, I’m Roman, pleasure to finally meet ya.”

I took his hand in mine and looked up at the man towering over me. “Cassandra but everyone calls me Cassie.” I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, “Jesus, how fucking tall are you?”

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i remember sun bleached days where my best friend who lived right down the block would come to my house and bring her scooter and we’d take turns riding around the cul de sac and when we got tired of doing that we’d go out into the street and dance until we saw a car coming and we’d eat applesauce and pretend we were magical creatures. i remember my mom baking cookies that were soft and filled with oozy chocolate chips and sometimes she’d make challah bread. i remember creating new worlds w/ my other best friend and drawing up fantasy creatures and writing up the most cliche ridden stories with mary-sue main characters. playing animal crossing and mario kart together until she had to go home. having sleepovers with both of them and talking about our crushes and eating oreos until we felt sick and playing m.a.s.h and laughing when we got a really weird guy or 52 kids. i remember going on walks to the candy store and buying huge bag fulls of gummy worms and warheads. i remember writing out a very persuasive letter on a sticky note to my best friends dad to convince him to let us play fable II. i remember the humid smell of skate king and the peeling 80′s carpet and the god awful pizza and the great fucking time i’d always have skating around until my thighs were sore and dancing queen echoed in my head every time i closed my eyes. i remember even further back, making mud pies and trying to heal dying moths and riding my bike around my street and falling and not getting up for a good solid two minutes out of straight embarrassment. lying on the school playground picking fluff from the cottonwood trees off the grass. my mom used to make spaghetti with angel hair pasta and chicken. i used to have long hair that went down past my waist. i used to use instant messenger every day, talked to a boy in my class and he once told me to tell him how he sounded when he sung because he wanted to serenade his girlfriend. i remember sending weird emails to guys i thought i had crushes on. i remember building a whole village out of littlest pet shop buildings and making bad music videos using green day songs. i remember listening to owl city and LIGHTS on repeat. drinking tea with milk and watching HGTV with my mom. i remember so much. it’s so strange to know those are moments in the past. that i’ll never be able to relive them. that they only exist in my memory now, fuzzy and out of focus. that one day i might forget them.


request: heyyy i love your writing x could you do like a truth or dare game with shawn and some friends and one of the dares is for shawn’s friend to kiss you or something and he gets jealous? x

a/n: was gonna add some angst but idk maybe that’s for another day. but def send in request for angsty things or fluffy things :D

You followed Shawn up to the front porch of his friend’s house- where the two of you had been invited for a get together. “Hey!” One of Shawn’s friends opened the door, bringing Shawn in for a one-armed hug. “This must be Y/N!”

“Yeah!” Shawn nodded, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “Babe, this is Matt!”

Soon, you were aquainted with all of Shawn’s friends at the party, and Lauren had immeidately dragged you into a conversation about some sort of makeup while Shawn talked to his friends about the Leafs game he was at recently. “Let’s play a game!” One of the girls yelled, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Let’s play truth or dare!”

Everyone was sitting in a circle, with an empty bottle in the middle. “Ok, so we’ll go clockwise, starting with Clara, and whoever the bottle lands on must pick truth or dare. If you decide not to do either, you gotta take a shot!” She held up the shot glass and whiskey bottle.

“What?” You whispered, looking at Shawn.

He just shrugged and laid his hand on your thigh.

About three rounds into the game, there were some pretty tipsy teenagers sitting amongst the group. “Gavin! It’s your turn!” Clara giggled, leaning heavily on the boy next to her.

Gavin spun the bottle, smirking when it landed on you. “Truth or dare?”

“D-dare?” You stuttered, worrying on your lip.

Gavin chuckled, nodding to the boy across from him. “Dare you to kiss Chet.” The boy Gavin had dared you to kiss had been eyeing you up all night, and Shawn noticed.

“I don’t-“

“Do it, or take the shot.” Gavin demanded, holding the whiskey bottle out to you.

You felt Shawn’s tense body behind you, and you grabbed the bottle and shot glass, pouring yourself a shot. “Sorry,” You whispered to yourself, before sending the liquid down your throat and coughing.

You passed the bottle on to the next person and looked at Shawn, his jaw was set and he was staring a hole into the wall behind another girl.

You looked at Shawn, who was pulling into your driveway. “You look pretty hot when you’re jealous.”


“At the party- when that kid-”


“Yeah, when Gavin dared me to kiss Chet. You were jealous. Looked hot.” You explained, hopping out of Shawn’s car and walking over to his side. “See you whenever.” You leaned in and kissed Shawn after he rolled his window down.

Boy Next Door

can you do one of a neighborhood crush? pls 💞

Hey can you do an imagine where like you and your crush and some friends are having a sleepover and you guys are just friends but he has to sleep in your bed and you like talk then kiss and stuff like fluff maybe even like you just had a fight or something if you want a little more drama hahaha thank you!! xx

Could you write an imagine where you guys have been friends for awhile and your over at his house hanging out and you guys end up kissing (like major make out scene) and he confesses his feelings!!

You sat in your room, working on your latest music playlist. Your computer was hot on your legs as you moved songs around into a perfect order only a person like you could love. This particular playlist was actually just for you to listen to in the shower. Adding one last song, you quickly hit save and then pushed play.

Stripping all your clothes from your body, a chills came across your body only making you more eager to jump in. You felt the water with your hand, it was warm enough so you just stepped in letting the water fall down your body. The music just poured into your ears, bringing you to a world of music.

You stepped out of the shower and reached for the towel to soak up all the water. You wrapped it around your body and stepped over to your drawers for some clothes.

Your last drawer held all your bras and underwear so you bent down, immediately hearing a whistle from outside. You grasp your towel in shock and look out. Of course, from straight across your window was framed another of which none other than (c/n) lived.

“looking good babe” (c/n) yelled across the houses. Fixing your towel a little more, you slowly walk over to the frame, “(c/n) why don’t you go find yourself a magazine instead of looking through my window all the time”.

(C/n) lived next door for who knows how long. You liked him for who knows how long. With your windows aligned constant looks have always been shared between the two of you. You looking at him when he’s shirtless or him looking at you when you’re in a long t shirt with no shorts.

“now what’s the fun in that (y/n)?” He says leaning out on his forearms, biting his lip in the process. You grabbed your pajamas and held it in your arms. You open your window a little more so you don’t have to lean, shrugging your shoulders after. “Now if you excuse me, I need to change clothes”.

You strut to your bathroom and turned around, giving him a wink before closing the door. You quickly changed into clothes and took a deep breath. You looked in the mirror one more time to make sure you looked okay and stepped out. Grabbing your phone with one hand and the door with the other, you stepped out and once again looked through the window. He still stood as it window, but on his phone. You mimicked his posture on your window, he still didn’t notice you. You coughed, causing him to jump, and hit his head on the frame. He rubbed his head on the spot and clutching his phone while you giggled at him.</p>

“So any reason why decided to look through my window at this time?” you ask playfully while watching the blush disappear from his cheeks. 

“Well I was playing video games until I heard just some awful cat screeching from your room,” he says. Its your turn to blush as remember not more than a half an our ago you were blasting your music not to mention screaming and dancing to the words. Your curtains were closed at the time so he luckily couldn’t see you.

“Hm thats weird must’ve been my sister,” you lie to him to hide from this embarrassment. He looked at you like he knew you were lying but didn’t say anything. “Hm okay (y/n) let’s pretend I didn’t hear you replay the same song over and over again”

You guys continued talking until you decided to go grab a drink. “I’ll be right back,” you say sitting up and stretching. He nodded and stretched a little bit too, letting out a yawn. You walked down stairs grabbing a bottle before quickly heading back up, in hopes that he doesn’t walk away from that window anytime soon. You haven’t talked to him for this long in a couple months, and you were really starting to miss it.

You walked back up, closing the door behind you just to make sure your parents wouldn’t complain about you being up and talking with a boy. You looked through the window, weird. (C/n) wasn’t there anymore. Your shoulders slumped and you were about to go into bed when all of a sudden a voice made you turn around, “don’t pout”. You yelped in shock and turned around. (C/n) took a step towards you and turned you around, pushing you towards the wall. You continued shyly talking over him about how he shouldn’t be in here and that your parents would get mad but he did nothing but put a finger over your lips and shushing you.

“Please stay quiet or I might just have to make you,” he said while taking one more step towards you so your bodies touched and your lips were closer than ever. You nodded your hands got sweaty and your lips got dry as you tried not looking into his eyes. After a few minutes when your breathing calmed a little more he let go and took a step back.

“What are you doing in my room exactly?” He shrugged his shoulders and looked around in your room. You stood there nervously waiting for a reply. You eventually just flopped down in your bed out of boredom from his silence.

He finally spoke, “I noticed how small the spaces between our houses really were.” He plopped down on your bed next to you and continued, “I didn’t like being so far.” You shifted farther away just to keep your legs from touching as you both sat up in your bed. He left his arm on your leg, having only his fingertip touch your skin. Goosebumps rose and you guys kept talking about school and sports.

“I like you (y/n), if you haven’t noticed,” he said looking up at you, “I see the signs when we look at each other, you like me too.”

You sighed, that lifted so much off your shoulders for him to just clear the waters and agree. You nodded and smiled at him. “I’m glad you feel this way,” you said, grabbing his hand. He moved your hair, pushing it behind your ear and kissing your temple. “Can we try something else?” He looked at you confused but agreed nonetheless. You took his hand out of yours, and placed it on his jaw. You turned it towards your face. He slowly understood what you meant and followed direction. His empty hand was placed on your neck and rubbed his thumb back and forth. You finally leaned forward, starting the kiss.

You both still lay in bed, he grazed his hand along your leg for the longest time and you didn’t want it to go. Your clock read 12:00AM but you felt like right now was never ending. “Do you have to go back?” He chuckled and stretched a little. “We can do whatever you want.”

“Can I kiss you again?” You ask him shyly. He nods quickly and places his hand to steady himself. His lips squish against yours in a sloppy manner earning a giggle from you. He smiles but fixes his lips to better align with yours.

“I think I gotta go,” he says and looks at his watch. He stifles a yawn and leans his head against your shoulder. You mumble out, "mhm just another minute.”

“I don’t know I think we’re gonna have to glue these windows shut from now on (crush mom)” You hear a little clearer as you barely open your eyes to see your mom leaning out the window talking to whom you see is (c/n)’s mom. “We may just do that, I don’t want these kids sneaking in and out at night, and I definitely don’t need some grand babies yet.” You heard (c/n)’s chest rumble a little beside you. Your eyes were closed once again but you could tell his chest was to your back. Your head rested on the pillow so you must have fallen down a little so you weren’t sitting up while sleeping.

"Should we wake them up (mom/n)?” You heard (c/n)’s mom ask. You could sense your mom was looking at you guys and it was clear nothing had happened except the two of you guys clearly holding hands and still fully clothed.

Your moms left you guys about ten minutes later and that caused you to eventually fall asleep. (C/n) shifted down so his head was lower and more against your shoulder. He wrapped his arm around your waist and held you tight against his body.

Your eyes fluttered when you felt his lips placed on your shoulder. You stretched and looked at the clock, it was 8:00.

"So uh, as my girl, can we do this more often,” he says to you. Nodding, "sure thing neighbor.” He rolls his eyes and climbs back up to your lips, giving you a big kiss.

I thought they were my friends? Cameron Dallas Imagine (requested)


Request: Can you do an imagine where your with cam at a friends house and the jacks and madison are there and you overhear them talking bad about you so you just ran away and yeah 😂💕

A/n: I don’t think either of the Jack’s or Madison would say something like that, but for the storyline, they’ll be assholes

[Y/n - ‘your name’  Y/n/n - ‘your nickname’]

Y/n’s POV

I snuggled closer to Cam as we both got comfortable on the couch. Cam placed a soft kiss on the top of my head and wrapped his strong arm around me tighter.

“Babe, what’s the time?” Cam whispered breathlessly, like he was going to fall asleep.

I looked over at the clock on the other side of the room.

“Half past 5, why?” Cam shot up, almost pushing me off the couch.

“Half past 5? Crap, I’m meant to go to Taylor’s house party,” Cam got off the couch, making sure he didn’t push me off.

“But you just got home from a meeting. I thought we were meant to hang out today anyways?” It felt like I hadn’t see Cameron in forever, he was always at meetings or getting stuff ready for the new ‘Magcon’.

“I’m sorry Y/n, it’s just I haven’t seen the guys in forever. Hey, why don’t you come with me, you’re friends with the guys, come on, we’ll have fun?”

I wasn’t a party-type person, but seeing the hopeful look on Cam’s face made me think I should just be a little loose, just for tonight.

“Okay, but please don’t leave me. I’m not that close with all your friends,” Cam nodded and pulled me upstairs with him to get changed.

I had changed into a maroon halter top, ripped black skinny jeans, my white high-top converse and a grey cardigan, as it looked like it was going to be a little cold out. Cam wore a white shirt with a black denim-like vest, with black jeans with one knee cut and his black vans.

“Damn, Y/n/n, you look gorgeous, as usual,” I blushed at Cam’s compliment and kissed him, taking him of guard. I wasn’t usually this spontaneous, but the adrenaline of going to a party made me feel happy and lively.

As we were driving, we put down all the windows and played the music loud. We were singing horribly off key and dancing as well as we could being constrained by our seatbelt.

We parked across from the party and noticed there were heaps of people pooling out of the house. Taylor’s house was huge, so seeing so many people outside made me worried about how many there were inside.

Lights were coming out from the open door and windows.

Walking inside was quite difficult, Cam didn’t let go of my hand afraid he’ll lose me in the huge crowd.

Once we got inside we were greeted with the smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies. Just your average teen party.

“I’m gonna get us some drinks!” Cam shouted over the music letting go of my hand. I nodded and watched him disappear in the mass of sweaty, dancing bodies.

I moved over to a quieter place of the house and noticed Dillon and Sammy talking, each holding a red solo cup.

“Hey guys!” I still had to shout over the music.
“Y/n! Hey, what’s up?” I just shrugged and nodded over to the girl that was fiercely checking Sammy out.

“Who’s the chick?” Sammy, slightly dazed, looks to his side and nodded to the girl wearing a light blue crop top and a skirt where if she bent down her whole ass would be out for show. But she did look really pretty.

“I don’t know but I’m going to find out,” Dillon and I laughed as Sammy walked over to the girl and left with her upstairs in five minutes.

“Wanna drink, I’m going to get some,” I shook my head no and watched Dillon walk away leaving me all alone.

I decided I’d try to find Cameron, as I hadn’t seen him the whole time. I was walking around the huge house, bumping into people, trying to move past teenagers making out and trying not to get trampled by the huge mass of people dancing.

“Why did Cam even bring her? She’s no fun. I would’ve brought his ex instead,”
“Yeah, I like his ex way better. She was hot and knew how to have fun,”
“Her clothes are stupid, like, really? That’s what you’re going to wear to a party?”

I heard familiar voices laugh in the room next to me. I looked down at my outfit and pulled down my sleeves self-consciously. My curiosity got the better of me and I peeked my head through the door. There sat both Jack’s and Madison laughing their asses off at the comments they made about me.

I felt a lump in my throat grow. I wouldn’t cry though, I was stronger than that. Instead I walked back to the front door, elbowing people to get out. I ran out of the door and straight to the car. I went to the other side of the car where no one would see me and leaned against it. I rested my head against the black metal and breathed out into the cool air. I opened my eyes and looked straight forward. Tears began to build up, but I wouldn’t let them fall. They didn’t deserve to make me cry. But I couldn’t stop thinking about them and what the said. These were people that I counted as friends, and they just treated me like that. I hated that I cared, I shouldn’t care what people thought of me. But I tried so hard to get them to like me because of Cam. All I could picture were their laughing faces picking at all my insecurities. It made me want to roll into a ball and hide in the corner.

I laid my head against the car and closed my eyes. I imagined Cam’s voice telling me not to let them get to me, to just block them out.

“Y/n? Y/n is that you?” My head whipped in the direction of Cameron’s voice. His figure was slowly walking towards me, I subconsciously wiped under my eyes in case of tears. Cam noticed and began jogging towards me.

“Y/n? Why are you crying? Are you hurt? Did someone hurt you?” Cam’s arms embraced me and pulled me against him. It took a while to hug him back, eventually I wrapped my arms around his waist.

He pulled back, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“Are you okay? Why were you crying?” I half-heartedly laughed shaking my head, smiling.

“Nothing. I’m fine, just something was in my eye. It’s nothing really,” Cam could see right through me and gave me a ‘why are you lying?’ face. I just shook my head and continued smiling. I knew how close the Jack’s were to Cam, I didn’t want to ruin their friendship, and knowing Cam, if I told him what they said, he’d go crazy on them.

“Y/n. Tell me the truth,” he said sternly, tilting my chin up so my eyes met his. My smile faded and I looked at him, scared to tell him the truth. I breathed out slightly and closed my eyes, thinking if I should tell him or not. I exhaled and opened my eyes.

“I’m sorry, but it’s about the Jack’s and Madison,” he nodded his head, and looked at me, nodding at me to continue.

“I was walking around looking for you, instead I found the Jack’s and Madison talking about me. In my curiosity, I listened. Cam they said stuff about how I’m not like your ex or how my clothes are stupid and I don’t know how to have fun. Cam I know I shouldn’t listen to them, but after trying so hard to make a good impression on them, it really took a big hit to my self-esteem,” I looked down at my hards fiddling with the sleeves of my cardigan, feeling stupid letting them get to me.

“Y/n look at me,” Cam gently said taking both my hands into his. I looked up to meet his gorgeous chocolate eyes.

“They don’t know the first thing about you, okay? They don’t know how amazing, talented or gorgeous you are. They don’t know about all the little things you do that make me think about how lucky I am to have you. They don’t know how much I love you,” I looked at Cam shocked. It was the first time he’s said ‘I love you’. I smiled and hugged his neck, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. His head snuggled into my neck as he whispered ‘I love you’ over and over again. I pulled away to kiss his lips gently.

“I love you too, and I’m sorry for letting them get to me.”

“Don’t think twice about it, baby. C’mon, let’s get out of here,” Cam took my hand and opened the passenger door letting me in. He got into the drivers side and took ahold of my hand as we drove all the way home.

Once we got home we walked upstairs, changed into something comfy and walked down to the living room. Cam made a huge bowl of  popcorn and got Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. We put on ‘Mean girls’ and snuggled closer to each other.

“I’m so in love with you, Y/n. Don’t you ever forget that,” Cam kissed my forehead in-between each word.

I lifted my head up from its comfy position on his shoulder and kissed him. His lips were soft and plump, and tasted slightly of buttered popcorn.

“I’m so in love with you too, Cameron Alexander Dallas, and don’t you ever forget that.”