where is the diamond

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im re-watching the scene where peridot talks to yellow diamond (side note: its a superb scene i still love it to death) and peridot tells yellow diamond TO HER FACE that she doesnt plan on just sitting around and letting the cluster destroy the earth.

It’s confirmed that it’s been over a month now. the rubies haven’t returned, jasper hasn’t returned, blue diamond was able to freely visit the earth.

why haven’t the diamonds been slightly suspicious about all of this? come on like if its getting to a point where the rubies haven’t returned from their mission in months and there’s no confirmation that the earth was destroyed yet you would think the diamonds would go “okay we need bigger forces because something isn’t right here”

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Totally agree w/ you that people don't give Blue Diamond enough credit for being a b*tch. However, I have to wonder how they plan to ultimately end the diamond conflict at the show's finale? I don't think Steven would let anyone shatter them, so I guess that leaves them getting perma-bubbled/exiled/imprisoned. But I wonder if Greg's talk w/ Blue was the start of her EVENTUALLY having a change of heart? Not any time soon, but maybe she comes to understand humans better overtime via Greg/Steven?

i think about it a lot- bc i honestly don’t know where theyre going with this. the diamonds won’t be shattered- thats against everything the show believes in. My guess is that Steven will make the diamonds leave the earth alone somehow (probably through talking- i dont know what exactly he will say to them that will change their minds, esp. Yellow’s- Blue doesnt really want to destroy earth anyway) and the CG and Diamonds will part ways in a silent agreement to not interfere each other again. 

I dont think the other HW gems will be freed or the diamonds will be defeated. i think both hw and the CG will try to avoid another war at all costs, after the last one… and the CG dont even have an army or any way to recruit more soldiers, so for them another war means a death sentence. i think it’s gonna be one of those endings where Steven has to realize he cant help everyone, and sometimes you can’t save people even if they did nothing wrong. it would be the most realistic ending, and i think it’s very fitting for the show.

The most i can see happening is Steven talking to the diamonds and making them realize other beings experience feelings the same way they do (they seem to be unaware of that), so maybe they’ll treat the gems under them with more… care? just to make sure their gems wont rebel against them again. but they’ll still have the class system and stuff. idk. it think it will be super hard to break the diamonds out of their bubble.

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how do you install diamond records? :0

I’m on android So things might depend on your device but I got QooApp! It’s for android and iOS . That’s where you can get apps from Japan , like Stardust Shooters or Diamond Records. If anyone wants a link I can post it

Thought I would give my take on a male pearl and I made Green Pearl.

Green Pearl is a refugee of Black Diamond’s sector in home World. Black Diamond is not a hardened leader like others of his Diamond Counterparts, but his sector is as good as a poverish 3rd World Country. To save what gems he had left from being shattered when his sector was taken over by Yellow Diamond, he sent them in groups in various pods towards various other planets.

Green Diamond landed on Earth, but far from where Rose Quartz and the crystal gems had found themselves. He resides in an apartment building with a human room mate on the outskirts of a city known as Spruceville

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things to appreciate this steven bomb

- Blue Diamonds face, hair and voice revealed
- Blue Diamond grieving and crying over Pink Diamond
- Blue Diamond still loving Pink Diamond so much she visits Earth sometimes to grieve at her Palanquin and she visits Pink Diamonds room (i guess) to do the same. And she wants to keep her legacy alive by not destroying the Earth and running her zoo
- Yellow Diamond singing
- Blue & Yellow Pearl singing (and dancing!)
- That interaction between Blue & Yellow Diamond (esp the part where they console each other)
- All those Amethysts and they’re chill af
- That skinny Jasper
- Interracial relationships in the zoo
- That one guy picking Greg for his “choosening” after he realized he can pick whoever he wants
- Ruby & Sapphire holding it together in front of 2 frickin Diamonds
- Ruby & Sapphire fusing RIGHT before an upper class gem (Holly Blue Agate) and a bunch of full grown Homeworld Amethysts
- Pearl fucking DEMOLISHING Holly Blue Agate with that “are you really gonna tell your Diamond you let this happen”

a little detail about yellow diamond’s song

at one point the lyrics say:

“where’s their diamond when they need her, blue?”

YD calls BD “blue”

considering that “feeling blue” is a human expression….the lyrics are actually saying: “whats the use of feeling, blue?” 

yellow diamond is not just dismissing her grief, she is dismissing emotions altogether, that’s why she doesnt say blue in the last line

And, I knew her.
 She looked normal from the outside. 
But inside, she was golden.
 She was diamonds.
 That’s where she was precious.
 She was priceless.
 And if you knew her,
 She made you richer.
 To see her, was to like her.
 But, to know her,
 Was to love her.
—  wordsbyt 

mafia don takes commemorative family portrait with his beloved grandnephew and great-great-grandniece

See how Yellow Diamond still cares for Blue Diamond’s mental well being. She still cares. She also still cares for Pink Diamond, and you see that here.

She’s still trying to level with Blue Diamond, and understand where she’s coming from in grieving.

It’s still hard for Yellow Diamond to move on too. But the way she does it through the message of her song and what she’s trying to tell Blue. To destroy what history or Pink’s murder they had so they don’t have to grieve, and move on. 

But Yellow moves on in destroying, she moves on in work than reflecting upon what happened and what Pink really meant to her. She wants to destroy Earth because Pink Diamond was shattered there. Yellow wants to destroy the memory of the murder and to accept Pink’s death so quickly by getting to work. She scoffs at human preservation, but still understands Blue does it for Pink’s memory preservation.