where is the body

ok now that we know who all the 7 red robes are, lemme just. predictions/getting shit straight

  • lucretia made her oak staff, who knows exactly what it does but its based on protection magic
  • lup made the phoenix fire gauntlet, her body was in wave echo cave where she hid it and her soul is now in the umbra staff, which has an affinity for scorching ray
  • merle made the gaia sash, because of course he did
  • taako made the philosopher’s stone since he is a transmutation wizard
  • magnus made the temporal chalice, we already know that, but i am wondering what connection magnus has to divination magic
  • barry made the animus bell; he possessed pringles and casted command on davenport, idk exactly what class he is but hes definitely focused on enchantment. and if the animus bell is actually necromancy and not enchantment, then thats pretty obvious too since hes a lich
  • and that means davenport made the oculus. perhaps his talent for illusions is what fooled everyone in to thinking the relics were being destroyed, not collected.

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Hey Cherry! Im trying to understand how the houses work. Could you explain/ guide me somewhere where I could understand it better? Thanks!

Hey, the houses are the experiences and life themes we direct the sign and planet through. The four angular houses are the most significant:

The First House/First house cusp - Ascending: My instant, environmental responses
The Seventh House/Seventh house cusp - Descending: Who I attract
The Tenth House/Tenth house cusp - Midheaven: Who I want to be/who the public thinks I am/success story
The Fourth House/Fourth house cusp - Imum Coeli: Where I came from, mother, psychological base

Second House: Values, Finances, Sensuality, Body
Third House: Immediate perception, Communication, Expression
Fifth House: Pleasure, Play, Children, Creativity
Sixth House: Service, Health, Daily Living
Eighth House: Transformation, Magic, Death, Joint Finances
Ninth House: Awareness, Spiritual Search, Philosophy, Pilgrimage
Eleventh House: Friends, Social inclusion, Dreams
Twelfth House: Sacred space, Privacy, Alone time, Infinity

Each of the houses is ruled by its corresponding sign on the zodiac, and you can see how they reflect the theme of the sign, like Aries ruling the 1st house of self expression and identity, and Pisces ruling the 12th house of dream and delirium. The houses bring the signs and planets to life. These are the places on the atlas we express the qualities through. Does your sun Leo dance through the joy of friends in the eleventh house, or is his lion heart put to work and used to serve others in the sixth house? This is one of the great joys of astrology. I have more info on here http://astrolocherry.com/tagged/faqq/


If Mercy was drawn the same way as Pharah where she had bulking muscles, excessive body hair and animalistic features, y'all probably would be like hey that’s not accurate! She’s a femme!
Well, Pharah is one too? The only reason people butchify Pharah to the point she’s a caricature is because she’s shipped with Mercy. So the trope of stoic brown girl and fragile ivory woman can play out. One of my mutuals mentioned this, and it’s tea.

do you have any idea how fragile a real one is?

i don’t trust the TSA with a real one

Plus I’m totally cool with using real ones to do research but using a real one as a prop to explain teaching methods is something I’m personally not super keen on. I take my work with human remains very seriously- when I’m working with skeletal elements, I prefer to be in a clean laboratory setting and away from the public eye. A lot of this has to do with where the real ones come from. If you bequeath your body to a university, there’s a lot of rules in place about what they can keep and where it can be used. Most of the time the remains aren’t allowed to leave university property. But if you go out and buy one for personal use, the odds are very, very good that you’re buying stolen bones. Most human skeletal specimens openly for sale today are stolen from India- even though the trade’s illegal, the laws are poorly enforced. The same is true of China- although they officially banned the bone trade in 2008, if you know where to look it’s very easy to find Chinese specimens.

As an anthropologist, one of my big ethical sticking points is that anthropology should serve as a tool to uplift people. I think that human remains are an amazing way to study the past- and the present. Bones have so much to tell us. I think that we should be actively curating bequeathments and building comparative collections and using human remains to train the next generation of anthropologists. But if we’re going to study remains, we need to respect the individuals they once were (some would say still are) and we need to respect the survivors/descendant community (if there is one). I couldn’t in good faith do public work with a specimen of unknown provenience, knowing what I know about where it likely came from- that totally undermines what I believe in. And I couldn’t travel with a specimen of known provenience because that’s not allowed by my museum or my university and even if it was I would be way too worried about something happening to it. 

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My character is infected by an alien life form which causes them to grow an extra “alien” brain. Where would an organ like that be able to fit in the human body (not detectable at first glance)?

I’d go with the belly. People might think they’re just gaining weight or, perhaps, pregnant. Plus, it’s a nice throwback to Alien. 

As a consequence, the character could start having trouble moving their bowels or eating large (and progressively, small) meals, and develop significant abdominal pain, because of the pressure in their belly.

Protip: always use throwbacks to Alien. It’s one of the best science fiction stories ever told.

Alternatively, if you want to be really weird and creepy, you could have the brain develop in the uterus itself (for a female-bodied / DFAB character, obviously). You’ll be touching on the pregnancy-as-invader/parasite convention, but it’s worth considering.

Good luck! And remember…

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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love your art :) btw can we do a role revesal? you know instead of g/t vore it's t/g vore? you know with the tiny eating the giant? an eksampel of this could be a 10 meter (with tail) long naga, whose human body is as big as a normal human, swallows a 9 meter tall and 2 meter wide giant? he's a snake, the snake belly can streach. or maybe a fairy swallowing a human and ends up looking like a giant yoga-ball with it's tiny body at the top? you know something where the small eats the big :)

Oh my gosh the poor tiny wouldn’t be able to move with a belly that big. And the giant would be all squished in there aaah (and thank you friend!! <3)

First times; A Joeck Poem

They happen all at once
And will never happen again.
Those sweet First Times
Where your body lights up
A brief fire ignites
Leaving you with a warmth;
Crackling gently away
Waiting to be provoked again
Ready to expel a flicker
To spark and light up your soul.

It was like this with him
With Joe.
The First Time our eyes met
Our oceans of blue swirling and connecting
Lingering for longer than just friends would.
Curiously searching, Eagerly exploring
Knowing inside but keeping it hidden,
What was in our hearts
We’re both boys after all;
It will take courage to reach out.

But courage is easily found
As time spent with him shows
That nature will help and guide us
As smiles and easy laughter give us away,
Unlocking the truth in our hearts.
Now free and ready to open up
Giggling together with blushing cheeks,
Wet from tears streaming from our eyes.
The fire sparked happily
That First Time he called me “babe”

The touches quickly followed
But the First Time was the best;
Sparking an addiction
An obsession to feel the flame
To feel it’s heat
Rise inside of me; an uncomfortable kind of sweet.
That led to the First Time we kissed
Soft and unsure
Fingertips on cheeks
Eyes slowly closing; his lips greeting mine.

The First Time we made love
He called out my name
His voice breaking on his high, as he moaned out “Oh, Jack”
Although gentle and loving; the fire flickered more than ever that night.
It was as the sun was rising
That most special First Time;
Shafts of light upon his pretty face
Lighting up his eyes, gazing fondly into mine
As I whispered, “Joe, I love you”
And his reply was swift and true, “Jack, I love you more”.

All my deaths

It is wonderful to be caught in a
warm undertow

Without trepidation of being placed
on my head or held by my feet
Instinctively knowing

The strong arm of a tide
cradles me
Brings me to an edge

Where my body violently trembles
and decries its own strength
Pleading it needs of breath, then

Him being so tender and loving
The intimate connoisseur of my
soul and body

Swooshing me upward
Into baptized air

Protectively encumbering my terrors
Reining me in with lips
Gifting me love and redemption
Over all my deaths

*tips head sideways*

This is kind of cool.

I’m digging the way they look like they’re swimming up her back.

If I ever finish this massive project (I have to make each brush and then keep moving them around the body till they land where my very picky, OCD, perfectionist self likes) then I’ll give them to anybody who wants them.

kin drama is great because its 

‘im this fictional character reincarnated into a new body from a multiverse where this work of fiction is, in fact, reality. ’

‘no IM this fictional character reincarnated into a new body from a multiverse where this work of fiction is, in fact, reality.’

‘what the fuck bro we can’t BOTH be the same fictional character reincarnated, thats not POSSIBLE it doesnt  WORK like that. you’re lying’

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I was just curious if you have heard of the murder of Madyson Middleton from Santa Cruz, CA in July 2015? She was an eight year old girl who was raped, stabbed, and beaten by her then 15 year old neighbor who then dumped her into a recycling bin where she died of asphyxiation. There was a 24 hour search and her body was there the whole time, it's just unimaginable for her friends and family.

Yeah, I followed it as they were searching for her. Very sad case. I have a post on it but I imagine it’s quite outdated now. I posted it just after he had been apprehended but I don’t know if he has since been sentenced?

Confession time: today another woman’s body made me feel better about my body and that is a HORRIBLE knee-jerk reaction that we need to face. It’s a great opportunity to have a meeting with yourself and your mental state. What made me think this? Where is my insecurity coming from? Why am I using other bodies to define my own?

It’s not about being #perfect and #bodypositive, it’s about acknowledging where we fail ourselves and others through our thoughts and actions.

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jinyoung x reader + royal au where he's a prince and he's fallen in love with you but his family forbids it because you're just a commoner

I’m assuming you meant as a three sentence fic~

“I will not allow any son of mine to have such…relationships…with commoners! I forbid you from seeing her ever again!” yelled the king who was sitting high and mighty on the throne at the head of the room; “I love them, father! You can’t stop me,” shouted Jinyoung, trying to keep any semblance of composure as he stormed out of the main hall and out of the palace.

He barely thought about where he was going, he simply let his body move and his mind follow but before he knew it, he was right in front of the tiny hut that you lived in and sold flowers out of; you were currently watering some of the hydrangeas that an elderly couple had been looking to buy when the prince stormed into the house, surprising you.

“Jinyoung! What are you doing here, shouldn’t you be -” Jinyoung cut you off by striding over and pulling you towards him, pressing his lips against yours roughly but not without passion; you were taken by surprise yet again and barely had time to kiss him back before he pulled away from you and panted heavily from his previous run, saying “Lets…run away together…Y/N…”

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

Hyunkyung as your boyfriend

A/N: tol sweetheart Hyunjong leggo

Originally posted by misckpop

  • This boy is a young gentleman
  • Your relationship would be very sweet and romantic
  • You would get constant compliments from him
  • And when you’re apart, he would text you things like “I’m thinking about you” or “I miss you right now”
  • He would do many small gestures to show his appreciation of you
  • Like opening the door for you, pulling your chair out for you or bring home your favourite snack
  • If you were studying or struggling with some work he would provide supportive words
  • “You’re doing great, baby. Just don’t stress too much, it’s bad for you.”
  • Would definitely bully you for your height difference
  • “Why are you so small?”
  • “Why are you so tall?”
  • “So I can make fun of you.”
  • “Shut up.”
  • He would enjoy taking walks with you while holding your hand
  • Also hugs, a lot of hugs
  • Those kinds where he kinda just wraps his body around yours
  • And you feel all safe and lovey dovey in his arms
  • He would call you a lot if you weren’t together for a good while
  • He just always misses your voice so much
  • Hyunjong would love it if you got along with his members
  • You would be really extra and silly with them and it would be so fun and bring so much joy
  • Hyunjong doesn’t really get jealous ever with his members because he trusts them
  • But if a barista starts flirting with you when you order coffee, he will get extremely annoyed
  • Then he’ll probably kiss the top of your head and grab your waist to indicate that you’re his
  • He’s the big spoon, always
  • The cuddling is just the most pleasurable like that
  • You often fall asleep in his arms
  • Some nights he’ll read you poems because it’s soothing to listen to his voice while falling asleep
  • And when he noticed that you’re sleeping he’ll just look at how peaceful you are for a moment
  • And he gets really happy because he sees how at ease you are with him
  • He’s the last to fall asleep and the last one to wake up
  • “Rise and shine, my giant baby.”
  • You just get back a groan and that he pulls you in to sleep more
  • Then you end up under the sheets
  • Which ends in tickle fights or just lovingly stare at each other
  • “You’re … so incredible, Y/N.”
  • He would definitely want to introduce you to his family
  • Who are probably the loveliest people ever because he is himself
  • If you were nervous before meeting them he’d hold your hand really firmly to make sure you felt safe
  • Whenever he doesn’t have time to check on you he will literally send one of his members over with food and to hang out with you
  • *door bell rings*
  • “Kangmin? What are you doing here?”
  • “Hyunjong sent me. I have food and movies.”
  • And then you end up spending the afternoon with the maknae while eating junkfood and slandering the other Romeo members
  • Again, Hyunjong can do this because of how much he trusts his members and care about you having a good time and not being alone.
  • Later, he comes home and brought all the other members
  • They stay for like an hour and you have fun, but he asks them to leave when he sees you getting tired
  • “Bedtime?”
  • “Bedtime.”
Best Friends

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Winchesters x Castiel x Reader(platonic)

Anon Request: Hi! Can I get a imagine involving platonic best friendship with Castiel,Dean&Sam? Maybe the reader is young like 18/20 and they grew up with her?Please&Thank you!

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Reader, John Winchester(mentioned)

Warnings: mentions of death, crying

Word Count: 844

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

Originally posted by thepersonalquotes

You had just turned eighteen and the world was already a huge place. At a very young age (four to be exact) you had learned about the things that went bump in the night. You were never supposed to know, but your parents were in the wrong place, at the wrong time. They were killed by a werewolf and in their last dying breaths, they had told the man who killed the wolf that they had a daughter. You. The man was John Winchester and when he had burned the bodies of your parents, he went to where you were and he took you. At first, you screamed and fought against him. He was a stranger. Stranger danger. He finally calmed you down and he broke the news to you. You didn’t understand that well, but you understood that they weren’t coming back. You cried for a long time. It was late and John had found an orphanage, but it was 50 miles out of the small town and he had already been gone from his boys for most of the week, so he decided to take you with him to the motel and take you to the orphanage the next day. Well, when you guys got to the motel, Sam and Dean were surprised that their father had brought you back. Dean was 17 at the time and Sam was 13. Sam adored you, but Dean just ignored you. That changed when John couldn’t take you to the orphanage because you had grown on him on the car ride to the orphanage. He knew that he should’ve put you in the orphanage, but he just couldn’t.

Even though the boys were way older than you, they saw you as their little sister. Dean was the one who basically raised you. Sam helped, but when he turned 18 and he left you guys for Stanford, you were only 9. You had missed him terribly for the next 4 years. Then about a year after Sam came back, John had died. That was hard on the boys and you.

After all of the shit that you had gone through with the Winchesters and Castiel, you all were close. You were excited when your eighteenth birthday had came. The brothers and Castiel had planned a party for you. At first, Castiel didn’t understand why they threw birthday parties and Sam had explained it to him. It was gonna be a surprise, not just because they wanted it to be a surprise birthday party, but because you all never celebrated each others birthdays. They had really surprised you when you came back to the crappy motel room that you guys were staying in and it was decorated. You actually cried and they all hugged you and it was the best birthday ever.

Then a couple of days later, you had gotten an acceptance letter to a college that you had applied for. You actually didn’t think that they would accept you. You wanted to go, badly. It was your dream to get out of the hunting life. Kind of like Sam’s. You had to think of a way to tell them that you were going to college. You planned it all out. Get Dean some pie and burgers and get Sam that stupid healthy stuff that he always eats. They could never be mad at you when you gave them food. Well, that all backfired when Castiel had found the acceptance letter and he immediately went straight to Sam and Dean. Let’s just say that when they saw you with their favorite foods, they freaked out on you. Dean was going off about what had happened with Sam when he went to college. It wouldn’t work out. Sam was less hard on you, but he talked to you about how it wouldn’t be safe for you to go off by yourself. You thought that they would be proud of you. You ran off and you cried for a long time.

When you left, Castiel told the brothers that they needed to find you and apologize. They then realized that they were way too hard on you and so they went to go find you. You were not in the mood to talk to either of them, but when they showed up at the park that you were at, you had no choice than to talk to them.

“Y/N/N, we are sorry… We are proud of you. You’re smart and we want you to go to this college.” Sam had apologized for them both and Dean nodded. “Then why did you guys blow up on me?” You asked softly. The two brothers sighed. “We just don’t want what happened to Sammy to happen to you… You deserve better than this life… Than us,” Dean admitted. Shaking your head, you pulled them both into a hug. They tensed up, but then they loosened up a bit and hugged you back. “You guys are my best friends… Basically my brothers… We all deserve each other,” you told them.

The End!

(A/N: I’m hoping that this is okay👌)

What if in all those places where you get little tiny body hairs the hair just kept growing…. What if you had like 2-ft long nipple hair….. What if you had to shave your nipples…. These are the things I think about when I’m alone