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*Hey everyone, I hope your all having an amazing day! So I decided that I need to write something for everyone to read because Lately my life has been a little rough, writing is the only thing that tends to make me smile. So this is going to be a multiple
chapter story/Book based Val and Sharna’s life together. So please have fun reading, I really hope that it brings a smile to your beautiful face!*

-Always: 1-

                “There’s my little bear” Sharna said walking into the kitchen where Peta was feeding little Shai fruit.

         When Shai heard his aunt Sharna’s voice and turned his head in her direction, once he spotted her he started to clap his tiny hands together while squealing.

            “Naa…Naa.” He squealed reaching his hands out towards Sharna as she walked closer to him and Peta. “Morning bubba ” she said kissing his cheek before turning to Peta to hug her only to have Shai start to cry.

            Sharna quickly hugged Peta before turning back to Shai, “What’s the matter bubba? I was just hugging momma.” Sharna said bending down in front of Shai high chair wiping away some of his tears that trickled down his cheeks.

            “uo…uo.” He squealed reaching for Sharna again, this time Sharna quickly picked him up out of his high chair holding him close to her.

      She smiled kissing the top of his forehead as he laid his head on her chest.

            “I think little bear, just wants to be cuddled up to aunty Sharna all the time.” Peta said happily smiling up at Sharna who was now pouring herself a cup of coffee.

Sharna sent a grin to Peta as she took a sip of her coffee, Peta laughed while cleaning off Shai’s high chair.

“I’m glad bubba wants to cuddle because without him, I wouldn’t have anyone to cuddle. Right bubba?” Sharna said quietly looking down at Shai who was peacefully lying on her chest with one of her hands wrapped around him keeping him upright.

Shai giggled up at Sharna “I’ll take that as a yes.” Sharna giggled kissing Shai’s cheeks making him laugh even louder.

Sharna decided to eat some pieces of pineapples and watermelons for breakfast, she grabbed a bowl scooping some of the fruit into it. She grabbed the bowl with one hand while Shai was in the other arm just talking up a storm.

Peta poured herself another cup of coffee before sitting down at table where Sharna and Shai were sitting at. “Where’s Maks at?”

Sharna asked before taking a sip off of her coffee while bouncing Shai on her lap making him laugh.

        Peta didn’t say anything at first thinking her thoughts through before she told Sharna.

“Peta?” She looked up from staring at her coffee, “Sorry, lost in thought. Maks went to the airport to pick up someone.”

Sharna was confused not knowing that anyone was coming to visit them. “Oh who is coming in to see you?”

       Sharna asked looking up at Peta for an answer, Peta sighed looking at Shai as he banged his hands on the table giggling as he did so.

“Umm…Val…” Peta said watching Sharna’s eyes drop to look at table, “Babe, I’m sorry I didn’t know he was coming in.”

Sharna looked back up smiling up at Peta “It’s okay Peta, I promise. I’ll be fine. Plus I have bubba here to keep me company.”

Sharna smiled at Peta even though her eyes told a different story than her smile did.

Peta watched as Sharna picked up Shai sitting him on the table tickling his belly making him laugh. Sharna laughed with Shai before bringing him back into her arms holding him close to her once again.

“Sharna would you be mad if I asked you what happened between you two? I mean you’ve never really mentioned anything.” Peta said staring at Sharna as she kissed Shai temple.

“I don’t know what really happened, if I’m being honest. I guess we grew apart. I mean, Peta you know how I feel about him, I mean I love him.” Sharna said taking a bite of some of watermelon, Peta smiled hearing Sharna finally admit she was in love with Val.

“You love him?” Peta asked as a huge smile appeared on her face, Sharna tossed a small piece of pineapple in Peta direction.

       The pineapple hit Peta on her chin. Peta’s mouth dropped open a little as Shai and Sharna laughed loudly.

“Sharna!” “Peta!” “Naa…Naa!” Shai said clapping his hands in excitement, Sharna and Peta laughed at Shai’s excitement “Bubba are you excited!?!”

Shai nodded his head giggling, Sharna couldn’t believe he was already a year old. He was getting to big for her liking.

        “Your getting to big bubba!” Sharna said standing Shai up on the table watching as he took of for his momma.

“He is getting far to big for me too. I just want my little baby bear to be tiny tiny again.” Peta said smiling over at Sharna as she nodded in agreement. “Mama..”

Peta smiled kissing her sons forehead “Yes bear?” Peta asked standing up with him in her arms seeing that it was almost eleven and that he should probably go down for his first nap.

“Papa..” He questioned looking up at his momma “He will be here soon little bear.” Shai nodded cuddling into his momma’s embrace.

Peta turned back to Sharna who was finishing her fruit “I’m going to put him down for his first nap.”

Sharna nodded towards Peta “Okay sounds good.”

       “Listen, you might have thought that you got away from the you know who conversation, but you didn’t. We will finish it after I lay him down.”

Sharna sighed rolling her eyes at Peta “I told you already.” She said picking her empty bowl up and walking towards the kitchen sink.

“No babe you didn’t answer my question. I’ll be back.” Peta said looking down at Shai who eyes were almost closed. “Peta” “Sharna I’’m serious.”

Sharna turned towards her nodding “Okay, I’m not going anywhere. Don’t worry.” Peta nodded before carrying Shai upstairs into his room placing him in his crib.

She quickly placed a kiss to his forehead before turning on the baby monitor. She grabbed the extra one carrying it back downstairs with her so she could finish this conversation with her best friend.

Peta walked back down into the kitchen finding Sharna sipping on her coffee as she sat on top of the island that’s in the middle of the kitchen.

Sharna noticed Peta and grinned up at her shrugging her shoulders “I told ya I wasn’t going anywhere.”

        Peta laughed walking over to Sharna looking up at her, “So your in love with Val?” Peta questioned watching as Sharna sighed sitting down her coffee cup.

Sharna nodded placing her hands over her face “Yes, okay? I love Val” she mumbled into her hands making Peta squeal in delight.

          Peta took Sharna’s hands away from her face “Babe that’s great!”

Sharna shook her head no “Peta your insane! This isn’t great! It’s awful!” Peta stood back watching as Sharna jumped down from the kitchen island. “Sharna, it isn’t insane. You love him that’s great!”

“Peta…” Sharna said turning back around to look at her best friend who was standing behind her “Val and I… we can’t.”

Peta was just confused at this point “Sharna what do you mean?”

      Sharna sighed looking out the back glass door in Maks and Peta’s home that lead to their backyard which now held a swing set and an outdoor play set for Shai.

Sharna let a tear fall quickly wiping it away, “Peta, its Val and I… that’s why. I’m not suppose to fall in love with my best friend. I’m terrified Peta, plus the whole Jenna thing again. I don’t want to cross any lines. I don’t want to loose Jenna as a friend and I sure as hell don’t want to lose val. I need him.”

Peta smiled a sad smile before wrapping her arms tightly around Sharna hugging her.

        “Babe it’ll be okay.” Sharna shook her head no once again “You don’t know that Peta.”

“Can I tell you something?” Peta asked wiping away some of her best friends tears before she grabbed her hands.

Sharna nodded looking towards the floor, “Val loves you too.” Sharna looked up almost laughing “Your an awful liar P.”

        Peta smiled shaking her head no “I’m not lying babe, he has loved you for years. He’s just been to afraid to ruin your friendship.”

Sharna studied her best friend for a moment, that’s when Sharna realized that she was being honest.

        “Your not lying are you?” She questioned watching as a smile graced Peta’s face. “No I’m not babe.”

Sharna nodded “I ca-” the sound of a door opening caused her to stop mid sentence.

         “Baby we’re home!” Peta’s eyes grew wide knowing that Sharna probably wasn’t quite ready to see Val.

Sharna eyes also grew wide, she looked at Peta mouthing words to her “What do I do?”

        Peta smiled walking away mouthing one sentence to her “Talk to Val.”

Sharna watched as Peta left the kitchen to find Maks and Val. She knew that she should probably follow her but she couldn’t.

        She looked towards the door the lead outside into the backyard, she quickly moved towards the door quietly opening the door.  She  hurried out the door onto their porch, she quietly closed the door.

         She moved quickly to the stairs the led into their backyard, she sighed sitting downstairs the top of the stairs.

       Her thoughts were running through her brain far to fast for her liking. She just wish she could talk to Val and admit that yes she had fallen in love with him.

        She could never tell him though, it could possibly end their friendship. She need their friendship more than anything else in the world.

         They told each other everything, but this was one thing she could never tell him. Never, she couldn’t loose him. He was her anchor, always there for her when she needed him the most.

          Goodness, why was this happening to her?  “Why me?” She whispered mumbling into her hands as she felt a tears fall from her eyes.

         She silently let tears fall from her blue eyes for another or two before she sat back up wiping the tears away from her eyes.

     She heard the back door open, but she didn’t turn around to see who it was figuring that it was just Peta.

        At moment later she heard the voice of the man she was in love the with.  “Sharna?“ 

        She turned around with a smile on her face "Hey V.”

           *Yay! The first chapter is done!! I hope that you enjoyed the first chapter! I really don’t know how many chapters it’s going to be, but I loved writing this chapter so much!

        So if everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoy writing it, then maybe it will have as many chapters as I can possibly write ideas for and come up with. Thank you for all your support and love! It truly does mean a lot to me! Please leave comments I love reading everyone’s thoughts!

       I know I have other stories that need to be completed and finished. I’m working on them I promise but my mind just never just stops and let’s me finish one story because I have far to many ideas.

      Thank you all again for reading these stories, I have always wanted to write for as long as I can remember. So thank you so much for taking time out of your own day to sit down and read something I wrote. It means the world to me. -Tori*

All of Lance's Children AU

Au where (through time shenanigans) a klance child and a Lancelot child show up in the castle. Cue immediate confusion and panic as everyone tries to figure out what to do with these half cuban ¼ galran kids/teens.

Possible situations include:

*lion piloting (can they?Which one?)
* accidental reveals of possible future relationships (where’s aunt Shay? Bonus points if they don’t match)
* finding shiro (if he’s lost)
* father children spa days!
* someone asking which one of them is from the “bad” timeline and immediately getting a boot/weapon to the face (Lance or/and klance child defending Lancelot child because wtf)
* lotor being surprised/ uncomfortable at first but secretly really happy that his kid is such a good/well rounded human(?) being (take that zarkon!)
* Lance joking that if any more kids show up they can start a band
^ shance kids? Super awesome daughter with her fathers leadership qualities and her papas warmth
* the kids being wary of each other at first before realizan that they all love Lance and want him to be happy
* spa days with aunt allura
* tech sessions with pidge and hunk
* awkward dad hugs from Keith
* the biggest teary goodbyes when they all leave

Lance with all his future babies ok! That’s all I want (feel free to add on or write/draw this!)

Please tell me the Shay Cormac tag is only quiet because everyone is saving it for Shay Patrick's Day? 😂

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a few things planned out for it. Now it just depends on whether or not I can finish it all in time 😂👌 How about you guys? Got anything planned?? :)

Tagging as many people in the Shay Cormac Defense Squad as I can, because I cannot, for the life of me, remember everyone (proud of the growing squad 😁) and I’m on my phone: @shay-makes-my-luck @waterbird-loves-pasteis @greyhood99 @freedomaboveallelse @bunnyyumyum @afterglowingassassin @liamobrienswife @thefangirl-that-waited @rooks-and-blighters @writingsofawaywardnerd

But yeah though, things I’d like to happen in Voltron:

  • When the team gets split up, Shiro ends up on Earth, which puts him in some pretty hot water, and the arriving cavalry is… Mom Holt. Shiro is a family friend, and he’s also the only link left to the rest of her family. And so we have an allegiance consisting of Shiro and a very impassioned middle-aged engineer who has had it up to here with people not telling her what’s going on as more of her family disappears. Mom Holt turns out to be the source of 90% of Pidge’s desire to fight everything. 

  • The whole “owning who you are makes you a better paladin” that was attached to Pidge telling the truth to the other paladins despite being afraid that it’d make them think less of Pidge making a comeback attached to the Galra Keith theory. 

  • Lance running into Keith while Keith is in Galra form and identifying him by that one cheer that was suggested and his particular response (”I say vol and you say” “vol…tron?”) which results in immediately “DUDE, KEITH, WHY ARE YOU PURPLE” met by “Was that a test? Did you actually not recognize me? We’ve been living together for a month! I look mostly the same!” being yelled at almost the same time. Because they’re huge nerds and they bond by yelling at each other I guess.

  • More of Shay. Also the idea that the Galra are having an incredibly difficult time trying to do anything with the newly-revitalized Balmera because now that it’s got some spit and vinegar in it, soldiers don’t really want to set foot on it since the Balmera has definitely developed a taste for Galra robots. The Balmera and its populace have both pretty much learned how to fight at the same time and they’re successfully maintaining a terrifying standoff. 

  • Exploration of the Galra as a complex culture who probably has a fair number of its populace who are really not down with what Zarkon is doing but mostly kept quiet out of Zarkon’s established procedure for dealing with insubordination. Environments where you see grunt-level Galra soldiers who have mastered the art of caring stealthily- keeping an eye out for peers, subordinates, prisoners- and not getting caught and dismissed or executed for “weakness”. 

  • On the topic of friendly Galra: please give Keith an irreverent, ancient druid mentor who teaches him how to alien magic. Just. Creaky, boisterous old lady full of weird, outdated-feeling alien-isms and her motivation for teaching him is like 33% “get wrecked, Haggar”. Weird Space Grandma to offset Coran’s Weird Space Uncle. She takes a terrific shine to Allura the first time they interact.

high school yearbook awards:
rats-and-asters asked: nge + most likely to end up in jail

↳ Kaworu Nagisa

Shay Cormac x Reader - Her Betrayed Heart

Originally posted by templar-queen

[RQ for @indyanahr; an imagine where the reader takes Shay for dead after he betrays the Creed, finding him again after she’s had his twin sons.]

Your name: submit What is this?

You knew of his work; an Assassin for the Colonial Rite. While the title was off putting at first and made your blood run cold, you had spent too much time with this man, Shay Patrick Cormac, to ignore your feelings for him in the end. Your fear of him turned to worry when you realized he would be involved in his own secret war. Would you always be graced with his presence every morning and night?

While the months had been kind in granting you such a request, you still couldn’t help but worry. Some days he would come home fine and others, he would come home with an injury or two he’d bandaged himself before you tended to it.

At least that evening he was fine.

With everything into place for the meal that night, you found yourself crippled with nerves. Wooden spoon to your chest, clutching it as though it were the only thing to grant you strength, your back remained to him as you heard him take his seat there at the table. You had news to give him—news, which was just burning within your chest and dire to get out. For awhile yet, you had been sick, and upon finding a doctor within the city, you got your diagnosis: you were pregnant.

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The Most Beautiful Girls
Shay Cormac/Liam O'Brien
The Most Beautiful Girls

Shay: Where in the world has the most beautiful girls?

Liam: I suppose it depends on your vision of beauty. A damsel from Corfu and one from Oslo are as different as chalk and cheese but, both can be lovely.

Shay: You see, opinions like that give a man a reputation for wisdom.

Liam: Yeah, thank you.

Shay: I would have just said Havana. The girls there have lusty buttocks and bosoms and feel no shame in putting them on display! But that’s no slight against our lasses from home.

Liam: I suppose…

Shay: I think Galway has the nicest ones, fair and modest, always willing to spot you a penny for an ale.

Liam: You don’t say.

Shay: And then there’s the maids I met in Lisbon. Destined for the convent they were, dark-eyed and kindly-dispositioned. If only I spoke Portuguese… Not that we spent much of our nights talking.

Liam: Opinions like that give a man an entirely different reputation.

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ok i have to request this: Rebecca and Riza in your guardian au?

“Oh my god,” Rebecca breathed as she took a step back from her work and steepled her fingers. “You look so beautiful.”

A look of confusion crossed Riza’s face and she immediately looked down at the gown Rebecca had picked out, mechanically tangling her fingers around the chain of the necklace Rebecca clasped around her neck just moments before without saying a word in response.

It was then that Rebecca realized she had never received a compliment of that caliber, much less had the emotional capacity or wherewithal to appropriately respond.