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“My son will be teaching us how to fight against these Newborns, as he and his sister have experience dealing with them.” Carlisle explained to the wolves. Edward spoke before Jasper could get a word out. “They want to know who Y/N is. They’ve never seen her before.” He translated for the wolves.

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The Train - Part Two

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4100

Prompt: Y/N walks in, and Harry notices she’s wearing yellow again, this time it’s a yellow sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and brown ankle boots, her hair is pulled back into a pony tail with a white scrunchie with little smiling suns and he swears that he has to squint to look at her. “Oh! I know you-you’re the guy from the train,” Y/N beams, “Harry, right?” she sets down the tray of muffins.

“I didn’t tell you my name,” Harry snaps.

Y/N pouts, “well yeah, but I’m also not stupid,” she says.

“Are you joining us today Harry?” the man asked, “I’m Seth, I run the group.”

“Why else would I fucking be here,” Harry grumbled.

Y/N grabs a muffin, ignoring Harry’s sour attitude, “here, they’re made with love,” she smiled, holding out the blueberry muffin.

“Fuck off,” Harry says. He watches as her smile fades and the glint in her eyes seems to disappear, for a split second Harry feels like a dick, but then he realizes he doesn’t care and Y/N should just shove the muffin up her ass.

Part One

Harry felt empty.

Drinking seemed pointless and as did life. He found himself wishing he could be a part of crowds, go out and enjoy life, but he couldn’t. Every time he did force himself to go out he was counting down the seconds till he could be back in his own space. He felt as if her were drowning, as if he were sinking and everyone just happened to swim right by him. He felt like he was screaming for help, for someone, for anyone to just hold him, to just lay with him, but no one listened.

He had disconnected from everyone completely, shutting off his phone, not checking his emails, or even going on social media. The only time he left his house where for the meetings, anytime Seth could fit him in, and train rides. Each and every time he hoped Y/N would be there, but after three meetings he had given up.

Harry hadn’t showered in three days and he looked like it. He wondered if he smelled but he really didn’t care. He had no one to impress and at this point anything he did felt like a ten-mile race. He almost didn’t show up for group therapy because that meant getting out of bed and facing the reality that is life. The world that tells him what he’s feeling is all in his head and he needs to get over it and write more music. The world that tells him it’s okay to have a fever or break his leg, but the moment he feels alone and numb he needs to get over it. The world that wants Harry Styles but not Harry Styles.

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@jt-amethyst Thank you for giving me a reason to draw High School!Rolleigns~ ^-^

But anyway, these doodles were inspired by @jt-amethyst lovely story about Seth and Dreamy-hunky-football star-Roman pairing up to take care of a pretend baby for a few weeks. It’s a really cute one-shot that you all should read! Here’s a link



Finn Balor/Reader/Seth Rollins- Seth and Finn are keeping a little secret from the Reader and she wants to find out what it is.

Warnings- Little bit of spanking, choking, this is pretty long as well so.

So yeah I feel like this is long and I don’t have a clue where this idea came from but its here now.

Tags: @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @hardcorewwetrash

I had maybe been in my hotel room for 10 minutes, when I got a text from Finn.

Hey Y/N get your lazy ass down to the bar. Everyone is chilling here.

I rolled my eyes at my best friends text and responded.

Thats no way to talk to your friend, but I’ll be down in a second.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and slipped on my sneakers. I grabbed my room key and headed out the door. I was turning a corner towards the elevator when I ran smack into someone. “What the hell?” I looked up to see Seth smiling down at me.

“Hey sweetheart. Maybe watch where you are going.” Seth moved past me as my mouth hung open.

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Chuck Noblet in Every Episode of SWC || 1.02 “A Burden’s Burden”

Just Tell Me- Paul Lahote

Imagine where Seth is the reader’s best friend and Paul imprints on her so Paul keeps nagging Seth to tell him about her?? Please? I loved that last imagine you did about Embry and the BBQ!- Anon.

Word count: 386


Paul sat on the couch in the Clearwater house. Sue had let him in, but had left shortly after. He’d been inside the house before, of course. Still, it felt awkward to be sitting there all alone. He was just waiting for Seth to get home, because he knew Seth wouldn’t be able to avoid him forever.

Seth knew it too, and it irritated him to no end. He didn’t see why Paul couldn’t just do things himself. Yes, he did know quite a bit about Y/N. Really, he knew everything that anyone could know, even the things he didn’t exactly want to. They had been best friends for years, and knowledge just came hand in hand with that.

When Seth finally walked into the house, he was only mildly surprised to see Paul sitting there, eagerly waiting for him. It had been a week of this nonsense, and Seth was just sick of it.

“What? What the hell could you possibly want now? Do you not have a life that you need to live? Are you so bored that you have to obsess over a girl who doesn’t even know you exist? Just go talk to her!” Seth shouted. Irritated was not quite the word; furious was not a proper word either.

“I just want to know more about her. I can’t talk to her yet, I need conversation topics.” Paul said, arms raised.

Did Seth not see how hard this was for him? He was never the kind of guy to imprint, yet here he was. Y/N was, from what he could tell, his total opposite. He couldn’t just talk to her, it was never that simple.

“Everyone on this whole reservation knows her, go ask someone else.” Seth stormed off to the kitchen, but to no avail. Like a lost puppy, which he mostly was, Paul followed him.

“Just tell me one thing about her. Just one.”

“She likes it when guys ask her about herself, rather than when they ask me.”

Paul Lahote had imprinted, and boy, was it a mess.


“It was really a couple episodes later when we really started to feel the chemistry with the cast come together.There was a scene in the second episode where Ryan and Seth and Marissa are all on the boardwalk together and Ryan and Marissa are on his bike and she’s riding on the handle bars and Seth is on his skateboard — it just felt really free and very, very real too.”

-josh schwartz