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Never thought I’d see the day where the audience boos Sara… I don’t think Sara did either!  Ha!!!

I don’t understand why people are calling Sara a slut or a playboy? She’s slept with one girl this season. And kissed one. That’s two girls this entire season. And as for back when she was in the 1600s we don’t know how many girls she slept with or if that even meant she slept with them maybe she just taught them feminism. And as a bi person I don’t think they’re trying to erase her bisexuality. I think that they should be more careful with their word choice yes but since that Arrow episode and that scene where Mick said that Sara only liked girls and wasn’t corrected nothing like that has happened since. And sleeping with one girl and kissing one girl and no guys yet this season doesn’t mean they’re purposely erasing it. It’s literally two (Three if you count Lindsay last season) girls. Which is one less than the number of guy love interests she’s had in the time she’s existed in the Arrowverse. And they weren’t really solid love interests she kissed one in season 2 one in season 1 and slept with one in season 2 onscreen. Each of the three girls from seasons 1&2 have lasted one episode each. And Leonard was sort of her love interest for a few episodes and then she kissed him once just like Lindsay and Guinevere. She’s only had like two solid love interests. Oliver and Nyssa. A boy and a girl. And she canonically prefers girls so it makes sense she’s had more one episode girl love interests than guys. Could they do better? Yes. But do I think they’re making her a playboy or a slut or erasing her bisexuality? No I don’t.

My prediction about the crossover
  • Sara Lance: So...what's with you and the cop back there? These looks you give each other could give Firestorm a run for his money
  • Alex Danvers: ...No it's not like that. We are just friends
  • Sara Lance: Really?
  • Alex Danvers: I wanted something more but...she doesn't like me this way
  • Sara Lance: Are you sure? Cause I have a LOT of experience in these things and those looks she is giving you...they are not friend looks
  • Alex Danvers: She was pretty clear on the subject
  • Sara Lance: Wanna test it?
  • Alex Danvers: Wh....
  • *is pulled into a world ending kiss by Sara*
  • *in the background Maggie crushes her smartphone in her hand and looks at Sara with murderous intent*
  • Sara Lance: Yeah she likes you
  • Alex Danvers: What...where...huh?
  • Sara Lance: Glad I could be of service. Now if you would excuse I have to go and test how straight Supergirl is

A CONCEPT: when Kara and Sara meet and start working together, Sara starts flirting with Kara profusely; there is no shortage of winks and sly remarks and finger guns here friends, and instead of telling Sara flat out that she’s not gay or even interested, she blushes and becomes flustered and giggles because wow Sara Lance is flirting with her and calling her cute and it is really hard to form words around someone that pretty. And eventually it comes time for them to part and Sara finally and very clearly asks Kara out and Kara, still flustered, cannot come up with a response to save her life but Sara takes a hint with her silence and says, “I get it, you’re not gay,” and Kara still cannot come up with words to even respond and so she kind of gives this nervous smile that makes Sara tilt her head and ask, “…or is there someone else?” And then Kara gets EVEN MORE FLUSTERED if that was even possible and she stutters a million excuses and Sara’s confused smile grows into a wide, knowing smirk and just nods along to all of Kara’s excuses before they temporarily part ways.

But when Kara gets back to her apartment after saving the world once more, with the help of her amazing new friends and allies, she thinks about Sara Lance and her unabashed flirting and her all too pretty smile and giggles to herself because it feels really good to get hit on, especially by someone as pretty as Sara. But then her friends’ words come back to her, swirling in her mind, a question she can’t help but ponder herself. “Or is there someone else?” The words echo over and over as she’s laying in her bed, listening to the ever bustling city outside her window and before she can stop herself, she can see the vibrant green eyes behind her eye lids and the ever-flowing, always perfect, always beautiful raven hair and a perfect row of teeth trapping ruby red lips and a smile that lights her whole world like the Sun does for Earth and…

Damn. Maybe there is someone else.

[A Continuation]

Coming out at the age of 18 wasn’t painless, it was 1998 after all but what was made clear by our entire family was that we deserved the same love, the saw laws, and the same respect as if we had been born heterosexual.
  • Emil: Hey, Sara. Where's Mickey?
  • Sara: I told him I can't have dinner tonight because I have a date. So he locked himself in the changing room.
  • Emil: I got this. *deep breath* HEY MICKEY, YOU'RE SO FINE, YOU'RE SO FINE, YOU BLOW MY MIND, HEY-
  • Michele: *bursts out of the room* WILL YOU SHUT UP?!
  • Emil: Got him.

Featuring such episodes as:

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Regarding the Demo...

Am I the only one who thinks deep down, Oma does want to be friends with Ki-bo, but doesn’t really know how to properly communicate and instead just bullies him? It could just be me… I wonder if their relationship will develop. Cause sometimes the person who bullies the other deep down is lonesome and just wants friends ;w;

I think deep down, Oma is a lonely person. Why else would he get so jealous after Ki-bo introduced himself to Kaede? I think he wanted to be part of it or maybe do it to try to impress her… Idk. Could just be me.

Looking at this expression I don’t see a liar….

I see a scared little boy not knowing what to do with himself. ;^;

An Alex/Sara romance that never was: “There was a little exchange between Sara [Caity Lotz] and Kara [Melissa Benoist] that I really liked — I don’t think we even filmed it — where Sara says, ‘Hey, do you want to get a drink when this is all over?’” Kreisberg reveals, “and Kara says, ‘I think you wanna meet my sister.’ Just the idea of starting the Sara/Alex [Chyler Leigh] shippers going…”