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screw writing “strong” women

holy shit like paul blofis is having a child like he is going to be a father to a beautiful child imagine how excited he must be feeling holy shit


=The Women and Girls of Sonic=

Before anyone asks where characters like, Sally, are; I wanted to focus purely on the main game canon, and the Storybook games, for this photoset. The only exception I made was for Sticks, because she has a profile on Sonic Channel, and at the very least she did appear as a playable character in the latest Sonic & Mario Olympics game. So I didn’t leave Sally, and any other female Sonic characters from the franchise out of this, due to any dislike or personal bias.

Edit: I forgot about Lah from the short, “Night of the Werehog”.(Which is canon to games as far as I’m concerned.) Here we go.

“You’re being a real dick to me.”

Right on the money there, Sally Ann.

‘Cause, Hasil, honey, the only response when a woman tells you that she’s pregnant and you’re the father is to say “Everything will be okay” and then wrap her up in a gigantic hug. 

And that should be your first response, not your twenty seventh. 

things we could’ve had that would’ve been better than blood of olympus: 

  • sally jackson prequel 
  • the entire series from the perspective of the brick 
  • clarisse/silena spin off novella 
  • sally jackson prequel 
  • a chapter that just explains fully in depth, with illustrations, how kids of athena are actually born 
  • a list of dams thalia, nico, and percy visited 
  • the kane chronicles
  • sally jackson prequel
Percy and Sally arguing 2
  • Sally: If Annabeth jumped off a cliff, then would you too?
  • Percy: ...
  • Percy: ...
  • Percy: ...
  • Percy: ...
  • Sally: *Slowly opens her eyes*
  • Percy: Lol, fun story...
For decades they hid Jefferson’s relationship with her. Now Monticello is making room for Sally Hemings.
A $35 million restoration will showcase the lives of the Founding Father’s slaves.
By https://www.facebook.com/Krissah.Thompson

The room where historians believe Sally Hemings slept was just steps away from Thomas Jefferson’s bedroom. But in 1941, the caretakers of Monticello turned it into a restroom.

The floor tiles and bathroom stalls covered over the story of the enslaved woman, who was owned by Jefferson and had a long-term relationship with him. Their involvement was a scandal during his life and was denied for decades by his descendants. But many historians now believe the third president of the United States was the father of her six children.

Percy Jackson Headcanons
  •  He actually has a very angular face - High cheekbones, narrow face, straight nose. He gets his bone structure from his mother, but where Sally had a softness to all of her features, he gets Poseidon’s natural brooding and regal sharpness. It’s another factor that makes his demeanor a bit intimidating and what makes people peg him as a trouble maker. and so so attractive
  • When he was younger, he used to be left handed. But during the sporadic period when he was rapidly getting kicked out of school and learning how to write, he was placed through many schools that had the old philosophy that being left handed was wrong and forced him to write with his right hand. In the end, it ends up helping him because he learned how to use both hands equally well, becoming ambidextrous, thus also helping his sword fighting.
  • When Sally married Gabe, Percy never told Sally of the abuse he was getting because he thought that if Gabe took out all of his frustrations on him, then there would be nothing left for his mother to receive and was afraid of what Gabe would do.
  • After the Sea of Monsters but before the Battle of the Labyrinth Percy had a mouthful of braces. Annabeth took as many pictures as she could at the time and taped them on the wall of the big house. He tore down all he could find but legend has it, you can still find one or two miraculously appearing up there.
  • His middle name is Dylann, pronounced Die-lin, which means ‘son of the sea.’ Subtlety is not Sally’s specialty and she cannot seem to give him names that are easily pronounced. Teacher’s sigh on the first day of school when they get to his name on their clipboard.
  • Percy is the best get away driver. Paul took him out on his first driving lesson and it was something that came natural to him. And when he was homeless for that period in Son of Neptune and relied on stealing cars he got really good at getting away quickly and efficiently. Especially when he stole that police cruiser.
  • Percy has scars on the insides of his elbows and forearms that almost look like a bad case of chicken pox scars. They’re actually cigarette burns from Gabe. Annabeth, Sally, Grover, are the only ones who know where they’re from.
  • Percy’s clothing is badly torn up. Some is the result of monster fighting, and some is from the constant wear and tear because he refuses to get rid of old clothing, but a lot of it is from skateboarding accidents. He’s actually pretty decent at skateboarding but he’s also pretty decent at falling off of it too.
  • Percy, Piper, and Rachel go skateboarding together sometimes.
  • Before Tartarus, Percy’s eyes were a gentle, warm green, like the middle of a lazy ocean you could get lost in. But after Tartarus they’re fiercer, darker, like a wave in a storm about to drag you to the bottom of the sea.
  • Percy’s favorite type of music is rock. He wanted to learn electric guitar but there was never money he was younger, now he’s too busy with monsters to have the time.
  • Percy is a naturally good surfer, it comes freakishly natural just like anything else that has to do with the ocean. Piper and he go surfing together.
  • When he’s fifteen he is around 5′11″ but he gets in a few more growth spurts before everything is said and done and ends up being just above 6′2″ and parallel to Jason. He loves playfully holding things out of Annabeth’s reach. She punches him when he does that of course.
  • He has a lean build with prominent definition. He has very little body fat and most of his weight comes from his muscles. He has the perfect swimmer body, lithe and agile.  cinnamony roll goodness
  • His hair is black like a raven’s wings and is always windswept and unruly as if he’s always running a hand through it  or like bed hair if you know what I mean
  • He, unlike the other two greek kids of the big three, doesn’t have any freckles or moles of any kind. His mother has very clear skin and het gets it from her just the same, except with the tanner tone of Poseidon.
  • He’s on Goode High’s swim team. He’s much faster than everyone even without his powers and he can’t tell if it’s just a son of Poseidon thing or if he’s actually good. Paul and Sally don’t mind because he knows that’s the only way Percy will get a scholarship with his grades, reputation, and attendance records.
  • Percy is known as the weird kid in school. He has weird scars, disappears for months at a time, and has an off putting demeanor. He doesn’t talk to many people and only does when they talk to him first.
  • His nervous ticks include running his hands through or tugging on his hair, and tapping or playing with Anaklumos in pen form.
  • He walks quietly on his feet, this comes from many different things - Being silent so Gabe couldn’t hear him, trying to sneak past monsters, his training from Lupa, and the period of time he spent running, hiding, and stealing in Son of Neptune.
  • He absolutely sucks at growing facial hair. It grows in in uneven patches and it disappoints him to no end. The guys make fun of him to no end during no shave November.
  • He knows that people underestimate him, he knows that people think of him as a goofball, and he knows that people dismiss him as stupid. Now he uses that to his defense. After torturing the goddess of Misery he can feel that darkness growing in him and his powers growing more, so he spends the entirety of Boo trying to convince everyone he’s fine. He jokes, he smiles, he says stupid things. And for the most part it works. Jason, Leo, and Piper believe it easily, although Hazel and Frank are harder to convince. But he hates the knowing look in Annabeth’s eyes that barely hide that smallest look of fear.
  • After Tartraus he figures out all the things he can do. That he control the blood pumping through someone’s veins. That he can stop someone’s heart stop with the clench of his fingers. That he can make someone die in an explosion of red. The idea terrifies him as much as it exhilarates him.
  • He tries to keep his rapidly growing powers a secret which fails of course, because whenever he has a particularly bad nightmare the ground shakes. That now when he holds Annabeth’s hand he can feel the blood pulsing thickly beneath her skin, gravitating towards him as if he’s a magnet.
  • He trains with Chiron to help find control for several months. 
  • He finds unexpected support from Nico di Angelo, who had gone through a similar thing after Tartarus.
  • He’s angrier often and snaps more easily. He purchases a punching bag and it helps him work through his aggression.
  • Percy and Annabeth go to Montauk for two weeks after the war is over, and he breaks down. Annabeth helps him through everything, saying how he can’t keep everything inside all the time.
  • Percy learns to control the darkness in him, and learns that while it may never go away, he will not be controlled by it.

How do Sarah Paulson and her 8 amazing characters of the AHS universe connect? Here’s how: Billie Dean Howard spoke of Roanoke in season 1 and everyone thought she was behind the season 6 TV series, but we now know that Lana Winters will be the one with the show to interview the only person left living from Roanoke: Lee. Lee attempted to kill the second to last survivor of Roanoke, Audrey who previously in the season acted the part of Shelby Miller. Shelby’s husband was sleeping with the original supreme Scáthach who generations later connected to Cordelia Foxx as the most current supreme. Cordelia was the head supreme when Queenie went to the Hotel Cortez and was killed where Hypodermic Sally was also killed in 1994. The same hotel where Billie Dean Howard visited in person and was spooked out by Mr. March and the other ghost murders. Lana Winters will confront Lee and if you recall Lana was in the Asylum in season 2 with Pepper who lived at the freakshow in season 4 with Bette and Dot. Bette and Dot witnessed the Murder of Dandy Mott who’s ancestor was Edward Philippe Mott from the Roanoke House who led Shelby and Matt Miller to safety in the shows original story. Then his ghost terrified Audrey Tindall when she went back to Roanoke for season 2 of the Roanoke series where she was ultimately killed by cops after attempting to kill Lee. Had Audrey survived she’d probably be face to face with Lana Winters on her talkshow special, not Lee. 

P.s Let’s not forget Lee was a patient off Ben’s, the boring woman whose husband had left her…

 Ryan Murphy you brilliant man you.

Sasil Fanfiction Masterpost

Now that Season 2 has started – and I’m anticipating more Sasil stories coming down the pike – I thought I would compile all fanfiction I’ve done for this ship, in the hope of making it easier to find for anyone who’s interested.

A Beautiful Thing (ficlet collection; individual stories are tagged on Tumblr under #lafiametta answers prompts, but the whole set can be found on AO3)

Secret Couple Sasil (somewhere between 1x05 and 1x06):
Sally Ann and Hasil Netflix and chill
Sally Ann runs into Hasil’s arms
Sally Ann teaches Hasil how to write his name
Sally Ann and Hasil have a nap
Sally Ann talks about her new boyfriend

Sasil Goes Up the Mountain:
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

Sasil at Naomi’s House (somewhere between 1x09 and 1x11):
Sally Ann and Hasil visit the big city
Hasil takes a shower
Sally Ann and Hasil take a bath together
Hasil takes care of Sally Ann during that time of the month

Within the Show’s Narrative:
Hasil thinks about Sally Ann after their first meeting (within 1x01)
Hasil finds Sally Ann at Naomi’s house (following 1x06)
Hasil and Sally Ann spend the night at Butch’s place (between 2x04 and 2x05)

Moonshiners (Great Depression AU)
Hasil and Sally Ann meet as children

Under the Skin (one-shot; written early in the first season and based on the idea of Hasil getting a new tattoo)

Courting (one-shot; set between 1x02 and 1x03 where Hasil and Sally Ann make plans for their date)

Home (one-shot; co-written with the lovely @lilithenaltum and set during the “missing” scenes in 1x09)

Eight Winters Gone (multi-chapter WIP; AU set eight years after the end of Season 1 when Sally Ann reappears in Blackburg with her daughter)

The Laws of Chemistry (multi-chapter WIP; Sasil high school AU)

Trick or Treat (one-shot; Sally Ann and Hasil celebrate Halloween in some alternate universe where 1x11 through 1x13 never happened)

Ok but just imagine that when Sally gives birth all the Seven and Nico and Will freak out and race to the hospital. Imagine Jason driving and everyone yelling “FASTER!” but he’s going as fast as he can in New York traffic. Imagine all of them storming in and going right to the receptionist and asking “Where Sally Jackson is.” Imagine Percy and Annabeth being the only ones allowed in the room and when they arrive they help Sally and comfort her. Imagine the others in the waiting room all nervous and they can’t sit still, even if they didn’t have ADHD. Imagine them trying to get as much information as possible. Imagine that when Percy’s sister is born he literally has tears in his eyes and looks at her like she is the most precious thing. Imagine the other demigods being called in and they all look at Percy’s new little sister in awe and they know from that instant that they meet her that they will all protect her with their lives. 

  • Sally: Hello?
  • Cruz: Hey what’s up?
  • Sally: I just called to check on you and Lightning. Is he there?
  • Cruz: Uh... he can’t come here right now.
  • Sally: Okay... well tell me when he can.
  • Cruz: Oh I can’t do that.
  • Sally: What do you mean you can’t?
  • Cruz: I mean can’t because he’s racing.
  • (Loud crashing noises are heard, Cruz cringes as she hopes Sally didn’t hear at all)
  • Sally: GO CHECK ON HIM!
  • Cruz: Okay you don’t have to shout at me!
  • (Cruz zooms to get a better view, horrified and praying that Lightning’s okay)
  • Cruz: He’s still racing.
  • (Metal is heard being smashed)
  • Sally: Where are you two right now?!
  • Cruz: We're at Derby!
  • Cruz: I MEAN I'M AT DERBY!
  • Cruz: FUCK YOU!!
Feeling bad for Sally Ann

Each time I watch over that scene with them in the last episode where he’s bringing home dinner, Sally Ann’s face gets me every time. She’s sitting there anxiously waiting for him to come home all the while fearing as each second passes by that he isn’t. The relief that shows when she hears his voice! She knows she’s involved with a man who’s not limited by traditional rules and expectations. He’s never had to take a maths test, or get a driver’s licence, made a living for cash, paid a bill and on and on… he’s accustomed to the freedom of the mountain, to come and go as he pleases with no one really looking for him. Would he really be satisfied living in a town with rules and regulations he doesn’t understand? And among people who don’t understand him? Deep down Sally Ann knows this and has a rational fear that he might just say “Ah forget it” and disappear in to the mountain. Yes, he said he’s open to new wonders BUT, he nearly left her at the edge of town and returned to his family, to new responsibility and a sense of belonging. I felt that Sally Ann saw a glimmer of that in his eyes and maybe it’s bloomed in to her present constant worry.

And if he did leave, what would be her alternatives? She seems to literally have no one besides Hasil. James told her not to come back, her father is dead and mother ran off (or the other way around, can’t remember), she’s not working either and how long could she work before she was forced to go home? No free clinic, no one close by that we’ve been introduced to that could be called a friend. I picture her stuck in that apartment all by herself just waiting for Hasil to drop the other shoe.

And that makes me feel badly for her.

I know he promised her he’d always find a way back but what if he gets caught up in the fall out of Lil Foster’s escape? What if he gets really hurt in a fight? What if he’s convinced by conniving G’win that if he comes back she may let Sally Ann come up there to live (highly unlikely after the Kinnah backlash) and he stays on the mountain? I don’t see the latter happening but we all know what happens when one character tells the other they will never leave them or they will always be there for them…

They betters invest in two pre-paid cell phones!

Btw - loving the baby bump coming through! How far along is she by now? Somehow it feels like time is going by quicker on the show than is being made clear.