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I think we can officially say that My Chemical Romance really needed to get a better photographer…what even are these photoshoots?


helena (so long & goodnight) // my chemical romance

(three cheers for sweet revenge 1/13)

MCR Preference - First Date

Gerard: Comic book store.

Going to Gee’s favorite comic book store.

Frank: Getting tattoos.

Frank had planned a dinner, but put that aside when you said you wanted to get a tattoo.

Mikey: Coffee at a small cafe.

Mikey’s coffee obsession leads the two of you to a small cafe, where you talk for a few hours. 

Ray Toro: He plays the guitar for you/guitar lessons.

You had asked Ray before about him teaching you some stuff on guitar, so he thought he would play some songs for you and then teach you a few chords.

When you're off sick...
  • Normal Friends: How are you feeling? You weren't in school today
  • Me: Just have a tummy bug but I'm feeling a bit better
  • Me: I have retired to become a unicorn and moved to live on the moon with my husband Patrick Stump
Crime Syndicate AU

Gerard Way: Youngest of New York’s Mafia Dons. Rose to power through a combination of charisma and the ruthlessness of his loyal associates. Strong family ties have led to full recognition by the Commission, despite his age. Primarily involved in drug trafficking and distribution. 
Raymond “Ray” Toro: Current consigliere (advisor). Master strategist. Believed to have orchestrated Way’s rise to power. Appears nonviolent but should not be underestimated. Rarely seen in public, and therefore information is limited.
Michael “Mikey” Way: Younger brother of the Don. Acting underboss and heir to the syndicate. Evidence suggests the younger Mr. Way is the primary hitman for the family unit, specializing in sabotage. Only notable member to regularly appear in public unaccompanied. 
Frank Iero: Caporegime (crew leader) and the elder Mr. Way’s personal bodyguard. Way has not appeared without Iero since officially taking over as the family boss. Iero has proved deadly despite non-threatening appearance. Should be approached only with utmost caution.


Request: Could you please make a Revenge!Ray Toro imagine where he comes home from tour and is greeted by you and your kid? P.S. love the blog. P.P.S Ray needs more love

Y/S/N= your son’s name

“Where’s daddy?” Y/S/N pouted, looking up at me with wide eyes.

“He’ll be here soon baby, he hasn’t landed yet.”

“He’s still on the plane?”

“Yep, still on the plane.”

“How much longer will he be on it?” He persisted, sitting down on the ground with a sigh.

“Not much longer,” I smiled, lifting off the ground and setting the toddler on my lap. “Got your sign?”

He nodded eagerly, reaching over to the chair next to mine and unzipping his back pack. He pulled out the sign, proudly showing me the baby blue construction paper that said “Welcome Home, Daddy” in colorful block letters.

“It looks great sweetie, what’s the drawing on the bottom?”

“This one’s daddy,” he said enthusiastically, pointing to the curly haired stick figure holding a guitar. “Here’s Uncle Gee, this one is Uncle Mikey, and this one is Uncle Frankie.”

I giggled at the stick figure drawing, pointing to the small one on the end. 

“Why is Uncle Frank so small?”

“’Cus he is small,” he replied, laughing loudly along with me. “Do you think daddy will like it?”

“Of course he will, he’ll love it,” I grinned, running my hand through his hair. Our four year old’s hair was already beginning to get thick and curly just like his father’s sticking up in all different directions and bouncing with each step he took. 

My phone lit up next to me, making a happy ding noise. Y/S/N perked his head up, looking at me with joy. “Is that daddy?”

I unlocked my phone, smiling when I saw the notification. It was a simple text from Ray, letting me know he landed and he was getting his luggage. My pulse quickened when I released we were in the same building. We would all be together soon.

“Daddy’s here,” I said excitedly to my son.

“Where?!” He yelled, struggling to get off my lap and grab the sign. I set him down, grabbing his hand securely before he could dash off…again. “Mommy, I don’t see him,” he whined.

“He’ll be here in a minute, hold your sign up so he’ll see us!” He beamed at that, waving the banner over his head wildly. My breath hitched when I saw them, carrying their luggage and smiling tiredly. I knelt down next to Y/S/N’s ear, pointing towards towards the rockers.

“Who’s that?”

He squinted at where I was pointing, poking his tongue out before gasping loudly. “Daddy!” He yelled as loud as possible, prying out of my grip and sprinting towards Ray. 

I followed him, feeling my throat beginning to burn when I saw Ray pick him up and kiss him. “Hey buddy! How’s my little man?”

“Good! I made this for you!” He smiled, holding up his creation.

“Wow, it look’s awesome Y/S/N! Is that me on the bottom?” Ray chuckled, pointing at the stick figure band. “Hello Mrs. Toro,” he beamed when I walked up.

“Mr. Toro,” I retorted, wrapping my arms around them both and engulfing them in a hug. I breathed in his smell, letting his presence wash over me. It was him, it was finally him. “I missed you so much,” I mumbled into his sweatshirt.

“I missed you too, it’s so great to see you.” I heard him sniffle as we pulled apart, wiping his eyes and kissing Y/S/N on his forehead. “Go show your drawing to te guys, their gonna love it,” he smiled encouragingly, placing him on the ground and watching him with amusement when he latched onto Mikey’s leg and waving the paper at them. “How was he?”

“Good, the first few weeks were hard but he adjusted pretty good for his age.” Ray hated leaving Y/S/N to go on tour. I knew he felt horrible about it, so I always spared him the details of all the sleepless nights I had comforting him. 

“I’m just scared he’ll start to forget about me,” Ray sighed, watching him explain the drawing to Gerard.

“You’re here now, that’s all that matters,” I said comfortingly, wrapping my arms around his torso, leaning up to kiss him. It’s been so long since I felt his lips and they were even better than I remembered. 

“I love you,” he said breathlessly when we pulled away, lacing our fingers together.

“I love you too, and you’re never leaving us for that long again.”

A laughed bubbled out of his chest. “I won’t, I won’t. But, you and little man are gonna have to come out and visit me next time and watch some shows.”

“Is bringing a little boy to a crazy rock show to watch Gerard get himself off on stage a good idea?”

“Totally, how do you think I got into rock music?” He chuckled, kissing the top of my head before leaning down to pick up his bags. “Let’s get some food, i’m starving.”

“Me too,” I agreed, taking his hand and following him towards our friends. Frank was knelt down next to Y/S/N, holding up the picture. 

“Okay, I know i’m short, but am I really that short?”