where is my you tried star

“Kylo Ren is here at the base? My son-?”

“Yes, General Organa. He was with the girl. We tried to take him into custody immediately but she wouldn’t let anyone near him. She insisted that she would only talk to you. We couldn’t do anything.”

“Where are they now?”

“Confined to the command center to wait for your arrival. We deemed it safest to keep them separate from everyone else. The girl said-… she seemed distraught… She claimed he saved us. We can’t say for sure but she may be under his influence. We should stay wary.”

“I will see them immediately.”



Just something really quick and simple. In my headcanon this probably takes place after Kylo saves her from Snoke and they fight off his guards or something. The Resistance doesn’t know that yet though so they think he’s dangerous. Rey won’t let anyone as much as touch him though.  

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i thought i shoud let you know, i was at the store with my buddy and i picked up a toy lightsaber and i automatically did obi-wan's stance for his fighting form. im in star wars hell pls send help

Hahahahahaha omg I *totally* do that as well. I found a couple of toy lightsabers in a Goodwill a while ago and was having waaaaaay too much fun swooshing them around. I then persuaded a friend of mine to have a cheap lightsaber versus discarded stage prop sword duel later on back at my house where I tried to do all this Obi-wan stuff but really I have no idea how to fence and/or stage fight so but it was too much fun.

Plus, having a lightsaber around to play with is super-helpful when writing, if you’re like me and need to act out fight scenes in front of the cat who is decidedly not impressed. 

Not sure if I can help you get out of Star Wars hell but I can certainly join you and drag you further in…. :D

vines i will never get tired of seeing in vine compilations:

  • “hurricane katrina? more like hurricane tortilla!”
  • “is there anything better than pussy… yes a really good book”
  • “hey how ya doing well im doing just fine i lied im dying inside”
  • “aw fuck. i can’t believe you’ve done this.”
  • “what do you want for a healthy snack rebecca??” “i want chipotle.” “thaT’S NOT A HEALTHY SNACK REBECCA”
  • “aw nice ron” “WHAT. i sneezed. am i not allowed to sneeze now???”
  • “so you just don’t bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift”
  • “look at all those chickens”
  • *in face warp filter* “i really can’t stay bABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE i’ve got to go away baBY IT’S”
  • “did you hang out with beth last night?” “yeah yeah i did” “oh!! i love beth!” “… you hate beth” “YEAH NO SHIT HONEY”
  • “dad look it’s the good kush” “how good could it be. this is the dollar store.”
  • “MARY IS THAT A POLICE???? I’M CALLING THE WEED” “420 watcha smokin”
  • “wow look at that shooting star!” “BOY I AM A COMET NOT A STAR” “oh sorry” “IT’S FINE IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME”
  • “i saw you hanging out with kaitlyn yesterday” “rebecca it’s not what you think!” “I WON’T HESITATE BITCH”
  • “today i will be playing mozart’s symphony number 40 in g minor” *puke noise* “oh my god”
  • all ayitspnayo vines
  • all thomas sanders vines
the signs as oasis lyrics

aries: supersonic // I’m feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic, you can have it all but how much do you want it?

taurus: stand by me // said I would and I’ll be leaving one day, before my heart starts to burn

gemini: some might say // you’ve made no preparation for my reputation once again

cancer: don’t go away // damn my education, I can’t find the words to say with all the things caught in my mind

leo: let there be love // come on baby blue, shake up your tired eyes, the world is waiting for you, may all your dreaming fill the empty sky

virgo: live forever // lately did you ever feel the pain in the morning rain as it soaks you to the bone?

libra: little by little // true perfection has to be imperfect, I know that that sounds foolish but it’s true

scorpio: cast no shadow // bound with all the weight of all the words he tried to say, chained to all the places that he never wished to stay

sagittarius: whatever // you’re free to be wherever you, wherever you please you can shoot the breeze if you want

capricorn: slide away // slide away, and give it all you’ve got. my today fell in from the top. I dream of you and all the things you say. I wonder where you are you now?

aquarius: stop crying your heart out // we’re all of us stars, we’re fading away, just try not to worry, you’ll see us someday

pisces: half the world away // I’m still scratching around in the same old hole, my body feels young but my mind is very old


After how popular the first iteration of this flowchart got (thank you all so much for that, by the way, it’s really awesome that it helped so many people out), I was inspired to create a second volume, with even more species and resources than the first. Well, after a month or so of work, it’s finally here! Just in time for the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, here’s “What Species To Choose For Your Star Wars OC: Volume 2″!

For this new version, I upped the ante with everything. I went from including 75 species to a whopping 150 (which is still only scratching the surface of the full list, I’m afraid), and I tried my best to include more species from “The Clone Wars”, “The Force Awakens”, and “Rogue One” as well. Not only that, but down below I’ve included more resources as well: in addition to each species’ Wookieepedia articles, I’ve provided (where available) videos of the species in action, informational videos, and name generators, all to give you as much info as possible for your OC. Furthermore, among some other minor formatting tweaks, I’ve also added the option to choose answers via dice rolls (thanks to  @empress-only-in-name for that idea), for anyone who would prefer a more random choice in species. Finally, I think it’s also worth mentioning that the wonderful @pomrania re-created the flowchart in a text-based format here, if you’d like to check that out.

Let me know what you all think of the new version! I tried my best to take into account everyone’s requests and suggestions, so hopefully it all worked out to your liking! Do let me know if there’s anything I can add or change, though; it will be a while before I make a Volume 3, if ever, but I’d be happy to tweak this version if it helps. Also, if you end up using this to make a character, please consider either tagging me or using #StarWarsOCFlowchart so I can see it; I don’t care about getting credit or anything, I just want to see what you guys come up with!

Links to resources are below. My original intention was to have them as part of this post, but since Tumblr apparently has a link limit for posts, I had to split them up. I hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience!

Species A-ISpecies J-RSpecies S-Z

lovepoison9  asked:

Omg I love your underwater reylo 🖤 do you think you'll ever add more? Maybe someone (kylo) singing to the other.

AU where aspiring marine biologist Rey Kenobi encounters siren Kylo Ren when he tries to use his enchanted singing to captivate her. It doesn’t work and he’s like 200% convinced she’s a witch that’s immune to his powers 

After much yelling and arguing the idiot finally realizes she’s just human and friendship ensues 

S/O to the wonderful @sleemo who was nice enough to take time to brainstorm ideas with me! Thank you again darling! 


Be the Desi Ahsoka You Wish to See in the World

I had the fortune to go to NYCC this year on Friday, and decided to dress as Ahsoka. I can’t really sew and didn’t have the energy to really learn after work, but I’m creative and a little crafty! So I got a dress of the right shape from forever 21, borrowed a bag from my mum’s closet, a tie from my dad’s closet, a necklace my grandmother gave me for my sixteenth birthday, et voilá!

I was on the main show floor trying in vain to understand the map provided on the app. I had put several signings and events on the Schedule but I couldn’t figure out where on earth they were (if you’ve ever been to the Javits Center you’ll know it’s Enormous). And then I heard someone shout, THERE’S AHSOKA!!!!

It was @ekjohnston herself??? After I got over my complete confusion at someone that I was hoping to meet calling out to me I went over to say hello and she complimented my costume and asked to take pictures with me???? I tried to be Chill but jsyk I died a little. (She wrote the Ahsoka book you guys. I love this book. It’s phenomenal and sad in its very Star Wars way and it’s centered on Ahsoka finding her purpose and new identity after the events of rots. Read it immediately if you haven’t already.) anyway so I took pictures with her and then immediately went and bought a copy of the book and had her sign it. She’s got a really cool signature. I told her so.

A little later Ashley Eckstein @heruniverseofficial did a panel offsite at the Hudson Mercantile. She spoke quite eloquently about her upcoming book and the importance of chasing your dreams. Afterwards I had the chance to meet her and I thanked her for bringing Ahsoka to life, as it was one of the few times I have been able to turn on the tv and see someone who looked like me. Ahsoka is named after Ashoka, an Indian king; the Ashoka pillar is literally on Indian currency, like Washington is on the American quarter. George Lucas has consistently borrowed from eastern cultures for Star Wars - everything from names like Ahsoka, Padme, and Shaak Ti, to the very philosophy of the Jedi. Ahsoka in the show is a Togruta and her skin color is brownish (I know people consider it orange but I still can’t look at her and not see a little of myself. To me, she’s brown.) Ahsoka is incredibly important to me and to a lot of other girls and women like me, and she feels like representation.

((I still can’t believe I got to meet both the voice of Ahsoka and the author who wrote the Ahsoka novel while dressed as her. It feels surreal. I can’t wait to wear bits and pieces of this outfit to work if only to smile to myself.))

Why Glossaryck was right to abandon Star (and why I’ll never doubt him again)

I just read this great Glossaryck meta by @starfleet-officer-jaya about the scene with him and Star in the void, where she lashes out at him for “betraying her” and he just says, “I’m sorry you saw it that way.” It’s such a dismissive thing to say, but it tells us (or confirms) so much about him and it’s so interesting. So it got me thinking.

We can safely assume that Glossaryck is simply a character who knows everything. From his first appearance predicting the end of Star’s mewberty down to the exact second, to his actions in “By the Book” that looked like he was angry at Star all so he could be in the right place at the right time in a fight days away, to his foresight in destroying a certain spell just before Ludo stole the book. We have so many examples of that. And the fact that Glossaryck is more or less omniscient is so important for understanding what he does.

Glossaryck (if he is only one being- didn’t the Sanctuary decorated with icons of him kind of imply that there are more of him, even if they share the same personality? For the record, I don’t believe he’s dead) is in charge of maintaining the book of spells, knowing it cover to cover, knowing its history, the history of all its owners, and evidently, playing personal trainer to every queen of Mewni. In “Page Turner” he says this to Moon after she interferes with Star’s training:

“You don’t trust me, and what’s worse, you don’t trust Star. My Queen, your training was different because Star is different. You have to have faith in her to make choices that are best for her. And my job… is to train Star to be a queen.”

So it was clear back then that Glossaryck’s approach to mentoring was pretty hands-off and vague when the best way to teach was through experience. He’s not afraid to look like he isn’t doing his job because nobody else knows what he does. He’s not even afraid to look like a traitor if it’s the best way to turn Star into a strong, self-sufficient and competent queen. Again: “I’m sorry you saw it that way.”

My favorite Glossaryck scene is the one that most perfectly spells out that he always has a plan, and everything he does is for a very good reason: the scene where Star tries to rescue Glossaryck through the portal. While impressed with the magic she’s pulling off (”I’ve never seen that before” is Glossaryck speak for “wow, that’s impressive,” right?), he basically tells her no, he won’t go with her and he won’t be helping her with this one. “But I need you!” she says, because he’s her teacher, and she’s supposed to have him because she’s supposed to need him.

And he says, “Maybe this is what you need.”

Maybe this is what she needs to start taking herself seriously. Maybe this is what she needs to start independently learning magic. Maybe this is what she needs to learn how powerful she is, even in hopeless situations where the odds are stacked against her. Glossaryck knew that Star was powerful, but too averse to discipline to be trained normally. She’s the rebel princess who interprets instruction as oppression. When she hears do this, she goes in every other direction, just because.

So if you abandon her, she starts her own spellbook, learns how to deal with her corrupted wand, and returns to Mewni when it’s clear she’s needed to fight the increasing danger. She risks her own life many times over, and would have died in the blast from destroying her wand if her hunch about Toffee being absorbed into it had been wrong. Toffee corrupts almost all of her magic and then leaves her in that space to die. She chases one last piece of her magic into the depths until she almost drowns. And then, when you tell her the totally non-magical soup is boiling hot and shouldn’t be touched, she plunges her arms into the very bottom. With the last dregs of her old magic, Star rebuilds her wand and her body, replenishes her magic, and unleashes enough power to destroy an immortal monster. By herself.

Maybe this is what you need.

When you think about it, how else would she have learned?

okay i need to spill some salt about worldbuilding

a few days(?) ago, i reblogged this post , and more importantly the rebuttal that came after that inane series of tweets.

But here’s the thing: a lot of those points listed could be good plot bunnies for an original story/world.

fantasy stories never explain horse breeding/evolution?  write a story about a character in a fantasy world who is really interested in studying horses.

stories never explain how everyone agreed on a certain measurement of time?  write a story about a fantasy clockmaker or something.

But here’s the thing; most likely the horse person would not give a fuck about the origins of time measurement–and vise versa.

When you worldbuild, there are going to be aspects of your world that aren’t important to the characters/plot.  Sometimes you have to expect your reader to “just go with it” and resist the urge to add needless explanation (look what happened to star wars when they tried to give a concrete explanation for the force).

If I’m reading your story and the only thing on my mind is “gee, i wonder where everyone got their fur cloaks”–then your story failed to engage me (unless your story is about a fantasy cloakmaker idk).

I also really dislike the sense of superiority that lingers throughout these tweets.  Back when I took more writing workshops, there was always at least one writer who was like “fantasy stories NEVER talk about poor dental hygiene, so my ENTIRE story will be about my protagonist’s rotting teeth and it will be GROUNDBREAKING!”  instead of, you know, writing a good story.  If you care more about shattering tropes than welcoming people into your world, maybe you should write think pieces about fiction instead of writing fiction itself.

I would rather read a compelling story with a decent understanding of the world than a story where it feels like the author is nudging me and saying “huh huh?  i’m clever, right?” every time they explain in excruciating detail where their characters’ shit ends up.

The Thrawn Crisis Regency AU 

for @operaticspacestrash 

Welcome to Myrkr estate, Sir Luke…

After being set upon by Imperial agents and left in the woods to die, Luke Skywalker, the secret son of late and unlamented Lord Vader, is rescued by Captain Karrde, a notorious smuggler, and the mysterious Miss Mara Jade. He soon discovers that Miss Jade was once the ward of the former Emperor, and that she desires nothing more than to see him dead. Meanwhile, Admiral Thrawn’s fleet gathers off the coast and no one knows which way the tide of war will turn…

Missing you- Tom Holland


prompt: you miss tom really badly while he’s on promo tour but he decides to surprise you / also, listen to Never Be Alone by Shawn Mendes while reading this 

pairing: tom x fem!reader

A/N: first ever Tom Holland imagine. God, I love that boy to pieces


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You left out a groan as you opened the door to your apartment. So far, your day has been pretty damn exhausting. College stressed you out and the work shift you have had afterwards had, too. 

You pulled off your shoes and let yourself fall onto your bed not very much later. You snuggled up into Tom’s pillow and tried not to think too hard about how long he’d been gone already. 

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Someone bet me I couldn’t and I’m a real jerk, so I did. 

DISCLAIMER: I made most of these gifs but not ALL and tumblr search is legit terrible so I am super super sorry in advance if I used your gif, if I did let me know and I will credit you. 



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2. The boot grab in Darling Nikki

3. The sad face he makes at the puppet.

4. 80s Dorito bag with the chip window.

5. Splits bounce in “I would die 4 u”

6. “Don’t get my seat all wet.”

7. Lace veil in Computer Blue

8. This dance:

9. The shimmy into crotch rub in i would die 4 u

10. The look and point directly at the camera in baby I’m a star

11. when he puts on the hat in Baby i’m a star

12. Purify yourself in the waters of lake minnetonka

13. Wendy’s literal interpretation of “die” as a gun in i would die 4 u

14. Jerome throws that poor woman in the dumpster (Y THO)

15. foot piano playing/jumping in Let’s go crazy

16. Smashing all mom’s spaghetti sauce in the basement with a hockey stick (very Minnesota authentic)

17. apollonia’s titty cape

18. fire hazard clown basement

19. “man I just got my coat out the cleaners!!!”

20. “Whatsa matter your shoes on too tight?!? Let’s gave some action. I need some asses wiggling. I WANT some perfection!!!”

21. The unneccesary spin during “ANSWER ME MOTHER FUCKER!”

22. here take my costume jewelry, we’re dating now

24. the arm stroke in darling nikki

25. choreographed guitar playing at the beginning of computer blue

26. this look

26. Francis L having major issues about the house being clean (maybe if there weren’t all these broken jars of spaghetti sauce lying around….)

27. computer blue power slide beej

28. Mrs L never getting to have any fun

29. The backwards roll into/out of the splits in baby I’m a star

30. regrets montage to doves cry

31. Having a job where you play one song a night with 2 other bands and thats it forever, and then at the end you win getting to keep your job

32. Morris day announcing last call during “the bird” (so is it doors at 7, the time at 8, last call at 8:15?)

33. this line dance in i would die 4 u

34. Pensive Prince Pre Purple Rain

35. synchronized guitar jumps in lets go crazy

36. when he goes to commune with nature and wears black studded pants a black studded bedazzled jacket and a scarf to hang out by a lake and strikes a curious pose

37. the “eww!” signature prince grunt as he is tossing all the sheet music

38. “i don’t have anybody right now” therefore we’re together

39. literally finding a phone number on the stairs in darling nikki

40. COME BACK NIKKI COME BACK!!!!! (yes, okay, fine, whatever you want, honestly its fine)


42. Apollonia’s job application is “Apollonia, 5'6”“. End of list.

43. amplifier dry hump

44. Lisa being real tired of the Kid’s shit and saying “fuck it wendy” and walking out.

45. Wendy’s deadpan “but I’m here to tell you… there’s somethin’ else.”

46. the doctor always being dressed like a doctor, but like an OR doctor with a surgical mask, not some pedestrian physician or something.

47. OR DO YOU WANT ME??? (yes)

48. Morris’s window not working

49. Jerome with the mirror on stage during jungle love

50. Morris day vacuuming his apartment before the show in a trademark prince turban!

51. When he leaves the stage after Darling nikki and is bouncing off the walls as he walks in the hall of pipes

52. the jump down from the impossibly high stack of monitors in baby i’m a star!!!! my knees hurt every time i watch that!!!

53. The jungle love dance

54. The Bird.

55. purple rain guitar solo

56. The microphone under the leg juggle in Baby I’m a star

57. the stanky little side shimmy in baby I’m a star


59. I mentioned it earlier but that was just the splits, so this one is his face during the splits in I would die 4 u.

60. The end of the beautiful ones where he’s laying on the ground omg

61. I tried to stop you.

62. The amount of pleather Apollonia has to remove to purify herself in the waters of what is not actually lake minnetonka.

63. When morris day exits the car and puts both feet on the ground at the same time, which is not a way any human exits any vehicle.

64. Computer blue guitar spin

65. When Apollonia waves at him from the stage after “sex shooter” and he’s like, naaaaah.

66. “Next thing you know, she’ll want to borrow your motorcycle!”

67. What’s the password, onion head??!!!

68. And the nominees for best actress are….

69. If we get married….. Would that be cool??? (god yes)

70. the phallic guitar at the very end jazzin’ all over first avenue

71. When apollonia sells her boot chain.

72. When he plays the guitar she bought him in purple rain.

73. “What do YOU dream about ?”

74. Computer blue guitar three way circle jerk

75. “This is a bidniss!”

76. Chalk outline of a not dead body

77. Take a picture sweetie, I ain’t got time to wait!!!!!

78. Morris day and Jerome jamming out in the crowd

79. The trust fall into the crowd!!!!!

80. Giant bug eye mirrored sunglasses

81. Dropping apollonia off in full Ruffled shirt regalia instead of like, throwing on some sweats or something.

82. Where Lisa and Wendy at? *silence*

83. The backlit part in lets go crazy

84. “Hi!” “Hi.” *weeps*

85. The balcony dancers in parachute pants and cop hats

86. Piano top guitar shred in lets go crazy

87. The Doctor talking about how God got Wendy’s periods reversed (IT MAKES NO SENSE, MATT FINK)

88. When apollonia says she’s from new ORleans and then proceeds to speak with a minnesotan accent (furst avenew)

89. “No, nooooo, you looked greeeeeat.”

90. Wendy’s THICK ASS Minnesota accent and extremely hard R’s despite growing up in LA.

91. (Brings guitar shaped box) “what is it??”

92. When the faces watch them trade earrings in the clown basement.

93. The rag tag trio that is apollonia 6

94. “I’m gonna be honest with you, I think you’re being full of shit.”

95. Billys velour sweatsuit and briefcase.

96. “Where’s Jerome?” “IN EES SKEEEEIIIN!!” (A joke used AGAIN in under the cherry moon!!)

97. “I have something for you. ” “what, a subpoena?”

98. Double spin in I would die 4 u

99. Synchronized squat spins in Baby I’m a Star


Batboys X Reader- Welcome to the Family (Part 2)

Welcome To The Family  (Part 1)

I’ll be alternating with requests in my inbox and the series you guys voted on!! I feel like I have ignored all of these requests.  Enjoy!!


“Has anyone seen (Y/L/N)?”

“I thought (Y/N) was supposed to go walk Titus with you,” Dick said with a frown, trying to remember the last time he saw you.  “I saw (Y/N) in the living room a few hours ago, but I highly doubt she’s in there now.”

“Tt, I guess I’ll go on the walk without her,” Damian stated.  “Tell (Y/L/N) that I left if you see her.”

“Okie dokie,” Dick responded, returning his attention to organizing the groceries Alfred bought.  “Say hi to the lady with the German Shepherd for me!”

“Shut it, Grayson!”

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Sexual Tension (Star-Lord x Reader)

As requested by anon:  Can you do a smut fanfic in which Peter gets trapped? And no, not 50 Shades of Grey style, but your style!

I was a tiny bit confused as to what you meant, so I tried my best and I hope you like it! Sorry it took forever. 

Warning: NSFW

“Peter, your ship is a piece of junk,” you groaned as you paced around impatiently. There was a grunt in response, followed by the clank of some metal and you glanced toward the floor where he lay flat on his stomach. In his hand was a tool of some sort, and he was elbows deep in an opening in the wall made by his removal of a panel, exposing  a tangle of wires.

“She’s not a piece of junk,” he replied defensively. “She just gets a little sick now and then, is all.”

“I’d hardly call getting us stuck in the cockpit for an hour, ‘sick’,” you air quoted the last word and rolled your eyes. A fuse or something had blown earlier that day, activating the auto-lock on all the doors, thereby causing you to get hopelessly trapped.

Peter stopped what he was doing, put his tools down, and then rose to his feet. He folded his arms and cocked his head to the side, the corners of his mouth turning up ever so slightly. “Maybe we should embrace the situation.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean maybe we’re alone for the first time and there’s clearly been some sexual tension that needs to be addressed.”

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It was said later that he came under bad influences at this stage.  But the secret of the history of Edward d’Eath was that he came under no outside influences at all, unless you count all those dead kings.  He just came under the influence of himself.

That’s where people get it wrong.  Individuals aren’t naturally paid-up members of the human race, except biologically.  They need to be bounced around by the Brownian motion of society, which is a mechanism by which human beings constantly remind one another that they are, well, human beings.

Men at Arms

“And yet we say this.  Here in this cave at the end of the world peace is made between dwarf and troll and we will march beyond the hand of Death together.  For the enemy is not Troll, nor is it Dwarf, but it is the baleful, the malign, the cowardly, the vessels of hatred, those who do a bad thing and call it good.  Those we fought today, but the willful fool is eternal and will say—”

“This is just a trick!” Ardent shouted.

“—say this is a trick,” Bashfullsson continued, “and so we implore: come to the caves under this valley, where you will find us sharing the peace that cannot be braken.”



“All right,” said Susan.  “I’m not stupid.  You’re saying humans need… fantasies to make life bearable.”


“Tooth fairies?  Hogfathers?  Little—”


“So we can believe the big ones?”


“They’re not the same at all!”


“Yes, but people have got to believe that, or what’s the point—”


She tried to assemble her thoughts.


“Yes, but people don’t think about that,” said Susan.  Somewhere there was a bed…




“You make us sound mad,” said Susan.  A nice warm bed…



“People as things, that’s where it starts.”

“Oh, I’m sure there are worse crimes—”

“But they starts with thinking about people as things…”

Carpe Jugulum


I need god
Not like “invisible man in the sky” God
Not like “sitting for hours being told how to think” God
Not like “stand in line like the rest” God

I need “sitting in the park staring at birds” god
like “isn’t this life a trip” god
like “this moment right here” god
like “chocolate and laughter and orgasm and ocean waves and moments of connection” god
Like “billions of years this rock floated in space and here I am” god
Like “standing in Rite Aid and this baby looked right at me and just smiled” god
Like “look how we survive all the pain and still we heal” god

And y'all need to find god
If you tear people down
If you think I’m going to hell
for accepting and loving all the queer butch femme that I am
For wanting balance
for knowing that restricting myself
To fit into a black and white world is no way to live, really live

You need to find god if you condemn me
For not needing to be commanded
to love my neighbor
Not like “love the sinner hate the sin” love
I love you
Like “you have infinite complexity within you” love
Like “I hope you find peace of mind” love

But you need to find god
if you think you’re above anyone
Just because your colonized mind
tries to manifest destiny into my space
Just because you have a story
where I came from a man’s rib in a magic garden one day

I know a story too where
We were once born from primordial waters
We were once migrating from the Sahara
We were once charting the stars
Before the lie that is borders
and fences and ownership and greed
Before the lie than any one man held the truth,
some divine secret
As if all that power was for us
and not actually to own our devotion
Like you’d be rewarded after life
if you put up with suffering under their feet
instead of questioning that power

My problem is not with god, but with man
Have your faith if you choose
Let me find truth,
that’s all I need
I get closer to it every day,
I search for it
breath it in when I can
That’s all the god I need

—  Finding God, Christina O.
Take My Hand

( let’s see where we wake up tomorrow )

Anonymous requested: Jungkook/Reader + one of them has amnesia and how they deal with it
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 11,663
Author’s Note: I made myself hurt writing the outline, which ended up quite long and intricate so I apologize. Title taken from Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars”—although I do prefer the Jungkook cover :3

Summary: In which you lose your memory in a car crash, and Jungkook desperately tries to keep both of your lives intertwined. This in itself proves to be a challenge, especially when you can only remember him as the idol you once adored from afar.


Jungkook never paid too much attention to those moments in life where he would figuratively hit the wall and knock the wind out of himself, until he gets the call from the hospital. And then he’s running, dashing fast and wild as quickly as his legs can take him, his mind clouded with so much fear, so much apprehension that even when he can no longer breathe he forces himself to keep running. He feels as if he might lose his mind, already grappling with deniability over his situation, the only thing that can remain consistent throughout his mind is you.

“Are you Jeon Jungkook, Y/N’s emergency contact?”

Jungkook stills, pausing in his momentary movement to wipe the sweat that has formed across his face in recovery from the intense dance practice session all the boys have just ended. “Uh, yes I am,” He answers, furrowing his eyebrows together at the seriousness of the situation, his disposition changing in such a drastic manner that all the other boys stop what they’re doing as well to watch the maknae. “Is something wrong?”

“I’m letting you know that Y/N was recently involved in a car accident and was rushed here under critical condition. She’s undergoing surgery now but—!”

“I’ll be right there,” Jungkook interrupts in a breath, the panicking settling in before the gravity of what has just happened to you really weighs in his mind. He doesn’t wait for the nurse on the other end of the line before he’s hanging up and pocketing his phone. His heart starts to race, making the blood pump quicker as air leaves and enters his lungs at an alarming quickened pace. “I have to go,” He relays to the guys, grabbing his jacket off the couch.

“Woah, woah, Jungkookie, what’s going on?” Jimin inquires, straightening from his seated position on the polished wooden floor. “Is everything okay?”

“No, it’s not,” Jungkook says, desperately trying to pull himself from the conversation so he could make his way to the hospital. “Y/N got into a car accident. She’s in surgery right now, I have to go—I have to see how she’s doing.”

“Let me come with you,” Namjoon interjects, already joining Jungkook’s side, jacket on.

Jungkook runs a hand through his hair. “Whatever. I’m running, so keep up.”

Namjoon dismisses Jungkook’s words for stress as he merely nods, following the younger boy out of the studio and dashing down the street. The hospital you have been rushed to is nearby, thank god, only a few blocks away from where Jungkook stands, but it feels like miles stretched on for miles. He runs, runs, runs faster than his legs can possibly carry him, huffing and puffing but never quite moving fast enough.

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anonymous asked:

do you like sports? american football in particular? a good concept is sheith football au where shiro is the star quarterback and keith is the wide receiver and there's a lot of sexual tension, but they're just bros amirite

i’ve been waiting for this au my entire life tbh

consider: shiro will only sign with a team if they agree to take keith and vice versa. someone sacks shiro and keith rips off his helmet and tries to start shit even though it was totally legal. someone spears keith and shiro cradles keith in his arms even though keith is completely fine and the whole team is like… come on guys. and then shiro runs in a touch down and his entire celly is him and keith intensely hugging in front of god and man and 76,000 fans.