where is my season 3

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BNHA: Female friendships

Does anyone else think about how hard it is for Lance and Shiro to work together as the leaders of Voltron?

Like Shiro and Keith worked so well together because they’ve been together way before Voltron (well I assume…IM LOOKING AT YOU DREAMWORKS) so they had a system that seamlessly worked into the roles their lions played but like…Lance and Shiro never had that? Lance had to get used to really working alongside Keith instead of just being his subordinate and that might be difficult for him to change with a new black paladin?? Idk I think Shiro still sees him as this kid who worships him like a hero instead of the matured pilot that he’s becoming so I kinda want to see them clash a little in the next season?????? Haha or this could just be me


#Gotta love seeing Meredith supporting Jolex AND Jo (✿◠‿◠)

The only two ways I will accept Matt meeting not!Shiro:

1) Matt IMMEDIATELY knows its a clone. IMMEDIATELY. Second he walks into the room, he knows.

2) The team actually figures out the clone/original situation before they even find Matt, but when they do suddenly Matt’s confronted with TWO (or more) Shiros and his gay little ass just doesn’t know what to do with that

(That’s a lie. His gay little ass knows EXACTLY what to do with that)


– (b.b.)  Nikita Gill