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Harvey/Mike & long weekends spent upstate with Gordon.

Hi there. Remember that giant complicated web I made a while back that made up my headcanon/ship chart? The one I edited to include Doomfist for everyone?

Well I’ve updated it to include Moira for you eager beavers already shipping her with characters so here ya go. Now your charts will be hippity hoppitin and with the times.

I personally have zero feelings toward her hence why I’m not updating my own shipping chart lol. EDIT: jk I ended up making my own chart

Also I loved whenever someone tagged me in their post using the template I edited for everyone so if you tag me especially in posts where my otp is your otp I’ll instantly love you and reblog/like/throw taco points your way

EDIT: LOL I just realized we have 26 characters rn which means I have no excuse for ignoring symmetry so here’s a more aesthetically pleasing blank template

EDIT 2: I alphabetized the heroes clockwise within their lil class categories


#kara means so much to her #so so so much to her at this point #and you can see the moment cat realizes that very thing #it’s a hug #it’s just a hug #and cat doesn’t think about it at first #because cat grant is affectionate #she’s physically affectionate with those she cares about and so this isn’t a big deal #until it is #until she realizes she’s hugging kara #she’s hugging her sunny assistant and her superhero and her inspiration #she’s hugging /kara/ #there are so few people in the world that touch her so easily #that offer hugs and physical comfort and connection like this #and i think in this moment she realizes just how deeply she cares for kara #how /nice/ it is that kara cares about her right back #and so that first gif is surprise #but the second gif is desperation #you can see how her fingers curl into kara #how her nails dig into the material of the cape and she pulls kara closer #and i didn’t catch this at first #but kara starts it #kara’s arm moves first #she pulls cat closer #because kara is grateful and scared and she expresses herself though touch so much #and cat gets it and responds in kind #she lets this superstrong alien (who just weeks ago had thrown her from this very height) #lets kara pull her close #and so she holds on as tight as she can too #and in that third gif i think there’s a little bit of fear #not of kara #but of how deeply she cares /about/ kara #of the power kara holds over her #of the first connection she’s let herself make outside of her sons #’because of you i started letting people in’ #and in the fourth and fifth gifs you can see her accept it #decide to continue to let this girl - who’s done nothing but push her and surprise her and change her - in #cat grant isn’t going to let fear stop her #and so the bravest thing she can do #is continue to let kara get closer and closer


Steve/Natasha AU: in order to get close to and take down a Manhattan bad guy, Steve and Natasha have to go undercover and pose as a married couple.

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How about Elia and Arthur running off to Essos together? Like, he sells his armor, she sells most of her jewelry and they just life a very sweet life together

She wishes there weren’t a mirror in her chambers. It would mean she could avoid catching glimpses of herself, glimpses of the future Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Mother to kings and princesses. Rhaegar’s wife. Her mother is overjoyed, she knows, but all Elia feels is panic. She’d never wanted this. She’d never wanted out of Dorne, never wanted a throne, never wanted the crown prince. She’s only been in King’s Landing for a month, yet already she knows there would be no passion in her marriage, no love. She’d grown up idolizing her parents’ marriage, one of surprise kisses and laughter, not…Rhaegar.

This is her last night as merely a princess of Dorne; come morning, she would be bound forever to House Targaryen. She turns away from the mirror and sits on her bed, overcome with nausea, her breath coming in short bursts.

When her door slowly creaks open, she expects it to be Ashara or one of her other ladies, perhaps even the queen–she certainly doesn’t expect it to be Arthur.

Looking at him is just as painful as looking in the mirror. Once, she’d thought she would marry him, had envisioned their future together. Now, she will be forced to be around him every hour of every day, wed not to him but to his friend, never to touch.

“What are you doing here?” she asks, defeated.

He snaps shut the door and hurries into her room, more animated than she’s seen him in a long time. “You’re not going to marry Rhaegar.”

Her breath stops completely. “What?”

“You don’t want it, and nor could I endure it.” He sinks to his knees in front of her and grasps her hands. “Come away with me.”

“Come away–? Arthur, what are you talking about?”

“Rhaegar isn’t the only one with friends. There’s a ship that can take us anywhere we want to go. You just have to say yes.”

Elia can do nothing but stare at him. “That would be…that would be treason, or close enough. You’re a Kingsguard, I’m betrothed, we would be breaking every vow–”

“I swore to love you long before I swore anything to Aerys,” he interrupts. “That should come before aught else, shouldn’t it?”

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the side-effect(?) of being kissed by 6 people in one day?