where is my car moose

Title: Somethin’ to Tell the Grandkids

Summary: Reader is a friend of Jared’s and stumbles upon his roommate, Jensen. Awkwardness ensues. Flirting. Pure freaking fluff.

Pairing: Flirty Jensen x Flirty Reader, Jared x Reader Platonic

You had time off from work and drove all the way from Texas, your home state, to Vancouver, to meet up with your lifetime bestie Jared Padalecki. While he went and got super famous, you got your degree in Art Therapy, and as your clientele grew, your passion for art did as well. So on the side, you opened up a small gallery in Austin. You enjoyed being busy. But after five years of constant therapeutic sessions and maintaining the gallery,you needed, no deserved a break.

That’s how you found yourself stuck in a thunderstorm, your tires spinning in the mud, just a half hour away from Jared’s. Luckily for you, the rental dealership had AAA, and you were able to get towed. Unfortunately, that meant you were covered head to toe in mud.

Which brings you here, in a towel, after the best shower you’ve had in days.

“Jar, do you have a shirt I could borrow-”

You stopped in your tracks and you wrapped the terrycloth towel tighter around your body. There was a rather handsome stranger standing outside the bathroom door, a look of sheer amusement on his face.

“You’re not Jared.” you deadpanned.

“Nope, wrong Winchester”, he smirked.

Those eyes. That nose crinkle. Those freckles. You’d know them anywhere.

“You’re Jensen.”

“I’m Jensen”, he laughed.

“Who are you?” He asked with a quick brush of his hand against the back of his neck out of nervousness.

“I’m YN, I uh, do you know where Jared went?”

“He texted saying the car wash, but his is in the driveway.”

“Mine…got stuck in the mud on my way here, hence the towel. Pushed her out before the tow truck arrived”.

“I, uh…keep stammering, smooth right?” You laugh at yourself. Jensen chuckles at your redness.

“So long story short, Jared and I grew up together, he invited me out for a visit, and here I am, practically naked talking to you.”

“Jared has a funny way of getting his friends together”, Jensen smarted.

“So you always let yourself in or do you have a key?” You quizzed him.

“Actually I do have a key, I live here. You just happened to take a shower in my bathroom.”

Your face blanched sans for the rosy cheeks, clearly embarrassed. Not finding the right words, Jensen broke the awkward silence.

“Let’s get you some clothes.”

Jensen lead you across the hall to his bedroom, rummaged through a dresser, and pulled out a pair of boxers and sweatpants. He held them up.

“Choose your poison.”

You laugh and nervously snort.

“What? What’s so funny?”

“I hardly know you and you’re trying to get me in your pants,” you have to keep your towel from falling you’re laughing so hard.

Jensen realizes the levity and gravity of the situation and turns crimson.

“Is it working?” He winks.

“Sorta”, you reach for the sweats, hands brushing together. Jensen stills. You bite the inside of your lip. Finally you break the silence in sync,


You both nervously laugh.

“Yes, please, then I’ll get outta here before I say something more embarrassing.”

“Don’t have to go because of that sweetheart, it was pretty funny.“

“I’m just gonna get some clothes on and maybe we can start over?”

“Where’s the fun in that, changing the story we’ll tell our grandkids one day, ” Jensen gave you that damn wink again and you felt your insides turn to mush.

“Grandkids,” you laughed, “we haven’t even had our first date,” you bit your lip, did you really just say that? Stop talking, you chided yourself.

“Well, you know if you’re gonna be hanging around I could show you Vancouver, if Jared doesn’t mind.

"If I don’t mind what?"Jared’s voiced boomed from the doorway, his mouth hanging open at you in your towel. "Y/N where are your clothes?”

“In my car, you big moose, Jensen was just lending me some.”

“Why would I mind if Jensen lent you something to wear,” Jared asked confused.

You excused yourself, thanked Jensen, and slapped Jared on the back of his head, "you’re real dense sometimes, you know that?”

“See ya around, Y/N,” Jensen called out to you.

“Sure, we have that story to put into action”, you called over your shoulder with a wink.

“What story? Jared threw his arms up in frustration.