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A New Flawless Point by DeepSkyColors
Via Flickr:
A classic from my collection gets a facelift. There’s a story told by this image that isn’t quite obvious. This was my first time setting foot on Glacier Point, back in 2013. I was already fairly skilled at deep-sky imaging but my experience as a nightscaper was only a short amount of hours (as opposed to thousands today)… And yet, in later visits to GP I produced nice pics but not quite where this one sits, IMHO. Not only that, while there’s hundreds of nice images of GP at night, I can count only a handful that I’d consider really unique or skillfully crafted (that’s my personal taste, YMMV). What’s the story then? IMHO, it tells me that nightscape photography is often about the moment, about what’s happening around you and how you’re reacting to it. Skills, location and many other things matter, especially you being there to capture whatever is happening, but more often than not, it’s the moment. Obvious? Perhaps, but to me it’s actually interesting, as it is the complete opposite of deep-sky astrophotography, my other big passion, where time (mostly) appears still, night after night, year after year.