where is my aibou

  • Akhenamkhanen, in the afterlife: what is wrong my son why are you sad?
  • Atem, lying on a bed of flower petals, sad music playing from a gramophone no one knows where he found, a single tear running down his cheek: I miss my Aibou
  • Akhenamkhanen, who does not speak Japanese and has no idea what Aibou means and would very much appreciate it if his son spent more time with his family after having been in a cursed object for 3000 years instead of being dramatic: ...your what
  • Atem, standing up and staring into the distance once the music has reached the most dramatic part: my AIBOUUUUUU

So when I was studying abroad in Nagoya I bought a kamen rider DS game because the box made it seem to have new Kamen Rider W content in it. And since Philip’s actor was already way to famous for this shit even then I bought it because where else am I going to get my aibou fix.

I proceeded to never actually boot the thing for over three years.

Until tonight.

The sprites are ugly as sin there better fucking be some a+ crossover shit