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In their creepy little speech the Liches told the Tres Boys that they reminded them of themselves, and followed that with a story about how they tried everything they could to save a member of their trio, bending the laws of nature and reality to do it. 

And Griffin didn’t even know how fucking strong the foreshadowing was in that story when he said it.

Heat (Officer JDM x Reader)

Summary: Officer Morgan had been your partner for the last six months. You’ve had a crush on him but didn’t know if he felt the same about you. Until today that is…

Requested by @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff

Note: For now this is going to be a one shot. But if you guys like it I’ll write more!

Warning: A lot of cursing. Request was “Officer Morgan Fuck Me Up Smutty AF”  This is definitely going to be very, VERY NSFW. You’ve been warned!

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Adventure Zone au where Merle, Magnus and Taako are all playing a dnd campaign with their characters, the brothers Justin and Travis and their dad Clint.  The dm is their friend Lucretia, who is a super stickler for the rules.  The main villain of the campaign is a hyper powerful wizard named Griffin (it’s a super big and dramatic reveal when they find out that he’s their long lost baby brother)

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Well if you wanna avoid the discourse you better stop drawing Taako green pretty fucking soon. You're just asking for people to get upset with you by doing that.

i can Not really tell what your tone is with this but if things go the way they usually do my designs for everyone are going to gradually morph into weird muppet creatures anyway

Okay one of my favourite things about TAZ is Griffin’s story telling. Okay. Like MAJOR SPOILERS but some especially memorable moments of Griffin McElory’s incredible story telling, story building and descriptions of stunning word pictures include
-the black glass ring was all that was left of phandalin
-the first time they meet the void fish with the galaxy of stars in the void fish
-the train crashing into jenkins green house, with the on lookers and grandeur and excitement of this epic bad ass moment (and note this would’ve all been improvised 100%)
-the epic/badassery during the whole of the cariot battle/race
-Sloane and hurley turning into the tree in this beautiful and sad moment esp. With the music underneath (I honestly cried so hard during the whole scene holy fuck)
-explaining the plains of existence during crystal kingdom with rich detail and beautifully spun imagery
-actually a lot of the rooms described in crystal kingdom including the sort of slow dawning horror of the crystal’s spread and the golem
-11th hours the first time they die (and every time after that.) But especially the first time they die it’s so impactful and I could barely breathe, i listened to it 5 times in a row because it was so amazing
-the vision that Paloma had when the black gem fell
-roswell spilling into the bank and taako desperately reading the journal entry before noon strikes and before he drowns in their clay, the panic rising and the emotion and desperation was so overwhelming yet fascinating and gripping
-the temple of istus
-the individual scenes with each character talking to June and especially hearing magnus’ back story and Julia
-the chase in the tunnels, this whole scene evoked that sort of adrenaline that you get when playing a chase scene in a video game imo. The structure of this scene plays into as well as the music but its just so good
-the town catching up with time and THB watching on and the children moving and mimicking  the statues when THB move
-the scene with the void fish and magnus in the tank
-the whole first room in Wonderland with the lights and all the voguing 
-all the descriptions of the suffering that each character endures, it’s so horrifying and painful to listen to but it’s so well done
-the creepiness of the mannequins
-KRAVITZ BEING PULLED INTO THE LAKE/Kravitz pulling himself out of the lake and being ALL ALONE
-the second scene with magnus and the void fish in the tank and all the scenes with magnus starting to remember
-magnus fighting off the creatures he can’t see butt naked with the Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword Of Doom
-taako and Merle sinking into the floor
-describing the hunger demolishing their plain of existence
-Merle staying behind and the people singing a hymn while he gets pulled away in string of light and the hope he leaves for the people
-”she prays for sunrise”

do you ever think about how Griffin was planning on doing a separate thing where Merle and Taako went to the Astral Plain to get Magnus’s soul back and Kravitz was drowning in the death oil in the Astral Plain and Griffin probably planned a few scenes with Taako and Kravitz and Taako saving Kravitz as well as Magnus and maybe something else with the vogue elves and Kravitz being related but instead Taako used Magic Jar and saved him right away so none of that is gonna happen now probably.

Darkest Desire ‘Easy Street’

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Chapter 11

Summary: Another memory of Robbie reveals how you met the group. Negan confronts you about breaking into the cells. Negan gives you a gift and continues to try to be nice to make you say yes.

Word Count: 3.3k

Note: This is the longest chapter of Darkest Desire ever! Instead of cutting the chapter down I decided to be nice and give it all to you!

HUGE THANK YOU @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader!

After surviving the bomb blast, you and Robbie had entered the city once the military pulled out. You were both determined to find your uncle. Unfortunately, you found him dead, but still moving. When your uncle tried to bite you, Robbie had to kill him. You stayed in his apartment until the food supplies ran out. It seemed like the two of you were the only ones left in the city besides the walking dead.

“We need to get out of the city.” Robbie spoke as you were walking the streets of Atlanta.

“Where do we go?” You asked looking over your shoulder at a few walkers that were following.

“Woods, maybe? Has to be safer than the city, that’s for sure.” Robbie stopped when he noticed the street ahead was full of the dead. He looked behind to see they were growing in numbers behind you too. He pulled you along as he made a quick left down an alleyway.

When you reached the next street Robbie was suddenly grabbed by a decaying woman. Quickly, you pulled out your gun and shot her. The sound echoed through the walker filled streets, alerting every walker that was nearby.

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Merle’s girl (Merle Dixon x Reader)

Fandom: The Walking Dead 

Request by @alexjokerjily “Can you write an imagine with Merle, in which reader had an argument with him like always, but reader loves Merle and Merle loves reader, so he decides to kiss her and it’s going more…” 

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You hummed softly to yourself as you gathered clothes over your tent’s floor into a huge basket. You chuckled as your hand brushed against the oversized t-shirt you used to sleep in and you remembered the first time you had seen this t-shirt on the love of your life. Merle Dixon. You shook your head in amusement at the memory, Merle drinking at the bar you were working at, Daryl (his little brother) next to him drinking almost as much as the older man was. Merle’s constant teasing towards you and finally, him defending you against a disgusting drunk guy who tried to take advantage of you. Merle had driven you home and since then, you had never left his side. Indeed, life with the hot-headed redneck wasn’t easy all the time but you somehow managed to make him change even if you had to explode and argue a lot, he always seemed to understand you and ended up apologizing in his own way. When the world went to shit, Merle and Daryl busted into your house, telling you to pack your bags and to come with them. Indeed, you did as they said knowing that Merle would protect you with his life if he had to.

You gathered everything you needed to do yours and the boys laundry and went out of the tent to join the other women of the camp. You have been staying here over past two months and almost everyone was nice, apart from Ed who was constantly giving you dirty looks and awful smirks but you didn’t have to be afraid of the man. You knew that no one would mess with you while Merle was around.

Lori smiled at you from her spot on the bed of the truck that you would use to go down at the quarry to wash your clothes and gestured for you to join her and the girls. You jogged in their direction and hopped on the bad of the truck as well, smiling back at Lori.

“T-Dog is coming with us today.” She said as she played with a plaid shirt in her own basket of clothes. You nodded and took a last glance over the makeshift camp in hope to see Merle but he wasn’t around.

“Have you seen Merle around?” You asked Lori and turned to look at her and the girls. Lori looked at you then at the others and shook her head.

“No, not since this morning.” Lori answered, the other girl shaking their head ‘no’ as well.

“And what about Daryl?” You asked again, obtaining the same answer from the women in the truck. “That’s weird.” You mumbled to yourself, making Lori squeeze your shoulder and smile warmly at you.

“Daryl must be with him, don’t worry they’re probably hunting.” Amy said and Andrea nodded next to her. You sighed and shrugged your shoulders as the car stopped before the quarry.

“I guess you’re both right.” You mumbled as you jumped down the bed of the truck with your basket.

T-Dog got out of the car and grabbed his gun before helping you and the others with the clothes. You sat next to Carol and started to clean Merle’s clothes first as you hum softly. Carol smiled as T-Dog chatted with her, keeping his attention to the woods with his gun ready in his hands. You were lost in your thoughts when suddenly, Amy called your name making you look up to see everyone looking at you. You blushed and raised an eyebrow at them.

“What?” You asked, slightly amused.

“I asked you how you met Merle but you seemed far away, (Y/N).” Amy said as the others chuckled quietly at your lost face. You looked down at the shirt in your hands and smiled as you chuckled to yourself.

“Well, it’s quiet a funny story.” You started, making Amy grin at you and nod her head for you to continue but T-Dog interrupted before you had the chance to say a word.

“I don’t understand why you’re with him… How a girl like you can be with a man like him is hard to understand.” He said in an annoyed yet curious voice. You frowned and dropped the wet shirt into the bucket of water you were using.

“What do you mean?” You asked dumbfounded, the others feeling slightly uncomfortable but T-Dog shrugged and looked at you seriously.

“He’s not a good man, he’s a racist man, misogynistic. He has a real temper, you must be so afraid of him.” He answered while shaking his head and playing with the gun in his hands. You opened your mouth to speak but stopped yourself for a second to wrap your head around what T-Dog had said.

“Look…” You started trying to sound as soft as you could. “Merle can’t really play well around others but he’s not a monster. This man has been through a lot of things and no one had ever given him a chance in his life. I have to admit that he should sometimes think more before speaking out loud but, deep down, he’s not a bad guy. He’s a good man but this world categorized him as ‘bad’, he never asked for that.” You finished, finally unable to contain your annoyance towards the small group as they were judging your man unfairly.

T-Dog bit his lips and looked down in shame, knowing that you were right about not even leaving a chance at Merle. The others went back to the task at hand but Amy asked you again about when you met Merle. You smiled and told her how he had saved you from the drunk at the bar but you also told her about the first time you had seen him at a party, how his loud personality actually hid a soft man for the ones he cares about only. Everyone was listening at some point and Carol told you how she thought the same about Daryl and you nodded you head in agreement.

“Yes, Daryl loves his brother. He would die for him.” You smiled as you gathered the clean clothes into your basket. “They’re good men.” You said just above a whisper.

As you got up from the shore, your eyes landed on a figure that was standing at the edge of the woods. You shielded your eyes from the blinding Georgian sun and grinned as you recognized Merle, you dropped your basket and jogged towards him. He waited for you, one of his hands on his hip and a teasing smirk on his lips. You giggled and jumped into his arms, linking your arms around his neck.

“Merle!” You exclaimed. “Where the hell were you?” Merle laughed and wrapped his arms around your smaller frame in a strong hug.

“Ya miss me, sunshine?” He asked cockily, making you chuckle and rolled your eyes.

“Sure, I missed you dummy but where were you?” You asked again as you pulled away.

“Was helping Daryl to hunt but he claimed that I was being too loud and scaring the game away.” He answered clearly annoyed by the situation. You chuckled and kissed his cheek to make him feel better.

“Come on, baby. You know that Daryl is a better hunter than you are. Give him some credits.” You said with a small playful smile on your lips, making Merle scoff and walk off but not without pulling you with him by your hand. You linked your fingers with his and followed him a little further into the woods.

“He is a decent hunter but I’m better.” Merle said as you rolled your eyes again.

“Keep telling yourself that, babe.” You teased again and Merle shot you a dirty look.

“I have to go on a run with the rest of them sorry pricks anyway.” Merle said suddenly as he stopped walking and turned to look at you. You frowned and crossed your arms over your chest.

“They’re not that bad when you get to know them.” You defended the group but your mind was still racing at the idea of him going alone on a run without you and without Daryl.

“Yeah… whatever…” Merle mumbled, not caring about what you said about the group. You took a step closer to the tall man and sighed as you asked in a calm voice.

“You decided to go on your own, without telling me before? They’re going in an hour! I have to wrap my head around it in less than an hour?” Merle looked at you with an expression that you couldn’t really read.

“Yeah… I decided without asking your permission because you’re not my mom. I don’t give a shit if ya agree or not, I can do whatever I want!” He almost screamed at you. You took a step back but quickly swallowed any fear you have been feeling and marched towards him, pushing his chest away with all your strength to make him take a step backward.

“You definitely can do whatever you want, you asshole but you could also think about the two only people that care about you! I don’t want you to get hurt and left alone in a word like this!” You screamed back at him, your temper getting the best of you.

“Step back, woman!” Merle screamed at you and got in your face, glaring at you with anger and stubbornness.

“Make me.” You challenged him, clutching your fists at your sides, completely done with his behavior.

Merle glared at you, his eyes flickering from your eyes to your lips. Heavy breaths left Merle’s chest, his face slightly flushed with anger but you staid right where you were, glaring back at him. Then, Merle’s eyes soften and he suddenly grabbed your face into his hands and crashed his lips to yours. Your eyes widen, taken aback by his sudden mood shift but you couldn’t help but kiss back, your anger vanishing in a flash. Merle’s huge hands gripped your hip and the right one ran up your body to grab the back of your head to deepen the kiss. You moaned into his mouth as his tongue forcefully pushed past your lips and rub against yours. You shivered and moaned again at the feeling, your mind fogged by Merle’s rough hands and sweet taste. You broke away to breath but Merle attacked your neck, nibbling and sucking on your sweet spot over and over again, making you moan a little louder than you expected and buck your hips forward unintentionally. Merle chuckled, proud of himself and whispered seductively against your neck.

“Ya’re still mad at me baby?” He asked and you shook your head ‘no’, not trusting your voice at this point. Merle’s left hand traveled up to your chest and squeezed your breasts into his rough hand. “Answer me baby.” He demanded, making you gasped and close your eyes as you gripped his shoulders.

“N… No, I’m not mad.” You breathed out between moans as Merle kept working on your neck and on your breasts.

“Good girl…” Merle answered, bringing his lips back to yours and captured them into a passionate kiss.

You rubbed your hips against his and pushed him backwards against a tree to jump in his arms and wrap your legs around his hips. Merle grunted and carried you with ease, his muscles jumping as he held you up and teared your shirt off your body. You whimpered and your eyes darkened seeing his own lust for you. Weirdly, you both stopped and stared at each other. Your love for him blooming as you saw his eyes look at you as if you were the most beautiful woman on hearth.

“I love you.” You whispered only for him to hear.

“I love ya too, baby.” He answered and you knew that he meant it. It was the first time that his voice had been so emotional, almost breaking at the end. You giggled in happiness and brought him down for a passionate and lustful kiss.

You didn’t know that the others were already getting ready for the run in town as you enjoyed a pure moment of love with Merle and you also didn’t know that it would be the last time for an entire year that you would be with the love of your life because when the group came back the next day, Merle wasn’t with them. He was just gone but you never gave up on him, knowing that no one could kill Merle but Merle.

I really hope that you liked it! It’s a bit shorter than expected, sorry if you wanted something longer. 

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me, waking with a start at 4 am: in maureen’s vision she saw seven birds but who are the seven? she mentioned twins but we don’t know any twins….is there a secret twin yet to be revealed or is it more metaphorical? how do the three main characters fit into the equation? are they even amongst the seven? one would assume that magnus is “the protector” but where does that leave merle and taako? the lover? the peacemaker? neither particularly fit them…and who are the others??? is it merely coincidental that there were seven birds and are seven relics? if magnus is the red robe who was the female red robe who was the original umbrastaff owner? is she lup? maybe the red robe is actually magnus’ long lost twin…why do all three of them have a significant amount of their memory missing? who gave them those badges at candlenights…WHY DID MERLE SEE A STAR GO OUT


Finally finished my first animatic!

also @alxxah told me to tag it to her when it was done so shoutout to her!

Silent Jealousy (Merle Dixon x Reader)

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Summary: Your little flirting with Martinez makes Merle jealous but what right has he to feel angry about it? Merle and you are just friends…right?

Warnings: Smut & Fluff, Flirting, Harsh Language, Swearing.

~ ~ ~

The chitchat amongst the people of Woodbury blended softly with the music playing in the background. The Governor only dared to arrange these parties once a month, he didn’t want to attract too many biters and despite everyone’s effort to keep the noise down, you could still hear them outside the fence. You knew the people working the gate would have a handful, killing all of them tomorrow.

The sun was slowly descending behind the forest beneath the town and a chill breeze grasped the hem of your white dress, letting it softly flow in the wind. You were just about to put your shawl around your shoulders, when a couple of strong arms looped around your neck, hugging you from behind.

“You know, if you’re cold, I can keep you warm.” You smiled at Caesar’s voice in your ear and laughed softly.

“And how do you plan to keep me warm, Caesar?” you teased in a seductive tone and turned around to face him when his arms slid off of you.

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