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In their creepy little speech the Liches told the Tres Boys that they reminded them of themselves, and followed that with a story about how they tried everything they could to save a member of their trio, bending the laws of nature and reality to do it. 

And Griffin didn’t even know how fucking strong the foreshadowing was in that story when he said it.

me, waking with a start at 4 am: in maureen’s vision she saw seven birds but who are the seven? she mentioned twins but we don’t know any twins….is there a secret twin yet to be revealed or is it more metaphorical? how do the three main characters fit into the equation? are they even amongst the seven? one would assume that magnus is “the protector” but where does that leave merle and taako? the lover? the peacemaker? neither particularly fit them…and who are the others??? is it merely coincidental that there were seven birds and are seven relics? if magnus is the red robe who was the female red robe who was the original umbrastaff owner? is she lup? maybe the red robe is actually magnus’ long lost twin…why do all three of them have a significant amount of their memory missing? who gave them those badges at candlenights…WHY DID MERLE SEE A STAR GO OUT


Cinco Taakos. Ok, technically just dos Taakos, because hair color palette swaps don’t count. My first attempts at drawing him, back around episode 54. I am no closer to deciding on a design. 

Imagine Daryl asking you to keep an eye on Merle, only to end up having sex with him (smut)

(Sorry if it the dialogue seems weird 😣I really tried my best for this smut XD Yay Merle! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D I mixed in two request in one :3 One where reader takes control over Merle and one where you have to look over him and it leads to sexy time 😏lol Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

After Rick came back with Glenn and Maggie, he had told you that Daryl had found his brother, Merle and that they both left together.

It broke your heart a little to hear that your good friend had just left but at the same time you were glad he found his brother.

Since you had met all of them, you knew how dear the brothers were to one another. They had a strange way of showing it but nonetheless it was a rather strong bond.

With that in mind, you had convinced yourself you were fine with Daryl leaving the group.


However the day, they both came back, you instantly got up from your seat and jump to hug Daryl tightly.

You were nearly in tears to see him and couldn’t contain your excitement. You were squirming all in his arms and as Merle stood just near, he had to notice you.

He thanked the hot weather to make you have no choice but to wear a tank top and shorts that showcase all of your great assets.

He stared at you for a long while before chuckling. In his raspy loud voice, he then let you know of his presence.

“Honey! Where’s my hug?! Did you forget about me? Or something?!”

You turned to look over at him and noticed his big smile. His arms were wide open to you and as you stared at him, he started to pucker his lips, making kissing sounds in between.

You eyed him in a judging matter and simply shook your head at him. You approached him slowly only to turn around and leave him hanging, saying “I have other things to do than having to care for you, Merle…Just hug yourself and pretend it’s me!”

You grabbed Daryl by the arm and brought him along to go back at what you were working on.

As you walked away from him, he laughed at your comment and his eyes had lowered down from your neck to your hips swaying.

It had only been a couple of months since he had seen you but you seemed to have grown up so much, he could barely recognize you.

He wanted to follow you but was suddenly pulled away by Rick to show him his cell


A few days, had pass since Merle’s arrival and although the group had been divided, you tried your best to help resolve everything.

From the way you would handle things, it seemed as if you were the only one that Merle would listen and instantly stop talking.

Daryl had notice your ability and knew that he’ll have a good use for it once the time would come.

Fast enough, it came real soon. The group had a major argument with Merle about going on a supply run and you had to stop everything.

You pulled him away and excused yourself for him and escorted him back to his cell. He was boiling in anger and as you sat him down, you rubbed his shoulders and told him to breath and calm down.

Daryl had followed you from behind and finally here was his opportunity. He approached you carefully and pulled you away for a moment.

He stood by the door and looking over at Merle and back at you, he talked to you in a lower tone.

“Look I know this is the wrong timing and all but…We still need to go out there…and check on The Governor and all…We just don’t need him going on another rampage…So I just need you to keep an eye on him for a while…You think you can do that? Please?”

As you listened to him, you raised your eyebrow up and just didn’t knew what to answer. He was practically begging you with his eyes and although you felt like rejecting him, you couldn’t.

You simply smiled and awkwardly nodded in agreement to him.

“Sure…Why not? I got him out of there might as well just keep him company in here, right?”

He gave you a nod and squeezed your hand as a thanks.

“Thanks Y/N…I promise we’ll be back soon…”

He walked away from you and you sighed at the thought of being left alone with Merle. You didn’t knew how long it was really going to be. It could be an hour, half the day or even worst until later that evening.


If it were the other way around, it wouldn’t have bothered you but this is Merle. He was going to give you a hard time of being stubborn and just talking about how damn horny he is.

Despite being angry, you knew he was going to make some remarks about you and all just to try and get you to all hot and bothered.

You couldn’t deny his words had some effect on you, making you smirk to yourself and slightly feeling a tingling sensation down your spine.

As you thought about it, Merle stared at you from behind and slowly felt his anger changing into a different feeling.

He needed some sort of relief and just let it all go before he could calm himself down. He wanted you. Right there, right now.

However, he had a feeling you wouldn’t accept so easily so he had to ease you to him.

Exhaling, he stomped his prosthetic arm on the bed loudly enough for you to hear. As expected, you turned to him.

He looked at you from head to toe and the words from his plan had seem to go all away. He just wanted to pound into you and couldn’t think of anything proper to say to get you to him.

“Get over here…”

In a rough and demanding tone, it was all that he could manage. He found himself motioning you by his finger to get closer and his eyes staring at you hungrily.

For a strange reason, you felt your heart thumping harder in your chest and your breathing being shallower. You didn’t like being ordered around but the way his eyes looked at you made you move forward to him.

“That’s right, honey…Come closer to daddy…”

As you approached, your foot finally touched his slightly and instantly he felt the need to grab you.

He hooked his handless arm around your waist and tried to pull you down to him. His hand slithered all over you and suddenly slid under your shirt.

Lifting it slightly, he buried his face into your stomach to feel you, kissing, sucking and nipping along your skin. In a hushed but gruff tone he mumbled in between the care he was giving you.

“Let’s get rid of your clothes babydoll…”

His hand sliding around to grope your ass, approaching you closer to him, while he marked your stomach, only served you to make you warmer and wetter.

You wanted him as well at the moment, but not his way. You thought that if you were going to keep an eye on him for the day, might as well make it be about you rather than him.

You then showed him your resistance by backing away and pushing him by his shoulder towards the bed.

“I ain’t your bitch Dixon…You take off your clothes…”

He was surprised to hear you order him so eagerly. To see you stand there and look at him the way he had been looking at you, made him feel so wanted for once and he liked it.

He was getting harder by the seconds just thinking about it and without hesitation, he reached down to unbuckle his belt.

He was struggling though, he was fumbling with it and couldn’t get it off right. It ticked him off and his frustration showed.

You smirked and crossed your arms at the sight. Casually, you asked him, “You need help?”

He looked back at you and nodded in embarrassment.

You shrugged and shook your head at him.

“If you want it…Beg for it…”

You don’t know what went through your mind in that instant but you just wanted to make him feel vulnerable and submitted for once. You wanted to let him know that you weren’t going to have it his way.

He hated begging for anything but your eyes looking down at him and your voice resonating in such a demanding manner yet so sweet, made him do what he had never expected to do.

“Please…please help me out of my clothes…Y/N…”

He didn’t forget your name, he knew a simple mention of it was going to make you feel powerful and in control of the situation, at least that’s what he felt when women would say his name in bed.

You approached him and sitting down next to him as he laid there, you reached to unbuckle him. Your hand had brushed against his hard cock so many times, he was squirming beneath you to get you to notice him.

As his pants came off, his arousal was painfully aching for any kind of release. He started to touch himself but he just didn’t feel like it was enough.

“Come on, baby…do something about this…”

You smirked, enjoying the role of having dominance over him and quickly got rid of your clothes.

He had wanted to grab you in that instant to make you climb on top of him but instead you pushed him back and did so yourself.

Straddling him under you, you grind yourself to him and inched your hand behind you to get closer to his shaft.

You gripped him, making him groan and buck his hips forward. Feeling more playful, you grinned and started to slowly stroke him.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly, Merle…What is it that you want from me?

He felt like losing his mind from your touch and your wetness slowly spreading all over his stomach and waist and couldn’t form proper words.

You tortured him by adding some twists to your wrist and tugging him ever so lightly. You rubbed yourself against him and your ass could be felt painfully grazing on his cock.

“I asked you what did you say, Merle…Care to repeat yourself?”

Only moans and groans could escape his lips, as his eyes closed tight shut to feel you even more. You knew he wouldn’t be able to answer you for a while and you thought; Good, he’ll keep his mouth shut for a once.

Jaws clenched and hand firmly gripping you thigh, he felt the tension get worse with each touch and for once he knew what it felt to be at the mercy and submitted in bed and he loved it.

You were bringing him near orgasm but each time you’d go on, it only served to make him feel even more in ecstasy.

No words could come out but slowly, he felt like you might want him to return the favor. He slid his hand all over your thigh and finally arrived at your wet folds.

With as much control as he could, he started to rub and graze your clit with his thumb. It made you whimper and slowly you started to loosen your hold on him.

You threw your head back at the feeling and just as him, moans were coming out of your mouth. He got himself up to you and wrapped his arms around your to feel your body even closer. He pressed his lips to yours and quickly delved his tongue.

His hand gripped your hair and made you respond back to him. You enjoyed the feeling of his rough lips on yours, however, slowly you realize you were losing control.

You couldn’t accept that. There was no way he was going to have his way with you, especially not after what had just happened.

You pushed him back and as he fell down on the bed, you slid down his cock and inserted him inside you with no warning.

He let out a few curses at the sudden tightness and warmth, and couldn’t believe he was truly being handled in such a demanding manner.

“Fuck…Fucking shit…”

You chuckled and kept on torturing him by moving your hips slowly. He tried to make you ride him faster by conducting your hips with his hand but you didn’t let him.

You grabbed his wrist and pinned it above his head and smiled mischievously. You dipped down to kiss his lips very quickly and couldn’t help but find him adorable once under control.

“You forgot…That we’re doing this my way…didn’t you…”

“Please…Just a little bit faster…I-I can’t take it anymore…Y/N…I-I need you…to…to make me come…Fuck!”

You gradually moved your hips more to his favored rhythm but maintained him under your grip. You had, had enough of his annoying behavior and just had to get something of your chest.

“Then promise me…you’ll stop…you’ll stop…getting into fights…with the others…Do that, beg for it and i’ll let you come…”

He didn’t care at this point what he had to promise, he just needed for you to ride him hard. He nodded eagerly and managed to open his eyes a few instant to look you back in the eyes.

“I-I promise! I won’t! Now, please! Y/N! Make me come!”

At his words and struggle, you went harder at him just as he wanted. He bucked his hips to yours and you felt the pressure coming up to you as well.

You both cursed at the feeling of one another and before he could release inside you, you removed yourself.

It surprised him but as he sat up, he understood what you were doing. You gripped him back again and stroked him until his seed spread all over your hand.

At the sense of relief, he instantly fell back on the bed and was out of breath. He couldn’t believe how he was completely at your mercy and how he let himself being controlled that way.

He chuckled at it and as he looked at you, you had started to rub yourself to get yourself near the edge as well.

With as much strength he could muster up, he then got closer and removed your hand. He brought your fingers up to his lips and instantly sucked on them, enjoying the sweet taste.

He chuckled seeing your surprised reaction and simply winked at you.

“How about I pay you back for all of this…I think we still have time…”

You smirked and slowly nodded before looking down between your legs and back at him.

Imagine being at the line up and seeing Merle, your husband, as a Savior.

(So I had this request where Merle fakes his death and becomes a Savior for a long while and I finally came around to write it. I changed it from him being your brother-in-law to him just being your husband also there’s a little bit of Negan as well cause I couldn’t resist adding him XD, hope it’s okay and you all like it :D Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners,)

It was a dark and cold night, you hang on tightly to the bed carrying Maggie and followed Rick’s lead.

You ran as fast as you could but came to a stop the moment you noticed you were completely surrounded and had no where to run. They ordered you to get on your knees and with no choice did as they said.


You waited for a while and suddenly a man with a baseball bat got out of the RV.

He chuckled and got closer to all of you.

“Pissin’ our pants yet? Boy do I have a feeling we’re getting close! Yeah…it’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon!”

His voice and demeanor scared your and made shivers run down your spine. He asked for the leader and as he got the answer, he chuckled and introduced himself.

“Hi…i’m Negan…you’re Rick, right? I do not appreciate you killing you my men…”

He smirked and started talking to all of you about what was going to happen to you and the what the New world order was. As a revenge for the death of so many of his men, he revealed was going to beat one of you.

“All this…all this is just a weak pick of who gets the honor…so who’s it going to be? You? You…or maybe…you?”

He eyed you up and down and smiled standing in admiration of you. He then wondered if you were ever chosen would he really be able to kill you. He started to laugh and acted smug as if he was flirting with you.

“Yeah…how about you, honey…what’s your name?”

As you looked up at him, you suddenly heard a familiar voice objecting to him and someone surging from the crowd.

“No! No! Not her!”

You couldn’t believe your eyes and neither did your friends, it was Merle. He was well and alive after all.


When you met up with the group in Atlanta, at first, you and Merle bickered a lot and didn’t quite get along.

He was rude and an utter nuisance to the group’s well being and you just had to always put him in his place. You didn’t shy away from insulting him, smacking his head and telling him about his wrong doings.

However, just as for the others in the group, you still cared for his safety and showed your concern for him when got injured.

It made him laugh to see you that way and soon, your bickering and fighting turned into flirting and the both of you falling for one another.


One evening, inside your tent, he asked you “Say it again…” while catching your hand that was about to slap him.

You tried to get his hand away from you and got annoyed by how lightly he was treating the subject matter.

“Damn it, Merle! Were you even listening I said to stop picking fights with the others! Did you get that? Please can you just spend at least one day without causing trouble with the others…”

He chuckled and shook his head, and ended up grabbing both of your hands.

“No…I already got that part and I promise, i’ll do just as you wish…I meant the first part of your sentence, say it again…I like hearing it from you…”

You stopped trying to fight him and suddenly got shy from his request. Looking away and in a hush tone you nervously repeated just as he asked of you.

“I love you, Merle…”

He loved that no matter how mad you were at him, you reminded him you still loved him and he smiled even more while pulling you closer, he quickly gave you a kiss and hug you tightly.

“I love you too, Y/N…”

He kissed you again and was being so sweet and loving you nearly forgot the reason you got angry until you heard the ruckus outside and reminded him.

“I’m serious Merle, no more fighting with the others!”

“Okay, okay! But I’ll only promise…if you marry me…”

He took out a ring from his pocket and showed it to you. You were shocked, your eyes got watery and you had no words to describe the joy you felt.

He slipped the ring to your finger and immediately went back to kissing and hugging you.


Although, you both loved each other very much, your “marriage” was short lived as one day, you had stayed in the camp while he left for a run with the others only to be left alone.

They had come back with another man instead who revealed he had no choice but to handcuffed Merle to the rooftop.

It angered you to know this man, Rick, could ever think he could just do that and expect you to just accept it.

You and Daryl had then urged everyone to go look for him and as you did, you only found his hand instead.

No body, no evidence as to where he might’ve gone but only his hand. You cried yourself to sleep that night and many other but as you traveled you had been able to move on little by little.

By the time you got to the prison, you were able to be yourself again and help with everything that needed to be done. You even found it in yourself to forgive Rick and had grown to accept him.


Merle, on the other hand, was in Woodbury, working for the Governor. Just as you he thought about you everyday and would’ve wished going back to get you.

However, since he was found and saved by The Governor he somehow felt in debt and stayed to help him. As he met up with Andrea, he didn’t hesitate to ask her about you and Daryl. He was relieved to know you were alright the last time she saw you but it broke his heart to know how much you grieved for him.

He was determined to get back to you and tried to convince The Governor to go look for you and the others.


In the weeks that followed, he tried to figure out were you could be but as he did, Philip told him to worry and take care of other business.

By then Merle realized, he was being used and that he’ll probably never be able to leave Woodbury with the way things were. Wanting to see you and Daryl again, he came up with a plan to fake his death.

He managed to convince them and was now left alone in the world looking to find you. He remembered a prison being mentioned sheltering people and tried to look for it.

After days and days of walk, he finally arrived, he saw the place destroyed and infested with walkers. Believing you had been there, he cried thinking the worst of outcome for you.

He walked along the road and spend months and months on end trying to find the old group or at least other people, he finally met up with a group of people and found himself helping them just as he did with the Governor.


After what had happened to the prison, you and your friends had been separated only to reunited along the road.

You all finally found a place to call home and were able to settle and hope to live there for the rest of your days.

However, you still went through some ups and down and came across another group who was threatening your livelihood.


And now here you were on your knees, seeing your husband for the first time after thinking he had died. You were in such disbelief you couldn’t find the right words to say anything all while wondering if you were dreaming. 

For the first time, Merle was objecting to Negan and was trying to find a way to save all of you. 

“You can’t kill her…or any of them…”

Negan got pissed to see one of his men standing up against him and sarcastically scoffed.

“Oh my fucking bad! I didn’t knew you were in charge now? What you want me back inside the car?! Geez! Just move out the way!”

He pushed him away and tried to get back in front of you but Merle tugged on him. 

“Wait…I can convince them to give us everything…I know these people…”

He pushed him again and finally got to you and pissed he said “I don’t give a fucking damn shit if you know these people! I care to beat the holy hell out of one of them for what they did and get half of their shit!”

Looking into your eyes, he noticed tears rolling down your cheeks and your breathing being ragged, you were sobbing. 

“Oh…sweetheart…don’t cry…he’s just trying to get me to spare your lives, it’s not a bad thing…”

He chuckled and as Merle heard that, he truly believed you were going to be Lucilled and went to stand in front of you.

Looking into Negan’s eyes, he said “I don’t ever beg…but i’m begging you now…please don’t kill her…I haven’t seen her in months on end…and I miss her…”

You looked up towards and in that moment, you didn’t care about anyone around and didn’t hesitate to get up and hug him. He turned to hug you back and for what seemed like an eternity you finally felt at ease.

“I-I love you Merle…I-I really missed you…”

“I love you Y/N…”

He stroked your hair and back and listened closely to the sound of your voice. Just as you he had forgotten about everyone around, until he heard Negan chuckling.

“Oh…I get it…you love her cause she’s the wife you were looking for…If it relieves you…I never planned on killing her…but I do plan on taking her back with me…and now that I know about all this…she just got even more interesting…”

You both stood in shock and Merle didn’t want to think what he could be thinking. He turned to look at him and noticed him smirking. 

Merle felt his stomach turn and could only shake his head saying “No…no…you can’t take her away from me this way…”

Things that sting in retrospect: in the Lunar Interlude where Merle takes the Director on that spa retreat he says, “You and I, we got a lot in common … you know, a little more in age than the other two young whippersnappers,” and she replies with the most uncomfortable laugh in the world because yes, she looks older, but chronologically she’s about the same age as Magnus.

Rushing Waters- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Could you do an imagine where Daryl and Merle are out alone and find reader stuck holding on for dear life in a quick current of a river. Merle wants to leave her but Daryl saves the day! Reader is very grateful.”

Word count:


Originally posted by curious-tales-of-daryl-dixon

The walker’s dead body was swept away by the tides, bones and muscles concealed by rotten flesh as the dark, almost black blood lingered in the water. You sighed, relieved that threat was gone– and you’d managed to keep your knife in the fight, but now you had another to face.

The water itself. It was rushing around your hips, cold, like little knives cutting your skin. It moved fast, strong as the current proceeded in it’s path– toward the waterfall. You knew you’d meet your demise if you let go, but your fingers were slipping from the tree root and you couldn’t pull yourself up. 

The gash across your arm hurt, and was bleeding badly. In the fuss, you’d cut yourself by accident– of course only sending that walker’s hunger through the roof. 

You heard a branch snap. It was a surprise, as the waters noise was loud enough, but you still heard it– clear as day. 

“Aint no fish gonna be ‘round here, baby brother.” A man’s voice called. Suddenly, your rules meant nothing. The rules that stated clearly, avoid people at all costs. 

But you would die– and they would find you soon enough anyways. So with a loud yell, you screamed a cry of help. Within seconds, two men were looking over the edge. 

They were about six feet above you, as the river was deep into the ground. You looked up with shaky eyes, adrenaline flowing through your veins. 

“Come on, baby brother. We can’t help her.” One of the men tried to say, but the other one gave him a harsh glare in return. He pushed the man’s remaining hand away, positioning his stomach on the ground. “What are you doing?” The one-handed man asked, but he ignored him– reaching a hand out to you. 

You swung your body with what felt like every muscle in your bone, grabbing onto the extended hand. It was your lifeline, and he’d given you it without a thought. 

Within a few moments, the man had pulled you up successfully. Your pants were soaked, but you were alive. 

“Thank you.” You swallowed hard, training your eyes on the helpful man as he nodded in return. You casted a quick glare the other man’s way before sighing, “I’m (Y/N). You?” Raising your eyebrows in the man’s direction, disregarding who you assumed to be his older brother. 

“Daryl. Daryl Dixon.” 

i’m relistening to taz and i fucking love the part where merle just announces to killian that they met in jail for fighting the man “what man?” “you know, the Man!”

|Daryl Dixon imagine| Part 2

Part 1: http://abbeyreedus.tumblr.com/post/111413424583/daryl-dixon-imagine-requested-y-n-can-you-go

(Daryl’s POV) 

“Ya knew where I was Merle, you ain’t have to of kidnapped er; coulda’ just came.” I sighed getting worried about Y/N’s safety. Merle grunted, “If I had jus’ left the governor would’ve found me n’ killed me, If I kidnapped er’ and gave the girl to him I was allowed to walk away free.” Merle said. I looked over at him and nodded. “If shes dead Merle. I’m gonna kill you, tha’s a promise.” I gritted through my teeth. 

Merle and I carried on walking in silence, my anger was building up in me with each second passing by. I prayed to God tha’ Y/N was okay. The silence was cut short when an ear piercing scream filled the woods. “Y/N” I whispered as I started running but was stopped by Merle’s grip tight on my wrist. “We gotta go into Woodbury without bein’ seen brother! Can’t jus’ barge in there and shoot everybody.” Merle snapped. I kept trying to push him off me but it wasn’t working. 

“Why the hell not?! and get your fuckin’ hands off me Merle! The governor could be tryin’ to kill er’ and I ain’t gonna let tha’ happen. We’re goin’ in there and you’re gonna sneak me in!” I shouted. 

Merle raised his hands in defense and then started running in the direction of the scream and I followed. After about 10 minutes of non stop running, the sight of the Woodbury gates were in view, along with the guards that were on top. Merle turned to look at me. “Righ’ lets go round the back way, there’s a small hole in tha’ fence we can get through.” He said pointing the way and slowly jogging there. I nodded and went with him. 

‘Please be okay … please be okay’ I said to myself, that was all that was running through my head. I just hoped and prayed Y/N was safe, I just wanted her in my arms again. I kept my eyes on the guards as Merle and I made our way around to the back of Woodbury hoping they didn’t spot us. We came to an area round the back with loads of trees and bushes. “Through tha’ small gap there, the fence is cut so we’ll be able ta’ get through.” He said as he began to crawl inside, I did the same and after passing through the fence we were in Woodbury. 

“Where now?” I asked biting the inside of my cheek suddenly becoming nervous. Merle slowly started walking round the side past all these doors with me in suit. We came to a door that was double bolted but could be opened from the outside. Merle slowly flicked both the locks and opened the door revealing a beaten and bloody body on the floor chained up and blind folded … Y/N.

I ran straight to her and gently shook her to make sure she was alive. “Y/N? Come on girl answer me.” I whispered, my tears falling onto her body. Y/N let out a quiet groan and opened her eyes lazily looking up at me, a tear fell from her eye. “You … came for me.” She stuttered out, a small smile forming across her face. “Of course I did, wouldn’t have let ya stayed ere’, I’m sorry this happened to ya.” I apologized as I began helping her up being careful not to hurt her even more than she already was. 

As Y/N stood up she froze as her eyes were fixated on Merle. I felt Y/N shake from anger. “You fucking bastard! I’ll kill you!” She shouted as she stole my gun from the holster and weakly made her way towards Merle. 

I grabbed Y/N before she could do anything. “He fucking kidnapped me! This happened because of HIM!” Y/N continued. “I know … I’ll never forgive him for this Y/N believe me, but he lead me back to you and now we’ve gotta get the hell outta here.” I said making Y/N look at me in the eye. 


“Where the fuck is the girl?!” We heard a man shout as we began running as fast as possible to get away from Woodbury, gunshots also filling out ears and screams from the town erupted. 

Y/N was running too slow so I decided to carry her and run. “Which way back to the prison brother?” Merle panted becoming out of breath. “Keep goin’ til we get to a road then go left and all the way down.” I said as we neared the road. I heard Y/N groan in pain as she clutched her side. “Wait Merle!” I shouted and stopped, placing Y/N on the ground and sitting beside her. “Lets jus’ stop for a bit.” I suggested as Merle went to take a piss. 

“Thank you, Daryl.” Y/N whispered as she looking me in the eye. Her beautiful eyes still as strong and powerful as ever. She gripped the back of my neck gently and made me lean down to her lips. 

The kiss was soft but meant so much. “I thought I was gonna die, I thought I was in heaven when I opened my eyes and saw you, Daryl.” She said as she kissed my cheek. “I prayed to God you weren’t dead Y/N, it breaks me to see you in pain tha’ I know I can’t take away.” I replied placing a small peck upon her warm lips. “We’re safe now, and over my dead body will anyone ever hurt you again. I promise Angel."