where is merle

so obviously it’s always shitty when any of the ipre die but i wonder if there weren’t also certain combinations of people being dead that are just… 200% more awful

there’s a cycle where magnus and lup both die. and it’s like the energy has gone out of the entire group. taako always gets quieter and sharper when lup dies, but without magnus to rattle around the ship and distract everyone, his furious silence is deafening. barry doesn’t leave his room at all, and without lup or magnus to remind her there’s a world outside her journals, lucretia doesn’t either.

there’s one cycle where merle and davenport both die about halfway through and there’s just this horrible feeling of pseudo parental loss. barry takes it especially hard; he lost his father before he can remember and he just lost two more. the twins too - the others notice them getting even closer; they’re often joined at the hip, but now they’re rarely in different rooms.

or, magnus and lucretia die and the other five feel, suddenly, very old. the two of them are the “little siblings” of the crew. magnus is so big and lucretia so smart that it’s easy to forget they have twenty and twenty-two year old bodies respectively. even with the extra years they’ve been given, they’re still so young.

davenport and lucretia die and suddenly everyone’s twice as reckless. taako and merle die and the crew finds themselves humorless; it seems like there’s no one to laugh with or at. merle and barry die and the crew never realized how much of the good nature on the ship stemmed directly from them until then 

theres an interaction in the first ep of rockport where merle says “can we bring billy bluejeans back” and taako replies “its barry. oh how quickly you forget huh. boy barry must have made a real impact on you” and all of this is in front of lucretia


In their creepy little speech the Liches told the Tres Boys that they reminded them of themselves, and followed that with a story about how they tried everything they could to save a member of their trio, bending the laws of nature and reality to do it. 

And Griffin didn’t even know how fucking strong the foreshadowing was in that story when he said it.

No one’s been able to reach Merle because he’s had his Stone of Farspeech turned of this whole damn time.

People keep showing up on his doorstep and he’s never there because he’s out with the kids.

Taako and Magnus have to stage a goddamn intervention so they can actually talk to him and it does no good the stone is off again and no one knows where to find Merle.

hystriahaze  asked:

Where did Magnus, Taako, and Merle, get the name Tres Horny Boys??????????

Justin said a thing. The others liked it. It stuck.

Griffin: You wake up. And you’re not dead. Anymore.

Justin: Hooray!

Travis: Yay, we did it!

Griffin: If you were dead, you were dead for just a bit. Just a second. But you’ve woken up from that white space and you are laying on the ground, and when you look up, there’s Refuge. And it’s undestroyed.

Travis: We did it! [Clint laughs]

Griffin: You did, in a very circuitous way, I guess, save the town. Um, but-

Travis: Another victory for the - oh, we don’t have a cool nickname, do we?

Clint: We really need a cool nickname.

Travis: Yeah.

Griffin: I also don’t think “another” works.

Travis: What about The Thrifty Three?

Griffin: That doesn’t make any sense.

Justin: Tres Horny Boys.

Travis: Yeah!

Griffin: Tres Horny Boys.

Justin: No one say that out loud ever again, please.

Clint: Tres Horny Boys, you don’t want to say that out loud again?

Griffin: Well, that’s unfortunate, Justin. Everything you say on this show becomes canon. Tres Horny Boys, you’ve woken up and there’s Refuge, it’s not destroyed.