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Super Junior’s Heechul Warns Cast Of “Ask Us Anything” To Not Mention Members

On the June 4 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Kim Heechul hints at Kangin‘s recent DUI incident by warning the cast not to mention the word “members.”

When the cast was asked about who they wanted to invite on the show, Buzz member Min Kyung Hoon states, “ I want to invite my group members.”

In response Kim Heechul warns, “Do not talk about members. Do not talk about members today.” This reaction from Heechul stems from fellow Super Junior member Kangin’s recent DUI accident, where Kangin hit and damaged a streetlamp with his car after drinking. Heechul adds, “If you don’t want to see me lose my temper, stop talking about members.”  On the screen, the editors comically write, “Today’s Taboo Words: #member #streetlamp”.

Heechul recently deleted his Instagram account after Kangin’s incident.


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It's fathers day,members decide to give gifts to Appa Kangin (for his dongseang he's the father figure even if leeteuk,heechul hangeng and yesung are older than him)how everybody act and kangin reaction?

(I’ve always wanted to write this crackfic where Leeteuk and Kangin are the parents. Heechul and Yesung are the crazy uncles, while Hangeng is the normal uncle and the rest are the kids (with their crazy adventures in SM). lol)

Leeteuk: Here’s a key to my heart.

Heechul & Yesung: Heres our gifts ‘dancing’

Hangeng: I’ve got you this puppy, but we have to return her tomorrow since its one of the staff’s dog ‘missing the point of the gift’

Shindong: Me and Sungmin are sharing a gift ‘forgot to buy one’

Sungmin: ‘Ignorers Shindong’ ‘does aegyo’ my gift is my cuteness.

Eunhyuk: It’s in the mail

Donghae: Here’s the key to the girl’s locker room

Super Junior: ah Donghae, we’ll take that for now ‘returns the key to one of the girls’

Zhoumi: ‘changing the subject’ so I did all of this

Siwon: Here’s my gift ‘A plate of food made by Ryeowook’

Ryeowook: ‘Siwon stole his gift so’ I’m becoming more like a man these days isn’t that a good enough gift

Kibum: ‘fast thinking’ these boots are my gift to you

Kyuhyun: I won’t prank you tonight, love ya ‘thinking that as a gift’

Henry: ‘says nothing, cuts cute’

Kangin: ‘annoyed and teary’ thats very nice you guys

Super Junior: Yaaaaaaaaa ‘happy’


Kangin: ‘realizes’ wait so, you guys didn't actually get me anything

If You Were A Girl, Which One of the Members Would You Marry?
  • Donghae: Ah... Ryeowook said he was going to marry me.
  • Kangin: Really?
  • Ryeowook: Yeah, I want to marry Donghae.
  • Kangin: Why?
  • Donghae: No, there was a question... If Ryeowook was a girl, which one of the members would he marry. And he said me.
  • Kangin: Why?
  • Donghae: ... Why?
  • Ryeowook: Do I have to reveal it here?
  • Donghae: Reveal it.
  • Kangin: Say it.
  • Ryeowook: I really like you, Donghae-sshi.
  • Donghae: Ah, why...? No, I mean, why do you like me?
  • Ryeowook: Why are you like this?
  • Donghae: No... it’s just weird.
  • Ryeowook: Hyung, you don’t like me?
  • Donghae: No, I like you but... If you don’t say it, it’ll be all weird.
  • Ryeowook: What’ll be weird?
  • Donghae: For the people who are listening...!
  • Ryeowook: I just like you, all the words that you say...
  • Donghae: *Laughs insanely in the background.*
  • Ryeowook: The way you read some things wrong... The way you smile like this...
  • Kangin: For real? Really? You have to say it right.
  • Ryeowook: I like it.
  • Kangin: You would even marry him?
  • Donghae: I can’t do it.
  • Kangin: Ryeowook, Donghae said he can’t do it.
  • Ryeowook: The problem is that I’m not a girl.
  • Kangin: In some countries they allow gay marriages.
  • Ryeowook: No, why are you being like this?!
  • Kangin: If both of you have the heart to get married, I can help you.
  • Ryeowook: No, I don’t want to!
  • Kangin: Okay... Ryeowook is being weird... You... Don’t come into my room anymore.
  • Donghae: Ryeowook... slept in my room.
  • Ryeowook: Why are you like this~?
  • Donghae: He just brought his computer, and he could’ve just done it in his room but he came into my room and sat in my chair and used the computer. So I was like, ‘Uh... aren’t you going to sleep?’ And he was like, ‘Hyung, I’m going to sleep here.’ So I was like ‘Here?! But you have your own bed in your own room.’
  • Ryeowook: But there was like no one there!
  • Donghae/Kangin: Where?
  • Ryeowook: There was no one in the room. Everyone else went home. So... We slept together.
  • (All laughing like crazy.)
  • Kangin: Okay. No more, no more, no more!

140730 All About Super Junior ‘TREASURE WITHIN US’ - SJ 7th Anniversary Fanmeet ‘Paper Passing Game’.

140828 Inkigayo Pre-Recording

Hyuk said do you know alo alo? And started doing like a Hawaiian dance bluebada_

ELF chanting “watermelon” and kangin just ignoring with a small smile. Shiwon pointing at kangin himurahimeko 

Kangin said everyone Leeteuk hyung is back! And we started chanting park Jungsoo  and then the boys started mocking him. And then Shindong came and said well we are going soon and we were like awww and then he said something like it’s better to go and come fast bluebada_

Eeteuk seriously talking with wook about dance timing and wook looks like he’s like “ur worrying too much hyung" bluebada_

Eunhyuk laid down on floor and Donghae stepped on his foot elf_ninida

Shingdong slaps siwon’s butt when they are preparing for recording @ParkHeeYoung13

Kangin was trying to say something but Eunhyuk kept saying ayayayaya super loudly bluebada_

There was this time where kangin was doing this "dongsaeng-ah!” And hugging all his dongsaeng and then he gets to heechul and does this cute “hyung-ah!” But doesn’t go thru with his hug and then heechul comes and hugs him instead And then heechul finds his nipple and starts poking at it himurahimeko 

At beginning of 5th take, eunhae was slumped over like they are hung over and pd kept saying stand by and siwon was like YA!!!  @dinoteuk

Super Junior have recorded Shirt 4 times already. After 3rd time they shouted “fighting” together. cutegirl315

Fans shouted name of each members when they go on stage .kyu imitate how fans shake balloon And shout their name. Hyuk do thumbs up to fans. Eunhyuk was the last to leave stage. He kept giving kiss ~thumbs up And lastly make a love sign to fans cutegirl315