Y’all, Lana’s acting during that kiss was phenomenal

At first she’s almost smiling, like she had been waiting for this moment from the second she saw Robin alive again. And then her face falls, and her brow pinches, almost like she’s confused, like she doesn’t understand why it’s not right. And what got me the most was how she pushes into him, like she’s trying to force the kiss to feel right, like if she tries a little harder it will work. And then you can see the moment she stops kissing him back, the moment she gives up and lets him finish kissing her. She just opens her eyes, watches him as he pulls away from her, and her hope sinks away. 

All in the span of 10 seconds. 

You know how in that show h2O the three chicks got turned into mermaids because of some bs with the moon and a special pool?

That but with Jack trying to hide it from his team (little does he know Holster is in the same boat and Nursey will be too) and he’s gotta keep it a secret from Bitty who’s constantly kind and understanding and never judges and he falls for Bitty

This is literally my excuse to talk about mermaid!Jack navigating his life while being in love with Bitty

apparently during the nimrod era, green day played a show and at the end of the set mike and tré started to destroy their equipment but halfway through doing so, billie began playing the song prosthetic head all of a sudden. they stop destroying their instruments and join billie in playing the song and green day somehow manages the play prosthetic head with half a drum kit and a bass with only 3 strings left on it. if anyone ever finds the footage of this please share because i have been searching for so long.