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Flirting with the boss's daughter.

Request: How about Jesse flirting with a pretty girl he found near the offices of overwatch, and she is flatered and that but she mentions about visiting her father (actually, is her uncle but he got the custody after the dead of her mother). The funny thing, Gabriel is the one she is waiting for.


A crisp summer Saturday set in around noon and Jesse McCree spent it in his favorite way - drinking. He sat outside the Overwatch HQ with a cigar in one hand and a beer in the other. Good ol’ Jesse James McCree was no lightweight the man could drink more than a camel, over the years his alcohol tolerance had built up enough to where six drinks could only get him tipsy. But that all worked in his favorite when he stumbled into his sights.

You were a cute little thing dressed prim and proper with a pink suitcase trailing behind you, alike most now a days your eyes were focused on your phone. From what Jesse could infer you seemed lost.

“Need help Darlin’?” He called, tipping his hat to you in greeting. “Seems like ya lost your bearin’s.”

You looked at him and he swore his heart stopped, “Oh! Uhm…no I’m alright just waiting for someone. I thought they’d be here by now.”

Jesse smirked, “I can keep ya company while you wait for yer man.”

“My man?” You blinked. “Oh I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m actually waiting on my dad…well he’s actually my uncle.” You looked away and clutched your arm. “He uh…got custody of me when my mom died.”

“M’sorry ta hear that sugar pea, lost my folks when I wus about eight. Pops walked out and Ma got sick.” Jesse puffed smoke and flashed a smile. “How long till yer uncle-dad shows up? I know a nice little cafe not too far from here. I’d love ta take ya out.”

You smiled, “I’m flattered but if my uncle knew I went on a date he’d come after you with his shotguns.”

Shotguns? Jesse pursed his lips, he felt like he’d seen you somewhere before but he couldn’t recall.

“Aww c’mon honey, he don’t have to know.” He placed a finger on his lips. “Ol’ Jesse McCree always keeps his secrets.”

Your phone buzzed, “Oh! He’s on his way. Sorry Jesse, maybe another time?”

He tipped his hat, “Sure. Ya look awfully familiar darlin’, we met somewhere before?”

“Not until just now no.” You replied.

“Who’s yer pops?” Jesse quirked a brow.

“Gabriel Reyes.”

The minute the name was uttered Jesse knew then and there that he’d made a mistake. Now he remembered where he’d seen you from, Reyes had a picture of you on his desk. Reyes came out of HQ and his eyes instantly locked on the ingrate.

“H-Howdy boss. Wus jus’ keepin’ yer daughter company till ya got here.” Jesse gulped.

“I’m sure you were.” He cocked his shotguns. “Run.”

Not having to be told twice Jesse ran for the hills.


i really like this scene in the stage play.

when hanamaki says “do we really need him for that?”, you can see oikawa is about to defend himself, but iwaizumi speaks up first.

and based on everyone’s initial reaction, no one expected iwaizumi to speak up for oikawa, not even iwaizumi himself. it’s also clear that it’s not something iwaizumi does often based on oikawa’s overjoyed reaction.

this is one of the rare instances where iwaizumi openly shows (albeit accidentally) that he cares for his trash of a boyfriend best friend

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Hellooo <3 First of all, I love your blog now that it's been said, can you do the Eldarya guys reactions to their parents noticing how they stare at you and telling them that they shall marry someone else and that they won't alloe their son dating a human? (an elf for Ez and a vampire for Nevra and for Valk well another faery) Plus you guys weren't a thing he just loved you to the point where when his parents visited the HQ they noticed the way he was looking at Guardienne, I hope it made sense!

I seriously need to go back to outlining before writing, this literally took me less than an hour to write and edit.

Anyway, thanks for the love, Anon! <3 I hope you enjoy these headcanons! ^^


  • Politely put, Nevra doesn’t give a shit.
  • His parents left him and Karen to fend for themselves, and now they want a say in his life? Fuck that.
  • In fact, just to spite them, he spend even more time with you, purposely dropping hints that he likes you and flirting with you in front of his parents just to piss them off even more.
  • Unfortunately, Nev’s parents are just a stubborn as he is, and constantly bring vampires over for him to ‘pick’ from, often earning them some sharp words from their less than impressed son.


  • Oh, they don’t like you? That’s unfortunate.
  • It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s that he doesn’t care at all.
  • He doesn’t hate his parents, in fact he cares about them a lot but that doesn’t mean he’s going to let them run his life.
  • So he understands and accepts their opinion, but he likes you and he’s not going to let himself be bullied into marrying a woman he doesn’t love.
  • The only time Val loses his composure over the whole affair is when his parents actually try to force him into meeting other fae, then he gets hostile, telling them to go mind their own damn business.


  • Is a bit torn since he actually admires his parents.
  • In elf culture, parents have a big say in their child’s future partner, and Ez doesn’t want to offend his parents by ignoring their wishes.
  • He ends up doing so anyway by continuing to spend time with you despite their requests for him not to, and pointedly correcting them whenever they gossip about you.
  • And though his parents try to gently steer him towards elven women, all they to do is drive him closer to you, the stark difference between the mundane grace of elves and your dazzling self reminding him why he liked you in the first place.

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Angst is my daily bread! So, what if the older chocobros meet their s/o after the decade of darkness,and they are in an arranged marriage but they still love them? This results in an affair, but after some time the husband calmly confront the guys, saying s/o is pregnant and he surely isn't the father, but he will recognize it as his own, he has no intention to let them in the kid's life. " It may not be my blood, but it will be mine, my child, my heir. I will love him but i don't want you close

Hey Anon- finally here to provide you with the angst fest you desire! I don’t know why, but these detailed requests are making me turn these should-be-scenarios into a series of short reader insert drabbles! Hopefully there’s some novelty between each scenario- I felt like I repeated myself a little LMAO! Anyways- get ready for the feels AND TRIGGER WARNING: minor mentions of abuse! :O Oh and… no happy endings here :/ Once again, Noct’s is the shortest and Iggy’s is the longest… maybe I should change the order in which I write these so that Noct goes last… HMMMMM!

Noctis: You stand before your lover and your husband, grasping at the edge of your t-shirt and pulling it over the barely noticeable bump beginning to form in your abdominal region. Your husband shoots you an impassive look and turns his gaze directly into Noctis’ midnight blue eyes. Your husband does not falter as he takes a single step towards the prince- no, king- of Lucis.

“I would have thought you were brought up to be morally sound- but it seems my assumptions were incorrect,” you wince at the biting tone your husband has chosen to adopt in front of Noctis. You notice Noctis clenching his fists at his sides, but his gaze is cool and unwavering on your husband. You pull your shirt down lower, immense guilt clouding your conscience.

“Like you’re any better- forcing y/n into a marriage she doesn’t want.” Noctis replies back coolly. Your husband turns his head slightly to regard you with a curious gaze before shrugging and locking eyes with your king, your lover, once more.

“And where were you to object when our union was had?” your husband drawls. Noctis opens his mouth, but he cannot come up with any answers for the simple question that had just been directed at him. You shake your head and place your hand on your husband’s bicep to interject, only to be shrugged off.

You hate the fact that Noctis doesn’t bat an eyelid at the rough treatment your husband is giving you. You hate the fact that your husband’s question hits you somewhere deep inside- and you want to know the answer too. Where had Noctis been when you needed him most? He had disappeared without a word, and suddenly, he was back. He brought the light back, and came back to Hammerhead HQ all bloodied up, looking a right mess. But the way he looked at you, with so much tenderness in his eyes as you did your best to patch him up, you couldn’t deny him any request.

He said he wanted to get to know you all over again.

You let him.

And then all societal notions of propriety were thrown right out the window- leading you to this inevitable confrontation in Noctis’ throne room with your husband.

Your splay your hand over your swelling abdomen and you want so desperately to be Noctis’. You want this baby to be with their father. You want to have a family with the man you’ve loved unconditionally throughout the years, despite his absence.

“I want you to forget y/n. Though this baby is not mine in blood, it will be mine in relation. King or not, saviour or not- you have touched what is not yours to touch,” your husband’s voice is laced with diplomacy, but you can hear his aggressive undertones. You find yourself shaking your head.

“No…” you gasp out, and Noctis immediately regards you with sorrow-filled eyes. You don’t like that look.

“He’s right,” your king’s voice pierces through your chest and straight into your heart. You shoot him a hurt look and step forward imploringly. Noctis stops you with a silently raised hand before you can touch him. “He was there for you when I couldn’t be, and he took care of you. When I came back, after all those years, I wasn’t thinking straight. He’s right- you’re not mine to have-”

“I’m not a thing! I am a human being- don’t I get a say in any of this? I want you Noctis, not him!” you cry out loudly. “I want you to be the father of my child- both in blood and name!”

Noctis turns his head towards your husband, who is now glaring daggers at you. You hear your lover sigh, and then completely break at the last words he has to offer you before he turns his back and dismisses you and your husband.

“What you want… it can’t be done. I’m sorry- but this is how it has to be. Good bye, y/n.”

Prompto: “You’ve been fucking my wife.” It’s not a question- it’s a statement. Your gaze flitters between your husband and the love of your life- Prompto Argentum. You are of noble blood, and despite your protests, you had been married off to a nobleman your age shortly after the darkness had consumed all of Eos.

During that time, Prompto had been absent from your life. He opted to take hunts and volunteer for search and rescue missions in order to become a better warrior for when Noctis finally showed his face again. You still feel bitter about this whole thing, and can’t help but blame Noctis’ disappearance for Prompto’s lacking attention.

“Buddy… I don’t know what you’re-” you hear Prompto start to reply to your husband’s crass accusation, only to be silenced by the taller man. Your husband grabs your wrist and pulls you forward so that you are standing between the two men. You lock eyes with Prompto and bite your lip out of nervousness. He didn’t know yet…

He didn’t know you were carrying his baby.

Shortly after Noctis had brought back the Light, Prompto had asked you out on a ‘friendly’ date. The whole ordeal had felt so familiar to you, and brought back so many fond memories, that you couldn’t help but get lost in Prompto’s arms that evening. Your husband had been away at a political meet and greet at Noctis’ make-shift council in Lestallum, which left you and Prompto free to re-acquaint yourselves with one another- just like when you were young- inside a free rental caravan.

“I’m not your buddy. And don’t play dumb- she’s pregnant and I sure as hell know I wasn’t the one to put a bun in her filthy oven,” you recoil at how angry you husband sounds. He’s always been this way- controlling, demeaning and an absolute ass hole. But your parents didn’t see that- all they saw was a budding politician who would eventually rise to fame and hold power in society.

They made you their link to that potential power- you absolutely loathed it.

Prompto casts you a confused glance, and your hand immediately settles over your still-flat stomach. You’re not showing yet, but your morning sickness for the past week tipped your husband off. You’d been hit when he initially found out and realised that he couldn’t possibly be the father, but you barely felt the blow.

You were elated. This was the open door that you needed to get out of your marriage. If only Prompto could see that and take the bait…

“Fine,” Prompto relents, his shoulders drooping. His voice sounds haggard as he regards your husband with his clear blue eyes. You can’t help but lock your own gaze onto his freckled cheeks. You adore his freckles- no… you adore the entirety of Prompto Argentum. “But she comes to me because you don’t give her the love she deserves.”

“And because I love him,” you add in, smiling softly in Prompto’s direction. He returns the smile, and reaches out to grab your hand in a supportive gesture. You take his hand, in front of your husband, and then look defiantly into his eyes. Your husband scoffs and you suddenly find yourself being wrenched forward and painfully pushed into his chest.

“You two think you’re in some kind of flashy romance novel where you can get your way?” your husband growls, sending unpleasant shivers down your spine. Prompto steps forward in protest, but stops immediately when he hears your pained whine from how tightly your husband is squeezing you. “That’s not how this is going to work. No… Prompto, this kid’s going to be mine. And this woman in my arms- also mine. And you… filthy Niff… you’ll be left with nothing. Just you watch.” You can’t help but shriek as your arm is almost yanked out of its socket from the harsh tug your husband subjects your arm to.

You yell out for Prompto, and turn your head to implore him to come after you- to save you…

But when you see him standing stock still in the distance, a small sad smile on his face and tears running down from his clear blue eyes, you know you’re beyond saving.

The light may have been back, but you lost sight of your sunshine forever.

Gladio: You’re hanging up your laundry on a nice sunny day when Iris bolts into your home, unannounced, with a panicked look on her pretty face. “Y/n! It’s Gladdy and your husband! They’re out in front of the bar fighting! I tried to stop them but, they just shoved me away and started punching each other!” Iris’ panicked tone breaks into a light sob as she tries her best to regain her breath from running so hard.

Almost immediately, you drop your laundry basket, and grab Iris’ wrist as you make your way towards the bar you and Gladio used to frequent back when things were… much simpler without your wedding band weighing heavy on your ring finger. Ten years ago, before the darkness set in, you were set to be married to the man who was currently your husband. He was kind, sweet, and very attentive to your needs and wants. He was pretty much what you would have deemed perfect- but then you met Gladiolus Amicitia and before you knew it, he had wormed his way into your heart.

Sure, your husband was a complete sweetheart, but Gladio was your saviour. He brought colour to your world. He made you FEEL things you could never hope to feel with your husband. Sometimes you were ashamed of yourself for letting your heart get so carried away in the game of push-and-pull you and Gladio had started to play so long ago. But still, you continue to enjoy the thrill of the stolen moments shared between yourself and Gladio. The moments of passion in hidden corners, away from prying eyes and ears… you were- no, you are in love with Gladiolus Amicitia.

But you’re married. And you have a feeling that the sudden news of your pregnancy that you’d sprung on your husband two days ago might have something to do with the brawl between the two men in your life.

You and Iris are soon bearing witness to the brawl in person, and you can’t help but step forward and call out to Gladiolus. He turns to you, his lip bloodied and his fist covered in blood that was not his. Your eyes trail from Gladiolus’ stiff form to the slumped form of your husband, and you can’t help but gasp at the terrible sight. Blood is gushing from your husband’s nose, but he’s smirking at you with a knowing glint in his eyes.

You’ve never seen your husband look so… cold before.

“I’ll say it again, Amicitia: that baby is mine. Forget about y/n. Forget about being with her. You can punch the shit out of me right now, but at the end of the day- she’s married to me. She’s my wife.” Iris gasps beside you and you can’t bring yourself to look at her. Instead, you take another step towards Gladio and your husband, and place your hand gently upon Gladio’s bloodied fist.

This needed to stop. You knew it well enough. You were just reluctant to let go of the very little excitement you had in your boring life. You glance into Gladio’s softening amber eyes and you notice the sadness seep into them as he registers the look of resignation in your own orbs.

“Let him go, Gladio. He doesn’t deserve this. You know this very well.” Gladio withdraws his fist from your gasp quickly, as if you’ve shocked him with a strong thunder spell. He offers you a simple sad smile before raising his hands in surrender. You hear Iris’ empathetic whimper for her brother’s heartbreak from behind you.

“Alright. Whatever you want. Your wish is my command.” You have to stop yourself from shedding tears as you turn to tend to your injured husband.

You keep trying to tell yourself you did the right thing, later that night, when your husband’s got his arms around your midriff in bed. You keep trying to tell yourself that you made a mistake with Gladio. A beautiful mistake, but a mistake none the less.

So then, why don’t the tears top falling? Why does your chest ache at the thought of Gladio’s sad, resigned smile?

Because… because you finally realise, in the still of the night with your husband’s arm draped around your slightly bulging abdomen, that you married the wrong man.

And that man was going to be Gladio’s child’s father.

Oh, life was terribly cruel.

Ignis: “Don’t you dare!” you snap at your husband, who merely shrugs your grip off his shoulder in the farmer’s market and proceeds to roughly pull Ignis around so that the royal advisor was now facing the two of you. The shock of being handled so roughly, and so unexpectedly at that, was clear upon Ignis’ face. Still, he quickly composed himself by means of clearing his throat before addressing his assailant.

“Yes? Was that y/n’s voice I heard?” Ignis asks, his aristocratic lilt clearly getting on your husband’s nerves. You try to grab your husband and pull him away, feeling many eyes on the three of you and the public debacle you were causing. You were fended off, rather gently this time, before your husband began to speak.

“You’d be familiar with her sweet voice, wouldn’t you Scientia?” you frown at your husband’s mocking tone. Ignis’ eyebrows rise slightly at the sound of your husband’s voice, but he quickly schools his features and places a hand on his hips.

“Quite. What is this about? Should we move this discussion to a more private location? I assume we’re drawing quite the crowd with our bickering.” Ignis states diplomatically, though you can see the way his shoulders tense ever so slightly, and the way his eyebrows pinch together in the centre of his forehead. Your husband nods his assent, and it’s up to you to vocally indicate his agreement.

“Yeah, I’ll lead you to the alley over there…” you trail off, grabbing Ignis’ forearm gently and pushing him in the correct direction. You hear your husband scoff behind you.

“Funny how’s he’s utterly useless at navigating the streets, but he’s so fucking adept at finding his way in the sheets.” You feel Ignis’ sinewy muscles in his forearm tense, but he remains silent. So you just squeeze his arm discreetly and continue leading him. Once the three of you achieve some semblance of privacy, your husband immediately shoves you away from your lover.

You let out a soft grunt at the impact, more out of shock than any sort of pain, and shoot him a glare. Ignis frowns at the sound.

“That is no way to treat a lady,” Ignis deadpans. His tone is flat and that is when you realise he’s not as calm as he seems on the outside. Your husband rolls his eyes, but obviously, Ignis can’t see that.

“Like you know any better- fucking a married woman!”

“It was entirely consensual, I assure you.” Ignis bit back, finally losing his patience. Your eyes water as you witness the argument unfold. You wrap your arms around your midriff, where the tiny person you and Ignis created as a result of your selfish nights of passion is developing. “I didn’t force y/n into anything she didn’t want.”

You nod your head in agreement before turning an insistent glare to your husband.

“Leave him alone! He doesn’t have to know- not like this!” you cry out, tugging on your husband’s arm. He frowns and shakes his head before turning to Ignis, blatantly ignoring your pleas.

“She’s pregnant. The DNA test revealed that the baby’s not mine. Y/n came clean about your affair this afternoon and, man, I was pissed off at first. But now… I just feel sorry for the kid.” Your mouth drops open in confusion at your husband’s words. What did he mean? Your gaze trails towards Ignis’ face, and you can see his confusion as clear as day on his handsome, scarred face.

“What are you on about?” you ask softly, your voice almost a whisper.

Your husband laughs derisively and gestures at Ignis’ sealed eye with a smirk.

“The kid’s father is an invalid. What’s Scientia gonna be able to do for the baby? He couldn’t even walk himself here!” Your heart hurts as you watch Ignis’ shoulders slump at the cruel truth behind your husband’s words. You open your mouth to defend Ignis, but Ignis starts to speak.

“What would you propose then?” Ignis asks, his accented voice strangely soft. You’ve never heard him sound so… hurt before. Your heart hurt even more for your lover.

Your husband shrugs and casts a sidelong glance at you before his lips break into a wry smile.

“Leave Lestallum. Never come back. Don’t ever seek y/n out again and forget that you have a child existing in this world. That baby is mine, you understand?” your husband steps forward and points a finger into Ignis’ chest. The impact isn’t hard, but it beats down his point. You gasp and shake your head, tears filling your eyes as you silently protest your husband’s conditions.

Ignis sighs, and to your horror, he nods curtly.

“Very well then. I shall take my leave. All the best to you both. I have cherished my time with you, y/n. But as fate has it, it seems our time together has come to an end.” Ignis smiles sadly, and you feel a few tears slip from your eyes. You shake your head again and whimper.

“Iggy… no! Please, I need you.” Ignis smirks at your words.

“You have the gall to say those words in front of your husband? You’ve always been a brave one. That’s why I fell in love with you.”

You let out a sob as Ignis pushes past you, before carefully making his way back out towards the markets. You stare on until Ignis’ figure has blended in with the rest of the crowd.

You feel a warm hand on your shoulder, and a pair of familiar yet unwanted lips pecking your cheek- clearly asking for silent forgiveness.

You lean into the touch feeling empty- what choice did you have now?

Now that your whole world seemed to have imploded and left you with nothing but a fond memory of colourful days…

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Hello could you do F!SS and Deacon having a dispute (about something serious and both are serious) but it ends in making out intensively? I know you have many requests but I think your writing is really worth waiting :)

Some of the next reacts are a little heavy so here, have some fluff. Some Deacon fluff. Hope this was what you were after Nonnie, Enjoy <3

Sole and Deacon were great together- whether you were talking about their professional partnership within the Railroad and as friends, or their blossoming friendship.

Sure, as friends, they had their arguments, but it was usually over small things- who got to sleep on what side of the bed (or mattress, depending on where they ended up for the night and if they were somewhere safe where they didn’t need to take watch); who got to choose where they ended up staying overnight; when the best time to go back to HQ would have been.

They’d been running together for a while- they were so close to finishing the relay to get inside the Institute, just a few weeks off.

But then Sole’s Pipboy rang out, a small jingle ringing out throughout the silence of the small hut that they were sharing at Sunshine tidings, the settlement that became Mercer Safehouse.  

‘What if there was a place with all the zip of Nuka-Cola’

“Ah, no fucking way…” Sole threw herself up from where she was lying on the bed, startling Deacon from his position across the room, where he had been pouring himself into some paperwork of some sort- some thing about where the next package’s safest route would be able since the last route had been compromised.

In the briefest moment of silence, Deacon could hear Tinker Tom tinkering outside on the relay that would transition Deacon’s friend- hell, if he was going to say it, best friend- straight into the enemy’s arms.

“Wouldn’t that be the cheer-cheer-cheeriest place in all the world”

Sole looked over at Deacon, glee bright in her eyes. He would be lying if he said that he wasn’t confused- why on earth was Sole so excited over a jingle about a pre-war fizzy drink.

“Wha…. why… you okay Sole?” Deacon asked, shoving the paper down next to him, knowing that the paper would be safe- if anyone got their hands on it, they wouldn’t be able to read what was on there, since the words on the paper was coded and only a few knew how to decode it.

“Hiya kids, remember, Nuka world is only open for a few more weeks in October. Come down and see me and Cappy one last time before buckling down for Winter. Don’t forget to bring your empty bottle of Nuka Cola to get fifteen dollars off at the gate. So hop aboard the Nuka express and come and see the whole Nuka Family while you can.”

Deacon knew what that look meant. He’d seen it many times before, especially when Sole was just about to charge into battle.

“The Nuka Express is available through the Nuka world transit centre, parking fees may apply…”

The rest of the announcement was met by deaf ears, as Sole was currently sat there staring at Deacon, excitement shining in their eyes. He didn’t have time to even say a word before Sole had sprung up, thrown some clothes on over her vest and shorts (the ones she usually wore to bed) and started throwing some things into a small bag, collecting the guns that she favoured, including the Deliverer.

Deacon rushed to stand up, pushing Sole straight back down onto the bed.


Sole’s slowly felt the excitement leave her body- she didn’t really like people telling her what to do, especially when it was someone as laid back as Deacon, one of her friends. The seriousness in his voice said a lot- Deacon would not let Sole leave without a fight.

“Deacon…” Sole started, not going to let Deacon win this fight. Sole was going to be getting on that transit train, no matter what anyone else said.

“No, Sole. I’m not letting you go.” Deacon wouldn’t back down, and he could feel the tension rising in the room. It was lucky that they were furthest away from where everyone else was- he could tell this was about to get heated.

“And since when was it your decision, hmm?” Sole’s reply got Deacon’s blood boiling- she seriously wasn’t considering going was she. Was she?

“We’re so close so, you’ll be heading into the Institute within weeks, you need time to relax before you head into the unknown”

“I’ve had time to relax Deacon. I’ve had two hundred years of relaxing. Two hundred years of sleeping. Two hundred years of doing nothing Deacon, I need to get out there and do something. I can’t just sit around and no nothing- especially when I’m getting no closer to my son” Deacon lowered his gaze- he understood where Sole was coming from, but he needed her to stay her. To stay with him.

“You don’t know what’s going to be on the other end Sole…”

“I don’t know what’s going to be outside my front door tomorrow morning Deek, let alone on the other side of the door whenever we’re out travelling. That’s just all part of the fun” Deacon scoffed, but made no movement to speak again. He was thinking of what he could do to convince her to stay. He needed her to stay- she needed to go to the Institute- to take the fight to them, and her going off wasn’t going to help.

“I’ll come with yo…”

“No Deeks, you need to be here, in the Commonwealth, with the Railroad. I need to go alone” As she spoke, she slung the now packed bag over her shoulder, heading towards the door.

Just as Sole’s hand reached the door handle, going to push the door to leave on her trek down to the transit centre, Deacon grabbed her shoulder, harshly spinning her around and pushing her up against the wooden wall next to the door. A sharp breath left Sole’s lips as her back hit the cool hard wood, but was quickly cut of by Deacon’s lips pressing against hers.

Months of pent up emotions released themselves in the kiss, Sole’s lips quickly opening to allow Deacon’s tongue in to explore, with Sole pushing herself away from the wall just as Deacon’s hands reached down to try and unzip Sole’s zip- giving up after too much fumbling around. They moved to the bed, lips still locked, with Sole pushing on Deacon’s shoulder until his legs hit the back of the bed, Deacon quickly spinning so that Sole ended up lying on her back on the bed, Deacon hovering above her.

Coming up for air, Deacon gently rested his forehead up against Sole’s, not wanting to give up this new founded space.

“Please, Sole…” Deacon whispered, pressing his lips softly against Sole’s once again- he wanted to lock her up here, but he knew his begging was going on deaf ears.

“I promise I’ll come back.” Sole whispered back, meeting his lips once more. “I promise I’ll come back to you Deacon.”

She sat up, Deacon huffing as she rolled him off her and reached under her shirt, pulling out the chain that held her wedding rings. She undid the chain, before pulling out the larger one, opening his hand and placing it in the centre of his palm.

“I promise you I’m coming back. I’ll be careful, I know what I’m doing.” She whispered, reaching down to place another chaste kiss on his lips. “And besides, now I’ve got something to come home for. Something to come home to” She said, nodding her head to the ring that now sat nestled in Deacon’s closed fist.

Deacon followed Sole down to the old abandoned church, kissed her once more- a see you soon kiss, not a goodbye kiss, before watching her walk off into the sunset.

She’d come back, he told himself once he could no longer see her form in the distance. He looked at the ring in his hand, and the small indent from clutching it so tightly.

Besides, she’s got something to come home to.

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Fluffy headcannons with Tanaka (HQ) and Bakugou where their s/o is in one of their moods where they only want to relax and not talk? I love your blog so much <3

Thank you for your support! And for sending in something Haikyuu!! I love it! 

  • Tanaka is a little worried initially.
    • He is a very open person with his emotions, so he gets concerned when you close yourself off. 
    • He might get a little concerned if you just drop in his lap without any word and cuddle against his chest. 
  • If silent cuddling is what you need, then he’ll give it to you for as long as you need it.
  • Tanaka is an energetic boy and might have a hard time sitting still and silently, but he’ll try his hardest if it’ll make you feel better.

  • Bakugou has got this one in the bag.
  • He’s not big on talking about his problems, and he isn’t that good at dealing with emotion in general. 
    • When he’s able to show he cares with through physical gestures, he is more confident in comforting you.
    • (he usually fucks up if he tries to say something anyway)
  • If you want to just cuddle up with him and bury your face in the crook of his neck, he doesn’t mind. 
    • And if he sees you’re really upset, he definitely won’t push you away.
  • Bakugou will hold you until you’re ready to talk, then he’ll listen to you if you want to vent. 

Request: Hello! Could you do an imagine of Reid and the reader having a breakthrough discussion about the case and the rest of the team watches them be cute and such? Thank you!

A/N: Made this imagine basically what was requested, however added in some of my own flare. Hope you don’t mind! Also It’s sorta long but I think you guys like long ones so here you go!

“The unsub is a female though, the agression in your theory would only be seen in that of a male.” you moaned taking another large gulp of your coffee as you looked at all the pictures and names plastered on the wall in front of you. 

The most recent case you and the team had been sent to landed you all in a middle-of-no-where town. The case was a serial killer, female, who had been violently killing various men in the surrounding towns. Because the town you and the rest of the team where camped out in was so small, the police department was no more than an office, a strangely high-tech interrogation room, and a hand full of jail cells. You and Reid had taken the interrogation room as your HQ which meant that it was no surprise when the three walls that didn’t lay home to one way glass quickly filled up with pictures, documents, and names. 

“But it doesn’t make sense. How would a women be able to stab a man that many times as well as over power them in the beginning.” Reid exclaimed angrily, his fingers running through his hair repeatedly as he flipped through a document file. From where the large metalic table sat in the room, Reid could see everything he needed, including you. 

You hadn’t noticed, perhaps the sleep deprivation or the vacuum the case had put you into, however Spencer whenever his eyes weren’t combing through a file was looking at you. Even with your hair in a messy bun and your makeup smudged, you were still beautiful to him. 

“What about a team?” you asked, as though the suggestion hadn’t been said before. 

“Now you’re just saying things to say things.” Spencer spoke quietly. You puckered your lips as you shifted your eyes to the next wall. Suddenly it hit you.

“What about a cross dresser?” you spoke quickly before stepping up to the wall and taking off on of the security pictures of your unsub. It was taken at a gas station only a mile away from the first crime scene and it was from behind. It portrayed a tall, blonde, women in heels walking towards a dirty truck.

“A what?” Reid asked looking up from the file and watching as you quickly moved over to him, dropping the picture in front of him and leaning in close, pointing as you spoke.

“My mom had trichotillomania, so she shaved her head and use to wear a wig. I remember whenever I saw the wig it always had a thin netting that went over the persons scalp and sometimes it could be seen through the hair.” you explained. “Looky here.” you smiled pointing to the back of the unsubs head where a small patch of dark color shown through the blonde.

“That would explain the unsubs hatred of men. Depending on when they came out as a cross dresser, I’m sure the unsub was bullied.” Spencer spoke, looking up to you, your faces only a foot apart. 

“And we placed the unsub in their early twenties, if they are a cross dresser, they have most defiantly had surgery or some form of body enhancement.” you explained pointing to the feminine curves and breasts.

“Meaning that the unsub most likely came out and began cross dressing in high school.” Spencer said.

“What if the guy who are being killed are the prime offenders of the unsubs bullying?” you added, allowing everything to come in to place. 

“I’ll call Garcia and see if they went to the same school as one another.” Spencer smiled standing up and walking towards the end of the table where both yours and his phones sat.

“Already on it pretty boy.” a voice said over the speaker in the interrogation room. It was Morgan. “And you two are just too cute, solving crimes and what not.” he added, tapping on the one way glass, symbolizing his presence. 

“How long have you been there?” you asked, a smile on your face.

“Long enough to realize that you two dorks are oblivious as hell.” he laughed over the speaker. 

“What?” you and Reid said looking at each other, blushing slightly, both of you knowing that the only thing Derek had been talking about was both your feelings for one another. 

Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-9

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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Originally posted by kibaems

The music that was bouncing off the walls was fueling me into moving my body to the beat more. The alcohol in my system made moving my body so much easier. Looking down at my phone I noticed that the time was 1:32 am, but under the time was a text from Kai.

Kai:Where are you?

I choose not to answer him. He must assume I’m still in HQ probably in the bathroom or getting a late night snack.

I laugh and continue to dance along to the music. Since I’ve been found out I better just enjoy the time while I still can.

My friends and I have been planning for the last week to sneak out of our houses and go to a nearby bar to try to enjoy our teenage rebellion. Which for me would probably the only time I ever get to do my teenage rebellion stage.

I walk over to my friends who are sat at our booth, sipping their drinks. I sit down at the booth with them, calling out to them. “You guys want some shots!?” I yell over the music, they turn towards me and nod. I shuffle out of my spot and head to the bar. I walk up and ask for a round of shots at booth number 9 before going back to our table. I sit for awhile before our shots arrive. The friends that aren’t dancing join me in taking the shots and before I know it I’ve started to sway. I head back out onto the dance floor ignoring the buzzing in my pocket and dance along to the new pop songs they are playing.

I bounce along before feeling the need pee, I wander through the people before exiting out into the bathroom. I sit down and while I’m busy I pull out my phone to see several messages from Kai.

Kai: You aren’t in the HQ, WHERE ARE YOU?!



I realize the mistake I have made by sneaking out when Kai was suppose to be watching me, he always stayed up late and went for walks in the night. But I have no way of getting home now, my friends drove me and we all have been drinking. Kai has to pick me up.

I’m about to type in a reply and ask for help when my phone buzzes again.

Kai: I just tracked your phone. I’m coming to get you, you are in so much TROUBLE.

I grimaced, this is going to be very bad. I stand up and move back outside of the bathroom, heading back to my booth to wait. I look over at my friends to see them drunk off their asses. I’m curious to what Kai is going to do to my friends.

Looking around I figure I have about 20 minutes before Kai gets me, that is if he drives the speed limit which I know he won’t. I look at our table to notice that we have one shot left. I might as well enjoy what little time I have left here. I take the shot and down it quickly, stepping out from the booth and going to the dance floor. I start to bounce and dance along to the music, closing my eyes and letting my body do all the work.

Just as the second song starts I feel someone grab my arm, I whip around to yell at the person who grabbed me only to be faced with a stern faced Kai. “you are in so much trouble” he says with a dangerous growl in his voice.

He pulls me forward through the crowd and yanks me out the back door. He continues to pull me to the car, we stand at the door as he opens it for me finally letting my arm go “get in” he says sternly not looking at me. I step in after which he slams the door a little harder then needed, walking around to his side and getting in. He starts the car and starts to drive off. The speed he took off with is enough to throw me to the back of my seat. I look over at him and notice his knuckles have turned white from gripping the steering wheel so tight.

My curiosity gets the better of me and I need to know what happened to my friends “what is going to happen to my friends?” I ask in a small voice. He still hears me and looks over at me quickly “you really wanna ask about them right now?” he ask, I nod my head. He gives an exaggerated sigh “I anonymously texted their parents” he answered but quickly asked me before I could answer back “what did you think you were doing?” he asks, the car almost speeding up with his anger. I tried not to look up at him when answering “I just wanted to go out and I know you guys wouldn’t have let me” he turns towards me, his face growing red “off course we wouldn’t let you go to a bar! You are underage and it is very dangerous for you to go alone like that!” he yells pulling into the driveway of HQ.

He turns towards me and doesn’t unlock the car doors “I know, but you never let me go out with friends, or parties, or even sleepovers!” I cry getting hysterical. He throws his arms in the air “then we should have talked about it, not sneak out!” he yells again. I turn my head down, I twiddle my thumbs refusing to meet his eyes. I hear him sigh and lean back into his seat. I look back up at him through my thick lashes “are you going to tell Suho?” I ask getting nervous. He glances back over at me before giving me a smirk “no I’m going to let you tell him, after you tell Kris” that has my head up in a second staring at him. “Please, not that! Can’t you tell him or I can tell him after Suho?” I plead with him.

He unlocks the doors to the car “no, you got yourself into this mess now deal with the consequences” he motions me forward as soon as he gets out of the car “come on, you have to go wake him up.” I unlock the door stepping out under a streetlight.

“What were you thinking?!” Kris yells down at me. He made me come to his office and sit across from him making me feel small in the chair across. He slams his fists down on the desk causing a loud bang to echo through the room “that was one of the stupidest things you could have done!” I cower further into the chair, by this time I have sobered up but I somewhat wish I still was drunk. “You’re grounded, give me your stuff.” he says sternly holding his hand out. I take out my phone and put it in his outstretched hands. “I will be keeping this until the end of the month” he says.

I start to make my way out of the room before he yells out to me “and I will be telling Suho what you did too” he crossed his arms over his chest standing up straight. I nod before leaving the room, I stand on the other side and sigh.

“He gave you the trouble you deserved” Kai says smugly “come on you better get to bed, you have to clean the bathrooms in the morning” he says. I turn to him with a look of disbelief “you didn’t think that you would only get grounded did you? You have punishments too.” he says with a smirk. I sigh dropping my head, I should have known this would be a bad idea.

We walk towards my room before he opens the door for me “I will come get you in the morning” he says holding the door for me. I walk towards my bed and start to lay down.

I watch as Kai walks to my bathroom going to grab some stuff “what are you doing?” I ask him. He sticks his head out the door to look at me “I’m getting all your bobby pins” he says with a big toothy grin. I laugh lightly, no escaping now I guess. I watch him walk out of the bathroom his hand filled with pins. He walks towards the door and turns to me before he leaves “goodnight, trouble.”

He leaves my room and I hear the click of my bedroom door locking, great.

I’m too excited so I’m posting this now. I have zero plan for chapter 11 but I have a plan for chapter 12, FML

3 Times He Wanted to Kiss You, 1 Time He Did

3 times Peter Parker wanted to kiss you, and 1 time he did


One Time: You’ve been training for hours, trying to nail your high end swing landing. It’s surprising how often you find yourself jumping from rooftops and apartments windows, and if you can’t stick the landing just right your legs could shatter under the rush of pressure. You make a low frustrated scream from the back of your throat, angry that you’ve landed wrong against the practice mats for the hundredth time, crashing to your knees. “You alright y/n?” Peter’s voice laughs from above as he rolls onto the floor beside you. You let yourself fall onto your side, coming face to face with Peter’s bright round eyes. He can’t help but smile at your pouting face. Your breathing is hard, making your chest move up and down quickly. He’s always thought you were the prettiest when you trained. Sweat makes loose strands of hair stick to your forehead, your face constantly flushed and glowing. You give him a sad smile as he moves a loose strand of hair away from your eyes. “You’re doing really good.” he says lamely, cursing himself for not saying something flirtatious in that perfect moment. You are painfully oblivious to the crush Peter has on you, much to the rest of the team’s amusement, as they constantly like to remind him of his embarrassingly obvious fondness of you. “No I’m not alright Peter.” you sigh, your bare feet accidentally meeting his as you absentmindedly swing them. “Can I ask you something?” you whisper, your voice so low he has to lean in to hear you. Your mouth is so close now he can smell lemony fresh Gatorade on your breath. “Anything.” he answers quickly, hands trembling from nerves. “What…what if I’m not good enough? What if I never stick this landing and I need to jump from a rooftop to save someone and I can’t because I can’t stick this goddamn landing!” And in that moment, your eyes wide in melancholy fear, more than anything in the world, Peter wants to wrap his arms around you protectively and make sure you know how much you mean to him. He wants to to kiss you. But his own fears take over, so he doesn’t. 

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anonymous asked:

I really would like a scenario with alpha matsukawa and his beta gf where maybe they get into mini arguments about matsukawa's dominant tendencies clashing with her sense of independence

You grab your purse from the counter and look around for any sign of Matsukawa. You sigh with relief when you don’t see your alpha anywhere. You just need ten minutes to get away. Hell, even ten seconds would be enough. Sliding on your purse, you reach for the door almost free. The door clicks loudly when you unlock it. You still for a second, holding your breath.

“(Name), is that you?” your alpha’s voice carries from the hallway.

You cringe when you hear Matsukawa’s voice, but respond anyway, “Uh, yeah babe. Do you need something?”

Matsukawa leans on the wall at the edge of the hallway with his arms folded across his bare torso. His eyes look you up and down.

“If you’re going to the store, let me come with you.”

“Um, no, that’s alright. Thanks, Issei. If you need something, I’ll get it for you. You can stay.”

Damn it. You were so close too. Just ten minutes. All you want is ten minutes without your alpha breathing down the back of your neck. You love him. You do … but you can’t live like this. 

“No,” Matsukawa almost laughs, “I’m coming with you. It’s not safe for you to go alone.”

You try to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the apartment. You can’t start with him. You don’t want to start with him. You readjust your purse and smile.

“Baby, it’s noon on a Saturday. I think it’s pretty safe.”

“You aren’t going without me.”

“I’m not that helpless.”

“Wait for me. I’m going to change my clothes.” It’s like he’s not even listening to you. 


The one word is hanging in the air as the two of you stare at each other. Matsukawa furrows his eyebrows in a sort of confusion. The alpha walks closer to you, looking down at you from his impressive height. He blinks at the beta in front of him. 

“No? I’m going with you. I’m your alpha and I-”

“I am not your omega! Stop trying to make me into one!”

Matsukawa blinks, “What are you even talking about?”

“Now you want to listen? I am not an omega! I don’t need you breathing down my neck at every second. I don’t need you fawning over me like an omega who can’t do anything.”

Your voice is raised. His scent changes as he looks down at you. You aren’t submitting and he knows you won’t. It just simply isn’t in your nature. 

“If you wanted an omega, you shouldn’t have chosen a beta!”

“So you’re mad that I care about you? Is that it?”

“You aren’t listening to me! You’re too busy with your alpha ego to actually listen to me. I don’t need protecting, Issei. I am not helpless.”

You turn away from him, reaching for the door handle. Matsukawa balls his hands into fists as he looks at the back of your head. Your shoulders are tense, and he can see the whiteness of your knuckles as you grip the doorknob.

“You’re just going to walk out then?”

You note the light fear in his voice, something you have never heard from the alpha behind you. But your hand doesn’t slip from the door. You love your alpha, but you can never love him as completely as an omega can. As a beta, you can never compare. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t love him. But you want him to be happy, and you don’t know if he can be happy with a beta mate. Hell, you don’t know if you can be happy with an alpha. 

“Issei,” you begin, “I … I … I just need to go to the store now, okay?”

You voice is barely above a hoarse whisper, but Matsukawa hears you all too well.


Matsukawa watches as you open the door and disappear, nearly slamming the door shut behind you. He considers chasing after you … but what would he say. What can he say to you? Matsukawa walks forward and grabs the doorknob. He scowls at himself. The words won’t come so he settles on knocking his forehead against the cool wood that separates him from his beta. 


Papaya: “So, as leader of the Cool Kids Club-”

Blossom: “You’re not the leader!”

Papaya: “I think we need a clubhouse.”

Caraway: “That’s a good idea!”

Blossom: “Where though?”

Papaya: “I’m not sure. We’ll have to find somewhere.”

Blossom: “When do you get to have us over again, Caraway?”

Caraway: “After my next doctor visit. So it should only be a few weeks. You guys gotta find something by then!”

Blossom: “We will!” 

Azalea: “Kids! Time for bed!”

stars--king  asked:

Maybe something Christmasy with Hanzo and S/O kiss under a mistletoe? ;w;

“Maybe some Christmasy with Hanzo and S/O kiss under a mistletoe? ;w;” 

Guess what time it is? WINTER BREAK— Meaning, LOTS of time to write and play Overwatch but shh…  Hopefully I’ll be able to pump a few more asks in before Christmas
((How the fuck do you write kissing scenes, cuz idfk))


Hanzo sighed, throwing his bow behind his shoulder. He had just returned from an intense training session, his body was pushed to its limits. He just wanted to rest. Hanzo opened the door to his room. Normally couples would share rooms at HQ, but Hanzo valued having a place he knew he could be alone if he needed to be. Though, having separate rooms did not mean you never stayed out of eachother’s.

The door slid open, and as Hanzo was about to take a step inside, his eyes averted to the ground, where you lay. You laid on your side, head propped up with one hand, the other holding a book. Your legs were stretched out behind you, toes just barely touching the wall. Hanzo didn’t understand. Why were you reading in his room? Why on the floor? His questions were answered when he followed your smirking gaze to directly above you. Mounted on the ceiling, was a small green plant with a bow attached to it. There was no other entry point, or way around to his room than this small path his S/O was laying in.

“Oh, Hanzo. Fancy seeing you here” You said with a smirk, setting down the book, that he just noticed was upside down. Hano smiled, and gave a small chuckle, and stepped over you. “Hey一 n-no get back here. It’s law of Christmas-time.” You pouted, holding onto his ankle.

“Sorry my love, but that is not Mistletoe. That above your head, is Holly. Your silly tradition does not apply to Holly.” He stated, placing his bow beside his bed. “Please release my foot. I need to take a shower.” he wiggled his foot away from your grasp, and left to the showers, leaving you shocked on the ground.

The next day, you bought actual mistletoe, and planned your next attempt. If you both were on base, you and Hanzo would always met at the same tree during lunch. Today would be no different. You left for lunch early today, and tied a small bit of mistletoe on a branch above where you sat一in clear view. You pulled out your lunch and watched the sea crash against the shore, acting out your ignorance of the plant above.

You heard footsteps approach the tree, and you set down your food, and ‘casually’ popped a mint in your mouth. The grin you held couldn’t be held back, as you closed your eyes, hoping he’d “surprise” you.

Only a moment passed before you felt a pair of soft lips press against yours. You blissfully pushed back on him. His kisses were so wonderful, his lips so… small? Your eyes opened to find, not Hanzo, but a giggling Tracer in front of you. You pulled back, surprised by the small girl. “Lena!” you shouted, getting flustered.

“What?” she snickered. “It’s Christmas tradition” She took a step back, starting to laugh harder at the confused face you were making. “Thanks, Love” She grinned and blinked away, though you could still hear her giggles. Out of shock, you untied the mistletoe and threw it into the waves before tucking your knees to your chest in surprise and embarrassment. Hanzo came, but you mentioned nothing nothing of what just happened.

No way it would fail this time; no way. You stormed around base, looking around frantically for your lover. It was Christmas Eve and you hadn’t seen him all day. Your reindeer antlers jingled as you walked, allowing all to know you were coming. You sighed and turned your head, and caught glimpse of Hanzo. He was sitting on the couch, talking peacefully with Satya and Ana.

You didn’t hesitate. You ran over to Hanzo, and before he could even acknowledge your presence, you embraced him. Your lips collided in an ungraceful-way, but you didn’t care. You gripped Hanzo’s shirt and pulled him closer to you. He was shocked, you could feel his cheeks heating up, and his face run stiff before relaxing into the kiss. He began to kiss back, sliding his arm to your hip to pull you closer to him. Your lips didn’t part, but the passion could still be felt between you two.

Once you needed a breath, you pulled back slowly, staring at his lips, then to his eyes. “M-merry Christmas” you muttered. The butterflies in your stomach were going crazy. Hanzo seemed just as shocked as you were, but he quickly regained his composure.

“Where’s the mistletoe?” He challenged, with a smirk.

“Hanzo!” You shouted. “It’s everywhere!” You reached into your pockets and pulled out multiple bunches of the mistletoe plant before allowing them to drop to the floor. ”My pockets!”  You leaned over and pulled some out of the couch cushions “the couch” and you took off your necklace which had wilting mistletoe attached to it. “My necklace… and!” you reached up and took off your antler headband, and at the tips, were mistletoe berries “… My antlers” You spoke, and stared into his eyes. It was numerous other places around base, because you didn’t know where you’d find him, but shh…

Hanzo looked at all the battered mistletoe on the ground, almost amazed, before looking up to you. You stared at him seriously, awaiting his response. He started to laugh. Not a chuckle, not a snicker, a laugh. His face brightened up with a smile, as his head was thrown back slightly.

“Wh-what?” You asked, embarrassed.

“You know…” he said, once he finally controlled his laughter. “You can kiss me without a reason behind it”.

A smile widened on your face as well as you rested your head on his shoulder, and started to laugh quietly. “Oh my goodness, that really was ridiculous”

“It truly was” Hanzo smirked “but it was also amazing” You lifted your head and placed your lips on his again.

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Rules! Masterlist!

two things…. a) when am I going to see a glossy editorial photo spread of Louis modeling his expensive ass wardrobe with close ups of his cheekbones and his smile and the crinkles by his eyes where the photo is so HQ you can count his eyelashes? and b) when is he gonna walk straight into my house and knock me tf out? both important questions I need answers to

Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 33

Archived | Posted January 26, 2017

Thursday is here again~~!!! I hope you’ll like this part, people ^^ Enjoy~

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: You’d messed up - a lot. Now you needed to figure out how to fix the mess you’d created. Doing that wasn’t easy, though.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10][Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21] [Part 22] [Part 23] [Part 24] [Part 25] [Part 26] [Part 27][Part 28] [Part 29] [Part 30] [Part 31] [Part 32] [Part 33] [Part 34] [Part 35] [Part 36] [Part 37] [Part 38] [Part 39] [Part 40] [Part 41] [Part 42] [Part 43]

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When Kageyama forgets his daily milk
  • Hinata: Kageyama-kun... here have some milk.
  • Kageyama: WHY?!?!
  • Hinata: You're not you when you haven't had any milk
  • Kageyama: *grabs milk and drinks it aggressively*
  • Hinata: better?
  • Kageyama: *zen mode* much better

under the cut, you will find a tutorial on HOW TO MAKE A PHOTO MANIPULATION (AKA MANIP) FOR BEGINNERS. this will explain solely how to create a two person manip like this, X or X. this tutorial was written and made for you by abbey. please reblog or like if this helped you !! NOTE: i used photoshop cc, but this should work on all ps versions !!

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Finding the Railroad

aka let’s talk about Deacon again.

I haven’t seen much discussion of the Freedom Trail or the Old North Church so I wanted to take a closer look at them, as well as the circumstances leading to finding the Railroad and the actual meeting with them. This is the second piece of analysis in a series that I’m writing on Deacon. All of them will be written with previous installments in mind, so I recommend reading the other posts beforehand. The first post is here.



To start, the circumstances behind locating the Railroad. For most players, Diamond City is where they first hear of synths, the Institute, and the Railroad. The Institute is on the verge of becoming a large part of the main quest at this point, so learning about them is unavoidable. Synths are also unavoidable; there is the incident between the two brothers in the marketplace, the suspicions and gossip about the Mayor, and Piper is helping to fuel the paranoia about synths. Of course, this is a Fallout game, so you can go anywhere you want - you can avoid the main quest and find the Railroad simply by stumbling upon them and not following the Trail at all. But according to the structure of the main story, Diamond City is the first and best place to learn about them.

The trigger to starting the quest to find the Railroad this early is to walk to Nick’s office, because you pass two NPCs discussing how to find them.

Now, what’s the bet that Deacon put them there?

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