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If you're taking very small girls to an adult comedy film looking for heroes for them, there's something very wrong with you. If you're a grown woman still needing fictional characters to validate your existence--or if you need a fictional character to do something before you believe that you're capable of doing the same--there's also something very wrong with you.

1. I totally expected to get some haters for the love that I’ve been giving to the new Ghostbusters film. One look onto the asker’s blog and a quick perusal onto their likes and it’s pretty obvious that, whoever this is, they’re all aboard on the “Hate the new Ghostbusters” train. That’s cool. Clearly, it didn’t float your boat. Contrariwise, there are many a folk who enjoyed this film.

2. Note how the asker only made mention of “very small girls.” First and foremost, I leave it to the discretion of parents when taking their kids to films and for the parents to decide if a film is age-appropriate for their children. Second, I find it amusing that the asker didn’t make mention of boys. It reminds me a great deal of the vocal naysayers who went to town on the reboot Ghostbusters by saying that it was (and I quote) “ruining their childhoods.” Hm, by not making mention of taking little boys to this film, the asker infers that they are of the male persuasion and in the subset of dudes who get upset because girls and women of all ages get a movie with great female role models.

3. Girls and women of all ages need to see themselves represented in mainstream media. If you, asker, are a white male, then you will always be able to see yourself represented in mainstream media in a positive, non-sexualized light. 

Also, I find it funny that the asker was perfectly happy to mock me by suggesting that an adult woman has something inherently wrong with her, if she has one or more fictional characters as a role model or if she relates to fictional characters. Yet, if the roles had been reversed and this had been a film with an all-male cast, the asker would not be mocked for projecting themselves onto one or more of the characters. Why is it so wrong for adult women respond well to female fictional characters, particularly ones who are treated with respect by their creators? Would the asker have said that there was something wrong with me for relating to a fictional character if I was a man?

4. In general, REPRESENTATION MATTERS! Women are grossly underrepresented in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields and three of the four female protagonists are in the STEM field. POC need to see themselves portrayed in all manners of roles, not just the ones based on racial stereotypes. In Ghostbusters, two characters (a main female character (an MTA worker/historian with a working knowledge of the full history of New York who provides excellent context as to why things are happening where they are) and a supporting male character (a Homeland Security agent)) are African-American and a minor though hilarious supporting character (delivery dude) is Asian-American. Another of the main female characters is played by an openly-gay actresses (who plays her role with heavy implications that her character is queer). 5.  Anecdote time - the second time that I saw this movie, there were at least two dads who were taking their sons (neither of whom could not have been more than eight or ten) and, at the end of the film, both sons looked at their dads and proclaimed how much they liked the film and that they thought it was hilarious. In one case, the dad spent the entire time quietly explaining to his son things that the kid might not have understood. In the other case, the son told his dad that he thought that this movie was the best thing he’d ever seen. At no point did I head either of these young men complain about the movie. I’m not sure if either one had seen the 1980s Ghostbuster films prior to this, but it still speaks volumes that this will be the first Ghostbusters movie they will have seen in theater. Given their positive reactions to it, it can be inferred that they took away the notion that, yes, women of all ages can be funny and smart and heroes. 

Above you will see little girls at the Ghostbusters premier, both dressed in costume. Take a look at their faces and at Kristen Wiig’s face. Tell me that this film is truly awful. Tell me that it shouldn’t have been made. Tell me that the looks on their faces don’t make it worth it. 

If FRIENDS Took Place In 2015

1. The one where Joey discovers Tinder.

2. The one where Joey finds Phoebe on Tinder and they finally stop dancing around the subject and hook up.

3. The one where Central Perk becomes a juice bar.

4. The one where everyone deletes Rachel on Facebook for uploading too many baby pictures.

5. The one where Ross’ terrible spray tan goes viral.

6. The one where Monica gets angry at a bad Yelp review.

7. The one where “Smelly Cat” becomes a YouTube sensation.

8. The one where getting a plane evacuated causes Rachel to be questioned by Homeland Security for three days.

9. The one where Ross doesn’t go to the wrong airport because he checked it on his phone.

10. The one where Chandler takes a cheeky selfie when he’s stuck in the ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.

11. The one where Ross freaks out because Rachel accepted Mark’s friend request.

12. The one with the flashbacks inspired by someone looking at Timehop.

13. The one where everyone gets pissed off at Chandler for spending too much time telling jokes on Twitter.

14. The one where Ross accuses Chandler of stealing his jokes on Twitter.

15. The one where Joey goes on Dancing With the Stars.

16. The one where Chandler finds out about Monica’s wedding Pinterest board before they get engaged and freaks out.

17. The one where Chandler isn’t really freaked out and plans the wedding of Monica’s dreams (according to her Pinterest board).

18. The one where Phoebe’s Etsy store selling her homemade sock bunnies doesn’t really take off.

19. The one where Ben gets taken into care after Joey and Chandler leave him on the bus.

20. The one with the prom video that got put online and written about by BuzzFeed because it was kind of heartbreaking but very cute.

21. The one with the @UglyNakedGuy parody Twitter account.

22. The one where Ross and the girl from Poughkeepsie have a long-distance relationship over Skype.

23. The one with the free porn, but no one cares because there’s endless free porn online.

24. The one in London where they all get screwed over by data roaming charges.

25. The one with the Instagram of Joey and Fergie.

26. The one where no one is surprised that Brad Pitt’s character has lost loads of weight because they’ve seen it on Facebook.

27. The one where Ross orders a flat-pack sofa from Ikea so doesn’t need to pivot.

28. The one where they live tweet themselves throwing a ball around all day with the hashtag #BallThrowingThursday.

29. The one where Rachel makes the trifle correctly because the pages don’t get stuck together on an iPad.

30. The one where Joey puts his Kindle in the freezer.

31. The one where Phoebe finds Frank Jr. on a genealogy website.

32. The one where they find out that Janice has become the seventh biggest YouTube vlogger on the planet.

33. The one where Phoebe talks a toner salesman out of suicide via Gchat.

34. The one where Monica and Chandler’s engagement picture gets photoshopped.

35. The one where Ross doesn’t freak out about sending a holiday card with Mona because who the hell actually sends holiday cards in 2015?!

36. The one where Phoebe finds out about Ursula’s porn career through a basic Google search.

37. The one where someone posts Ross’ sandwich note on Imgur.

38. The one where Rachel smokes e-cigarettes.

39. The one with Ross’ wedding which no one attends because they all just watch via webcam.

40. The one where Chandler works on his personal brand.

41. The one where Joey gets a job at the Genius Bar.

42. The one where Days of Our Lives becomes available on Netflix.

43. The one with the selfie stick.

44. The one with Joey’s sex tape.

45. The one where Ross moderates the r/dinosaurs sub-Reddit.

46. The one where Ross asks Quora how to get leather trousers back on.

47. The one with the lesbian wedding that’s fully recognised under the law.

48. The one where they all move to Brooklyn.

49. The one where Monica opens an artisanal mayonnaise shop in Fort Greene.

50. The one where Chandler grows a moustache – not to impress Richard, but because it’s Movember.

51. The one where Joey finds Rachel’s copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

52. The one where no one can stop listening to 1989.

53. The one where Janice uses Google Maps and finds that 15 Yemen Road, Yemen is not a real place.

54. The one where Rachel names her baby Daenerys.

55. The one with the evictions because they clearly couldn’t afford the rent on their salaries.

Homeland Security looks for leaker of report on airport-checkpoint failures

The inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security said Tuesday that he is investigating the leak of classified information from an undercover operation in which investigators were able to slip through airport security with weapons and phony bombs more than 95 percent of the time.

“We have started an investigation to determine where the leak was,” Inspector General John Roth told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

The information received widespread attention in the news media and on Capitol Hill. Roth told the panel that he had briefed top officials about his findings without the information leaking to the public.

“I was as disturbed as anyone that this information got into the media,” he said.

Man wearing Google Glass in movie theater interrogated by Homeland Security

Tiberiu Ungureanu was watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with his wife when he was approached by someone with a badge who pulled him out of the theater and into the hall, where a group of police and Homeland Security officials were waiting. According to Ungureanu, his glasses were removed and he was told that he had “been caught illegally taping the movie.”

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TITLE:   Second Chances


AUTHOR:  Rainefyre

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:  http://imagine-loki.tumblr.com/post/79677439132/imagine-loki-being-sentenced-to-spend-some-time-on


          “Agent,” Loki snapped at me, “will you put that thing away before one of us gets hurt?”

          I opened my eyes to find Loki once again staring down the muzzle of my 9mm.  “You have got to stop touching me in my sleep,” I tell him with a sigh as I place it back under my pillow.

          “I wouldn’t have to if you weren’t so trigger happy.”

          “Ughh, whatever.  What do you want?”

          “Tony has called a meeting in 10 minutes,” he said as he turned around and left.

          I clawed my way out of bed and threw on a pair of black yoga pants and a black crop tank, pulling my hair up as I walked out of the bedroom.

          I didn’t really think about the change in Loki’s attitude toward me until I walked past him on the way to the kitchen.  He was sitting in his chair, the laptop Tony had given him on his lap.  As I passed, he slammed the screen down so I couldn’t see.

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a note on my abrupt absence

Hi, friends.

As many of you are aware, I’ve been absent from fandom for about a year now, both writing and analysis work. I do still receive and read all of your comments and am grateful for every single one.

Because I left both Cops & Robbers and The Light in Autumn at midpoints in the narrative, I’d like to offer some explanation for my absence and share the plan for the future.

Three major factors have changed the amount of time I’ve been able to devote to writing: graduate school, activism, and love.

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