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Well, lets keep rolling with tendou feelings: kissing headcanons!

- His first kiss was a delightful mess. He was a nervous wreck, that was for sure, and he really had no idea what he was doing. It started off sweet, a gentle brush of their lips, then after a while when Tendou regained his confidence, it all went to shit. His teeth would knock up against his s/o’s and their noses would bump occasionally. He didn’t know where to put his hands so he opted for tugging at his s/o’s hair. It was awkward, but it was endearing. It was a little exchange of, “I love you so much, please never leave me” tied with shaky hands and rosy cheeks. Although, looking back on it now, the negative nostalgia makes him want to die in a hole.

- His usual kisses are lingering pecks on his s/o’s forehead or nose. He’ll grab his s/o by the cheeks and kiss them, softly, staying there longer than he should and breaking it with an over exaggerated smack.

- Kisses on the lips with him are like a rush. They’re like a peppermint chill that lingers in your tastebuds for hours afterwards. When he’s feeling casual, his kisses on the lips are just like the ones he places on the forehead or nose. When he’s sad or feeling absolutely in love, they’re deeper, steadier, holding his s/o’s head close to his and hoping they don’t move. His hands will wander down to the small of his s/o’s back, and pull them even closer. He wants them so, so close in times like these and it’s a wonder if he ever even lets go. Happy kisses are over the top, they’re rough, quick, and just a bit messy. Its his hands on their cheeks again keeping them close, his tongue in their mouth and balled fists around the fabric of his s/o’s t-shirt. When he’s mad, he bites, gnaws at his s/o’s bottom lip and borderline manhandles them up against a wall or a couch or somewhere, caging them in and making sure they never let go.

- The first thing he’ll do every morning is kiss his s/o. It happens before good mornings and coffee and brushing their teeth. He’ll kiss them, no matter how wrecked and tired they look. In the morning they’re always a bit sloppy, his mouth a bit open and his sense of direction a bit fuzzy. At night, he’ll do this too. He’ll turn off the lights and grab them, laying down against the pillows and pull them close. His hands will draw circles on their back and he’ll kiss their neck softly, until either him or his s/o fall asleep.

- He’s definitely one to kiss his friends platonically. He’ll throw his arms around their neck and place one dramatic, over the top, wet kiss on their cheek and he’ll laugh at the disgusted face they make afterwards. So far, Kawanishi, Ushijima and Goshiki are all victims (although Goshiki wouldn’t call himself a victim of senpai affection) Semi has yet to be attacked, but he’s gone all three years of highschool without it, so he might just luck out.

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I have a lot of feelings about scanman. It seems like he never wanted to save the world, nor die for it. But then there's how absolutely willing he is to defend whitestone when he gets to jokingly act like the hero. It seems like he would die, not for the world which took his mother and gave him a daughter, but for Percy, and the rest of vm. But they seem very into the idea of being the saviors of Exandria. Scanlan just wanted his friends, His family, To put him first, cause nobody else ever did

Oh, absolutely! Scanlan plainly insists he’s sort of along for the ride that Vox Machina is taking him on because it’s better than whatever he was doing before hand (he’d left Dranzel’s troupe at some point before hand which leaves some time where Scanlan was probably just tavern and brothel hoping through various cities). I don’t think Scanlan ever intended to be a hero. It was kind of just the thing to do? And, well, if his friends are going to go risk their necks then they need someone alongside them to make sure they don’t die and it seems like he’s the one for the job. 

I think he likes to play up the hero card but I don’t think theres any true heroism in his body. He’s sort of just a go with the flow kind of guy. The sort of character that wanders around aimlessly and without purpose until he falls into situations and then it becomes his purpose to figure the best way to get out of that predicament.

 He never really cared about dying before either? Well, I shouldn’t say that. Scanlan joked so much about the rest of VM dying while he lived to tell the tale, that I think he actually started to believe he was untouchable for a while there.

However, when the Conclave attacked and VM lost pretty much everything. And it’s really important to note that the Conclave’s attack on Emon happened only two episodes after his meeting Kaylie. So, I really do think the ‘situational heroism’ starts here because he feels a) he’s gotta protect these goons he calls friend, but also b) he knows he has a daughter out there in the world now and he can’t just let it all go to shit.

And anytime someone brings up what Scanlan’s motivations are, I always point them to this conversation that he had with Jarett, while he’s intending to enlist his help in buying suude. 

Scanlan: “The problem here Jarett is that I’m distracted. I’m distracted by things that haven’t ever distracted me before. I’ve made a promise to someone to stay alive. I’ve never valued my own life before and when we get into the shit I’m second guessing things. I’m making stupid decisions that I wouldn’t have otherwise made.”
Jarett: “Because suddenly you have purpose?”
Scanlan: “Exactly.”
Jarett: “You have a reason to come back.”
Scanlan: “Yes.”
Jarett: “Thats not a bad thing, though.”
Scanlan: “I just don’t know how to harness that kind of stress.”

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Hey guys, I really love your writings! Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you've put in this blog all this time <3 May I request Momoi x overprotective!GOM scenario? The boys walk in on her making out with her boyfriend, and at the exact moment where the guy's hand is in a very inappropriate place. Ensuing chaos thereafter! Thank you! :D

There’s the faded hue of a blush on her cheeks as his lips move over the sensitive skin of her neck. She can feel him biting, nipping, licking at every piece of exposed flesh above her shirt’s collar. He’s being a little rougher than usual and, Momoi realizes, a lot more bolder. As she tilts her head back to allow him more access, she feels his hand slide under her shirt toward her chest.

And that’s when the door opens.

Kuroko: He stands there awkwardly in the doorway, feet shuffling but unwilling to leave until both Momoi and her boyfriend are looking in his direction. It’s clear that Kuroko is uncomfortable with confronting them, but he came there with a purpose and he’d be damned if he left it unfulfilled.

“You can’t do this here,” he says calmly, walking up and jabbing Momoi’s boyfriend in the side so he could help her get up and away.

Kise: “Oi, you get off her right now!” Kise’s yell initially comes from the doorway, but gets progressively louder as he gets closer to the couple.

Grabbing the guy by the shoulder, Kise attempts to yank him off Momoi but only succeeds in shoving him to the side a bit. Despite his ‘heroic’ attempt, he’s still doing everything in his power to not look directly at them while he pulls the couple apart.

Aomine: Face flushed red — from anger or embarrassment, it was hard to tell — Aomine storms into the room before yanking the guy by his shirt collar. It’s enough force to separate Momoi from her boyfriend completely and she puffs up in annoyance, glaring at her childhood friend.

“You can’t just do this shit right here,” Aomine yells, but it comes out as a garbled mess of words.

Midorima: “You two have to stop this right now!” Midorima’s yell nearly startles Momoi and her boyfriend into a heart attack as he storms in.

Flailing his arms around, Midorima tries desperately to grab onto Momoi so he could drag her out of the room. This would be a much simpler task if he would uncover his eyes and actually look around for her instead of swatting through the air and guessing.

Murasakibara: As Momoi’s boyfriend turns to confront whoever had walked in, Murasakibara takes two long strides to stand right behind him. He’s glaring, using his unfair height advantage to seem even scarier as he looms from above. He’s ready to snatch the guy away if he has to.

“You’re not doing anything bad with Momo-chin, are you?” Murasakibara’s hands go to grab at Momoi’s boyfriend, nearly catching him.

Akashi: “This isn’t the most appropriate place to be doing that sort of thing,” Akashi says, voice calm despite the iciness in his eyes.

Momoi’s boyfriend separates from her of his own accord, the tone coming from Akashi enough to intimidate him. He scrambles a few feet away, leaving Momoi wondering how her old captain could already have her boyfriend wrapped around his finger.

Guide: Elements and States

RPG Maker 2000

RPG Maker 2003

RPG Maker XP

RPG Maker VX

RPG Maker VX Ace

RPG Maker MV

Alright folks, are you ready? Because I’m ready to combine another couple of tutorials that if they were not directly linked would be separated otherwise. States and elements go hand in hand much like the enemies and troops, though let me explain as to why these are directly related. For our example I will be using a character let’s call Alfred, and Alfred has a sword that is coated in poison, and he has a skill that lets him throw sleep darts at his enemies. Well this is where we come in with elements and states. Elements are fun and mental, put them together you get fundamental (If you get the reference then cookie points to you).

From the first few sets of images, we can see that elements have their own page and have the normal setup with just about all the other pages thus far on creating a game in the database, the main difference is what kind of attack is your element/state causing? Will it be physical damage, or magical damage? These are some of the smaller things on a large scale you need to think about. In the first  couple engines of RPG Maker, Elements had their own tab with their own multiplier setup. Though in the later versions from then, it has been moved onto the Systems tab and the Terms tab as well. I will go further into detail on what these tabs do specifically and why they are important.

Going back to the skills tab is where we set up the attacks that can cause damage types that inflict elements and states, the multiplier is where the enemy tab comes along with what it’s susceptible to. For instance, Say our pal Alfred were to go against a rock elemental creature, something tells me since the creature is made of rock, it wouldn’t be very effective. Taking elements is just like Pokemon or Mortys (for those who play Pocket Mortys). If you want your game to incorporate elements into the battle and combat systems, it is a wise decision to more or less thing of what elements would be weak to what. Though at the same time you can create your own elements and give them resistances to certain other elements, a good comparison is rock paper scissors lizard Spock. You can always add in elements though it is very wise to make sure each element you add has a counter to it to give your players a little more of a challenge. 

States are also a major part in skills and elements. States are inflicted when a target takes a type of attack. Now type could mean just a standard physical attack as well. Kick an enemy enough and they will eventually gain a knockout state or death state. Magical attacks or state based attacks can add a bit to your game and how it plays through considering if you want Alfred to use his poison dart attack, he would be able to use it though without adding a state, it would just deal base damage, which is something poison typically never does. Poison deals damage over time, this is where states come in where you can adjust how many turns it takes for the poison to clear away or decide if they need a healing spell or a purification spell to relieve the target of it’s ailment. (Ailment should be a more common word in modern language) Another example would be to have Alfred take a little bit of fire damage and get the state burn from the attack.

These might seem like a small thing to think about, though that’s what a game is. A series of small things composed into a larger piece. In our case however, it happens to be full of code. Really though, it’s worth having some fun and playing around with these types of things to help find your balance within the game you make. Adding states and elements can add the edge of challenge some players look for.

That’s all for now folks, if I missed anything about elements and states, feel free to let me know and revise this guide. Hope you all are doing fantastic and I will see you in another guide or review… something… Stay awesome.

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road trip with seb where you're just driving wherever, stopping randomly at different places and you have the windows down and radio blasted, both just singing along he and just looks at you like wow you're the love of my life 😍😩

“YOU KNOW, I WISH THAT I HAD JESSIE’S GIRL!” you two sang - screamed - at the top of your lungs as sebastian cruised down the highway.


the song ended and you two laughed, you rolled your window down and let the air blow around the both of you. you had recently stopped at a gas station on the side of the road to put gas in and pick up a bunch of snacks. you two didn’t have a destination picked. you two just decided to pack a bag, get in the car, and go wherever life took you.

you leaned down to grab a back of chips and you popped it open, offering some to sebastian first. he shook his head, both hands on the steering wheel and you shrugged, digging into the bag and stuffing your face.

you listened to sebastian sing along to some more 80′s songs and you wished you could have recorded him for a rainy day. the sun was starting to go down and you were starting to get sleepy. that is until one of your favourite songs came on. toxic by britney spears blared through the speaker and you quickly leaned forward to do your very dramatic rendition of the music video. 

sebastian took his eyes off the road for a second to catch your moving your hair around your face with your hands and moving your fingers down to your neck and across your collar bone.

“i’m addicted to you,” your index finger pointed at sebastian. “don’t you know that you’re toxic! and i love what you do. don’t you know that you’re toxic!”

you reached out to run your hand down sebastian’s arm while imitating britney’s whisper voice. “i’m intoxicated now. i think you’ll love it no. i think I’m ready now.”

the song ended and sebastian took his hands off the wheel to quickly give you an applause. “giving the princess of pop a run for her own money, (y/n). i like that.”

the rest of the ride was silent with music playing in the back. neither of you broke out into song in dance, unfortunately. sebastian made a quick pit stop to go to the bathroom and once he was back, you two hit the road again.

“shut up!” you exclaimed, leaning forward and turning up the volume. you placed a hand over your heart and let out a cry. “i love this song!”

sebastian looked over at you as you poured your heart and soul into “chasing cars” by snow patrol.


sebastian laughed in his seat, not believing his eyes or ears. god, he was in love with you and sure you knew it. he told you every day. but this was more than he had ever felt. hearing and watching to you sing along to all of these songs made him fall in love with you even more and he didnt know that was possible.

“If i lay here,” you sang softly. “If I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world?”

the song faded out and you sat back in your seat after turning down the volume. 

“i love you,” sebastian blurted, quickly taking another glance at you.

“i love you, too.” you hummed. you were taken over again when summer lovin’ by the cast of grease came on and you and sebastian began to sing your hearts out.

yall: haha victor is so extra what a dramatic and silly guy

yuuri: walks into the most lavish jewelry store in the city, purchases two expensive and clearly labeled wedding rings, drags victor a few blocks away presumably in complete silence, at some point hands victor one of the two rings, which is meant for himself, with the implication that they would be exchanging said rings, heads to the closest possible church where a choir is providing romantic christmas ambiance, exchanges rings with victor with unspoken intent to follow through, still gets teary when victor(who he knows is holding the other ring, because he bought it and handed it to him, specifically for the purpose of putting it on his finger) puts the ring on his finger.

Was re-watching episode 2, and look what I found.

Does this mean a little baby Katsuki (or teenage Yuuri) used to play the piano??

Now imagine some years later, Victor finding the old piano, asking Yuuri to play something for him. Yuuri’s face flushes, his skills are no longer what they used to be, they never were that good to begin with. He tells that to Victor, but the other man doesn’t care, he wants to hear him play. So of course Yuui gives in and starts, every note feels like a slap to his ears, the tones are messy and he just can’t seem to remember where to put each finger, until he feels a hand pressing to his side. Victor’s starting to move his own at a new find rythym, Yuuri follows. Little by little each note starts to resemble a clumsy little melody. It’s not perfect… and they both start laughing.

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for sunday blurbs: sebby is training, you're dancing to shape of you by ed sheeran. he says that dance will never put you in shape like training could do, but then you just pull him to dance with you and there's a lot of cute and funny moments? idk if this makes sense, but thank you anyway lmfao (:

“what did you just say?” you stopped in the middle of your choreography and walked up to him.

“i, i just-you know i don’t-,” he shrugged and you caught a faint sight of red spread across his cheeks.

“come with me,” you took his hand and led him over to where you were dancing.

“aw, please (y/n) don’t make me dance.”

you tutted as you pointed to him. “no, let me show you home much work is put in to dancing. now stand up straight.”

he did as you said and you tried to teach him a few dance moves but he failed horribly and could not move to save his life. sure he liked to dance here and there, but he hadn’t ever danced like this.

“okay, okay.” he huffed out, fanning himself with the collar of his now sweaty t-shirt. “i take back what i said. i was not informed of how excruciating dancing is.”

“that’s all i wanted to hear,” you walked past him but not before your hand came down and swatted his perky ass.

“hey!” he whipped his head to look at you.

you shrugged and smiled innocently before you dashed away and sebastian followed, hot on your tracks. he caught up with you, throwing an arm around your waist and lifting you up in the air to throw you over his shoulder.

“sebastian!” you screamed, your fists connecting to his muscular back.

you felt him chuckle underneath you as he walked and smacked your ass lightly. “pay back is a bitch, isn’t it?”

promise me this:
when he leaves,
you will not unwind yourself
like a pen on paper.
you won’t become poetry.
hurt is not beautiful,
it’s just hurt.
and tearing a piece of yourself
off just to give him
something to remember you by,
that’s not something
i’m willing to write poetry about.

when he leaves,
and he will -
as love rots like a flower -
you will wake up and mourn
and then you will continue
to be alive.
you will put on your favorite shirt.
not his favorite -
you won’t do anything
because of him.
you won’t become an emergency.
you’re going let all of that
heartbreak crack the wood floor.
you’re going to erase him
as if he’s just chalk.
it’s not hard to get rid of him
if your hands are soft like water.

you’re going to find happy.
happy hurts like a blister,
an open wound where your heart
is supposed to be.
but you’re going to find it.
he’s not the only source of joy,
stop acting like he is.
he’s nothing more than a boy
who broke your heart.
don’t give him anything more
than what he’s already taken from you.

when he leaves,
i’m going to uncurl myself
from this pain.
i’m going to write a poem about
healing that i haven’t began yet.
and i’m going to force
the world to bend to me.
i’ll crack its spine
if i have to.
i’m going to find
everything i lost,
and i’m going to stitch
this old wound back up
so it’ll be torn open again by
someone who deserves it.
when he leaves,
i’m going to say,
“did you expect me to be
anything more than i already am?
did you expect me
to be more than just
a girl?”

promise me this:
you won’t call yourself a wilted flower.
you won’t belittle yourself
because that’s what he always did.
and when someone else
comes to your door,
asking for your secrets -
let them see.
don’t close yourself off.
tell that truth for me.
learn to hurt,
and learn to overcome it,
and learn to open up like spring.
you’re spring.
you’re that change we need.
come alive,
and leave winter buried with the dead.

—  “when he leaves” - e.p.h.

I can’t stop imagining a scene where Dex is surrounded by freshmen asking for help and tips to do a rather complicated homework and while he’s explaining, Dex is all serious and all the students are drinking in every word he says (some even swooning a bit) when suddenly a pair of strong arms wrap around him out of nowhere and there is Nursey just draping himself over Dex.

The students are all a bit shocked but Dex barely even reacts, he just puts his hand over one of Nursey’s, interlocking them and keeps on going with his explanation. As he continues, Nursey starts to play with their joined hands, watching the contrast in skin, feeling the roughness of Dex’s and finally kissing the knuckles and fingertips while he waits for his boyfriend to finish the impromptu tutoring session.

Okay but just imagine everyone talking in a room, going over plans and Alec is just sitting there watching Magnus and then idly reaches out and takes his hand while Magnus is still talking and just plays with his rings, twists them, pulls one off and puts it on himself, then puts it back on Magnus and he doesn’t realize that everyone has stopped talking and are just watching him with amused yet loved eyes because wow where did uptight, angry Alec go now he’s replaced with distracted, relaxed, happy Alec and yes I like this

remember that scene in Spongebob where Patrick has to open a jar but doesn’t know where to put his hand so he basically puts it everywhere but the lid and Spongebob is getting all frustrated like “the lid! the lid! the lid! the lid! the lid!”

okay. that scene, but this time it’s Professor McGonagall repeating “my hip! my hip! my hip! my hip!” to a panicked Ron Weasley during dance lessons.

i was always feeling a bit odd thru the series because i never got why victor did anything he did. i didn’t understand where his motivations came from; they didn’t seem to be of love initially, and yet he was incredibly touchy-feely with yuri from second one

like, it seemed like yuri was the one putting everything he had into the relationship and victor was just going along with it and it left a bad taste in my mouth

but it all makes fuckin sense now, yuri fuckin seduced victor, victor fell for him hard and couldn’t figure out how different drunk yuri was from sober yuri. so victor was very confused initially at where their boundaries were, and because of that he was very flirty while also remaining fairly hands-off and allowing yuri to take the reins on their relationship speed.

ultimately it was down to yuri to commit to his drunken actions, and no matter how much victor might’ve wanted to speed forward he also recognized he needed to let yuri have the space he needed to meet him there

WOW what a show


I’ve spent a lot of time rewatching the end of Episode 9 and I Noticed something!! When you watch the gifs of Victor and Yuri from the last few minute of the episodes, you notice how victors shoulders move: 

It looks almost as if he’s putting something on a hand, like a bracelet or ring, eyes slightly downcast, shoulders shifting as if he is slipping something onto another person. Now, as we all know, this is the scene where Victor asks Yuri what he’s going to get him for Christmas, to which Yuri responds, “something round and golden,” possibly implying a ring or a medal. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT! In the OV we hear Victor say ‘Oh wow,” but clearly that is not what he is saying here. His mouth does not form the O shape, not even by any stretch of imagination. He is most likely addressing Yuri in someway, which leads me further to believe that Victor is the one giving Yuri a ring. 

This brings me to Yuri. 

First off, notice the way he’s dressed. Hair down, glasses, looking like he’s in a state of vulnerability instead of being as confident as he is on the ice. He looks almost as he did when we first met his character in the beginning of the series. The point I’m trying to make is this is not the Yuri that would propose to Victor, this is the Yuri and is so shocked that he doesn’t know how to react. We see a similar reaction the first time that he sees Victor in the Onsen for the first time, one of pure shock. ALSO!!! Notice how he looks slightly down at his hands, gulps, and then looks back up to Victor, almost as if to say ‘are you sure?’ because we know Yuri struggles with anxiety, and he needs to make sure that Victor actually means it. 

side note, christmas is the most romantic holiday in japan so a proposal would make sense   

i mean viktor was right there watching yuuri buy the rings. yuuri could have literally just handed it over. instead he dragged viktor outside and all the way over to the steps of a fucking cathedral where he could take off his glove and put the damn thing on himself. 

meanwhile viktor either already has a ring on him or has one of the ones yuuri bought (where are we on this debate?), instead of yuuri just putting on his own ring viktor then returns the ringing favor like this is 10000000% clearly a Romantic Gesture 

yuuri’s blushing at the ears and going “it’s a good luck charm!! a thank you gift!!!” trying so hard to assure himself that it’s Not A Big Deal when really he has ZERO CHILL AT ALL and thankfully neither does viktor who just calls it what it is

What I’m Proudest Of

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: You were his Eliza.

Note: (uses super vague summary so you have to go into this disaster fic BLIND) So, essentially I’m a monster and this is the outcome to that but @letsgiggletogether ENCOURAGED IT SO BLAME HER TOO.

Word Count: 4,247 (distant screaming)


2 years before

“Babe, have you seen my journal?”

“Lin, I can see at least five journals from where I’m standing and three of them are definitely yours,” you snorted as you watched him scurry around the apartment.

“Okay, fair enough,” he said. “But like, I need it.”

“It’s the Eliza one, isn’t it?” you asked knowingly.

“Maybe,” he looked at you sheepishly.

“Last I saw it was in the pantry, god knows why,” you laughed.

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James Sirius Potter

*James Sirius is born, Harry names the kid. So far so good.*

Sirius: Poor Minnie is going to faint when she hears that name.

Lily: I have no idea what he was thinking naming him after the two of you.

Remus: He doesn’t think generally, goes with his instincts.

Lily: Oh, let’s think where he got that from.

Sirius: *smirking* Could be anyone of us really.

Lily: James is uncharacteristically quiet.

*they all turn around James is watching his grandson very intently*

Remus: *puts a hand on James’ shoulder* Prongs? You alright mate?

James: *his voice breaks a little* I’m alright.

Lily: Oh baby *gives James a kiss*

Sirius: Oh, is ickle Jamie emotional?

James: Fuck off Padfoot, you’re just mad because he will use James.

Sirius: What? Of course he will use Sirius. Mummy dearest didn’t name me after the brightest star so it can be used as a fucking middle name.

Remus: No, she named you Sirius because she somehow knew you would be an attention seeking little prat.

Lily: Merlin’s beard! LANGUAGE!

James: Like you never curse Evans. 

Lily: Do you mean when you annoy the shit out of me, Potter? *Remus and Sirius are both stifling their laughters* Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be watching my son and my grandson.

*Lily walks away from them*

Remus: It’s been almost 50 years, how can you still get on her nerves?

James: It’s a talent, Moony.

Remus: I know, I thought only Sirius possessed this particular talent.

Sirius: Do I get on your nerves Moony? *raising an eyebrow* Would you like me to get on something else?

Remus: *face palm* He’s bloody relentless.

James: I did not have to hear that, I think I will go get Tonks. 

Sirius: *grinning* She enjoys it when I do jokes like that, what she doesn’t get is that I’m serious.

James: I’m pretty sure she gets that you’re Sirius.

*Sirius rolls his eyes*

Remus: When will you stop doing that?

James: When hell freezes over. 

You can read Albus Severus Potter here.

a little like writing or loving

for nursey week, day 2: “surprise or simplicity.”

“If that pen explodes in your mouth,” Dex says from the bathroom doorway, “I am not gonna feel bad for you.”

Derek startles–and does drop the pen out of his mouth–and looks up. “What?”

Dex cocks a brow at him, flicking off the bathroom light and flopping down on the hotel bed next to Derek’s. “You’ve had two pens explode in your mouth from chewing on them like that,” he says. His red hair is wet, tousled from where he must’ve run his hands through it after his shower, and he rolls onto his stomach, propping himself on his elbows to look at Derek. “What’re you glaring at, anyway?”

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