where is he looking lol

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Kevin teaches Neil about chess and Neil gets a black pawn chess piece tattoo because if a pawn makes it through all the obstacles in its way then it gets to be whatever it wants👏 👏 👏

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if you're still taking these: hows about jotaro rocking kakyoin's earrings because damn this idea always makes me cry

Me too… Let’s just say Kakyoin has an extra pair handy…

I wanted to try a more cartoony/cute style for my Yandere! Yoosung. I also want to use this style for some of my other drawings, but wonder if I could be consistent with it lol

Some pouting Suga!!

(couldn’t resist it ;;;; he just looked so cute)


Listen up. Got some bad news. There is a patrol set for tonight – so far, Speirs wants McClung–

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sometimes i see het harries talk about harry like make posts about "what would you do if he looked at you like this (horny)" and they use gifs where he's looking at louis lol that always kills me.

i know it’s hysterical kdfjghsd


👑✨my favorite Jaebum looks✨👑  #10

       ↳ MNET Asian Music Awards Hong Kong 151202


The Old ‘76 House - New York’s oldest tavern

This is the tavern that held John André while he was awaiting his execution. George Washington’s headquarters (my 10th great grandparents’ home) was just down the road.

My 8th great grandparents owned the tavern at this time. The men listed above were famous patrons.



I heard back from the lady off Craigslist and here is the majestic beeb!

He was in a 10g with dried out dirt and a metal dog dish for water, as well as having not eaten for a few weeks.

I bought him a fancy 20g with locking lid (it was on major sale thank goodness) and had to show him off at work. That’s where he is in the tub and what looks like glamour shots lol, I gave him a quick bath in RO water and he shed a TON of skin as well as seemed to get really into the whole bathing thing. Had to wrap him up in my scarf to transport him in the cold and the pics turned out precious!

He is bigger than my hand, and he seems really docile for a pacman.

We are calling him Froggo, which is short for Guillermo del Froggo.

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Dhdjdj you literally posted clearer pics from the same set where you can't see anything like? These hets are making a scratch on the camera lens a tattoo

I know lol I’m still trying to find the whole picture so far I only saw that cropped version hm 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:In that same photo set that the anti posted there’s the e thing in one of them but if you look in the other pictures of the same photo set you can’t see anything which I mean, Harry voice: sad - hp anon