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Just a tip for you straight people hating on Alex and Maggie, when trying to argue, make sure you know what you’re talking about or else you’ll just sound ridiculous like this person who actually thinks bisexuality is being equally attracted to men and women.

A Final Goodbye

Title: A Final Goodbye

Prompt from @agthoven and @akanue: You should do one where Lucifer stumbles across that Casa Erotica video where Gabriel says his goodbye, but his grace makes it respond to each viewer differently.

Summary: Lucifer finds a DVD infused with angelic grace.  They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, forgiveness can heal the heart.  

Lucifer wandered around the bunker aimlessly.  He would give anything to be able to go out and stir up some mischief, but he had to stay low on the radar.  If the Winchesters found out he was in Castiel’s meat suit, they would do everything in their power to put him back in the cage.  So, until he was ready, he had to play his part.  Which meant spending time at the bunker.  All in all, it wasn’t too horrible…when he was alone.  There was some neat stuff to mess with in here!

 He turned the corner and found himself in the ‘entertainment’ room, as the boys called it.  It was really nothing more than an old bedroom with shelves filled with movies and games.  Lucifer was going to just move on, but that was when he felt the pull.

 It was as if something reached out and placed a hand on his arm, gently pulling him in. It wasn’t a pull on his physical being, but on his grace.  Curiosity came over him as he followed the pull.  It brought him to an unmarked DVD case.  It amazed him as he held it up.  It was infused with just a bit of angel grace.

 He walked over to the television and inserted the disc.  There was a feeling inching its way into his heart, almost an anxiety of what he would find.  Why would some human object hold the grace of one of his brothers or sisters?

 His shock overtook him, his breath caught in his throat as he saw Gabriel come on the screen with an incredibly fake mustache

 “I have the kielbasa you ordered.”  

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I got a crit reader comment on a draft I’m writing a bit ago that seemed to assume that more than two POV characters in a work was too many.
At the time I wasn’t quite sure what they were getting at, but that’s what it seems to me. (They said something like “why am I on page x and this is the 3rd POV” and I answered with a reasoned explanation of which character had access to which different info. But I think that’s not why they were asking.)

I rely really heavily on tight POVs in my work. If I’m stalled, it’s almost always because I’m considering a scene from the wrong POV. I sometimes decide at the beginning of a work that I will avoid one character’s POV, or favor another’s– ex. Full Of Grace, where Bucky has no direct POV scenes, only videos. But I normally utilize three or four, in a longer work. There will often be a character who only gets one or two scenes, with outsider perspective– I try to keep this to a minimum but I do use it once or twice; in ensemble casts, I generally sort of try to alternate regularly among two or three.

Apparently this is wrong? What is the Acceptable Number of POVs in a novel-length work? Is there a formula or a solid number or what?

Or is this one of those things that’s different from fanfic to pro fic, like how every fandom’s Top Classic Defining Work is always present tense but if you workshop a present-tense work at a writing class they will eat you alive?


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GUYS I DID THE VIDEO THINGY (sorry about the late upload plz don’t throw guavas) 

HEY SO THE VIDEO IS UP!!!! its a 21 pilots cover in the beginning then talking about how i volunteered at have a hart day + meeting and hanging with @mydrunkkitchen and @gracehelbig. I also realize i didn’t talk much about hannah in the video so its in the description. I hope you like it! or at least don’t hate it. 

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