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Star Trek: DS9; Garak/Bashir; "And in this twilight how dare you speak of grace?"

I wanted to write something small today, after that 5000 word prompt fill yesterday. So, here we are.

This comes close to NSFW territory. All clothes stay on, but there’s mentions of people getting aroused somewhere here. Just FYI.

No warnings. Established Garashir.


Doctor Bashir was looking out at the stars. Garak didn’t have to see his face to know that there was a smile pressed against it, those upturned lips a sign of the dear man’s Federation birthed optimism. Garak shivered, crossed his arms, and glared at the back of the man’s head.

“Doctor, shouldn’t you be using that enhanced intellect of yours to help us escape from this room?”

“I can’t do anything until the Defiant’s power comes back on,” Julian answered. “I’m sure the others are figuring it out.”

“Assuming they’re still alive.”

“I’m sure they are.”

“Your confidence is hardly reassuring.”

There was a lull in conversation. Julian tilted his head back some, though his eyes stayed on the black expanse speckled with distant stars and planets they both had likely seen before.

“You could try and enjoy this, Garak.”

“There’s nothing to enjoy.”

“But it’s so peaceful.”

Garak scoffed. “It’s dark and cold and you wish to speak of peace, Doctor?” Garak watched Julian turn to face him, a small frown on the man’s not-so-young face. “There is nothing peaceful about this situation.”

“That’s because you’re not allowing peace in. You could be graceful if you tried.”

“And now in this twilight you wish to speak of grace? Really, Doctor, I believe our time away from the station has caused you more harm than good.”

Julian smiled softly. It faded too quickly, though. He turned back to the stars. Garak watched him for a moment; watched the young man’s shoulders sag, hands twitch, head dip forward. Ah, the peace of the moment was lost to the doctor. Garak should have felt relieved. It could mean that the dear doctor would take their sudden imprisonment in the make-shift infirmary more seriously. But Garak realized that he didn’t need that. He needed the optimism, the innocence, the Federation calmness Julian toted around like a badge of honor. His dear doctor was right, there was no way for them to escape until the power returned. There was only the two of them in a dark room where the temperature was slowly dipping. He shivered again.



“If we aren’t going to attempt to leave this room, perhaps you would be willing to venture closer,” Garak said. Julian turned and looked at him. Then he walked over. Garak sat in one of the larger chairs in the space and Julian joined him, his body falling to his lap with a grace the stars could never mirror. Their arms wrapped around reach other and Garak pulled him as close as possible.

“How long do you suppose the repairs will take?” Garak asked.

“It’s hard to say. Hopefully no more than an hour. There are blankets in here, but I’m not sure they’d stave off the cold that long.”

Silence. Garak fiddled with the hem of Julian uniform jacket. The fabric was thick and no doubt retained heat as well as his customized outfit. He could feel the heat through the fabric that danced along Julian’s skin naturally. He would have loved to dance his fingers over the tanned flesh, nails dragging, just to see the man squirm and huff irritably through his impatience. But the dipping cold demanded clothes. Garak would have never pulled any off to see the dear man’s natural charms.

“Garak, have we ever sat like this before?” Julian asked. He no doubt already knew the answer, but Garak decided to play along, if only to pull his mind away from his steadily erotic thoughts.

“No, I don’t believe so.”

There was a pause. “We should do this again. When the power isn’t out on the ship, I mean. It’s nice. You’re nice.”

“There is nothing nice about me, my dear.”

“That’s not true.”

“Really? Perhaps I should show you how mean I can be, then.”

Garak leaned forward and started pressing kisses against the man’s exposed neck.

“Garak, we can’t take our clothes off in here. It’s too cold.”

“Oh, I’m quite aware,” Garak answered before he took a nibble at Julian’s jaw, “But you mistook me for someone who wouldn’t take advantage of this precarious position of yours. Whatever will you do if I were to get you aroused in such a bitterly cold environment.”

“You monster.” A teasing lilt graced Julian’s voice. Garak smiled against his neck.