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The Daredevil Spacecraft That Will Touch the Sun

In the summer of 2018, we’re launching Parker Solar Probe, a spacecraft that will get closer to the Sun than any other in human history.

Parker Solar Probe will fly directly through the Sun’s atmosphere, called the corona. Getting better measurements of this region is key to understanding our Sun. For instance, the Sun releases a constant outflow of solar material, called the solar wind. We think the corona is where this solar wind is accelerated out into the solar system, and Parker Solar Probe’s measurements should help us pinpoint how that happens.  

The solar wind, along with other changing conditions on the Sun and in space, can affect Earth and are collectively known as space weather. Space weather can trigger auroras, create problems with satellites, cause power outages (in extreme cases), and disrupt our communications signals. That’s because space weather interacts with Earth’s upper atmosphere, where signals like radio and GPS travel from place to place.

Parker Solar Probe is named after pioneering physicist Gene Parker. In the 1950s, Parker proposed a number of concepts about how stars — including our Sun — give off energy. He called this cascade of energy the solar wind. Parker also theorized an explanation for the superheated solar atmosphere, the corona, which is hotter than the surface of the Sun itself.

Getting the answers to our questions about the solar wind and the Sun’s energetic particles is only possible by sending a probe right into the furnace of the Sun’s corona, where the spacecraft can reach 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Parker Solar Probe and its four suites of instruments – studying magnetic and electric fields, energetic particles, and the solar wind – will be protected from the Sun’s enormous heat by a 4.5-inch-thick carbon-composite heat shield.

Over the course of its seven-year mission, Parker Solar Probe will make two dozen close approaches to the Sun, continuously breaking its own records and sending back unprecedented science data.

Getting close to the Sun is harder than you might think, since the inertia of a spacecraft launched from Earth will naturally carry it in repeated orbits on roughly the same path. To nudge the orbit closer to the Sun on successive trips, Parker Solar Probe will use Venus’ gravity.

This is a technique called a gravity assist, and it’s been used by Voyager, Cassini, and OSIRIS-REx, among other missions. Though most missions use gravity assists to speed up, Parker Solar Probe is using Venus’ gravity to slow down. This will let the spacecraft fall deeper into the Sun’s gravity and get closer to our star than any other spacecraft in human history.

Get a behind-the-scenes view of the Parker Solar Probe under construction in a clean room on the NASA Sun Science Facebook page.

Keep up with all the latest on Parker Solar Probe at nasa.gov/solarprobe or on Twitter @NASASun.

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Uhm, sorry I don’t mean to just crap on your feed because I really like it anyways

+ then proceeds to do exactly that …i can’t stand passive aggression esp. when you’re not really saying anything of value

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Okay, to (hopefully) end the discussion once and for all, I asked Nathan Greno directly about where Corona is supposed to be.

Now, granted, he said the very interesting thing about not thinking about it as Corona, since they chose not to call it that in the movie, but… it’s the only name the kingdom’s ever had, and since they call it that in the series, what else are we going to call it?

But, even so, my point is that it is not Germany. It’s just a unique but generic fairytale kingdom that draws inspiration from several sources.

I love how Rapunzel doesn’t actually technically lie to Frederic:

King Frederic: “So, I’m trying to understand this. You snuck out last night, went beyond the walls of Corona, where you touched a mysterious… rock that somehow caused your hair to return?”
Rapunzel: “Yes.”
King Frederic: “And you acted alone?”
Rapunzel: “Look, I know you’re angry.”

But she didn’t answer the last question yes or no.

so i’m sitting in the car and start thinking: what if we get an episode about suitors fighting for rapunzels hand in marriage?

hear me out. say there’s some bogus rule in corona where she has to pick from a group of eligible suitors. and eugene is like “oh okay let’s fucking do this” and joins the group of suitors so it’s just this shit show of eugene trying to one up these guys even though we all know she’s going to pick him

drinking a corona in navi’s memory

there was more than one occasion where i had a corona on the coffee table and navi would start sniffing trying to get some for herself lol 

this one’s for you, little bun

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Send “🌀” to find my muse, injured and alone after being beaten up

Carlos avoided her gaze, his eyes looking off into the far distance as if he was lost in thought. He was also shaking lightly. His whole face was like one big bruise, there was a cut over his right eye and his nose had been bleeding at some point. Even his lip had been split. The freckled teen hugged his right to his chest tightly as if it too was hurt. As if a switch was flicked he blinked took in a deep breath and looked up at her. “R-Rosalie?” Surprise was in his voice as if she had appeared out of thin air. 

Transformers and Doing the Do: How Babies are Made

Baby making essay

Sidenote: this is my own personal headcanon that I use for my own personal baby universe. I’m not trying to claim this to be the be-all-end-all of Cybertronian reproductive headcanons. Just trying to answer a common question I’ve been getting.

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about the lost lagoon wtf moment #3: maybe the author wasn't going by american seasons? it's odd but maybe it could be? in different places of the world the seasons happen at different times. now the fun part i guess is figuring out where corona is located to have autumn in april haha!

It’s possible that the author wasn’t, but I’m pretty sure that while Corona isn’t meant to be any specific country, it is meant to be generically western Europe. Otherwise, why name drop places like France and Italy, which would be decently close neighbors?

Someone actually brought this up to me before, in private chat, and honestly, it does help me remember not to assume things based on the standard of the northern hemisphere, just because that’s what I’m used to, but I feel and always have felt that Corona’s generic fairytale location is still western European in nature.

A future!Tangled/Frozen crossover where the royal families of Corona and Arendelle want to betroth Rapunzel and Eugene’s eldest child to Anna and Kristoff’s eldest child so that they can eventually merge the kingdoms. The only problem is that the kids can’t stand each other. 

A Baker’s Dozen

Hans(el), Gretel, and Teddy from my friend Kath’s Frozen/Tangled fanfic A Baker’s Dozen (which is awesome). Yay.

Banished from his lands, stripped of his title, and kicked out with only the clothes on his back, Hans has to make his own in the world. Things start looking up when he travels to a foreign land called Corona where a baker’s daughter offers him some bread, a job, and perhaps something more. Thirteen chapters, starting with his actions in Frozen and ending with his redemption.

To repeat what I said on DA, my friend really has a way with taking minute side characters (like the little girls from Tangled who braided Rapunzel’s hair) and turning them into rich cast of characters. She likes to include a lot of small nods to Disney as well as bunch of twists and turns (because she is evil). I actually found myself liking Hans. I thought that impossible after Frozen. Definitely one of my favorites by her.

As for the picture, I started that back in January. I’m so glad to have finished. It’s far from perfect, but I’m trying new things.


Gdynia, Poland, is one of the more intriguing potential locations for a real-world Corona. The bottom map shows (underlined in red) the city of Gdynia and the 1,000-foot Wiezcya hills next to the Kashubian Lake District. The photos show the fachwerk architecture common in Corona (left), Wiezcya (center), and Kaszuby lake (right), with corresponding maps beneath them.

Beware of Open Doors (Ch. 7)

Female!Hans AU. Inspired by this post. Full fic: AO3 linkFF.net link.

The sunlight obnoxiously insisting its presence through her window had woken Anna at some point in the past… hour? The Crown Princess, heir apparent, of Arendelle did not have a need to depart from her bed, however. So she hadn’t. Instead, she was half-awake and idly trying to decipher how her life had managed to completely change in the course of one night. Wrapping up the party had taken so long that she hadn’t slept much or had a moment for introspection since leaving Elsa’s room. With eyes half-lidded as she gazed at the edge of her windowsill, she wasn’t certain if she was awake enough yet for introspection.

Two knocks on the door. “Princess Anna?” She was at least awake enough to recognize Gerda’s voice.

“Mmmmmn,” Anna groaned. “What is it, Gerda?”

“You have a visitor, ma’am. She insists that she has pre-established plans with you, but there’s nothing on your sched—”

“Anna, it’s me, Hansele. We were going to lunch together, remember?”

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Nothing along the Baltic Coast comes close to the hills of a real-world Corona. Wiezyca is the best the region has to offer. It’s in Polish Pomerelia, and while it’s nowhere near as dramatic as the hills of Corona, it does offer some interesting nooks as well as the Kashubian Lake District, which could use a dam or two (maybe). The map shows the relation of Wiezcya to the lakes.