where is Claire when I need her

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What bothers me though, is how some haters are calling Claire anti-feminist. I even heard Joss Wheldon say she's a horrible female character. I don't get that? Yes, she's a bit snobby perfectionist, and definitely an A-type personality that's a workaholic, and unlike Owen, she's not use to dealing with wild animals, but when push comes to shove, Claire takes charge. How is that anti-feminist? Do you get where this hate is coming from Genelle?

Well I do actually have a problem with the way Claire was presented in the beginning of the film. She’s for the most part a stereotype of the hard-working woman who needs to ~loosen up (as we’re told by Masrani) and who will ~undoubtedly want children down the line (as we’re told by her sister) so there’s definitely an undercurrent of ‘Claire’s lifestyle and manner of being is not the way she’s supposed to be’ going on imo. It’s less about her character in and of itself and more about people’s reactions to her in the film that bother me. I like Claire, but that’s probably my biggest/only real complaint about the film as a whole.

i just really need someone to hold me.

cause the JW feels just won’t quit. 

i mean- like

What about the first time Claire and Owen take their little ones to the museum and Owen can’t stop tearing up. His kids are all embarrassed cause he likes to linger.

What about Blue wandering around in the jungle just looking for her new alpha.

What about how Owen still rubs the little scar on his hand from where Blue bit him when she was an infant? 


Jurassic World

Jurassic world is one of the most awaited movie of 2015 and just last week I watched it together for free! with my 1A family during our communication skills subject. 

My favorite character is claire though she is quite workaholic and puts her family specially her nephews second… i still  fond her because behind her cold personality lies a girl who just want to show everyone that she can do all her task and be anything the company needs. and i also love the last part where she learned that family should always comes first. 

“You remember when we fixed up grandpa’s old malibu” - Zach

This line was delivered when Zach and Gray found themselves in part of the old jurassic park after getting away from  the Indominus rex. In there they found old jeeps. That time they needed something to escape danger and there they found the answer to their prayers.gray, the little brother was losing hope and Zach as a big brother gave words of encouragement to gray to lift his spirit up. Zach encouraged  his brother to believe in his skills and believe that they will e able to get away from the dinosaur.

That line shows us that there are times when we need to step up and be strong and help those people who are on the edge of giving up. We can always remind them the good thing from the past to help them build their confidence back.

Always remember to never give up and always look on the bright side.

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“Guess snooping really doesn’t do any good, huh?”

           ❝ I mean, if you NEED something, you could just ask. 

Snooping does plenty of good. Sam wouldn’t be able to do his job without a certain amount of invading people’s privacy; it’s just about knowing how much, and when you’re better off getting your nose out of someone else’s business. Also, learning not to get caught would be a plus. That’s where her problem currently lies. He’d be pissed, but a deep breath reminds him that Claire is just a kid–––––– harmless to him, for the most part. When he was her age, his ideas weren’t all so bright, either. 

          ❝ What’re you looking through my books for?