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An IASIP video game would be amazing?!

Imagine, you can play as the five main characters (Dennis, Mac, Dee, Charlie, and Frank) and they all have their own unique talents that you need to use in order to get through the levels:

  • Charlie can use his ratstick as a weapon
  • Dennis can pass off being somebody else (à la Brian Lefevre) as long as he has obtained some form of their ID
  • Frank has a pocket constantly full of drugs and if he takes them he turns into ‘Frankenstein’

As you move through Philadelphia (no doubt causing chaos along the way, similar to GTA), you can play as any of the side characters you bump into and use their skill to proceed through the game, such as:

  • Rickety Cricket’s parkour skills
  • Bill Ponderosa’s speedy drunk-drug-driving 
  • Artemis’ many many skills

or if you need to you can contact the side character you need, but only Dennis can successfully get the Waitress, Frank can get Bill and Artemis, Dee can get Ben the Soldier and Cricket, Mac gets Country Mac, Charlie gets the Lawyer, etc. 

Some of the levels could be completely new while some could be based on different episodes, like

  • Thundergun Express, where you pick a character and have to race the rest of the gang to the cinema
  • The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre, where you have to use each of the gang’s skills to successfully escape the wedding alive
  • The World Series Defense, where the gang has to find a way into the stadium while avoiding security
  • Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs, which starts off easy but the further into the month it gets the more difficult it gets, with the scenery beginning to get darker, Mac and Dennis hallucinating, Wally Schmidt constantly popping up and scaring the shit out of you, the gameplay getting more and more erratic, basically turning into a horror game.

And then there could be so many little perks, like

  • if you press a certain button while playing as Mac, he tries to do a backflip but fails miserably every time
  • if you’re playing as Dee and put her under too much pressure, she starts gagging and you have to restart the level
  • if you push too many buttons at once while playing as Charlie, he yells “wildcard!” then does something that you can’t control, potentially jeopardizing the level

There’s just so much potential I can’t stop thinking about it… I need an It’s Always Sunny video game asap…

Every time Barry tries to save the world
  • Barry: *in a very dangerous situation where he must run really fast*
  • Barry: How fast do I have to run?
  • Caitlin: *names a ridiculously fast speed*
  • Cisco: that's impossible
  • Barry: *runs exactly that speed*
  • Barry: *saves the world*

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For your greek!mythology au for supergirl do you think Alex would be daughter of Athena or Ares? Who would the other characters parents be? Winn would probably be the son of Hephaestus right? J'onn would be like the son of Hecate. What are some of your headcanons?

Okay so FIRST OF ALL!!!! That is mean. I’ve been racking my brain trying to decide which is a better fit for Alex, and you just forced me to do research (I love it, thank you).

Here we go. (Kara and Lena here)


Whilst in a first look, Ares would be a good fit for Alex, I think that’s mostly an act. I think all that aggressiveness of hers is mostly an act that she puts on so she won’t get hurt, because if you see her with Kara and Maggie, she’s the softest softy. Also, in the books it is said that daughters of Ares are massively built ‘Ares’ daughters, in particular, have the physical bodies, skeletal structure, and muscle distribution of exceptionally large, strong, and well-conditioned human men.’ and Alex is tall but rather tiny in structure (Chyler is very skinny, I’m afraid she’s going to break like half the time I see her)

Most of the cool stuff Ares gets Athena also has. Athena is, after all, the female counterpart of Ares.

Athena’s children’s abilities include:

  • Enhanced strength and swiftness.
  • Able to adapt to using various types of weapons quicker than normal.
  • Never forget what they heard.
  • Immense expertise in war strategy.
  • Great control over any weapon.
  • Highly skilled in armed and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Possess high intelligence and wisdom.

Again, Athena is the goddess of:  courage, inspiration, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, etc.

Alex is very brave, Alex is just, Alex is a fighter and a genius, she admittedly loves the sciences, she’s very good at using various different weapons (we’ve seen so many) she’s great at hand-to-hand, she’s a good strategist, she’s in a really good rank at the DEO so that proves that she is very intelligent even if we hadn’t seen other proof.

So Alex would be a Daughter of Athena.


Winn is also a constant struggle for me because I can see the Athena qualities in him, but let’s analyze Hephaestus.

Hephaestus was the god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture. He was a kind and peace-loving god. And he made a few of the other gods’ weapons as well as armors for demigods, he also made jewelry and many other crafty stuff. Was the patron of the arts.

on the books, he is also the god of technology, craftsmen, and blacksmiths.

Hephaestus children’s abilities are:

  • They are expert builders.
  • They are mechanics.
  • Technokinesis: As children of Hephaestus, they can control and manipulate machines.
    • Can sense machines, mechanics, or metal.
    • Can identify machinery type and use by touch.
    • Can sense faults in metal ore.
  • Can find and sense traps in the ground.

These all fit for Winn the techy guy who likes toys and computers and other machinery and is really good at making stuff, including suits, armors, traps, gadgets and so on. Like, just everything Guardian is enough to prove this, and that is only a fraction of what we’ve seen him do. Winn is a genius with mechanics, great builder, and good at fixing stuff. He is also comical and stubborn and kind and not very into fighting, which are all traits of Hephaestus.

But he is much more than simply mechanical minded, he is a genius in other fields of expertises, admittedly good with math and sciences and languages and being a super nerd.

So Winn would be a Son of Hephaestus but I’ll go as far as saying he’d have the grace of Athena as well.


I’ve never thought of J’onn as being on the same level as the rest of the characters. He is Spacedad. He has his own category. 

I like the idea of J’onn being a full on immortal who directs the camp and loves all the campers as his own children. However, he coul be a demigod who gained immortality from the gods.

In that case, I don’t really think Hecate would fit him because she’s the goddess of magic, sorcery, witchcraft, crossroads, trivial knowledge, and necromancy. Those aren’t things I associate J’onn with.

I feel like Hypnos would fit him better. Although he is the God of sleep, here are some abilities of his children:

  • They are capable of memory retrieval.
  • They are capable of memory alteration.
  • They can induce sleep.
  • They can use hypnosis.
  • They can astral project/dream travel. (when asleep)
  • They can manipulate dreams.

J’onn is a telepath, on the show he can both retrieve, read and alter people’s memories, hypnosis is also a thing for a lot of telepaths and astral projection would be something I wouldn’t cross out of his powers just yet, it’s definitelly something I think he could do. He is also very calm and knowledgeable and insightful, and the son of Hypnos we see in the books, Clovis, is like that.

So J’onn would be an immortal Son of Hypnos and the director of activities of the camp.

Other characters, 


James is a little tricky one. But I think he could be a Son of Apollo like Kara. 

Not only is he ridiculously good looking and athletic, but he is also very artistic, he is a skilled fighter, could be a good archer if they just gave him a bow on the show. He is a photographer, and Photography is all about light and Apollo is the god of light. Children of Apollo are skilled in physical contests and games, James is shown to be good at anything physical he likes games. Children of Apollo are natural healers and James really cares about helping people so I think that is something James would like to have do great use of.

And I’m sorry but that is literally the only God I could think for James.

So James would be a Son of Apollo.


For some reason, I think she’d be a daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture. I don’t have a good excuse for that, just that there are a few jokes of her being vegan and Demeter children can control plants. It’s silly, sorry.

But for real, Maggie could be a Daughter of Nike, who is the goddess of strenght and victory. I particularly like Nike.

Nike’s children’s abilities include:

  • They are extremely competitive.
  • They live for contests and never settle for second best.
  • They can be pretty intense and driven but they are hard workers and tough opponents.
  • They never turn down a challenge.

I think that fits Maggie. She is always making bets and challenging people at pool, doesn’t seem like the type to turn down a challenge or settle for second best. She’s tiny and she had that air that she’s ready to fight and challenge everyone all the time. She seems very competitive from what we’ve seen, and hard worker.

So Maggie would be a Daughter of Nike.


I love her, we need more Vasquez.

Vasquez is a Daughter of Nemesis, goddess of balance, justice, and vengeance.

Children of Nemesis:

  • Believe that people who are full of themselves should be brought down.
  • Never forget an insult.
  • Make good allies.

For me it fits Vasquez, she’s a great ally for the Danvers’ sisters, she looks like she’d fight people for calling her the wrong name, and she cared about justice and fucking up the patriarchy. lol


Lucy is really smart, but she would definitely not be a Daughter of Athena. I think Lucy would be a Daughter of Aphrodite. She’s very poised, she always looks good, canonly smells great and seems to have a lot of social skills and awareness.


My love. Cat is brilliant, Cat is elegant, Cat is witty, Cat dominant (ha, yes I rhymed). She’s really good with her words, she knows how to hold herself, she knows how to control people and boss them, she constantly insults people for their appearance and sometimes lack of wit/a brain, she always looks perfect beyond comparison, she’s sophisticated, she’s attractive, she is hinted to be strong on seduction, very influential, high social abilities and awareness.

Cat Grant is a Daughter of Aphrodite!

Like, there’s hardly room for debate on this. But she definitelly would have the grace of Athena.

And I can’t think of any other character of Supergirl, but I’m taking the liberty to add my favorite Flash characters here as well because why not, though I won’t go much into them because this is already huge, but they’re pretty much obvious

except for Barry and Wally, so here:

Hermes is the god of roads, speed, messengers, commerce, travel, thieves, merchants, athletes and mail deliverers (cuz that’s not random). Hermes was known to be quick and cunning and had the ability to freely move between the mortal and divine worlds. He is also the patron and protector of travelers, herdsmen, thieves, orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade. In some myths Hermes is also depicted as a trickster where he would outwit the gods either for the good of humankind or for his own personal amusement and satisfaction.

Children of Hermes:

  • Are skilled at theft and trickery.
  • Have a high athletic ability.
  • Are persuasive.
  • Some or all of Hermes’s children have the ability to pick most locks with their minds.
  • Can sense any physical traps.
  • Are good at alchemy and making potions.
  • Are good with money.

Barry is a forensic Forensic scientist which means he is good with alchemy, he is a speedster and a good leader. He can ‘freely move between worlds’ and he is also good with inventions.

Wally likes the roads, like literally, he was into car racing, he loves speed, I’m pretty sure he is skilled at theft and lockpicking, he seems to be really into sports, he is witty and fun, totally into playing tricks on people.

So we have:

  • Kara Danvers, Daughter of Apollo 
    • With the grace of Zeus, aka she can fly
  • Alex Danvers, Daughter of Athena
  • J’onn J’onzz, immortal son of Hypnos and camp activity director
  • Winn Schott, jr, Son of Hephaestus
    • With the grace of Athena
  • Lena Luthor, Daughter of Athena
    • With the grace of Aphrodite
  • Cat Grant, Daughter of Aphrodite
    • With the grace of Athena
  • Lucy Lane, Daughter of Aphrodite
  • James Olsen, Son of Apollo
  • Susan Vasquez, Daughter of Nemesis
  • Maggie Sawyer, Daughter of Nike
  • Barry Allen, Son of Hermes
  • Iris West, Daughter Aphrodite
  • Wally West, Son of Hermes
  • Caitlyn Snow, Daughter of Athena
  • Cisco Ramon, Son of Hephaestus

As for Headcanons:

  • Athena is the only deity to claim their children at birth, but Lena was ‘adopted’ by the Luthors and Lionel died when she was young, Lillian decided to never tell Lena about her real mother. And so Lena remained oblivious to her demigod nature and parentage until she went to camp at the age of fourteen
  • Lena is immediately claimed by Aphrodite when she arrives at camp and it takes a few years before she finds out she’s actually a daughter of Athena, so she’s the only demigod(ess) to be claimed by more than one God and because of that, some people don’t like her.
      • most people feel abandoned by their godly parent so they don’t like her having too much attention from the goddesses
    • Children of Aphrodite don’t like her because she’s too smart and cares more about studying than caring about her looks
    • Children of Athena don’t like her because they think she’s too vain, but they eventually come around when she proves herself as a true daughter of Athena
    • When she still believed to be a daughter of Aphrodite and lived in cabin 10, she would mostly spend time with children of Athena studying and stuff
  • It is said on the books that Hephaestus has a crush on Athena, and also he is married to Aphrodite, so Winn totally has a huge crush on Lena, for both her claims and they are total besties. Lena is constantly sneaking into the forgery to work with Winn on their crazy inventions
  • Winn doesn’t have Pyrokinesis, but he has bunker 9 and managed to open it one time when his gadget exploded in his hand while he tried to fix it.
  • Literally everyone in the camp is in love with Kara
  • Everyone but the children of Aphrodite and Athena have the hugest crush on Lena because she’s just ridiculously hot
  • Single mother Eliza Danvers raising her two demigod daughters, Alex and Kara, by herself and taking in Winn when he is not on camp
  • Winn actually being led to the Danvers, by J’onn, when his mother died before any of them went/were sent to camp
  • Eliza is just so freaking smart that Athena took a liking of her so much so that Alex is one of the only Daughters of Athena with a human mother
  • Alex, Kara and Winn all arrived at camp together after some crazy spider attacks on the girls’ bedroom made Eliza decide to send them off for the summers. Kara was six, making her the youngest person to arrive at camp, Winn was seven and Alex was eight
  • James was the one who showed them around when they arrived and decided to take Kara and Winn under his protection because they were both so tiny. Alex was initially jealous of him because ‘they’re my siblings’, but came around when she saw how well he took care of Kara
  • Kara cried the first few nights at camp because she had never been away from Alex and Eliza before, but James made sure to calm her and tell her she was safe and she’d be able to spend time with Alex the next day
  • Kara cried when James said she had to throw part of her food in the fire for the gods
  • James arrived at camp with a satyr at the age of nine, he was eleven when Kara, Alex and Winn arrived
  • Cat was fourteen when Kara arrived, Kara all but imprinted on her and decided to follow the ‘pretty girl’ around. Cat pretended to be annoyed but she adored Kara
  • Cat was the counselor of Aphrodite’s cabin and passed it down to Iris
  • Lucy and Cat are a little bit of nemeses
  • As an Aphrodite tradition, Lucy was told to break James’ heart but refused and they maintain a strong lasting relationship
  • Alex fights everyone who dares look at Kara, she once broke a boy’s nose because he tried to kiss Kara and a boy’s arm because he checked Kara out with too much avidity… they may of may not be the same person named Mike.
  • The moment she set her eyes on Kara, Lena was in love
  • Kara and Lena became really fast friends, but neither Alex nor James were very fond of the situation. Cat and Lucy were their number one shippers
  • Kara and Lena danced around each other for two years before Lena kissed Kara on the last day of summer, they started officially dating the winter after that when Lena spent the holidays with the Danvers instead of going home
  • Even before they started dating Kara would fight anyone who tried to say anything bad about Lena. She spent three entire weeks without talking to James because he called Lena untrustworthy and wouldn’t let her be in their team for capture flag and two days without talking to Alex because she called Lena vain. Has physically fought people for things they said about Lena. Broke a guy’s arm and nose because he touched Lena’s butt and tried to kiss her, Alex had never been more proud
  • Alex only started liking/accepting Lena when it was revealed that she was actually a Daughter of Athena
  • Vasquez is always Alex’s second at capture the flag and Kara is often jealous
  • Maggie went to camp at the age of twelve after her parents kicked her out
  • Alex and Maggie started dating without even knowing. Everyone just thought they were dating and when they found out they didn’t care to correct people and decided to start dating anyways
  • Winn is the nerdy and annoying little brother of the group. Everyone calls Winn ‘Danvers’ and he loves it, Alex and Kara never corrected this, and have many times encouraged and used the name for him
  • Winn likes to tease Alex about Maggie and run to hide behind Kara before Alex can hit him
  • Alex and Maggie take turns scaring Winn, James and Kara are his protectors
  • Alex and Maggie always compete against each other, they are never on the same team for anything, they like trash-talking the other with the silliest lines. Alex calls Maggie Adidas to get her riled up, Maggie teases Alex about not having a bellybutton and calls her ‘brainy’
  • James and Maggie stay at camp all year around. Kara, Winn and Alex stay on school breaks (all of them). Lucy only stays on summers. Lena goes to boarding school when she’s not on camp. Cat refused to stop going to camp even after she started college, she goes back every summer. No one knows anything about Vasquez’s life, there is no pattern of when she stays on camp, she disappears for long periods of time only to show up again as if she never left.
  • Eliza takes in any and every demigod that shows up at her door, her children often bring home friends to spend the last week or so of summer

And I will stop now because this is too long and has taken up too much time, I’ve been writing this for at least six hours why am I like this? I got a little bit carried away, can you tell?

Shows I watch and my opinions on ships:

( Shadowhunters, Arrow, The Flash, Girl Meets World (rip), Riverdale, and The Fosters )


Arrow; olicity is the cutest thing in the world and I totally ship them. But honestly for a long time I shipped Felicity and Ray. Like I love Ray and he’s such a sweetheart so I was like hey why not. They were pretty cute. Lyla and John are also really cute but for the longest time I hated Lyla because she was a bitch when she was working with Amanda Waller (rip), but now she’s okay. ROY AND THEA OTP OTP OTP OTP LIKE DON’T EVEN TRY ME. IM ONLY ON SEASON 4 SO DON’T SPOIL ANYTHING DJFDU

The Flash; WESTALLEN 200000% hottest ship out there. Such a power couple. BUT MY OTP IS CAITLIN AND JULIAN LIKE THEY NEED A FUCKING SHIP NAME. Also Wally and Jesse are the cutest ship of all time like goals goals goals.

Girl Meets World (rip); You see, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this show, but lucaya will forever be one of my favorite ships of all time so I had to. Like does anyone even ship rucas?? THE ONLY REASON RILEY EVEN HAS LUCAS IS BECAUSE MAYA PUSHED HIM AWAY AFTER HE WAS GOING TO FUCKING CHOOSE HER. AND WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS JOSHAYA CRAP LIKE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?1?1?1

Riverdale; VERONICA AND ARCHIE ARE THE HOTTEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET SO IF YOU PUT THEM TOGETHER IT WOULD MAKE SUCH A FUCKING POWER COUPLE. Don’t kill me but I don’t really ship bughead.. I feel like it literally came out of no where. Like where is the build up?? The thing with riverdale is that they have like 0 build up to their relationships. Except for Valerie and Archie, they had a build up, but like yeah they hinted that Jughead liked Betty, BUT WHERE THE FUCK DID IT EVER HINT THAT BETTY MIGHT LIKE JUGHEAD? SHES TOO STUCK ON ARCHIE AND I BET 2 MILLION DOLLARS THAT SHE’S NOT OVER HIM AND IF HE ASKED HER OUT SHE WOULD SAY YES.


If you reached the end you are a champ because you just read a good page of me ranting :))

The Flash's Candice Patton Weighs In on Broken 'WestAllen' Engagement, Teases 'Breathless' Musical Role
They’ll always have… noodles? On The CW’s The Flash (airing Tuesdays at 8/7c), Iris’ engagement ended in a jiffy when it came to light that Barry popped the question in part…
By Matt Webb Mitovich

TVLINE | That was kind of a bush league move from Wally there, returning from “the future” and blabbing about Barry’s motivation for proposing.
I know. I guess it depends on who you ask. He’s trying to stick up for his sister, obviously, but he did throw Barry completely under the bus. He then got in the bus, drove it, ran back over Barry a bit…. Yeah.

TVLINE | What was important to you about that heart-to-heart between Iris and Barry? Where she said he should have proposed purely out of love…
“…and not because you’re afraid for me.” Say what you will, I think everybody is kind of rooting for “WestAllen,” but I think Iris has a legitimate concern and fear. No woman or man wants to be proposed to out of fear. I mean, to save your life is a huge thing, but you want your marriage to be based in love. So Iris is going to need some time to think about it, if this is the right thing to do.

TVLINE | I thought it was a great scene in that it walked these fine lines, where you wanted to make sure she did feel appreciated, that she wasn’t dismissing the gesture wholesale. She just wanted it properly contextualized.
Exactly. Iris isn’t saying that she doesn’t love Barry. She very much does. But she wants the engagement to be everything a woman dreams of — that it’s real and romantic and based in love.

TVLINE | She did get noodles out of it.
She did get noodles out of it.

TVLINE | Are there actual noodles…?
[Sadly] No. I’ve never smelt Grandma Esther’s noodles, so I can’t tell you if they’re actually good or not.

TVLINE | How do you think the circumstances would need to be different for Barry to even think about proposing again?
I think he’s got to be genuine, first of all. Not that he isn’t genuine, but he needs to make Iris assured that obviously he wants to save her but that he wants to be with her because he loves her, and she’s the only person he wants to be with.

TVLINE | How are the Wests coping after Wally got sucked into the Speed Force?
They’re devastated. The thought of losing a family member, especially for the Wests and for Barry, is horrific. We’ve lost so many people. We lost [Iris and Wally’s mother] Francine just last season, so the thought of Wally being trapped somewhere and us not being able to get to him is really devastating. We’re going to see them grapple with that in this next episode.

TVLINE | My readers are repeatedly asking: Are we going to see Iris doing anything to investigative the Savitar thing, to kind of help her own cause?
No. [Laughs] I know, I know fans are constantly wanting to see Iris do more investigative work and to use her reporter skills to further the narrative that’s happening this season with Savitar. Maybe next season we’ll see more of that.

TVLINE | The producers told me that Iris plays a huge role in the musical crossover with Supergirl (airing Tuesday, March 21).
Yeah! I saw that article, and I didn’t really think of it that way, but yeah, she’s a big part of it because this is her first crossover ever. Although I don’t thinks she’s technically crossing over….

TVLINE | She’s being “crossed over” [by some Supergirl cast].
She’s being “crossed over,” yeah. We get to see Iris as a completely different character — new name, new everything. Barry is whammied by the Music Meister and both him and Kara are in this dream-like state where they envision a world where… Iris is this fast-talking, brash daughter of a mobster. It’s a wig that we put on, and I was very much inspired by [Dick Tracy‘s] Breathless Mahoney. It’s just fun for us to do something different, because Iris usually has that “girl next door” thing going on. Even the sets we’re in are so glamorous and kind of 1940s-style. It’s really fun.

Maybe it’s just me but I loved when Barry was confronting Savitar he said, 

“Everything with you is about time, isn’t it? The past, the present, the future. You know all of it, right? And you know everything about me…about Joe…about Wally…and IRIS?? You know our strengths, you know our fears, you know how much we love each other. And you know how to use that love against us.” 

While Team Flash has their place in Barry’s life as his friends, ultimately Iris, Joe and Wally are his family. Those are the most important people in the world to him and of course the future/alternate/whatever the hell version of him would know that. The people Barry loves the most are Savitar’s secret weapons against him. 

Savitar is Barry’s greatest adversary because he knows better than anyone what would shatter Barry. He knows it because, more than likely, he’s dealt with it. He’s lived in a world where Iris West didn’t exist and it turned him into an evil, twisted, warped shell of a man. 

Iris’ love, warmth, and acceptance saved Barry. Joe and Wally’s love and brother/fatherhood saved Barry. That love and familial bond is what keeps him going and without it, he’s nothing. Actually he’s worse than nothing he’s hopeless. His light would be gone and without it the darkness would consume him until there was nothing left. 

theirprofoundbond  asked:

Can we talk about how at the end of 12.12 Mary said, "I almost lost one of my boys." Like, no, she's hardly the best mother figure, but the fact that Cas is "one of her boys"? omg. That felt huge to me.

I have to say - I’m having complicated feelings for Mary right now - not only Mary not coming clean about the Colt to Ramiel when there was a slight chance he was going to kill her and let the others go, but mostly Mary turning over one of the most powerful weapons in existence to a secret organization she knows nothing about - also people who tortured and skinned her son.

The kindest explanation for Mary not saying anything in that barn was to assume she’d sort of - frozen in fear? After all, she may have caught up with her reading (we don’t know what she’s been up to, exactly), but to her, yellow-eyes demons must be the worst kind of enemies - much more close and personal than anything else. And as for her involvement with the BMoL - I’ll go all Tale of The Three Brothers on this and say Mary’s sort on a path of self-destruction, and she doesn’t care who else gets hurt as long as she gets what she was promised: the end of the supernatural threat utterly and completely. I’m not saying she doesn’t love Sam and Dean, and, as you say, she seems to have taken to Cas as well (even if, I’ll admit, it seemed a bit forced to me), but we know she feels a big disconnect with the world around her, because that’s not where she belongs. And in her mind, her sons are already dead, in a sense, because everything she’d hoped for them went up in flames in that nursery, and if she could only fix that - if she could rid the world of monsters, once and for all - any price is worth that, including, I suspect, the lives of anyone she’s ever met, like Wally, whom she considered a friend, or even Sam and Dean. 

I’m probably wrong, but I’ve been wondering, on and off, how much guilt Mary is carrying around. In a way, she got her parents killed, and we know that with their deaths, a whole dynasty of hunters crumbled away into nothingness. How many lives were lost because Samuel Campbell wasn’t there to coordinate the hunts on those monsters? Is that why Mary kept hunting, even if she’d gotten out? Because one day she turned on the radio in her ordinary, sigil-free kitchen and heard about two kids who’d been gutted in an ‘animal attack’ and knew - she just did - that this was a nest of vampires her father had been tracking before she traded his life for John’s?

All this to say that, if it make sense, her inclusion of Cas as one of ‘my boys’ wasn’t so much as a statement in Cas’ favour, but a downgrading of her own sons, in my view. We already know she’s feeling complicated feelings for both of them, and now we’re learning that those extend to not involving them in her decisions and not trusting them and even putting their lives on the line if necessary. And I’m sure Mary loves her sons, and that she’s including Cas in her brood because of that hunter/soldier philosophy they all seem to function by, but I think she also feels responsible for the rest of the world - perhaps even for giving birth to the archangels’ vessels, who knows - and since she hasn’t long left on Earth, she’s determined to put everything right, no matter the cost.

And, by the way - not that I’m still obsessing over that, but Cas’ I love you - I’ve read some people frowning at the fact there were two different sentences there, and I now think Mary was the reason why. It wasn’t singular and plural - it was two different plurals. Because, well, look at Cas’ whole speech - 

Thank you. Knowing you, it - it’s been the best part of my life. And the things that - the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me. You’re my family. I love you.  

- where does Mary fit into that? Cas’ known her, like, two months? That speech is for Sam and Dean, not Mary. As is that first I love you - which is why we get a second one, I love all of you, which is a more inclusive plural.

Anyway - I should specify this is not Mary hate - I like the character they’re building there, and I like how they’re working against the classic motherhood tropes. Still, she’s truly her sons’ mother - as guilt-ridden and martyrdom-seeking as Dean, as secretive and randomly hubristic as Sam - not a good combination.

anonymous asked:

Headcanon on Batsis dating Wally? ✌🏼✌🏼

Thank you for the request! You just helped pushed me forward with wanting to write a something for these two! Hope you enjoy this!

  • Batsis dating Wally would be a gradual thing; it’s not a ‘love-at-first-sight’ type of thing but more of a slow, sudden realization of ‘oh-my-god-i-do-like-him’ that happens once you are slightly older. The relationship the two of you have would grow from being just friends to close friends and to lovers!
  • Your dates would always be interrupted, whether it be by Dick and occasionally by Damian who is still a bit rough with Wally but Wally just laughs it off whenever Damian threatens to cut him, until you had to tell him that Damian is being absolutely serious so now Wally tries to keep his hands to himself whenever Damian’s around.
  • Going on dates with Wally is the one thing you look forward to the most! After working hard on missions and those lonely nights of being apart, dates with Wally really loosens you up! Wally’s very considerate with your feelings (although this didn’t happen without the occasional head slaps from Dick!) so your dates are always filled with laughter and just some you-me time between the two of you. If there’s a fair in town, Wally will definitely not hesitate to bring you there!
  • Between the two of you, Wally’s a much better cook and he’s always cooking dinner for you because sometimes that’s the only time the two of you will be able to meet up and spend some time together. When it’s Wally’s birthday, you would go out of your way to ask his parents about what he likes to eat (as of late!) and would ask Alfred to teach you how to make them because unfortunately for you, you aren’t as skilled in the kitchen as you are out in the field. (Wally loves the effort you put in though!)
  • When the two of you fight, you would always end up going back to the manor and sulk. You would ignore all calls from Wally and Dick because you just want to be left alone and wallow in self misery.
  • To make you forgive him, Wally would come by the manor and would do his best to woo you and make you forgive him. He will have you sit down with him and tell you to talk to him because he’s not always going to get what you’re trying to say immediately off the bat. Wally is also always very sincere with his every words and actions and you almost, always forgive him so your fights never really last longer than at most two days.
  • Alfred sometimes helps you out by helping you go through your plans for your special days with Wally – for example, on your one-year anniversary because it’s honestly the first time for you to ever been a relationship this long and you also don’t think breaking up with Wally is even possible with how much you absolutely love him.
  • Which is why on your one-year anniversary, Wally is extremely floored with how gorgeous you look like and Alfred would later share the photos he took of the two of you together! Later on, he would also share these photos with you and Wally always keeps his favourite with him – where the two of you are just staring at each other lovingly, without a care in the world.

Can you imagine a world where Kyle Baker went on to become a traditional superhero artist? Marvel Age #18 (1984) teased that possibility with this “New Talent Department” piece about an X-Men tryout. (For those curious, The Cowboy Wally Show was still four years away at this point.) – Graeme

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Slightly Breezy didn't even get to say goodbye to Barry, I imagine she'll be kept in the dark about it till S4 begins and be maybe sorta pissed that they just let it happen.

I’m sad about it too. But I’m glad she choose herself and not Julian and his cure. I think we will have a time jump and a big one. There’s no way Barry is going back where things were left off. The team will have move on with their lives. Wally will be the flash, Cisco might even be engage to Gypsy and Iris will have move on just like he told her to do. 

I kind of want to see that you know? A world after Barry Allen. But you know what it means, it means that Barry will be back at pinning after Iris and Iris will have move on with another man. SO, we will be back in season 1 vibe. That show is predictable. 

I don’t know where it leave Caitlin. But I think she will be back as full Caitlin Frost. Will she be be a part of the team again, will she be able to live with what she did? I don’t know.That’s pretty much the most interesting part.

Bluepulse Fanfiction Masterpost

perfect arrangementsIt had seemed logical, practical even, for them to become roommates. They were already familiar with the others’ annoying habits, they liked the same snack food, and they were comfortable around each other. It was the perfect arrangement, aside from one minor caveat. Bart fell in love.

False Dawn: It was his smile, his touch, his warmth… but it wasn’t him.Hollow, mind-numbing panic begins to percolate through Bart’s skin. His heart throbs, shuddering in attempts to break free of the prison his chest has suddenly become. The back of his throat tastes caustic from the hot surge of bile. He swallows it back down, clearing his throat. “How long?” Some part of his mind, the logical part, already knows, but he can’t accept it. Isn’t willing to. He wants to foolishly believe it hasn’t been that long, because that makes the taste of guilt milder, but he knows, he knows. Rated: M

Touch: Contrary to popular belief, Bart doesn’t especially like touching people. In the future, the more you kept to yourself, the less chance you had of angering the wrong person and finding yourself at the receiving end of a knife or a gun, or worse yet, a plasma cannon.It’s not that he likes touching people. He just likes touching Jaime. Whether it’s curling his fingers around Jaime’s wrist to get his attention, or slinging an arm over his shoulder, the feeling is the same. The brilliant, warm sensation of holding a sparkler from the wrong end, that’s what makes Bart want to keep touching Jaime. Rated: K

Fear of Falling: “Jaime?” Bart’s voice sounds absolutely wrecked; raw and hoarse, as if his lungs have been irreparably damaged from screaming. Smears of soot and grime discolor his pale skin, covering the parts of his face not protected by the mask. There’s a hollowness in his gaze. His eyes are a brilliant green with gold striations, but it looks as if someone sucked out all the life from them. They’re dull, matte, the kind of eyes one would find belonging to a corpse.“It’s okay,” Jaime breathes, expression hitched somewhere between pained and worried. “It’s okay.” (I’m okay.)“T-they said one of the squads got captured,” Bart whimpers. Jaime’s not sure why Bart’s relaying all of this to him. After all, he received the very same speech from Aqualad. Hearing it again is tedious and unnecessary. Still, he keeps silent. “I thought it was yours."  Rated: M

Do You Remember, Did You Forget: He knows he isn’t real. He knows he doesn’t exist. But still, he dreams. Reincarnation AU. Rated: K

12 Days of Bluepulse: Christmas prompts for twelve days of ficmas. 

Timeworn Vestiges: (Harry Potter AU) Jaime’s gaze flitted from Bart’s wide-set green eyes to the object in his hand. Suspended from a tarnished chain was a minuscule pendant with an hourglass affixed to its center. Bart’s knuckles were paling from gripping it so tightly, clutching it as if it were his lifeline, or the most precious thing in the world. "Is that—?” “A time-turner." Rated: T

Rumor of Us: Bart comes out to Wally whilst seeking relationship advice.

I Have a Tromboner For You: Highschool AU where Jaime’s in the marching band and Bart’s on the Track Team. Basically, awkward dorks being awkward dorks.

Coffeeshop AU: A little drabble of what would be a super cute AU.

Bank-Vault Revelations: Trapped in a high-tech vault that Bart can’t phase through, and Jaime’s armor isn’t compatible with, they spend the time sorting through their feelings… in various ways. /suggestive eyebrows/ Rated: T

The ‘Previous Engagement’ Ring: Bart doesn’t quite grasp the concept of wedding traditions, and it doesn’t help that both he and Jaime are late to their own wedding. Rated: K+

Heavy Heart, Heavy Lungs: Bart’s heart feels too heavy in his chest, and he hates that he gave himself something to lose. Moded!Jaime. Rated: T

Hum of a Heartbeat: (Uncompleted) A broken shadow. A buried past. A lesson written in bloodshed. Suddenly everything Bart Allen escaped from comes rushing back, but this time things will be different. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Rated: T

Black Boot: His heart plummeted. It took all the willpower he could muster to focus his eyes on a broad, black boot without sprinting in the opposite direction. Time travel is catching on, apparently. Rated: K+

Arachnophobia: "So you have a fear of all bugs?” Jaime inquired, mildly surprised. Blushing, Bart leaned close to his ear and murmured, “Well, I don’t so much mind beetles anymore.” Rated: K

Fear Toxin: The Team is exposed to Scarecrow’s fear toxin, though some are affected more than others. Rated: T

Morality and Mortality: “Blue.” Bart can’t help the hopeful edge that seeps into his voice. He knows that Jaime is gone, Jaime is dead, but sometimes facing the monster that is reality is too hard. Moded! Jaime Rated: T

Champurrado:  Comfort fic, ethnic drinks, kisses, this is a terrible summary. Rated: K+

A Penny For Your Thoughts: Warning: May not contain plot. Spoiler: Does not contain plot. Rated: K

Hunger Games AU: unoriginal fic is unoriginal  Rated: T

Was this a date?: Yes, this most definitely was. Rated: K+  

First Kiss: When the need for oxygen finally kicks in, their lips pull away, but their bodies don’t. Rated: T

Scars: Bart inhales sharply, but Jaime doesn’t take notice. He’s too enraptured by the crosshatching of scars on the speedster’s otherwise smooth body. Rated: T? K+? Like I have any idea how ratings work. 

13 Things: It’s after Bart’s sped through his vows, and hundreds of eyes fixate on him, that Jaime freezes. ~Bluepulse wedding~ Rated: K.

Caught the Bug:  Just a little drabble where Milagro and Khaji pick on Jaime. Rated: K

Broken Toy: Onmode!Jaime notes that it’s no fun playing if they’re already broken. Rated: T

Second Chances: A fatal injury, and the knowledge that the future is now out of second chances. Rated: T

First Valentine’s: 'Soft.’ Despite the number of times Bart had watched Jaime bite his lips raw out of stress or nerves, his lips were unbelievably soft. So much for boycotting Valentine’s Day. Rated: K 

Running:  For someone who finds running easier than breathing, the only question weighing Bart down is 'how long can he keep running?’ Rated: T

Capture: Bart is captured by the Light and Jaime feels at fault. Rated: K+ 

This is a masterpost for my Bluepulse fanfictions, in case anyone is interested. I’ll continue to update this as I write more. You can also find me on FFN and AO3. Thanks for reading, and for all the prompt requests ^.^

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Hi Comicker! I was wondering if you could tell me what's going on in the DC comics world? I'm a fan (more of the TV show/film end of the fandom tbh), but I do try to keep up some with the comics and... Convergence lost me. Lost me hard. And I have no idea who Johnathan Samuel Kent is and I- yeah. Yeah. So...help? Please? Who and what is happening? P.S. I thought I saw you answer this for someone recently but I couldn't find it, so I apologize if this is one of those "FAQ" things for you ^^"

Hello! :D

Oh, no, I actually don’t get a ton of comics questions. (Like. Current continuity stuff. I’ve done a handful of recs but otherwise, I think this is the first I’ve been asked about what’s going on with DC right now!)

Okay, this is going to…probably be long, and there will be SPOILERS for stuff, so I’ll hide it under a ‘read more.’

Update: Yeah. It’s long. And I spoil like. A good chunk of the DC universe titles out RN.

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Emergency Overnight Bag aka “hoe bag” essentials

Now this particular post is for my 18+ ladies, the hoe bag as some of us call it is very important. I mean you just never know when you leave the house what the night may have in store for you. So the hoe bag is important to keep in your car so you can be comfortable no matter where the night takes you. You may end up getting a little lit and staying with a friend. Or you may get that ‘come over’ text and end up spending the night cuddling. So I’m going to lace you with the essentials I find important to have in your hoe bag. For my cheap hoes I find most of these things at dollar tree and wally world.

-Underwear and a bra (a set is cool)


-Lube (If you’re into anal)

-Meds (if needed)

-Small makeup bag (your basic face)

-Legging and a tank, or sweats

-A cute and simple outfit or dress you hardly ever wear (I keep two and some cute shoes just in case)

-Face wash, makeup remover wipes/ baby wipes

-Lip balm, deodorant, lotion, mints or gum, a nice scent, toothbrush, toothpaste (travel size preferably)

-Backup bonnet 

-Travel size hair products


Now what you keep in there is going to depend on preference but these are the basics for me. Happy hoeing 

-Your local drag mom, Ty 

Virgo & Scorpio
  • Virgo: Ha! You didn't find me in the toy section, dumb a- wait where are you going
  • Scorpio, grabbing a huge yoga ball from the athlete section, charging Virgo: Talking all that shit, huh
  • Virgo, runs:
  • Scorpio, yelling: BRING THAT ASS HERE, BOY
  • Loud speaker comes on: (Will the two idiots running down the baby clothes section please go home? It's 4 AM in the morning.)
Keiynan Lonsdale Talks Wally’s Transformation into Kid Flash
Wally West is giving Barry Allen a run for his money, as he’s poised to stake his own claim to the title of Fastest Man Alive.

CBR: The last time we spoke, it was pre-Wally’s super-speed and Kid Flash. Back then, did the producers indicate Wally’s trajectory and that you would become a full-fledged member of Team Flash?

Keiynan Lonsdale: I knew that they had big plans. They had made me aware that they had an exciting future for Wally, so I assumed that meant Kid Flash and powers — but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. As soon as I got the script for “Flashpoint,” I was completely taken aback, and surprised and excited. It was such a cool way to kick off the season for me. It sort of hinted at what Kid Flash would be.

Wally was a street racer at first, and was envious of Barry and Jesse’s powers. Dr. Alchemy was driving him crazy. Did that slow burn better prepare Wally to be a hero?

It’s important that any superhero is a hero and an advocate for people, with or without powers. That’s where Wally got to, which I thought was awesome. He was willing to risk himself. He was willing to go out and fight to protect other people, and to protect the city before he had super-speed. When you gain powers on top of that, it accentuates the character and who they already are. I was glad to see he already had a strong mindset.

What does it mean for Wally to be Kid Flash?

Wally finally has this full sense of himself. For anyone growing up, you’re trying to figure out your part and where you stand in the world. Wally has had such a confusing life, especially in recent times, where he doesn’t know his own self-identity. He’s always felt something was a little bit off. For him, he knew he was destined for something awesome, but his life didn’t feel that way. Becoming Kid Flash tells him, “Hey, you are a good guy and you are set to do some pretty cool things.”

In what ways is Wally different than Barry or Jesse?

It’s a similar thing when anyone gets these powers, similar to when Barry got them in the beginning. It’s such an exciting and adventuresome time. Wally has so much confidence and really exudes that. He is proud. Wally doesn’t want to hide these powers at all. He’s so into them. He likes the attention. Barry is a little more modest when it comes to that. Wally is down for it. If people want to chant his name or be his fans, he’s totally cool with that.

How did it feel, to finally don that iconic Kid Flash costume?

It was a funny moment. I sort of didn’t have any expression on my face at the time. Maya [Mani], who created the costume – and does the majority, if not all the superhero outfits – she was like, “Everyone has that same face when they realize that they a superhero.” I was like, “Really?” And she’s like, “Yeah.”

I think every kid imagines having powers. We see Superman or Batman and we go, “Whoa. Imagine if one day we could ever be like that.” It’s a strange moment, a surreal moment, when you look in the mirror and you are in this costume. It lifts your posture. You feel strong. You feel proud. It’s a cool thing.

Barry busted Wally’s chops a bit in “Borrowing Problems from the Future.” What’s that dynamic like moving forward?

They’ve been through so much that, for them, they do start to feel like family. Wally knows in the back of his mind that if Barry is upset with him, or angry with him, or hard on him, it’s for a reason. The stakes are high, so it’s a good reminder for Wally, especially when he’s part of this generation where fame can get the better of you. At the same time, Wally is old enough to start knowing himself and knowing his intentions, and also wanting people to believe in him and respect him. That can definitely produce clashes in the future. For the most part, they develop this pretty cool friendship.

“Untouchable” sounds like it takes Wally’s training to the next level. What’s his learning curve like?

As much as Wally is confident, he has a lot of doubts in his abilities. He admires Barry and the Flash so much. There’s a pressure there. He’s constantly feeling the pressure to be great and incredible – and very quickly. That’s tough. When Barry was becoming the Flash, it was just him. Everything was make it up as you go and improvising. Now they know there’s a clear formula. You have to train this way. These are the goals. It’s serious and he has to keep pushing through it.

Which aspect of super-speed would you like to see Wally master?

Time travel would be dope. That would be my choice. My favorite thing about anything science-fiction-related is the learning of new abilities, whether it’s phasing, time travel or the wind tunnels. It’s those moments I always look forward to. It’s an exciting development for any human, but also for the character to realize new abilities. Time travel would be the thing I would be most excited about.

Looking ahead, how much does Iris’ impending doom weigh on Wally’s mind?

An incredible amount. Wally only has Iris, Joe, Barry and the S.T.A.R. Labs team. He’s grown so close to this new family that it’s always such a shock and such a disappointment for him when they are constantly being threatened. With this, it’s not just another threat. It’s, “Well, this is the future, and this is what’s happening.” It’s constantly that thing of not knowing what you can do to help. Even though he now has these powers, can he help? That’s what is weighing on his mind right now.

Images of Wally, Barry and Jesse together have leaked. What can you say about having those speedsters team up?

When you add each one of us, there’s more and more energy, and more and more fun. It’s been so cool to just bounce off of each other. We have to remind ourselves that we are bringing these characters to life in live-action. We forget how exciting it is to so many people. As soon as we’re all in the suits together, it’s a cool moment. Fans will geek out a lot. I know we did.

How crucial is Wally in the upcoming war against Savitar?

He’s extremely crucial. Savitar is the biggest threat that any of them have faced. Fortunately, Barry doesn’t have to do this alone. He’s always had Team Flash. Other people are getting powers. It’s going to take everyone working together to stop him. Wally is super-crucial to that.

“Duet” is one part of the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover. Will viewers get to hear you belt out a tune?

No, I won’t be singing in the musical episode. I would have loved to sing in it, but, Wally has a lot to deal with at the same time. You’ll still see him around. The episode is going to be a lot of fun. I just read it recently. The fans will really enjoy it.

What else can you tease about Wally’s arc this season?

What I can say is since coming back from the Christmas break, it’s been an incredibly emotional ride. I’ve gotten to do some really challenging things for myself as an actor, which has been the best part of it. That obviously means that Wally has a lot to deal with going forward, more so than he’s ever had to deal with.


request: “So I love musicals and Wally and I’d love if you would do a fic where Wally goes to see reader on the opening night of "Heathers” and he is blown away by the acting and singing abilities of reader bc “I date a famous person” “Wally I’m not famous” “yet, not yet.”“ — by anon

a/n: i feel the need to apologize for changing the musical into grease instead of heathers, anon. i hope you like this imagine either way though, even if it is kinda short 😊

Masterlist + Request here!

    You weren’t even sure if your boyfriend was interested in these kind of things. He was mostly into cars after all — and yet, Grease had something to do with cars, right? Minus the high school drama, teenage romance, endless singing, and choreographed dance moves of course.

    "Y/N, you’ve been fixing your wig for the thousandth time already.” Your co-star teased as she sits down on the vanity chair next to yours. “Are you nervous?” she asked in a serious manner.

    You smiled, “Kind of but not because of stage fright.” you clarified. “It’s just that Wally is going to watch tonight and it’s his first time actually seeing me perform live. What if I screw up and humiliate myself?”

    Your said co-star who was playing the lead role, Sandy, shook her head. “Oh, don’t be ridiculous. You can’t honestly believe that, Y/N. Why on earth would the director give you the role of Betty Rizzo if he didn’t think you could do amazing out there?”

    You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, “Y/F/N, I understand now why you’re Sandy.” you joked, earning a playful shove.

    She was about to say something but one of the staffs entered the trailer the both of you were staying in, beating her to it.

    “Um, Miss Y/N? Someone is here to see you. He says he’s your boyfriend.”

    Your eyes grow wide and you share a look with your co-star before hastily standing up from your seat, heading towards outside where Wally West was patiently waiting with both hands tucked inside his pockets.

    “You made it!” you ran to his arms and he was taken back, laughing and holding you tighter.

    “Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Y/N. Especially if I can get to watch you sing and dance.” he wiggled his eyebrows teasingly and you snorted.

    “I’m happy to know you think that way. That’s all I wanted to hear.” you sighed.

    Wally grinned, “I know you’ll do great, anyway,” he kissed your forehead. “And I’m sure after this, I’m probably going to have a hard time keeping you by myself.”

    You leaned back slightly to look at him. “Why is that?”

    “Because I’m obviously dating a famous person.”

    “I’m not famous, Wally.” You laughed.

    “Not yet.” he clarified as he pulls you in for another sweet kiss.

    “Ms. Y/N! We’re going to start in 5 minutes!” the staff from earlier popped her head out of the door to tell you all of the sudden, interrupting your moment with Wally.

    You breathed out slowly and smiled, “You’ll be in the front row, right?” you asked.

    Wally nodded. “Yes, I’ll be waiting for you.”

    With another kiss, you ran to the backstage and warmed up with the rest of your co-stars. It only indeed took 5 minutes before all of you were on the main stage as promised, performing and singing your hearts out. Since your role as Rizzo was something you liked a lot because of her peculiar and sassy attitude, you might have threw a wink or two at Wally who was watching you from the front row like he said he would.

    Once the performance was done, the crowd erupted in cheers. They clapped their hands while each one of you took a bow, some even bothering to throw you roses. The whole cast shouted and shared a group hug when all of you were in the backstage again, laughing and congratulating each other because of the success of the musical.

    “Excuse me for a moment, guys.” You smiled at the crew before going outside and meeting Wally who had a goofy grin on his face. “What’s with that look?”

    He shrugged, “I don’t know. You just never told me how hot you really were when you act as a bad girl.”

    “Act as a bad girl.” you repeated, a smirk forming on your lips. “You do know that sounds awfully wrong, right?”

    Wally’s eyes widened at the realization. “Oh, that’s not what I meant —”

    You laughed and he frowned, soon laughing along with you when he knew you were just messing with him. After a few more seconds of just chuckling, he brings out a rose from behind him that you never noticed and hands it out to you.

    You twirled it around your finger, “What’s this for?”

    “Just a present. I know a lot of people already threw one for you on stage but … I want to give one myself. As a reminder that I’ll always be there to support you in every show you do.” his face began to flush from shyness.

    You grinned and hugged him. “That’s so sweet of you, Wallace. Thanks.”

    “Wallace?” he furrowed his eyebrows. “Please don’t ever call me that again, that’s just cruel.” he playfully shuddered.

    You wrapped your arms around his torso. “Well, as one of the songs I sang tonight said, there are worse things I could do, Wallace.”

    He just rolled his eyes at your lame remark, the both of you once again suddenly laughing in complete happiness and amazement at how you managed to capture each other’s hearts.

My boyfriend, @deionperson95, and I have decided that, in a world where Team Flash is evil (i.e Savitar, Killer Frost, Reverb, Eowells, and, in our version, a L.O.A trained Iris West and evil Wally), they would destroy both Team Legends and Team Arrow with little to no effort. Team Flash is one of the deadliest forces in the DCTV verse, limited only by their sweet nerdiness and need to do the right thing. 

Some Headcanons for after Young Justice ended.
  • Kara landed on earth shortly after. When it opened up, she panicked when she couldn’t find Kal-El’s spacepod because she should have been able too, and proceeded to throw the biggest commotion in an attempt to find him. Since she was in pain from her body beginning to change from the yellow sun radiation and she hadn’t been soaking it in for as long as Clark or even Conner, she’s not as strong as Superboy or Superman. Due to it being seen as a minor problem(not knowing that it’s a Krypton doing this) the team is sent in to handle it, where Kara proceeds to kick their asses, until she sees Conner(who looks exactly like Clark, and therefore very similar to her Uncle) and immediately stops, breaks down and begins to apologize to him in Kryptonian.
  • Kara has an even bigger emotional crisis when she finds out that the “real” Kal-El is even older than Conner, and proceeds to be really hard on herself.
  • Kara helps Conner get over the rest of his anger, and he helps her learn how to deal with humans.
  • Kara becomes a bridge for Conner and Clark to start to bond, as she treats both as her cousin. At first Conner is bitter to Kara because Clark immediately accepts her, but then he realizes she’s using that to bring them together.
  • Kara, Cassie, and Babs all become fast friends. It freaks Tim and Dick out.
  • Cadmus is discovered to have made one last clone. This time of Wonder Woman, and the clone turns out to be Donna Troy. It takes her longer to be freed from Cadmus control than Conner had been. When she’s freed she become pretty good friends with Roy, Dick, and Kaldur.
  • The “Dark Flash” arc happens, where they think that Wally has been returned to them for whatever reason. The only people, at first, who are suspicious of him are Bart and Dick. Until he starts acting strange, which is originally brushed off as being an effect of being in the Speed Force. Then he gets super possessive of Artemis and it becomes very clear that it’s not Wally. At least not the Wallace West they know, but instead Walter West from a different world. This is also the introduction of the Multi-verse.
  • After the Dark Flash Arc(or even at the end of it) Wally(their Wally) returns from the speed force, but has lost some memories.
  • The TTs have the speed force problem of aging too quickly and it scares the shit out of Barry and Iris along with Bart. They end up fixing it, but the TTs end up coming out around the age of 6-8.
  • Jason Todd comes back from the dead.