where i'd rather see

DA2 desrved at least half the effort that went into Inquisition’s forests, pretty waterfalls and wild rams running around, because according to the concept artist and some codex entries, Kirkwall was supposed to be a literal maze, a heavy, confusing city with an endless number of alleys, secret passages, chambers, some streets literally being built in the shape of magical glyphs. To the point of Merrill getting lost is not an indication of her being bad at navigating human cities, it’s just that the city itself is a goddamn mess.

At least it could have served some story purpose, and there could have been some interesting stuff to be found in all these secret places you may found in 7 years. Instead of, you know, huge empty deserts where nothing is happening.

I love rping villains but I’m also really cautious and picky about what plots I actually do with them because I don’t want to be put into a situation where I feel like I’m running the entire thing for the sole enjoyment of the other rper