where i was this summer

Things that made me cry this morning (first playthrough)

  • Seeing Ignis’s scars the first time
  • Ignis saying sacrificing his sight was a small price to pay
  • Ignis having to be guided by Gladio and Prompto at the port
  • The way Ignis sleeps if you rest at the station (arm over his eyes)
  • You can choose to leave Ignis behind when you go in the mine
  • Ignis says “I’ll manage somehow” if you choose to bring him
  • If you walk too fast, you’ll leave Ignis behind
  • Ignis stumbling
  • Ignis falling down
  • Prompto being a sweet bun and staying with Ignis to guide him in the mines
  • Ignis saying “this is more challenging than I expected” about fighting
  • Ignis falling down in battle
  • The guys telling Ignis to watch his step/about enemies
  • Ignis asking for visual on things (“what does it look like?”“did it work?”“what is it??”)
  • If you accidentally swing your sword near Ignis Gladio says “don’t you think you’ve hurt Iggy enough”
  • No recipes at camp
  • Ignis throwing the fire ball into the nasty swamp monster’s mouth because honey you saved us
  • Ignis stopping the party to get them to stop bickering
  • Ignis saying he wants to stay with them til the end
  • Ignis yelling(ish)
  • Ignis offering to bow out if he slows them down
  • Ignis talking about driving and how he’s listening to people more closely
  • Aranea saying the world is cruel when she sees Ignis’s eyes
  • Ignis going “uh” and then following it up with “just a flesh wound” when Aranea asks about his eyes

and other things

lil bit of fanart for the fic aubade by ravenesta! this is a bit of spoilers but i love…..the surprise…………

anonymous asked:

I have this AU where everyone basically works a modern day summer job. For example, Scorpion works at the zoo, Sub at an ice cream shop, Kenshi does a summer-school job for little kids, Ermac works in a flower shop, (I could go on but I'll save your time) would you mind illustrating one? ~love you and all your art, too

Lolol, sure thing!! I actually love this idea. It’s pretty amazing. Feel free to send me more of your ideas, I’d like to draw more if I ever have a free time again. 😅
Anyway, here is Hanzo for starters. (At the zoo, yass.)

In bright white snow, when everything sleeps.  And hope has left you lonely.  When all you ever remember about summer is how it ended.  I send hope back to you, wherever you are.  I hope you remember all the people you still have time to be.  I hope the little things in your life inspire you to do big things with it.  I hope you remember that summer comes every year and that the sun, is still sweet.  I hope you learn to hope again.
—  I Wrote This For You (Ian Thomas)

Being best friends with Michael had always been the easiest thing in the world. He never failed to make you laugh, and most of the time he knew you needed it even before you did. You’d wake up most mornings, especially ones when he was on tour halfway around the world, to texts sent at 3 a.m. his time, full of memes and rants about whatever video game he’d been playing, and why he was angry about it. Your favorite times were when you were together though. He’d always needed to be as close as possible to you, snuggled into your side while you marathoned TV shows and scary movies, pretending that he wasn’t over six feet tall, draped over you and nuzzled into your neck. He had a penchant for prodding at you until your hand came to rest in his hair, his hand finding your free one. Neither of you seemed to notice when your friendship began to morph into something more serious, the kisses he’d press to your cheek turning moving down the column of your neck, and to the bare skin of your shoulder, where the collar of the Iron Maiden shirt you’d stolen from him had slid down. The first time he kissed you was a rainy Monday night, after he’d spent a long day in the studio. You’d been in the kitchen of the apartment that was yours, but also unofficially his, and he’d sneak up on you, winding himself around your waist and pulling you back into him. He’d murmur his hello, his voice deep and scratchy from a day of singing and no doubt yelling at the rest of the his band, and then he’d spin you to face him, taking your cheeks in his hands before closing the distance between you. It was safe to say you spent a lot of time over the years thinking about what it’d be like to kiss Michael, even if you’d deny it, and a part of you wanted to have the whole fireworks, seeing stars experience, but when his lips finally pressed gently against yours, it was better. He felt warm and wonderful, everything that he’d been missing in your past relationships. He felt like home, and when he pulled back to kiss your forehead, a smile spread slowly across his face, and you knew he felt the same.


Beware that rip

Since it’s still summer where I live and I just got back from a beach where this phenomenon is an ever present danger (depending on Oceanos’s mood of the day) a quick line on rips seemed appropriate. They can sweep you out to sea unawares, and if one panics and tries to swim against it rather than parallel to the beach to get out of it, one could end up in serious, even fatal trouble. These narrow currents flow out from the surf zone of sandy beaches, scouring the sea bed to make deeper calm looking hollows where they occur.

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