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Request: I was wondering can I have a request of Dean x reader where they use to hunt together and dressed kinda like a tom boy but Dean loved her and the she went on her own for a bit then like years later she’s like all hot now like wears heals and looks badass ?? Thank you!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 800ish

Warnings: language

A/N: A little bit of some cute Dean…

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You guys — like, I’m having a lot of feelings about this last episode. All I can say is, THANK YOU Naruto for giving me so many wonderful years! Thank you for all the memories you gave me and all the unforgettable moments you took me through! Thank you for showing me that no matter how hard things get, never give up! Seeing the series come to life so vividly through the anime was an amazing experience, and this series will always stay in my heart. 

  • Italy: ve~ I'm hungry~~
  • Romano: dammit I'm hungry too! Let's make something!
  • Italy: yes please~! Let's make pasta!!
  • Romano: we had that for dinner, let's choose something else. Pizza?
  • Italy: ve, but that will take too long~ plus it's a tough dish to make when I'm starving...
  • Romano: dammit, this is giving me a headache- wait... I've got an idea where we can use minimum effort AND eat as much food as we want!
  • *later on*
  • Germany: ... why am I here again??
  • Romano: cuz I say so. Now cook for us, Chef shithead!

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I sorta got a job offer??? One of my long-time regulars came in and said "Hey, I don't see you here as much anymore! Did they cut your hours or something?" "Yeah, by more than half." "Well, that's not good. Here, (nearby store) is hiring. Send an application to (website). I'm assistant manager there so I'll make sure you get an interview." Like??? I was taken aback but agreed. I like working where I work but they used to give me 30+ hours and now I get 10... Maybe I'll get a better job. c:

Sounds like you’d have a really good assistant manager too. Go for it! -Abby

going through the dlc scripts for maps I don’t have and seeing this

Arvis: Move aside, woman. Stay well enough hidden, and I might yet spare you.
Libra: … Except I’m a man. You’re not very observant, are you? And besides—you’re the one who needs to run and hide!

somehow when I first read it I read Libra’s ‘you’re not very observant are you’ as a burn ( hhhhhhahahhaha get it ) @ Arvis over the events of the Jugdral games like hecking

aww man I hecking love Arvis but good grief is his entire life one Oedipus Complex-fuelled abomination after another

what a glorious trainwreck of a man someone keep Manfroy the heck away from him


Blue Laguna by fredbrenny (The Sims 3)

Hit the motherlode and move your sims into this spacious modern house, originally built in Sunset Valley where the Wolf household used to be. For the climate I moved the lot to 9 Paradise Circle in Sunlit Tides.  A grand living with kitchen, bar, dining room and home office. Three decks and terraces on two separate levels. Four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Creator Notes
No stuff packs and no Store items.
   Furnished: Fully
   Bedrooms: 4
   Bathrooms: 3
   Stories: 3
   Lot Size: 40x40


 my friends after seeing batb :  wow!!!  be  our  guest  was  great!!!  i  love  the  beast!!!  so  good!!!  the  growl  at  the  end!!!

it amazes me that you can
still be so soft after the years
you’ve put your body through,
the way your thighs react to
muscle memory makes up
for the haze in your head.
this was never about love;
never about promises of
growing old and making
death feel comfortable,
i won’t watch you sit still.
i want nights where the only
thing that separates us
is the exchange of exhausted breath.

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Islam is not a religion of peace it is a religion of death and destruction. If you don't want to be harassed don't be a muslim. They would slaughter you if you were kissing a girl in their country. So much for being supportive in the community.

Listen that’s a problem with organised religion not with the teachings itself or the people who practice. The catholic religion also teaches us that homosexuality is wrong and I know plenty of Catholics who use that as a reason to harass and kill us. I grew up in a catholic country where being gay was outlawed up until the 1990s where up until fairly recently women were seen only as wives and mothers in the eyes of the church, they were expected to obey their husbands be good and not draw attention and where there was actual war between Catholics and Protestants up until the 90s and yet Christianity is still seen as a peaceful religion. Religious queer people exist. And it’s our job to look out for each other. If you would not condemn every Christian you cannot condemn every Muslim. Religion is personal to every person and for every group of Muslim extremists there’s a Christian extremist group to match so shut up telling someone not to practice their religion to avoid being harassed is like telling me to not practice being bi so I don’t get harrassed you can’t help what you believe in

Veni ad me (Come to me) - by strawberrymilano
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary:  Charles summons his first demon on a lazy Saturday afternoon. He wasn’t expecting such a handsome, refined one to pop up.

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Some rather gruesome descriptions of gore, references to torture, descriptions of injuries

Thoughts: I really enjoyed how in depth this story got with the whole magical world and references to the science behind magic. I loved the used of other characters and where they fit in and I sort of found the general ideal behind the demonic plane hilarious. I loved how they slowly got more and more tangled up in each other, their relationship is quite adorable.

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Do you have any recommendations for really good otayuri fanfic?? I feel like I've read all the good ones 😭

I WISH I did but honestly I haven’t read that much fic in the past few months because life has been hectic, that hasn’t been sent directly to me by friends (sometimes privately too lol so I can’t share), BUT

I’m going to answer this and people please reblog it or reply with any recommendations you might have :D I know me and this anon could use it!!

(Where my otayuri snapchat group friends at because ya’ll read so much more fic than me so I know you can come thru~)

Confession time: today another woman’s body made me feel better about my body and that is a HORRIBLE knee-jerk reaction that we need to face. It’s a great opportunity to have a meeting with yourself and your mental state. What made me think this? Where is my insecurity coming from? Why am I using other bodies to define my own?

It’s not about being #perfect and #bodypositive, it’s about acknowledging where we fail ourselves and others through our thoughts and actions.