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Anon Request: Hi!! Thanks for your amazing writing, you are a blessing!! (A/N: you’re too kind :D ) Could you do a tom holland x reader where you’ve been together for a year or so but you have never really have had the chance to go and visit him on set because you’re busy with school but when you finaly do you can’t contain your excitement bc ur a really big Marvel fan and you geek out about everything, even the smallest things and Tom just finds you the most adorable human being and u also meet seb who’s ur celeb crush and u freak out

Warnings: a little language

robertdowneyjr  @tomholland2013 is bring his leading lady to set. Are we embarrassing him enough??

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It was hard to not scroll through Instagram without being bombarded with people tagging her in pictures hoping to be recognized by Tom, being sent direct messages asking for personal information about her and Tom’s relationship, and even having reporters pose as fans online. Social media became a form of hell for (Y/N) after she started dating Tom, but seeing the photo Robert Downey Jr. tagged Tom in earlier today had been a relief from the regular occurring torment.

“You didn’t tell me Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be there,” she gasped while turning to face Tom as he sat in the driver’s seat, maneuvering his way around Atlanta traffic.

“You’re such a Sherlock nerd I figured you’d deduce that much,” he replied with a smirk.

“Will you please just tell me who all is going to be there?” she begged.

“And ruin the surprise?” he laughed as (Y/N) continued to pretend pout in the passenger seat. As they pulled into a large parking lot surrounded by fences and electronic gates, (Y/N) shifted impatiently in her seat.

“Can you promise me one thing?” she asked as Tom looked over at her with a smile on his face as his eyes beamed into hers.

“Anything love,” he said softly.

“Don’t let me make a fool of myself,” she stated while only lead Tom into a lighthearted laugh. “I’m serious!” she quickly protested. “Don’t let me look like an idiot in front of anyone, okay?!” Tom continued to laugh and pursed her lips together and narrowed her eyes at him. Upon seeing this, Tom placed his hands on either side of her face and smiled.

“There is no way anyone could think you’re an idiot, (Y/N), but I will make sure you don’t turn into a luny fangirl in front of anyone,” he promised before placing his lips on hers.

“That is all I ask for,” she laughed in response as Tom pulled her into one last kiss before exiting the vehicle and hurrying to her door. From the outside, everything seemed normal; big white buildings towered over the trailers, golf carts hurriedly scurried through open pathways, and people walked wherever shade was available. There was nothing too different or exciting about set upon first laying eyes on it, and Tom knew this.

“What’s the matter?” he teased (Y/N), “Why aren’t you excited?” Figuring he was taunting her for getting herself worked up about a bunch of buildings, (Y/N) shrugged in a slightly defeated manner which only caused Tom to suppress the sly grin he had been hiding while his heart jumped from excitement. 

“What are all these buildings?” she asked, trying not to sound let down but rather inquisitive of her surroundings. 

“Different studios and such,” Tom continued while peeling away from his girlfriend’s side and bounding up a couple of metal steps toward a doorway. “This way, love,” he called to her as she continued her pace toward him. He opened the door and escorted her into the dark room. (Y/N) clung to Tom’s arm, afraid of getting lost and not being able to find her way out–a very realistic fear considering Tom once unknowingly abandoned her in an escape room filled with porcelain dolls.

Tom flicked the lights on, illuminating the room they stood in. Immediately, (Y/N)’s eyes flashed to Tom in excitement, anticipation, and a slight bit of fear. Looking around, she realized she must have been standing in the wardrobe department since individual sections for each of the sixty-something main characters wardrobe changes hung on racks beside their respective props.

“Am I even allowed to be in here?” she asked Tom who shrugged in response. Honestly, he didn’t know where (Y/N) could and could not go, but the wide-eye heart fluttering excitement that flooded her beautiful face was something he couldn’t pass up regardless of rules. “Is that–” she couldn’t finish her sentence before she took a few steps closer to the relic that appeared to Steven Strange: the cloak of levitation. “No way!” she yelled as her attention flashed to Red Wing, Anthony Mackie’s character’s ‘pet’ robot. “And the wing pack?” she gasped while picking it up and then hurriedly glancing at Tom. “Can I?”

“It’s not like Anthony’s my biggest fan anyway,” he teased and watched as (Y/N) slid her arms into the prop with its wings already extended. With her back toward Tom, she glanced down over her shoulder to look at the wing only to hear the snapping noise of Tom’s phone as he took her photo. “You look much better in that than Anthony,” he teased.

“Don’t you dare send that to him!” she shouted. 

“Fine,” Tom sighed, “I won’t yet.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes and then quickly put the prop back where she found it before rushing over to Peter Quill’s prop and wardrobe station. Immediately she put on the helmet, strapped the walkman to her belt loop, and held up his blaster and waited for Tom to take her picture again. For the next hour Tom followed his giddy girlfriend around as she grabbed whatever prop she could find and posed dorkily with them. By the end, in addition to the photos Tom already took, he had pictures of her peeking over the cloak of levitation, pretending to pick up Mjölnir and then raising the hammer victoriously, ducking behind Captain America’s new shield, raising her fist in the air as the infinity gauntlet covered the better part of her forearm, and his favorite: fem!spidey. Tom and (Y/N) had started dating shortly after the premier of Spider-Man: Homecoming and so the idea of her wearing the suit wasn’t possible until today. 

“What do you think?” she asked while pretending to shoot webs at him.

“Damn I love you,” he laughed while taking numerous photos of his girlfriend being a dork in his costume. Oddly enough it fit her surprisingly well and, though he would never admit it, he loved seeing her in it more than he loved being Spider-Man. “If Peter Parker ever does a gender twist like Thor, I’ll commission for you to take over,” Tom said while pulling (Y/N) into a hug.

“You’re a dork,” she laughed at him while wrapping her arms around his waist.

“You’re the one in the Spider-Man suit!”

“You’re the one getting off on it!”

“Shut up,” he muttered in a fluster as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. “Change back, it’s nearly lunch and some people are excited to meet you.” Once (Y/N) was back in her t-shirt and shorts, Tom grabbed her hand and the pair left out the door they came in and started walking toward where the trailers were gathered.

“Where are we going?” she asked as Tom put his arm around her waist and she did the same to him.

“Downey Town,” he said proudly.

“I won’t want to go to town,” she said in a complaining tone, teasing Tom.

“When are you going be nice to me today?” he laughed while poking her sides. “You’re welcome for me making all of the mistakes you can learn from, by the way.”

“Thank you so much for embarrassing yourself back then so I can not seems as strange,” she replied, “but if you introduce me to Robert’s stunt double on purpose, I will hurt you, Holland.” The two arrived at a collection of trailers set up to remind (Y/N) of the way the cabins were described at Camp Half-Blood. Slowly, Tom and (Y/N) made their way into the grouping of trailers to see a large, standing extendable tent set up with benches and picnic tables placed underneath and a catering company setting up lunch. Throughout the courtyard were the various actors filming Infinity War this week. Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. stood beside Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong just outside under the awning of one trailer and Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie and the Chrises were gathered together under another awning.

“Are you okay?” Tom asked (Y/N) again as her grip on his waist tightened unexpectedly.

“Y-yeah,” she started, “it’s just…there’s a lot of people.”

“You wanted to meet them all, right?” She found herself unable to respond and instead quickly nodded her head. “Well then, come on,” he smiled to her and pulled her toward RDJ’s gathering of actors.

“Tom,” (Y/N) murmured quietly they approached.

“Uh huh?”

“Don’t let me say Bobby Newport in a menacing voice near Paul Rudd,” she hurried to say.

“Why the hell would you say that?”

“Just don’t let me,” she stated, “okay?”

“Okay, love,” Tom laughed and pulled (Y/N) against his side in hopes to make her feel more comforted and less anxious. Before she knew it, (Y/N) was face to face with RDJ and Mark Ruffalo, who just happened to be the first two people to turn around as stye approached.

“Welcome to the party, Tom,” Robert called while stretching out his arm and taking Tom under him in a side hug. “And this must be the lovely, (Y/N) I’ve heard so much about,” he said while pulling her into a warm hug and kissing her cheek. He left his arm across her shoulders and looked between Tom and (Y/N) before turning his attention back to the girl. “Blink twice if he’s got you under some sort of Stockholm Syndrome thing,” Robert joked, “it’s the only way a guy like him could get someone as gorgeous as you.” (Y/N) could feel her face blush a little at his compliment but was quick to humble herself.

“I’m the lucky one,” she laughed. “Had there not been a screw up with my hotel room, we would have never met.”

“And then we would have never met, and I mean, come on,” he said while raising his hands in the air and moving them up and down like a triple beam balance, “me, Tom, me, Tom. Me? Tom?” A smirk grew across Tom’s lips as he tipped his side of Robert’s imaginary scale upward.

“Tom,” he said with a smile as his fingers found their way toward (Y/N)’s. As soon as (Y/N) was beginning to grow comfortable in her situation, Tom, Robert, Mark, and Wong were whisked away to help with food set up, leaving (Y/N) in the company of Benedict Cumberbatch, AKA Sherlock Holmes, AKA her favorite childhood icon.

“Hello,” he said with a smile and then extending his hand, “I don’t believe we’ve met.” She graciously took his hand in hers and smiled.

“I’m (Y/N),” she said quickly. “I’m visiting Tom today on set–Tom Holland, not Hiddleston, but if you know where he is I wouldn’t mind visiting him either,” she laughed anxiously. To her surprise, Benedict began to laugh as well.

“You’re Tom’s girlfriend, aren’t you?” he said in realization and slight surprise. (Y/N) nodded. “How did you meet? I know he told me you were a fan.” (Y/N) bit her lip and swallowed hard before speaking.

“I flew out to LA for Comic Convention and there was a mixup with my hotel rooms. They gave me the wrong key and wrong room number and it ended up being Tom’s room. Oddly enough I was at the convention to meet him in the first place.

“Funny how things worked out,” Benedict smiled.

“Yeah,” she said hesitantly.

“He speaks highly of you, you know?” he continued.

“Does he now?” (Y/N) began to laugh.

“One of the first things he said about you to me was how he tried to introduce you to ‘Sherlock–’”

“And I had seen more episodes than him?” I finished and Benedict nodded with a light grin on his face. “Yeah, I had a teacher in high school who played series one for us in class when we went over induction and deduction. Its’ easily one of my favorite shows.”

“What did you think of the plot line with Mary?” he asked, his voice holding genuine interest toward her opinion. Out of the corner of her eye, (Y/N) could see Tom returning and hurried to speak before he arrived.

“I enjoyed her character as well as what she brought to both John and Sherlock’s lives, but I also see that, with her past, and with Amanda and Martin splitting, there was no other way for it to end for her than the way it did.”

“I agree,” he smiled as Tom approached. “I love Amanda and I loved working with her and Martin but–and here’s a little slip about the next series–I think John and Sherlock are going to go back to their roots a bit more but still have Mary as a guiding voice for each of them deep down.”

“I knew the conversation would turn to this,” Tom laughed as he came back.

“I don’t want to keep you for very long, but I’d love to talk to you again before you leave,” Benedict said while shaking (Y/N)’s hand in departure. Tom and (Y/N) said their farewells to Benedict and she followed him toward a picnic table to wait for lunch to begin. They were alone for a total of ten seconds before a figure slid in front of them, a smirk plastered across his face.

“Tom, I’ve got you a little something,” he cooed while sliding a tumbler in front of Tom on the table.

“Is this my juice?” Tom laughed. 

“Yeah, and there’s a surprise in it this time,” Anthony stated as Tom took a sip. Immediately, Tom’s lips curled as an unexpected burning caused his tastebuds to tingle. 

“Thanks,” Tom replied as he adjusted to the alcohol in his cranberry juice.

“Pratt’s idea,” Anthony said as Chris Pratt slid onto the bench beside Anthony, accompanied by Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, and Sebastian Stan. (Y/N) could hardly contain her excitement as she noticed everyone around her: Chris Evans on her left, Tom on her right, and Anthony, Sebastian, Chris Pratt, and Paul across from her, all awaiting lunch to be served, and for some reason, all excited to meet her: a nobody who was lucky enough to be unlucky when it comes to booking hotel rooms.

“We brought one for your lady friend too, if she drinks that sort of thing,” Chris Pratt said and slid a plastic cup in front of (Y/N). She took a quick sip of the ice juice laced with what tasted like rum and then turned her attention back to the group.

“I’m assuming you know us by how much Tom drones on and on about how amazing we are,” Anthony cooed.

“And we pretty much know you from how often Tom talks about (Y/N) this, (Y/N) that,” Sebastian smiled while teasing her boyfriend.

“Now that you’ve met her can you blame me for talking about her so much?” Tom laughed while gesturing toward (Y/N).

“Is it true you’re a super huge fan of the comics and all?” Pratt asked.

“Uh, yeah.” she said hesitantly and then took another sip of her drink.

“Okay, then who’s your favorite superhero?” Chris Evans asked.

“Marvel or DC?” (Y/N) asked in return.

“Both,” Anthony interjected.

“Well for DC it’s Raven, hands down and for Marvel, well as a kid it was Spider-Man; my dad and I would sit down and watch the Tobey McGuire movies all the time, and but once I really got into the comics, I was a fan of the Winter Soldier storyline, but I’ve gotta go with Domino, she’s pretty bad ass,” (Y/N) responded.

“Raven and Domino?” Pratt asked. “Not Star Lord?”

“Or Falcon?” Anthony chimed in.

“I could see you as Domino,” Sebastian said while looking over (Y/N)’s face and a small smile rose.

“But why those two?” Paul asked.

“They’re smart and can out wit anyone and are talented and strong enough to also overpower anyone as well.”

“What even is Domino’s powers?” Tom asked, turning toward his girlfriend as he continued to learn new things about her preferences.

“So long as she makes an attempt to avoid or prevent something, she’s able to. Say if someone was trying to shoot her, if she moves, or makes an attempt to move out of the way, she won’t be hit, no matter what.”

“She’s also super tactically trained,” Sebastian added in (Y/N)’s favor.

“That too,” (Y/N) said while taking another sip to cool her as the Atlanta heat overcame the air.

“And why Raven?” Tom asked.

“She’s easily the most powerful and most bad ass character in all of the DC universe!” (Y/N) couldn’t control her excitement while talking to superheroes about superheroes. “She’s half demon, has the ability to wield dark magic for good purposes, has basically no weaknesses, and mental powers are always more powerful and stronger than physical abilities.”

“That’s not necessarily true,” Tom tried to argue.

“My point was proven in Civil War. No one could touch Vision besides Wanda–the only Avenger to have a mental ability rather than a physical one. She singlehandedly fucked everyone up in Age of Ultron too,” (Y/N) defended.

“You really know your stuff, huh?” Chris Evans said with a hint of admiration.

“Don’t even get her started on Batman,” Tom murmured as food was slowly being placed in front of everyone.

“What’s wrong with Batman?” Anthony asked, leading Tom to groan and grab (Y/N)’s hand tightly in his.

“Please don’t do this,” he begged her.

“Why, what’s so wrong with Batman?” Anthony pushed as Tom glared at him.

“My best mate, Harrison, couldn’t talk to her for a week after she tore down every argument supporting Batman as being a superhero.”

“That’s because he’s not a superhero,” (Y/N) interrupted.

“Here we go,” Tom grumbled and then laughed. “Do you see what you did Anthony?”

“Wait, I want to hear this!” Sebastian said from across the table and then extended his arms to silence everyone and gave (Y/N) his full attention. “Please, go on,” he smiled and gestured for her to continue talking.

“There’s nothing about him that makes him ‘super.’ He has no ‘super’ human or advanced qualities about him.”

“He knows almost every form of martial arts,” Anthony countered.

“That doesn’t make him a super hero. It makes him a master of martial arts. Batman is nothing more than a person who knows things and has money. There is nothing about him that makes him ‘super.’”

“Then what’s the difference between him and Tony Stark or Clint Barton?” Paul asked.

“Clint know’s he’s a marksman and ex-spy. He may be a hero, but he know’s he’s not a ‘super’ hero. I try to avoid the Tony Stark argument because it goes both ways: you can say the arc reactor is something that makes him ‘super’ because it’s keeping him alive, but then again, it was developed by him: billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist; notice ‘superhero’ isn’t on the list.”

“Okay, then what about Black Widow?” Sebastian asked while leaning over the table and facing (Y/N).

“Trick question,” she muttered while mimicking his position. “How else would someone born in 1928 look like their only 29 in the year 2017? She received a similar variation of the Super Soldier Serum used on Steve and Bucky–which also explains how Bucky trained her in the Red Room.”

“Leading to their subsequent relationship,” Sebastian stated.

“Which the movies have been subtly hinting at.”

“Damn, you two are fucking nerds,” Anthony laughed as he and Tom agreed on something while laughing at Sebastian and (Y/N)’s back and forth.

“I told you guys not to get her going,” Tom laughed and then put his hand on (Y/N)’s leg as he looked at her with pride and admiration. The group continued talking as they ate their way through lunch. Conversation fluttered between comics, movies, books, and other things of entertainment, to (Y/N)’s degree in school, her and Tom recounting the story of how they met, and even bringing up the fact that Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd had worked together already, which lead Pratt into the scene where Ben, Andy, Tom, and Jerry were trying to make a negative ad about the Bobby Newport campaign. Sebastian, Anthony, and (Y/N) all joined in with him at Paul’s expense and toward the end of their meal, (Y/N) was more reluctant to leave than she was hesitant to arrive. Anthony forced Tom to promise to bring (Y/N) around more often and even invited the couple out with the rest of the cast that night, saying that bringing (Y/N) with Tom was the only way he would be allowed at the grown up’s table.

Knowing that (Y/N) was more than likely exhausted, Tom took her back to his trailer to rest where she was unable to stop thanking him for the amazing day and repeatedly telling him over and over how he was the best boyfriend and most amazing best friend anyone could ask for, and that she was so fortunate to have met him, let alone grow close to him in the way they have become with one another.



Something New// Jimin wants to try some new things in bed.

Guess Who// Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok try to figure out who’s better at sex and they use you as a judge.

Spy Imagine// Jimin and you used to work at the same spy company but he betrayed you. You meet again when you both take on the same mission and can’t resist each other.

Strip for me// Your friend is having a bachelorette party and has invited strippers. You receive a one-on-one session from Jimin.

Need for Attention// Jimin has been thinking about your pussy all day.

Waiting Game// Jimin teases you on stage without knowing so you punish him backstage.

Penumbra// Both Jimin and Jungkook get to spank you.

Bet on it// Yoongi and Jimin bet on who can make you cum.

Syndromes (no smut yet)// “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor/kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

*Dance// You are dared to give Jimin a lap dance and you both end up getting off from you grinding on his thigh.

Strip// Jimin dares you to strip for him but you’re an overachiever.

Black; Completely Black// ‘Jimin came home from an award show and was feeling extra kinky.

Baby Boy// ‘Jimin was being naughty and you had to teach him a lesson.’

Floating// ‘You knew there would be a dismissal If your boss entered your office and saw your boyfriend devouring you.’

Secret Desires// Jimin gets you to have sex at a movie theatre.

Honey Lemon// You cought a cold and Seokjin treats you by going down on you. Jimin calls in the middle.

Ego// Jimin brags about how many girls he’s fucked and you’ve had it.

Room 178// You get in a mixup and are forced to share a room with the arrogntg, but extremly attractive, Min Yoongi. Jimin didn’t expact what he saw when he came to announce that he has a room avaliable for you. 

Two is Company, and Three…// You are at the movies. Tae showes interest in you and Jimin is being possesive.

Spank Bank// You’re drunk and horny and you video call Jimin.

Red Silk// Jimin tries on your red silk panties and gets both of you extremly turned on.


One-Time Thing// ’It’s okay to fuck your roommate if it’s only a one-time thing.’

Under Fire// Yoongi has been neglecting you so you decide to come to the studio and do something about it. Jimin gets involved and gets to witness you get punished.

Lost Without Him// You find out your boyfriend has been cheating on you so you ask your best friend, Yoongi, to pick you up. He comforts you and ends up making love to you.

Bet on it// Yoongi and Jimin bet on who can make you cum.

That Time of the Month// You’re ovulating and extra horny so you ask Yoongi to help you with your problem.

Favors pt.2 pt.3// ‘You wanted to know, how giving a blowjob would feel like since you were quite inexperienced in it. So why not use your best friend Yoongi as a test object?’

Truth or Dare? pt.2// ‘An innocent game of Truth or Dare takes a very interesting turn.’

A Hot Shower// After a cold wintery day you decide to take a hot shower and can’t help but to think about your boyfriend, which results in you touching yourself. He comes home early. 

Waiting Game// Yoongi is finally back from tour after being gone for a long time and you gather up the courage to dominate him.

Earned It// ‘Rough Yoongi smut where he chokes, slaps and spanks you. Teases you in front of the boys until you two get hot and heavy when alone.’

Lotion// You’re fascinated with Yoongi’s hands. 

Room 178// You get in a mixup and are forced to share a room with the arrogntg, but extremly attractive, Min Yoongi. Jimin didn’t expact what he saw when he came to announce that he has a room avaliable for you.

Tame Me// ‘Your job won’t be cleaning and cooking, not if you’re a maid for Master Yoongi’


Blackout// Jin and you are co-workers who hate each other. That is until a blackout at your hotel brings you closer.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Jin// You’re a maid who dominates the White King in bed.

Ride me// You want Jin to beg for you to fuck him.

Shower Time// Jin is tired and doesn’t appreciate the fact that you didn’t tell him you were running late so he releases his anger on you in the shower.

Honey Lemon// You cought a cold and Seokjin treats you by going down on you. Jimin calls in the middle. 


The Demon Within// A demon comes to fulfil your wish of rough sex.

Blow Me// You catch Jungkook watching porn and finish him off with a blowjob.

Master// Some dominant Jungkook smut.

Penumbra// Both Jimin and Jungkook get to spank you.

*In Bloom// Werewolf Jungkook is in heat and all he wants is you and for you to be his mate.

Open House// ‘Being Jeon Jungkook’s realtor is really exhausting, because it is really hard to find a house that he likes.; and after he had turned down several houses you suggested to him, you lose your patience with him and do the mistake to upset the spoiled boy.’

Grind// You hook-up with Jungkook but he asks you to work for it by grinding on his thigh.

Game of Dominance// You need release and the only one able to do that was Jungkook -who was working in your favourite brothel.’

Syrup// ‘Jungkook needs you to pose for him, naked.’

*The Truth pt.2 pt.3 pt.4 pt.5 pt.6 pt.7// Namjoon thinks it’s okay to befriend his ex, which causes you to be upset. Jungkook tries to comfort you and  ends up doing so much more. 

I hate you, I love you pt.2// ‘You hated him at seven, warmed up to him at twelve, and liked him at fifteen. Now the two of you are twenty years old and inseparable best friends… and you’re absolutely in love with him; he’s in love too—just not with you.’

Hiss (be warned)// Interrogating members of Bangtanimals isn’t easy. Especially when they’re as cocky as Jeon Jungkozard.’

I Dare You// Taehyung is possessive, Jungkook a little shit and you are in between.’

Lust & Errors pt.2 pt.3 // ‘Step brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.’

Shameless// ‘Taehyung’s the new guy in town, just trying to make some friends. And when Jungkook invites him to a party, he thinks he’s finally gotten a good opportunity to meet some new people. But what he doesn’t expect is witnessing his new friend Jungkook and his girlfriend, you, getting it on in front of him, and all of the other guys, at this so-called party.’

Oh, so Delicious// ‘He just looked so good, orgasming after orgasming.’ 

Untitled// “I don’t care if they’re watching. I’m not done with you yet.”

Case Closed// Losing your virginity to your dongsaeng turns out to be better than you thought.


Guess Who// Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok try to figure out who’s better at sex and they use you as a judge.

Peaches & Cream// You’re the single most tastiest thing Taehyung has ever tasted.

Christmas Dress// You wear a red dress and ask Tae for his opinion. He shows it to you.

Click// Taehyung is jealous that Jin has been looking at his muse sexually.’

Daddy’s Little Kitten// Daddy Tae doesn’t appreciate what you’re going to wear to a meeting.

Birthday// Tae isn’t going to go easy on you just because it’s your birthday.

So You’ve Never…? pt.2 pt.3 pt.4// You tell Tae, your best friend, that you never got oral so he decides to help you. After that you guys can’t seem to keep your hands to yourselves.

I Dare You// Taehyung is possessive, Jungkook a little shit and you are in between.’

Shameless//Taehyung’s the new guy in town, just trying to make some friends. And when Jungkook invites him to a party, he thinks he’s finally gotten a good opportunity to meet some new people. But what he doesn’t expect is witnessing his new friend Jungkook and his girlfriend, you, getting it on in front of him, and all of the other guys, at this so-called party.’

Stress Relief// You and Tae are studying for finals. You find out he never went down on a girl and he offers some stress relief.

Dog Hybrid Tae: 
 ‘Dogboy Tae gets extremely possessive when “that time of the month” rolls around and find’s it hard to control his natural instincts and his dominating nature during the monthly occurrence.’
Disturbed// ‘Dogboy Tae can’t get enough of the taste of you. No matter if it’s in the middle of the night.’ 

A Friendly Favor pt.2// Tae is going on a date and wants you to help him with sex.

Outlines// You have a Skype call with Tae and get distracted.

Two is Company, and Three…// You are at the movies. Tae showes interest in you and Jimin is being possesive.

Untitled// You’re busy with Christmas baking and Tae tries to get your attention.

Fingers// You can’t stop yourself from thinking about Taehyung’s amazing fingers.

Rap Monster:

Date Night// You can’t seem to find anything to wear to your date with Namjoon so he suggests you just stay in.

Submission// You shouldn’t try resisting your daddy.

Dirty Little Secret// Daddy finds your toy that you’ve been hiding and he’s not happy.

Truth or Dare? pt.2//An innocent game of Truth or Dare takes a very interesting turn.’

Cuffs and Candy// ‘Just one kiss, one touch.. and one pair of handcuffs for his naughty girl.’

Pleased// Namjoon offers to please you. 


Guess Who// Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok try to figure out who’s better at sex and they use you as a judge.

Truth or Dare? pt.2//An innocent game of Truth or Dare takes a very interesting turn.’

Later// ‘Hoseok can’t control himself when his girlfriend is bleeding.’

Overstimulation// You keep pleasuring Hoseok even when he thinks he can’t take any more.

Strawberry// Hoseok wants to have dessert first.

Enthusiasm// Hoseok thinks you can orgasm for the third time.

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Military Request

Role Reversal / Military / Muscle Theft 

Darryl Asked: 

Dear Ab’s Male Muscle Transformation. I’m a tall handsome bodybuilder military corporal. 

Attached is an image of me looking great with my pumped up pecs. Notice that my face is of male model material as well.

The problem is that i’m being passed over a leadership role to be a commanding officer. The role is instead being given over to this scrawny short pussy faced ugly recruit. I’ll attach a picture of him below too so you can see how undeserving he is of the Superior position he is being given over me. 

Seriously? Does he even have biceps as big as mine? Can you imagine me taking orders from him? I deserve the position instead!!! Let me show you a pic of me with my awesome biceps.

Commanding officers are supposed to be dashing tall and muscled. Do something about it. I deserve it! I deserve to be called SIR! Not the other way around. I mean just think about it, who wouldn’t be intimidated by my muscles and tall height not to call me “SIR” anyway? Look how great i look with the commanding officer’s beret! I totally deserve the position!

Oh and just saying. It’s not enough that I should be the alpha officer. That skinny loser who was supposed to replace me, take away his confidence. Give him short man syndrome or something.

I’m trying to be nice. I think your personality should match your body. And his body isn’t much at all. I’m trying to help him here.

I deserve to be the superior officer and he deserves to know where his place is. In a lowly position beneath my large powerful feet cleaning my toes with his tongue.

And you Ab’s Male Muscle Transformation! You should know what to do. In fact if you help me and if im satisfied with the results I will let you be my bitch after I become the commanding officer. You can have the Honor of sucking my toes while I’m taking a smoke break. And If you’re really good at that I’ll let you suck my cock. 

See. Beneath all that cocky fuckboy personality, I’m really a good person who will give people who help me out the correct rewards.

Now get loss and I wanna see results soon.

Ab’s Male Muscle Transformation Reply:

Hello Darryl…

You do sound like you have the right physical presence for a person in authority, I entirely agree with you that someone of your stature should of gotten the command position. I find it very hard to imagine you taking orders from him.

Especially after all the background information i researched on you.
I mean hearing about how some of the guys won’t sleep in the same barracks as you because of your love of walking around naked with your wrist fat donkey dick swinging ahead of you like a deadly weapon really makes me think that this little guy will his own issues with ordering you around.

You mentioned your biceps, and I agree they are massive and much larger then the little guys, but then your entire body is massive. Such thick pecs and meaty legs, the army should be proud of having had such a beastly guy in their number.

And yes I did say “having had” because I need someone to make up the fuel for the little guys transformation. You made a few good points about how hard a time the little guy will have giving orders, so I think if he had your body it would be a lot easier. Now I could just make you the commanding officer, but from everything you have sent I think you don’t have the correct temperament. Plus the little guy was promoted ahead of you, so he must be better then you…..

Here he is now, small skinny and tiny. I do agree he does not look the part of a commanding officer. 

But with your muscles, height and good looks he should start to look the part.

He’s gonna have those big biceps of yours, and that scary donkey dick you love showing off so much…. oh and he will have your big wide feet, which you’d be dreaming of licking from now on.

Plus I am going to take your cocky confidence and transfer it to his already growing charisma. 

With a pair of dark cool sunglasses while him regular starting to mentally learn your muscle poses don’t you think he is starting to look more like the superior commanding officer he was supposed to be?

Having drained you of all your muscles size and height, you on the other hand will be a small scrimpy runt who does whatever your new commanding officer says, which will mostly be “suck this” as a guy your size will have no place in the army when I’m finished with you.

You’d be smaller then the little guy ever was, your handsome features having transferred to him, making you forgettable in the face department and damn near laughable in the body department.

Your days as an alpha muscled stud is over and you will learn your new place in life now. You are now not only a lowly corporal but also a small little runt who will be forced to remember your former life every time you look up at him when sucking him off. He will smirk at you condescendingly as you see your own pathetic reflection on his dark mirrored sunglasses. Oh and notice what large muscular pecs he has now? Those used to belong to you too. Feeling humiliated and jealous yet?

You’d now be living in his military quarters, a stomach full of cum and a mind full of regret, if only you had been so rude to me… the guy you asked to use magic on your rival.

Enjoy your new life.

If you enjoyed this story please visit  Ab’s Male Muscle Transformation. As the bulk of the written story was done by him! Do thank him for this amazing story too! Link below:


I submitted a request to him a month ago and he answered it with the current story that we have here. Link below:


Even though i changed some parts of the story, the bulk of it is still the same so I hope you enjoyed it with the new images for people like me who like to have visuals!


Glee 5x10, "Trio"

Glee? I love you. Thank you for getting your shit together.

There was so much good stuff, I don’t even know where to start with this episode.

  1. New Directions “seem to plan their lives like their setlist: they pretty much figure it out the night before.” It’s still the introductory voiceover and I’m already much amused. Looks like today is a day where I like self-ironic Glee!
  2. Sue: “What’s wrong with Down Syndrome?” - Becky (in a mocking tone of voice): “What’s wrong with Down Syndrome?” Perfect, perfect moment. Sue is there to make Will and Emma (and the viewers) aware of their prejudice. And Becky KNOWS what is wrong with Down Syndrome: namely, how it makes other people treat her. And she’s not going to pretend they’re usually treating her with respect. And she’s angry about that.
  3. “We were able to achieve a successful emission.” OMG. Emma. Also: OMG, Will.
  4. There were a lot of Neckbrace Cheerio appearances this week.
  5. Someone performs a song just for fun. Have we seen this before in the choir room?
  6. Weird statistics are a thing this week.
  7. Tina has stopped being angry and is now just sad. And apparently, that gets her what she wants: she gets emotional attention from Blaine and Sam, special events are created just for her, she’s seen as sexually desirable (although she still has to put up with some awful attitude from Sam for that), she gets to sing solos… Curious to see where that will take her.
  8. Rachel is in houndstooth again. Can we talk about this pattern? Or has that happened already when these costumes were still sp0ilers and I missed it? She also sticks to a black-and-white color scheme the entire episode.
  9. Rachel is also still obsessed with “Showgirls” and calls Santana a “Gina Gershon junior.” This reference intrigues me for another reason, though. Because Gina Gershon also played the butch lesbian Corky in “Bound” by the Wachowski siblings. I’d bet money that Rachel does NOT know that (since she really seems clueless about lesbian culture), but the Glee writers just might!
  10. Apparently, Rachel has a whole band on retainer that only exists to do her bidding. It’s just like the band people at WMHS!
  11. Her narration of herself about how she exploited Elliott’s good will by playing the victim-slash-diva is hilarious, if (still) baffling in its obliviousness of anyone’s needs and wants but her own.
  12. Elliott also sews! Now gimme all the shop talk and outfit-making collaboration scenes with Kurt.
  13. He also has three golden top hats above his bed. (“One, two, three, not only you and me…”) (Also, woohoo, new places to do set meta about!)
  14. Rachel: “…and I have a new best gay!” - Elliott: “Uh, haha, yeah, I kinda hate that term. Makes me feel like a pet.” Whoohoo!!! It was about time someone said that! Elliott, I love you. Please stay forever.
  15. I’m sort of intrigued by the fact that Rachel treats Elliot like she would treat a heterosexual dude. She’s embracing him like a long-lost lover when he lets her into his apartment, she plays it all seductive during “Barracuda,” and she uses him to do more heterosexual posing during “Gloria.” From that I conclude that she has cast Kurt in a differently-gendered role than Elliott, because IIRC she never treated him that way. But she did treat Finn that way. And Jesse. (I want to say more about gender in Kurt vs. Elliott but I don’t have the words yet.)
  16. Blaine pretends he wants to see if the graduation gowns fit and then has to admit he really wants to see how they LOOK.
  17. Tina: “I don’t wanna fade away.” Well. I’m not sure that she won’t.
  18. Blaine talks about heroism and Sam wants to sneak a cow into the school. (This reminds me that I wanted to analyze Tina and Artie’s speeches from 5x09.)
  19. Also, Blaine suggests a lock-in (for which he wants to get approval - oh, Blaine), and Sam says, “sounds dangerous!,” and I’m thinking, “you’re both Katys.”
  20. Threeway showcircle!
  21. Sue tells an epic story of her pre-impregnation, quasi-religious relaxation that involves serenading by Kenny G at the foot of her and Michael Bolton’s bed. Beiste puts it a little less poetically: “You gotta calm her down before you knock her up.” She also advises Will to “make it all natural.” And I am deeply amused by how unnatural and disgusting all the heterosexuality in this episode is made out to be. Well done, Glee creators, very well done.
  22. Tina has an epic breakdown in the hall, complete with crying and falling to the floor where she continues to wallow until Blaine and Sam promise to make a lock-down for just the three of them happen. And then Sam asks her if her boobs are getting bigger and she replies, delighted that he noticed, “yes, yes they are!” And Blaine is just rolling his eyes in desparation. (I think I’ll read this and the previous moment as “what sexist dudes WISH would happen in reaction to their sexist objectification.” I’m also going to pretent that there is a heterosexual Glee writer who has won a bet and now got to write himself a wish fulfillment scene. Because then I don’t have to ask myself WHY Tina has given up every last bit of a feminist attitude…)
  23. Santana has not only a huge framed poster of her Yeast-I-Stat commercial on her wall (Santana, I love you), but also pictures of groups of same-y-looking girls/women (replacing the Cheerios?), what looks like a Kamasutra illustration on her dresser, and not just one but three(!) Mexican Día de los Muertes figurines (hello, another-person-with-a-special-relationship-to-death?!).
  24. Also, it was about time they made fun of Santana’s hair and exposed the weave for a weave.
  25. Her insults about Rachel still center on Rachel’s perceived lack of attractiveness (here framed as thinness and a lack of sex appeal) and femininity (here framed as a “whiskery chin”).
  26. “In the beginning it’s all sunshine and giggles and stickers…” Stickers? That sounds more like kindergarten, not high school.
  27. And Elliott is all, “WHAT is going ON with you people?! Clearly, you’re all insane, if perhaps in a rather entertaining sort of way.”
  28. I want an audiovisual gif of Santana’s “whoooaaa.”
  29. Elliott apparently is New York City’s resident Voice Of Reason.
  30. Curious to see what Auntie Snix’ scheme for getting Elliott some money is. Next week?
  31. The Almighty Trebleclef! Superheroes are back! Nightbird voiceover! <3 <3 <3
  32. Tina (in red and blue): “You made this way more difficult than it needed to be. Just for the record.” - Sam: “Any excuse to put on that costume.” - Blaine: “Last chance I get to put it on! Unless I’m in some creepy kind of fetish club.” Deconstructing Nightbird! (Also, what I gather from this is that Blaine goes to fetish clubs in his Nightbird costume.)
  33. That is an epic senior lock-in indeed. All the references! Breakfast Club. Rebels Without A Cause. (What’s with the chin faces?)
  34. Blaine gets the “I’m too depressed to even open this pamphlet” pamphlet. 4x04-4x07 anyone?
  35. Sam offers condoms, but Blaine and Tina find themselves not compatible.
  36. Cheerio uniforms! And Sam in a dress!
  37. “Immunize!” poster with Rosie the Riveter image.
  38. I expect a gazillion gifs and photomontages with Cheerio!Blaine in that victory pose.
  39. Becky brought a Twister game and a bag of “Face Slap Energy Boost” energy drinks (in other words: drugs). And continues to blackmail them into including her in the senior lock-in.
  40. By the way, Tina is wearing red Dorothy shoes now. That is a thing now, right? Last week we had Rachel and Santana, now there’s Tina…
  41. The craft room is back!
  42. Will: “You worry too much.” - Emma: “You’re just figuring that out NOW?!” Emma, I love you.
  43. Blablabla, my baby, blablabla, one true love, blablabla, I will have a son, blablabla. Shut up, Will.
  44. I can’t help but notice that both Will and Emma keep painting the same tiny bit of wall. Yes, I know, Glee production probably doesn’t allow for multiple takes of all-wall paint rolling, but it does distract me and I want to yell at them that their wall will be uneven and patchy and Emma will hate it.
  45. Emma wants to watch “Ever After.” I approve of her choice of romantic movie (and Will better does, too). Also, they’re eating popcorn from what looks like a pretend-popcorn bucket that really is a piece of two-dimensional cardboard.
  46. Why is Emma’s voice almost inaudible?
  47. Blaine really is ridiculously polite. “Time-out. I’m getting a cramp in my leg.” And probably he’s also fed up with getting sexual advances from a girl yet AGAIN.
  48. I like sexy Becky. I just wish she’d get to be sexy with someone who wants her back. (Is Becky the New Tina?)
  49. “Sam?” *Actual fucking CRICKETS.* “Tina?” *More crickets* (Glee sound department, let me love you.)
  50. The astronomy classroom is back! And OF COURSE this is where Tina and Sam make out. (But that is no energy drink there on the table. I suppose the energy drinks were stand-ins for alcopops then?)
  51. Poor Blaine. All that heterosexuality, and he is sooo disgusted by it all. It would be funnier for me, though, if he wasn’t MOST disgusted by FEMALE (hetero)sexuality.
  52. “What about Nurse Penny, Sam? Did you just forget about her?” Yes, this week, I’m all for the Glee self-irony.
  53. I adore Blaine for using “our little family” and “friendly threesome” in the same sentence.
  54. Drama queen!Blaine is the best Blaine. I’m already looking forward to all the gifs.
  55. Rachel is never, ever, ever getting back together with Santana letting Santana get her Fanny going to let Santana play the role of Fanny Brice. (SCNR.)
  56. And Kurt is just watching the Pezberry drama, resigned to his fate. He tries to reign Rachel in when she gets too over-the-top even for her own standards, but he doesn’t get through. But he does get through to Elliott, who gets to finally put an end to the high-school-esque drama. Thank gods.
  57. “Gloria” is brilliant in both line distribution and choreography. I don’t have time to dissect the song, but I want to point out that Rachel continues to do pseudo-heterosexual posing with her “new best gay friend,” while Santana interacts with him entirely nonsexually.
  58. Interesting (and sexist) that Elliott tells them they’re both PRETTY when they wanted to know who was BETTER (presumably as a SINGER). But I still want to kiss him for refusing to be drawn into their drama. That was a great smackdown of everyone involved, including Kurt. (But who said “ha!”? Santana?)
  59. There is a LOT of turquoise clothing in this episode. Emma, Tina, Kurt, and Santana all wear it. Have we figured out the new color scheme yet?
  60. “…and then, lo and behold, the two of you run off during our fun night of shenanigans and mischief and you turn it into some kind of creepy [teeth?]-sucking slurpathon, which I still can’t get out of my head.” As I said, drama queen!Blaine is the best Blaine.
  61. “Santana and I are both professionals.” Ahahaha! Yeah, right.
  62. And good for you, Kurt, for taking Elliott’s approach as an example and throwing BOTH Rachel and Santana out of the band.
  63. Why doesn’t Dani get a last name? Or is she just “Dani” like Madonna or Cher?
  64. Also, Callbacks is back! More New York locations for the win!
  65. The pattern on Santana’s skirt looks like her crotch has a roaring tiger-face on it [but fashionofglee tells me it’s a bug]. Clearly, she’s dressed for battle, what with the leather top and all. Both her and Rachel are in black-and-white, but Rachel’s rigidity is finally unraveling. The stripes on her shirt have become softer, and the edges have started to fray.
  66. I googled One Three Hill because I was sure it was a reference I didn’t get. And indeed, there is a TV series called “One Tree Hill” about two half-brothers who begin as heartless enemies and become caring brothers over time. Such as Rachel and Kurt did and Rachel and Santana will? Because clearly what Kurt is talking about (and what the band is singing about) is majorly related to Rachel and Santana as well, as we can easily tell by the fact that the band also wears black-and-white.
  67. And can I just say that I LOVE the fact that Kurt gets to have an all-queer band, and none of the members is romantically/sexually involved with another? Even if it is just for a minute? He sooo needs some LGBTQ community that is not his boyfriend. I just wish Santana would get the same.
  68. I also love the fact that Rachel can’t quite believe that the trio actually is successful without her (or Santana). This must be a first because they truly DON’T NEED her (unlike New Directions, at least in-universe). But they still WANT her (as is later made clear) - provided she and Santana get their stuff sorted out.
  69. And Rachel DOES manage to take a first step towards reconciliation with Santana. In a shirt with holes along the arms (a black one this time) and a black-and-white skirt that continues the softening of her harsh either/or patterns (Ha! I figured it out! THAT’s what all the black-and-white outfits were about! Note to self: make a proper post about this.)
  70. That is a GOOD talk, Santana and Rachel. Please let us see more talks like this, Glee.
  71. And pleeeeaaaase Rachel, do listen to what Santana says here because she is RIGHT. Even if your moment of potential bonding was interrupted, and Kurt made a snippy comment about your conflict and previous communication style, and all of that threw you right back into the whole mess. (But sadly, I don’t think this is over yet.)
  72. Hahaha, unexpected kissing happens all the time at WMHS. Well-observed, Blaine.
  73. Artie is pissed, and rightly so. Especially after his whole episode of bonding with Tina last week.
  74. And I’m going to argue that WILL SCHUESTER is speaking for the Glee writers post-5x03 for once: “I was planning on ordering dinner in and working you guys deep into the night, but then I realized that worrying too much about what you’re trying to accomplish actually gets in the way of what you’re trying to accomplish.”
  75. But why is everyone in that choir room, including the band(!) (except Kitty in her Cheerio uniform) wearing shades of blue, turquoise, and green? Should we analyze this further? Like, who is ONLY wearing blue and who is wearing other shades? Or do we take it as a general meta moment of sadness over saying goodbye to McKinley?
  76. And they do manage to make up with Artie and let him be right. Which is good. Because Artie (or any of the Glee people) alone IS sad.
  77. Okay, and now Sam, Blaine, Tina, and Artie are in shades of beige and brown, which seems to be the color of leaving McKinley (and also of overcoming grief). Also, Artie gets to have a new kind of pattern on his shirt (a forest?), which makes me look forward to his eventual post-graduation wardrobe change.
  78. Kurt (in flowers and pale pink and his gray vest from both “I Have Nothing” in 3x17 and Artie’s AU in 4x10) still doesn’t entirely fit with the rock-style of both Elliott (in a Joy Division t-shirt!) and Dani, but I’m still glad that he has chosen them for now. Curious to see if their style differences will become an issue musically.
  79. The lyrics split and staging of “Hold On” is also interesting. Kurt is all about change (and not doing things like they did them in Lima), Santana accepts responsibility for the mess she’s in (and makes do with whoever is there), and Rachel stays alone and still can’t see anything but her pain.
  80. Threeway showcircle returns!
  81. Emma is wearing PANTS. But honey? It’s going to be YOUR baby, too, not just Will’s. And I didn’t think I’d ever say that, but Will’s complete happiness at learning that Emma is pregnant is actually a little bit infectuous. And I much approve of that Terri reference. (But I will miss Emma so much.)

So. Whatever the Glee creators did between 5x08 and 5x09, it worked, and I’m loving Glee all over again.

And yes, the New York stories work very well indeed, and I’m glad we’re getting more connections between the people there and more places and more intersecting stories. I also much enjoy the look of Glee New York.

That said, the nightly tour of shenanigans and mischief through the empty school in Lima, plus all the nostalgic hilarity and all the self-references and self-irony were also awesome this week.

Gleeeee! =D

(I have no idea when I’ll get to check my dashboard, but I don’t see me having much time for discussion this week. In fact, I’ll be happy if I even get to catch up on scrolling through everything since Monday night. Mostly because I’m away from Friday to Monday. So a lack of presence on my part does not indicate a lack of interest in talking to you about Glee…)

Cait and Sam: Are they together?

I’ve had some rambling thoughts lately and thought I’d write them down. I’m not even sure if anyone will read them, but here goes. :-)

Scenario #1: Cait and Sam are in love and together. This is what I truly believe. Their actions when they are around each other are too unabashedly lovey-dovey to dispute. And, people who have seen them in person say it is even MORE obvious. I’ll take it a step further and say I think they’re already married. 

Scenario #2: Cait and Sam are both single and just really, really, REALLY good friends. Hmm, I have a problem with this. If this were true then I would say that Cait and Sam have a serious case of Blind Love Idiot Syndrom (BLIS). Where we see Bliss, they are simply in Blis. Speaking from experience, I know for a fact that if you are good friends with a guy, but flirt like the dickens with him, that you secretly have the hugest crush on him and just haven’t told anyone. And, when the guy flirts the same way with you, then unfortunately you are both just being idiots, blind love idiots. This happened to me twice in college and I let them both get away because I never admitted my feelings. When I met my hubby (AT THE WORKPLACE no less) after graduating from college, we were truly good friends from the start, but then it grew. It went from friends, to hanging out, to flirtiness, to little notes on each other’s desks, to :::gasp::: brief kisses in the elevator! But still…we were just friends. Well, that’s what we said. We were blind love idiots. A year later when we went to tell my parents we were moving in together, but that we were just friends, my dad raised his infamous eyebrows and looked at my guy friend like, well, you know that dad look. My mom, to this day thinks we WERE just friends then, and now that she’s 89, has concocted in her head that we even had a two-bedroom apartment. It does no good to argue with or correct an 89 year old. Anyway, two years later when we were about to walk down the aisle, my sister, who was my maid of honor said “so does this mean you’re not just friends anymore?” Ha ha sis! :-) And now, hubby and I just celebrated out 33rd wedding anniversary! Yes, I have taken trips on my own. Yes I have sent him to spend a week with his family and cherished the time to myself at home!! Yes, for some inexplicable reason, at the age of 58, he still thinks that fart jokes and uranus jokes are funny!! I don’t want to be like RDM and categorize all men, but I think many, many, many men  have that part of their brain that is responsible for maturity, the something-or-other thalamus, reach it’s full potential at the age of 13. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life. So, I say, let them have their Shatners to banter with so they won’t bring their stupid fart jokes to you!! In conclusion on this scenario….IF this is where Sam and Cait are, which I don’t believe, then I would hope that Blis will turn to Bliss for them as soon as they take the darn blinders off! 

Scenario #3: Sam is single and head over heels in love with Cait who is in love with Tony. We can debunk that right now. If Cait is in love with Tony, we would have seen one at least ONE picture of heart eyes from Cait towards Tony!! Cait’s face is too vibrant and honest not to have slipped up at least once in a picture with Tony. Of course, I realize that we’d have to have a picture of Cait actually LOOKING at Tony to perhaps prove the theory, but I don’t think we do, do we? This, along with the eyewitness accounts of people who saw Cait interacting with Tony at the premiere in very much a friend manner (a real friend manner, not a Blis one) cancels out this scenario. 

Scenario #4: Cait is single and head over heels in love with Sam who would rather play the field instead. I honestly think Sam is too sweet of a guy to blatantly flirt and drool over his co-star if he’s got feelings for another woman. And, I think if he DID have feelings for another woman, she’d tell him pretty quickly to tone down the outward expressions of adoration towards Cait. Have they toned down? Not at all! As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen a more smitten puppy than in the video outside of Saks where Cait kisses his neck and Sam nearly melts on the spot. That was not some smoldering, posed co-star shot…that was a genuine moment between the two of them. 

Scenario #5: Sam would be in love with Cait, but Cait is gay. Hmm, I don’t see Cait, the empowered woman, champion of women’s rights, gay rights, etc. ever hiding the fact that she’s gay, if she was. Next. 

Scenario #6: Cait would be in love with Sam, but Sam is gay. To be honest, this would be the ONLY likely scenario that would make sense as to why these two can be so comfortable and flirty with each other, but not be together. However, a gay man would not look at a woman the way Sam looks at Cait every time he looks at her! A gay man may look at her fabulous shoes with dreamy heart-eyes, but not at the woman. (I say this with love as a sister of a gay man who is no longer with us.) 

So, that takes me back to Scenario #1. Cait and Sam are deeply in love and committed to each other, possibly already married. There are just too many pictures, videos, eye witness accounts, and confirmations from Sam and Cait themselves to ignore the evidence. And if I’m wrong? Well, then I guess I’m the blind idiot after all.