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Present and surprise are separate things on Kenma’s birthday when it comes to Kuroo


I, a somewhat openly gay person, am all in favor for LGBT inclusive coffee shop/cafes because…

1. I’m not the partying/dancing type
2. I want a space that doesn’t involve alcohol or sweaty loud people because it makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable
3. I want to meet other LGBT people but not feel pressured to sleep with them
4. I want to keep my hearing
5. I want to be in a safe space with a calming atmosphere where I can relax
6. I fucking love caramel lattes

Some YOI charm designs…most likely will not make them, but these were still fun to draw


lavi for best wingman 


u kno they dead


painted a spotted hyena as some practice, unfortunately i completely lost the source of the picture i used as reference for this one (´∩`。)

I like it when jack gushes over little things that he likes and just rambles and gives his opinion on those certain things. it honestly gets me more interested and more open minded towards certain topics, like the sound design or visuals in a game or just the subject in general. it makes me feel right at home, like i’m talking to a friend. i love that it feels more like that instead of watching a regular video everyday. i like and miss that homey feel and jack kinda reminds me of that too

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hey kids! (just accept that even though most of you are older than me, i will call you “kids”) i hit 400 followers! that’s insane because i just started this blog as a place for me to relax and be myself, and it turned into a place where i can relax and be myself AND 400 people can judge me for what i post!


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this took me so long to do so plz appreciate it! also, if i forgot anyone, please come to my house and beat me to death with my dan and phil plushies! btw im gonna start trying to post more original content so stick with me here!


Ink X error “small moments!” By me!

So! I haven’t been posting a lot lately, due to my projects for my school.

But, I have time to make this! I mean, it’s new year! And that where I can relax for a bit.


I do like the ideas to does people who gave their ideas! I might do it someday!



Tricked? (Josh x Reader)

This is a request :)
Plot: You are the shy girl in school. Everyone has a crush on Josh including you. What you didn’t know was he also liked you. You both didn’t want to admit it. He soon later tells you but you back off unsure if he was trying to trick you or not.

Readers Point Of View
Here we go again. I just need to get through this last year and I’m off to collage. Me being me I go straight to the spot I always go to when I’m early for school. There was a tree behind the school in the field where I always go to relax and get away from the world.

To get to this spot you needed to go through the whole in the fence and it would lead to an area surrounded by trees. Like a small forest. No one knows about it but me and I wanted to keep it that way.

As I go to this spot I see Josh, the boy everyone liked. A small blonde haired girl was trying to talk to him but Josh looked away looking rather annoyed. He turned his head and saw me. His eyes went wide as he saw me. I took this as a bad sign and walked faster.

“Y/n! Wait up.” Josh called. Getting away from the blonde girls grip.

I started to walk faster than I did before. Wanting to get away from the attention.

“Why, are you walking so fast?” He said while grabbing my arm. I flinched a little. It didn’t hurt I was just frightened. “Oh, sorry.”

“Listen, I gotta go.” I then walked away going to my spot. I felt bad but I couldn’t handle the attention that would come if I talked to him. People would ask questions.

“Oh, okay then.” Mumbling something under his breath sounding sad. 

Okay, now I feel really bad but I need to go. I put my headphones and slowly go on my way. The day was chilly. My oversized sweater was appropriate for this weather. The orange and red leaves spread out across the field making the dull green grass pop out more.

I went through the fence and lied down on the bench that was worn out and damaged but that’s what I liked about it. I stayed like that until the bell rang signaling that it was time to go to first period. I got up and ran towards the school not wanting to be late. I was supposed to go five minutes early but I was to consumed by the music.

First period was boring. The teacher kept on talking about how we should be able to follow the rules at our age. Our school did this thing where they reminded us about the school rules every once a month. While I was sitting there, I felt a someone staring at me and I began to feel very uncomfortable.

I debated looking around and making eye contact. I then proceeded to look around.  My eyes landed on Josh and he seemed to be doing the same. I didn’t know what to do. Act normal Y/n. Wait, how do I act normal? I’m over thinking this.

Thank god the bell rang. I packed all my things and grabbed my bag then got out of there as fast I could. The same cycle repeated until lunch. Well, everything but the whole Josh thing.

Forgetting about lunch I went straight to my spot. For a shy girl It was taking a big risk doing this. It was technically going off school campus. But I was used to it. This time it was lightly raining. I was so lost in my head that when someone tapped my shoulder I screamed. Not loud but it wasn’t quite either.

“Wow, calm down! It’s me Tyler.” He said with wide eyes not expecting me to scream. “Okay, didn’t see that coming.” Tyler chuckled.

“How did you find me? No one knows this place but me.” I was confused as to how he found me.

“Well, that’s not true anymore I guess. Josh told me. This sounds creepy but he kinda watched you a couple times when you go here. I won’t cover him on that.” Tyler laughed. I just blushed. Damn, I must be really red.

“Tyler, not to be rude but what are you doing here?” I was kinda mad that this wasn’t my secret place anymore.

“Oh, I don’t really know. Josh went with some girl and I wanted to come over here and just talk to someone that isn't 'fake’ and only interested in getting in my pants. Oh, and I need advice.” Tyler smiled shyly.

“I’m not that good at advice Tyler. Just warning you now.” I said honestly.

“Its okay. I can’t talk to Josh because he’s always distracted by a girl. He doesn’t like the attention but he says that he needed to get ‘some girl’ out of his mind.” Tyler talked about Josh kinda like he was annoyed.

“And you don’t like that I’m guessing.” Pointing out the obvious.

“No, because if he really liked the girl then he should say something. Honestly, Humans are so confusing.” Tyler sighed. “Tell me about it.” I agreed.

“The bells about to ring, Ill talk to you later.” Tyler smiled showing his teeth.

“Okay, thanks for the talk.” I waved.

“No problem. It was nice talking to you. I really needed it.” He said before walking off.

The rest of the day went by slow. It felt like time went by slower just torture me. When I walked home I hummed along to the song. The day was quite. It rained a little harder but I enjoyed it.  I looked around only to see Josh with headphones in walking on the other side of the road. He hasn’t noticed me yet so I walked faster.

“Y/n! Y/n wait!” I heard Josh call my name. Damn, I was caught. I kept walking pretending that I couldn’t hear him because of the music.

“Wait!” Josh grabbed my shoulders.

“Umm..” I froze taking out my headphones. “Hi?” I said shyly.

He chuckled and that made me blush even harder.

“Hey.” He smiled. “How are you?”

“Umm.. good I guess.” Trying not to freak out.

“Okay, I wanted to tell you something.” He looked nervous.

“Oh god” Not meaning to say that aloud.

“It’s nothing bad. I hope.” He whispered the last heard it anyways. God he was so cute. Shut up Y/n.

“Umm…Okay. I’m just going to say it. I like you, Y/n.” He smiled nervously.

“Oh. Oh. Okay.” Not knowing how to respond.

I didn’t believe him. Tyler said that Josh was hanging out with other girls and just the other day he was kissing some girl in the hallway.

“Is this a prank or something? This isn’t funny Josh but nice try.” I was kinda hurt.

I mean how typical. ‘Lets get the shy girls hopes up and that’ll be funny haha"

“What? No, Its not like that. Y/n I truly mean it.” Josh looked hurt. I just don’t know.

“How can I believe you?” I said unsure.

“You can’t but you can trust me.”

“Josh, I just don’t know.” I turned away. I started to walk but he pulled me back. He reached out and put his hands on my face gently.

“Please?” He looked me in the eyes and his eyes were beautiful. I’ve never noticed them before.

“But those girls?” I questioned.

“They were a distraction. I know it sounds stupid but I thought I could never have you and I couldn’t handle that.” He sounded honest.

“Do you trust me?” he asked. I thought about it for a moment before nodding.

“Good.” He said before pulling me in. I then felt his lips on mine and it was odd. It felt like a romantic cliché movie with the rain. We pulled away. All we could do was smile like an idiot.


Books everywhere!! I’ve just finished 4-5 hours of homework, this was what it looked like during the process. Now I only have to start planning my English essay and plan the next week in my bullet journal, which includes the start of a new month - September! It’s actually my birthday next week, sooo I’m kinda excited. For me sunday is a day where I relax, plan the coming week and make homework, as many as I can, so I won’t stress during the week.