where i rather be

You want to lose weight? I’m happy to help. 

You want to gain weight? I’m happy to help. 

You want to workout more? I’m happy to help. 

You want to eat more? I’m happy to help.

You want to feel better more often? I’m happy to help. 

You want to study more? I’m happy to help. 

You want to sleep better? I’m happy to help. 

I don’t judge people by what they want; I’d much rather help people get where they want to go. 

i suddenly, rather sadistically want an au where, for one reason or another, belle also get mortally wounded somehow during the battle on the roof of the castle. She still manages to say I love you, but loses consciousness, and so the beast transforms only to see her dying, and he begs the enchantress to save her, and she does, but it’s conditional— belle can never leave the castle grounds without the wound reappearing and killing her.

where it goes from there is still fuzzy— does he agree, thinking he can search for a way to break the spell? let belle die because he doesn’t want to force her to live as a prisoner again? try to negotiate another price that he’d pay rather than her?

someone come do this with me

No one fucking wants an English version. If anything just give us subtitles. We don’t want American actors or whatever storylines you think are gonna go over well. Stop trying to make everything an American version. I’d rather watch a kickass phenomenal incredible tv show in a language I know nothing about with subtitles added rather than a shitty knock off where I’ll understand what they’re saying but it won’t have half the effect the original has. Please just stop because no one wants it.

my therapist asked me

Whats missing from your life?

I thought about this question for a long time after you asked me. And after days of racking my brain I still had not come up with an answer, that is until I was standing in line at Dunkin Donuts this morning waiting to order my coffee as I do nearly every morning. When there was an elderly couple in front of me, they were laughing with each other, and it made me smile. There I was being pessimistic because it was 7 in the morning and I was so overly tired and in a bad mood. But they were standing there as though there was no where in the world they would rather be. And I thought to myself I wonder what its been like, sharing a cup of coffee with the same person for that many years. And that’s when it dawned on me. I knew what was missing.
Seems like a pretty simple answer, huh? But I don’t necessarily mean love in the way youre probably thinking about it. I mean it in the simpliest of ways, in the “drive safely”, “text me when you make it home”, the “I hope youre doing okay”, or “have a good day”. I mean it in the sense of friendship, companionship, dependency, empathy, and affection. I mean love in every sense of the form. I mean It in the having someone to turn to on your darkets of days, or someone to share the brightest of ones with. I mean it in the singing in the passenger seat of your car kinda love, or the eat frozen yogurt and cry on your bad days.
But most importantly, the form of love I am missing, is self love. Many times I am so concerned with being there for others or trying to help everyone around me, bringing them up, that I forget about me too. i think that’s why i keep looking for people. because i’m looking for that love that’s missing from my life in someone else. and i keep being let down because no one is going to love me the way that i should love me. I wanna be so content within myself that I don’t look for these things in someone else anymore. I wanna sing in the car by myself, I wanna buy the elderly couples coffees and I wanna be okay knowing im going to drink mine by myself.

I want passionate fiery love. The kind that hurts and makes it hard to sleep at night. The kind that makes you forget what day it is because you lose track of time you’re so in the moment. Love that doesn’t say “tomorrow” but rather “right now”. I want the kind where you don’t feel pressure to wake up in the morning and you can lie in bed all day and order pizza. The kind where you can laugh about anything. I want love that is simple, but spontaneous. The kind where you understand each other, but never know what to expect. I want a love that is stronger than deepest currents in the ocean. I want to love and be loved.

so hey guys i’m doing a giveaway!! because i’m not really that interested in haikyuu!! anymore and i’d rather these go to good homes where people can u know. enjoy them. also i don’t have the boxes for a lot of them because they either got thrown away or i lost them in the hellpit of my house or i left them because too big for luggage, though the buttons that aren’t the bigger lev button i just found on ebay so i’m not sure where those come from. basically the moral of the story is keep ur merch boxes my friends.

so there’s no point in me selling them. so i’m giving them away! 

i’ll just. u know. throw everybody’s name in a randomizer and pick two winners. woohoo.

1st prize winner gets to pick 3 figures, one mini figure, two straps, a choice of the oikawa squishable thing whose name i cant remember or the kenma plush pin, and 4 buttons!

2nd prize winner gets everything else!

i have some rules too! be sure to read them before entering the giveaway.

1. u have to reblog to be officially be entered in the giveaway. however, if u have reblogged, u can also like for an extra entry. reblogging a lot will not get u more entries. u can only have 2 entries so dont be greedy and try to get more!
2. u dont have to follow if u want to enter the giveaway but if u want to i guess go for it? i dont post much hq anymore lmao
3. no giveaway blogs!
4. please get back to me if u are the winners within a week or i will pick a new winner.
5. uhh just be nice play fair and we’ll be all good i guess?
6. also ill cover shipping costs so dw about that this is about getting free stuff not paying for shipping and handling

i’ll pick the winners of this giveaway on april fools day because i am a fool for losing my boxes so have fun? hooray

Me, an intellectual

Aries: Bitch get ready to catch these hands  // Me, an intellectual: You, the reprehensible individual who is in need of penance, prepare yourself for physical conflict!

Taurus: Boi I’m hungry as fuq // Me, an intellectual: Companion who I am currently associating myself with: my flesh vestige requires nutrients which can only be obtained from edible substances 

Gemini:  I’m boutta talk hella shit // Me, an intellectual: I am about to perform a long and rather frivolous oration where I badmouth unsuspecting individuals whilst labeling them with insulting, derogatory terms

Cancer:  I honestly just need someone to hold me while I sleep // Me, an intellectual:  My most paramount of desires is a human who provides me with a surge of oxytocin as he or she embraces me as I willingly fall into unconsciousness

Leo:  Hmu if you’re down to hang tonight // Me, an intellectual: Please, feel welcome to send me a message via electronically or verbally if you so desire to socialize and experience verbal stimuli by being in my company when the moon is high.  

Virgo:  P sure i just slayed that test // Me, an intellectual:  The content in that exam was rudimentary, and I am confident that I was able to deliver an A-level grade from that assessment with ease

Libra:  Damn, she thicc // Me, an intellectual: My goodness, words cannot express the copious amounts of infatuation I feel for this individual with larger-than-usual hips and exquisite body proportionality!

Scorpio: Call me daddy, baby girl // Me, an intellectual: I implore you, whom I feel a rather dark, specific fetish for, to call me your father, so I may freely exert my sexual dominance over you, void of restraint

Sagittarius:  This shit boutta be hella littttt // Me, an intellectual: This event filled with novel stimuli is about to become exceptionally entertaining, and my brain shall flood with endorphins as a result of it!

Capricorn: Fuck off // Me, an intellectual: Please, exclude yourself from my periphery so I may not be fettered by the presence of your perturbing existence

Aquarius:  Me, an intellectual // Me, an intellectual: It is I, a person who finds satisfaction and entertainment from information that requires higher levels of mental processing

Pisces:  He was low-key daddy asf // Me, an intellectual: This visually-symmetrical male exhibited abstract characteristics which made him sexually appealing in a not-so-evident manner


Endless List of Favourites + Relationships ||  Newt Scamander & Tina Goldstein (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

  “I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have investigating me.”