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BTS Reaction- You getting horny for another idol (other than BTS)

I’m having this though for a while, what would be BTS reaction to you getting horny for another idol? Like your bias from another group?? - *

Namjoon / Rap Monster:

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We all know deep down Namjoon can be a very possessive man, after all you are his girl. Him seeing you getting horny to another idol would bring out violence and his worst kinks in bed. The best of it all though, he would most likely take it as a challenge: You know baby girl, I am a bit disappointed in you” he would declare, nuzzling your neck with his breath as he starts to squeeze on your chest. “Are you?” you would ask in your sexiest voice though giggling, still not taking him seriously “I am better than him, don’t you remember the way I made you scream my name to the top of your lungs last night?……………. Or should I remind you again, love?” he says as he straddles your legs, while instantaneously, ferociously pushing you to on the bed, landing on your back. Your excitement was growing, very visibly, so much that the next day, you could not walk for a whole week; Namjoon had thrust so deep into you that you could only see stars after your orgasm. He had proved his point in the best way possible.


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“Pet, where are you?” You were hiding in the closet, naked, because Jimin had come home from the groceries and found you were masturbating to your other bias. He seemed angry, but you, sneaky you, knew exactly how to play his little game and turn this situation in your favor. You were happy because when he was serious like this h- “Y/N, come out now!” You came out in front of him, giggling with puppy eyes, vulnerable, naked while he was thinking. “I need you, Jimin” you breathe, and as you get closer to his ear, you whisper “I need your cock to fill me up”. At that exact moment, his breath hitched and he hungrily pushed up against the wall, not giving you time to catch your breath, putting his hand behind your head making sure the love of his life would not be hurt and whispered “Your wish will not be fulfilled tonight, pet, for you have defied me”. While licking your ear and then blowing on it, making you three times more sensitive, he denied your orgasm and walked away, leaving you there hot and bothered, wondering why you love this boy so much.


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