where i found my soulmate

Invisible | Hwang Minhyun - Soulmate Series

genre: slight angst & fluff

member: Hwang Minhyun (ft. Bae Jinyoung)

requested: yes

a/n: thank you anon for requesting! Since I’m also making soulmate series, I’ll just include this one in it! Feel free to request! Hope you like it!

summary: you totally lost hope when the boy you loved found his soulmate, but then you too, found yours.

soulmate au: red string of fate - you can see red string connecting you and your soulmate when you two are close by.

soulmate series: Kang Daniel | Park Jihoon | Lee Daehwi | Kim Jaehwan | Ong Seongwoo | Park Woojin | Lai Guanlin | Yoon Jisung | Hwang Minhyun | Bae Jinyoung | Ha Sungwoon

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Odd One Out Part 2 - Soulmate AU (Jughead x Reader)

Summary: After you find out that your soulmate has been intentionally hiding you connection for six years, you assume it’s because he doesn’t want you. Running away from the trailer park in distress, you find yourself on the Southside of Riverdale, in the heart of Serpent territory.

Approx. 1930 words

Part 1 here
Part 3 here

“Ron…Ronnie? Pl… please can you come and pick me up?” you cried down the phone, your stammering the result of your erratic breathing. After your encounter with Jughead, your head had been clouded with too many emotions to focus on where you were running, you just wanted to get away from him, and now you found yourself wondering round a part of Riverdale that you had never set foot in before. You began to panic slightly as you guessed you were probably on the Southside, and consequently in Serpent territory.

“Y/N? What’s wrong? Of course I’ll come get you, where are you?” Veronica’s voice was laced with concern.

“I… I… I don’t know where I am” you wailed down the phone, the pitch of your voice rising in accordance with your panic. “I was at the trailer park and then… Ronnie I think I’m somewhere on the Southside.” Your voice wavered, you had the sudden sinking feeling that you might actually be in danger.

“Okay honey, look around and give me a street name, or the name of a shop and I’ll pop it into Google maps and be with you in no time.” Veronica’s voice was steady and calm, you almost laughed as you realised she sounded exactly like your mother. You looked around helplessly. The streetlamps were just beginning to glow as the darkness of evening etched across the sky like spilled ink. You shivered as you realised that you hadn’t seen the sun set and suddenly felt even more vulnerable in the ever-growing darkness.

“Uhh –” you narrowed your eyes as you tried to read the name of the bar across the street from you through the persistently pouring rain. “I’m next to a bar called the Whyte Wyrm.” You heard Veronica inhale sharply and correctly suspected that you were right in the heart of Serpent territory.

“Don’t go anywhere; I’m coming to get you right now.” Veronica’s calm tone faltered slightly. You heard the screech of tyres down the phone just before Veronica hung up and felt comforted knowing that, at the speed Veronica usually drove, she was probably only five minutes away in any direction.

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It Is What It Is- Alexander Hamilton X Reader

a/n: day 4 of @pleasegivemethatpenback ‘s write-a-thon! it is a soulmate au blended with a modern au, garnished with a college au.

day 4: Write about your favourite au, whether it’s a coffee shop au, high school or college au, an au with supernatural creatures or anything else, write something in an au that you love!

Oh my god you were gonna kill him.

Hamilton, one of the most difficult people you’ve ever met had scheduled a surprise debate meeting and as co-captain to the debate team, you knew that if you missed it, Hamilton would have grounds to take over as the one singular captain.

You finished your breakfast, checking to make sure you looked somewhat presentable before heading downstairs.

You couldn’t really tell if you looked okay though because like most college students, you hadn’t found your soulmate. You didn’t have time to find your soulmate, so you lived in a world of gray pigments.

You used to be excited about finding your soulmate but as life continued, it became exhausting to meet someone you really liked only to discover that they weren’t your soulmate. And even if you did meet your soulmate now, it’s not like you wanted anything to do with it for the moment.

You got to the bottom of the stairs and you got into Angelica’s car.

“Hey Y/N.” She said and you yawned.

“Can you believe Hamilton? He specifically said that he wouldn’t pull something like this but here we are.” You vented and she nodded in agreement.

“You could try and argue that doing this is grounds for stripping his leadership.”

“I could, you’re right. He’ll be pissed though.”

“So what? I’m pretty sure he can take a body blow.”

“Let’s hope he can or else he’ll do something petty like dragging the whole team in the newspaper.” 

“I wouldn’t put it past him. It’s probably best if there is an agreement reached such as ‘there will be no surprise attempts of a coup until nine am.’”

“So every time after nine am is free game but we draw the line at coups before nine am.” You repeated and she nodded.

“Listen, if it was nine o’clock right now, we could deal with this maturely. But it’s not nine o’clock right now, it’s six thirty in the morning.” 

“I feel ya.” You sighed and you rested your head against the passenger seat until the car stopped and Angelica got out of it.

You exited the car and followed her into the lecture hall, wishing you had brought a jacket.

The only people there besides you and Angelica were Aaron, Thomas, James, and Alex. They were all yelling at each other when the two of you walked in with your arms crossed.

“Morning.” Hamilton said, obviously unhappy to see the two of you made it.

“Nice seeing you too, Hamilton. I always love when you try to take control of the debate team before seven am.” You said sarcastically, running a hand through your hair.

“Just keeping you on your toes.” He smiled at you and you rolled your eyes. “And my dearest Angelica, good morning to you as well.”

“Morning Hamilton. And I’m not your dearest anything.” She told him and he shrugged.

“Debatable. You see, since you’re the only Angelica I know, you technically are the dearest.”

“Mkay, wiseass.” Aaron muttered under his breath, earning a laugh from both James and Thomas.

Hamilton clenched his fists, his knuckles turning white before he took a deep breath and he let it go.

More sleepy and confused debate members arrived and everyone besides you and Hamilton got in small groups and they decided on a topic to debate.

You looked at Hamilton, who was sitting on a desk.

“Was this a coup?” You asked him and he shrugged.

“Yeah it was. Sorry, I know we agreed not to sabotage each other. That’s the last thing this debate team needs.”

“You’re a pain in the ass sometimes, you know that?”

“Yeah, it is what it is,” he smiled at you and raised his hand so yours could shake it. 

“Truce?” You nodded, shaking his hand.

And like that, your world flooded with colors.

The first thing- color- you saw was the color of his eyes.

They were dark brown and the color added so much more depth to them.

You turned away and you were immediately overwhelmed by everything.

Thomas’s shirt which was some sort of purplish pinkish thing color, Angelica’s dress which was a light pink? That’s what pink looked like?

You turned back to Hamilton who was looking around and you could’ve groaned.

He was your soulmate?

Out of everyone in the world, it had to be him?

“Angelica, can you come here for a second?” You asked her, somehow finding your voice and you walked away from Hamilton to a part of the room where no one was standing.

“I found my soulmate.” You said quietly and her eyes widened.

“Who?” She asked.

“Hamilton.” You replied and she looked at you.

“You’re not joking.” She said, taking a deep breath.

“I need to leave, I need to-” You started, your voice becoming shaky. She helped you walk out of the building and you both got into her car, driving away from the city.

When you were in a somewhat remote place, she stopped the car and both of you got out, taking in the cleaner air.“Angelica what am I supposed to do? We are enemies, we hate each other! He tried to kick me out of the stupid club this morning! And when we finally come to a truce… we are soulmates? If I’d known I would’ve said ‘game on’ and not shaken his hand at all! I just…”

“Look. Me and Thomas, you know we’re soulmates. And I thought he was a stuck up pompous ass for the longest time and he is! He is but that is not all he is. Hamilton is an ass. That is just a fact of life and I am as annoyed by him as much as you are but… didn’t he say that ‘it is what it is’?” You looked at her, nodding. 

“Yeah. It is what it is. We should go back, I probably need to talk with him.”’

“Yeah, you probably do.” She said and you both for into the car and headed back to the campus.

Angelica dropped you off at the lecture hall, seeing Hamilton’s car still in the parking lot.

You thanked her and headed inside, seeing Hamilton sitting alone, looking at all the colors around the room and outside.

“Hey.” You said and he looked at you and smiled a bit.

“You came back.”

“Of course I did. That’s what people do for each other.”

“You mean soulmates? Because I know you may not be happy that I’m your soulmate but I am. I mean why should you be? I’m practically married to college and after college, I’m going to be married to my job and I’m not stopping just because of you.”

“Stop talking. And just look outside. Look at me.” You told him and he stopped.

“Look at how green it is. I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams what everything would look like. It’s so much more beautiful and… I should get back to my apartment building to write this essay for poli sci.”

“No,” you told him and he looked at you surprised. “We’re going on a date. We’re buying the highest quality slushies from seven eleven and then we are heading back to my place to watch cooking shows.”

“But… I mean I already completed more than the required pages for the essay and I already concluded it… the highest quality slushies?” He smiled a bit.

“In all the land.” You confirmed.He laughed.

“Okay. Let’s do that.” He and you walked side by side to the car and he drove you both to the seven eleven where you both got slushies and then to your apartment, where you both spent the rest of the night, content. 

BTS Reaction- You getting horny for another idol (other than BTS)

I’m having this though for a while, what would be BTS reaction to you getting horny for another idol? Like your bias from another group?? - *

Namjoon / Rap Monster:

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

We all know deep down Namjoon can be a very possessive man, after all you are his girl. Him seeing you getting horny to another idol would bring out violence and his worst kinks in bed. The best of it all though, he would most likely take it as a challenge: You know baby girl, I am a bit disappointed in you” he would declare, nuzzling your neck with his breath as he starts to squeeze on your chest. “Are you?” you would ask in your sexiest voice though giggling, still not taking him seriously “I am better than him, don’t you remember the way I made you scream my name to the top of your lungs last night?……………. Or should I remind you again, love?” he says as he straddles your legs, while instantaneously, ferociously pushing you to on the bed, landing on your back. Your excitement was growing, very visibly, so much that the next day, you could not walk for a whole week; Namjoon had thrust so deep into you that you could only see stars after your orgasm. He had proved his point in the best way possible.


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“Pet, where are you?” You were hiding in the closet, naked, because Jimin had come home from the groceries and found you were masturbating to your other bias. He seemed angry, but you, sneaky you, knew exactly how to play his little game and turn this situation in your favor. You were happy because when he was serious like this h- “Y/N, come out now!” You came out in front of him, giggling with puppy eyes, vulnerable, naked while he was thinking. “I need you, Jimin” you breathe, and as you get closer to his ear, you whisper “I need your cock to fill me up”. At that exact moment, his breath hitched and he hungrily pushed up against the wall, not giving you time to catch your breath, putting his hand behind your head making sure the love of his life would not be hurt and whispered “Your wish will not be fulfilled tonight, pet, for you have defied me”. While licking your ear and then blowing on it, making you three times more sensitive, he denied your orgasm and walked away, leaving you there hot and bothered, wondering why you love this boy so much.


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