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What if Harry went really rough on YN last night and she keeps saying she's fine but the wobbles and marks say otherwise

Harry would be so fucking smug about it.

The next morning she swings her legs off the bed, rubbing at her eyes with the palms of her hands and stifling a huge yawn, thumbing over the deep purple bite marks scattered across her thighs and smoothing her fingertips over the bruises on her hips, remembering how hard he’d gripped them.

There’s a dull, satisfying throbbing in between Y/N’s legs, pulsing so deep it laps at the pit of her stomach. It’s like he’s still balls deep inside her, tucked up into her tummy with his sweaty hips spreading her fleshy thighs open, slamming her into another dimension. It paints a small, fulfilled smile across her tinted lips, making her feel all warm and bubbly inside.

“Y'look hot like that.”

Harry’s voice startles her, resulting in her body jumping in shock. She casts an annoyed glance over her shoulder, eyes narrowing at his face.

He’s spread out on his stomach, creme cotton sheets low on his hips, just barely covering the swell of his bum. His broad back rises and falls with his easy breathing, muscles shifting and flexing under his tanned, scratch-mark-covered skin. Her nails had left behind a pretty harsh story, the entire expanse of his tight back littered with red stripes that are slightly swollen, but he lives for the way the cool air makes them sting.

Harry has the left side of his face pressed against a big pillow, fluffy bedhead spread out in a wild halo across the surface, some pieces curling here and there. His lean arms are tucked under cushion, the way they’re bending causing his biceps to flex alluringly, which Y/N is sure he’s doing on purpose. The eye that is not against the pillow is cracked open lazily, mossy green iris twinkling with mischievous amusement as the light from the window hits his face just right. A single dimple is carved into his cheek, the edge of his lips curled up into a sleepy, cocky grin.

He looks so fucking good, laying there looking all pretty and tempting and borderline angelic, with his stupid, smug, handsome face and his distracting muscles and wow, Y/N can’t believe how whipped he has her without even trying.

While she, on the other hand, can feel her hair standing up against her scalp, tangled in a rat’s nest of a mess and she probably has drool dried across her jaw, if she knows her sleeping habits well.

His deep, throaty morning voice breaks her from her thoughts, the raspy croak sending a shot of lightning coursing from the bottom of her feet to the tips of her ears. “Did y'hear me, pet? Said y'look fucking hot.”

Y/N watches with watery eyes as Harry draws one of his hands from underneath the pillow, reaching over and dragging his warm fingers down the center of her back to rest at the dip of her spine. His words thrum out from his throat thick and heavy, a subtle groan under them. “So sexy fo’ me.”

She can’t help the flush that crawls across her skin, weak at the way his thumb caresses across the curve just above her ass. He turns his body to face her completely, flipping onto his back and stretching grandly, hips lifting off the mattress as his bones creak and crack into place. He settles himself back down, sheets dangerously low across his waist (low enough that she can see his happy trail expanding into his curly pubes), arms folded behind his head as he tilts it to the side, two front teeth worrying his plump bottom lip as he gives her bare body a slow once-over. “Don’t get dressed on my account. Love to wake up to such a pretty sight.”

Y/N scowls at him mockingly, tugging at the duvet to pull it over her frame. At first, Harry pouts, refusing to move off the comforter. But after a few shoves at his shoulder and pinching his ear, he reluctantly rolls off.

“You’re no fun in the mornings.” He grumbles, massaging over the irritated shell of his ear and furrowing his eyebrows in spite.

“Not all of us are born as perfect as you are,” she quips back sarcastically, wrapping the thick blanket around herself, focusing on covering the front more than anything.

It slides off her hip, exposing half her ass and the back of her bruised thighs but hanging loosely around her calves. She doesn’t pay it much mind, taking a step towards where her kitty-printed panties are hanging off the stand where their flatscreen TV is propped.

Harry’s voice chases after her tauntingly. “Careful, love. Went real rough last night. Y'might just collapse.”

“I’m fine.” She deadpans, ignoring the way her center pulses, taking a confident stride forward.

Apparently, she’s really not fine at all.

Y/N’s knees begin to quake, thighs clenching sorely as her legs seem to mold into Jello. She wobbles to the left, almost falling over the bedpost but managing to keep herself upright by pressing her hand down against a corner of the mattress. She closes her eyes in embarrassment, cheeks simmering as she hears him snickering over her shoulder.

“Oh, yeah. Totally fine. Who needs walking, anyways?”

She turns to face him, managing to keep herself from toppling over. Harry is sporting a condescending simper across his ruby lips, one arm behind his head as the other is propped up by its elbow on the stack of pillows, his index and middle finger covering his mouth so that she can only see the edges of his grin under the digits. He blinks at her slowly, eyebrows quirking up in question as his bare chest swoons her, dark tattoos causing the pit of her stomach to tingle. “Am I right?”

“You’re an ass, is what you are.” Y/N corrects, hiking the duvet further up her thighs and readjusting the arm covering her chest. “Last night wasn’t even that good– barely rough at all.”

Harry outright cackles, tilting his chin up arrogantly to watch her over the tops of his cheeks.

“No? Say that to the four hundred hickeys on your neck and all the ring marks across that perky little ass.”

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A/N: a little bit of smut set in the Friends Forever!verse. Inspired by THIS post and @saysweartogod

“Hey, babe,” he murmurs when she reappears in his dressing room after ‘going to explore the venue’ while he stayed back, desperate to get out the lyrics to a new song that have been nagging him for the last few days. She’d tried to convince him to take a break, to explore with him, and he hated saying no to her, but he also didn’t want to lose the words swimming in his head before he could at least come up with a skeleton of a song.

He’d looked so apologetic when he denied her, like a puppy who’d tried so hard to be good but just had to chew up your shoes anyway, so she’d conceded easily. She would’ve, regardless, because his work is important, but his pleading eyes and flush of his cheeks made it that much easier for her to press a kiss to his temple and murmur, “It’s okay, Mendes, I’m a big girl,” before disappearing through the door and into the abyss of the venue.

He’s scratching out lines and changing words and still not happy with the general flow of the thing, so when she comes back from her adventure, he has a hard time looking up to greet her. He’s just a little desperate though, because he wants this to be good– no, wants it to be perfect because it’s the first song he can write about her and have it be totally honest. He doesn’t have to hide anymore, knowing that his feelings for her won’t ruin them.

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To breathe the fire we was born in

Summary: Filling the prompt “Smut or rather smut with feelings where Jughead wants to have sex with Betty while they look at themselves in the mirror, but she’s feeling insecure about watching herself. He persuades her to do it, because watching her come is the hottest thing he has ever seen and he wants her to see that too.” Also turned into fluff and domestic/vacation/future!bughead. Also Dom!Jug cause that’s just how I roll.

A/N: Soundtrack to this fic is (obviously, as you will see) Springsteen’s “Born to Run” album, specifically the A side, but really you should just listen to all of it.Title’s from “Backstreets” off that same album.

Word Count: 3,026

Rating: E (aka smutty smut smut below the jump)


It’s their last night in the little log cabin in the mountains. From her seat on the porch step, Betty watches as the watercolour sunset melts away, only to be replaced by a circus troupe of lightning bugs.  She stretches out and crosses her legs, brown and bare under a loose dress, and leans back on her hands. Dried dirt falls off her toes in clouds of dust from where she’d tiptoed through the mud in search of cattail stalks and garlic mustard for their salad earlier.

The screen door behind her bangs shut and she tilts her head back to watch, upside down, as her boyfriend hands her a glass of wine and comes to sit beside her.

She shuffles closer to rest her head on his shoulder and slips her arm through his. The night air is still muggy, so the skin of his shoulder is damp where it comes out of the strap of his white tank top.

“I’m not ready to go home.”

“Me either.”

“Are you sure we have to go back?”

“I got no less than five texts from Archie yesterday about what a little monster Scout is being. I normally don’t get that many texts from him in a week.”

Betty laughs. “I got some from Veronica too. In retrospect, we probably shouldn’t have left a fifty pound sheepdog puppy with a guy who forgets to feed himself sometimes and a girl who thinks dogs should fit in purses so you can carry them on the subway.”

“Yeah well, you live and you learn. But that’s tomorrow’s problem.” Jughead turns and kisses Betty’s hair before resting his cheek on her head. “Tonight, the real world doesn’t exist. I have twelve more hours of having you all to myself.”

“Plus the two and half hours back to Riverdale and then three more home.”

“You’re sure we have to have lunch with your mother?”

“Stop it,” Betty nudges him with the elbow looped through his. “Mom’s really excited. And we haven’t been home since Polly’s wedding.”

“I know.” Jughead releases a long-suffering sigh. “I’m just not looking forward to more pointed comments about you busting your ass and your earning potential and the ‘instability of artistic careers.’ I know you’re basically supporting me and this relationship isn’t fifty fifty right now, but—”

“The book will sell, Jug.”

“Yeah. And maybe I’ll get lucky and there’ll be an email from my agent waiting for me.”

“Hey, we said no email-checking on this trip.”

“I’ll wait till we’re within the town limits. Then if there’s nothing, I’ll have at most five minutes to be disappointed before Alice Cooper commandeers all my brain cells.”

Betty smiles up at him, the corner of her lips curving down. “C’mere.”

Jughead tilts his head down toward her and she captures his lips in a kiss. Neither makes a move to deepen it, so it’s sweet, smouldering with the promise of things both past and to come. She sighs when she lets go and when she opens her eyes, Jughead’s are still closed, a dreamy smile on his face. More than ten years and, still, she feels that sweet ache in her chest whenever she looks at him. She lifts her glass and it catches the light, reflecting the facets of the new weight on her left hand.

“Now then, if this is to be our last night in Eden, I want you to dance with me.” Their cabin had come with a turntable and a collection of classic rock vinyls that had caused JB to text her a disturbingly long string of emojis when Betty sent her a photo a couple of days ago. When Jughead refilled their wine just now, he put on Springsteen’s “Born to Run” album, and so the music floats out the window on the evening breeze.

He opens his eyes and squints at her. “Only because it’s our last night.” Then he kisses her on the tip of the nose and pulls her to her feet.

After a minute or two of awkward shuffling, they find a rhythm, barefoot on the bare dirt. Her nails scratch at the nape of his neck and his thumb sweeps across the back of her hand where he holds it.

By the third track, Jughead gets into it, twirling her and dipping her with a skill that she knows he has, but that always surprises her when it emerges. He swallows her laugh in a kiss while she’s bent back, then he launches her forward, catching her against his chest and hugging her tight. Eventually, they settle into a gentle sway, her face in his neck and his arm wrapped around the small of her back, fingers brushing the space between her hip bone and her ribs.

Their mellow rocking lulls her into a trance so that she doesn’t even notice when the music stops. But Jughead breaks it with a husky whisper in her ear: “Have you thought any more about my idea?”

She rubs her cheek on his shoulder before looking up at him. “Yeah, but I’m just not sure about…um, about it.”

“Well, not to put any pressure on you, but we are running out of time.”

She murmurs, “Mhm.”

“And, you know, we’ve done much kinkier shit than this. I seem to recall a certain favourite Hitchcock blonde of mine in a leather get up in a hotel in San Francisco”

“I know, but it’s not that.”

“What is it then, baby?”

“It’s just…Mom’s not wrong when she says I’m working all the time. I can’t remember the last time I went to the gym and we’ve been eating so much take out lately. Some of my shorts are feeling a little snug.”

He pulls back and raises his eyebrows at her. “Really? That’s what you’re worried about, that your ass will look fat? I’ll have you know I stare at that ass every day and every day it just looks better and better.”

She sighs. That’s not what she means. “You may have a slightly biased opinion.”

“So? Plus,” he pauses to drop a kiss on her shoulder. “You don’t even have to see it. I want you to watch yourself, that means face front.”

It’s not exactly about her ass, but the morning after they’d arrived she had caught him looking back and forth between it, where she stood in her panties and one of his t shirts in the bathroom brushing her teeth, and the antique standing mirror in the corner of the bedroom. It’s an ostentatious thing. Ornate and clunky with carved supports and lions’ paws for feet.

She spit and came to stand in the doorway. “What are you looking at, Jug?”

He smiled at her sleepily from the bed. “You, beautiful.”

Betty rolled her eyes and jumped on the bed so she landed beside him on her stomach. “And?”

“I was just thinking of how handy this mirror here is going to be.”

“Yeah, what for?”

He turned dark eyes on her and his voice dropped an octave. “Fucking you while you watch.”

Betty felt all the blood rush to her face. “Jughead!”

“What? Doesn’t that sound hot? I can’t think of anything better. We can put on a show for all the ghosts that must haunt this place.”

“What kind of ghosts haunt vacation cabins in the Adirondacks?”

“The kind of repressed nineteenth century ones that lived here before it was a vacation cabin.”

“So you want to spook the spooks with our crazy sex life?”


She kissed him before bouncing back out of the bed. “I’ll think about it if you get up and brush your teeth. I want to go on that hike.”

He caught her around the waist and pulled her back. “But I want to stay in bed and ravish you until it’s dark again.”

“There’s one flaw in your plan. There’s no food up here.”

While he contemplated solutions to that problem, she escaped his grasp and thundered down the stairs, mind whirring with the visual he’d planted there.

He’s still slowly spinning them to the sonata of the bullfrogs and the crickets. She knows he can tell her resolve is wavering. Because she does want to. Anything he suggests in that tone and she’s a goner, molten heat lapping at her stomach.

“Come on, Betts”

“I don’t know, Juggie”

“I’ll do five things on your list.”

“You really want it?”

And she does trust him completely, trusts him to love her and to not see the extra ten pounds where they’ve settled on her hips. It’s her own gaze she’s afraid of.

Somehow, in the course of their dancing, he’s snuck a thigh between hers and he pulls her against him in just the right way. His voice is rough, scratchy.

“Think about it, Betty. You, naked in my lap riding me. Your tits bouncing—”

“My thighs jiggling.”

He pinches her hip before continuing. “The contrast of your skin again mine. Watching yourself fall apart. I love you. You coming is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I want you to know how glorious you are.”

With her back to the house, his eyes are lambent in the porch light. They hold the answers to all of her questions. And they hold the promise that’s sustained her since she was a teenager, frightened and angry but never again alone.

So, she nods against his neck and presses a kisses to his jawline. She feels the muscles move as he smiles and the burst of joy in her chest is like unlocking a door and stepping through to the sunlight. She breathes deeply, thankful in the knowledge that he’ll once again help her to conquer her fears.

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Not What She Seems {Draco Malfoy x Reader SMUT}

Warning: Contains sexual themes



It all happened so fast.

One minute he was on prefect duty and the next, he was on a bed with a girl, pounding deep in her. He felt frustrated the whole day but it all dissipated when he met a girl who did not seem to be the person he expected her to be.

Draco Malfoy marched away from the field with a defeated look on his face after losing the snitch again from Harry Potter. He had lost another Quidditch game against the Gryffindor team in front of all the students and the headmaster. His fists were clenched tight and he was muttering angrily under his breath as the opposing team cheered around. His team captain called for his name but he ignored him, walking towards the benches to rest.

Perhaps it was the blazing heat of the sun that made him see things or the immense hatred he felt at that moment but his eyes had landed on a (h/c) haired Slytherin girl who was unmistakeably smiling. He found it unusual that this particular girl did not seem to appear gravely disappointed for them.

Instead, she looked quite calm and intimidating.

He wondered why he had never seen her before in the common room, seeing as they were both in the same house. Maybe it was because Pansy would always watch him and turn his attention away from any girl his eyes would linger on too long but this time, there was no Pansy Parkinson to control him.

He tried to look for the mysterious girl again only to find her leaving the benches already. It took all the strength left in his body to stop himself from grabbing his broomstick and flying towards her. Watching her leave only made matters worse as his gray eyes were now focused on her rear end that gave it a finer shape amidst the sunny sky. He bit his lip in frustration and raked his fingers through his platinum hair.

After a few minutes, he walked back to the locker room and began to dress. His friend, Blaise Zabini, was already finished by the time he put on his pants.

“Hey, Malfoy. You alright there?”

“What do you think, Zabini? We just lost a game.”

“Woah, no need to snap at me. I’m just asking.”

“I’m fine.”

“Well, if you say so. Is it okay if I go ahead? (L/n) agreed she’d help me out with Astronomy.”

Too preoccupied with buttoning his shirt, Draco brushed off the unfamiliar name and did not bother asking who it was. He nodded at Blaise who sped off afterwards. He still had prefect duties to do tonight and whoever that person was, she wasn’t important enough for him to even care but unbeknownst to him, she was the same girl he saw that afternoon. He carried his things with him and made his way back to the Great Hall.

After the usual dinner feast, Draco led the first years to the dungeons where the common room was. Strangely enough, he did not find the (h/c) girl anywhere and had even began to doubt if she was real at all or just a figment of his imagination. Blaise had returned after a few minutes and jogged to Draco’s side.

“Sorry I wasn’t able to make it to dinner. (L/n) wanted to stay in the library.

“Well, tell her about the curfew hour or I’ll bring her to Professor Snape personally.”

“I’m sure she knows. Hopefully.”

At this point, Draco’s curiosity was peaked. He turned to Blaise and was about to ask who this (L/n) girl was but Pansy had just arrived, clinging on to his arm quickly.

“Hello, Draco,” Pansy said, smiling affectionately at him, “Will you be alright?”

“Why not?” Draco did his best not to hiss at her right away, still thinking about the girl he saw and wishing he was in her company instead.

“Well, I can’t patrol with you. Professor Snape said I should stay and keep an eye on everyone here in the common room.”

For Draco, this clearly meant he’ll be spending his time alone which was more preferable rather than snogging Pansy late at night while pretending he was enjoying it. He soon left the two of them without saying good bye and proceeded on with his task.

The halls were completely empty by the time the clock struck eleven. He found three students out of bed but to no avail, he still wasn’t able to find the girl he was looking for. He turned to a corner, deep in thought, when he heard footsteps coming from behind. The dark corridors made it difficult for him to see who it was so he pulled out his wand and muttered “Lumos”.

To his surprise, the person out of bed was none other than her. She looked surprised for a second but then her lips turned up to a smile. It was driving him crazy.

“Oops. Didn’t know someone’s patrolling tonight,” she said, as though she was unaware of the situation that could get her in trouble.

“What’re you doing out here? Trying to sneak into the restricted section?” Draco sneered, gesturing to the books she was carrying.

“And why would I want to take the risk?”

“You tell me.”

“If I wanted to go to the restricted section, I could just ask Potter. He gets away easily, you know.”

“Don’t you dare mention Potter to me,” Draco hissed, grabbing both of her arms.

For a moment, the two remained silent. Draco was glaring right at her but she did not bulge. A cold wind swept in through the open window and (y/n) spoke up.

“I guess this means you’ll be bringing me to our professor.”

“No. I don’t need to. I’ll deal with you personally.”


Draco shut the door quietly. He had brought her in the Room of Requirements which was now enchanted to look like a bedroom. He removed his robe, leaving him in his white shirt that was wrinkled in many places.

“We shouldn’t be disturbed here.”

“You know, you’re in no authority to give me a detention.”

“And you’re in no place to be walking around late at night.”

“Touché,” (y/n) grinned and stood by the fireplace. It was blazing in the dark which was the only light in the room, creating shadows that danced on the walls.

“What were you doing, anyway?”

“That’s none of your business, Mr. Malfoy.”

“It is. I’m a prefect. Your house prefect, mind you. And if you don’t tell me, I’m allowed to use any necessary actions to force the answer out of you,” he walked close to her, his chest nearly touching hers, “even if I have to make you beg all night.”

(Y/n) chuckled as she caught on to his implication. She straightened up and held her chin high, looking at him straight in the eyes.

“Try me.”

With those two words, Draco felt his heart swell up in excitement and his eyes, blinded by lust. He pulled her to his arms and held her chin, kissing her soft lips. The girl responded with great enthusiasm by wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer while his hands began to run up and down her waist. She had not expected this to happen and in her six years at Hogwarts, she had never imagined a night with Draco Malfoy. Their kiss became more heated and greedy. (Y/n) began to strip away her blouse and tie while Draco detached his lips from her, moving on to her exposed neck. He kissed every spot he could find and suckled on her flawless skin, making her moan rather loudly. She felt his cock harden against her and wasted no time to unbutton his shirt. By the time she was finished, Draco had already branded her neck with hickeys and his smile grew wider at the sight of this.

He didn’t need to tell her she was his.

She already knew.

He shrugged off his shirt and threw it aside. He ran his fingers through his platinum hair which made (y/n) bite her lip amusingly. She felt her underwear dampen at the sight and while Draco was eyeing her up and down, she reached behind and unclasped her bra. It was Draco’s turn to bite his lip.

“Surprised, are you, Mr. Malfoy?” purred (y/n).

“Nothing that impressive. Bet Parkinson can do better.” Draco teased but still kept his eyes on her body.

“If you say so.”

(Y/n) unzipped her skirt and let it fall down to the floor, leaving her in her panties and knee-high black socks. Draco pulled her close to him and continued tasting her lips hungrily. He walked backwards blindly in the dark and fell on the couch with (Y/n) on his lap, still managing to keep the heat between them. His lips ghosted on her cheeks to her jaw and down to her neck while she ran her hands through his hair.

After a while, they were both panting with foreheads rested against each other. Her (e/c) eyes gazed on his and she gave a tiny nod to his silent question. He shimmied off his pants quickly while keeping his mouth around her nipple. He bit it softly which earned him a moan from her and so he continued suckling on her breasts until they were red. He groped them like no tomorrow, eventually allowing his hand to trail down to her panties where he rubbed her wet womanhood.

“You like that, sweetheart?” He asked.

She couldn’t reply anymore. She was far too aroused to think of anything so she gave him a soft moan and rested her head on his shoulder as he continues massaging her clit.

“A-Ahh…Please…don’t tease me…”

“What was that?”

“D-Don’t tease me…”

“Sorry, love. Can’t seem to hear you.”

(Y/n) was growing frustrated so she kissed his cheek and whispered low to his ear, emphasizing each word.

“Please fuck me, Draco.”

“Love it when you talk dirty, sweetheart.” He stopped rubbing her which left a dark, moist spot on her panties. He laid her down on the couch and pulled away her underwear, finally seeing her naked figure before him and for added pleasure, she spread her legs wide for him to see.

“Bloody hell, (y/n).”

At this point, Draco couldn’t control himself anymore. His lips immediately latched on her pussy and his tongue licked her greedily; tasting every crevice, every juice, and every spot he could find. He entered her with no problem and licked away as much as he could.

Meanwhile, (y/n) was already clawing and scratching the couch from pleasure. She grabbed his hair and gently grinded herself against his hungry mouth. They were both sure they have already woken up the whole castle from their loud moans and pleasured noise.

(Y/n) began to moan louder and louder as she reaches the peak of her climax until Draco pulls away, leaving her panting breathlessly.

“What do you want me to do now?” He asked, whispering to her ear.

“I need you, Draco….Please let me have you.” (Y/n) pleaded.

He removed his boxers immediately and placed the head of his hard cock in her dripping core. He entered her slowly, pushing every thick inch inside which caused her to bite her lip in frustration. Not being able to withstand any further, she kissed him passionately, allowing him to shove his entire manhood inside of her. He groaned her name loud and began to move out and in and in and out.

“You like that, darling?” He asked while continuing to push in her.

“Mm…Yes! Oh that feels so good….” (Y/n) whimpered.

Draco kept his pace fast but not reckless. He had been waiting for this to happen ever since he saw her at the Quidditch field and to finally have her writhing in pleasure was a blissful moment not to be spent wastefully. Her moans were music to his ears and the sensation of her tight walls overfilled his senses. He kept pounding into her until he was close to coming undone. (Y/n) felt him twitch and so she turned the tables and climbed on top of him. She rode him by bouncing up and down on his cock and to top it all off, she placed her palms on his chest and rose her hips one last time before coming down hard on him. Her womanhood clamped on his spurting manhood, filling her up until bits of it started to drip from her opening.

Draco panted heavily as though he ran for miles, holding her close to his chest where she listened to his heartbeat.

“Merlin….That was probably the best I’ve ever had.” He said while twisting strands of her (h/c) hair around his finger.

“Tomorrow again?” (Y/n) smiled.


A Court of Spring and Stars pt. 11

Word Count: 2928

Bit of NSFW, not really but …


I thought she was beautiful when she was asleep, but it’s not even close to how gorgeous she is after sex. Her hair all messed up in a riot of wild, golden curls with a sated smile on her lips and dazed but darkened eyes …

“What are you doing?” I ask as her fingers trace the slope of my nose.

“What happened here?”

Her green eyes widen slightly like they always do when she’s curious so I sigh and tug her closer. “I got in a fight with another male at an Illyrian camp over a girl,” I feel her stiffen so I lean down and whisper in her ear, “Don’t worry, she was nowhere near as amazing as you.” I continue my story, “Anyways, it was a few years ago and the guy took me down pretty fast. I broke my nose; my dad said it would teach me a lesson about starting fights I couldn’t win. He set it but didn’t let a healer touch it.”

“That’s tough.”

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How My Wife was Corrupted - Part 2

Continued from Part 1

This is some of the events my wife confessed to me.

Beth said that as Mike slid his dick from her mouth she realized that some of his cum was covering her lips and chin. As she wiped it from her lips she realized that this was the first time that a man’s cum had touched her body, and it was from a man she barely knew and had just met. She said guilt for betraying me instantly began to fill her body. She said she remember thinking at least it’s over. Beth had only ever been with two me, her ex and I, both of us were done after one orgasm at least for a while. She said she was stunned when Mike lifted her to her feet and quickly removed her shirt, revealing her beautiful tits to the cool night air. Beth said I gasped and took a step back, but I never tried to hide my tits from him. I was couldn’t believe I was just standing there letting him look at me. You know how modest I was, no man had ever seen my tits like he was at that very moment. Soon he moved in and devoured my nipples, his lips and tongue worked me like an expert. I almost melted in his arms, I couldn’t even speak. She said the next thing I know he had my panties pulled aside and was fingering me. She said he commented on how wet my pussy was and I just blushed, she said I could feel my face redden from embarrassment. She looked at me and said, I don’t know what come over me but I found myself whispering, “too bad you already got off, or you could do something about it.” She shook her head a little and the said, I was really surprised when he placed my hand on his are dick and said, “don’t worry baby, I am good for more than one round.” Beth said I instantly regretted my comment, but couldn’t stop myself from slowly stroking the dick that had just filled my mouth with cum.

She said the next thing I knew Mike picked me up and threw me on the bed, before I could do or say anything she had ripped my panties off and was working my pussy and clit with his tongue. Beth said all I could bring myself to do was grab his hair, but I quickly lost all resolve to stop him. I just laid there and let him manipulate my pussy until I felt my first orgasm of the night. He quickly climbed up my body and before I had fully recovered from my orgasm, he pushed his dick completely inside me. Beth said I actually screamed, or moaned out loud. She said Mike then began kissing her passionately, more passionately than anyone had ever kissed her before. She said her resistance soon melted and she was kissing him back just as passionately. The next thing she knew Mike was fucking her hard with long strokes. She said she had never been fucked like that and she said my body was responding. She said I had two mind blowing orgasms, maybe three. Beth turned to me with a dreamy look on her face and said I am really not sure how many orgasms I had. It was almost like one continuous orgasm that I never came down from. She said I thought I had experience orgasms before, but I never had felt anything like that before. She said he fucked me for at least 45 minutes straight, I had never had anyone fuck me that long before. Then right in the middle of my last orgasm I head Mike start to grow and stiffen a little, then I felt his dick actually pulsating inside me and I knew what was happening. Beth said I knew he was cumming inside of me, I could feel it pumping and the wetness building inside me. She said I panicked but the pleasure was overwhelming. I can’t explain it but it was like pure bliss.

She said slowly my reasoning skills came back to me and I told Mike to let me up, I needed to wash his cum out. Mike said just relax baby the deed is done and it won’t do any good to was it out. Beth said I can’t believe you did that, no one, not even my fiancé has ever done that. She said Mike looked at her and smiled, then said you mean I am the first man to ever fill your pussy. She said yes, everyone else has always worn condoms. He laughed and said you mean I am the first man to feel you skin on skin. Beth said she quietly and embarrassingly said yes. He laughed and said it’s almost like I took your cherry. Mike kissed her and said I feel honored to be the first man to truly have you and I am going to fuck you all night. He said after tonight I will own your pussy. Beth looked at me and said the way he was talking about me like I was something he could own, really pissed me off, but at the same time sent chills and tingles all through my body. She said I soon became aware his dick was still inside me and I could feel it getting hard again. She said I looked into his eyes and asked are you still hard. He began to make out with me and soon, we were slowly fucking again. Beth said before we fell asleep that night he fucked me two more times and shot his cum deep inside me every time. She said I even slept next to him naked, which was another first for me. I have never slept naked before, but here I was naked and full of his cum and not a care in the world.

The next morning when Beth woke up, she said she instantly felt guilty and then quickly panicked when she realized she was covered in dried cum. She reasoned with herself saying it all had only happened because she was drunk, it was a one-time thing that will never happen again. Mike was nowhere to be found so she quickly jumped up and ran to the shower. She said she had barely gotten rinsed off when the door opened and in walked Mike. When he pulled the shower curtain open he was already naked and said hello gorgeous. You look very sexy after a full night of wild sex. Beth said, I couldn’t believe my reaction. I just stood there completely naked and let this man stare at my body. I did nothing but look back at him and when he moved to get in the shower with me, I just stepped back to allow him room. She said he softly kissed her lips and then began pushing down on her shoulders. She said her body gave no resistance and before she knew it she was kneeling for the second time in her life at a man’s feet and she knew what to do next. She quickly took him into her mouth and began trying to make love to his dick with her mouth, but after about 5 minutes Mike pulled her to her feet, turned her around, and pushed her forward at her waste. Beth said she didn’t resist him, but did begin to beg him, “Please, not like this, not from behind!!!” She said even as she said it she really didn’t feel like she meant it. Mike said why has no one fucked you from behind? She said no, I think it is degrading, it’s how dogs fuck. She said she could feel Mike rubbing his dick between her pussy lips when he asked again, so no one has ever fucked you like a bitch? Beth said no, and as she said it Mike shoved his dick all the way balls deep. Beth said she couldn’t believe how deep he felt. She said he grabbed her hips and started fucking her very hard. She said the sound of the smacking was crazy and she said she was moaning louder that she ever had before in her life. She said it was total passion and that he had an earth shattering orgasm within 5 minutes. She said her knees gave out and the next thing she knew she was on her hands and knees and Mike was pulling her head back by her hair and was fucking her again. He really was fucking her just like a dog now and deep down she said I was loving it. She said after a while he started to moan and said here it comes baby, I am breeding you just like a bitch. ARE YOU MY BITCH? Beth said it was like someone else was talking but I found myself answering, YES, as he shot his cum inside me. When he started coming down from his orgasm he released my hair and I let my head down and I looked between my legs. As he pulled his dick from my pussy I saw his cum flood from my pussy and fall to the tub. She said it didn’t freak me out, it actually turned me on and I was surprised at that feeling. She said the next thing I know Mike spun me around and said clean my dick up baby. Beth kind of looked down and then smiled. She said I didn’t even hesitate, I began licking and sucking his dick clean. He said I guess that is the first time you have tasted your pussy on a guy’s dick too, and then smiled. Beth looked of at him and answered you know it is. He said, how does it taste? To which she answered good. She said mike got out of the show and said get dressed and I will run you back to Sara’s place. Beth said as he got out of the shower she knew her life had been changed, last night she may have been able to blame it on alcohol but she was completely sober this time.

As Beth got dressed she asked Mike where her bra and panties were, he said you don’t need those baby. She said come on I really need them, I can’t leave without them. Mike said sorry your panties didn’t survive last night and I am keeping the bra. You will have to go home without. Beth said but Sara will know something happened if I show up without a bra on. Mike laughed and said don’t worry she already knows, she was hoping we would hook up last night, that’s why she invited me to the bar and then left while we were dancing. Besides she message to check on you this morning while you were asleep, and I sent her a picture of you sleeping naked in my bed. Beth said I was so embarrassed when she showed me the message for proof. I felt betrayed, but oddly turned on again.

Beth said not long after they got in the car Mike pulled his dick out of his pants and said how about a blow job for the road. Beth said I refused saying someone might see me. He said I don’t care I am proud to have a sexy lady in my lap sucking my dick while I drive. Beth said it was like an invisible force was controlling her and pushing her across the front seat. She said before I knew it I was sucking his dick. She said I raise off his dick and asked how can your dick still be hard? She said he laughed and said, I am not a one hit wonder like your old man. He then reached across the seat and started fingering her pussy and she return her mouth to his dick. Beth said she was very aware every time they came to a stop light or when a big truck would pull up beside them. She said she didn’t know if it was Mike’s expert fingers, or combination of being in public with a dick in her mouth, but she soon felt an orgasm building. And then she experience another first, she got off from being fingered and in a moving vehicle to boot. Beth said I was crazed with lush and determined to get Mike off before we made it to Sara’s house but he still hadn’t cum when we pulled into the driveway. I started to raise up, but he held me on his dick. He said don’t stop baby and make sure you swallow it all. We don’t want to get any on my seats. She said I felt him scoot the seat back giving me more room. She said I sucked his dick for about another 10 minutes then I felt his dick start to stiffen more and I knew what was about to happen. The next thing I knew his cum was hitting the back of my throat and filling my mouth. She said I swallowed every drop even made sure to suck it clean. She said I then tucked it back into his underwear, zipped and buttoned his pants. She said I even fastened his belt. I felt him stroke my head and then he said, you are amazing and you are mine now. Beth said as I raised up out of his lap, I saw Sara standing at the window holding her phone. She had recorded the entire thing. Mike had rolled the window down at the same time she had scooted the seat back and I had never noticed. Sara said looks like you two hit it off even better than I expected, with a huge smile on her face. Beth said, I was like what the hell Sara?

She jumped out of Mike’s car and ran in the house.

To be continued in part 3

anonymous asked:

Can you do a star crossed myth partheno jealous smut?!

                                           HIS POV


It was like any other night with all the gods in the mansion and joking around as usual when work is done. She is here also in the living room and for some reason I couldnt keep my eyes off of her, she was gorgeous yes but I also knew she and the other gods were drinking and now leon is getting a little to close to her. He is sitting there joking and having a long conversation and I couldnt help but to feel jealous. She should be looking at me like that not him, and before I could stop myself I walked over to her and wrapped my arm around her waist. “Sorry but I need her alone now”. With her confused I grabbed her hand and started to walk out ignoring the rest of the gods behind us who are questioning and wondering what just happened. Taking her into my bedroom, I closed the door behind us. She turns around and looks up at me.

“Partheno is everything okay?” she asks peering into my face, maybe I had to much also myself but its not like me to let alchol effect me, im a God. I step closer to her with a burning passion deep inside me, “You need to pay more attention to me and not other gods” as my body is now against hers, I see the confusion in those beauiful eyes. “Im sorry Partheno I didnt-” I stopped her from whatever she was going to say next, smacking my lips against hers. As I move away a bit to see her expression, her eyes were still closed and she was blushing and I couldnt help but chuckle. “I want you” as I whisper in her ear, I feel her shiver and I start to run my hands over the back of her finding the zipper of the dress. She was drunk I knew that, but I needed her and now I couldn’t hold back not with her looking at me now with that lustful face of hers but I needed to hear her say it, I bend down to put my mouth on hers once more as I unzip her dress, as I was pulling away from her mouth I felt her tug on my bottom lip. Does she know what she is doing to me?, “What do you want?” I ask in a low husky voice already knowing the answer because I want her to, “I want you Partheno” she was blushing, she was embarrassed and I couldn’t help but laugh at her, taking off my punishments uniform with her help, she wraps her legs around my waist and I picked her up carrying her to the bed laying her down. “I want to take care of you tonight and I’m not going to be easy” she looks at me stunned and I smirked, next time you will think about what you are doing before flirting with other gods why drinking. Taking my time to enjoy her body, I begin to nibble on her ear, kissing her jawline all the way down to her bra line. I hear her starting to breath heavier as she is enjoying this and I smirk against her skin nibbling at it right above her bra, I felt her shiver and she lifted her back up a little to let me get easier access to her breasts.
Throwing her bra on the floor I look down at her, How did I get so lucky with a woman like her, she blushes looking up at me pouting. “Please dont stare at me” she tries to cover herself up, but I grab her wrists holding them down on the sheets smirking, “You act like I havent seen you before, now show me everything” she looks at me not sure how to act, but now I cant stop. Bending over to put my body hovering over hers again, I trail kisses from her neck down and start playing with her boobs. I kiss her left nipple gently, why playing with her right one before taking her left nipple in my mouth sucking on it and nibbling at it, I hear her gasp and start tugging on her right nipple. As I pull away to look up at her, I see her lost, she is in ecasty, thats what I wanted her to look like. Trailing kisses down to her stomach nibbling at her skin here and there, I stop where her panties were and I give them a little kiss looking up to see her reaction, she was watching me biting her lower lip and I smirk taking off her thong and chucking it on the floor by her dress and bra, I lower myself between her legs, putting them on my shoulders. “What do you want?” I ask kissing her inner thigh, I wanted to mess with her for flirting with the other gods. she gasp but didnt say anything so I teased her by nibbling on the inside of her other thigh which caused a little moan from that mouth of hers. “What do you want?” I ask again in a really husky voice, she swallows hard. Lifting her head up to look at me “I want you.. please..” she blushes furiously and I smile up at her, spreading her folds apart I begin to lick them slowly and she lays her head back down on the sheets moaning softly. That wasnt enough for me though, I needed to hear more, I needed her to be screaming that way the other gods could hear and let them know who exactly she belonged to. Sucking on her clit giving her nibbles here and there I feel her legs begin to shake, but I shouldnt take it anymore. Moving away from her, she watches me get off of her feeling dissapointed, but I needed to be inside her now or Im going to lose it, forget about the laws and everything I needed her NOW. Throwing my boxers off quickly I grab her waist and drag her to the end of the bed and she spreads her legs for me. I look up at her positioning myself to be inside her, as I rub my dick on her clit I look up at her, seeing she was watching me and moaning softly Damn it the things she does to me, “You want me?” I ask in a low voice and she looks at me eye half lidded “I need you now” I was stunned to hear her honest answer but didnt think twice for finally entering her, and I enter inside her deep and she let out a loud moan. I smirk at her “Yes let me hear more” I say groaning moving faster inside her as she grabs the sheets moaning louder “Partheno the others will hear” she tries to talk between moans and a bend down kissing her hard pulling on her bottom lip “Good they will know who exactly you belong to” I say shoving deep inside her, causing her to scream my name, thats it baby keep screaming. Not caring about the other gods I begin to move faster, and she begins to shake “Par- PARTHENO” she screams cumming, I try holding her close as her body shakes from an orgasm and I knew I was cumming to, I came so fast not even being able to pull out of her, I filled her walls with my cum. Laying on top of her, still inside her we let our heartbeats mix together trying to catch our breaths.

A couple minutes later, we were laying facing each other enjoying each others company and looking into each others eyes. I wasnt even drunk anymore and I dont think she was either. “What are you thinking about?” I ask peering into her face and she bites on her bottom lip not wanting to say “Nothing”, “Just tell me” I say running my hand through her hair that was still a little damp and she sighs “were you…were you jealous that I was talking to Leon?” I know she asked innocently but I hated to admit it, so instead of admitting it I smirk climbing back on top of her, leaving my lips inches away from her mouth “So if you are still thinking about the other Gods, still naked in my bed, I guess that means you didnt learn who you belong to” she looks up at me stunned blushing, “Partheno I-I didnt mean it l-like that” she says tripping over her words and I chuckle kissing her gently and slow, after pulling away I still wanted more, maybe I was still jealous the way she was flirting with Leon not meaningly but I didnt have enough of her, I start to run my hands all over her body once more and as she begins to respond to all my moves once more, I knew it was going to be a long fulfilled night, and when its over I will let her know how much she truly means to me, but for right now I need to enjoy her, I need her and want her more then anything or anyone.

Headcanon NSFW: Negan

G = Goofy

Negan’s someone is never safe from something silly that comes out of his mouth and she’d like to gag him with her panties. But sometimes it’s turning on his someone and he uses it to his advantage.

J = Jack Off

Negan doesn’t like to give himself a hand, but there are times where his someone forgets her panties and he likes to smell on it while jerking himself off or use the panties to rub it on his hard member.

V = Volume

Negan is loud and wants that his someone (& everyone else) exactly hears what she does to him.
There are also moments where he’s so lost in pleasure that he only growl and grunt in her ear.

X = X-Ray

Negan is a grower and not a shower :p
He likes to pretend that he’s bigger than he really is.
But in the end the technique is more important than the length.

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One Shot #2 (smut)

Title: Finding Shelter

Ship: Dean x Reader

Prompt: “We’re out of gas, whats your plan?”

Description: The reader and Dean are on their way to South Dakota when they run out of gas and have to search for a nearby town. On their way to the town, it begins to rain heavily and they must seek shelter in an old abandoned barn where they make a make-shift bed out of hay and huddle for warmth, but they end up getting warm some other way…

Warning: Smut (obviously); mild arguing

Word Count: 1,921

The hum of the Impala was probably the most relaxing thing that (Y/N) had ever heard. It could send her straight to sleep after an exhausting hunt, which happened to happen today. Dean and (Y/N) had been hunting a pack of vampires that made Bloomington, Indiana their home. It didn’t take much to wipe out the group, just pure luck that there were other hunters in the area that day. The Impala’s gas tank was hovering at about a quarter when the pair checked out of their hotel rooms. “So, where to now?” She asked the eldest Winchester who had his eyes dead set on the road in front of them. “Bobby’s. Sam’s already there so we don’t have to worry about him.” (Y/N) had been traveling with the pair for about two years now, ever since she stumbled upon them in Pennsylvania. One would think that they saved her from something she couldn’t handle, but it was quite the contrary. The Winchesters were more than used to hunting werewolves one at a time but when not one, not two, but three ganged up on the brothers, (Y/N) had come just in time to save the boys, being an expert in the werewolf hunting department.

It wasn’t long after they passed Lincoln, Illinois that the beloved engine of the Impala began to sputter, forcing Dean to pull off onto the side of the road. “What’s wrong?” (Y/N) sat up in her seat, looking from Dean to the dash board of the car. The man gave her an angered and annoyed look, “She’s out of gas.” His voice was a low growl. “So why are you mad at me?” (Y/N) spat out, furrowing her brow and crossing her arms. He rolled his eyes before turning off the vehicle and opening his door. “I’m not. I’m just annoyed at myself for not getting gas at the dozens of gas stations we passed up.” He got out and walked around to the back of the Impala and grabbed a gas can out of the trunk. “C’mon. We got to walk.”

“Walk? To a fucking town that’s probably fifteen miles away?! It’s midnight, Dean.” (Y/N) protested, getting out of the car to get a good look at the man. “We’re out of gas, (Y/N), what’s your plan?” He threw his arms out to the sides of him. With nothing else to object to him, she remained quiet. “Don’t worry, kid, I’ll keep you safe from the coyotes and creepy white vans.” Dean chuckled as he locked up the Impala as a precaution just in case they can’t get back in time. The two began walking towards the direction that they last saw a gas station, which was about twenty minutes ago. Exhaustion was beginning to build up in (Y/N)’s body. It was known by both the boys that when she got to this level of tiredness, she began to get an attitude with them that could only be cured with sleep. It annoyed them immensely but they still dealt with it.

“You know what, Dean?” She pursed her lips. “What?” He could tell what was about to come next. “You’re so fucking stupid for not stopping to get gas. You knew we needed gas. You even said it like five times. We wouldn’t be stuck in this situation if it wasn’t for you.” Arguing was the only thing she knew how to do when it came to cases with extreme stress. “Sorry I’m not as perfect as you, (Y/N). Maybe I should just let you drive from now on. Oh wait, you might wreck the damn thing like you wrecked your car last year.” He stopped in his tracks to face the shorter girl. “You take that back. That crash wasn’t my fault and you know that.” She pointed at the man, connecting her finger with his chest. “And you know it’s not my fault that we’re out of gas.” His voice came out low and horse, chilling (Y/N) to the bone. Even though he wasn’t a naturally mean person, he really did know how to scare (Y/N).

“But it is and you know it!” She stormed off in front of him. They were silent for another ten minutes before the sky was suddenly lit up by lightning. “Oh, isn’t that fucking great.” She spun around to face Dean who was also angry to hear the news of an approaching storm. “We need to find shelter or else we’re going to get struck.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes, “You know, statically, there’s only a one in three thousand chance of getting struck by lightning. You have a better chance of randomly dying, Dean, than getting struck by lightning.” She chuckled, rushing her steps, hoping to find a house or some kind of shelter as soon as possible. It started pouring hard before they finally found an old abandoned barn. “Looks creepy, let’s go.” Dean grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and they both made a run for it, kicking open the side door when they found it was locked. Once they were inside, they suddenly found themselves colder than they were outside in the rain.

“Shit.” (Y/N) shivered, rubbing her own shoulders for warmth. Taking out his flashlight, Dean searched the barn in case anything was just waiting to jump out and ambush the two when they weren’t expecting it. To his luck, there was nothing but dirt floors on the ground floor and hay bales in the loft. “Come on,” Dean ushered (Y/N) up the ladder to the loft to where he made their own small bed in the hay. “We’re sleeping together?” She questioned, a smirk crawling across Dean’s lips at her words. “Well, we can if you’d like.” He winked at her, (Y/N) rolling her eyes. This wasn’t the first time that Dean had hit on her and it most likely won’t be the last. They sat together on the semi soft make-shift bed, curled up against each other for warmth.

After five minutes of holding each other, Dean finally spoke up. “This isn’t working. Our clothes are soaked and its drawing all of our heat away from us.” A cloud of his breath emerged every time he spoke, revealing how cold it really was in the barn. “You’re saying that we strip down and cuddle. Is this church camp, Dean?” (Y/N) smirked before parting from her partner to remove her shirt. “As much as you want me to, I’m not taking off my bra or panties.” She laughed as she unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off with her boots. Dean copied her actions, keeping his boxers on. ‘Thank god it’s dark in here. I don’t want her to see what she’s doing to me…’ He thought to himself when they finally rejoined each other. (Y/N) was shivering, goosebumps trialing along her skin as Dean rubbed her arms to help her warm up.

Her teeth chattered as they laid down on the hay, (Y/N) curling up against his body finding that his warmest part was… quite hard for it being cold in this barn. With a smirk on her face, she wiggled her butt, attempting to ‘get more comfortable’. Dean jumped at the touch of her bottom to his groin, the movement making it ache even more. “Oh, sorry about that.” (Y/N) whispered, getting closer to him for warmth, only making it touch her entire buttocks. “I know what you’re trying to do.” Dean growled into her ear, wanting to kiss her neck badly. “And what would that be?” She asked, the smirk growing bigger on her lips. “Are you trying to make me harder?” His lips got closer to her ear, sending more chills down her spine that what the cold was already doing to her.

She moaned loudly as his lips met with her neck, starting out as sweet, little kisses but immediately turning into something else when he scooped up a little bit of skin and began sucking softly. His hand made its way from her arm to her stomach, hovering just above where the lace of her panties started. “You’re the one who suggested stripping, Dean.” His fingers dug under the ribbon of her underwear, finding her warmth and teasing the folds, making (Y/N) groan louder than before. A laugh escaped his lips as he let go of her neck, turning her head for their lips to meet. His tongue ran against her bottom lip, asking for access. (Y/N) smiled at the offer and parted her lips for their tongues to meet. His index finger finally parted her folds, rubbing her clit generously, making her groan quietly. (Y/N) grinded her butt against his groin slowly at first, but when Dean bucked his hips into her hard, she picked up the pace.

It was when he added another finger to his actions that (Y/N) couldn’t take it anymore with this foreplay. She needed Dean inside her. Turning over, she pushed Dean onto his back and straddled him, pulling off her panties in the process and pulling his boxers down to allow his throbbing cock to slap against his lower stomach. “I didn’t expect you to be this big.” (Y/N) said, her eyes widening at his length. “Yeah, I get that a lot, surprisingly.” He smirked before bringing his head up to meet hers, their lips meeting again, planting quick kisses on each other as (Y/N)’s hand rubbed his dick, getting ready to position herself on top of it. They parted so Dean could spit on his hand, rubbing it on (Y/N)’s warmth, making her moan when it grazed her clit. She sunk onto him slowly, adjusting to his size before grinding her hips slowly. Dean bit his bottom lip in pleasure, closing his eyes as (Y/N) moved on top of him. “You’re so tight.” He groaned, placing his hands on her hips, helping her move the way that would feel best for the both of them. It wasn’t long when Dean felt as if he was almost ready to cum. “Wait, stop.” He grunted as (Y/N) slid off of his length and on to her butt between his legs.

“Lay down.”  He commanded and she followed his orders immediately. Getting onto his front, he positioned his mouth with her warmth, licking up his doing from her opening to her clit. He began to trace circles around her bundle of nerves, causing her to moan in pleasure, something he’s been dreaming to hear for a long time now. (Y/N) finally felt like she was close after a few minutes of Dean’s repeating actions, the feeling building up inside her and creating a pit in her stomach. Her walls began to tighten as she came, release finally making its way out of her. He helped her ride it out, aligning himself with her entrance once she was done. With him on top this time, he controlled the pace to his liking, going harder than she had originally and making her moan, loudly, which soon turned into the dirtiest talk he had ever heard come out of her mouth.

“Fuck!” He spat out as he felt himself get close, pulling out quickly and rubbing himself on to her stomach. Thick, white, liquid spilled onto her lower torso, Dean groaning with each stroke. It wasn’t long until he collapsed to the side of her, sweat beading off of both of their foreheads. All they could do was look at each other and laugh. “Well, that’s one way to warm up.” (Y/N) finally let out through pants.

Laundry Day

Prompt: Toys

Rating: M (NSFW)

She should have known he’d catch her red-handed.

Postponing laundry day was a mistake. 

It was a huge mistake. 

The worst mistake she has made by far. 

There was no reason outside of pure, unfiltered laziness. Well, and busy with the steady influx of job requests that kept the whole guild busy. Still, she had made a terrible mistake.

Her lax attentions have left her with one too-tight shirt, shorts that she had sworn she got rid of because of their scandalousness, and a bra that was classified as seductive lingerie. All of these she handled. It was the panties that posed the biggest problem.

The only pair of panties left for her while she waited for the wash were black and lacy, not really out of the ordinary for her. The problem was in the design of them…and the battery operated pad that was stitched in along her cleft and down between her folds.

Alas, her negligence had left her with a single pair of vibrating panties until the washer and dryer completed cycles.

She was walking on glass, trying to ignore the fact that she was indeed secretly wearing a sex toy around the entire guild.

It wasn’t like she could do her own laundry at her apartment. The landlady had claimed the machines first and with mountains of clothes; Lucy had no time to wait. There was only this day before the team left for a job tomorrow morning. She’d have to wash, dry, fold, and put away all before the train pulled out of the station.

The only other option was to brave the embarrassment and wash an emergency load at the guild. At least she could try and save face by acting normal. The key was to pretend she wasn’t doing something scandalous.

“Hey Elfman! Have the new jobs been posted?” she asked as casually as she could, approaching the muscled man that was towering over the cork board.

The man glanced at her with a grin, flashing a sheet of parchment that he had just ripped from the board. “It has! Are you man enough for another round of work?” he bellowed, letting her scan the request for a team to run off a flock of bats that were terrorizing a town.

She grinned back, “Aye sir!”

He nodded in satisfaction before turning away, pumping his fists as he went. “Alright! Let’s do this Fairy Tail!” he cried out, the guild echoing cheers in unison.

Laughing, Lucy returned the cheer, feeling that she gained some form of normality. That was, until a light buzz of the vibrator to her cleft stole the breath from her lungs, crippling her legs with pleasure. She crumpled down with a heavy gasp, fingers gripping her thighs harshly.

‘Whoa! Are you okay, Lucy?!” Gray yelped, leaping to her side from the table he sat at, hands hovering carefully over her shoulders. Even Jet and Droy pressed forward in concern, them being the second closest to her.

Aside from the suffocating horror that her panties were probably malfunctioning, Lucy desperately grasped for any lie to escape the truth. “I-I’m f-fine!” Her hands struggled to even move from her legs and accept the help the men were offering. “I t-think I tripped!”

She staggered up, smiling at the concerned looks, “Seriously, it was an accident! I’m fine!”

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Baby - Part 4

Summary: After saving Baby, Dean made sure to let her know how he feels about her.

Words: 1494

Pairing: Dean x Human!Impala(!Reader)

Originally posted by poorbeautifuldean

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, virgin!Baby

A/N: So the next part will most likely be the last part, as I said this is only a short series, but I hope you won’t be too sad about that. :)

Baby - Masterpost

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“Your pants and underwear as well, Compañera,” the rebel leader insisted.

Rosanna’s hands trembled as she unbuckled her heavy belt. More and more of the men were gathering around, she could see them leering at her naked tits, exchanging knowing glances with one another. She paused, fearful, clutching her slackened pants just below where her white cotton panties hugged the sensuous curve of her hips.

“Why do you hesitate?” asked the Commandante. “You said you wished to aid the cause. This is your contribution. These soldiers have sacrificed much for our country, and their morale is low.”

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"Please stay" - KakaSaku 🙏

Thank you for the prompt! I’m sorry it’s late! But I hope you like it! :)


Also on ao3 and Fanfiction

Sakura sat up from the bed and turned her feet hitting the cold floor as she looked around the room trying to remember where her panties had been thrown off. She spotted them near the doorway, the red lace looking incredibly innocent against the dark wood. But remembering how they had gotten there, they were anything but innocent.

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Daddy's Fantasy

Alright. There’s going to be a day where I open up to my princess and tell her how much I’m in love with her. After awhile I’ll go silent for a little bit. Then I’ll grab the back of her neck out of the blue, pulling her in for a nice kiss on her soft, pretty lips, then I’ll kiss the side of her neck, nibbling on her flesh, as my hands are brushing against her body softly all over. Eventually one hand will stop at her titties, my hand will firmly grab them, squeezing them. I’ll continue and use my other hand to start playing with her nipples, pinching them, slapping her titties, making her jolt.

After that I’ll stop to take my shirt off, then we’ll get princess out of her clothes shortly after, leaving her in her panties. I’ll look at her in the eyes and say “you’re beautiful. I love you.” Then start to passionately kiss her again, continuing as soon as her skin is bare and easier for daddy to touch.

As I’m touching her body, I’ll kiss her again, from her lips, to her chin, her titties, to her tummy, her hips, then finally reaching where her panties are. I’ll pull them off slowly while looking at her, smirking, I’ll then stand back up and rub my hand on her clit slowly, before going in for another, kiss on her lips.

I’ll then pick her up, carrying her, walking her to the mattress, slowly laying her down, continuing to kiss her soft beautiful lips, then suddenly stopping. I’ll tilt her head to one side to expose her bare skin, then I’ll start kissing her neck once more, then breathing on her bare skin, brushing my lip down her body until reaching her clit again. Giving it a kiss before I start playing with it with my tongue.

I’ll start licking between her pussy lips, feeling how wet she is with my tongue. I’ll let one of my hands brush up the side of her body before slowly caressing her titties, squeezing it softly, yet roughly. As my tongue is rubbing up and down between her lips, I’ll stop, then move to her clit, using my free hand to move the hood, exposing the clit, before I move in to teethe it, lick it, as I feel her squirm around, trying to not make a noise. While I’ve got a hold on her clit. I’ll move my hand down to her thigh and grab hold of her ass, moving it along the thigh before reaching her pussy. I’ll rub her pussy with my fingers, before slipping them in slowly, still playing with her clit as I feel her body squirming with my other hand still on her breast.

I’ll stop squeezing her breast so I can run my hand up and down her body, feeling the softness of her skin on my fingers, the light hairs standing up as she gets goosebumps, feeling her body squirm as my tongue rubs against her clit, as my fingers slowly move back and forth in her pussy, making her move and squirm even more. Hearing her, my princess, let out soft quiet moans.

I’ll stop and and remove my pants, taking my underwear off too. Stroking my cock slowly, before going down on her once more. I’ll stop touching my cock so I can wrap my arms around her thighs to bring her closer towards my face, my tongue rubbing against her clit, rubbing between them pussy lips, my tongue going in and out of it, making her moan.

I’ll stop, then stand up, pulling her up too, giving her yet another kiss before laying down, telling her in a nice soft voice “hey, princess. Sit on daddy’s face and lean forward, put my dick in your pretty, princess mouth” smirking, laughing softly. She’ll sit on my face, and I’ll grab her thighs, lowering her down, licking around the clit, teething on the clit. She lowers down towards my cock with her open mouth, and she starts sucking, moving her head back and forth, making me let out soft muffled moans as she tries taking my cock deeper, and deeper before starting to gag.

As we finish that up, ill get her to stand and get on all fours, and when she does, I’ll get behind her, spread her ass cheeks and start to eat her booty, my tongue rubbing around her asshole, eventually my tongue reaching her hole, licking it, before starting to tongue fuck her anus. My hand rubbing her clit, hearing her let out soft moans of pleasure. I’ll move my face away her ass, then I’ll rub my thumb against her asshole while still rubbing her clit, feeling her squirm, watching her move around, hearing her let out noises “oh, daddy” “yes” “more, please”, my thumb then slips into her ass and I’ll start to move my thumb slowly in her ass, before pulling it out and sticking two fingers in, moving my fingers faster, and rougher, listening to her make even more noise as she gets pleasure from both holes, her ass and her pussy.

I’ll stop and tell her to turn and lay on her back, telling her to hold me close while I’m leaning on top of her, smiling and looking her in the eyes, saying the three words “I love you.” Before spitting on my hand, rubbing my cock, and slowly putting it in. Feeling her grip tighter around my body, hearing her gasp and call out “daddy” as I thrust into her, her nails digging into my back, making me moan softly, as I begin to move faster, and faster, thrusting harder and harder, squeezing the sides of her body, feeling her up and down, breathing on her neck, kissing it, biting down on it hard then giving her another kiss.

Placing my arms behind her I’ll slowly lift her up, so that I can make love to her standing up, making her hop up and down, moaning for me, holding me more tightly, biting down on my neck. I’ll put her down and lean her against your desk, spit on my fingers and rub them against her asshole once more, making sure it’s nice and wet. I’ll stick the fingers in again fingering her ass while I whisper into her ear “do you want it here baby?” She’ll nod saying in a soft innocent voice, “yes please daddy.” I’ll smile, move my fingers, then slowly slip my cock into her ass, thrusting hard, pulling her hair, getting rougher, I’ll tell her to rub her pussy while I fuck her.

She’ll start twitching, and ask me “daddy can I cum?” I’ll whisper softly to her “of course baby, cum for daddy. Daddy’s gonna cum in your ass.” She’ll nod, and we get close to climax. She’s ready to cum, and she says to me in a staggered voice “I-I’m gonna c-cum d-daddy!” I’ll tell her “yes baby, cum for daddy. Good girl.” She comes for me and she starts twitching again, then I finally tell her “daddy’s gonna cum” with which she’ll responds with “yes daddy, cum in my ass, cum daddy, cum for me, please.” I’ll let out a moan and cum in her ass. I pull out and smile.

When we’re both done, I’ll turn her around, kiss her, and hug her. Telling her how much i appreciate her. How much I love her. Telling her she’s been a good girl. Before taking her back onto the mattress to cuddle, talk, then finally falling asleep.


they go round and round in everchanging circles - for nalu week 2016

prompt: secrets

Natsu is weird.

Lucy knows this all too well, destroyed buildings and no idea what privacy is and impossible faith far away from anything normal defining the person she loves most. She sometimes wonders why he’s the one calling her a weirdo and only ever arrives to the conclusion that he’s not used to normal, not after a childhood in a guild whose members are a case of crazies on their own.

(and if that train of thought leads her to think about how they might possibly be each other’s weirdo, then that is so not the point)


He’s been acting stranger than usual.

She should know, by now she’s very much familiar with his kind of normal and this – no matter how you look at it – isn’t it. (except that it is, in a very roundabout way)

“Natsu. Is there something you’re not telling me?”

He turns to her with an unreadable expression (which looks both dumb and incredibly adorable to her. she wonders if that’s the sort of face he makes when he’s caught with a hand in the cookie jar).


She skeptically, begrudgingly lets it go. Don’t ask her why. She’s obviously crazy. (though being able to find an expression both dumb and adorable should have clued you in on that)

“Ne, Natsu, isn’t it sort of cute that she actually believed that?”

“Right? She’s so gullible, isn’t she, Happy?”

She looks at the two of them like they’ve grown a third eye and some extra limbs, tired and not even wanting to know what any of this is about anymore, but thinking that this, this right here, is what normal looks like.

“You do know that I can hear you, right?”


Lucy knows something’s been up, but when she wakes up one morning and he’s not there, it’s just a tad suspicious.

It’s not like he absolutely has to wait for her to wake up or something, but it’s what he usually does when he wakes up first, partly because he doesn’t want to leave her bed and partly because – apparently – she looks weird when she sleeps. (she really has to wonder if that’s an insult or if it’s just his version of cute)

She goes to the guild a little bit later, orders a big hot chocolate from Mira and sulks (no, it’s not at all childish. not in the slightest). Natsu isn’t there. She wonders what he’s doing and really, really hopes it doesn’t involve property damage. Someone taps her on the shoulder. She turns around and it’s Juvia, giving her a conspiratorial wink and leaning down to whisper in her ear.

“It’s a surprise for you. At least that’s what he said. So you should cheer up, alright?”

Then she skips away to Gray, looking satisfied with herself, almost like she’s done her good deed for the day. And maybe – maybe she has. Because Lucy feels her chest get lighter with the disappearance of insecurities and so he wasn’t avoiding her (which is a stupid fear anyway, considering that it’s Natsu and that’s not something he would do) and it’s almost laughable how giddy she feels that night when he comes home, sneaking in almost as if he doesn’t want to get caught.

The look on his face when she pulls him face first into bed with her is absolutely hilarious.


Lucy’s curiosity about this supposed surprise is finally sated one sunny afternoon when Natsu throws her over his shoulder like a wet sack of potatoes and proceeds to carry her to hell knows where.

She’s really hoping her panties are covered. Even if that does mean that Natsu’s hand is very firmly set on her backside. (and to be honest, it’s not all that bad)

“You gotta close your eyes, Lucy!”

And it seems they’re getting close, so she does as he asks, smiling all the while through it. There is a little more jostling around before Natsu comes to a halt and slowly lowers her to the ground. She opens her eyes – and it’s the most beautiful sight she has ever seen, a clearing with lush green trees and a picnic blanket and basket right in the middle of it.

(and if this is what he gets up to when he wants to surprise her, then she is certainly the luckiest girl in the world – she definitely feels like it)

The rest of the day is a mess of food and limbs and laughter and rolling around in the grass, half tickle fights and half hot-blooded making out that leaves little green spots on Lucy’s dress and red marks on her neck.

When it’s evening, they lie on the blanket facing the stars, spent and satisfied and smiling. Lucy points out the constellations to Natsu, giggles when he swings a fist at the lion in the Leo’s stars for always hitting on his girl, takes his hand when she tells him about Draco.

It’s almost like a sign, a dragon in the galaxies, keeping watch over them. And Lucy takes it as one.

“Hey, Natsu – do you want to get married?”

She’s not even sure what she’s doing, because certainly she is much too young for this, too inexperienced, too unknowledgeable to attempt anything close to a lifelong union. But Natsu, Natsu is throwing his head back in loud, boisterous laughter, all of his teeth showing.

“I wanted to be the one to ask that, you know.”

– and everything makes sense.

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MLFK lingerie smut headcanon

It will be your 6 months anniversary with your guy soon but you not sure what to get him. Thus, you decide to ask him directly.

“I want you to wear sexy lingerie and wait for me in bed.” Your guy teased and his comment makes you blush badly.

You finally bought the lingerie but not sure if you really want to put it on that day. It is basically a see through lingerie that has a ribbon which holds the front and come with G-string panties. You have been thinking so hard that you hardly had any good sleep for the next few days. Finally you decide to oblige to his request and put on the lingerie waiting for him at home. However, you are so tired and you end up falling asleep before your guy is back.

Your guy bought you a necklace too and happily walks into the room. However, he totally lost his cool when he found you sleeping on the bed in lingerie. He never expects that from you and slowly walks over to you.

From their POV
I saw her front lingerie is exposing partial of her breasts and can basically see her nipples clearly through the lingerie. My hands hesitated but eventually move forward and start tracing her breasts while locking my eyes at her nipples. I can feel my trousers below tighten and I start undress myself before untie the ribbon that holding her front. Her breasts are immediately expose to me and I lean in to start kissing and licking her nipples. She twists her body a little but still sleeping. I start sucking her nipples which finally causing her awake.

“Mmm…Ayato…” She moaned.

“It is your fault. Take responsibility.” I blushed and kiss her passionately while putting my hands on straps of your panties to pull it down, before tracing it upward with my finger to her sensitive spots.

Seeing her almost fully expose herself to me, my eyes keep glaring from her legs to her chest area and stare back down again. Unable to control myself, I glided my fingers all over her body and eventually untie the ribbon that is holding her front. She twists her body little and her breasts totally expose to me. Not able to control my urge anymore, I undress myself and slowly pull down her panties. I glided my fingers all over her body again and finally woke her up at the sensation.

“Why are you naked? Wait, why I am naked too?” She asked panicking.

“You let your guard down easily. I guess I need to punish you.” I smirk and kiss her fiercely, slipping my tongue inside her. I hover on top of her and slow spread her legs apart, ensuring that she can’t get away from me.

My eyes can’t tear away from collarbone as I get closer to her. I can’t help but run my hand around it and I can hear her mutter my name in my sleep. That voice seems to take my soul away and I unconsciously untie the ribbon that is holding her front. I peer away her lingerie, exposing her naked body in front of me. I can feel my mind is going crazy and I start undressing myself. I kiss and suck her collarbone passionately, causing her awake.

“Mmm…Mako…” She gasped.

“Sorry to wake you up but I need you badly.” I replied in ragged voice.

I move my kiss to her breasts while my hands stroke her thigh seductively and gently moving to her hip where I grab her panties and pull it down slowly. I then spread her legs wide apart and press my whole body against her, with my member at her entrance.

I can feel my whole body burning up when I stare at her almost naked form, especially her breasts. If she is tempting me, she got me. There is no way I can control myself anymore. I undress myself and pull her panties down gently, before climbing on top of her. I untie the ribbon that is holding her front and her breasts expose to me. I grope her left breast with my hand and change it shape to my delight, feeling my member harden below. I lean in to kiss her right breast and I can sense that she is finally awake.

“Taka, you are too rough.” She moaned.

“I don’t think I can be gentle tonight. Bear with it.” I gasped.

I start marking her body with my marks, causing her to moan in pleasure. I slipped my legs in between hers and position my member at her entrance, ready to ravish her tonight. No way am I letting her sleep tonight.

She really surprises me and seeing her naked butt in front of me, all I can think of is to make love with her. Well, I am a man after all. No way can I control myself when I see a woman dress like that in front of me. I undress myself and slowly pull down her panties, before spreading her legs apart. She twists her body a little but still sounds asleep. I kiss her clitoris gently and her scent drives me crazier. I start licking and sucking her pussy hard, slipping my tongue inside her.

“Not there, Riku.” She gasped, finally awake.

“Too late. I can’t stop.” I smirked.

I continue sucking her pussy as if I am sucking all her love juice out. I then move my lips to her lips while my hand untie the ribbon that is holding her front with my member ready to push in anytime.

She really grown up a lot and capture my heart totally. I can feel my whole body burning hot as I keep staring at partial expose breasts, butt and her beautiful legs. I undress myself and start running my fingers from her calves to her inner thighs, causing her to twist her body. I chuckled at her expression and untie the ribbon that is holding her front. I then pull her panties down by lifting up her legs slightly and that is when I heard her soft voice.

“Hiro, what are you doing?” She quivers, as she asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? You seduce me and it is successful.” I smirked.

I start kissing her toes to tease her, slowly kissing my way down to her calf, her inner thighs, before blowing air into her pussy. She tries to get away from me but I hover on top of her and wrap her legs around my waist, with my member slowly pushing it inside her.

You'll Be The Death Of Me (Ashton Irwin Daddy Kink Imagine)

A/N: Okay I’m so so so so sorry it took me so long to finish this. Like I can’t apologize enough. I hope you guys like it :)


His eyes never left her the entire time she was on the dance floor. Ashton watched as his girlfriend danced with his best friend, the anger and jealousy that bubbled inside him was red hot. He knew it was his own fault, she had asked him to dance first but he had declined saying he’d rather just sit and drink his beer for the time being. So she turned to Michael and he had gladly obliged.  

He let his gaze travel down her body. The tight black dress she had chosen was not leaving much to the imagination and Ashton was kicking himself for allowing her to wear it outside of her apartment when he picked her up. All the stares she was receiving were doing nothing but adding fuel to his fire. Taking one last sip of his beer, he stood from the booth and strode over to Y/N. He placed his hand on her hip and pulled her into his chest before slowly starting to grind on her. She pulled away though and turned to face him while she pressed her back firmly into Michael’s chest.

“You said you didn’t want to dance,” she said as she wound her arms up and around Michael’s neck. She rolled her hips against him and pressed her body tighter to his.

Ashton saw Michael’s jaw tighten and his posture stiffen and knew exactly what was happening; his girlfriend was giving him a boner. That was what did it all in. Ashton grabbed Y/N’s arm and roughly pulled her away from his friend. He leant down so that she would be able to hear him over the pounding music, “We’re leaving. Now,” he growled before pulling her off the dance floor and through the mass of sweaty bodies.

They swiftly walked through the parking lot and upon arriving at Ashton’s car, he roughly yanked the passenger door open and ushered Y/N inside. The drive back to his place was completely silent save for the radio softly droning on. Ashton was gripping at the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles began to turn white and when Y/N noticed, she had to bite her lip to suppress the excited grin that was growing on her face.

Once in the parking lot of the apartment complex, Ashton quickly pulled into a parking space and jumped from the car. Just as Y/N had unbuckled her seat belt and went to reach for the door handle, the door was ripped open. Ashton reached in and picked her up out of her seat with ease. He set her down on her feet before slamming her back against the now closed car door. He leaned in slowly then all at once and smashed his lips to hers.

With one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her lower back, he pulled her impossibly closer to him. He easily pried her lips apart so that his tongue could slide into her mouth. Y/N moaned into the kiss and threaded her fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck. As he pulled away, he took her bottom lip between his teeth and let it snap back. Taking one last ravenous look down at her, he roughly grasped her hand and tugged her up the steps to the entrance of the complex. The pair quickly rushed into the elevator and Ashton roughly pressed their floor number.

The elevator ride up ten stories had never seemed to take so long before. Neither of them said a word the entire ride up. When the doors finally released them from their tension filled prison, they all but sprinted towards the door of his penthouse apartment. Ashton fumbled with the keys for a bit before he was finally able to get the door unlocked.

The second the door slammed shut, Ashton had her pressed up against it. Both of them were breathing heavily from the fervent kisses he was placing on her lips and exposed neck. His hands gripped harshly at her hips, pulling the black fabric of her dress up ever so slightly. Ashton ground his hardening jean clad crotch against her causing her to let out a throaty moan and her head to lull to the side.

He leant his head down and began to work at her neck, leave hot wet kisses trailing up to Y/N’s ear. Ashton kissed the shell of her ear before pulling her earlobe into his mouth and nibbling on it slightly. “Did you honestly think you’d be able to get away with that shit you pulled back there?” he growled after resealing her earlobe.

The only reply he received was yet another moan from his girlfriend. He quickly stepped back from her and spun her around so that she was facing the door. Ashton jerked her dress up over her ass before quickly drawing his hand back and bringing it down firmly onto her backside. She let out a small noise, a mixture of a whimper and a moan, at the contact of his hand on her ass.

He began to rub soothing circles on the reddening spot as he leaned in closer to her, “Now I asked you a question; did you really think I’d let you get away with that shit Y/N?”

“N-no,” she stuttered out, shaking her head. The truth was she hoped to earn this type of reaction out of him; she absolutely adored it when he was rough with her. While they were at the new up-scale nightclub the idea of making him this angry and what he would do to her as punishment had her practically dripping with excitement.

“No what Y/N?” he said, the annoyance clear in his voice.

“No, sir,” she breathed out, her voice still shaking ever so slightly.

“That’s what I thought you said,” Ashton said smoothly.

Ashton’s hands slid from her ass, around her waist and into her panties where his fingers slowly began to rub up and down her folds. With his thumb, he pressed hard on her clit while middle finger teasingly circled her entrance.

She threw her head back on his shoulder and whimpered, “Ashton, please.”

Letting out an almost sinister chuckle, Ashton leaned down to her ear, “I’m not ‘Ashton’ tonight baby. Tonight, I’m ‘Daddy’.”

As soon as the words left his lips, he rammed two fingers inside her causing her to cry out. For what felt like hours, he didn’t move his skilled hands at all. Then ever so slowly, he began to pump his fingers in and out of her, curling them in just the right way to make her scream each time.

“Please, faster,” she begged.

“Y/N, please what?” he breathed out against her neck, his movements now halting altogether.

“Please daddy,” she breathed out raggedly.

Smirking against the damp skin of her neck, he obliged her request and began pumping his fingers at a furious speed. Y/N was writhing in his arms as she neared the brink of her orgasm.

“D-Daddy, I’m going to cum,” she panted.

“The fuck you are,” Ashton growled before abruptly pulling his fingers out of her.

He quickly spun her around before stepping back from her so that he could unbuckle his belt and then jeans. “On your knees,” he commanded as he shoved his jeans and boxers down to his ankles.

Y/N quickly sank to her knees before him as Ashton gave his half hard member a few quick jerks.

“Here, let me,” she said, looking up through her eyelashes.

Ashton smirked down at Y/N before running his hand through her hair and saying, “It’s all yours baby girl.”

She wrapped her small, nimble hands around his shaft and began to slowly pump him; his cock sufficiently hardening under her grip. Y/N leant forward and licked the throbbing blue vein that ran the length of his cock before placing a tender kiss on the tip. A deep moan slipped from the back of Ashton’s throat as she finally inserted his length into her mouth. She hollowed out her cheeks so that she could fit even more of him and pumping the bit she couldn’t take.

Ashton ran his hands through her hair, pulling it back to make a make-shift ponytail for her. Looking up through her lashes, Y/N began to bob her head, slowly at first but then quickly building up her speed. The grip Ashton had on her hair got tighter as he started to rock his hips forward, his tip brushing the back of her throat. At the feeling of her deep-throating him, Ashton decided to take control. He quickly began snapping his hips forward, fully fucking her mouth now. Y/N’s eyes began to water and her hands flew to his thighs, her nails digging into Ashton’s flesh.  His cheeks flushed and his breathing labored, he looked down at her and panted, “I’m about to blow. Are you gonna be a good girl for daddy and swallow?”

Y/N nodded her head just as Ashton started to cum. With one hand on the door to brace himself and the other still fisted in his girlfriend’s hair, Ashton shot his load down her throat. She had to swallow a few time to get it all down, but she managed to swallow all of her boyfriend’s cum. Taking a deep breath Ashton slowly pulled himself from her mouth, leaving a tiny smudge of cum on the side of her mouth. He took her chin with his forefinger and tilted it up to look at him before slowly swiping away the residue from her face with his thumb. Taking hold of his hand and holding his thumb up to her mouth, Y/N slowly wrapped her tongue around it and licked it clean. Ashton bit his lower lip as he watched her, her actions turning him on all over again.

“Stand up,” he whispered gruffly.

Y/N did as she was told and rose to her feet. She didn’t even bother to fix the skirt of her dress that was still rolled up above her hips. Ashton looked her over and bit his lip. As pissed as he was just a few moments earlier, there was no denying that he loved her. Just one look at her made him weak in the knees. Y/N had him totally wrapped around her finger, but tonight, she was in for it. She had given one of his best friends a hard-on, on purpose, right in front of Ashton. That wasn’t going without punishment.

Cupping her cheek in his large hand, he tilted her face up and pressed a much gentler kiss to her lips. His hand slid from her cheek to the back of her neck as he pressed her even closer to him. With his unoccupied hand, he brought it up to squeeze her thigh. Pulling his lips away from hers, he told her to jump up.  She gracefully wrapped her legs around Ashton’s waist, her still soaking heat pressed firmly against his abdomen. 

Stumbling out of the jeans that still pooled around his ankles, Ashton walked them farther into his apartment. Y/N leaned down and attached her lips to Ashton’s sweet spot, the place just below the hinge of his jaw. The grip he had on her thighs tightened as Y/N went from kissing and softly nibbling on his skin to harshly biting and pulling at it.

When he finally reached his bedroom, he kicked the partially opened door fully open. With one hand, he fumbled along the wall in search of the light switch. Warm fluorescent light flooded his spacious bedroom as he stumbled towards his king-sized bed. Tossing Y/N down onto the mattress, he ripped his flimsy t-shirt from his torso. Y/N sat up from the bed and pulled her black dress over her head and tossed it to the floor. Ashton crawled over her and ducked his head down to suck at her now exposed clavicle. Threading her fingers through his hair she pulled him away from her collar bone and up to her lips.

Ashton’s hands went up and untangled her fingers from his hair. Upon receiving an adorably confused pout he chuckled darkly and said, “Nuh-uh baby girl. Daddy is in control tonight.”

Taking both her wrists in one hand, Ashton pinned them to the bed above her head. He looked down at his still pouting girlfriend and smirked.

“No touching Y/N,” he said breathily.

He reached over into his bedside table and rifled through the top drawer. She knew exactly what he was looking for and it had her core throbbing in anticipation. There was no hiding the excited glint in her eyes as Ashton pulled out a pair of silver handcuffs. He clapped one of the cuffs on her before looping them around the head board and onto her other wrist. 

“Just for good measure,” he smirked after she was locked in place.

Ashton then turned his attention to her chest. Reaching underneath her, he quickly unclipped her bra and threw it to join the other articles of clothing on his floor. Making sure he held eye contact with her, he leaned his head down to her breasts. He placed kisses on the tops of both her breasts before turning his full attention to her left nipple. Ashton circled it with his tongue before taking it fully in his mouth and tugging on it before doing the same to the other nipple. A whimpering moan left Y/N’s mouth as she arched her back off the mattress.

“Daddy,” she moaned bucking her hips to get some sort of friction.

Ashton’s head snapped up and his eyes grew so dark she almost swore they turned black. “Say it again,” he growled as his hands flew to her hips in order to keep her pinned down.

“Mmm,” Y/N moaned again.

“I said to say it again Y/N,” Ashton growled while pushing her knees up to her chest. He drew back his hand and slapped her ass. “Now say it damnit.”

“Daddy!” she cried out just as another slap was landed on her backside.

“That’s my good girl,” he purred as he rubbed over the growing welts on her cheeks.

Pulling her legs down he spread them wide and held them down before he began to massage her inner thighs, placing small, wet kisses here and there. Ashton worked his way up to her throbbing core and placed a lingering kiss over the crotch of her black lace panties. She whimpered at the slight contact and bucked her hip into her boyfriend’s face.

“Be patient love,” Ashton chided softly before moving her panties to the side. He licked up her slit before his tongue landed on her swollen clit; giving it a few swipes before licking back down her and circling her entrance and then plunging in. Placing the pad of his thumb on her clit, he began to rub in slow figure eights. Y/N cried out in pleasure, her hands straining against her confines. She wanted nothing more than to grip on to his hair or shoulders or just any part of him in general.

Ashton continued to rub her clit and curl his tongue up inside her, hitting the right spots every time. Y/N felt the familiar knot growing in the pit of her stomach and her toes curled towards the soles of her feet.

“D-Daddy,” she stuttered, “I’m so close.”

Ashton nodded his head, his hair tickling her thighs a little as he did so. He started to rub faster and flick his tongue at lightning speed, sending her hurtling into her orgasm. Ashton moaned at the feeling of Y/N’s walls clenching around his tongue. As she slowly started to come down from her high, Ashton began to clean up all of her juices.

With one last lick up her slit, Ashton slowly began to kiss up her body. “So fucking sweet,” he mumbled, “You always taste so fucking sweet.”

She moaned as he placed a kiss on her lips. Y/N was still able to taste herself on his tongue as he slipped it into her mouth. Ashton let his hands trail down her body, caressing every one of her curves. He again took her legs and folded them up against her chest.

“Are you ready baby?” he asked after aligning himself with her entrance.

Y/N nodded vigorously and Ashton thrusts in with full force. Without giving her time to adjust, he began thrusting quickly. Snapping his hips in a rhythmic motion, Ashton quickly found her g-spot and began to relentlessly pound into it. Y/N became a whimpering, moaning mess beneath him and Ashton used this to drive him forward.

“Daddy!” she cried out at a particularly sharp thrust, arching her back and pressing her sweaty chest to his.

“I’m almost there,” he grunted.

“M-Me too,” she said breathily, noting her own impending orgasm.

With a few more thrusts, Y/N started clenching around him, her vision going white. The feeling of Y/N’s walls tightening around his cock was all it took to send him into his own orgasm. He tried as hard as he could to milk their orgasms out as much as he could, but his thrusts were sloppy and sporadic. When the two of them finally descended from their highs, Ashton collapsed on top of Y/N, panting to catch his breath.

He carefully pulled out of her, being mindful of her sensitive state, and then went to unlock her wrists from the handcuffs. Quickly pulling her hands from the cuffs his eyes widened. Y/N had dark red rings all around her wrists. Ashton brought her hands up to his mouth and gently pressed kisses all around her wrists.

“Why didn’t you tell me they were too tight?” he mumbled against her skin.

Smirking up at him she said, “I liked it Daddy.”

Ashton’s eyes grew dark again when she called him ‘Daddy’. “Keep calling me that and I’ll end up fucking you into next week,” he growled.

“I’m perfectly okay with that,” Y/N mused, fluttering her eyelashes and biting her bottom lip.

Ashton kissed her lips and nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck. “God you’re going to be the death of me Y/N,” he mumbled into the skin of her neck.

Nash Grier Smut. (Requested)

His fingers traced the delicate lace of her lingerie as she slept, he came home two and a half hours late, she waited up, in her lingerie, because she was aching for him.

She only waited for an hour until she gave up, completely and utterly pissed off at his lateness.

He lay behind her, merely spooning her, as his fingers rubbed mindless shapes onto the meshed lace on her side, the corset making her take short breaths. His hand traveled to her toned torso and undid the little ribbon making the corset tighten on her.

It loosened against her skin, her shoulders slacking. He pulled it from her skin, her nipples perked at the cool air, goosebumps rose on the skin.

He folded the lingerie and put it on his nightstand. He sat up, and pulled his shirt off of his body and shimmied out of his skinny jeans. The clothes lay messily on the carpeted bedroom floor.

His lips pressed to the back of her neck as his arm draped over her bare side, as he pulled her closer.

“I’m so sorry baby, I didn’t realise how late it was, and when I noticed I rushed home. Please forgive me baby.” He frowned into her neck, as she stirred.

“What do you want, Nash. I’m mad at you.” She hissed and moved his arm off of her side.

“And why am I topless?” She snarled, getting up to get a sports bra and a tee shirt.

Nash’s dick twitched at the sight of the lace disappearing in between her tan ass cheeks, plump tan skin engulfed the baby pink lace, making his cock stir in his boxers once more.

“You looked uncomfortable with that corset, babe. I didn’t want you to be uncomfortable.” He frowned.

“Well, I already was uncomfortable for three hours, when you were late, but you didn’t care then, did you?” She spat. She frowned and shook her head at his wide eyes.

As her tee shirt was half way on he spoke up, “Please, wear my shirt baby.” He frowned. She shrugged and nodded and discarded her tee shirt for his.

He scooted to the end of the bed and pulled her in between his legs by the back of her thighs. Her hands when to his chest to keep some distance in between them.

“I’m so sorry baby. I didn’t mean to stay out this late, after the convention, Dad brought everyone to some small bar and had a few drinks. I didn’t know it was so late, but as soon as I saw what time it was, I rushed home baby. Please forgive me, I’m so sorry, baby,”

“Whatever Nash, this day was so important to me, and you completely forgot.” She frowned. He shook his head.

“Today; today is the anniversary of the first time we had sex. I even got you a gift baby.” He scrambled away from her and went to my dresser, and opened the third drawer.

He pulled out a black gift looking bag, that had red lacy ribbon tying the handles together, in a bow.

“What is it?” She asked him. He smirked at remembrance of the awkward experience it took him to get this.

“Open in, baby,” she slowly untied the precious lace, and set it aside. His smirk only grew, as did his cock.

“What is this?” She asked has she took the Hitachi Wand out of the bag.

“It’s a vibrator,” He smiled. Her eyes widened as she set it down. “There’s more, baby.” She dumped rest of the contents from the bag on the bed as she scattered through it.

“Handcuffs? Really, Nash? Who’s going to be the sub with these?” She laughed as he giggled. His cock stirred in his boxers once again as she picked up the flavoured condoms and icy to hot lube.

A light bulb lit up in her head as she came up with a brilliant idea.

“Take your boxers off, Grier.” She commanded as his eyes widened and did as she said. She spun the handcuffs around on her finger, like a tether ball on the tether pole.

His boxers sat on the carpet by the dirty clothes basket, as his aching, big length sat proud against his abdomen.

“Where are the other pair of handcuffs?” She smirked. It was his turn for his eyes to widen as he answer. “Top drawer.” He answered dryly.

She retrieved the handcuffs and walked back over to him.

She set the handcuffs by his feet momentarily, as she took off her shirt. The sports bra she had put on minutes before was off, and on the floor, next to the tee shirt. Her panties where the only bit of clothing left on her.

She straddled his waist, her large breasts in his face as she handcuffed his arms to the cold, metal headboard.

He groaned as he was fully restrained, except for his legs, of course.

Her nipples rubbed against his cheeks, as he groaned once again. She shook her chest, but at a very slow pace, motor–boating him.

She moved back, out of his reach, as he struggled against his restraints.

“Let me go, y/n,” he whined out. She giggled and shook her head no. Her dainty fingers brushed across his penis, causing him gasp and buck his hips.

“Don’t make me tie your legs down as well.” She laughed, as he rolled his eyes.

“What did I say about being facetious?” He hissed. She rolled her eyes at him as he chuckled.

She grabbed the vibrator, and turned it on. It first touched her nipples, slowly, on the lowest power setting, circling quite fast, yet strangely slow.

“Fuck,” she whimpered out. His eyebrows furrowed, as precum trickled down his head, mocking his current state; teasing him to a further extent.

She stood up fully on the mattress, Nash’s eyes followed her figure up and down. She turned around, her big, juicy ass facing him, as she bent down, and pulled her panties down.

“Fuck, quit teasing me, or I’ll cum just by looking at you.” His tone was malicious, with a hint of condescending humour.

She was now completely bare, as she sat on her heels, in a kneeling position.

Keeping it on low, she put the vibrator in between her tan thighs, letting out a delighted shriek at the sensation.

She ground into the vibrating wand, rubbing herself against it, as her fingers played with her nipples.

“I knew you’d like that. I just imagined you rubbing yourself against it as you are now, and it was a done deal. But some of that lube on it baby.” He rasped out. She followed instructions and put a little lube on her fingers and rubbed it on the head of the wand, and some on her clit.

She lowered herself on it, hissing at the icy heat on her skin, combined with the vibrations.

“Mmm, baby, I love seeing you so vulnerable. Think about my tongue; my fingers. I know you wish that was my tongue, baby.” He smirked. Even being constrained, he can still make her wetter, than any one else could.

“I’m about to cu–um.” She croaked out as he shook his head.

“Not yet baby.” Nash tsk’d. She nodded, for once actually listening to Nash’s input.

She kept the vibrator on, but moved it from her soaking center, to Nash’s swollen head. He let out a long, hard, and loud moan as the vibrations shot through.

“Fu–uckk, baby I ca–n’t. I’ll cum. P–please.” He cried out as he felt his orgasm rocket through his body, until it was gone. She had removed the vibrator in the second.

Her tongue replaced the wand as he sighed in relief. She took him all the way into his mouth, his pubic bone brushed her lips.

“Oh my god, don’t stop— seriously I mean it.” He groaned at as he attempted to break away from the restraints to grab a fistful of her long, wavy hair.

She pulled his penis out of her mouth leaving Nash confused.

She gently pushes he head back on the pillow. Her thighs on each side of his face, she lowers her soaked pussy on his face, his lips and tongue immediately devouring her, in the most delicious way.

His tongue flicks speedily against her clitoris, as she holds her folds open, for him. His lips move in a foreign way, like he is French kissing her sex.

His tongue slips into her opening, as it darts in and out, and wiggling around.

Suddenly, his tongue just goes back into his mouth and he doesn’t do anything.

“Um, what the hell?” She asked. He just shrugged his shoulders and smirked.

“You didn’t let me finish, what makes you think I’m going to let you?”

“Nash,” she called him. He looked over and hummed in response. She unlocked the handcuffs as his wrists sprung free. “Fuck me,” she smirked. He nodded and smiled.

“My pleasure.” She giggles as he puts on the condom and without warning, plunges into her. They’re in missionary position, as he draws back, tip just barely in her entrance, but slams back into her. He starts thrusting vastly, as he left one hearty smack on her ass.

“Fuck, Nash. Harder.” She whines. He pulled out of her momentarily, before positioning her into so called “doggy style”. He slipped back into her tight, wet warmth.

His hands found her hips, as he plowed into her, fast. With each roll of his hips, his tip rubbed against her sensitive spot, that only he, knows where to find it. She moved back against him as he thrusts, making him go exceptionally deep, stretching her walls to a max.

“I’m coming!” He shouts, as his load shoots into the condom.

“Aw fuck. I’m coming,” she whined. Be thrusts several more times to bring her to the brink.

“I’m going to go take a shower.” She says with a yawn. She stands up as her juices leak from in between her thighs.

His cock is harder than before, and ready for round two.

Enjoy. — Emily xxx