where he says hes not good enough

 What do I think about Khadgar. Reckless, headstrong, slow to accept advice, some of what all we heard in the canon, right? But besides. Brave, intelligent, good-natured, clever and fair.

  I also think that Khadgar wasn’t quiet assiduous bookworm. (As for the movie i think where was just not enough of time to show all sides of his nature, so he could seem clumsy and it’s very strange, frightened and bookworm). He says that knowledge is power. He spent a lot of time studying the magic. But this is not the same thing as being bookworm, boring nerd, e.t.c. He is just inquisitive, curious and wanted to be a really good mage. As for the fact that Khadgar is curious and even a little mischievous it is known from the canon (game/books canon I mean). He was spied on his mentors and I knew all their dirty secrets. Because of this reason he was chosen to being sent to the Karazhan for spying on Medivh. 

 I think he cared about Medivh and protected him. But it’s also canon. I’ve quoted these things. In addition, Medivh asked him for protection. It’s also canon. Just find this quote here or better read the book. I like it much better than any “comics books and novelizations of the movie”.

 I told that some speculation that “Khadgar is capable of any, even abusive conditions to get the power from Medivh” is bullshit? And now we have “Harbingers - Khadgar” video, where Khadgar renounces that power (yes, in fact it was not that kind of power, it was a trap created by Dreadlord, but anyway) even in more pleasant circumstances. So, it’s also canon. 

Omg, if I see one more post about how Ichigo should have stayed a soul reaper, I’m going to vomit. Where in the chapter did it say he WASN’T a soul reaper? So we can safely assume that Ichigo is, in fact, the same thing he’s always been; a substitute soul reaper. But suddenly that’s not good enough??? Like what??? He can clearly see Rukia and Renji when they come visit, so he obviously has his abilities still. Yes, I know you’re disappointed that Kubo didn’t snatch him away from his father, his friends, his freaking wife and son - but I can safely say I’m pretty sure that had Ichigo himself been given a choice he would have chose the same life for himself, because he has always very clearly (seriously guys I don’t know how you keep making this mistake) held his friends and family and their protection above everything else. He wants his powers to protect ORIHIME, CHAD, KIEGO, MIZUIRO, TATSUKI, KARIN, URYU YUZU HELL PROBABLY EVEN THAT CRAZY CHIZURU CHICK. Yes, he’ll still help soul society and his friends there when they need him but that was never his main goal. Why am I even having to say this??? Are we reading the same manga? I’m just so confused.

AU Superfights

In a world where Kara trained with Diana from a young age and Kal-El trained with Bruce… their eventual sparring matches will go down in epic history but Kara wins on pure brutal technique almost every time. She’s older and faster and more experienced and she’s more willing to hurt than her baby cousin.

If Kal wins its because he has time to out think her. He’s technically stronger but Kara has better speed and stamina so he needs to survive her long enough to cheat is what I’m saying. He’s also really good at making her slam herself into things while fighting him. She hates that.

Women bitch about, “men not being good enough” and shit like that. Like, y'all fantasize about dating soldiers and shit but y'all cant handle them. Its like people who impulse buy animals and then let them die and shit because they get tired of them. Dont date a soldier if you know you cant handle distance. So shut the fuck up y'all ain’t good enough either, y'all make some of my friends lives living hell because you get mad that they wanna go to sleep because its fucking 11pm on a wensday where he is at but where you’re at its 2am but you wanna face time him and just sit there for 5 fucking hours not saying anything. Then get mad when he wants to go to sleep.
Shit fuck man, y'all think this shit is so fuckin one sided. Y'all think its so fuckin easy.

       First of all… I do not think that words can describe how I feel everytime I look at this number. It is not just the digits but the knowledge that there are over 6k people (even if some were nsfw blogs =_= all blocked) gathered here around me, follow me just because they deem me good enough to appear on their dash every day. Be it for roleplay or for the sake of posts I reblog, representing and writing Sebastian here. While the muse is not my own creation, but of the amazing Yana Toboso, he still came to grow and develop with me in these few years that I am here, he became so to say apart of me where I can explore different aspects of life through his eyes. 

     I met here so many, many, many talented, sweet, loving people who made my stay only more fun and entertaining in their own ways. Of course, there have been few rotten eggs but it never affected me much because you guys always came to stand by my side, and that i something I can not thank you enough. Many times I feel insecure with my writing, portrayal and everything in general(which is like 80%of time hah..)…but I still got you to push me forward. I never saw myself as a person who would deserve this much attention or praise, but you kept on giving that to me even if we never really talked or had a longer conversation. You supported me, mused with me, joked with me…. and this is more than I have ever expected to gain here when I started this blog.

      All of you are little gifts that with each passing day help me to make it through, and it feels good to have that ^^  I might have moments where depression and anxiety win and I don’t spend any time here, nonetheless you wait for me and welcome me back when I return.

    Thank you from heart…. for every asks, every kind, honest word that also carried critique on how I can improve and do better. I hope that in the coming months and years, you will still have me and my Sebastian here.

Thank you ♥


Mikleo is determined, and in a mirror of Sorey’s departure, he leaves in the dead of night without telling Sorey.

Cut to Sorey freaking the fuck out. (Not so great when it’s done to you, is it, dear?)

This, I’d say, is where Sorey’s side of their original argument comes into play, but Mikleo isn’t here to react to it. Without them bouncing off each other, they quickly come to a resolution. Mikleo is doing what he has to in order to protect Sorey. Sorey trusts that whatever Mikleo is doing, it’s for a good reason and he’ll be safe and rejoin before he knows it.

It doesn’t stop him from worrying, but he knows he can press on with his journey and that Mikleo will find him, will be with him again soon enough.

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so i finally emotionally prepared myself well enough to watch under the red hood. it killed me, and i'm now dead, so i'm asking this from beyond the grave. what's your opinion on the very last bit, where batman says "this doesn't change anything"? I was a little confused by what he meant, and I've heard some opinions on it, but I'd really like your take on what he meant/what he was feeling.

(Oh goodness that’s quite an emotional journey. If you want even more emotion and sadness, read the comics version which has even more heart wrenching scenes not to mention Jason being a total nerd)

You’re talking the bit where Bruce is gazing at Jay’s memorial case, right? The way I always envisioned it, Bruce had this sort of ideal for Jason. Sort of like how dead people are painted as perfect and flawless when in reality that’s not true but grieving loved ones only remember the best. In UtRH, Robin Jay is shown to be aggressive and angry but Bruce blames only himself for Jason getting caught up in a situation that ultimately killed him. So while Bruce goes on his mission for justice, he’s still grieving this tiny boy who stole his tires and said being Robin gave him magic and was Bruce’s son. When Red Hood appears, he’s smearing that image Bruce has in his mind of his son. Instead of a small Robin, making jokes and bouncing around, Jason is this angry murderous criminal that Bruce needs to take down.

Half of Bruce’s struggle is coming to grips with the fact that the Jason who came back is not the Jason he lost. He has a hard time in fights with Hood because he goes out to punch and it hits him that this is his son and he missed him so damn much and it just hurts. By the end, he’s realized that Jason is gone and the Red Hood is in his place. When Bruce looks at his partner’s, his son’s, memorial, he tells himself that he won’t let Hood change things. He almost separates the two, because Robin is not Red Hood and the fact that there’s a man with Jason’s face, his skills, his memories is irrelevant. So Bruce decides to leave up his memorial because it’s grieving the loss of Robin, the boy Bruce had loved. He can go after Hood and take him down and it won’t affect the memory of his boy.

Jason didn’t come back, not really.

Harley Pregnancy????

*** Probably Spoilers ***

I usually don’t write my thoughts; I usually re-blog stuff, but this is just itching around in my brain. So I’m sorry if it’s all jumbled or doesn’t make sense. I’ve always loved the original Joker and Harley relationship, but this new interpretation in Suicide Squad has gotten me obsessed (It was far more than I hoped for).  I have this headcanon, based on the posts and gifs I’ve seen on here, that Harley miscarried twins at some point before the movie starts.  Now that I’ve seen the movie; while it didn’t confirm my theory outright, it gave enough info to confirm it in my head.

1. The Club Scene: Common’s character says something along the lines of how it’s good to have the Joker back.  Where has he been? Why did he take a break?  I think he was grieving and taking care of Harley (who was an absolute mess after the fact and probably wouldn’t get out of bed).  I think it was their first night out of their house and that Harley was finally up for going out.  I know at this point in the movie that line could mean anything; maybe he was in Arkham, maybe he was on a vacation of sorts.  It’s not until I pieced together the other little hints throughout the movie that makes this little line turn cogs in my head.

2. Penthouse Room “Where Is She” Scene:  This is the most obvious little snippet right here.  When the Joker is laying on the ground laughing in his ‘sanctuary’ after Frost told him they found Harley the camera pans out you see baby onesies laid out. There’s one blue and one pink (Twins? Boy and a Girl?) plus a couple of others.  He has clearly been missing and searching for Harley for the months she’s been gone so he has built his own sanctuary that has meticulously been laid out in a circle.  It is all Harley’s things and/or stuff that reminds him of Harley. So it begs the question, why are there baby clothes?

3. The Bar Scene: When El Diablo was telling his story about killing his family Harley is extremely upset by this, I mean it is upsetting, but Harley seemed to take it like a personal slap in the face like she lost her babies and he has the audacity to be upset that he killed his.  She also goes on a rant about how they’re the bad guys and they don’t get have a ‘normal’ life with a family.  She is extremely hostile about all this.  I feel that she lost the pregnancy during some sort of criminal activities or because to the lifestyle she leads.

4. The Enchantress Vision: Enchantress give Harley a vision of what she wants most and that she can give that to them if she sides with her.  It’s a vision of her and the Joker as a family.  They have twin babies, a boy and a girl.  Twins are a very specific thing for someone to envision, usually it’s one baby or  children of different ages, which makes she makes me think that was the life she was going to have because she was already pregnant with those twins.  Also, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the vision twins were wearing the same pink and blue onesies from Joker’s sanctuary circle.

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Uhm... Could you make a scenario where Oikawas s/o just gets really depressed bc she thinks she isn't good enough? Just if u don't mind..

Right when your boyfriend, Tooru, saw you walking in the hallways, he automatically knew there was something wrong. Turning your head, you saw him and instantly put on a smile because you didn’t want to burden him with your sadness.

As you were about to say something, he grabbed your wrist and started to pull you towards the gym.
“Tooru?!” you squealed in confusion
“Hush, just follow, okay?” he looked back with such a gentle smile you couldn’t help but listen. 

Entering the gym he dragged you into the equipment room.
“____-chan, whats wrong?” he said with a firm tone.
“Nothing really..” you mumbled, barely audible.
“____-chan.” you already knew he wasn’t going to stop until you fessed up. 

“I-I just don’t think I deserve anything, especially you..” you said with a quiet tone, looking at the ground. 
Tooru picked your chin up with his finger and kissed you.
His soft lips, and his warm breath, the way he lightly touched your neck, always made you feel some type of way, it was indescribable. 

“You are everything, you are the world, you are good enough, you are worth it. Please don’t forget that, _____. It hurts me inside that you fake a smile, because you feel like this.” he said voice cracking caressing your cheek.
“What did I do to deserve you?” you said while touching his hand
“Real question is, what did I do to deserve you?” he said laughing, hugging you.

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I honestly think that one of the biggest reasons Leah turned to drugs was Jeremy constantly abandoning her and the girls for work. Like I understand going away for work and thats not the issue, but ignoring her while he's gone etc. I just watched the first episode where he threatens her with divorce, and she legit says "i just feel like i'm never going to be good enough for anyone". At this point she hadnt started having drug problems

From what we saw she initially looked for something to help the understandable anxiety she was suffering and she quickly got hooked. Prescription drug addiction usually starts with a genuine health issue and only becomes a problem when someone prone to addiction (without knowing it) starts to take them. It’s the fastest growing addiction in the word today.

So I think your theory is 100% plausible.

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Can we get a part two to the one where Josh went out with a coworker and neko!Ty gets jealous? How does Josh make it up to Ty? How long does Ty stay mad at Josh? Does Josh go put with Kellin again after that?

Tylers really quiet around the house keeping his head down. He feels betrayed and not good enough, even if Josh says that it’ll never happen again. He doesn’t want to ever share his daddy. And about a week later they start acting normal again, just the two of them. And Josh doesn’t think about Kellin at all.
But then he had a work dinner party at his house and Kellin is there! ( Tyler has a beanie on to hide his cute little ears and his tail is tucked into his pants ) And Tyler hears his name and he automatically hates him. Kellin tried to steal his daddy !! So he’s a total bitch to Kellin all night and when Kellin asks what he did wrong, Josh walks up, wrapping his arm around Tyler, “ oh, Kellin. I see you let my boyfriend.”
And Kellin understands now why Tylers being a little bitch, and Tyler is so happy because Josh called him his boyfriend!!! For the first time!!!


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Can i please get some Hunk super fluff for when his S/o wants to cook with him/learn how to? Btw love your work friend 😸

thank u so much!!! 

  • he’s more than happy to teach you how to cook!!! what’s a better bonding time than cooking together
  • starts off with something simple like sugar cookies
  • lance crashes your date but gets kicked out when hunk threatens to egg his bed
  • flour fight? flour fight
  • will there be enough ingredients to actually make cookies in the end? who knows not you two
  • when you finally get to eat the food you make, hunk says something cheesy like it tastes better because it was made with love what a nerd
  • he likes being playful and having a good time but he’s super diligent about clean up and putting things back where they’re supposed to go
  • will not share your food with the rest of the team because “they didn’t earn it”
Written in a Black Book || Open

“Fucking Christ!” he snarled. “Can you do that without tearing me open wider?” Hot pain pulsated from the wound and for a brief second he swore his vision had gone white. Kees reached for the alcohol that had been used to clean his wound and drank from it. His eyes dared the other to say something about it as he let the bottle fall back down on the counter only half as full as when he’d taken it. It numbed the ache but not enough. He needed a cigarette but there weren’t any left in the gas station. Not from where he was sitting at least and he had checked. “I’m not a damn doll.” His moods were rarely good but this one in particular – as deserving as he was of the right to foulness – was a hurricane compared to his nonchalant neutrality.

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lilac1/2 I'm recovering from abuse and I'm getting better but lately I've been having a hard time. I want to go back to it. It is what I know and I feel bad for that. Like there is something wrong inside me like I don't deserve to be a person

Lilac 2/2 and being my own person is just such hard work. Could you write me some words of comfort and encouragement from someone. I have a super crush on Cullen but Fenris or Zev would probably have good views and helpful things to say on this.

Zevran would release a slow exhale between the grip of his thumb and forefinger before letting his hand drop at your approach. He would sketch a crooked smile that caught at the corner of his mouth, twisting it up as it afraid of falling. “I understand… much about your difficulties,” he would say. “Too much, perhaps. Or perhaps just enough that i can share this with you, remain with you where others may have gone.”

He would shake his head and worry at his thumbnail with his teeth again, pausing only to say, “Know that you are not weak for your thoughts of returning to your abuser. The familiar is a comfort, of sorts, even if it is a harsh familiarity, and many fall prey to returning to it. I… do not blame you for missing it, as I have myself, on… more occasions than I tryout wish to recount. Late nights and early mornings. Lonely times and those times where you feel weak without the brace of the old to hold you up. You are forgiven, were the instant such thoughts occurred to you, for there is nothing to forgive.”

He would stand at last, and bring his hands up to your shoulders, if you are comfortable with touch, then your cheeks. “It is not a weakness to feel alone, to feel abandoned, even if it was you who left. It is a strength, that you have done so, a strength every day you lift your head from your pillow in a space that they have not touched, even -especially- if that space is the new day alone. I am so proud of you today, and all the days that follow, as I have always been, and shall always. Thank you for all that you do and are. And… together we will seek new spaces and new versions of ourselves, born anew every moment to new experiences they shall never see, new smiles meant for no one but yourself, every one a gift.”

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That ask about Tomura's quirk "limits" and it made think, what if the fact that he can't control it aside from where he touches with his fingers. Maybe it does destroy faster the longer he touches, but to me the idea that something can destroy something without any other input is dangerous enough to be a limiter. [side note: i also see people want to see Izuku's dad but to me it feels like he shouldn't be put in the story cus it might not be good from a writing perspective.]

i think you might be right about tomura’s quirk. but in that case, rather than “how long he touches it,” the limiting factor would become “where one object ends and another begins.” like, say you have a padlock. it’s made of moving pieces. there’s a bunch of them! they’re not glued together or anything, just closely touching and interacting. so if tomura touches, say, the loop part of the lock, will the entire mechanism of the lock dissolve, leaving only dust? or will the destruction be restricted to that particular chunk of metal? how closely integrated do materials have to be in order to constitute a single object that can be dissolved with a single touch? there’s so many aspects of his quirk that are still a total mystery…

and i agree re: deku’s dad. leave him blatantly unaddressed forever. except i guess there’s ways he could be revealed as part of a big conspiracy or something fun like that, but right now, there’s no reason for him to show up.

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So what did you enjoy The Night Manager?!! Did anything about Tom's performance surprise you? have you seen him in anything else? It would be great to know your thoughts!!

Omgg he’s AMAZING!!! I finished episode 2 last night and I’m going to continue it today!!! He’s very very talented! I thought it was cool to see that scene for the first time, that he talked about the other day, where he walks in and finds Sophie. He said he didn’t rehearse that and he just wanted to go in and react and they only shot one take on it! It was cool knowing that before I saw it bc wow he’s a really good actor!!
Also, I totally get why he would make a great James Bond now. I don’t know all the right terms but the way he can change from one person to another type of person just by his facial expressions. Like I can’t say it enough how talented he is!
Also, as a side note that has nothing to do with his acting, he is SO attractive!!!! Like wow! 😍😍 lol
Oh and I’ve seen him in Thor and Avengers but that’s it other than this so far!

Black Wings || crowzoned


Faulklin couldn’t really say where exactly he was.

Somewhere in the woods was good enough as far as he was concerned.

Somewhere in the woods was away from people, and that is always a godsend, at least if he believed such beings existed. Its quiet, hardly anything moves, and he isn’t terribly worried about wild animals, even the kind that kill. Nature doesn’t concern him on a danger level.

If a wolf jumps him, it will have done it to eat.

If a deer charges at him, it will have done so because he’s too close and its scared of being hunted.

If a person jumps him… he doesn’t want to think about that, and he self-consciously fingers the handle of a blade, single eye flicking around the dense woodland on all sides of him. There’s no one there, but even the thought of someone puts him in an uneasy state.

It takes no time at all for a hoarse kraw to draw his attention away and make him forget about it, azure hue wandering to the shape of a large raven perched on a branch, observing him in return.

Without thinking much of it, he takes a few steps towards it, hand lazily resting on the pommel of the sword at his side and tilting his head ever so slightly. Again the raven bursts out a kraw and takes off, flying away.

He really has nothing better to do with his time, having no idea where here is or where to go as a result, so he ends up idly following the direction he saw it go.

Navigating as the crow flies, as the saying goes.

There’s always been something about corvids that draws in his attention, so he doesn’t think twice about relying on one to navigate, even when its probably just trying to navigate away from him.

Not until forest opens up into a glade where the raven flew and there’s a person there, instantly making him stop in his tracks and scowl, hand reflexively tightening around the blade handle.

Just his damn luck…

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whats your most harsh lashton blurb thing youve ever written/thought of

this is hard because there’s actually a lot lmao…probably a master/slave au where ashtons doesn’t give a fuck about luke’s wellbeing at all and does whatever he wants to him and luke’s just not allowed to complain or cry or anything because he belongs to ashton and doesn’t get a say in Anything whatsoever

idk if i explained that good enough or what i literally woke up like 2 mins ago