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Patater Oneshot: Alexei Embarrasses Himself on Live Television

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Kent Parson is pretty. That much is obvious to Alexei. It’s just not what he meant to say on national television.

It was supposed to be a fun night of raising money for a good cause but instead Alexei managed to embarrass himself in front of a live audience, along with the thousands of people watching at home.

“Thanks honey,” was all Parson had said in return, leaning over the panel table to wink at him from where he sat fifteen meters away. It took a moment for Alexei to realize what happened, what he had said wrong. A fan asked Alexei what it was like to play against players such as Kent Parson, who are so much smaller than he is. Alexei had quickly nodded, saying,

“Yes, Parson very pretty. He is good player.”

It seemed like a good enough answer, yet the audience reacted with quiet murmurs and confused looks. Tater furrowed his brow, trying to figure out what he said wrong when Parson himself had leaned forward to see him over the players sitting between them. “Thanks honey.” That’s when it made sense to Tater. He’s still working on his English and sometimes he accidentally leaves words out of sentences without meaning to, or realizing the words even belonged there. He had meant to say, ‘Yes, he is pretty small,“ it made sense in Russian, but when he tried translating it to English, it came out completely wrong.

Alexei was about to correct himself, but a different fan was already asking another player from Parson’s team a question. Instead he just sat at the panel table, blushing and glaring down at his hands. After half an hour more of the Q and A, the event ends and an NHL representative thanks the crowd for coming out to help fundraise to build schools in developing countries.

Alexei and the rest of his team head out of the ballroom and upstairs to their designated hotel rooms. He changes out of his suit and into jeans and a button down, all while stressing about what he said. There’s a knock on his door and when he opens he sees its just his teammate Jack Zimmermann.
   “Tater? You think Kent Parson is attractive?” is the first thing he says. Alexei rolls his eyes and let’s his friend into his room. “Yes. Not what I mean say though,” he explains, sighing and flopping down on his bed. Jack chuckles and sits beside him.
   “I’m meaning say Parson is pretty small,” he adds. Jack laughs. “Well, he keeps texting me and asking me to give him your number. He wants to um, hook up with you,” Jack says awkwardly. Alexei’s face reddens and he quickly chauffeurs Jack out of the room.
“Oh c'mon tater! When is the last time you went on a date? Now you have a guy you think is ‘pretty’ who wants to hook up with you!” Jack tries to reason with the large Russian man. Alexei is about to slam the door shut, but stops and sighs when Jack sticks his foot in the way. “Fine. Give Parson my number.” Then he pushes Jack all the way out and closes his door.

Two Homes : Daddy!Ashton One Shot

The song When You Love Someone by James TW sets the mood for this x

Ashton doesn’t know where to begin. 

His heart grows heavier by the minute, looking at the small boy waiting on the race car bed that escaped being made this morning before school. It doesn’t matter to Ashton now, the accidental act of disobedience an irrelevant concern compared to the news he’s about to give. He sighs and walks into his son’s bedroom. None of the scripted explanations he’s been practicing throughout the day feel good enough. Nothing he could say would spare the six-year-old from the inevitable corruption his innocence will soon face. 

The biggest pair of green eyes timidly look up at Ashton, only to shy away after acknowledging that something’s wrong. Ashton pulls up a child-sized chair from the messy coloring desk on the side of the room and sits on it backwards, crossing his arms over the top rail. 

“We gotta talk, bud,” Ashton says, his voice sounding abnormally quiet. 

The boy shifts on the mattress, knowing that when Daddy is this serious it’s usually because he’s mad. 

“Am I in trouble?” he asks in a voice so small, thinking of possible bad things he might’ve done recently. 

“No,” Ashton dismisses, wishing he would’ve led with that. He’s already messing this up. “You’re not in trouble, Jamie. This is about Mommy and Daddy.“ 

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The  Bigger Question

John had been quiet all day. At first Sherlock didn’t notice, his mind completely focused on a case he deemed to be at least an “8.5″. However, it only took four hours before the case was solved, Lestrade informed, and the earth set right again as Sherlock and John grabbed dinner at their usual Chinese restaurant. This is where Sherlock noticed something was off. He didn’t know what, exactly, as human nature isn’t his forte, so he decided to wait until they were back at Baker Street to ask. 

“John. Is something wrong?”

John stood behind his favorite chair, unwilling to sit and face Sherlock who lounged in his leather one. He needed more space than that. 

“Um. No. Nothing’s wrong.”

Sherlock shot him a disbelieving look. John’s left hand clenched.

“Did I say something… not good? I was very kind to all the witnesses – I didn’t insult Lestrade’s intelligence, though I had more than enough opportunities to do so–”

John let out a small huff of laughter and dropped his head, shaking it slowly from side to side. 

“No, Sherlock, it’s not you. Well, it sort of is, but it’s not anything you’ve done. I have a question. To ask you. I would’ve brought it up earlier but there never seemed to be a good time.”

Sherlock froze. His mind whizzed between all possibilities, no matter how improbable. John reconciled with Mary last month – her due date now only a week away. Sherlock allowed himself to hope beyond reason for John’s question to be about moving back to Baker Street. An unlikely scenario, but a hope Sherlock would always have nonetheless. 

“I’m all ears, John.”

John shuffled from side to side. He licked his lips, clearly nervous. Sherlock waited patiently for John to form the right words. 

“I was wondering if you’d do something for me–”

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You know how Keith is often portrayed as the short tempered one? How he’s the most impulsive and just up and ready to fight a bitch?

Well, say that’s it’s a teenager thing. And by teenager thing I mean a galra teenager thing. Aside from temperamental, adolescent Galras are just in this stage of life where their want to prove themselves and just eager for a good fight….

So Thace is around, yeah? And during then when he sees Keith doing his reckless “run into battle without a thought or plan” for the first time and instead of just freaking out like a normal parent would do, he just sighs in exasperation

And the others are so confused like! “Why aren’t you so worried!? Your son almost lost his head by a hair inch!!” and he just gives them this owlish look “Well I don’t know what you think I can do about it, boy is bound to grow out of this phase soon *shrugs*”  

……”Did you just imply all *gestures to a bandaged Keith eating space goop* that is just a phase????” 

Well every adolescente goes through it, gods know how much clumps of fur my mother lost when I was his age” [Why you think you’ve never come across another adolescent galra before? Their all stuck in the academy to get a chance to fight]. Sure, scare the team with the thought of a whole school filled with aggressive, impulsive battle hungry teenagers just like Keith just waiting for freedom….

So I actually really like that scene where Archie says he’s not good enough for Betty because of how well it plays into their character arcs. I think Archie’s still dealing with the fact that he was stupid and had a sexual relationship with a teacher (or student teacher maybe how old is this lady?), and that in keeping this relationship a secret he might have let someone be murdered. Of course Archie’s not gonna feel good enough for Betty after that. No one would feel good enough to get involved with their best friend after that. He’s just trying to keep Betty out of this.

At the same time, this is completely feeding into the isolation Betty is feeling. Betty is trapped in some kind of perfection complex forced on her by her mother, and she’s trying to break out of her bubble and be her own person. To have the person you’re crushing on tell you you’re too perfect to be with…man, that’s really gotta hurt. And when she leaves, Archie really has nothing else to say, because it seemed like such a huge struggle to even talk to her that much, and he didn’t know how to make it better.

I really think I might like this show, at least for now. There’s a lot of smart character drama going on here, and it’s nice to have arcs going on that seem built on real emotion and conflicts instead of bullshit misunderstandings. Gonna give this a couple more episodes

We’re A Family

Day 13 of 25 Days of Christmas

Summary: “I adopted a kid and you help me take care of them all the time since we’re neighbours, but you came over and got so involved in the kid’s life they think that we’re both parents instead of just me.”

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A/N: Day 13! This is coming a little later than usual as I was in a plane with no wifi, going back home.

Dan couldn’t really explain how he had decided he was ready to have kids. If he decided to be truthful with himself, he could almost say that there had never been any particular point where he thought he would make a good father. Most of the time, it was actually the other way around, thinking that anyone unfortunate enough to have to call him dad would be ruined for life.

Everything changed the second he met Lizzie. He had been volunteering at an orphanage for a couple of weeks and, even though he found all the kids adorable and enjoyed playing with them, no one really caught his attention in the way Lizzie did.

She showed up on his fifth week of volunteering and Dan swore he could feel himself falling in love right away. Lizzie was just adorable. With her fiery red hair and freckles all over her face, she had him wrapped around her little finger from the very beginning and Dan couldn’t find it in himself to complain. It definitely helped that Lizzie seemed to get really attached to him quite quickly as well.

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Your Expertise (M)

» seokjin, 2k, inperience y/n with jin

warning: mostly vanilla sex ft cunnilingus and experienced!jin

“You feel so good,” Jin vocalises, calmly letting his hips fall back into your own. He can’t even help but smirk as you leave such an abrasive mark in his skin – what he was doing was good for you too.

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This was a suggestion from anonymous. Ily anonymous, Merry Christmas! 

Word Count: 1143
Bucky Barnes x reader

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Christmas is approaching way quicker than you want it to. You have two weeks until the day arrives and you still have no idea what you’re going to give Bucky. You have called Steve so many times that he’s stopped answering you. The last time (which was last night after dinner), he sent a text saying that he has literally given you every idea he’s ever had.

And yet, nothing seemed good enough. You wanted to get him something that had sentimental value, something that he would understand and feel comfortable with; not an iPhone, or a laptop, or anything that could potentially confuse him because, after all, he was frozen for 70 years. That’s how you ended up at the Smithsonian, walking around the different displays, each of them pricking your heart in different ways.

“Call them again; find out where they are.” A woman nearby yapped angrily into the phone.

You glance over at her, eyebrows twitching when you notice how stressed she looks.

“Buchanan’s dog tags are important!” She whispers before pulling the phone away from her ear and hanging up.

The light bulb goes off immediately and you find yourself approaching the frazzled looking woman.

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that part where noctis and prompto are having a heart to heart and noctis says “you’re good enough for me” to prompto had me all fucked up. I was literally always guessing if the twist was that they were gay. I was waiting for the reveal. I honestly thought they were gonna do it. Later in the game someone mentions prompto has a “skeleton in his closet” and my first and most immediate thought was “is he gay?????” literally what is wrong with me why did I fall for this obvious queerbaiting like SE would ever have the guts

“Hey,” Phichit texts. His message pops up with an annoying ding on Yuuri’s screen. “You awake?”

“Yeah,” Yuuri texts back.

“I wanted to ask if I should post this.” 

Yuri blushes. The next message is a picture. Phichit is a good photographer. He caught them right at the moment where Yuuri toppled back onto the ice, just as Viktor’s hand came up to cradle the back of his head. Yuri still feels the echo of Viktor’s mouth on his own.

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So, here’s what nobody asked for: A Rogue One florist AU (with a little Jyn/Cassian)

  • Cassian is the designer for the floral shop Red Allium, the owners generally aren’t involved in the day to day running of it. Kay does the general work and keeps an eye on the books.
  • Cassian is adept at making arrangements and talking people around to better choices, but eventually they get busy enough where he needs the owners to hire some help.
  • Enter Jyn.
  • She is better at hand tied bouquets (more room for improvising) and Cassian is better at arrangements in floral foam (more control).
  • She’s a bit abrasive and Cassian swears he will never leave her alone with the customers because of the things she says sometimes. But she’s good at wedding work and at pulling off near impossible requests.
  • She steals Cassian’s favourite pair of garden clippers for her own use her first day on the job. He lets her.
  • Kay constantly harps on her that she can’t use the extra flower in her bouquet or she’ll throw off their margin. She does it anyway.
  • Bodhi is their brand new delivery driver. Nothing distresses him as much as delivering weddings, but he becomes friends with Jyn and Cassian because he has an impeccable ability to think on his feet when things go wrong.
  • Chirrut and Baze are their main suppliers. Baze drives the truck that brings them their products, and Chirrut somehow manages to always find exactly what they need to fill special orders. They become very fond of Jyn shortly after meeting her, and often throw in a free bunch of flowers for the shop when Cassian places the orders. They half adopt the whole shop eventually.
  • After a rough start Jyn and Cassian get along really well. One day while building a wedding order they discuss what flowers they would want for their own hypothetical weddings, and Bodhi and Kay overhear and assume the two are dating. Kay tells Cassian he doesn’t approve of him marrying Jyn, and Cassian and Jyn have to explain that building the bouquets made them think about what they would do differently if they were there own.
  • The incident gets them thinking though, and Jyn brings up the idea of them actually dating. They decide to give it a try and everyone but Kay is delighted.

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Chloe deserves better than Lucifer. I don't know how she could ever forgive/trust him again after betraying her like that. Also if it's true about him marrying a stripper, Chloe's heart truly will be broken and my bby doesn't deserve that.

Okay so I’m answering this on mobile because I’m on vacation all week. Usually I don’t like answering things like this on mobile, but your ask definitely caught my eye.

So I’m assuming you’re saying Chloe deserves better than Lucifer because of the winter finale where he runs to Vegas, correct?

Well anon, if we look at these past episodes, 2x11 especially, we see that Lucifer believes he doesn’t deserve Chloe either.

And why should he think he’s good enough for her? He’s an addict, alcoholic, choas junkie asshole who isn’t a good father figure for Trixie. Since Lucifer has stepped into Chloe’s life her marriage hasn’t reconciled, Trixie was kidnapped, Chloe herself has been hurt many times, and a slew of other negative things have happened to her. Add on top of that that Lucifer wiggled his way into her heart, made her vulnerable, and then up and left her; undoubtedly destroying her heart in the process. And if Candy is Lucifer’s new wife, then she’ll be even more broken.

So if you’re looking at it like that, then yes, Lucifer Morningstar is completely and utterly undeserving of actual-miracle Chloe Decker.

And how could she forgive him after that? I wouldn’t. If I had a man like that, I’d dump his ass so fast there wouldn’t even be time for dessert.

If we’re being honest it’s hard to see anyone loving Lucifer because of how big of an ass he is.

But anon, that’s what love IS.

It’s seeing through those things and just accepting it. So what if Lucifer isn’t sure what he wants? Nobody is.

So what if Chloe IS worthy of someone better? She CHOSE to try things with Lucifer even with all these insecurities.

That’s the beauty of it all. Love works in weird ways. It can make even the worst of people–yes even the Devil– better people.

Okay but give me Grantaire with tattoos everywhere but they aren’t his drawings;

He doesn’t think his art is good enough to be tattooed. No. Instead, the tattoos are quotes from his friends, scattered all over his body. they are everywhere. Encouraging and loving words from Jehan and Courf tattooed on his forearms so he never loses sight of what is important. Wise words from Combeferre tattooed across his bicep, stupid jokes and stereotypical “bro” sayings from Bahorel and Feuilly are written on his legs. He has snippets of lectures from Eponine on his ribs, where he can reach and touch them when he needs to remember how to love himself. He has tattoos from JBM: the kind loving words they say to each other when they think no one is listening. 

His sketchbook is filled with drawings, yes, but it is equally filled with words- the things he hears and picks up at meetings or dinner that he thinks “that would make a good tattoo” and scribbles it down real quick.

Les Amis have a competition to see how many quotes of theirs they get on R’s body, and often Bahorel will finish a sentence with “wow that sounds like it should be a tattoo, eh???” 

and the first time R has to take off his shirt at the beach, or because something was spilled on it, Enjolras discovers he has a quote on there too.

Tattooed across his heart, Grantaire has two words, written in beautiful curling script:

“Be serious.”

An Angel’s Whim- Prologue

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Pairing: Future Dean x Reader
Word count: 662
Warnings: Swearing
: Negan and the reader are both dealing with the walkers in Georgia. Both from different groups, both the leaders. Sam and Dean Winchester are wearing themselves down after Mary leaves. With little to no rest between hunts, too much alcohol, and not enough sleep, they aren’t headed anywhere good.

Gabriel can’t hide anymore. While it’s true the Winchester boys aren’t his favorite people, he does respect them, and can’t watch evil take over his father’s creation.

So, he decides to bring them a little help from somewhere a bit unconventional. One morning at breakfast, he shows up, reader to his right, Negan on his left. “Hello, boys. Miss me?” Are the first words he says to them since the day at the motel where he died.

Part 1 of An Angel’s Whim

“Hello boys, miss me?” Gabriel smirked at the Winchesters, enjoying the dumbfounded looks on their faces.  

Dean looked at the bottle of whiskey in his hand and set it down. “Dude.” He groaned. “I’m starting to see things. Not good.” He groaned.

“No. No. I’m seeing him, too…” Sam stared at the angel that he had seen killed by Lucifer. That was years ago. “Did we get drugged?” He muttered.

You looked around. “Um, where the hell are we?”

“Son of a bitch!” You groaned, bringing your axe down on another walker’s head. While you were used to wiping through the undead, that didn’t mean it truly became easier. These had once been people, but you did what you had to do.

As you continued to move through the store that you were searching with a couple other members of your group, you felt as if you were being watched. Stopping, you turned, only to be greeted by a man with golden hair. “Well, hello, sugar.” He smirked.

“Who the hell are you?” You glared, posed to attack.

He moved a step closer. “That’s a story we don’t exactly have time for. One more pit stop before our final destination.” He told you before snapping his fingers.

Negan had Lucille over his shoulder, an eyebrow raised. “I’d like to know the same damn thing.” He added, starting to slowly move around the room. “Cuz this sure as shit ain’t the Sanctuary.”

Licking his lips, Negan smiled at his newest wife. Pretty little thing. “Now, I’m headed out with the boys. These lovely ladies will fill you in on everything.”

“Good, because you won’t be here.” He whipped around, seeing a man and woman standing there.

He narrowed his eyes. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Name’s Gabriel. And we’ve got somewhere to be.” He snapped his fingers, transporting the three of them.

“Gabriel?!?!” Dean got up. “As in Archangel Gabriel? The one Lucifer killed with an angel blade?” He looked at the angel suspiciously. “That asshole Trickster that kept us in a damn time loop?”

Gabriel sighed. “Details, details.”

“I believe the lady asked where the fuck are we? Now, I suggest someone tell me what’s going on before they meet Lucille.” Negan snapped.

You pulled out your gun, pointing it at Gabriel. “Start talkin’. Now.” You glared. “Where are we?”

Dean and Sam pulled out their own weapons, pointing them at you and Negan. Gabriel sighed. “Enough.” He snapped his fingers, leaving Negan with a pool noodle, and you and the boys with water guns.

“What the hell?!” You furrowed your brows, looking at your water gun. “I’m expecting some fucking answers.”

Gabriel smirked. “Easy. These two knuckleheads have serious mommy issues.” Dean growled at the angel, who simply rolled his eyes. “Mommy dearest went her own way, and they’re throwing a damn temper tantrum. As you can see by their choice of liquid breakfast.” His eyes shot to the whiskey Dean had been drinking before turning to you and Negan.

“What the fuck does that have to do with us?” Negan asked, not happy.

“I’m getting there. Down, boy.” He replied. “You two are leaders. You, my bat wielding psycho, lead the Saviors. Who are in serious need of some candy and a psychologist. Just sayin’.” Gabe held his hands up when Negan looked like he was about to pound him. “And you, your group doesn’t have a name, but you’re damn effective. No deaths recently, which is good. You’re tough, but fair. You’re also more compassionate.”

Dean put his hands on his hip. “So, you brought us a fucking PSYCHO, and…her?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest. “Take them back to wherever you found them.”

Gabriel smirked. “No can do, Dean-O. Took all my mojo getting these two here. Takes a lot out of me to jump universes. Have fun.” Snapping his fingers, he was gone, weapons replaced.

“Son of a bitch!” Dean yelled.

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Some Creek Headcanons

- For his birthday, Mr. and Mrs Tweak let Tweek come up with the “Coffee of The Day” special where Tweek gets to brew his own special coffee and they make that the coffee flavor of the day. It’s a tradition that Tweek has even well after he leaves home. 

- When Stripe dies, Tweek buys Craig a replacement guinea pig that looks exactly like Stripe so Craig doesn’t notices…he noticed anyway because Stripe has never had that one tuft of white fur on her paw….but he doesn’t say anything, because Tweek tried and he’s glad Tweek cared enough to do this. 

- Craig is really good at science and math as both are a necessity for space work, Tweek meanwhile is really good at English and Drama. 

- Craig is the “Team Dad” in his group of friends. “Team Mom” usually alternates between Tweek and Token depending on the situation. 

- Tweek is always trying out for school plays, and has even landed the leading role in a few of them. Craig is always there for all of his performances. 

- Tweek is insecure at times about his and Craig’s relationship, and even though by this point its clear that what began as an act blossomed into legitimate feelings for each other. He’s scared that Craig is still acting and doesn’t actually feel the same way. 

- Craig just calms him down and reminds him that they’re still together, and that he’s a horrible actor compared to Tweek. If he were acting, he’d know. 

- When Tweek heard about what happened in Peru, he became super protective of Craig just incase of any giant guinea pigs. Which, while Craig didn’t mind at first he did eventually tell Tweek that while he appreciated it. Tweek didn’t need to be over protective. 

-  When their playing the fighters of Zaron game, and Tweek gets cold then Craig lets him borrow his cape. 

- Tweek will get detention just to sit with Craig, though Craig has tried to get less and less detentions.

- Tweek has always wanted a little brother or sister, so he gets along pretty well with Ruby. 

-  Craig sometimes helps Tweek at the coffee shop. Most of the time though, they just end up talking to each other. 

- Despite his jitteryness, Tweek likes horror movies it’s Craig who gets the nightmares despite his facade. On the other side though, Tweek cries easily at sad movies while Craig can’t cry. 

I just wanted to point this out…

In the second episode, we are introduced to the saying “If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hotdogs”. Now, every single Steven Universe (I guess DeMayo now, but…. *cries*) knows that saying and has it engraved in their minds, mostly due to the fact that Steven said it multiple times in that episode.

That’s what I want to point out. Ever since that episode, Steven has to tell himself all the time that he is good enough to be with the gems. We see this in the episode where he heals Connie’s eyes (Indirect Kiss) and how he is freaking out about not being good enough to be with the gems.

He also does this in Bismuth, Steven vs. Amethyst, etc. He has to constantly convince himself that he is good enough to be with who he considers family.

In his mind, he isn’t a pork chop, but he is a hot dog. But hot dogs are amazing in their own way, and if everyone was a pork chop, then there would never be a hot dog.

Steven is a hot dog, and I just want to say that hot dogs are amazing by themselves, regardless of those perfect pork chops.

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I've seen many Reader x Noctis fics where Noct calls the Reader "Princess". At what point in their relationship do you think Noct would start calling the Reader that?

Oh man, that’s a good question. I feel like it’s probably definitely something that’s always on his mind since he’s a prince and can’t escape his identity. It’s something that slips out unexpectedly one morning, maybe just a simple “Good morning, Princess”, and his girlfriend would probably take it jokingly as if it’s one of those “good morning, sleeping beauty” things. Except, Noctis realizes how much he loves saying it, so it becomes more and more common.

So when he actually says it? Probably far enough into the relationship that he’s not a flustered mess around her every second of his life and at a point where they’d frequently be all snuggled up somewhere.

However Noctis could call me princess on freaking day one and I’d be SOLD.

Parties Can Hurt Sometimes Part2(Dan Howell)

Originally posted by heykeykey

Sorry it took me a little while to upload the second part but I had been trying to figure out how to continue it. Hope you guys like it and enjoy Part 2 ;) 

Waking up the next morning was a bit rough, not because I had a hangover or anything like that. I mean I did drink but to the point where I could get a hangover. But more of waking up and having the reminder of Dan’s conversation with Zoe and Louise, the chattering of my heart when I heard him say he didn’t have feelings for me and probably never will. Another thing that hurt was when he asked them to stop talking about the subject because he didn’t want anyone to think he had feelings for me. What was that suppose to mean? Did he thought I was not good enough? Was I too much to handle that he felt weird to think that others could think he had feelings for me?

As I looked forward to my side of the bed, I could easily tell I was in Dan’s room. It really wasn’t something new of me sleeping in Dan’s room, I actually used to do it pretty much every time I spend the night. I guess the boys and I had become so close and comfortable with each other that it was okay for me to sleep not only with Dan but Phil as well. I started to get up but was stopped by an arm wrapped around my waist turning around I found Dan soundlessly sleeping next to me. Thinking back to last night I wanted to just get up and leave but at the same time I wanted to just lay down ones more and just look at him sleeping. I loved how beautiful and calming he looked while asleep. But as much as I wanted to stay, I couldn’t. Just looking at him made me want to cry and scream at him at the same time. Slowly lifting his hand I started to get up and walking around the room in look for my things when I heard him groan.

“You’re up” He said starting to open up his eyes then chuckling a little as he looked my way “You look cute in that shirt”

Frowning I looked down at myself and noticed that I was wearing one of Dan’s old shirts.

“Did you..” I started to say a little embarrassed

“No, no.” He said suddenly sprinting up and looking concerned “Zoe and Alfie were in the same car as us and I asked Zoe if she could help me get you changed so you wouldn’t be uncomfortable during the night. So when we got here they came up with us and she put you in the shirt.” He finished scratching his neck

“Oh.. thanks I guess. For asking Zoe and you know.. Not changing me” I said slightly laughing to which he joined

“No problem.” He said starting to get up “Are you hungry? I’m pretty sure Phil must be up by now and waiting on us to eat breakfast” He said laughing a bit as he checked his phone

I had seen the time, it was about 10 am and yes I was pretty hungry but I couldn’t forget that I was in a mission to leave the apartment as soon as possible. Meaning no breakfast yet much to my tummies dismay.

“Umm no thanks. I should actually go. I have a video to edit and a few other things that I really need to get started with..” I said putting on my pants

I debated in whether or not should I change into the shirt from last night but it was a party type shirt and walking outside at this time of day would seem like I was going home from a one night stand which nobody wants, so having Dan’s shirt slightly tucked into my jeans before I started to look for my bag seemed like the best idea.

“But you don’t have to go yet, I mean you always can do that later when you get home.”

“I just think it would be better if I leave now and get everything started.” I said starting to get out of the room and heading down the hall stopping at the kitchen when I saw Phil “Hey Phil thanks for the help yesterday.” I said hugging him

“You welcome little one. Are you gonna stay for breakfast?” He asked once we pulled away

“Oh no. I have to get started with a few things and edit a video for tomorrow” I said feeling guilty just by looking at his slightly disappointed face

“But you can do that later, after we eat. You don’t have to go now” He insisted making my heart ache

“I’m sorry Phil, I just can’t stay.” I said starting to turn around but stopping once Phil’s words came out

“Is this because of last night?” He said in a low voice not wanting anyone but me to hear

“What are you talking about?” I asked turning once again to look at him

“Before we left the party, Dan, Zoe and Louise were talking and I noticed your face slightly frown when Dan said what he said..” I felt like just hugging Phil and starting to cry at that moment

Phil, along with a little few other people knew about my feelings towards Dan. Not to which extend but he did knew how I felt. Sighing I nodded my head giving Phil the conformation from his speculations.

“He really does care about you, despite what he might say” Phil added “Go home if you want. I understand just please let me know if you need anything, yeah?” He said giving me a kiss on the forehead

“I will, thanks. Love you Philly” I smiled as we hugged once more

Getting out of the kitchen and starting to walk to the stairs I heard my nae being called by Dan.

“(Y/N) you don’t have to go” He said coming closer to me

“Let her go Dan” Phil said from the door of the kitchen

“What? Why do you want her to go?” He said looking confused at Phil

“I don’t want her to go but she wants to go home.” He finished getting back into the kitchen

“I have to go Dan.” I said starting to go down the stairs him following after

“No you don’t. I already told you. You can do those things later, I could even help you if you want” He added to what I could say looked exasperated

“I can’t!” I said a little loud finally stopping near the door and turning to him “Don’t you understand that? I just can’t stay here. At least not now that..” I said trailing off and taking a deep breath “I just can’t stay, I’m sorry Dan.”

I got closer to him and on my tip toes kissed his cheek saying goodbye. I turned around and went out the door, going as fast as possible down the stairs always careful not to fall and freaking die in the process.

After that day for the past few weeks I’d distanced myself from Dan. Preferring to sleep in Phil’s bed instead of him, not cuddling with him like before, sometimes even sitting on the other side of the sofa which yes was a little far there but when it came to the hole “trying to get over your best friend who you were in love with” thing. The farther away the better in my opinion.

I was laying in bed looking up at the ceiling as Zoe’s voice came from my phone. We had been talking for a while now about several silly things, a little work and future collabs here and there. But when I reminded her that we couldn’t talk all day since I was going to Dan and Phil’s the question came up.

“So how have things been with you and Dan?” Eventually as always a few days after the party I couldn’t hold it any longer and told her and Louise about their conversation with Dan. They had said sorry followed by the same thing Phil had said “He really does care about you, despite what he might say”. Just because I hear it three times isn’t going to make me change my mind on the fact that he doesn’t care for me in that way.

“It’s been.. fine I guess” I told her having my eyes glued to the ceiling “All though a few things  have changed..”

“What has changed?” She said with what I could only recognized as motherly mood Zoe

She sounded like I was a baby who just came into the room suspiciously quiet and knew something was not right.

“Well I stopped sleeping in his room and instead sleep in Phil’s or sometimes in the office. I don’t really cuddle with him because I feel like if I did I would just start to cry, no hand holding wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re together” I said the last part bitterly knowing those were his words a few weeks ago “I’ve just been distant with him. If I want to get over him being the way we were isn’t going to help at all.”

“(Y/N) you can’t do that.” She said sounding slightly disappointed

“Why not?” I asked frowning as I started to sit up

“Because isn’t not how things should be done. You’re only hurting yourself from being away from him like this and you know it’s true. And you’re not only going to end up hurting your friendship but also end up hurting Dan.” She said when she knew she was right, sadly this time she wasn’t

“Zo.. I know I’m hurting myself by being this way and I know you don’t approve of it but it’s for the best. After a while my feelings will hopefully go away and everything will be back to normal.” I said trying to sound fine which I was far from “Besides I’m not hurting Dan by being distant from him, he probably feels liberated and happy that I am being this way..”

Getting up from the bed I took the bag I had prepared for the weekend as I was staying at Dan and Phil’s. Walking around my apartment in look for my laptop and other things I might need, I finished my little quest and headed to the door.

“Just please think about it..” She said after Alfie had interrupted in need for help to find something in the house

“I will.” I finally said in defeat, after all hurting my friendship with Dan was the last thing I wanted to do “I have to go. Talk to you later Zo”

“All right. Bye (y/n/n)” She said as we hung up

On the way to Dan and Phil’s I couldn’t help but keep thinking about what Zoe said. I didn’t know what to do anymore but I also couldn’t just go back to the way things were before they left for America. Things had been different ever since we kissed and after a while of trying I just couldn’t find a way to get things back to how they were. I guess after trying for so long sometimes people just can’t find a reason to keep going and just give up. Sometimes I forget how it was being around him all the time, I used to sleep over at their house almost every week now I barely went all together. It took a few days of Phil asking for me to actually agree on staying for the weekend.

I rang the bell for their apartment so they could let me in the building to which a very enthusiastic Phil answered right away. It was a good and bad thing that their apartment was literally in the last floor of the building, good because it gave me time to prepare myself to when I see Dan but bad because there was too many stairs and by the time I got to their door I was practically dying. Knocking on the door and calling out Phil’s name I was never prepared to whom opened the door for me. Standing in front of me was a tall, beautiful brunette girl. She had blue eyes which were slightly similar to Phil’s but not as beautiful in my opinion, no other pair of blue eyes could ever compare to Phil’s. Her hair was short and wavy, perfectly styled as well and she was wearing tight jeans and a crop top that looked like anytime soon her huge boobs would pop out of. Looking up at her I felt tiny as ever and that’s saying much considering how tall Dan and Phil are but it was just something about the fact that it was a beautiful girl standing in front of me that made me feel tiny. The kind where you are suddenly super self-conscious about what you’re wearing or how your makeup looks, she just looked like a model.

“Hi! You must be (Y/N)” She said in a slight squeaky voice “I’m Samantha” She said stretching out her hand for me to take

“Yeah I am. Nice to meet you Samantha” I said taking her hand for a slight second to then get inside

As I walked in all I wanted was to find Phil and get answers but once we got into the lounge and were met with Dan. Who was in his typical browsing position but sat up straight once he saw us enter. With a smile the mystery girl sat close to Dan, to close for my liking and put one hand on his thigh.

“Hey (Y/N)” He said not moving from his spot “I can see you already met Samantha, my girlfriend”

I sucked in a breath which thankfully they didn’t noticed, all that ran through my head was ‘NO, NO, NO, NO, NO.’ How could this happen? When did this happen? I was never aware of the fact that Dan knew this girl nevertheless that they were dating. I knew we had been distant from each other but never that apart from thinking that he wouldn’t tell he was seeing someone. I could practically like someone had slapped me in the face with a giant 'I told you so!’ sign, I couldn’t stay in the lounge not with them there. I had to go find Phil and I needed him now.

“Yeah we did.” I said smiling at them “Dan never told me he had a girlfriend” I said trying to sound playful “Anyway I should go find Phil, it was nice to meet you Samantha” I said pulling up my bag and heading towards Phil’s room

Getting inside Phil’s room I closed the door, dropped my bag on the floor and turned to look at him.

“Philly..” I said with y voice cracking as I could feel the tears starting to come out

“I know little one.” He said with an apologetic frown “Come here”

He extended out his arms from me to get in them. I walked up to him and started hugging him as tight as I could while silently sobbing as he had one hand around my waist and the other stocking my hair. And we stayed like that for what felt forever..

Watch on shoma-uno.tumblr.com

12/5 Dodeska! segment with Shoma before GPF.

It starts out with a food report on Shoma, where he tried borscht for the first time while in Russia. It’s made with a lot of vegetables he hates to eat, he said it was good in jest. Shoma shares with us his theme heading into the Final, which is, “To refine rather than just executing!” (He uses a character from his name, 磨, which means “refine” or “polish”.) As he says, the number one thing you’re lacking is also the most important thing to address. It’s not enough to just land the jumps—how you enter and how you exit are important as well. They show examples of what he has done: three-turn entries and the cantilever exit. Shoma understands where the gap is with his GOEs in regards to his landings so rather than narrowly focusing on just landing the jumps, he’s slowly working on refining his landings. And there’s another reason to it as well. He wants to do all that he can, within his current capabilities, to gauge the distance between Yuzu-kun (Hanyu Yuzuru) and himself. The GPF will be the first time Shoma and Yuzuru square off this season. Shoma won the bronze medal last year at GPF, and he’s aiming even higher this season—to be No. 1.

His message to viewers: “Good morning, Dodesuka! viewers. There are only a few days left until the GP Final. I want to give the best performance I can to be even better than I was last year—in both standings and performance. Thank you for your support.”

To my fellow Latinx people who disagree with me:

Have you ever taken a math test and had a question where you have to show all your work? And you make it super clear and neat and the order of your problem solving is obvious and it’s all in place and order. But then your teacher makes you circle or box your answer at the end even though it’s very obvious where te end answer is?

That’s what Lance having an overtly Hispanic last name is; it’s boxing the answer. It’s making it so clear and so obvious that he is Hispanic and he is Cuban that no one can say “oh but I hc him as Lithuanian.”
It’s giving everyone a definitive We Are Represented in one loud and clear and circled way. With no confusion, no room for interpretation, no room for ignorance.

When I have to google with a hope and a prayer if a character is just like me based on a whisper of representation, THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

I understand that there are Hispanics with non Latinx sounding last names. My last name doesn’t even “”“”“sound”“”“” Hispanic. But it is.
And who is to say that the large group of Hispanics who have Latinx sounding last names are less important? They deserve representation far more than you deserve to undermine and diminish their voice.

We need to stand together as one and make a clear definitive statement that says
“You Can’t Ignore Us”
And when you stand on your soap box and say “Lance doesn’t need a Latinx last name to be Latinx” you are so goddamn right but you are also ignoring those of us who desperately need clear cut representation. Why are your opinions more important than ours?

Please understand that wanting Lance to have a Cuban last name isn’t destroying the Latinx community, it’s making a statement that half measures aren’t enough, not anymore.

This is just circling the answer.