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thoughts on winston as a character? i feel that he's really overlooked by the fandom. and boy howdy does that 'family' line in the intro fuCK ME UP

winston! he does not get enough credit, ever - i say as a person who has only just begun playing him more on overwatch and appreciating what he brings to the battlefield.

but in all seriousness: winston is an earnest, idealistic creature who works in a world where pessimism keeps you alive, yet he’s not afraid to stand up to cynicism and critique and is unmovable in his ideals and morals. in all honesty: he’s someone we should all strive to be.

(@ian-noble​ i am so sorry for the delay!!)

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PENANCE: Sherlock in S3

I’ve been thinking about what Sherlock has to go through in S3.  At the end of episode 1, TEH, I was left feeling very unsatisfied that Sherlock never actually apologizes to John for what he’s put him through. Yes he says “I’m sorry”, but we all know that is no where near enough.  He doesn’t tell John why he did it, he never explains. What he does tell John is that he didn’t want John to give away the game–i.e. he didn’t trust him not to blab.  This is HUGELY insulting to John, as a soldier, as Sherlock’s partner in crime, as a friend.

John, at the end of TRF, was absolutely shattered into a million pieces. Then Sherlock comes back and gives no good reason for why that had to happen.  But far from getting away with faking his own death, Sherlock pays hard penance throughout season 3.

We know John a) accepts sociopathic behavior because that type of person appeals to him and b) forgives it.  But that doesn’t mean he is stupid.  As acafanmom says well in this post, John’s state of mind in S3 most likely goes something like this:  "Sherlock is back.  I can accept what he’s done because that’s who Sherlock is–incapable of feeling, and if he’s my friend I have to accept him as he is.  But I will NEVER trust him with my heart again.“  He ‘forgives’ Sherlock, but he’s not going there again.  He stays on his path with Mary.

Perhaps that’s why John is so shattered in the flat when Mary’s deception is revealed.  "She wasn’t supposed to be like that.”  She was supposed to be the safe course, unlike Sherlock.

But Sherlock pays for what he did to John throughout S3.

* He’s forced to watch John marry Mary and even has to participate heavily in the wedding (insult to injury).

* He comes to a realization of his own feelings for John too late. At the end of the wedding he walks away realizing the love of his life is lost to him forever because of the fall.

* He tries to escape all of that “feeling” with a) drugs and avoiding John and b) shutting himself off again (as he says to John in the elevator– Janine having feelings for him is “human error”).  We see him ask Moriarity how he manages to avoid feeling.  That doesn’t really work when John and Mary walk back into Sherlock’s life in a big way.

* He is shot in the chest by John’s wife (fairly symbolic) and literally dies.  He claws his way back from the dead to save John.

* Believing it’s the best thing for John, he helps John reconcile with Mary.

* He then shoots Magnussen for John, sacrificing his own life.

* He still loses John in the end.

Now THAT is some heavy fucking price to pay for faking his own death.

In good screenplays (Robert McKee channeling here), your main character is put up against obstacle/crisis after obstacle/crisis, with each one escalating. How far are you willing to go?  Will you go this far?  This far? How about now?  What is this character willing to do to achieve their primary aim?  How far can you push them?  Ideally, you push them more and more to a point where, in the climax, the crisis is so bad it’s impossible to imagine anything worse or more extreme. 

This is a winnowing process that sharpens and clarifies core character, revealing who they really are.  

This was the arc of Season 3.  Sherlock wants John back, he wants their life at 221B back.  He can’t have that.  All he can have is keeping John safe/happy.  And he’s put through more and more difficult crises to achieve that aim until the final one on that porch with Magnussen–killing someone for John in front of witnesses–sacrificing his own life. 

After that, there is nothing more extreme he could possibly do to show he’s sorry–or is there?  Shooting Magnussen is the big climax, but I think the final scene is yet another crisis–Sherlock has to give John up forever.  Perhaps walking away and getting on that plane, never revealing his heart, was the true final test for Sherlock, even worse than sacrificing himself to shoot Magnussen.  Normally you have a resolution at the end of the story with the character finally getting his aim, but this is a series.

Good-bye, John. Be happy.  Sherlock is resigned. He’s done all he can possibly do.

No wonder we’re all a little annoyed that John does not seem to appreciate this fact, and that Sherlock doesn’t actually achieve his objective. We all know it’s not how the story is supposed to end.

BUT, it’s a series.  I hope in S4 Sherlock gets what he wants.  God knows, he’s paid his dues.



I know we all love Dan as well and it hasn’t been that noticeable lately since they have been doing shared content, but it’s always super sad when Dan gets more recognized and has more followers or likes on things.

And after TATINOF where he says he struggles thinking he’s not good enough and he doesn’t think people like him for who he is i really really want him to win.

endless list of favorite characters

Peeta Mellark | The Hunger Games

“It’s just sometimes I can’t stand it anymore. To the point where…I’m not sure what I’ll do. Maybe we were wrong, Katniss. About trying to subdue things in the districts. ”

like i know everyone and their brother has ranted about Jaune Arc’s role in RWBY but like

he really does have so much potential to be a good character but he’s basically stuck in the boat usually reserved for female characters: his primary screentime is in relation to a female character, whether it’s mooning over Weiss or ignoring Pyrrha’s affections and like, he could be so much more as a character

in Jaunedice we learn that Jaune used fake transcripts to get into Beacon and this alone raises so many character development questions like: where did Jaune get the fake papers?  why did he think his real transcripts wouldn’t be good enough?  did someone at Beacon know that the transcripts were fake but let him in anyway?

further Jaune says that all the people in his family were warriors so he has to be one too and that’s a huge piece of motivation and could add a good dose of familial expectations vs reality, which could give Jaune some growth if he could recognize that maybe being a warrior isn’t for him

just like

if you’re gonna give Jaune screentime give him some actual character development

Can we stop the bullshit, please?

So Qrow made a remark in his story that he was “defeated by the inkeeper’s skirt length”. I just wanna list out some reasons why the argument that he’s now like the worst character is bullshit.

1. This is the first fucking time we’ve heard him say something like this. Can a joke just be a joke?

2. If he is a so-called “pervert”, what’s wrong with that? Does being a pervert exclude someone from being a good person.

3. Yang and Ruby are 17 and 15 respectively. That’s young, but be real. That’s old enough to know where fucking babies come from. That’s prime age for “the sex talk”.

4. Yang may have reacted to Qrow’s story for other reasons than his joke. Perhaps she was frustrated that he deflected from actually telling them what he’s been doing (cause y'know, it’s secret and shit). Or maybe it’s cause Qrow used the story to distract her and beat her in the video game.

5. Ruby clearly found Qrow’s story funny or else she wouldn’t have laughed. If she really thought Qrow was being misogynistic, she wouldn’t have laughed. She’s naive, but she’s not stupid. I guarantee she knows WHAT misogyny is even if she doesn’t know the word for it. Hell, I didn’t know the word till I was her age, maybe a little older. But I knew the thing existed.

6. Yang’s also kind of a pervert. That’s not a bad thing, in fact I love that about her character. She crushed a dude’s junk to get information out of him, then proceeded to use sexual coercion (kiss and make up) to make him drop his guard so she could deck him in the face, which was a brilliant move by the way. Not to mention she was clearly a bit intrigued to be spending the night with a ton of guys their first night at Beacon. None of this is a bad thing, but pervert’s a little part of her character.

7. Winter smacks her sister for the second time and people wanna elect her “Big Sis of the Year”. Qrow makes an arguably innapropriate joke and virtually half the FNDM wants to crucify him.

8. People be like, “I used to like Qrow, but after that remark of his I just don’t know anymore.” Really? Really?? Of all the shit-talking drunkenness he did all the previous episode, the Inkeeper story was suddenly SO out of character for him? I could understand if he said, “Hey sugartits, what’s a man gotta do to get some service around here?” But it was just a joke about a girl’s skirt. Not even about the girl specifically, just the skirt. He didn’t say the Inkeeper was a certain way cause she wore that skirt.

So, yeah, fuck that shit.

Imagine Neil getting a nose ring.
He’s talking about how he wants to experiment with his look so Allison says that he would look really good with a nose ring. Neil just laughs it off because that was a much more drastic change than he had in mind but when Dan, Matt and Renee all agree enthusiastically Neil starts considering it. He also discusses it with Nicky who is super excited and gives Neil ideas on what kind of ring he should get and where he should go.

When Neil is completely convinced he talks about it with Andrew who just looks at him with disinterest which Neil decides is good enough. The next day Neil along with the girls, Matt and Nicky, goes to Body Jewlz. When he sits in the chair he still can’t believe that he is doing something like this. But when he looks at himself in the mirror with the piercing he starts smiling because he likes the way he looks. For once he doesn’t feel uncomfortable looking in the mirror. Everyone is telling him how good it looks and Matt being the concerned dad he is, reminds Neil about the cleaning technique and buys an extra bottle of sea salt in case Neil loses his.

When Neil gets back to the apartment he’s very hesitant to show Andrew because what if Andrew doesn’t like it or finds it unattractive so Neil kind of just paces in front of their apartment for a couple minutes before he hesitantly going in. Andrew is on the couch and glances up when he sees Neil and goes completely still. Neil stays at the door just letting Andrew look him over, carefully watching his expression. Andrew gets up from the couch and walks over to Neil, still with no expression on his face and places his hands on either side of Neil’s head.

He takes a deep breath and says “Oh, Neil” before kissing him. Neil smiles against Andrew’s lips before Andrew says 134%.

At First Sight

Originally posted by archangelsanonymous

Pairing: Gabe x Reader
Word count: 970
Request: Anonymous. How about one where Y/N meets Gabriel for the first time while he’s at the bunker with Sam/Dean,and she falls in love with him at first sight..But she doesn’t say anything to him because she feels like he doesn’t like her back,and that she isn’t good enough for him (Insecure with her looks)..But he actually likes her too and it ends with fluff.. :’) Thanks.

With your bag over your shoulder, you made your way into the bunker. “Guys?” You called out, looking around. “Come on! You called me out here…” Sighing, you put your bag on the floor and started to walk around the room.

“Hey, Y/N.” Came the voice of Dean.

Smiling, you turned and gave him a quick hug. “Decided to make an entrance?” You teased.

He laughed and shook his head. “No, we have company. He’s…well, you’ll see.” Dean motioned you to follow him. “Beer?” He offered.

“Yeah, sure.” You agreed. “So, what was so urgent that I had to rush over here as soon as I could?” You asked, nodding your thanks as he handed you a beer. “I mean, what can I do that you two can’t?” They were more experienced than you, after all.

“You’ll see.” He smirked, making you raise an eyebrow at him. That didn’t sound too good…

Following him into the library your heart skipped a bit. Sitting across from Sam, head thrown back in laughter, was one of the most handsome men you’d ever seen. It was love at first sight. Swallowing, you continued into the room. Sam looked over and grinned. “There she is!”

“Here I am.” You chuckled, trying your best not to stare at the other man in the room. “Dean won’t tell me what’s going on, will you?”

Sam rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “Actually…” You groaned. If Sam was getting weird about it, you would, too. “We just actually need you to keep an eye on Gabriel over there.” He motioned. “Make sure he doesn’t pull any pranks while we’re gone so we aren’t walking into one big trap.”

You stared at him. Here. Alone. With him? “You called me here to babysit some guy?” You asked, never thinking he’d like you back.

“He’s not ‘some guy’.” Dean added, making you look at him funny.

Hearing the chair move, your eyes went to Gabriel. “I’m hurt, fellas. You two haven’t told her about me?” He acted shocked. “After all the good times we’ve had together!”

“Yeah, because dying all those times was so much fun.” Dean growled.

“OH!” You nodded. “Yeah, I didn’t know your name. He’s always called you the asshole Trickster or some variation of that.”

Gabriel shot Dean a look, and you wanted to slowly back away from it all. “Uh, come on, sweetheart, I’ll help you get settled in.” Dean turned and rushed out, you on his heels.

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Touch (5x01 Missing Scene, Olicity)

A missing scene from 5x01. (Part of my oceans (between you and me) Season 5 ficlet collection.)



“Do you need an ice pack or something? That looks bad. Like swelling bad.” Felicity prodded his face, making Curtis jerk back with a hiss. “Sorry, sorry. It doesn’t need stitches, so that’s good. It would be good if you needed them, too, because I’m great with stitches. Not that I’m saying I wished you needed them. I don’t need practice. I have enough with that guy over there.”

Oliver glanced over at where Felicity stood on her toes, gently poking Curtis in the cheekbone. He was hunched over, letting her do it despite his obvious pain, clearly humoring her. The bruise was swelling, turning a nasty dark color that wouldn’t be going away for quite some time, but past that, he was okay.

Which was good. He still didn’t know Curtis that well, but the thought of losing someone else to something as generically stupid as street thugs was… unsettling.

It was the only reason he’d so readily agreed to training Curtis: he needed to know how to defend himself.

Oliver’s gaze switched back to Felicity.

She was grimacing, still up on her toes to reach Curtis’ face.

Despite himself, his eyes traveled down her lithe form, tracing the generous slopes the light blue dress emphasized, all the way down to her legs…

Oliver snapped his eyes shut and turned back to the computers.

The look lasted all of one second, but that didn’t matter. Felicity, in that moment, was seared into his mind’s eye. That always happened with her; it had since he’d started becoming aware of her during their first months working together. But lately, it was more vivid, like his mind was working in overdrive to capture every single thing, just in case. In case he never got the chance to unzip her out of a dress again, to run his hands over her gentle curves, to watch the lean muscles in her legs move as she slipped her heels off, emphasizing her gorgeous calves as she walked up the stairs…


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Fic: If I Could Build My Whole World Around You

Taking some time to themselves makes Kurt realize he also has more to give that he wasn’t willing to share with Blaine before. He starts by tearing down the wall he put up around sharing showers. NC-17. Set after “New New York” (5x14). Briefly alludes to Finn’s death.

Kurt drifts in an out of sleep as he stretches into the space where Blaine used to be. He vaguely remembers Blaine, snug up against him as usual, kissing him good morning and saying something about a shower. The details are hazy, but Kurt’s imagination is good enough to happily fill in images that feel like a dream. The really good kind.

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5SOS Preference #48 (Ex Troubles)
Anonymous asked you: Can you do a preference where you are dating and his ex says that he doesn’t love you or that you aren’t good enough for him idk something like that but at the end he shows how much care about u? Thank youuuu! :)

Ashton: You’re hiding under your covers for the day, just done with everything that’s gone on today. Lately, your boyfriend Ashton’s ex has been leaving you messages on Facebook about how much better of a girlfriend she was. From under the pillow you’ve covered your face with, you hear feet shuffle into the bedroom. “You left your Facebook open on the computer,” he says quietly. You hold your breath, hoping he didn’t see the messages. “I saw them.” He doesn’t need to be specific for you to know what he means. “It’s not a big deal,” you lie. You feel the bed dip from Ashton’s weight, and you feel his hand on the back of your head, smoothing down your hair. “Is this why you haven’t moved from this spot today?” He asks. “Maybe,” you muffle, knowing it’s impossible to lie to Ash. You feel him flop down beside you, and the covers are lifted to reveal your boyfriend in his Avengers muscle tee and his dingy navy blue sweats. His feet are icicles as they play with yours under the covers. “Then I’ll stay right here with you.” You stay silent for a while, until Ashton speaks again. “None of it’s true, you know. You could leave hair in the sink and drain every day. You could put too much pepper in dinner. You could be a skunk for all I care and I’d still love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else. That’s the truth.” All you can think to say is, “I put too much pepper in dinner?” “Only sometimes,” Ashton smiles. “Well you’re a smelly boy and your feet are freezing all the time,” you shoot back playfully. “You mean these feet?” He scoots closer to you, and wraps himself around you, his cold toes grazing your legs. “Can we really stay here all day?” You ask. “I’m not going anywhere,” Ashton stays, and you’ve never seen a more genuine grin on his face.

Calum: “Cal, this has gone too far.” The two of you are having coffee at the store where his ex-girlfriend works. You examine her Sharpie handwriting on the side of his Starbucks cup. Extra sugar, because you’re super sweet. Text me! “This coffee cup flirtation has got to stop.” “She does that to every hot guy that comes in,” Calum defends. “Well she can write on the cups of the guys who don’t have girlfriends. I’m going to go talk to her,” you say. You march over to the counter, where she stares with hearts in her eyes at Calum. “Excuse me, but I don’t appreciate the notes you leave on my boyfriend’s coffees.” “Well he sure seems to like them. You just know you can’t compete with me–that’s why you’re complaining.” “Please stop.” “Make me.” You don’t know whether to climb over that counter and shove her head into the espresso machine or burst into tears. But crying does not become an option when Calum comes over to you. “What’s going on over here?” “Hey, did you see the note? Why haven’t you texted me yet?” You look directly at Calum, wanting to know why. “Because I’m dating (y/n). I’m with her now, and I don’t think it’s okay for you to write notes on my cups anymore.” “Oh come on, who am I harming? Not my fault she can’t handle a little healthy competition,” she sneers. “You’re harming her, and there is no competition between you and her. (y/n) is my girlfriend because she’s way more caring and considerate than you ever were.” He pulls you away from the counter, towards the exit. On your way out you hear her call, “Don’t expect to get any more discounts!”

Michael: “You’re at an All Time Low concert with your boyfriend Michael. By chance, and to your dismay, you two run into his ex-girlfriend Moira in the crowd. She’s everything you’re not, and way more compatible with Michael than you’ll ever be. "Babe, I’m gonna grab a drink from the bar,” he announces and snakes his way out of the masses. Not a minute passes before Moira is on you like a moth on a porchlight. “You’re not even Michael’s type in the slightest. I would watch your back because someone’s gonna come and steal him away from you. My bets on me.” Michael is back already, with a drink for both of you, and like that Moira is gone. “I’m just gonna head to the bathroom real quick. I’m not feeling good,” you say and squeeze past Michael into the crowd. You barely get to the bathroom before you begin to cry. You close yourself in a stall so no one can see your mascara run horridly. “(y/n)??” You hear from somewhere in the bathroom. You sniffle and look up. It’s Mikey. “(y/n), what are you doing in there? The show’s about to start!” “I told you I wasn’t feeling good!” You call back. You’re startle by banging on the stall door. “Come out here and talk to me.” “Just go and enjoy the show with Moira," you jeer. "Did she say something to you while I was getting drinks?” “She might have said a thing or two.” “Will you please just come out so I can see your beautiful face?” “It’s not beautiful,” you counter, but unlock the door anyway. Michael sidles into the tiny stall, where you’re wiping your mascara and eyeliner furiously on your jeans. “(y/n), there’s a reason I’m not with her anymore. One, she lies constantly–still does. Two, she’s not you. You could have an extra head and I’d still pick you over her. Please don’t listen to a word she says.” The crying has ceased, and you can hear the sound of ATL wafting into the now empty bathroom. “They’re playing Love Like War,” you comment. “Yeah, we should go out there now. We’re missing your favorite.” “That is my favorite,” you smile. “I know.”

Luke: You’re sitting in history, your worst period as it is. Today’s especially terrible since you’ve been assigned new seats, conveniently next to your boyfriend Luke’s ex-girlfriend and her apostles. Every time your prof’s back is turned, she whispers something new to grind your gears. “Slut.” “Sloppy seconds.” “I had him first.” “Pity fuck.” Each one is followed by a slew of hisses and snickers. You try to return to your notes, but you can hear the words repeated every time you scribble. You hear them in the scratch of your pencil on the paper, in the squeaking of the chalk on the board. You decide to sneak your phone out and shoot Luke a few texts about how bad of a class you’re having. By the time history’s over, you feel like that class could be in the books you’re studying. You pick up your backpack and things quickly, hoping to sneak out the door and avoid another onslaught of the girls’ taunts. You jump when Luke greets you at the door. “What are you doing here? You’ve got class across the school.” “You texted me saying you had a shitty class. So I came to cheer you up.” “Yeah, well, it was nothing,” you lie, though just as this moment, the group of girls are passing by you. You’re in the clear until you hear her fake cough, pretending to cover up calling you a whore. “Takes one to know one!” Luke calls half-heartedly after her. He turns his attention to you, slinging his arm around your back. He leans his head in so it rests on top of your head. “That was the trouble?” You nod. Luke moves so he can press his lips to your cheek. “Sorry, (y/n), she’s got nothing better to do than be jealous of those who are prettier than her,” he says. He rests his fingers under your chin, pulling up slightly so you’ll look at him. “And smarter. And funnier. And nicer. And has a cute boyfriend.” You smile and as Luke kisses you, you’re thankful for having him with you.

Request – Jefferson (and Prince Charming) “Refuge”

You had to get away. You didn’t want to stay with your brother one moment longer than necessary. Your stupid brother with his stupid morals and his stupid opinion and his stupid thought that he was able to decide for you. He wasn’t, and he was going to find that out right now. All that your charming brother could say about you telling him that you were in love with Jefferson was that he wasn’t good enough. That he had too many links with the evil Queen. That the sister of Prince Charming could marry every prince she wanted, in all the kingdoms.
“But I don’t want to marry a prince!”, you had screamed back, and you did that again right now, now you were running away from the castle to the woods, to where you knew you could find Jefferson. It had started to rain, and it didn’t take long before you were soaked, despite the cape you were wearing. Luckily you knew where to go, and after what seemed like way too long, you could see the light that shone through a window. The sight of the small cottage was far more welcome than the castle you lived in could ever be, and you ran and stumbled towards it. When you reached it, you knocked on the door, and the moment it opened and Jefferson stood there, you fell into his arms, exhausted. He immediately caught you, putting you down on a chair, removing you soaked cloak and hanging it near the fire.
“What happened, my love? Why are you here?” You clenched your lips, not wanting to start crying before you could tell him what had been going on.
“My brother… he… he doesn’t want me to see you again.” He didn’t even look surprised.
“The prince has never been fond of me. I told you that, didn’t I?” You nodded, not able to keep in your tears anymore.
“But I thought… he’s always the one talking about true love. How can he deny me that, just because he doesn’t like you?” Jefferson kneeled down next to you.
“Because he loves you, darling. He’s afraid you’ll get hurt, and that’s why he is trying to keep you safe… even when that is from me.” You looked up at him, with eyes that burned from the tears. You tried to wipe them away with your hands.
“Aren’t you even mad at him?” He smiled and shook his head.
“I can’t be mad at the man who wants the same for you as I want. And that is to protect you. Even though we don’t agree with how we want to do that.” He stood up, walking towards a closet and taking out some supplies. “Here. I guess you want to dry off a bit? You can stay here tonight.” You breathed in relief. The rain was pounding on the roof, and you only realised now that for one moment you had been afraid he would send you back home. But when he came towards you, pulling you in a big hug, kissing the top of your head, you knew he wouldn’t do that.
“I’ll bring you home tomorrow and talk with him myself. Then I can convince him I mean well…” A smile started to form on your face again.
“Do you want to do that?” He nodded.
“I’ll do everything for you. Even your brother has to give in when he sees it is true love, doesn’t he?”

He stayed in room where the cake was and when I went down to dissemble it so I could take it off the table, he shook my and my husband’s hand and he told me how pretty the cake was and how good it tasted. I thanked him for actually eating it. He sat down at the table and actually ate his piece of cake. I told him ‘I’m so sorry I haven’t seen any of your movies, but I’m buying this one when it comes out.’ He’s so sweet. He’s a really nice person.
—  Faye Fair (the baker who created the wedding cake for I Saw the Light) couldn’t say enough nice things about Tom Hiddleston x
Say what you mean

I backread hawkwardly‘s jamie/tyler tag on tumblr and then I wrote a small psychic-powers ficlet. Who knows if it’s her thing, but, hey, gotta give credit where credit is due. Good work with the gifs.

The Stars aren’t stars enough for anyone to really notice Jamie the person, even in hockey circles. He’s Jamie Benn, and he’s pretty good on the ice, but he’s not getting photographed by the paparazzi on the reg. He doesn’t go out much and the team respects him but keeps their friendly distance and Jamie is thankful for every reason in the book.

And one that’s a book in itself.

Jordie can see into other people’s dreams, and that’s cool. Jenny can see out of other people’s eyes. Jamie can see inside their heads.

Nobody’s psychic all the time, obviously, but it drops on him at random moments. Fucked-up thoughts slam into his mind when he’s driving next to the same person for too long, or stuck in line at the supermarket: people think about their pets and their friends and their kids, sure, yeah, but they also think about driving off bridges. They think about mass murder.

His helmet takes care of it on the ice. He does not know why.

He gets a reputation for being a homebody, and he keeps it.

Jamie Benn doesn’t like crowds; Jamie Benn doesn’t do one-night stands; Jamie Benn can read your mind just by standing next to you for a while, it’s fucking awkward and terrible and he hates it.

Jamie stays in.

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Requested: Could you do one where you accidentally text luke a text meant for your friend saying how worthless you feel and how you’re not good enough for him and he deserves someone with a flat stomach and who isn’t shy and self conscious, and he is furious and tells you how you will ALWAYS be good enough and never to doubt his love for you and all really cute fluffy stuff please


Pairing: Dean x reader

Song: Unwanted - Avril Lavigne

Request: Can you do something where Dean sees you packing up your things in the bunker because your leaving for good. You thought he didn’t love you because after 5 months of being together he hasn’t said it but you did twice out of habit; You thought you weren’t good enough for him. So right after you say goodbye to him he confesses how he feels

Words: 1394

Warnings: drunk state (alcohol abuse?), negative opinions of oneself.

A/N: short, but sweet. Feedback please as usual :) enjoy! Hope this is what you wanted, requester x

Your name: submit What is this?


1 year after meeting Dean, and 3 months after first going out with him, you dropped the ‘l’ word. It was one of those things one doesn’t mean to say - it just came out, accidentally.
“Why do you even do this?” Dean raised his voice slightly. He was drunk out of his mind, but he didn’t sway, or slur, or grin idiotically like a normal person in this state. He was too used to it to stoop to any of that… And, that was exactly the problem, in his eyes.
“Do what, Dean?” you spoke gently, recognising his state of discomfort.
“This! Dating me! All I am is some worthless, burned out drunk… Why do you do it?” his voice was full of complete and utter despair.
The self-hatred he evidently possessed was tearing at your heart; so much so that you didn’t think. You couldn’t.
“Because I love you, alright, Dean? I love you” you, too, raised your voice into a yell.
Before you could even begin to process the fact that you’d just informed your boyfriend that you loved him, Dean was flying at you and his lips were on yours.
“I’m sorry, babe” he mumbled into your mouth. “I know you want to be in this relationship, I’m just…” he didn’t undergo the endeavour of finishing his sentence. You knew what the close to it would have been, anyway.
You kissed Dean back, and no matter how romantic it was, you felt uneasy because Dean hadn’t return the 3 small words you’d offered him.
It’s fine. I’m just being paranoid. He probably just forgot about it.
1 year and 2 months after meeting Dean, and 5 months after first going out with him, you dropped the 'l’ word. It was one of those things one doesn’t mean to say - it just came out, accidentally.
You were cuddled up with Dean in the bed you’d shared for months now. The both of you were on the edge of unconsciousness, ready to drift off into sleep.
“Night, beautiful” Dean kissed your hair lightly and muttered a goodnight to you.
“I love you, night” you responded absent mindedly.
Dean didn’t say anything after that. Your head was on his chest, so you could feel the rhythm of his breathing. It didn’t slow enough for it to be the breath of a sleeping person: it wasn’t at ease.
He could just be asleep.
Or I could be worrying about nothing.
Or I’ve freaked him out, big time. I sound clingy, and like I’m trying to force him into saying something he’s supposed to say when he’s ready. If he’s ready at all…
Maybe I’m just not good enough for him. Maybe he’ll never be ready.

The next day, Sam and Dean had left you to do research while they went on a case early. When you checked your phone, you discovered that Sam had left a voice mail for you.
“Hey, y/n. It’s Sam. Just to tell you, we’re - Dean and I - we’re on a case, so we’re okay-”
“For now… Who knows what could happen on this one” you heard Dean interject. It was funny, but you couldn’t bring yourself to laugh.
“Don’t listen to Dean… He’s only joking. We’re fine. See you later” you heard a clicking noise, then, but the message wasn’t over.
“Dean, you shouldn’t say things like that, even if you’re making a joke. You’ll scare y/n. I know she’s a hunter, too, but she can still get frightened that something could happen to you… She loves you. I bet you’d be worried if she’d said that to you.” he must have thought h’d hung up. You were anxious to hear Dean’s reply to the 'she loves you’ part. At the same time, though, you didn’t want to hear it.
“Don’t be ridiculous, Sam. It’s fine.” Suddenly, Dean sounded extremely grumpy.
“So you want to scare her?” Sam asked, cynicism clear in his voice.
“I never said that, Sam… Just leave it.” the older Winchester brother snapped.
“… You do love her, right?” Sam was uneasy.
“I said” there was a scuffling sound. “Leave it.”
You heard the sound of the phone clattering to the floor, and that was the end of the recording.
For the rest of the day, you worked yourself up into a frenzy.
I’m so stupid to think he’d ever love me. He’s so much better than me. He’s gorgeous and kind and a good fighter and clever and… I’m none of those things. I’m being ridiculous, not him. He’ll never love me.
All you could think about was how unhappy he was with you. How he was probably faking his alleged affection for you. By the end of the day, you couldn’t take it any more. You felt that you couldn’t stand to be in this relationship. What was the point if you felt much more than he did?
Slowly, as if all of the energy you’d had had been drained out of you, you made your way to you and Dean’s bedroom. You grabbed your duffel bag and hastily started packing it. You didn’t think it through. You didn’t think you’d need to explain the situation to Dean. You didn’t think you’d have to say goodbye to him.
You swung your bag over your shoulder, while you fought back tears, despite the fact that no one was in the bunker to see them if they fell from your eyes.
Swallowing, you made your way through the bunker. Just as you got the front door, however, it opened and you found Sam and Dean in the door way.
Shit. I didn’t think they’d be back. Oh well, I’ll just have to explain.
No, that would be too painful.
What do I do?

“Sam…” Sam turned to you when you addressed him. “Could Dean and I talk for a moment, please? If you don’t mind…” you blushed, for a reason you were unable to uncover.
“Oh, of course, y/n. I’ll leave you two to it. I need to go do something, somewhere else anyway…” the younger Winchester gave you a rather awkward smile and left the scene.
“Y/n, I know why you want to leave. I-I…” Dean struggled.
“You don’t know, actually, alright, Dean? You don’t. You have no idea. Now I’m going to leave, and you’re going to go off and get some girl you deserve. There’s no reason for me not to leave.” your voice was cold and nothing but, as you swivelled round, ready to step out of the door and never look back. Sure, it would hurt, but what choice did you have?
“I… I…” Dean said quietly. Inaudibly, he took a deep breath.
“What, Dean?” you whipped back round to face him, a sharp look on your tired face.
“I love you, okay?!” Dean bellowed. “I love you! There, I said it! I know what you’re gonna think, now. You’re gonna think I said that when I don’t mean it. Well, I freakin’ do, y/n! So, I was scared. I was seriously scared. I mean, what do I know about feelings? Nothing! So, how was I expected to know about love? I was so frightened of this going sour because everything in my life does. And, let’s be realistic. I’m not good with that kind of stuff. You’re so much better at this whole love thing than I am. No, scratch that. You’re better than I am, period. And I couldn’t understand it. Me? In love? With someone so beautiful, inside and out? It was- I couldn’t-” Dean was going into a full speech. It was obvious to you that he’d never shared this with anyone before, but it had been building and building inside him. “I do love you. I’m so in love with you I can’t eve begin to comprehend it. There was no excuse for me to leave you hanging like that, twice. I was just- I was scared and I didn’t want- oh, God, I’m such a coward.” he looked down at the floor, ashamed.
“Oh, Dean… You really mean all that? You’re not just saying it 'cause you feel sorry for me?”
“Uh…” Dean looked up again, and his met yours. There was no hint of malice in them; only truth. “I mean all of it, y/n. I promise.”

scaring you during a fight {michael}



michael is so much of a dork most of the time so i feel like he would rarely get super angry and what if one night all of a sudden he just snapped on you because you’re really upset and you won’t tell him why and usually he’s very understanding but he just doesn’t get why you can’t be open with him and he’s more hurt than angry but it doesn’t show that way so i bet he’d start screaming at you and eventually go into detail about how he must not be good enough for you and you can hear the edge in his voice and you’re curled up on the couch shaking and crying as he continues to yell at you and all of a sudden he leaves and slams the door and you can’t move fast enough to catch up to him and you have no idea where he is and its pouring rain and you call him and cry into his voicemail each time you reach it and after about fifteen messages of you saying ‘michael you’re scaring me please just come back i’m so sorry’ over and over again he shows up at the door completely soaked and you can tell he’s been crying and you would stand up to apologize but before you could say anything he’d just crash into you and kiss you so passionately and repeatedly say he’s sorry for making you scared like that and you guys would talk things out because i like to think michael is pretty rational and you would get him dry clothes and cuddle in bed trying to warm him up




Why everything has ended? I seriously don’t know why. I just woke up one day and everything’s not the same. He’s no longer there to the place where i met him. I wish i know why, i wish i know the reason why he left. But it all made me feel numb. I didn’t get any explanation. In just a blink of an eye, i just a snap of a finger he left without saying anything. It was unfair because i know i deserve it. I tried to justify why he left me. I even blame myself that maybe it was my fault. Maybe i’ wasn’t good enough. Maybe i’m too much to handle. Or maybe you got tired of me. That’s what i always tell myself. Everyone tells me that I should just forget you. So many more ask me why it is I still bother to give you the time of day when you’re even worth it.

Everyday i’m trying to convince myself that i should just move on and continue my life. Everyday i’m coping up but there’s still this emptiness inside me. Something inside me is missing. Maybe i’m still longing for the answer to my question. Maybe, i’m still waiting for your explanation.

I’m so sorry for being so selfish. But I understand now why you left, maybe you don’t want me in your life anymore. I tried to be enough, i gave you everything but regardless of my sacrifices and the pain you put me through, you still managed to leave me feeling worthless. You still managed to break every piece of myself. At this very moment i’m still picking up the pieces of my broken heart. I could still feel the tinged of pain all over my skin. I’m still waiting for your explanation. i wanna know why you left me. Maybe if you’ll tell the reason why, i’ll learn how to let you go.

—  why did you left me?