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Hello could you please do a BTS Reaction to you trying to be kinky during sexy time and handcuffing them to the headboard but forgetting the keys to the cuffs. Nothing smutty, just funny if you want. :) I try to stay as "clean" as much as possible. xD

It would have made him a little uneasy to begin with but when he heard you cuss and drop to the floor at the end of the bed so you were just out of sight a slight panic would set in. ‘Jack what’s going on? Let me out please.’ He’d say but when you told him you couldn’t find the damn key he’d start half laughing half screaming.

‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.’ Would be all he said when you realize you didn’t remember where you put the key. 'I swear to god you’re going to wish you never did this when I get out.’ He’d say making the metal of the cuffs sound loudly against the metal of your head board.

He’d just be watching you in complete amusement as he watched you pace back and fourth. He’d start saying things like 'jagi my arms are getting tired.’ Or 'well while you think about where it is you can always help me out with my not so little situation.’ That would just further frustrate you.

Loud yelling. Especially if no one was home. He would be yelling at you though, more like yelling at the situation and most the time his yell would be broken up by laughes. 'I swear Hobi I put the key right here where did it go!?’ But all he could do was laugh.

He’d he encouraging you to find it while giving you ideas on where to look. Being tied up wouldn’t make him uncomfortable, the fact that one of the members could walk in and see him in such a submissive pose made him uncomfortable.

He’d be joking about the situation just because this was so you. He’d probably even go as far as calling another member to help you look, just because it was funny.

Although he’d love it when you took charge in the bedroom, being stuck tied up would make him feel almost a little claustrophobic. He’d constantly be pulling at the restraints and with a stern voice that would soften half way through tell you to hurry and stop messing around if it was a joke.  

The Office

AN//: hello dis is 4u. I made it. special thx to my friend @rogueimagination for givin me writing advice and givin me da courage 2 post. plss let me kno what u think !!! much love <3

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien + Reader

Word Count: 3364

Warnings: Swearing

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“I guess what I’m saying is… we should see other people.”

I bit my lip hard and held back tears. A million thoughts ran through my head at once, but nothing seemed to make sense. Weren’t we happy together? I guess not. Because here I am, getting dumped.

What did I do? Why doesn’t he like me anymore? Did he even like me to begin with? There must be another girl. No, he would never cheat.

I lifted the corners of my lips as much as I could without falling apart.

“Yes, I think that would be best too,” I lied. Not wanting to look pathetic by overreacting and breaking down, but also wanting to get the hell out of here as fast as possible.

I turned away but found myself glancing back at him one last time.

“Goodbye Dylan.”

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Giving In - a Jared Leto ONESHOT

“Enough is enough. I’ve given you every single hint I can possibly think of,” Alexi uses her best pout face possible as she grabs a hold of the mound of hair on his chin. “I hate this.”

“It’s not that bad,” Jared insists, combing his fingers through the monstrosity that’s taken over his face.

“I miss your jaw and your lips,” she says squinting her eyes as she gets ridiculously close to his face. “Are they still there?”

“I thought you liked feeling the beard right here,” he teases her by dragging his cold fingers up the inside of her thigh, watching her squirm as she tries to retreat.

Alexi manages to escape his seduction, dragging him into the bathroom by tightening her grip on a few stray hairs dangling from his chin. “If you just trimmed it maybe…but look at you,” she protests, standing next to him, her hands in his hair. “I love this hair and I can’t see it because of the 1970’s bush that’s somehow managed to stick to your pretty face.

“You’re not letting this go, are you?” Jared asks, losing his resolve to go against his girlfriend’s wishes.

“Babe, you look like a mountain man,” Alexi pushes, rolling her eyes when Jared smiles at the thought. She quickly changes her description. “Deranged lunatic.”

“Do you even know me?” Jared teases her, pulling her against his side and kissing her cheek. She snarls her nose at the hairy man kissing her.

“Fine, keep it. It’s fluffy. Tell me, when exactly did you master self-service blowjobs?” she practically sings, gloating as she skips away, knowing his weakness.

“Fuck,” Jared curses under his breath as he glances at his beloved beard and his girl who just hit him below the belt. “DOLPHIN!!!” he yells out, immediately wishing he could take it back.

Alexi spins on her heels and stares at him in a mix of shock and triumph. “Did you just safeword?” she asks with barely concealed glee.

“Yes,” Jared admits. “Don’t walk away. You win.” His shoulders sag and he pouts dramatically until she walks back to him and wraps her arms around him.

“Aww, babe,” she coos, running her finger along his protruding bottom lip. “Don’t worry, I’ll make it worth your while,” she promises with a grin, fighting her urge to run her tongue across that lip peeking through the hair. “I’ve never even used the safeword. I can’t wait to tell Shannon you caved and he owes me one pair of ridiculously expensive shoes!”

“Is there anything you two don’t bet on?” Jared asks, watching her as she bends and begins to search for the clippers. “I hid them last week,” he confesses, chuckling. “You’ll never find them.”

Alexi tilts her head and glares at him from where she’s kneeling on the floor. “Where are they?” she grits out. Jared grins and places his hand on her head, thrusting his hips in her direction. “You wish,” she rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Jared pouts at the sting of her rejection and makes his way to the foot of the bed, opening the sex toy box. “You sneaky bastard!” she laughs when he pulls them out of the box and huffs, handing them over to her when he returns to the bathroom.

“You’re sure you wanna do this?” he asks, hoping for a last minute pardon.

“Ummhmmm. Then when it’s done I’ll let you see how much you enjoy the feel of my thighs on your cheek when you go down on me,” she whispers in his ear as she flips the clippers on.

Jared instinctively cringes at the sound. Alexi kisses him gently, soothingly running her hand through his hair until he’s purring, before she steps back and makes the first cut to his beloved beard with a sudden rush of movement. She repeats the action, concentrating her thoughts on the movements of her wrist as the hair begins to pool at their feet. “I hope you know you’re cleaning this mess up,” Jared informs her but she doesn’t falter her concentration, only smiling as she finally finds his jawline, caressing it gently.

When she’s done she turns off the shaver and sets it down just before he sweeps her up in his arms. She wraps her legs around him, giggling as he kisses her face all over, rubbing his now smooth chin against her skin. Jared sets her down on the counter as he leans over her to get a closer look at his reflection in the mirror. Alexi reaches up, stroking the smooth skin of his jaw. Jared turns his face towards her and pecks her lips, smiling at how pleased she is with the results. As he pulls his face from her hands she follows, pressing her lips to his again, holding him close to her as she continues to kiss his now unobstructed lips.

Jared pulls her closer to the edge of the counter and she tightens her legs around his hips. He kisses and licks his way down her jaw to her neck, the warmth of his skin on hers causing a low moan in her chest. Jared brings both his hands down hard on the tops of her legs making her jump and tense before he slowly sneaks his fingers up the tops of her thighs, growling in her ear when he slides his hands to the inside of her thighs, his fingertips dancing around her clit in a teasing way. She immediately bucks her hips forward. “Please daddy,” she begs into his ear, gripping the ripped fabric of his t-shirt between her fingers.

“Tell daddy what you want,” Jared immediately slips into character, retracting his hands. His eyes are filled with desire when she opens hers to look at him. She knows she has to make it good.

“I need you to put your hands back where you had them. Please, daddy,” she whines, pulling at the fisted material in her hands, until it rips. “I want to feel your face and your lips with your tongue while you taste me. I need to wrap my legs around your neck while you make me scream your name.”

“You want me to lick as slowly and deeply as I did last night?” Jared asks her, hiding his grin in her neck as he reminds her what that felt like with a slow, steady lick from her collar-bone up to her jaw.

“Yes, daddy, please!” she begs him.

“But last night you were naughty. I had to punish you for cumming too soon,” Jared says, bringing his hands back around the inside of her thighs, this time, touching her with a fraction of the friction as before.

“But, daddy, I promise I’ll be a good girl. I’ve been dreaming about you doing it without the beard for weeks now. I promise I won’t cum until you say,” she assures him, ripping the hole in his shirt until the only thing left is the collar. Jared lets out a second, deeper growl with her more desperate plead. He kisses her softly on her lips and bends to kneel in front of her. She smiles triumphantly and closes her eyes, leaning back against the mirror as Jared’s smooth face reaches the sensitive skin of the inside of her thighs where his beard had nearly rubbed her raw the night before. He lightly kisses each thigh before continuing on his quest. His lips engulf her glistening center and Alexi tugs at the roots of his hair, focusing her energy on not cumming until he gives her the permission she’s already craving.

She opens her eyes, taking in the sight of this dominant, controlling man on his knees to please her. He removes his mouth from her momentarily, replacing his tongue with his fingers, flicking his thumb at her clit, the two of them taking in their remarkable view. “Fuck, daddy!” Alexi cries out as everything inside her starts to pull at her core, her orgasm ready to explode around him.

Jared looks up into her eyes and removes his fingers, licking her in one long stroke before he gives her sex a swift smack. He rocks back on his heels and smiles up at her. “Daddy has to get to work.”

“No…you…no…you’re not stopping now,” she tries to wrap her head around the denial he’s executing right now.

Jared pulls himself to his feet and kisses her forcefully. “Don’t forget to clean up your mess little girl,” Jared reminds her before exiting the room, chuckling at her expense.


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Hi! Sorry to bother, but could it be 6, 42, 43, 64, 66 and 87 with Eggsy, please?? Thanks 😘

The necklace still hung over the frame in his bedroom. It had been there the morning he woke up without you, and he hadn’t been able to move it. Rain began to fall harder, echoing around the apartment as he stared at the necklace and the photograph behind it. No one in the service knew where you had gone, or at least they wouldn’t tell him. A knock drowned out the sound of the rain, and Eggsy stood slowly. Roxy had promised to come by, help distract him from another night missing you.

“Hey, Eggsy,” you said quietly, forcing a weak smile onto your face. His hair was longer than when you had last seen him, and scruff covered his jaw. He looked stunned, unfocused eyes staring at you in shock. “I, um, I need a place to stay.

He shook his head, suddenly seeming to see you. “Bloody hell,” he said. “Yeah, yeah, of course! Get in here. You’re soaking, you must be freezing.”

“Not too cold,” you answered, your shivers exposing you.

Eggsy shook his head and grabbed your hands, pulling you into his apartment. “You always were a shit liar. Here, take this blanket,” Eggsy said. Not waiting for you to reach out, he wrapped it around you himself, staying close as he ran his hands up and down your arms in an attempt to keep you warm. He pulled his hands away suddenly, taking a step back.

Tears pricked at your eyes as pain and anger flickered through his. “Six months,” he said quietly, turning to walk away from you. He sat on the couch you had bought when he asked you to move in. “Gone for six fucking months. Did you just forget about us? About me? Where the bloody hell have you been?”

“Away,” you answered tearfully, wishing you could tell him more. “Merlin was meant to tell you. I guess when things went south, he–he decided knowing would make it all harder for you,” you said, wrapping the blanket tighter around yourself. You sank to the floor where you stood, curling up and wrapping your arms around your knees. The tears slipped down your cheeks. “How could I ever forget about you, Eggsy?” you whispered, resting your forehead against your knees.

“You got caught.” The floor squeaked as he stood up, but he knew the apartment well enough that his footsteps were silent as he walked to your side. He sat on the floor beside you, his knee brushing against yours. “You got caught and no one said a thing.”

Your voice shook when you spoke again. “When I realized I couldn’t come home to you, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Thinking about you was all that kept me sane.”

He traced his thumb carefully across your cheek, tucking your hair behind your ear. “At night,” you said quietly, “I would close my eyes and pretend I was back here, on this crappy couch I bought, with your arms around me.”

A smile spread across his face and he kissed you softly. “I missed you too.” you hummed in happiness and Eggsy laughed quietly, and the sound chased away the darkness that had chased you from the small room and you let your eyes drift closed. “I’d tell you to stay awake, but you were always so beautiful when you slept.”

Stop being so cute,” you mumbled. “Just hold me, Eggsy. I just want you to hold me.”

“I promise I will never let go of you.”

The Poetry of Laughter (Neil, Todd)

Summary: Neil loves finding reasons to get his hands on Todd; Todd doesn’t really mind. (Guess who decided to collab again?! That’s right, @nhasablog and I decided to write a little Dead Poets Society piece together, and we hope you enjoy!)

They were sitting in their dorm room, making their usual small talk; boring classes, disgusting amounts of homework, pointless assignments. It was the weekend, finally, and they would have some time to relax. They sat crossed-legged beside each other on Neil’s bed.

“Do you know what the play is going to be this year?” Todd asked, lightening the mood from all the talk of school.

“No, but I have a feeling it’s going to be Romeo & Juliet,” Neil replied.

How exactly he had this feeling, Todd wasn’t sure, but didn’t question it. “You’d be a great Romeo,” he said.

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All My Idols Ch 29: Left Behind

“Are you ready?” Seungri yells over the speakers, deafening a few people with his energetic voice. I chuckle from my spot at the bar, sipping my drink while he has the time of his life. The club is completely packed with screaming people dancing like fools on the floor. I honestly want to join the crowd in their drunken stupors but someone has to stay sober to watch Seungri other wise things will get crazy. Regret on not allowing the others to come slowly fills me as I watch Ri make his way from the DJ booth back to me, downing shot after shot that was offered to him. I set my drink down, this one is enough for me I guess. “Are you ready to try a little dancing?”

I shake my head, “I’m not dancing with you Oppa, you would make feel ashamed for even standing next to you.”

“Come on,” He whines pulling by my hands. “I promise to be gentle with you.”

“Okay, but if you mess my ankle you are going to be the one explaining it to the others and anyone else who asks.”

He nods eagerly, “Whatever it takes!”

I sigh but push myself up from my seat and follow him onto the packed dance floor. It’s been too long since I’ve been to a club and tired to dance sober. The movements don’t come easily and with Seungri holding on to me, moving like the dancer he is. He senses my distress and can easily figure out what is wrong, he reaches behind me and catches a waitress passing through the crowd. I scoff as he grabs as many shots as he can. He manages to get three in each hand, offering a hand full to me.

“You look like you need some dancing juice,” He urges me to take one.

“Oppa, I’m the sober one, remember?” I yell in his ear over the music.

“We don’t need a sober one, you’ve got me, I’ve got you, sober or trashed, we will take care of each other, right?”

I know I should disagree but I haven’t been able to have fun with Seungri for a long time, I smile and take the shots, “I’ve got you.”

“Woo!” We shout together downing the shots. It doesn’t take much to get the warm feeling in my belly, my body starts to loosen up. I unwind my shoulders and slowly get my hips moving to the beat.

“That’s my girl,” Seungri moves behind me, his hands find my hips and he pulls me close so our bodies are pressed tightly together. I laugh when he grabs my hand and spins me out away from him before pulling me back to where I began. His arm now rests against my bare stomach, still holding my hand and I assume to keep me from getting away. Others around us begin moving the same as time flies by, their hips swing like ours, arms above their heads as they let the music and crowd take control of where their body goes. The crowd seems to get thicker and the grinding of bodies more intense. I feel every detail of Seungri’s body pressed up against my back, I can imagine the guy in front of me feels the same but he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

He spins around, a cocky grin on his face when he lays his eyes on me, completely forgetting the girl he was grinding on a moment ago. The moment his hands reach for me Seungri pushes the guy away with so much force that the man knocks over the girl behind him along with another man. The blonde man holding me flips me around so we are pressed chest to, his leg in between mine and mine in between his, still moving together. His arm now resting along my shoulders, my face is pressed against his shoulder, for a brief moment I think it’s to console me for the almost groping he stopped but I’m wrong. A string of cuss words leaves his mouth, surprising me and scaring away the stranger.

I stiffen in his hold, my hands rest against his chest, confused on what I should do. I’ve never seen Seungri actually mad, I’m hoping it’s just the alcohol in his system taking over making his usual child like personality more amplified. But when I push away and see his face I see that yet again, I’m wrong. His face is set in stone, angry features carved in, scaring away anyone that would try to come up behind me.

“Oppa?” I say, worried.

He looks down at me, dropping the scary face for a moment, “Sorry Charlie, I just don’t want anyone trying to feel you up or something.”

“Maybe we should go, I don’t want to ruin the good night we had with you getting into a fight.”

He is about to argue when he looks at his watch, “Shit it’s past two already, we’ve been dancing for almost two hours. I guess we could go sit down and hang out for a little while, I don’t want to bring you back yet.”

I know I should tell him to bring me back to the hotel but I feel guilty, “Of course Oppa, let s find a nice booth and sit down.” He eagerly leads me away from the crowd to the VIP area behind one of those velvet ropes. Seungri takes me up the horribly lit stairs, sweetly making sure I don’t trip on the steps, and quickly finds a booth that looks over the dance floor..

“You sit down and rest, I’m going to run down to the bar to grab us some drinks and say hi to a friend I noticed,” He yells in my ear.

I nod and scoot into the half circle booth. He disappears the way we came from for a moment before popping out back on the dance floor. I watch as he approaches the bar and a pretty Asian woman I’ve never seen before. He places his hand on her lower back and smiles at her, obviously hitting on her. She turns to him, a scowl obvious on her beautiful face even in the darkness. Her eyes scan the dance floor, she gestures in the direction of where we had been dancing and huffs. With her hands on her hips it’s easy to tell that she’s upset about something and I feel like it has something to do with me. He caresses her arm and gives her another smile, of course she caves, who could say no to Seungri’s handsome smile. A snicker escapes my lips.

“Did he just use me to make a girl jealous?” I wonder to myself. “I wish he would have told me, I would have made more of an effort.” I watch bored as they flirt back and forth for a few minutes, I’m surprised when he actually orders something from the bartender, maybe he hasn’t forgotten about me. To be honest I would only be upset that he is trying to pick up women because of how big of he deal he made about us getting our own night out. Seunghyun almost murdered him because of all of his whining, I agreed to avoid blood shed and because he is right. We haven’t been able to go out to lunch or dinner or have a night in since I went public, I’ve missed his energy even though I see him at home, it’s different when it’s just the two of us.

His childish personality is still there but with a hint of maturity when he pays for meals or little trinkets he buys me. I love seeing the confidence on his face when I hide behind him during a scary movie or when I rest my head on his shoulder. I love how little things like that make him feel so good. I watch on with a small smile as he flirts and flaunts his stuff, no longer feeling abandoned, just happy that he is having fun.

I don’t notice the three men creeping up on my booth, drinks in hand, lost in their own conversation, just trying to find an empty table. Instead the familiar men find me, “Charlie?”

I snap out of my daze and scan the three men, one who has since changed out of his fancy suit, “Oppas?”

Tao beams at me, “What are you doing here all by yourself? Can we join you?” He looks about ready to jump in the booth before the others have a chance to take the spot on either side of me.

“I’m with Seungri oppa, he went to get drinks but he got distracted by an old friend,” I point down at the bar where Seungri is now sipping on a drink with the woman.

“She’s a model,” Kris notes studying the woman, “I can’t think of her name but she’s pretty popular.”

“Ooo,” I click my tongue once again, “Get it Oppa,” I cheer from where I sit.

“So you two aren’t dating or anything?” Luhan asks with his brows up.

“I’m completely single,” I clarify.

“Does that mean these seats are open?” Tao asks again.

“Tao,” Kris elbows his young friend, “Could we keep you company until your friend returns?”

I hum, eyeing Seungri once more, deciding he is so focused on the beauty in front of him he would be distracted long enough for me to talk to my new friends, “Yes.”

That is all Tao needed to fly into the booth, basically sitting on my lap when he lands, “I was hoping we would run into you again!”

“Me too,” Luhan hums taking the spot on my other side while Kris slides in next to Tao.

In my buzzed state of mind I eye up Tao and voice something that occurred to me earlier, “You are a lot different than I expected.”

He cocks his head, his smile fades, “What do you mean?”

“Not anything bad, you are just a lot cuter. I had this idea in my head that you were this cool guy with a badass attitude, but you are really cute,” I smile at him.

“Well, I am a badass,” He points out as he lowers his voice an octave and straightens his voice.

“Yea, sure you are,” I laugh.

“Could I get you anything to drink?” Kris offers, “Since your other drink will be a moment.”

“Ah, sure, but remember boys, the minute Seungri oppa shows up you gotta go, it’s our night tonight,” I remind them.

They nod, “Of course.”

We talk for awhile, a lot longer than I thought we would, not that I mind it’s just that I was expecting Seungri to return before Kris did with my first drink, but no. It’s been twenty five minutes exactly, I give him more and more time because he seems to be enjoying talking to his friend but when I look down for him, like I’ve been doing every couple minutes, he is gone. I wait a few more, maybe he’s coming up the stair, but nothing. Worry settles in the pit of my stomach. I pull out my phone and text him.

“Is something wrong?” Luhan wonders when I don’t answer one of his questions.

“Seungri oppa should have been back by now, I can’t see him and it’s getting late,” I stare at my phone impatiently.

“Seungri walked out with that model a few minutes ago,” Kris tells me.


He repeats himself but it doesn’t make anymore sense than it did the first time.

“That’s impossible, it’s our night out tonight, he wouldn’t just leave me here,” That feeling of abandonment settles in my stomach, replacing my worry, making me feel sick. I quickly dial his number and hold the phone to my ear. He doesn’t answer the first time, worry returns until he answers my second call.

“What?” He snaps in a tone he’s never used with me.

“Oppa?” I question for a moment, not believing it’s actually him.

“I said what.”

“Where did you go? You went for our drinks and never came back.”

“Yea, took you a half hour to figure it out? I’m not surprised,” A slur is obvious in his voice. “You had someone new to talk to, like always, it’s not like it mattered that I was gone, some body filled my empty seat. Pretty quick I might add.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I snap, any worry I have gone.

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?” He actually yells back at me. I take the phone away from my ear and stare down at it, questioning if I called the right person but his name glows on my phone with a picture of us in the background hugging and smiling.

“Oppa, are you okay? Is something wrong? Did I do something to make you upset?” I whimper out, tears pricking my eyes.

“Yes! You keep adding more and more people, like we aren’t enough for you, you have to be friends with everyone! You can find your own way home right?” He doesn’t even give me a chance to respond, “Yes! Of course you can, you are the princess! Everyone loves you and you have to love everyone in return! It’s fine, it’s not like I care,” He hangs up. I pause there for a moment, completely dumbstruck.

“Charlie?” Luhan places a hand on my shoulder when a tear falls down my cheek.

“What happened?” Tao worries.

Kris leans in as well, “Are you okay?”

I gulp and set my phone down, turning it off in the process, “I’m fine,” I lie.

“You are crying, you are obviously not okay, where did Seungri go? Do we need to find him?” Kris quickly offers.

“Do you want to know what I actually really need?”

They all nod.



“I was just told by one of my closest friends that he is mad at me because he thinks I’m replacing him or that he isn’t enough for me and I don’t want to deal with his upset drunk ass at our hotel right now and if I wake up the others they will cause a scene, I don’t want to deal with that,” I explain with a heart breaking smile.

“This won’t solve anything,” Luhan tells me, pulling my drink away from me.

“You are very right,” I acknowledge, “But I’m not looking to solve the problem, I’m planning on drinking until I forget that I’m mad or that I don’t care about what happens when I go back. You don’t have to stay and watch me be sad, feel free to go, I promise to be more fun and happy next time we meet.”

“I have no where to be, so hope you are ready for a good time,” Tao swipes my drink away from the older and offers it back to me with a smile.

Two Hours Later

I barely manage to open the room door but once I do I kick it open with one of my wobbly legs. My fog filled mind keeps me on a nice high until I see a familiar figure passed out on the couch. Memories from a few hours ago come into my mind, Seungri leaving me basically alone at a bar, decently buzzed and in a forgien country where I barely speak the language. His harsh drunken words and my heart feels heavy again with both anger and sadness. How could he have just left me? No matter how angry he is we promised each other, we got each other.

I drop my heels that I’ve been carrying since Luhan had sweetly dropped me off at the front of the hotel, “Oppa!” I half cry and yell. Tears are streaming down my face as I let the slam behind me. “Oppa!” In drunken anger I chuck my phone at him with all my might, hitting him on the back, waking him enough to roll off the couch and onto the marble floor.

“Ah!” He groans.

“You asshole!” I snarl, “You fucking left me!”

“Charlie?” Youngbae shuffles into the living room in a pair of sweat pants and no shirt. Daesung is on his heels in the same attire. Both of them squinting in the darkness. The older flips on the lights scanning both Seungri and I in the new light.

“What in the world is going on?” Daesung rushes over to me when he sees that I’m crying.

“What the hell?” Seungri groans as he sits back on his ass, his eyes still closed.

“I was going to ask you that,” Youngbae nudges the youngest with his foot.

“I was passed out when Charlie stormed in and stared fucking bawling.”

There is a brief moment of silence before the older kicks him on to his back a bit less gentle than before, “Why the hell were you passed out on the couch when she is just getting home?” Youngbae snarls.

“Umm…” Seungri’s voice is shaky as he tries to sit back up but is stopped by the older’s foot.

“You have five seconds to answer me before I wake up Jiyong and Seunghyun.”

“He left me!” I snap, still crying against Daesung’s shoulder.

Seungri scrambles away from Youngbae and puts the other couch in between them. But from the look the older is giving him I don’t think God himself could protect him.

“You left her?” Daesung repeats.

“It’s not like I just abandoned her!” He tries to defend himself, “I left her with those boys who left EXO.”

“You left her with three men we don’t know when she was drunk?”

“You guys are making it so much worse than it is! It’s not like anyone would hurt her, she’s the princess after all. Everyone loves her!” He spits.

“You’re right she is the princess, which means she has fans just like us, fans that could try and take her because they love her so much. It also means there are crazy stalker fans who don’t like her because she is the princess. Do you have any idea of what could have happened to her if she didn’t have someone watching her? She could have gotten lost in a foreign country, she could have gotten into a really bad situation because of some petty reason.”

“How do you know it’s petty? Maybe she did something wrong!”

Youngbae scoffs, “Okay, what did she do to make you leave her?”

The youngest puffs his pink cheeks, tears beginning to form in his own eyes, “She made new friends on our special night out!”

Youngbae pause for a brief moment before sighing, “I’m getting the others.”

I’m feeling better today! Incase you didn’t see, I was sick for a few days so that’s why I haven’t been posting. I have to work tomorrow so I don’t know if I’ll have much energy to write when I get off but I promise one on Thursday work and a long nap! Have a good night!

anonymous asked:

Cuddling RobStar is always a good one, just nothing to sad/heavy/serious. But anything you write will be amazing ❤️💜 ( this is in terms of the one shot)

I’m sorry this took so long, anon! I really wasn’t expecting any prompts, but I saved it so that I could respond eventually. Here it is! Have some angsty RobStar for your feels, today!

It started when Beast Boy had accidentally rented the wrong movie on movie night.

Cyborg had insisted on Mega Mutants Volume 3, while Beast Boy was more in the mood for classic horror such as The Thing. The two winded up fighting over the converter as Robin, Starfire and Raven watched on helplessly from their spot on the couch.

As the two teens continuously flicked back and forth between titles, eventually, Beast Boy hit the purchase button on a movie neither of them had intended; a sappy, romantic comedy.

Everyone’s expressions blanched as they stared at the offending television screen, where the unwanted movie had started to play, along with a happy, musical tune.

“Aw, dude! Look what you made me do!” Beast Boy cried out despairingly, throwing the controller at his cybernetic friend in exasperation.

Me?! This is your fault!” Cyborg angrily protested.

“You’re the one who just ruined movie night, tin can!”

“What did you call me?!”

It went on like this for several minutes more before Robin and Raven both decided to intervene when they couldn’t take anymore.

“Whoever doesn’t want to watch the movie can leave. As of right now, we’re stuck with…whatever this is, so. Make do, or find something else to occupy your time with,” Robin ordered, standing between the two arguing Titans.

Beast Boy pouted, but Raven used her powers to swiftly confiscate the remote before he attempted to purchase a different film for the night. “Robin’s right. We can’t afford to squander money over such pettiness,” she reaffirmed.

Starfire looked about in confusion. “Friends, what is wrong with the film of love and humor? Do you not enjoy such tales?” She looked about the room, dejected.

Robin spared her a sympathetic look before shrugging. “Sorry, Star. I’ve got some work I need to look into for the Justice League. Maybe another night?”

Cyborg stood up then as well, a scowl on his human features. “I just remembered I have to tune up the T-car,” he said dryly.

As the two Titans left the room, Starfire couldn’t help but give Raven a glum look, begging the empath not to leave despite having put up her hood.

“Friend Raven, will you not stay and enjoy our picture night?”

The empath, in response, spared Beast Boy a curious look, the changeling having sullenly fallen into the red sofa like a blade of grass, his arms folded over his chest as he stared blankly at the screen. “Uh…I’d love to, Star, but I have to meditate…,” Raven stammered uneasily.

“Can you not leave the meditating for after the night of movies?” Starfire pleaded, clasping her fingers together in front of her while treating Raven with a doe-eyed expression.

Even Beast Boy had to smirk at Raven’s unseemly predicament; no one outlasted Starfire’s puppy dog eyes, and it probably gave Beast Boy’s actual puppy dog a run for his money.

Reluctantly, and with a heavy sigh, the empath plopped back down onto the couch, as Starfire squealed with delight and proceeded to turn off all the lights in the common room. Much to everyone’s surprise, Beast Boy chose to hang around as well, and the remaining three Titans munched on some popcorn while the film played.

The romcom was as sappy as expected; full of one-liners, and cheesy, romantic notions that were staple of the genre. A classic guy chases beautiful girl because he falls helplessly in love. Nonetheless, Starfire was engrossed. She laughed with the characters, cried with them, and cheered for them, all the while, Raven tried to ignore Beast Boy passing out against her shoulder.

By the time the film had ended, Starfire had painfully come to realize that it was all just Hollywood’s shallow interpretation, and that real life didn’t quite work in such a way, especially in matters of the heart. She found herself thinking about Robin, wondering why everything else was always more important than spending time with her.

Raven seemed to pick up on the alien princess’ worries, and after wiping off some of Beast Boy’s drool from her cloak, she gave Starfire a comforting look. “He’ll come around, you know,” she told her softly, not wishing to admit that she, too, had followed the movie closely despite claiming not to be fond of overused, romantic clichés in film.

“Thank you, Raven,” Starfire smiled at her, and tried to push the more negative thoughts out of her head.

The Tameranean princess greatly disliked making any of her friends worry, but she couldn’t help but feel like her romantic relationship with Robin was always somehow…lacking.

As Raven proceeded to carry Beast Boy to his room using a claw of dark energy, Starfire found herself standing outside of Robin’s office, as if her legs had a mind of their own.

He had told her that he had work to do, that he would be busy with something important, and she knew she ought to have respected his wishes and gone to her bedroom. However, like a magnet, she couldn’t pull away. She floated there, in the darkness of his daunting, metal door, and felt the familiar way in which her heart ached for their leader.

With a drawn out sigh, she finally managed to recover her senses, and made to levitate away when she heard the door hiss open.

Robin seemed caught off guard by her sudden presence as the synthetic light from his computer screens spilled out into the darkness.

“Star! Uh…what are you doing here?” He asked her, somewhat bashful.

It always made her giddy knowing that she could so easily take their no-nonsense leader off guard from time to time.

“I only wished to come see how you were doing. Forgive me for disturbing you,” she muttered stiffly, hugging her bare arms, and looking to the floor.

“How was the movie?” He suddenly asked her, surprisingly pulling her back into the conversation. When she looked up, she noticed that he’d removed his mask; something he only ever did when he was around her.

She was greeted by the sight of his handsome, cobalt blue eyes, warming as they regarded her fondly from across the hall.

“It was…as expected. Beast Boy fell asleep at the part where they make the promise to never leave one another, while Raven was too busy fretting over Beast Boy’s saliva on her cloak without wishing to wake him,” Starfire explained meekly.

Robin raised a single brow, frowning. “Star, I meant to ask what you thought of the movie,” he clarified, the stressed creases around his mouth reappearing.

“Oh, of course. Well, it was good, I suppose…,” she told him, although she didn’t sound very convincing.

Robin picked up on her indecisive tone immediately, and he crossed the distance to better examine the look upon her features. “What didn’t you like?”

Starfire shook her head, long tendrils of flame red hair moving with her.

“I did like it. Only…it was not real, not from what I’ve seen,” she spoke bitterly, unable to hide her contempt on the matter.

Would it kill him to choose her for once? Only once?

“Not real? What are you getting at, Star?”

He was concerned now, and she had his undivided attention.

Perhaps that was why she said what she said, because it was hard to come by moments when Robin only thought of her instead of the rest of the world.

With her hands balled into tight fists at her sides, she found the nerve to speak up. “They are not real because there is no such thing as a promise to never leave, there is no midnight kiss, no chasing through the airports, no fighting and doing the making up, not even the cuddling night after night on the sofa, or forehead kisses. None of it is real, because none of it ever happens. Not here, and most certainly never with you,” she blurted out, her voice quivering despite her tight lidded control.

She was shaking, and if she dared to look up at his face, she was terrified that she’d fall apart, and Tamaraneans never fell apart, certainly for no man.

“Starfire…Kory…,” he whispered her name, reaching out to her with his voice and his hand, but she pulled back, too afraid of what it would do to her if she let him take her in his arms.

No matter how badly she wanted it, she had to stand her ground.

Without another word, Starfire took off to her room, fighting every resilient impulse in her body to turn the other way and succumbing to her only weakness…

Starfire stayed in her room for most of the following day, with frequent visits from her teammates, who were not Robin, inquiring about her well-being, or asking her to join them in various activities. She turned them all down, and claimed that she needed to have ‘the alone time’ while massaging Silkie’s full belly as he dozed peacefully on her bed.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get herself out of the slump she was in. It wasn’t like this was anything new with Robin; he was always consumed by his work, especially if it concerned his great mentor.

Yet, for some unforeseeable reason, it had finally gotten to her.

Sure, she knew he cared for her deeply, he’d proven that time and time again. For a while, it had even been enough for her, until he’d start to clam up again and shut her out. They’d be back at square one until he’d work out whatever issues he’d be dealing with, and suddenly, he was warm, friendly Robin again.

Shortly put, their relationship was often a roller-coaster ride, where half the time, neither knew what was going on or where the other was.

Eventually, it was bound to wear her down, especially with the constant reminder of what their brand of romance wasn’t.

Starfire skulked about her room like a prisoner, at the mercy of her own thoughts and worries, only coming out to retrieve a snack for herself and Silkie before vanishing again into the darkness without a word. As much as she tried to ignore it, she couldn’t help but seek out the familiar spike of jet black hair, or the infamous Boy Wonder cape from the corner of her eye. She also could not help the feeling of her heart sinking when she realized his absence among her friends.

Starfire, somewhat depressed and feeling remorseful about her harsh words, fell asleep to the worries of ruining her friendship with the Titan leader, her cheek pressed against Silkie’s warm side as she struggled through dreams and nightmares.

She only awoke late in the evening when the lithe, alien creature had waddled out of her grasp to the sound of a slow, persistent knock on her door. Starfire’s head hit her mattress before she realized what had happened.

She sat up on her bed and yawned, stretching her arms out over her head as moonlight filtered in through her windows and cast long shadows along her floor.

That was when she heard it again, the tap tap tap on the metal, certainly no longer a figment of her imagination. Silkie had slithered on over to the door, giving her a sad, lonely yowl to get her attention.

Sighing, the alien princess floated on over to inspect her door, wondering which of her friends it was this time. As she undid the locks, and the gate slid open, she found herself greeted by the sight of…nothing.

There was no one there.

She looked around to see if they’d perhaps made a hasty getaway when she hadn’t responded to the previous knocks, but all she did find was a simple, white envelope sitting on the floor just outside her bedroom entrance. The contrast of crisp, white paper against the dark hallway tiles made it stick out like a sore thumb, and she lifted it up gingerly, wondering where it had come from.

Perhaps it had fallen out of one of her comrade’s pockets?

When she flipped it over, she was surprised to find her name written on it in clean, straight cursive.

Curiosity getting the better of her, she opened the letter, and pulled out the short, typed out note that had been addressed to her.


There’s an important investigation I need your help with, ASAP. Meet me by the sofa, and bring Silkie if you like.


She wanted to incinerate the damn thing with her eyes, it made her so angry. She knew she was being irrational, but the note was almost like adding insult to injury, and she couldn’t help that her more childish side beckoned she ignore his plea.

Still, despite the arguments and the frequent tiffs the Titans often got into, their job remained a priority. If the investigation was this crucial, and lives were at stake, Starfire could never forgive herself for opting not to get involved due to personal reasons.

That didn’t mean she had to be happy about it.

In an angry huff, she picked up a surprised Silkie in her arms, and floated out towards the common area, mentally preparing herself for the encounter, whatever it would be.

By the time she’d turned the corner, ready to pick a bone with her arrogant teammate, she was nearly floored by what she found instead.

She saw him first, standing in the dim glow of the candlelight that he’d no doubt borrowed from Raven for the evening. The wide, clear windows of the Tower reflected the wonderful view of the night ocean as the moon and stars twinkled overhead of the bustling city. The only sound was of the crashing waves against the rocks, as well as the gentle flicker of flames licking at the wax. On the sofa, there was a massive blue comforter, and the television screen was turned on to a selection of rentable movies to watch. Robin, taken somewhat off-guard by her appearance, coloured when he stood up wearing only his pajamas, and holding a bottle of red wine. A single ruby red rose sat in the centre of the table in a fancy glass vase.

He scratched at the back of his head, the loose, white t-shirt lifting enough to reveal the strong muscles of his core. His usually carefully gelled hair was now flat and in natural waves atop his head, while his mask lay forgotten on the table.

“I, uh, I know I’m not really good at this, which is probably how you already know it wasn’t entirely my idea, but would you believe me if I said I’d been planning it for a while?” He explained, glancing at her apologetically and looking delectably handsome in the dim ambiance of the room.

When Starfire continued to gawk at him as Silkie wiggled about in her arms, he pressed on while running around the couch to join her. “I’m afraid I have to confess to misleading you, Star. There is no important investigation, or mission from the Justice League, for that matter.”

He took her by the shoulders softly, the palms of his calloused hands gentle and warm against her skin. “I’m sorry, Kory. I know this doesn’t make up for it, but I’m going to try and change your mind about what’s real.” He grinned sheepishly, his straight, white teeth gleaming in the light. “And you know how persistent I can be.”

She couldn’t help but giggle then. “Like a dog with the bone,” she added, her heart swelling with emotion.

Her shift in attitude made his features light up instantly, and he pulled her by the hand towards the sofa, where he’d placed pillows and cushions for their comfort. When she was settled into his strong arms, nestled against his chest beneath the blankets and listening to the steady and strong thrum of his heartbeat, he whispered along her ears, “I can’t exactly chase you through an airport, but I can do the cuddling and kissing part just fine, if you’d like…”

She stared up at him through glassy, luminescent eyes, the green glow pulsing with life. “Will there be forehead kisses, too?”

In response, Robin pressed his lips tenderly against her brow, lingering long enough to inhale the lush, strawberry scent of her hair.

“You bet.”


Left behind (Jc Caylen imagine)

Requested by @theemoteen

can you do an angst bobby (or jc) imagine with the prompt, “i wish i never met you”?


Every teen girl fantasies about some kind of boy thats out of her reach actors, singers , youtubers hell I’ve even had imaginary relationships with fictional characters, but Im one of the lucky ones I get to live out the fantasy, im dating Jc Caylen, yeah for real this is my real life I promise it’s not some shady internet relationship with some catfish.

We met completely by chance I was hiking with my dog, and out of nowhere this ramen headed boy come up to me camera in hand and starts playing with my dog. Of course I pretend not to know who he was at the time, I didn’t want him to think I was some crazy fan girl and scare him off. That was the beginning of out love story.

Or so I thought.

You see what we fantasise about, and reality are two very different things, for a start there’s the haters, and I know we probably all think it wouldn’t really get to us but imagine being constantly bombarded with comments, tweets and DMs pointing out every single insecurity you’ve ever had, even ones you didn’t know you had to begin with. And then there’s the crazy schedule, we can easily go days without even speaking to one another. I get that a lot of people’s lives get in the way of there relationships, but when your boyfriend being “busy” is just him going to events or making videos having fun with his friends it can be hard to not feel excluded.

So right now I’m laying on my couch staring at my tv paying no attention to it what so ever just waiting on the inevitable “I can’t make it tonight” text. He’s an hour late already, he text me something about dinner with his friends running later than he thought.

I just lay my head back and feel the tears running down my face small sobs escape my lips and I just let it happen, I’ve held it all in for too long.

I must have been crying for about an hour when my door finally opens and Jc walks in

“sorry I’m late baby me and the guys we.. Y/N why are you crying what’s happened” he rushes over to me kneeling on the floor at my feet. I look at him staring into his deep brown eyes slowly sighing.

“I wish I never met you” I say emotionless

“What? baby what do you mean where has this come from?” He stuttered out trying to take my hand but I just pulled it away

“Do you understand how hard it is to love you Justin? It’s like I’m hurting myself because I can’t just walk away from you, I could make this all stop if I could just stop myself from being so unconditionally in love with you” I whisper never taking my eyes off him he says nothing just waiting for me to speak

“If I’d never met you I wouldn’t feel this way, I wouldn’t be tortured by all the memories we have together over the past 2 years. I wouldn’t look at myself in the mirror and see all the things I’ll never be. The worst part is none of this is your fault and I hate myself for blaming you, you’ve done nothing to intentionally hurt me, you’re just living you’re dream, but I feel like I’m being left behind.” I lay my head back feeling like a huge weight has been lifted from my chest.

“What can I do Y/N tell me how to fix this I can’t lose you” I hear his voice crack as he tries to take my hand again this time I let him.

“You can’t Jc, I won’t let you im not gonna stand in the way of your aspirations, I could never live with myself knowing I’d stopped you from being you. I’ll always love you Justin but right now I can’t do this anymore, you deserve someone who can handle this, someone stronger than me, I’m not what you need anymore” he drops my hand and stands up tangling his finger in his mess of curls turning to me now towering above me

“No!” He yells his voice laced with more anger than I thought he was capable of.

“You don’t get to just walk away, you don’t get to just drop this bomb on me and act like you’re doing me a favour, I love you I don’t care what people say about how you look! I LOVE YOU! I’m not throwing away 2 years of my life, 2 years of memories I’m not losing you! You don’t get to break my heart just because you feel a bit left out sometimes, yes I’m busy with work right now but that’s just temporary, this, us is meant to be forever” he yells at me as he starts to cry the yelling turns to sobs as he comes back down to my level placing his hands on my cheeks forcing me to look him in the eye again.

He crashes his lips into mine kissing me passionately like he’s never kissed me before or maybe like he’ll never get to kiss me again

“Please don’t do this to me Y/N” the desperation in his voice almost breaks me, I pull him into my chest and we lay on the couch together. Maybe for the last time.

Hope this is the kind of thing you had in mind let me know what you guys think

Coffee Shop Angel

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Ana (ofc - mentioned), reader’s family (mentioned), Jensen’s family (mentioned).

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Warnings: Brief Mention of Alzheimer’s, otherwise just pure fluff. Wait is Jensen singing a warning? I feel like it should be.      

Wordcount: 3500ish

A/N: This is the sixth and last one shot for “Kari’s Fluffy Christmas” and it is inspired Coffee Shop Angel by Dean Brody. I have wanted to write something for this song for a while and now the season was finally right.

This is my entry for @avasmommy224 Christmas Prompts and Gif Challenge. My prompt for her challenge was Holly and the Gif she gave me is the second one used in the fic.

Thanks to the ever amazing @bringmesomepie56 for betaing this for me.

Disclaimer: I know Cliff drives them around in Vancouver but for the sake of this story Jensen is driving himself home from a set.


***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

“Goddammit,” Jensen muttered as he tried to see through the windshield of his car. The snow was coming down and Jensen could barely tell the ditches from the road. He had thought for sure once he had reached the small town 20 miles from the woods where they had been filming it would get better. He had been wrong. He still couldn’t see worth a damn, so when he saw the lights on in what appeared to be a small coffeeshop across the road, Jensen parked the car and made a run for it.

Jensen pulled his coat up around his ears and ducked his head down as he ran across the empty street towards the lit store window. Jensen didn’t look up until he grabbed the door handle, and it wouldn’t budge.

CLOSED. The sign in the door was taunting him, and he was about to kick the door in anger when he saw her through the foggy glass door. His heart almost skipped a beat. She was absolutely breathtaking, as her skin all but glowed in the lights from the Christmas tree in the corner.

She was sliding across the floor, seemingly humming to herself, as she put chairs up on the tables. She was dressed in jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. Her hair was up, but she wasn’t dolled up by any means. She had a quiet grace about her and a natural beauty. Jensen couldn’t stop staring, enjoying the way she smiled to herself as she worked. He forgot all about the cold and snow around him and he just watched, right up until the moment she turned around and their eyes met.

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anonymous asked:

how about you make me + julian!

“I’m not drunk,” the apprentice says, again. Julian rolls his eyes, wrapping his arm more securely around their waist as they begin to droop down to the floor.

“Where’s your room?” he asks.

They peer up at him, eyebrows rising comically. “Planning on spending the night with me, Doc?”

He flushes pink, and looks away from them, clearing his throat.

No,” he says. “I need to know where to drop you off. Unless you wish to spend the night in the fountain?”

“The fountain,” they sigh, slumping further. “Asra was in the fountain.”

“Was he, now?” It’s more of a deadpan than a question, but they answer it, all the same, nodding sagely.

“Mhm,” they say. “And then he wasn’t.”

“Sounds about right.”

They stumble along the palace hall in silence for a few minutes, and then they say: “I asked him about you,” and he looks down at them in surprise. They swing their head back to meet his gaze, and scrunch their nose. “He was mean.”

Julian sighs, but finds it doesn’t bother him, like it might have, before. “That sounds about right, too.”

“He was wrong,” they say, suddenly, seriously. “You’re none of the things he said. ‘Cept maybe the stuff ‘bout you being a hack physician. Can’t believe you never got a lis…lice…liss…license!” He rolls his eyes, and they slump back down again. “Though, you’re still a pretty good doctor, anyway, so that’s not true, either.”

“I’m glad that you think so highly of me,” he says, and then: “Are you ever going to tell me where your room is?”

They grin dopily up at him, their right eyebrow rising in challenge. “How about you make me?”

Julian sighs, for the thousandth time, but he can feel a grin tugging at his mouth. “You’re ridiculous,” he tells them, and they nod deeply, like this makes great sense. 

Thank you for saving me, he wants to add, but he thinks he’d rather have that particular conversation when they’re sober. After all, confessing your love to someone while they’re drunk is probably in poor taste. 

So instead, he hefts them up against his side and wanders, hoping to find a servant that can guide him in the right direction before the magician passes out entirely.

drabble prompts

We’ll Be Fine Pt.3

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: This is the last part of the request. I’m sorry for taking so long and I’m sorry that the part is so short! Thanks everyone who loved and followed the fic, and thanks to the anon who requested it!

Part 1 / Part 2

gif cr.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you do an imagine w/ US or SF Pap, where the s/o is nb & very secure with themself, they embrace their identity & are always encouraging other nb folk. But one day Pap comes home to find them locked in the bathroom sobbing on the floor, & when they calm down enough to talk they quietly admit that sometimes, they feel like a freak & wish that they weren't nb at all. I think I'm on the cusp of one of these days and it's making me really nervous, cuz it gets really bad. Thanks so much!

By the time Stretch realizes you’re in the bathroom, he automatically knows something’s wrong.  He comes in and sits down beside you, calmly listening to your admission, before he reaches out and curls his phalanges around your forearms.  With a light tug, he urges you into his chest, where he can properly wrap his arms around you, one hand rubbing along your back.

“shh, hun.  you know you’re not a freak; you’re the furthest from it.  all you are is yourself, and as long as you’re true to that, it’s all that matters.”  His arms tighten around you, his long legs outstretched on either side of your body.  He presses his teeth to the top of your head in a soothing skeleton kiss.  "you’re you,“ he reiterates, "and it’s you that i care about.”  

He finally loosens his grip enough to pull your face back so his eyelights can lock on your gaze.  His hands move to cradle your cheeks, wiping away the tear tracks with his thumbs.  "you’re strong, you’re a good person, and you always encourage other people to be themselves, too.  don’t ever forget those things, because they’re the things that matter the most of all.“

Bucky stared at the beautiful arc of Tony’s back and how Tony’s muscles flexed and stretched as they were slowly pulled and teased in a new yoga pose.

Bucky had just been coming down to Tony’s lab to ask him they were still on for movie night tonight. He hadn’t been prepared for the lovely image his boyfriend bending his body in such away that it puffed out Tony’s chest and showed off the shadows of faded hickies along Tony’s neck.

Tony slowly and smoothly pulled out from his pose into a new one that showed off his round globes.

Bucky was torn between wanting to touch Tony and to find a chair and watch as his boyfriend contorted his body like a panther. Elegant, graceful, and powerful underneath his lithe frame.

Tony faltered and turned his head, picking up on Bucky’s presence. He smiled. “Hey, Bucky-babe, what are you doing down here? I thought our date wasn’t for a few more hours.” Tony’s smile dropped. He rose to his feet. “I didn’t lose track of time, did I?”

Bucky shook his head and approached Tony. He settled his hands on Tony’s hips, loving the soft yet firm feel of Tony underneath his fingers.

He kissed Tony’s temple. “Nah. Just wanted to make sure we were still on for tonight. I didn’t know you did yoga.”

“Pepper got me into it. Besides, I need to stay in shape if I want to keep up with the rest of you.”

“You keep up fine.” Bucky bent his head so he could playfully nip right where Tony’s jaw and neck met. He hummed as Tony’s breath hitched. “You know, I wish you had told you were interested in yoga.”

“Why? Because it will make me more flexible?” Tony wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Not quite.” Bucky wrapped his arm around Tony’s waist and pushed Tony down to the floor, mindful not let Tony actually fall and hurt himself. With his one arm still around Tony’s waist, he planked himself above Tony. He grinned down at his boyfriend. “I was just thinking we could do couples yoga together.”

Tony raised an eyebrow while wrapping his arms around Bucky’s neck. “Sounds like fun; although, I don’t think this pose is included in couples yoga.” He kissed the corner of Bucky’s mouth.

“We can make up our own poses.”

Tony made a teasing contemplative sound as he peppered a trail of kisses down Bucky’s neck to his clavicle. “I think you’re just coming on to me.”

“Is it working?”

Tony smiled and pecked Bucky on the lips. “Yes.”

The Perks Of Being A Wheelchair-User

Since the age of ten I have used a power wheelchair, a mobility device seen by much of the walking world as rolling pity. A piece of equipment, often stigmatized by society, has allowed me to live my life how I choose. One of the most important lessons I have ever learned, is that my wheels are a positive part of my life, that they represent freedom.

Coming to this understanding however, was not always easy. Early on I fought the idea of needing a chair, in fact, I insisted on walking a year longer than could even be explained medically. Transitioning into a wheelchair seemed like giving up to me at first; in my mind it felt like losing a piece of myself. Looking back I realize that I was ignorant, prejudice even. I had to reject the internalized ableism, I had possessed at the time.

One of the biggest factors that helped me get through this time was the acceptance of my friends. I remember when I first started using a manual wheelchair for longer distances at school, all of my classmates were so receptive and eager to help. After making them take a road course with plastic cones and passing out laminated “driver’s licenses”, I eventually allowed a few of my closest friends to push me around the halls. Often times, children are the most understanding people out there.

I truly started to feel more comfortable when I received my first power wheelchair. As I began to learn the controls of my brand-new blue Jazzy 1120, some of my insecurities started to fade. My world seemed so much brighter when I realized I could now get around fast, very fast. Being able to drive at breakneck speeds with the wind in my hair, made the end of my walking days feel like a relief. When walking became impossible I was not “confined” to a wheelchair, I was freed by it.

For the first few years, I was a bit of a reckless driver to be honest though, crashing into more than a few walls. My father loves to tell to a particularly humorous story from when I was in middle school. One day he was picking me up from school for a doctor’s appointment, as he was signing me out in the office he overheard the principle grumbling to the secretary how the janitor had put a hole in the wall with the floor cleaning machine. When my dad was hooking up my wheelchair in the van, he noticed a fine dusting of sheet-rock on one of my tires where I had accidentally hit a wall, not the janitor (oops).

Reckless driving aside, my wheelchair has given me so many opportunities: I raced around the playground in elementary school, I rolled myself to middle school, I sped through the halls in high-school and now I zip through the Make-A-Wish offices. I have visited new cities, gone to movies, malls, bars and concerts. The very fact that I can move myself around each day, makes me so grateful for this wonderful tool. I have been able to live my life because of those six wheels under me.

For a long time, I had held the mantra: “I am in a wheelchair; it is not who I am, it is just how I get around.” For many years I lived by these words, distancing my chair from my identity. Lately my thoughts have shifted and I feel that the statement does not suit me any longer, I now realize that I do not want the fact that I use a wheelchair to be ignored, but rather have it embraced as part of my unique identity. It is true that my chair may not define all of who am but it is a major part my life that I am not ashamed of.

I have learned so much over these past thirteen years and I continue to learn every single day. I have been taught to accept myself, to accept others and to speak out against the oppression of disabled people everywhere—my eyes have been opened. That is why I am so passionate about the accessibility of our society and the perception of all wheelchair users in our culture. I hope that with my words and with my life I have changed a few minds, enlightened a few people.


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Hearing the buzzer go off downstairs, placing the paint brush down “don’t make a mess Royalty, I’ll be back” getting up from the floor “I do that” she pointed at a spot that was clear where I did not paint “yes but don’t make no mess” making my way out of Royalty’ bedroom, I wish Chris was here so then he can answer the door. He is so damn busy now, we barely get time for sex. He is rehearsing none stop, working hard on the tour and clothing line and I don’t get much of his time. He has me helping him do the women’s clothing line in which I ended up doing something for Royalty, I then got Royalty in a photoshoot and then his baby mother came at me. But I don’t care, she is just mad because she is ugly and her daughter likes me. Since Chris and I had the disagreement we have become a little stronger then we are, just don’t like this busy Chris. He is barely home, I have had Royalty for most of the time. Looking at the security cameras, buzzing in the UPS guy “Lee, I come!!” Royalty shouted at the top of the stairs, looking at her “come then, don’t come to the door. You have no top on” making my way over to the door, hearing Royalty’ little feet run behind me “pick me Lee!” Royalty ran ahead turning around, picking her up. Placing Royalty on my hip, unlocking the door and pulling it open.

Seeing the boxes in front of the door, he held another box walking over to the door “Rylee Turner?” he said, Royalty pushed the door open wider “hi” she waved, pushing her hair back smiling “yeah, that is me” the guy placed the box down “hello there” he smiled at Royalty, he held out his little computer system out to me “just sign here” signing the box “she looks just like Chris” he commented, Royalty is breaking my arm now. Placing her to the ground “she does” he turned and jumped “woah, holy shit! Oh my god” seeing Chris’ stupid dog “oh god no” I don’t do well with them “uhm, I am sure he is fine” his dog is massive and I don’t like it “he won’t bite” I said it like I know, the dog started barking “doggy!!” Royalty shouted, my god. I am having a meltdown and so is this poor man, what if the dog bites him because I know Zeus knows me “I don’t like dogs” he fell over the boxes moving back “neither do I” I said seeing the rest of the dogs, who let these out. Whistling “come here boy” waving the dog over “oh shit, oh my god” the guy is falling everywhere, Zeus jumped over the boxes and right into my arms. I cringed internally, the dog licked my face in excitement “oh god” I hate myself.

After that I had to have a shower “you think doggy like me Roro?” applying my massacre, looking over at Royalty staring at herself in the mirror copying me “yes, oh no look!” she pointed at my eye, looking in the mirror “oh no, it can get wiped off it’s ok” some of the black went onto my top eye lid “are you excited to see daddy? I am really excited, you need to tell him off though. He doesn’t spend enough time with us does he?” Royalty shook her head “he naughty” I cooed out “yes he is baby, first we need to get some food and then see him. We need food first, I have actually enjoyed myself with you. And I think daddy will be so happy to see us in the new Black Pyramid clothes and we matching” the UPS guy bought the boxes of clothes that I help design, I am so damn excited about this but I also have been applying for jobs on the low and I have found a job and got an interview. I need to break it to Chris but this job is not full time, it is part time but I have to do a night shift once a week like my old one. I don’t start this job until next month so I get to tour with Chris for a while, I mean I will work three days a week and it’s really nothing.

Royalty and I are matching with our Black Pyramid dresses on, both of our hair in a bun and we both have our Black Pyramid chains on. I truly know Chris is about to be so happy to see this, I am glad Chris got me this Range. I love it, adjusting the seat again. Chris always drives this car for some reason “I got the best driving partner” looking at Roro, she grinned at me “music!” she pointed at the stereo “we will but we need to take a picture first” grabbing my phone from the middle compartment, unlocking the phone and tapping on my Instagram “ready to say cheese?” holding the camera up to the side of me, Royalty cheesed mad hard at the camera as I took it “you a crazy baby” captioning the picture ‘First ladies of Black Pyramid, see you soon daddy x’ pressing send on the picture “ready” pressing the engine on, the camera music played automatically with Chris’ trash playlist “what is he like” turning the volume down.

Closing the car door and walking around the Range, that was terrible. It annoys me so much when people be taking pictures of Royalty and I, we just trying to eat and then there is idiots taking pictures. Opening the passenger side door “you want to give daddy his food” reaching over and unbuckling Royalty out “yes I give food” picking Royalty out of her car seat and placing her on the ground, she jumped up and down on the ground “don’t run, wait here” picking my bag out from the floor of the car “daddy car” Royalty pointed, closing the car door and locking it with my key “yeah, I can’t wait to see him” I feel like I don’t have much time with him, his album is out and now he is all busy. He works so hard too, seeing one of the new bodyguards that is now working for him outside “Rylee” he smiled at him “and little trouble” he is not like Joe but he is nice “hey Simon” he opened the door for us, the music blared out.

Walking inside the big hall, I don’t really come here because it is filled with these friends of his and random women and I am not insecure so I don’t care but it annoys me. The seats at the back were filled up, Royalty ran straight towards Chris dancing. Running behind her and grabbing her arm, leaning down to Royalty “wait till daddy is finished” walking towards the back, noticing a seat has suddenly become free for us “no laziness now, the boys in the back!!” some guy shouted, sitting down on the seat and placing my bag to the side of me. Picking Royalty up and placing her on my lap “daddy” she pointed, I don’t think Chris has noticed us but good, he needs to finish this. Smiling as I watched him, he is so passionate about dancing so I know he is in his zone and I don’t want to interrupt that at all. His friend sink or should I say Sinko smiled at me but he is always the one bringing bitches around, he can go away with that smile.

I feel myself getting so close to Royalty, and at times I feel like she is my own daughter and I have to remember she is not mine. Just Chris has been having her a lot more then he usually does and I have been looking after her the most, I mean her mom wants to fight me but who cares “next song! No breaks!” the song changed over, Chris turned around with his hands on his hips. I am surprised he hasn’t seen us in the mirror, Chris wiped his wet face with his hand. He looked over at the back and then the biggest smile formed on his face, the music cut off “Chris ain’t about to dance now so let’s take a break” Chris walked over to us, he looks so happy to see us. Chris skipped over to us clapping, getting up from the seat with Royalty in my arm “you came!” he yelped out, Chris didn’t know who to look at but I want his attention “I miss you” Chris pressed a kiss to my lips “and you” he kissed Royalty and then picked her out of my arms “I missed my girls so much” Chris placed his arm around my shoulder “I bought you some food” I pointed as Royalty held it in front of his face “I am sweating so much, let’s sit down” Chris turned us around.

The little minions have left the space so it is just us sitting in this corner “you look so good in the stuff you know, did it all arrive? I actually forgot to tell you about the package” Chris spoke with his mouth full of food “it’s ok, I was painting with Royalty and then it went off and by the way. Why were your dog’s out? The UPS guy was having a meltdown and so was I, your big ole dog jumped on me and licked my face. Why was they out?” Chris shrugged staring ahead of him “I am sure they were locked up, I know I locked them up unless I didn’t. I pretty much saw them in the morning and left” his mind is everywhere right now “but guess what, my album is number one right now. I am so hyped right now” I cooed out clapping “I am so happy for you” touching the back of his head “but when can I get that number one dick? You keep denying me” Chris looked at me smiling “it’s just hit me all at once, I am so tired Rylee” he sat back in his seat “I was sat back chilling with you for so long that I wasn’t ready for this, I could be doing this calmly but no. I was in Jersey and then home and now I am rushing this whole new routine” he shook his head “don’t worry, the number one dick is coming. I have two more days of rehearsals and then downtime for a week, I got Royalty again for that week and then I have another rehearsal day where I try it on the stage, then after that I am on the road” this has come by so quickly and I feel bad even speaking about myself.

I am sad that Chris is too busy for me “you know with you going on tour, are you taking them with you?” I pointed at his friends “yeah, I am taking my friends with me” rolling my eyes “why the eye roll?” I didn’t even know he saw that, I thought he was looking ahead “erm, they love to have females around” Chris grinned at me “but I got my girl with me so who cares?” that is the point, I am hopefully working by then “well, erm yeah. I guess” Chris squinted his eyes at me “what is with the erm?” Royalty ran to me “Lee, I sit!” she tugged at my arms “come here” placing Royalty on my lap “what is with the erm Rylee?” I really don’t want to talk about it right now “shall we start Chris?” some guy said “we can speak later Chris, go and rehearse I am in the way” Chris is getting so annoyed with me “what is it? Are you not coming with me?” his friends are walking over and he is creating an argument “I am Chris, just I need to speak to you later. Chill out” Chris kissed his teeth “then what the fuck is it?” the very females stared at us, glaring back at them before looking away from Chris.

Chris is so extra, I swear to god he catches an attitude for no reason. He should be glad I am not like those other bitches that would have argued back, I just don’t like when he speaks to me like that but I know he will say sorry eventually. Looking down at a sleeping Royalty in my arms, I have been feeling really broody, like with me having Royalty on my own she is a breath of fresh air. A little daughter would be a blessing, her joy brings me so much happiness. I know she is not mine but she is half of Chris and I love that half, I don’t know why I am feeling this but I am. I just want a little girl like her, melts my heart when she copies me. She gives me advice and helps me cook, I feel like the home would be very empty if I did not have Royalty around. Kyrie messaged me a couple of times though and it’s mutual, I was going to like a picture but I didn’t because Chris would drive me up the wall about it but he is ok to like female booty’s.

Every time Chris turns to look at me he gives me real dirty looks, I don’t understand why but I will stand my ground on this because he is being an ass “I am done now, I want to go home” Chris walked off, the music played on but everyone stared. I wish I never came now, I ruined the whole mood and I didn’t even say anything. He is in a bad mood him damn self “let’s go” Chris said “not y’all, I am speaking to Rylee” of course he is, sighing out. Turning Royalty around in my arms, placing her over my shoulder getting up from the chair and picking up the bag from the side. This is so embarrassing and he doesn’t even understand this, people are watching us and he is acting like this. Chris held the door open for me as I made my way over to him, I am being too nice to Chris right now.

Chris buckled in Royalty in her car seat, standing outside the car waiting. I am not about to go in that car until he tells me what his issue is, Chris closed the car door “are you driving your own car?” I questioned “nope, driving this car” he pointed, letting out an oh “so you want to tell what your issue is? You have been a real ass with me and I don’t want to argue because I miss you so much and I just want to get along” Chris stared at me in annoyance “That Kyrie been on your pictures, leaving some nice comments and then I go on his page and you know what I see” oh god, here he goes now “there is a University picture of us, yes I know. Stop being insecure and rude as fuck with me, you know how embarrassing it is, them bitches looking at me like we are broken as fuck. I adore you so much Chris, you think any girl would be at home with your daughter while you out here? Stop doing this to me” the door behind us opened, looking behind me as his friends left with the girls “the fuck you looking at?” Chris spat, shaking my head walking by Chris hitting into his arm.

Chris banged the door shut “what are you going to do with the car parked here?” I can drive home my damn self anyways “my friend will drive it, I don’t like that nigga Rylee. He fucking likes you and you like him” gawking at Chris “I thought he was good looking, but you day in and day out be liking bitches booty’s, some bitch had Black Pyramid on her breasts and you liked that so should I be petty? Give me a break Chris, I barely do anything anymore and I can’t even have a friend” Chris scoffed, I might as well tell him while we are on this subject “so I was applying for jobs and I got an interview” Chris sighed out loudly “so that is why you’re not coming with me? Oh my god, you fucking with me! You have a fiancé that is rich and you want to work? Fuck! Why don’t you listen, you making me stupid that I can’t look after you, are you stupid!?” he is so predictable “don’t shout at me first of all” I pointed at him “and second of all, you promised me if I find a hospital that is good you would support me, you are being a real dick to me. Do not speak to me until you can apologise, and before you pop off on me about Kyrie we are not even friends we are not even anything, now drive!” I don’t know why he is mean mugging me “don’t fucking speak to me or I will walk!” he is making me feel like shit for nothing “I would like to see that” I honestly can’t be bothered with him, grabbing my bag from the side “fuck you Chris” opening the car door and banging it shut, treating me like one of his bitches. I am so lucky to see a cab, god is working with me because I was about to order an Uber but then I didn’t want to wait around for him to drive the Range to me which he is doing right now. Dragging the back door open “Rylee I won’t talk to you just come back” sitting in the back seat “just drive and ignore him thanks” putting a middle finger up at Chris as the driver drove off.

I don’t even know why I bothered, Chris followed me all the way to my brother’s apartment “can we talk now? You wasted time coming here for what?” Chris said, he is smiling for no reason at all because I am pissed “what’s funny? I can’t even deal with you anymore” Chris shrugged “I act out and I can’t help it, it’s just me but I love you. I wouldn’t let you go that easily at all, you are going home with me” of course I am “you know what Chris, I am too busy being yours to be trying it on with anyone else and I wish you would accept this, I wish you would open your eyes and see I am just yours. So what he called me beautiful, I ignore comments. It actually makes me so shocked that you are so insecure with me, you are pushing me away every time you do this to me” I have missed him so much but now I don’t “Lee!!” Royalty screamed from the car “this cheating bitch is going to go and play second mother to your daughter” Chris didn’t know what to say and just let me go, he assumes I am cheating if I stare at a man.

I sat in the backseat with Royalty, I don’t wish to even sit in front with him “I am sorry” Chris said, as he always does “you do it every time” looking down at my phone, seeing the private message on Instagram from Kyrie “I am trying to be good, I just don’t like any man near you” reading his message ‘Breezy really hates me, he got his little friends calling me gay and bitch boy. How did you end up with another possessive man?’ those words hit me like a tonne of bricks, my heart ached seeing those words, I didn’t even know what to reply back to him.

Truth or Dare - Philkas

They kiss for the first time in that Red Hook party.


They had been in the party for around one hour now, and while Lukas couldn’t move away from him or let go from his hand, they hadn’t done anything yet. They hadn’t kissed since they left his house, and Philip was starting to become nervous Lukas had given up. He would never pressure Lukas to anything, but he had implied they would finally kiss in front of his friends and Philip was nervous. Anxious. Excited. He wanted to kiss Lukas everywhere, in front of anyone.

After a few drinks, they were finally going to dance - he liked dancing - when someone called the party to a game of Truth or Dare. Lukas stared at him, and he shrugged, deciding that after all that happened, this could hardly be so bad.

They walked to the other room, where the music wasn’t so loud, and sat down in a circle, Lukas still holding his hand over their knees. At first, he had been nervous, but now he seemed to be liking it very much. He was even smiling brighter. It was beautiful really.

“Let’s start!” One girl yelled, and put a bottle of beer in the middle of the circle, twisting it and sitting back again. It took a while for it to actually land on Lukas or Philip himself, but as it did, all the shy dares and truths had already ended, and they were already starting to actual ‘kiss him’ or 'make out for seven minutes in a closet’ kinds of dares. Which was fine really, as long as Philip didn’t have to kiss any of those idiots that made fun of him before.

When the bottle stopped on Lukas, whatsoever, he felt nervous, and so did the blond, because he squeezed his hand tightly.

“Truth or dare, Lukas?” A girl asked, smirking to him, and he took a while to answer, thinking everything through.

“Dare” he finally answered, making a few of the people there cheer. Philip was feeling even more nervous. What the hell? It had nothing to do with him, why was he nervous?

“I know it sounds lame and all since you’re together, but make out with Philip for five minutes, in front of everybody” she said, and the girls cheered as the guys groaned in disgust. Philip blushed deeply, and so did Lukas, their hands sweaty while being held.

“You don’t have to do it, you know it right?” He whispered to Lukas, because he had to make sure the boy was sure he wanted to. However, the girl next to him heard it, and whined loudly.

“No no no! It’s a dare! He has to do it!” She yelled, and this time even the boys agreed, cheering them on.

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” They started yelling, most of them laughing, and while they did it, Philip’s nervousness started to become annoyance. Teenagers were the worst.

“We won’t do it if he doesn’t want to” Philip tried, but no matter what he said, they only yelled louder, laughing harder and clapping their hands. “We -”

“Philip” Lukas called, and he turned to the blond, who also seemed annoyed but mostly embarrassed. “That’s not how life works. We just have to do it”

“Come on, I was nice” the girl that gave the dare said, smirking. “I could’ve told him to kiss anyone else, but I told him to kiss his boyfriend. It’s not a big deal”

“Sure” Philip rolled his eyes, annoyed, but then he turned to Lukas, because he was holding his arm, trying to get his attention.

Suddenly, all of that felt a lot like their first kiss in the cabin.

“Relax” Lukas said, smiling a bit, and Philip chuckled quietly, shaking his head.

“I should be the one saying that” he said, and then he narrowed his eyes because Lukas was coming closer, one hand moving up to Philip’s cheek, and suddenly they were kissing, slowly, at first a chaste kiss.

“Oh come on! Do this for real!” Someone yelled in the crowd, and while Philip almost pulled back to complain, but suddenly Lukas was licking his bottom lip and pulling him closer by his shirt, and before Philip could move closer Lukas seemed to get impatient and crawled over Philip himself, shamelessly sitting on the brunette’s lap and receiving several cheers and several grossed out sounds.

Lukas was way too tall to sit comfortably on Philip’s lap, but he did not seem to mind. He held Philip’s cheeks and kissed him deeply, his chest pressing up to Philip’s, making the brunette move his head up so they could continue kissing, his hands going up to Lukas’ waist and pulling him closer filled with need and happiness. His heart was beating so hard against his chest that he felt like it would pop out at any minute now.

“Boys, boys! Five minutes are done!” Someone yelled, and while Philip - sadly - started to pull back, Lukas did not seem to have heard, because he let Philip move away but made himself small on Philip’s lap, leaning down and kissing and biting his neck, making the brunette almost fall back on the floor, while Philip moved his hands back to support his body.

“Lukas” he tried to say, but it came out more like a moan that anything, making him blush deeply. He thought that after that Lukas would just realise what he was doing, but instead he was the one that groaned back, biting and sucking a single spot on Philip’s neck and making the boy melt even further under him. “F-uck…”

“Dude, that’s gross”

“Let’s just leave them here”

“Oh, I only wish he would do that to me”

Philip felt pride filling his chest as he heard those comments, specially because the last one to talk was Rose herself. He couldn’t focus on them for long though, because soon they were left alone in that living room, and only then he let himself fall back on the floor while Lukas straddled him, moving back only after there was a big purple bruise on Philip’s neck.

“Where is everybody?” Lukas breathed out, panting, and Philip shook his head, holding his shirt.

“They left. Thought we were too gross” he chuckled, smirking, and Lukas chuckled back, nodding slowly.

“We really are” Lukas agreed, and then slowly laid down over Philip, kissing him slowly and humming when Philip’s hands started to caress his sides. Out of nowhere, however, Philip pushed him to the side and jumped over Lukas, straddling him with a smirk.

“Did you just kiss me in public?” He asked, slowly, and Lukas chuckled, placing his hands over Philip’s waist, rubbing it gently.

“No. Rick Anderton did” he teased, and Philip let out a soft giggle before leaning down and kissing Lukas slowly. “You fell in love with being on top, didn’t you?” He asked, and Philip rolled his eyes, making the blond smirk.

“Actually I just love the sounds you make when I’m here” he said, smirking back, and Lukas blushed lightly but didn’t fight Philip on his comment. The brunette leaned down, arching his back and slowly lining their crotches up only to tease Lukas a bit. “You get so weak when you’re down there, you know?”

“Shut up” Lukas mumbled, but he knew it was truth. He raised his hands and slid them down Philip’s back to his ass, squeezing it and making him grind down against Lukas, both breathing hard against each other’s lips. “Fuck Philip…”

“When you said you would kiss me in front of everyone, I didn’t think we would have public sex” Philip said, smirking widely, and Lukas stared at him, rolling his eyes.

“If you don’t shut up and kiss me, I’ll turn us around” he said, firmly, squeezing Philip’s ass again and smirking when the brunette groaned and leaned down to kiss Lukas, both getting way too much into the kiss, hands moving up and down each other’s bodies without actually taking anything off.

After a while kissing, someone coughed loudly and they pulled away, looking at the door where Rose stood, smirking down at them.

“Boys. The party is almost over. Why don’t you two go home and continue that there?” She asked, and they stared at each other surprised. They had been there for how long? Philip stood up, his pants way too tight, and helped Lukas up as well, both trying to fix themselves to look more presentable. She laughed at them and checked them out, making both blush deeply. “Oh boy. I only wish you liked me like you like him” she said, staring at Lukas, before walking off with a wide smirk on her face.

Philip looked at Lukas, feeling a bit guilty, but the blond just smiled and took his hand, pulling him out of the room.

“My dad’s out tonight” he said, kissing Philip’s ear and taking him to his bike again. Philip shivered, so many ideas coming to his mind. “We can go home and you call Helen to tell her you’ll stay over”

“Alright” he answered quickly, putting on his helmet and climbing behind Lukas as they reached the motorbike. He wrapped his arms around the blond’s waist and hummed behind him.

He waved to Rose as she passed by, and then they were off, now with all the conformations that yes, they were together, and Lukas was way more active than he ever looked.

Philip actually felt very proud of his boyfriend for several reasons. He loved him too much.

Three Is More Fun - Josh Dun & Tyler Joseph

*WARNING!: Smut ahead!*

Josh roughly pulled me aside into an extra bedroom and flipped the light switch. “Whoa, slow down-” was all I could say before the sight of the room cut me off. The lighting in the room was dim, but I could see the shape of a familiar man sitting on a bed with red velvet sheets.

“Tyler? What are you doing here?” I asked. Josh sighed in a frustrated manner, and grabbed my face, making me look at him. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine and I was in shock for a few moments before I began to kiss him back. We’re only friends and it’s been months since he last kissed me and it ended horribly. This felt so weird, but so good. His hands snaked around my waist and grabbed my hips roughly, and for a little while, I forgot about Tyler. That was until I felt another set of hands on my waist. Josh pulled away just as Tyler turned me around gently and pressed his lips against mine, kissing me softly. I felt so confused, but it wasn’t like I didn’t know what was happening. As Tyler and I kissed, Josh’s hand snaked up my skirt and his crotch was pressed against my ass. Tyler’s gentle hands traveled up my shirt to my breasts as we made out. I couldn’t fight a moan as Josh massaged my clit through my panties, and as his lips made contact with my neck, biting me softly. I felt Tyler’s growing bulge through his jeans against my thigh, and Josh’s hard-on through his jeans against my ass. They led me towards the bed, where I soon fell on my back, staring up at both of them. I’m not going to protest, this is really hot, but I don’t quite understand. I sat up and Tyler sat down next to me, grabbing my face and pressing his lips to mine once again. Josh fumbled with the buttons on my shirt, but once he got them all unbuttoned, he pushed my shirt off of my shoulders. His hands reached behind my back and in the next second, my bra was on the floor. His calloused hands cupped my breasts and massaged them. I once again moaned against Tyler’s lips, and he made an exasperated sigh in return as I heard him undoing his belt quickly. Josh’s hands then fell to the hem of my skirt, and he swiftly pulled it off of me. Tyler pulled away from my lips and I turned and looked up at Josh, breathing heavily. He growled softly, making my stomach churn, and he leaned down, his lips meeting mine into a rough makeout session. He bit my bottom lip hard and pulled it, and I whined so seductively. Once again he growled lowly and he pulled away. I watched him as he quickly took his jeans off. I glanced over at Tyler, whose shirt was now on the floor, Josh’s soon to follow. I let my shirt fall off of my arms and I tossed it aside. Josh stared down at me, lust clouding his golden brown eyes. I couldn’t keep from biting my lip at his undeniable sexiness. Josh roughly grabbed my arms and pulled me off of the bed, making me fall onto my knees in front of him. I looked up at him with innocent eyes and he gave me a look that told me what to do. I grabbed the hem of his boxers, pulling them down slowly, while placing soft kisses on his lower waist. His rock hard dick sprang free from his boxers and I dropped them, letting them fall down his legs. He stepped out of them and took my head in his hands. His fingers tangled in my hair as I ran my tongue along the side of his cock, making my way to the tip. As I took him in my mouth, I felt kind of awkward, until I felt Tyler’s hand making their way into my panties. As he began to rub my clit, I moaned while sucking Josh’s dick, which earned a moan from Josh. The sound of his moans were so hot, and made me even wetter as Tyler fingered me.

After a few minutes, Josh pushed me back and I looked up at him, giving him a seductive look. Tyler stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me up from the floor softly. Every wish of theirs was my command, and I loved it. Suddenly, Josh pushed me, making me stand where I was leaning on the bed. He grabbed my hips then pulled my panties down, leaving them to fall at my ankles. I clutched the sheets in my hands and looked back at Josh. He slapped my ass hard, making me gasp and squeal. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my body back towards him, pulling me up from the bed. He bit my neck, then my earlobe, and kissed my jaw line. I moved my ass towards his crotch, grinding against him.

“Beg for it,” he growled.

“Oh, Josh, baby please give it to me, I want your cock inside me,” I whined for him. He smacked my ass again, leaving me gasping and moaning again. Finally, he positioned the tip of his dick at my entrance and pushed into me slowly. I sighed, moaning softly. I screamed out when he pulled out then slammed into me, bringing me so much pleasure. His hold on my hair stayed tight until Tyler sat on the bed in front of me. Josh began to thrust into me faster and I grasped the sheets in my hands, leaning forward towards Tyler. He grabbed my face gently, his lips meeting mine. I moaned on his lips as we made out, while Josh fucked me harder. Tyler pulled back after a minute of making out and my moaning, and he mumbled, “Please me with your mouth, sweetheart.” I smirked, but it went away quickly as I gasped, Josh hitting my g-spot with each thrust. I quickly took Tyler’s hard cock into my mouth, sucking and trying to soften my moans. Tyler’s moans on top of Josh thrusting into me deeper made my head spin.

“Oh, fuck, yes.” I moaned after pulling back from Tyler’s dick, and continuing to stroke him in my hand. He moaned softly and bit his lip, and it was so sexy. Once again, Josh grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up, his chest pressing to my back. I whined in return as he made slow, deep thrusts. I pulled my hand from Tyler and grasped the bed to stabilize myself. Josh placed kisses on my shoulder, and I moaned when he bit my neck, knowing he’d be leaving marks. His thrusts slowed to a stop and then he let go of me and pushed me on the bed. I crawled onto the bed, then placed my hand on Tyler’s chest. He looked up at me with wide eyes as I straddled him, then began to roll my hips and grind against his hard dick. He gently placed his hands on my hips, watching me so intently. He bit his lip, then looked up into my eyes longingly, like he was begging. “Fuck me, Tyler,” I said in a seductive manner, biting my lip and smiling at him. I reached back and grabbed his dick, positioning myself over it, then slid down slowly. I threw my head back and moaned, then rolled my hips, riding him. His hands gripped slightly tighter on my hips and I leaned forward, placing my hands on his chest. He began to slowly thrust into me, and at the angle, he hit my g-spot perfectly, making me gasp and dig my nails into his skin. He moaned at it, and thrusted into me harder and faster. I moved my hands to his shoulders and held onto them tightly, my nails digging into his skin once again as he fucked me harder and I rolled my hips, timing them with his thrusts. I whined, and bit his neck to leave a mark. He made a small whimper and it sent me over the edge as I felt the pleasure rising in my stomach. “Oh, god, yes!” I screamed out as my orgasm hit me hard.  “Oh, don’t stop,” I gasped, riding Tyler when his thrusts slowed. He wrapped his arms around my back and sat up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he sat on his knees. The position felt even better than the last, and he thrust into to me slow, but deep. He moved faster and fucked me harder, and I noticed his thrusts getting sloppier. He whined, then moaned, “Fuck, (Y/N),” as I rode him and as he came. Just after he did, Josh’s hands snaked around my waist then cupped my breasts. “I’m not finished with you yet.” He said lowly in my ear. The tone of his voice gave me goosebumps, and I lifted myself from Tyler. Right then, Josh picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He carried me to the nearest wall and pressed my back against it. His hand held tightly around my back to my hip, and he entered me slow. Both of his hands then held my hips as he began to thrust into me slowly. Josh’s lips soon met my neck, kissing it softly and nipping my skin. “I’ve always wanted to fuck you like this,” he whispered so seductively in my ear as I moaned, “to see you beg, in euphoria, watching your breasts bounce, feeling your hands grip me and your nails scratch my skin,” his voice ran shivers down my spine, and I whined out as he fucked me harder, hitting my g-spot. Just as he wanted, in a type of high because of the pleasure, I dragged my nails down his back, moaning. He groaned in return, then whispered, “Just like that, baby.” His thrusts slowed slightly, but they were harder and deeper, and he made me feel such intense pleasure. “Oh, Josh, yes, don’t stop, just like that,” I gasped and whined. I was getting close and I needed more, “faster,” I gasped, grasping his shoulders. He did as I asked, and hit my g-spot every time. I dug my nails into his skin and threw my head back, tightening my legs around his waist as they began to shake. Josh moaned as I screamed out, my orgasm making my head spin and my tummy churn. Seconds after I came, Josh’s thrusts became sloppy and he moaned my name as he came, and I watched how sexy he looked when his eyes fluttered closed and he bit his lip.

He pulled out, our breaths heavy, and he softly let me down. As soon as my feet hit the floor, my legs felt as if they’d give way and I’d fall. Josh saw that and chuckled, then lead me to the bed. I noticed that Tyler had already picked up his clothes and left. I laid on the bed to try to calm down, exhausted, and Josh picked his clothes up from the floor. “Goodnight, (Y/N),” he said with a wink.

(A/N): Happy New Year guys! I hope you guys like this, because I love it! Eeek, my first threesome.


I have waited for so, so long for a song where all of Seventeen would sing.

Sing, not rap.

Sing, because they all can sing albeit different in level of skill.

So I can’t really help my tears when they finally made it happen. Laughter really showcased their singing. And the last I heard some of these boys actually sing where you can actually really, really listen to the progress of their voice was way back their trainee days. I’m floored by how much they have all improved.


We know he can sing. He’s done it a lot of times, but not many times enough. We all agreed he needed to sing more, so even if they all got short lines to cater to everyone, I love how they made him sing the first part of the song. It somehow felt special like that, especially because he’s the leader.


I’ve always thought that Hansol can sing, just not the high notes they ask him to do. His voice is really, really nice to listen to, especially when he sings these. It’s somehow calm and easy.


I just want to stress how his voice has improved so much since their debut. Jeonghan was in vocal line, but he needed time to grow vocal-wise, too. He’s a lot more stable now and he can even hold notes. I love how he was able to make me feel light-hearted with his voice the  very second he sang.


He has this really unique voice color. I don’t think it was emphasized too well here because of how short the lines were, but we all know how his voice is a perfect mix of gentleness and honey, especially with the way he pronounces his words. It’s really, really pretty.


Oh. We know he can sing. He has a sort of lowkey nasal quality of voice that just works. His voice turns from sweet, sweet love song lullabies to rapline worthy kind of edgy. His voice just delivers without fail no matter what kind of song he’s singing.


Main vocal for a reason. One of the most raw and powerful voices I’ve ever heard, and it’s a voice that never fails to move me and make me tear up. Honestly, this boy has so much soul in his voice and it just oozes out of him the second he sings.


The melody suits his voice. I’m not sure about it, but when hear I hear him rap, I feel as if his voice isn’t too forceful or like, filled with swag, like other rappers. To me, his rap flow is that kind that can easily be turned into a melody if you want to sing it instead of rap it, so I thought maybe this boy could be a real good singer if they let him. And here we have the proof of that. 


This boy’s voice is so comforting. It’s got this sort of warmth that makes you feel like you’re in your room in a silent night cuddled up with your favorite pillow and blanket. I wish he’s able to sing more, because his voice speaks with emotion so much.


His voice. It’s adorable and precious with that accent, but he can sing and he can rap pretty well. And his mellow voice is just. I wish we can hear more of him singing soon, because the world needs more of Xu Minghao, and we need to see all the improvements he’s been having that we’re yet to be blessed with.


This boy, I swear. I have heard too few of Dino’s singing to actually say he was good at singing, but I felt that he was, because what can’t our maknae do? Powerful dancing and equally powerful rap. I felt like his voice was steady enough to sound good if he were singing, and I was just hoping, hoping, hoping to hear him sing at least once. And I’m ranting about it right now because I never thought it’d actually happen, and he’s as good as I thought he would be. Probably even better.


I’ve talked about DK’s voice a hundred times, maybe. Voice clear as water. Main vocal for a good reason. There is just no way he wouldn’t be noticed for his voice now like that one time they didn’t realize he was main vocal, too, at Seventeen Project.


Jun said lines rather than sang them, but the way he delivered them floored me. He has good control over his voice as he speaks. It’s beautiful to hear. I wish they let him sing because his voice is soothing as well, but I’m not at all disappointed, because while Jun didn’t sing, his voice quality while speaking those words went straight to my heart and warmed it.


He has this really beautiful voice. Like a lonely prince that sings his heart out with a deep, gentle voice that makes you feel so nostalgic in that sense where you feel solitude yet you’re also filled with warmth.

This was a long post, but I had to get it out there. I really can’t help but feel overwhelmed and proud because I really wanted something like this, where they all would sing, to happen. Seventeen really has a way to make us happy in every sense of the word.

Support these boys. They deserve all the love in the world.


A T   M Y   F E E T   A N D   B O W   T O   ME
an angst mix for the Lady Morgana, the last High Priestess.

01. a demon’s fate - within temptation

“What have you done?
Is this what you wanted?
What have you become?
His soul’s not forsaken
You’re walking alone
From heaven into hell.”

02. chasing the dragon - epica

“Poison is slowly seeping through my veins
Stealing the only dignity in me
I pick them up and let them fall
To cause your pain and hit them all
One more life to live is all I want
I’ll take the joy away from them
See to it, they will all be damned.”

03. sweet sacrifice - evanescence

“One day I’m gonna forget your name
And one sweet day
You’re gonna drown in my lost pain
Fear is only in our minds
Taking over all the time
Fear is only in our minds
But it’s taking over all the time.”

04. opus relinque - tristania

“Challenge my own world to chaos
Thoughts to mind becomes my arch enemies
Skin to teeth, visions appears to me in red
Scouring my wounds with your spit (with your spit)
Down in apathy which is growing
Once dragged down within a mayhem of light
Skin to teeth, ripping my inwards apart.”

05. nemo - nightwish

“This is me for forever
One without a name
These lines the last endeavor
To find the missing lifeline
Oh, how I wish f
or soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart, lost in the dark.”

06. brackish - kittie

“She is not scared to die
The best things in life drive her to cry
Crucify then learn
Take so much away from inside you
Makes no sense 
You know he can’t guide you
He’s your fucking shoulder to lean on
Be strong, sit and watch me burn.”

07. going to hell - the pretty reckless

“Father, did you miss me?
Don’t ask me where I’ve been
You know I know, yes I’ve been told
I redefine sin
And I don’t know what’s driving me
To put this in my head
Maybe I wish I could die, maybe I am dead.”

08. fixed at zero - versaemerge

“This doesn’t make much sense
Think far out but I’m still locked in
I’m still lost walking circles
The floor swallowed me up whole
There’s nowhere to go
There’s a vulture on my shoulder
And he’s telling me to give in.”

09. blacklisted me - blacklisted me

“This is gonna be the death
The execution that I swore
If you want to hate me more
So if you want to hate me more
You can do it like you did before
Start a war, we’ll settle the score
So this is all for you
I know you wanna break me
And take me down too
But I will refuse, 
‘Cause I make them scream.”

10. king of the world - porcelain and the tramps

“'Cause I’m the fucking king of the world
Get on you knees
I’m the fucking king of the world
Do as I please 
So get up and get out and I’ll show you
What it takes for me to control you
'Cause I’m the fucking king of the world
Keep your head down
Untill I tell you may speak.”

11. building a monster - skylar grey

“This human heart
How many times can it be torn
Before a superhero is born?
This angel has lost her wings
I’m building a monster
Beneath all the scars you will see
I’m building a monster.”