where have all my animals gone

Situation in Chile

Some of you probably know this but anyways i’m going to explain what is the situation. 

(In this picture you can see the comparison of hectares lost last year and right now from the fifth region to the worst one, the seventh region / where I live) 

Chile is going through the biggest wildfire in its history. Thousands of Thousands of  hectares are gone and despite all the effort and help , the fire seems to not stop any time soon. Houses have been burned down, animals are hurt and dying , and people have lost everything and we cannot see or breathe because the smoke is covering everywhere. It hurts me to see all the beautiful places I visit often, burned down to nothing. It breaks my heart to watch the news announcing more wildfire in other places and hear the fire truck sirens every 10 mins. i can’t take it anymore, and all i can do is send water to the fire station and pray. 

Chile has been through many earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and many other natural disasters. I’m sure we will stand up again and build up our lives from the scratch.

So please keep us in your prayers 🙇 

This Day in Disney History

July 9, 1999:   Discovery Island, located on Bay Lake, ceases operations permanently.

Although guests had not been admitted since April, park operations continued until all the wildlife had been rehoused at the recently opened Animal Kingdom and other zoos. Discovery Island was an 11-acre zoological park featuring mainly birds, some lemurs, and tortoises.

My personal memories revolve mainly around going there for field trips on which you’d have to take a boat from the Fort Wilderness area to the pictured dock.  There was a bird show and paths around the island where you’d encounter different animals along the way.  You could really only spend a few hours here at most, and it was destined to fail alongside Animal Kingdom. Gone but not forgotten, you can still find the name of Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom, they renamed Safari Village after the island’s closure.