where has my week gone

july 25, 2017

my monthly spread for august! making most of my spreads for august + the beginning of september early on before i get swamped with work and marching band once school starts!! on another note, i cant believe august is coming up in just a week??? where has my summer gone lmao

🎵 rock + roll by eden

Sunday Seven

I woke up at 8:30 this morning, let the cat out of my bedroom, crawled back into bed, fell asleep again, and didn’t wake up until 10:30. I’m grateful for the extra shuteye, but I feel as if I pissed away time I could have spent doing something more useful.

My Dad came in as I was heating up something for my lunch. He suggested that I eat outside as he and my mother just did. I hate eating outside. I really do. Why is that a thing so many others seem to enjoy? I don’t get it.

After I finished lunch, I realized that this is the middle of July, not June. There will be 30+ people (family) here in two weeks! Oh my freaking God, where has the time gone!? Is it even possible to get the deck finished before then? I really don’t want to haul the patio furniture out of storage until the deck has been sanded and stained.

I’m convinced that anyone who says, “I love to entertain” is either a big fat liar or they are completely off their rocker. How on earth can anyone love that? I spent the entire day (after realizing it’s July, not June) fantasizing about wild scenarios that could potentially cancel this damn family reunion. Every time people are gathered at my house being “social”, I can’t fucking wait for them to go home. It’s even worse when it’s family.

I don’t think the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to using oil paint. Now that my scavenged chairs are looking pretty (see photo posted earlier) I’m retiring the can of red oil paint. I will be using water based (if suitable) for all future painting projects.

Thank God the deck stain is acrylic! I got one coat on one section—the new part—this afternoon. The grey is more blue than it looked on the chip, which is disappointing, but I half expected that would happen. It’s common with grey. It’s kinda like how beige has a way of either being too green or two orange. Don’t even ask how many times I pained my bedroom “beige” the summer before last before I found the “right” shade. Anyway, the bluish grey is staying. It’s not THAT horrible.

I didn’t wear my Fitbit while painting, so I only registered 3535 steps for the day. I’ve dropped to second place amongst my Fitbit friends. Oh, the horror! You know what else sucks about having my Fitbit off today? It didn’t even occur to me to put it on the charger. D’oh!