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4.3.17//I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I always forget to take a picture when I sit down to study. Anyways, just trying to catch up on some much needed reading today. Hopefully I can get it all done this week along with all the chem reading. Where has my semester gone???

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Kuriiiiii! What do you think about Andromeda? That is where all my free time has gone this past week or two, haha. I wanted to romance Cora but apparently she is straight so woe is me. I was gonna romance Liam or Vetra but then I went with Jaal instead. I actually love the entire squad?

Dragggyyyy! I’m so glad you are playing ME:A. (What system are you playing on? PLS SAY XBONE SO I CAN MULTI-PLAYER WITH YOU.)

I have a lot of mixed thoughts about Andromeda! I’m going to TRY to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. (But if I say something with a spoiler, will note it.)

In general, I like Andromeda. It’s a fun, open-world game with a ton to do, and a lot to explore. I play Fem!Ryder as a Vanguard, so my gameplay is extremely fast-paced and brutal, and it’s really quite a lot of fun as a general open world, action-adventure game.

However, as a Mass Effect game, I honestly expected more. The animation has been an incredible let-down. The character creator is shit, and the rendering has been really terrible in a lot of cut scenes. There are so many glitches it sometimes makes the game unplayable. For example, in Drack’s loyalty mission, I actually had to load previous save points because I glitched so badly that I couldn’t do anything about it, or had to replay certain parts because the glitch made the game crash. You’ll sometimes see things like characters floating in the air, because the game forgot where the ground is. One time, while fighting Kett, the game decided not to render any enemies, other than their health bars. (Which wasn’t as much an issue as you would think, because I just used charge and melee to take them all down, but if I had another build, I imagine it would have been very difficult to deal with.)

The storyline, while interesting, doesn’t have the kind of tension or stakes that ME1-3 had. It lacks a lot of gravitas. In ME1-3, you knew some terrible shit was going down that would potentially affect the fate of humanity, or the entire galaxy. In Andromeda, while you have to put down outposts and settle new worlds to help the Milky Way citizens find new homes in Andromeda, it just doesn’t feel as tense or as nerve-wracking. Weirdly enough, there are very few priority missions to go on – only about 8, whereas ME3 had like a whopping 30+ priority ops/side missions that often tied into the main plot that you had to do if you wanted a good ending and high galactic rating.

Additionally, Ryder’s character doesn’t seem to have the kind of complexity as Shepard. While Ryder is, in general, a perky, well-rounded character as a whole, I like my heroes a little damaged. Ryder definitely is not (at least, with the choices I’ve been making with her).

In terms of CR, I definitely LOVE what they have done with CR. The CR between the characters themselves, the fact that they can have these huge conversations and development without you interacting with them is pretty amazing. All of the conversations in the car are always great. There’s a lot of light-hearted humor in the game, and I think that’s quite a lot of fun. I also like that you have so many more choices in terms of how to develop relationships with your squad. Andromeda is definitely very much CR-focused, and you have endless sidequests and loyalty missions and things that you can do with your squad.

Speaking of character relationships – I am really mad that you can’t romance Cora! I would have LOVED to romance Cora, because, unlike Ryder, she seems to have a lot of complexity! Originally, I started off thinking I would romance Peebee or Vetra, but Jaal is such a pure cinnamon roll, that I ended up going with him instead. The romance with him is SUPER CUTE. I really am glad that I went with him!

In general, I think that Andromeda is a decent game, but I wish it had a more exciting, high-stakes storyline, and I wish they had ironed out the glitches with the game prior to releasing it. I wish that the animation looked more 2017, and less 2007.

Anyway, here’s a list of my pros/cons of the game after the cut.

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