where has it been all my life

I’ve said very little about Baltimore and that’s because I’ve been trying to muster up the words to say. This has happened too many times to the point I don’t know if I’m numb or so emotionally destroyed that I’m repressing my emotions to function properly.

All I could come up with is stop killing us. Stop denying us our basic right to life. Stop. Whether or not we committed the crime is irrelevant. We are deserving of life. We fucking matter.

That’s all I’m saying. You know where I stand.

aw jeez, why are folks annoyed that Bucky wasn’t in my film?? come on, Sam even vaguely alluded towards him without naming names at one point and personally I feel that was more than enough screentime for Bocky. it’s not like he was important in any of the events leading up to MY film. what’s that?? Bucko is Steve’s best friend and the only other connection to his old life except Peggy? Steve would have died rather than kill him and has been searching for him ever since?? well, look at Steve in MY film. he’s doing just fine without Binky. Anyway, I didn’t want to give Steve too much personality, y'know, it might have detracted from all those scenes where he gets to stand around and be out of character. hang on, who are we talking about? Bucky Barnes? nah, tbh I don’t even know who that guy is
—  Joss Whedon probably
with every broken bone, i swear i lived.

Come September 2015, I will have been here three years. Wow. This isn’t even the first roleplay group I’ve been in but it has definitely been the longest - which goes to show all the naysayers that this place is definitely not cliquey or unwelcoming. I first joined this group as Troian, not expecting to meet so many great people or have the time of my life exploring Troian’s character with the amazing RPers I have plotted with. I grew attached very quickly and have always been made to feel as if I’m right where I belong, which is where we come to with this appreciation post.

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Dipcifica Celebrity!AU (Part Two)

Part one can be found here.

Dipper Pines has never seen his sister be more suspicious in his life. Well, okay, there was the time she didn’t believe him when he said that he could take care of that one particularly frustrating zombie outbreak two years ago, but they’d handled zombies before. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

This, however, is. Pacifica Northwest, Mabel’s favorite celebrity ever, had called them in on a case. Only Mabel doesn’t know that yet. And Dipper has been having a hard time keeping it from her.

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Tag Meme

I was tagged by my lovely Katy wevegotbadblood! ♥

What is your name? - Sandy
Where are you from? - good old Germany
What is your favourite colour? - ohh… I really can’t decide! All of them basically
Favourite band/artist? - Taylor Swift of course, and Ed Sheeran. Those two are everything
Favourite number? - 13 (it has been all my life, even before I became a swiftie)
Favourite drink? - Big Ben and water. Water is great.

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I don’t usually put things on my blog about my practices, but this is something that I’m very proud of. 

I’ve been building my altar for most of this year and I love where it has ended up. I’ve been collecting things like a crazy magpie and finally they all fit together. I’ve got my Maiden and my Mother all snug, surrounded by fresh flowers and jewelry from my parents. My flowers change depending on the spirits I honor, but the vase is so cute it’s always filled. I grew up with two parents with separate religions and I was always looking for a way to incorporate them both into my life. Now I have my little spot where I can have my coffee and draw some good vibes.

I encourage everyone to have an altar. Maybe it’s on a table or just a place where you can close the door and be with your thoughts. Maybe it’s a big tree or a place by the river on a quite night. With the tragedies in Nepal, I implore everyone to keep those suffering in their prayers, wherever you choose to pray.

Have a beautiful, spring day!

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All the hate in the Ereri and riren fandom is really getting me down :( Could u help remind me how awesome the ship is, because a lot of people think that riren makes the characters ooc. My whole life has been a lie... Not really lol, just need some reasurrence that riren can be shipped for good reason.

riren/ereri it doesn’t matter! Whenever people want to reduce a ship down to where the peen goes, I’m a little concerned because 1) there is more to sex than penetration and 2) there is more to a relationship than sex!

So whenever people fight over ririviviviivivireererereri nonsense, I make up my own positive headcanons:

  • Eren loves ice cream, but Levi is lactose intolerant so he gets sherbet.
  • Eren likes the ostrich on the carousel, Levi likes the tiger, but both are fond of the wonky eyed horse.
  • Levi doesn’t like it when Eren buys oversized sweaters because Levi likes to borrow Eren’s sweaters so that just means it’s three times too big for him. Ah, who are we kidding, he likes those too.
  • Levi is remarkably good at winning goldfish at the ring toss. Eren’s aquarium is overcrowded.
  • Both claim to like creepy horror flicks, but somehow have never made it an entire movie without turning it off. But only to makeout, not because they were scared or anything.
  • Eren is banned from most putt-putt golf courses, especially the one with the windmill. In protest, Levi stole three boxes of golf pencils.
  • At the beach, Levi sunburns easily. Eren writes, “I love you!” on his back in sunscreen.
  • Eren tells the waitress it is Levi’s birthday so they get free dessert. Levi hides in Eren’s armpit when they sing him happy birthday.
  • Levi is really good at “crack the whip” in roller and ice rinks. Eren crashes into the snowbank.
  • Levi’s Valentine’s Day cards to Eren have stenciled letters on the front. Eren’s explode in glitter. Eren spends Valentine’s Day cleaning up the glitter.
  • Because of his insomnia, Levi takes catnaps during the day. Eren rigs up a hammock in the backyard and often finds Levi there, the watering can on the ground and his large gardening hat still on.

Now which one of those mini headcanons is ereri and which one is riren? I can’t really tell.

Loving someone is like reading a book as it is being written. You become privy to their innermost secrets and all the stories of their life as they do yours. When you’re all alone you flip through the pages in your mind, rereading your favorite moments and wondering what the next chapter will hold. Sweetheart, you are by far my favorite book, and I want to read until the pages are falling apart and the binding is coming apart. Then when the pages are in pieces, I’ll glue them back together and read them all over again. It may be ridiculous and absurd, but there’s something so elegantly beautiful about you and our love story that I don’t want to read another story ever again. If we go our separate ways, there’s no way we could ever create something as perfect and classic as what we have together. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since I’ve read our pages; as soon as you walk back into my life for good, I’ll pick up right where we left off and it will be just as lovely.