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AUGUST 26: Circumstance is released (2011)

On this day in 2011, the film Circumstance was first released in the United States. Written and directed by Maryam Keshavarz, Circumstance explores the reality for gay women living in contemporary Iran.

The film was ranked by Autostraddle as the 4th best lesbian film of all time (x).

Shot in Lebanon with Persian dialogue, the story is set in modern day Tehran, Iran and follows two teenage girls, Atafeh and Shireen. Atafeh has been orphaned by the government, who killed her parents in response to their political beliefs, and is raised by her uncle, but it is Shireen and her seemingly happy, traditional family that Atafeh truly gravitates towards. As Atafeh and Shireen grow closer, they begin to bond through the illegal activities that have become ingrained in Iranian youth culture; they sneak off to secret parties in warehouses, watch contraband DVDs of Western movies, and drink alcohol. On one such visit to a hidden DVD store, the two girls come across a copy of the film Milk, the 2008 LGBT film, and decide to translate it into Farsi. Wordlessly, Atafeh and Shireen’s relationship begins to evolve from friendship into romance. They being daydreaming about running off to a city where their relationship can come out of the shadows, but that all is halted when they are caught and arrested on the charge of driving and smoking cigarettes.

After grabbing audiences’ attention on the film festival circuit of 2011 and even taking home the Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival, Circumstance has gone down in history as one of the most thought-provoking and dangerous lesbian films ever made. The film as well as the director herself was immediately banned in Iran and even in Beirut, Lebanon where it was filmed, the crew was forced to lie to the Lebanese government about the content of the project in order to avoid violence from religious extremist groups. Created by a writer/director who spent her summers in Shiraz, Iran and a band of actors who were all members of the Iranian diaspora, Circumstance rings true in a way it would not have had the story been told by outsiders of the culture. Despite the anxiety and threat of violence that surrounded the production of the film and the story itself, there’s a radical softness that lies at its core.


Songs for Kin

When The Circus Came To Town by Aurelio Voltaire: Circus-related, clownkin 

Givin’ The Dog A Bone by AC/DC: Dogkin, wolfkin, caninekin 

My Body Is A Cage by Arcade Fire: All otherkin that feel dysphoria 

Raised by Bats by Aurelio Voltaire:  Batkin, vampirekin 

The Mechanical Girl by Aurelio Voltaire:  Androidkin, robotkin, mechanicalkin 

Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett: Monsterkin, vampirekin, werewolfkin, Halloween-related 

Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen: Although it’s not really /that/ plant related, it might work for plantkin, flowerkin 

Heaven by Bryan Adams: Angelkin, deitykin, Godkin 

Flower of My Heart by Buddy Holly: Plantkin, flowerkin 

Danny Boy, ancient Irish melody: Deathkin, ghostkin, reaperkin (I didn’t include a video, but like everybody ever has done a cover of it. You can find one you like.) 

Any religious Elvis Presley: Angelkin, dietykin, Godkin 

Raised by Wolves by Falling In Reverse: Wolfkin, dogkin, caninekin, werewolfkin

Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards by Falling In Reverse: Demonkin, devilkin 

House of Wolves by My Chemical Romance: Wolfkin, dogkin, caninekin, werewolfkin 

Mama by My Chemical Romance: Demonkin, devilkin

Umbrella Beach by Owl City: Mermaidkin, waterkin, fishkin 

The Saltwater Room by Owl City: Mermaidkin, waterkin, fishkin 

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? by Pete Seeger: War-related, soldierkin 

Wave of Mutilation by Pixies: Mermaidkin, fishkin, waterkin (TW: Suicide) 

Any song by Steam Powered Giraffe: Robotkin, Steampunk related, androidkin 

Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats: Catkin, felinekin, rockabilly-related

Mermaid by Train:  Mermaidkin 

So I came to a random realization about a few Zack Snyder films. I guess I just realized it while I was feeling sad about Superman’s death, as I do every day. But what I realized was the male lead of three of Zack’s movies die at the end of the movie. The three being Michael from Dawn of the Dead, Leonidas from 300, and obviously Superman in Batman v Superman. When something happens once or twice in a director’s movies, I don’t really dwell on it, but three times is when it’s a pattern.

And it’s not just the fact that the male leads die, it’s the fact that all three of them die in an act of sacrifice for the woman they love. In each case, the man dies to protect a woman. People would probably like to take that as “oh, he’s just showing how women need to be saved by men” but it comes across to me as devotion and adoration that these male leads have for the women they love.

We have Dawn of the Dead where the romance in the movie doesn’t really get that much focus, but you do have your usual partnership between Michael and Ana that evolves into romance, and you knew those two trusted each other the most. So at the end of the movie, we discover that Michael has been bitten and he needs to stay behind, allowing the others to get away.

He could have gone with them. Ana even says “I can help you” because she’s a nurse but he knows that if he goes with them, he’d turn and kill them. He selflessly stays behind to protect all of them, especially Ana. The point that he did it for Ana is driven home even more when the camera focuses on Ana’s face as we hear Michael shoot himself. So we have our first case of the male lead sacrificing himself for the sake of the female lead.

300 also did this, but Leonidas’s relationship with Gorgo, his wife, gets a lot more attention and is really established as a great love story. They are apart for most of the movie, but their devotion for each other is never forgotten. I think Leonidas’s sacrifice is very similar to Superman’s sacrifice in Batman v Superman because I got the distinct impression that he was fighting this war for his wife, so she could live on. He was fighting for his people, yes, but especially her, and that was apparent in his death scene.

He didn’t die the way we often see characters die in battle scenes, cursing the enemy or looking around at his men. He dies thinking of his wife. This part reminds me a lot of the “You are my world” scene from BvS. 

Then obviously you guys all know the scene from BvS when Clark sacrifices himself to save the world. The “You are my world” line is already iconic. Clark had faced so much shit from the world in that movie, but he had Lois, who represented everything good in the world that was worth saving. Zack basically says that in this video.

“She’s a reason to save the human race.”

So yeah, this is another one of my “I like Zack a lot” posts. If he wants to keep giving me male characters who show utmost devotion for the women they love, so much that they’d die for them because the woman represents everything good in the world, I’m here for it.

EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of Marlene’s Tweets today have been in relation to ships. Someone’s Spoby heart is broken, she tweets to have faith. Someone wants Emison scenes, she says there are many in Tuesday’s episode. All that is great, but seriously, the mystery??? Where has it gone??? I 100% blame the Twitter fans for what this show has become: a love story with a side of mystery. I’d be fine even if it was 50/50. I’m not being, nor was I ever, selfish, and wanted 90% mystery 10% romance. This is a Freeform show. I get that that’ll never happen. Unfortunately we are at 75/25 now in terms of romance/mystery. Today Freeform released the synopsis for episode 713, which I’m not even posting because it’s embarrassing. Even though I’ve been very optimistic about these final 10 episodes closing out the mystery appropriately, call me moody and I don’t care but today was a turning point. I have 0 faith in the mystery rapping up with an appropriate degree of questions left. I know not absolutely everything will be answered - I never did expect that. But now I expect less than before. But I have 100% faith in Ezria, Haleb, Spoby and Emison being endgame… and that’s all that matters, right Marlene??? I mean, the REAL “questions” of the show are will Toby live, will Yvonne die, who is the father of Alison’s baby, what is Ali’s sexuality, etc. Screw the uber stalker and the horse riding stables and Aunt Jessie and random ghost girl, right!?

Game of Thrones and Shipping

I’m not a die-hard romantic, but I’ve always – in one way or another – shipped a couple on almost any TV show or book that I’ve read. Game of Thrones is probably the only show where I’ve never shipped anyone with each other (the notable exception being Jaime and Brienne but I never truly believed they would happen, so for me they don’t really count).

So, it came as somewhat of a surprise, when, somewhere during season 7, I picked up on the fact that there are people who are zealous Jon and Dany shippers. Of course, people are allowed to ship what they want (no question there), but it made me think on why I never shipped them, as they are somewhat of an obvious choice. It was very curious to me that I never saw these two together. Like, here you have two heroes who try to make the world a better place – together they’d be “difficult to defeat” as everyone’s little darling Littlefinger put it.

The thing is, even though I started unconsciously shipping Jon with Sansa since season 6, I NEVER intended to ship anyone on this show. This isn’t a show where you can easily ship two people. Almost all the romances portrayed either served the story progression in some way, ended up tragically and/or simply didn’t fit the normal expectations for romance of a modern audience.

I will try to illustrate my point with three prominent couples on the show/in the books who ended tragically, but who either served the plot and character development or didn’t portray a typical romance story.

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"It STARTS our story" when you said this you mean bellarke that they aren't gonna have any buildup, for a part i find it logical because we had 4 years of developement and build and both still pinning for each other like you said in other post a weeks ago love at first side and they stting up their romance in s4 finale,but for other they have been apart 6 years maybe we get some reconection but seeing that they are been promo the bunker out loud and bellarke i can see puting them together soon.

Exactly. They’ve done all this development for four seasons and left us with a Bellarke separation cliffhanger. 

So when they come back to the new season, they have to resolve the cliffhanger. The cliffhanger was, “where is bellamy, why aren’t Clarke and Bellamy together.” It was framed as specifically Bellamy because that’s who she was talking to. And, for the bellarke shippers, “WHERE WERE THOSE BELLARKE FEELINGS HEADING!”

I’ve talked about the chekhov’s gun, the story telling concept that, if you show a gun in chapter 1, you have to use it by the end of the story. The “gun” they were showing in this scenario, was an intense, personal, physically close, emotionally open, centering, trusting relationship, which got closer and closer to consummation until Clarke made a move and Bellamy ran away. And yet, even after they pull away from each other, by Praimfaya, they had regained that emotional connection, adding in intimate TOUCHING, not casual, and an urge to “hurry,” so that they could be together and go into space…

AND THEN NOTHING. Or rather, then tragic separation that was legitimately WORSE than all the other separations, as he thought she was dead and she was left alone on a barren earth waiting and pining. Their mutual self sacrifice culminating in the loaded gun of Bellarke romance, pointed, cocked, ready to go off, and then stopped by a six year separation.

I’m still so pissed. 

BUT that chekhov’s gun has NOT gone away. As a tv show, episodic in nature, rather than a novel (which I’m sorry to say is where i get my story structure from, so my bad. recognize that I’m a novelist not a tv writer, please,) they do cliffhangers to keep the audience interested for the next season. And they made Bellarke romance a big part of the cliffhanger. Loaded gun. “Waiting for the other shoe to drop.” It’s a way to build tension and anticipation and get us invested.

Which means we must get off the cliff right away when we come back. Gotta pull the trigger. DROP. THE. DAMN. SHOE.

I think the REUNION will be without buildup. Not like season 3, where, she was missing, we saw their lives without her (we’ve already gotten that in the last scene of s4, btw, so check that off the development list. he’s missing, we see her life alone,) he hears news of her (sees the eligius thinking it’s him,) he spots her and risks his life for her and loses her, goes to rescue her in polis and is rejected, she goes to him in arkadia and is rejected, they are finally reunited in nevermore. Like, that took HALF a season. I don’t think that will happen again. Or even the reunion of season 2 where it took 5 episodes. 

First off, they’ve done some of the bellarke reunion development already in Praimfaya. Secondly, Clarke has no one to act with or against until spacekru comes down. I might have thought Eligius, but JR said that she wants to be harsh and murdery with them and Bellamy talks her down. So she’s Wanheda. If she wants to be murdery she’ll be murdery and that she doesn’t means her dealings with Eligius are going to be influenced by Bellamy, so until spacekru comes back, her Eligius dealings will be kept to a minimum, meaning, again, she’s got no story until they come back. Especially since she can’t open the bunker without help, and she’s not getting help from Eligius, not unless Bellamy’s there, so again, no story without Bellamy. From a NON romance perspective. 

I just don’t see them holding off the reunion. As for the development of Bellarke romance? They’re going to have to reconnect, but I do NOT believe that the connection they made over the 4 seasons will have disappeared. When they meet, it will be like strangers–but strangers who are intimately connected, have immediate trust and respect and understanding, and a sudden intense attraction and need to be together.

In other words: It’s going to be love at first sight for them. 

I think they went from the enemies to friends to…almost lovers, mutual pining trope in seasons 1-4 and now they’re switching over to the love at first sight, fated to be together, missing other half, true love soul mate (as in the greek soul mate,) trope. But it won’t be a magic connection they have it will be one that they developed, already. So when it explodes, it’s going to be




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what do ya think about people shipping jaded//ave//kat even if they know that dave is not comfortable with poly?

i really dont care what people ship in general. hell i met someone who ships bro/doc scratch. whether it makes sense or not shouldnt be something that suddenly makes it illegal to ship a ship. i mean theres always aus and crack ships and what not. go wild kids

my problem is when people dont stay in their lane and act like its some software upgrade to dave/karkat and act like content should be in that tag too. its not. its a completely different ship so please go away

my other problem is when it crosses over into the realm of canon meta with people acting like its suddenly actual comic canon and making justifications for it. like you said, dave isnt comfortable with being in a poly ship. you see some people arguing this happened when he was 13 and that he “grew” out of it later. yes, he did break it off with terezi for wanting to date gamzee at the same time, but given how they were still dating during openbound, this must have happened closer to when he was around 15, not 13.
then some people say that since he spent more time with karkat, he learned about the quadrant system and adopted it and thats proof that hed be ok with it
dave still isnt comfortable with karkat dating another person, EVEN IF hes been educated on the subject of troll romance and the polyamory that comes along with it. even if dave says he “gets it,” hes still not going to do quadrants because he became clearly jealous when karkat brought up his past BLACK crush on john. again, BLACK, not RED – which is at least what his and karkats relationship falls under when we see jasprose state that the quadrant nepeta wanted karkat in (red) is taken
this says a WHOLE FUCKING LOT, more so than the terezi and gamzee issue imo. even after literally being educated on polyamory for three years by a troll obsessed with the idea of quadrants, to the point of not outright dismissing them anymore like he did pre-retcon and being more open minded about it, dave is still not comfortable with the idea of karkat pursuing anyone else even in the black quadrant, one which doesnt fully define his and karkats own relationship. he still cant fucking do it even under the base definitions of quadrants he learned
not only that, but the line dave says to karkat during this exchange – “is this something you been thinking about this whole time or” – also says a lot. not only is it probably one of the more insecure statements dave has said, its also a little absurd on a logical basis and goes to show how insecure the idea of karkat having feelings for someone else makes him. dave takes karkats past black crush on john and sees it to mean that karkat was wishing dave was john during the entire three years. thats just really fucking sad.

and weve seen this behavior with dave before. he compares himself to others all the time and feels like shit because he feels he cant compete with them! hell this is at the center of his entire goddamn coolkid facade, he tries to live up to his bros crazy insane ideals and when he fails it ruined his self esteem. you also see him compare himself to john all the time – he outright tells terezi one time that “no matter what i do ill never catch up to john” and we all know how he reacted when john was a god tier and he wasnt. and its not just john and bro either, he does this with jade in regards to his medium entry vs hers. he goes on about how much of an idiot he was, that what the hell was he doing, even jade knew what to do, that she was schooling his ignorant ass, that she started out with more sense than him, etc. im sure there are other examples but these are just the ones off the top of my head
the point is that dave constantly compares himself to other people and this is the main source of his internal character conflict, it is absolutely fucking criticalto him, and we literally saw this complex in action in regards to polyamory when the idea of karkat having had feelings for someone else was brought up where he reacted overwhelmingly negatively
i mean how much more explicit can this even be? the idea that even after reading this people can still think dave being canon poly is remotely feasible completely fucking boggles my mind

then of course theres karkat. ive gone into it many many many times but the concept of quadrant dating in alternia is akin to compulsory heterosexuality for humans. karkat has mentioned that on alternia trolls that want one partner in all 4 quadrants are seen as joke characters in the media, and calls himself a “desperate fool” for feeling this way about someone. karkats obsession with quadrants and romance movies and literature, while at the same time showing a complete lack of tack with his own quadrant issues, points towards someone who is overcompensating, especially when he used a fictional goddamn troll harlem romance novel as a fucking guide to solve his, daves and terezis issues duing penis ouija and the narrative pointed towards it being a ridiculous idea even for trolls to propose. and given how his entire loud angry persona is a blatant overcompensation for his feelings of inferiority in the first place (dave hits the nail with the hammer when he says “loudmouth inferiority thing”) this is behavior that karkat has shown time and time again to use.
so much about karkats character is how much of a periah and un-trollike he is. from his deceptively peaceful personality (this is a troll that faints at the sight of blood. an ALTERNIAN GODDAMN TROLL), to his blood color, to his tiny ass horns, hes meant to be more human than troll. this is even outright said to be the case in the text.
then youve got the signless and the allusion that he didnt do quadrants either, and the parallel is quite clear especially when terezi and vriska, two trolls, werent able to tell what quadrant dave and karkat had “settled” in which implies that theyre not really in any of them.
ok, so karkat cant do quadrants, so what? cant he just have panquadrant feelings for dave and someone else at the same time? uh ok, if you want to ignore the entire framing of the karkat/terezi situation? he outright says he wanted to “keep her all to himself,” and the entire issue and his meltdown is sparked when terezi simply starts having interest in someone else. for someone to divorce these ideas from one other sounds like some major jumping through hoops to justify something they want instead of objectively analyzing whats there. also saying that karkat needs to get over this and that embracing polyamory is the key to his “character development.” yes, a lot of karkats development is learning to become less possessive and dismissing other peoples feelings and agency. you see the culmination of this when he talks to terezi in openbound. BUT HE GREW UP IN A SOCIETY WHERE POLYAMORY WAS THE NORM AND IT WAS HAMMERED INTO HIM SINCE BIRTH AND EVEN AFTER TRYING TO BE AN EXPERT ON THEM HES STILL NOT ABLE TO ADHERE TO THE CONCEPT AND FAILS AT TRYING. do you seriously think hes going to be able to move past that hurdle???? i mean think what you want in regards to polyamory IRL but in homestucks case…… its tied to a characters nature and is as much a part of their sexuality as liking boys or girls or both or none (or davepeta)

also because by this same logic fuckin gtav/jake/dirk is canon too because they were hanging out together lol

i wholeheartedly disagree with the implication that a female character can only be truly happy if shes in a relationship with men. i hate the idea that because i dont wish jade to be involved with davekat means that i somehow hate her, or am misogynist, or dont want her around them period. this is really goddamn ridiculous and a shitty ass argument and if anyone tries to paint you this way please ignore them lmao because theyre probably more interested in situating themselves as morally superior vs the rest of the subfandom and being the purity police than actually believing and wanting it. i think jade is happy enough to be around her friends in general and to equate her “deserving to be happy” with “dating these two male characters” perpetuates the idea females characters are always looking for romance and that it should be their end goal. fuck right off with that bullshit pls

i also think its borderline insulting to say that an author would throw away an incredibly large and well-executed arc between two characters directly involving a love triangle……for another love triangle with another girl. its just thematically muddled up and shitty writing wise

also the idea that hussie has to do it to “appease everyone.” homestuck has always had some level of influence from the readers, but if appeasing the largest amount of people was always hussies goal instead of writing the characters consistently and with an iota of sense then johndave would be fucking canon

again, people can ship it all they want even just for fun or in an au or cute pics or whatever. but if youre gonna act like its feasible in canon and start spouting some canon meta for it at people without even questioning it im gonna have some MAJOR fucking reservations about your ability to interpret dave and karkats core characters correctly and im probably not going to touch your fanwriting with a 100 foot pole

Honestly the most ridiculous part of boatbang is I have to buy that:

  • Jon would choose a boat over potentially taking a dragon with Dany even though its safer, quicker and can help protect the North.
  • Jon would choose taking longer over seeing his two younger siblings who he thought were dead for years.
  • Jon who thinks all three of his siblings can’t defend themselves is fine leaving them unattended longer without him or Brienne there whilst Littlefinger is and the white walkers are coming.
  • He would endanger both himself and Dany by picking a boat instead leaving both of them open targets on the road to Winterfell.
  • Jon essentially endangering the North by not delivering the dragon glass weapons straight away or sending people to teach how to kill the dead leaving most not knowing what the actual fuck to do.
  • Jon would endanger all his siblings even though he has said repeatedly there is no time for anything to have sex with Dany a women he’s only known for a few weeks whilst a wight dragon is heading to the North to attack it.

trans lady christine chapel

  • (because she is, clearly, above all else, a Lady)
  • I like to think that christine just… didn’t think much about her gender until one day she did
  • her friends had always been primarily women and she’d always related more to the way they viewed the world than her handful of male friends, but for the longest time that was just The Way It Was, not a signal of anything else
  • she’s probably almost out of high school before it clicks, and she’s not done stumbling her way through untangling her gender identity and expression until she hits college
  • (makeup is merely useful, more than anything, but what she truly delights in experimenting with is the style of her hair)
  • her freshman year, the only major question remaining in her mind is–
  • is she bi? she’d dated women her whole life, but had she been overlooking attraction to men the same way she’d been overlooking her own gender, or perhaps even been repressing her feelings out of internalized biphobia?
  • she meets roger and she thinks–yes. she thinks she’s in love, and when he asks her to marry him, she says yes
  • (it’s not until later, when he’s gone, their engagement broken, that she realizes she’d been dazzled by his science more than him. still, when she signs up for starfleet, she’s hoping she’ll find him one day–he’s one of the most important people in her life, regardless of a romance between them)
  • the first time someone shortens her name to “chris”, there’s a moment where she wonders how she should feel
  • but “christine” has no connection linguistically to her deadname–
  • chris, for all its ambiguity and that it’s often a male name, is 100% hers
  • she chooses nursing, when she’s abandoning her research to chase roger into space, because it’s the degree starfleet will take that she’s closest to already finishing
  • but…
  • she discovers herself, there
  • certainly being in a traditionally feminine field- even if by the 23rd century the connection is tenuous at best- is comforting in some ways
  • (even if she feels a bit wryly guilty for that being the case)
  • but more than that she’s good at this job. good at dispensing care and treating illnesses, with clear eyes and a sharp mind and steady hands–
  • it’s not nursing she loves, but medicine
  • by the end of the first five year mission, she’s already researching med schools back on earth, an md a glimmer in her eye
  • she could always attend the academy’s program; she knows they’ll take her
  • but being the head nurse on starfleet’s flagship should be enough to get her in anywhere she wants, right?
  • (right)

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Do you have a tag for him taking her from behind but not anal?

Title: 23 Positions In a One Night Stand
Author: snapes_goddess
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance, Humor
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 5,031
Summary: Draco and Hermione make a friendly wager. Inspired by the song Get Off By Prince.

Title: A Kingdom Beside the Sea
Author: everythursday
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance, Angst
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 104,000
Summary: During a dual gone wrong, Draco is hit with a curse that begins to erase his memories. Stuck with Granger in a lopsided house beside the sea, Draco’s life and mind begin to unravel as he struggles to hold on to who he is while losing who he had been.

Title: All Mine
Author: y3llowdaisi3s
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Humor, Mystery, Romance
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 29,321
Summary: Hermione, the HBIC at her law firm, likes to be in control. So when she attends a Halloween party and has a night of anonymous passionate sex where she is definitely not in control, she can’t understand why, for the week afterwards, she fantasizes about it. But she’s determined to figure out who her mystery partner was.

Title: Bittersweet
Author: Jillian
Rating: MA/NC-17
Genre(s): Plot? What Plot?
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,977
Summary: Everything would happen in due time. Draco and Hermione never expected it to happen when or how, it did.

Title: How We Imagined Light
Author: atalanta84
Rating: MA
Genre(s): Angst, Drama, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 5,169
Summary: The war is over, and while the rest of the Wizarding World drowns their sorrows in champagne and celebratory balls, Hermione finds comfort in an unconventional way…and with the most unexpected person.

Title: In the Library
Author: monique-27
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,809
Summary: Sometimes it was “At the Pitch”. Sometimes it was “Under the Stands.” This time, it was “In the Library.”

More on @dramioneficindex, just look at the smut listings at the sidebar to find the fics with this.

- Lisa

Stay with me (G Dragon fanfic)

Request: Hiya! Can I request a scenario with GDragon or Taeyang where he has a separation anxiety disorder and so he panics when you’re gone for a long time, and he clings onto you when you’re back? Thank you so much! ❤️ ~Aimee

A/N: Hiya! Sorry this took me a minute to write. Also, not completely sure if I got the whole ‘Anxiety disorder’ part completely correct….I looked it up and tried to go off of what I read. I hope it’s still okay though and I hope you like it!! :D ~Admin Red 

Genre: Uhm…A mix of angst and romance? 

Word count: 1,952

Summary: All you have to do is stay. 

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Can you do some twin fluff headcannons ? Ruff and Tuff need attention too. Twin Feels!

Ruff and Tuff need all the attention :D

- They can be surprisingly quiet when it’s just the two of them around. They’re a lot more calm, whether they’re eating or planning their next prank.

- Ruff lets legit NO ONE touch her hair, but Tuff lets his sister play with his. She does different designs, but “butt elf, you only look good with your normal look.”

- When talking about romance, it’s all very straightforward. “He’s/She’s hot” is all Ruff needs to say and Tuff will know she has a new crush of the week.

- Ruffnut likes her alone time. She takes long walks in the forest (sometimes Fishlegs accompanies her) and Tuff never asks where she goes, but he gives her a full report of what happened when she was gone.

- “So I was eating. And then, in five minutes, I was still eating.”

- They complain about each other to each other, and they offer a sympathetic shoulder while listening to the insults directed towards themselves.

- Tuffnut especially is very good at separating his annoying brother self from his supportive brother self.

I did this on my phone, so sorry for any mistakes.

Send me HTTYD headcanon requests!

Having Standards vs. Being an Asshole

Failzeroth likes to claim they do what they do because they have standards, not because they’re assholes.

They seem to be confusing the two things, so I’ve put together a handy, short guide to help them (as I know several of them follow or read this blog regularly) differentiate between having standards and being an asshole:

Having Standards: “I don’t enjoy bar RP, for me it isn’t engaging or enjoyable. I’d rather have big, long running, involved story arcs.”

Being an Asshole: “Bar RP is stupid, it’s for shallow people, the uncreative, and mostly for people who just want to ERP.”

Having Standards: “While I acknowledge that it’s pretty common for adults to have or want to have sex, it’s not something I enjoy RPing or writing, and therefore just prefer to not RP that aspect of my character’s life.”

Being an Asshole: “HAHAHA LOOK AT THIS FUTA ERP PROFILE, EVERYONE! PORNSHIRE, AMIRITE?”/“Ugh, why would someone talk about sex or their bra size/pants bulge in their MRP? Probably just some greasy neckbeard/fat yaoi fangirl trying to get off.”

Having Standards: “I know that some people like to RP romantic relationships, but I don’t. For me,  it’s just not all that fun or interesting, so I don’t do it.”

Being an Asshole: “Ugh, all anyone ever wants to do these days is romance or relationship RP. The quality of RP has gone down so much lately, where are all the good RPers?”

Having Standards: “I prefer to try and stick to the setting provided as much as possible. I don’t find character concepts or plot lines that deviate wildly from the given world’s story to be interesting or fun.”

Being an Asshole: “Ugh, this idiot clearly doesn’t know lore. There is no way a situation/character like this could ever exist and be believable. Their character is so overdone and edgy it’s laughable! This is what happens when some kid who’s way too into DBZ and Hannibal decides to sub to WoW.”

Having Standards: “I know what I enjoy in RP, and try to stick to RPing with others who enjoy similar things. That said, I don’t bother people who have fun RPing things I don’t particularly enjoy, I just move along and let them have their fun.”

Being an Asshole: “Look at these morons! Don’t they know what they’re doing?! Hey everyone, look at this MRP I found! How terrible is this character even? It’s like they’re not even trying, LOL! SO MUCH EDGE! SO SEXY! Fail!”

Having Standards: Putting guild rules and recruitment rules and guidelines in place to ensure people in the guild or applying for the guild are all roughly on the same page in terms of their likes/dislikes in RP and all enjoy generally the same sort of RP story arcs and events. When someone who applies that doesn’t quite fit the bill or who you’re pretty sure won’t have a good time because what they enjoy/want out of RP isn’t what the guild is about, they get rejected politely and if they ask why, it’s explained to them in terms that don’t accuse them of being a “bad role-player or “not good enough.”

Being an Asshole: Advertising your guild as “lore compliant” or suggesting “only those who know lore” are welcome. Making fun of how others RP in guild chat, and offering unsolicited “criticism” to people outside the guild whose RP or RP profiles don’t meet the standards of what you consider to be good.

Rejections for people who don’t fit are usually harsh and likely openly call the rejected player a bad writer/roleplayer.

Terms of Agreement

I wrote this for Jily Secret Santa last year and decided in May I wanted to post it on my blog, and it’s been scheduled ever since. 

Lily dropped into the seat closest the fire just as someone let off a streamer and a bunch of other fireworks at the other side of the room. Her face darkened, but she ignored it, frowning as she peered over the heads of her fellow Gryffindors, all enjoying themselves. She was glad that she had decided to stay for the holidays, as all the seventh years had agreed, and just as delightful as promised, the New Years party was in full swing.

On the other side of the couch, James looked around at her. “Shouldn’t we do something about that or something?” he asked politely, nodding towards the scene. She raised one eyebrow and peered at him curiously, chuckling.

“You okay?” she asked, laying a hand on his forehead. “Are you ill? Do you have amnesia?”

He grinned at her ruefully, batting her hand away. “I’m fine, thank you,” he told her, smirking. “They’re just irritating me, that’s all.”

She frowned, poking his shoulder. “That’s irritating you? James, you invented that.”

“Ah, see, you’ve encountered the crux of the problem,” he told her, shaking his head. He looked over at them and snorted, taking another sip of his drink. “Amateurs.”

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Life Swap AU - Ficlet 3

In which Marinette meets Plagg and Tikki is a bit mortified.

Original ramblings for this AU are HERE

Also: Ficlet 1. Ficlet 2. Character Details/Ramblings.

“Oh, Plagg, you didn’t!”

Marinette frowned at her kwami’s voice, shooting a look around as she picked up her pace. Sure, this area of the mansion was deserted at this time of night, but there was no harm in discretion. The girl stepped into the kitchens as Tikki spoke up again.

“Why must you always be so picky?” she was lamenting.

A second voice answered. “I see no reason not to be.”

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its a break up story, an examination of the onset of the inevitable, a ‘Last Hurrah’ where both parties know the magic is gone. Those of us less enamored of this seasons Clara/Danny romance could revel here in the other far more interesting side of that coin. Unrequited love is the truest love of all and the most romantic scene in doctor who this year has to be Clara, clearly in denial, smiling her sad smile, gazing out at the Magellan Black Hole while the doctor avoids the elephant in the room by wittering on about planets

Review of the Mummy on the Orient Express 

I Help You

Fic Request: Can you do something where they tortured Lydia with the image of Stiles dying and when he comes to rescue her she fights him or tries to run away from him at first?

Rating: T

Genre: Action, Thriller, Angst, Romance, Canon Divergence

Author: niggletsune

Part 1 of 2 of the We Help Eachother Duo

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i can’t handle this interview

between mofftiss saying that mrs. hudson is the only one who would tell you the truth about what happens at baker street, to the talk of male friendships and how john and sherlock’s friendship has gone totally undiscussed (are we ignoring all of tsot???), to the promise that they’ll be tested and the friendship has to evolve like…

where is there to go from here except romance