where has all the romance gone

Stay with me (G Dragon fanfic)

Request: Hiya! Can I request a scenario with GDragon or Taeyang where he has a separation anxiety disorder and so he panics when you’re gone for a long time, and he clings onto you when you’re back? Thank you so much! ❤️ ~Aimee

A/N: Hiya! Sorry this took me a minute to write. Also, not completely sure if I got the whole ‘Anxiety disorder’ part completely correct….I looked it up and tried to go off of what I read. I hope it’s still okay though and I hope you like it!! :D ~Admin Red 

Genre: Uhm…A mix of angst and romance? 

Word count: 1,952

Summary: All you have to do is stay. 

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I Help You

Fic Request: Can you do something where they tortured Lydia with the image of Stiles dying and when he comes to rescue her she fights him or tries to run away from him at first?

Rating: T

Genre: Action, Thriller, Angst, Romance, Canon Divergence

Author: niggletsune

Part 1 of 2 of the We Help Eachother Duo

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A Strange Magic Fanfiction- Make a Heaven of Hell

Otherwise officially titled-

Romance: In Which Small, Drunk, Geriatric Fairies are the Cause of it

Of course I decided to go the classier route (it just spoke to me). And so one of my favorite lines from A Midsummer Nights Dream will be standing in its place.Though to tell you the truth, I think I rather fancy its longer counterpart. Itjust sort of flows, you know?

You all are either going to hate my sense of humor or wonder where my life has gone. Which is okay. Because I’m not sure either. But this, for the most part, has everything. Humor, angst, romance and a good dash of bad taste! What more could you ask for from a Princess, a Goblin, a small Geriatric Fairy with a taste for beer and the stab wound that brought them together. And, of course, my favorite new character The Tiny Voice in her Head. Because who doesn’t want a sassy Jiminy Cricket. NO ONE. That’s who.

I might come back and edit this later. Wasn’t too happy with the outcome. Then again, when have I ever been happy with it?

But here it is. For what it’s worth it may be rushed, it may be longer than a freaking cobra (that’s long… right), but it’s done. And I have set it free.

Enjoy it. It almost killed me.

(Sigh…) The things I do for this fandom.

I’m going to throw you a party! Congratulations, Marianne! You are officially the Town Idiot. Tell me, how is it that you acquired this position?

“Shut up.”

Oooh, another great come back. High five.

“Shut up.”

Truly, it’s like you’re trying to win awards. First, the Medal of Ill-Advised Intent. Wear it with pride. Second, the Badge of Driveling Insults. Would you like to see it?

“No. Shut up.”

Oh! But I fashioned it myself! It’s made of my own sweat and blood and tears. I shaped it just like one of my favorite fingers. I’ll give you a hint which one. It isn’t the thumb, the pinky, the pointer or the ring. Care for me to tell you where you can shove it?

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