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Jin isn’t gonna start cooking until he talks about his special Pink Puma shoes:

He’s so proud of them, it’s adorable x 

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                                                      UGUMORI HIGH SCHOOL

“When you lose after going all out instead of simply losing, you get so much more out of the loss. Looks like you’re all ready to train for the summer. Let’s move on.


Loras Tyrell — The Winds of Winter.

dedaumier  asked:

PTEROSAUR SCREECHING over your secret agents ziam tags, pls tell me more.

(x) ok, but what if the UK introduced a standardised test, or some sort of addendum to an existing test, and the entire purpose was to gauge suitability for THE SECRET SERVICE? and Liam and Zayn both pass, for different reasons, but Zayn gets to training or whatever and they take one look at him and are like “NOPE” because how could he go undercover, how could he ever be forgotten with that face??? but by now Zayn’s really into the idea, he was kind of drifting back home, didn’t know what he wanted to do with himself, and so he digs his heels in, stubborn as only Zayn can be, and eventually they find a place for him and he becomes a handler, a liaison, and it’s not quite what he wanted but it’ll do for now. 

and Liam has his own struggles, because there’s all this book learning and memorisation and straight up STUDYING and that’s never been his strong suit and he’s still pretty pants at pretending to be someone he isn’t (it’s hard, really hard, because sometimes he’s not even sure who he is) but he falls in with some of the other recruits and they help him through. Niall has a flair for languages and gives Liam tricks to remembering the words and they practice accents together for hours, pinning a map of the world to a dart board and making up silly games. Harry shows him how to walk into anywhere and strike up a conversation, easy as breathing, how to slip on a different face for every place and to be whatever, whoever he needs to be. Louis teaches him to throw away his inhibitions, helps him realise that he’s not defined by the past and that it’s possible to live in the moment and have fun at work (they have the best job in the world, Louis tells him fiercely, and they’re going to be fucking brilliant, yeah?)

anyway fast forward to the end of training and Liam and Louis get paired up to the surprise of exactly no one, because they’re a unit, a team, one soul in two bodies and Harry’s convinced they’ve got some kind of telepathy going on, they’re EERIE. their first job is something local: it’s a recruiting drive for a hate group and it’s aimed at teenagers, so they’re sent in as substitute teachers to a high school in the north. they meet their handler there for the first time and Liam’s not sure what he was expecting but it sure wasn’t Zayn. years of training go out the window when he glances up, meets Zayn’s eyes, and he can’t remember his cover story, his manners or even his name, because. wow.

and Zayn’s nonplussed, a bit off kilter, because handler training is shorter than agent training and he’s been doing this for a while now, has worked with so many blank-faced agents that it’s like a production line, every job pretty much the same. but this guy is different, somehow, looks so open, so earnest, and when he smiles a bit later, Zayn stumbles over his explanation because whatever he was expecting it definitely wasn’t that.

so they go on their mission and everything’s fine for the first few days but Liam overhears something, acts on a lead and falls right into a hairy situation and it takes every bit of Zayn’s considerable skill to get him out of there. Liam’s hurt, has to lie low for hours until help can arrive, and Zayn keeps him company over the comms, just talking and talking like he never does, asking Liam questions and telling him about himself. they bond so fast, connect so strongly, and neither one has ever had anything like this happen before. Liam’s been hurt too many times and Zayn’s not one to get invested but he is this time around.

Zayn’s invested. really invested, and he thinks that maybe Liam feels the same way, but there’s a problem: the no fraternisation rule. if they’re caught, at the very least they wouldn’t be able to work together, and Zayn knows already that he doesn’t, won’t, trust anyone else with Liam’s life. 

cue: angst, pining, explosions, ignoring of feelings, meddling colleagues, terrible French accents, bespoke suits, more than one dramatic ripping-out of an earpiece, very bad driving, kidnapping, coded messages and a heartfelt confession over an open comms.