where everything is fun and games until


It was all fun and games until it wasn’t and suddenly what was suppose to be a quick sketch turned into an au. 

So i present to you Enchanted AU, where the gang lands on some weird fucked up disney planet where theres talking animals and everything is cute and cuddly and where they finally find the blue paladin. 

This all started from the fact that everytime i see the junk pile keith that pidge made i get reminded of the beginning of enchanted where giselle is singing true love’s kiss. 

Benefits of male chastity and etc


If Your husband has asked You lock him in chastity, You may think he is asking you to do some sexually perverted, kinky, thing that You don’t understand and don’t want to understand because it is sick and perverted. The fact is, he is not sick and perverted, he just wants to have fun, sexually.

There was a time in Your marriage when sex was fun and exciting for You, too. Wasn’t there? He just wants to get that back again. He is not asking You to do anything that is difficult, or perverted. He is asking You to play a game with him. A sexual game in which You control when and how he has sex. That’s all. So give it a chance. You may be surprised at how much fun You, Yourself, can have

Chastity is an amazing fetish. Most people think it’s some kind of punishment or chore, but it isn’t. The feelings you receive from abstaining from orgasm are just sublime. Guys feel aroused right up until the point where they orgasm, then everything is reset to zero after orgasm they’re no longer turned on and in order to become even remotely aroused they have to wait again for the feelings to kick in.

Well, what if they didn’t orgasm. What if they didn’t masturbate every evening? What if they abstained from orgasms altogether? Would the feelings of arousal increase and increase? Yes. Yes they would. Which is why chastity is an immensely popular fetish.

Chastity popularity

It is such an intimate act to show trust in his partner for a man to hand over the key to his “crown jewels“ and to allow him to be locked up, to await “HER” pleasure. It is quite surprising that so many people have dabbled with the man wearing a chastity device, and they are the second most often bought sex toys after vibrators.

Chastity - A Joint Decision

For chastity to work well it has to be a joint decision. If you’re both eager to try chastity then the belt or device you choose should also appeal to your wife. It’s no good you buying an expensive belt and she hates the sight of it.

Some women find the transparency of the CB-6000, CB-6000s or the Curve nicely displays the enslaved penis, many would-be keyholders like the quality and hygiene of a stainless steel device. Other women like the thought of the traditional Florentine style belts believing they are more secure.

Others initially prefer to go for something like the Stallion Guard as a low cost device to experiment with before deciding on a more secure belt or cage. There are keyholders who like to allow and see the penis fully erect whilst it’s encased, belts and devices most suited to this concept, known as “penile negation”, include the Samurai and Caterpillar cock cages from Mr S. Neither of these 2 devices can be considered long term wear, however, they’re an ideal purchase as an additional chastity device to your collection, and allow your keyholder the opportunity to employ different techniques of teasing.

Some keyholders love these devices because they relish the sight of a fully erect, straining cock unable to escape.

Chastity and Masturbation

All men, given the ability, masturbate and way more often than most women think they do. This is something that is difficult for him to control and even more difficult to part with. Young men have an abundance of testosterone so masturbation doesn’t seem to interfere with their pursuit of young women.

However, as men grow older masturbating usually translates into the husband ignoring his wife for at least a couple days. Chastity puts a stop to the masturbation and works in many ways; it changes his mood, demeanor and libido. Most importantly it changes his desire to please you. It is not the goal for him to do the cooking or the cleaning or the laundry but you will find that it will happen, not routinely but it will happen because as he continues to build up his sexual energy that he no longer has the ability to release as he pleases he will divert that energy towards pleasing you.

Your being the source of his sexual pleasure will change his feelings, he will adore you, love you in a way that you desire and he will be eager to please you because you are, as I said, the source of his release. He will find, over time, he is happier and that will be because you’re happier. He will love the emotional boost the two of you share.

This isn’t as kinky as it sounds

If your sex life to date has been restricted to intercourse and perhaps mutual masturbation, chastity play can sound like something pretty weird. It isn’t. Nothing has to change about how you make love; what changes is when. The partner who wears the chastity belt has given the partner who has the “key” the ability to decide when sex can take place. Since most chastity devices effectively prevent masturbation, it means one partner gives the other control of all orgasms. This can be a great deal of fun for both people.

Chastity play allows you to take sex out of the bedroom in a subtle way that only the two of you will know. For example, if a woman has her male partner locked up, they can agree on “rules” he should follow, such as “he must always stand when she enters the room.” If when they are out with friends he forgets, she can smile and hold some fingers up and he will know he stays locked up that many more days until he can get release.

If you don’t think this is incredibly hot to both partners, just try it! You won’t believe how exciting a dull relationship can become overnight. Take a few minutes and use your imagination. Fun, huh?

Chastity Devices

Chastity devices have been used throughout the ages in order to prevent sexual intercourse. Classically, chastity has been forced upon someone using a belt type mechanic, but in recent times, more concealable and localized devices are able to be used in order to prevent the ability to touch and interact with sexual organs. In addition to the modern interpretation of how to perform chastity, a sexual fetish has developed. Individuals now enjoy the prospect of being locked up and unable to perform sexual activities unless the other person who’s chastised them allows it.

Chastity and Confinement for Men

Chastity for men is the most common form, with blocks of specially formed plastic being placed around the penis with a small lock attached for keeping it closed. Some male chastity devices make it impossible or highly painful to experience an erection, aiding the experience of being denied sexual pleasure. One major element of chastity is the understanding that eventually, the device will be removed. The sexual fetish is undesirable if the wearer believes that they will never be allowed to experience an orgasm again. As expected, chastity is an exchange of a power dynamic, with one person assuming the role of being in charge and the other being submissive and completely subject to the will of the other person.

Chastity for couples

Male chastity is not just for men, nor is it just for women who want to control their men. Male chastity is for couples! Both the submissive male and his partner stand to gain from incorporating male chastity into the relationship. The relationship as a whole stands a great deal to gain as well.

Taking control of one small aspect of your relationship - The sex. By utilizing a chastity device, you are taking the first step toward controlling your partner. He may or may not be keen on the idea. If this is your idea, you may have to incorporate a little tease and denial to get what you want….it will work.

If you can both agree to give male chastity a chance, then be realistic about it. Start out slow and easy. Don’t plan on more than a month or even a week for a trial period. Remember, this is just a trial period. If you don’t like it, don’t get any enjoyment from it, don’t see how it can improve your relationship, then you can always quit.

Couple chastity

If you’re in a committed relationship, but you want to really turn up the heat in your sex play, then chastity could be the answer for you.
Many couples engage in chastity as a means of getting back the desire they felt in the early days of their relationship, when they couldn’t wait to have sex, and it lasted for hours not minutes. A time when they were always on each other’s mind.

Chastity is also a choice for many couples when the man has been unfaithful, or has been caught masturbating to internet porn. He may choose chastity as a way to demonstrate his commitment, reassure his partner, and enhance their relationship. This is a precious pledge for any man, and the thought of this alone can be incredibly arousing for both partners.

There is no doubt about it, chastity play results in superior sexual satisfaction! Trying to earn a release, the bottom will be much more attentive to his partner’s needs. Without being distracted by his own selfish wants, his sole focus is pleasuring his Keyholder. He will demonstrate his ability and affection to his partner, going above and beyond in the hope of an ultimate ‘release’..
Remember; the couple that plays together stays together!

Chastity and relantionship

There is no one right way to practice chastity, but most agree that a man who practices chastity is expressing profound respect for their partner and women generally. Chastity is a challenge well worth undertaking because it can help lead to a transformation of a man’s relationship with his partner. Almost every account of a chastity regimen notes that the man becomes much more attentive to the needs of his partner, serving her better both sexually and in a myriad of other ways that are pleasing to her. The many religious traditions that use chastity/abstinence as a key element of their spiritual practice and service orientation are definitely onto something..

Primary benefits of enforced male

1. It prevents him from masturbating. Male masturbation is a filthy habit. It’s addictive, selfish, and disrespectful to women. Chronic masturbation has the effect of substantially diminishing a man’s natural sexual desire for his wife of girlfriend. It unfortunately teaches him that his orgasm is primary, and hers is secondary.

2. Because he can’t even get an erection without her permission, it instantly changes the dynamics of the relationship.

3. It keeps his sexual focus and energy on his wife or girlfriend.

4. It will substantially increase his desire to orally service his wife or girlfriend.

5. If he’s never been an ass-eater, after having his penis locked up for a few weeks, he will be.

6. It serves as a constant reminder to him of her authority.

7. Because it makes his orgasms entirely dependent on her generosity, it positively incentives him to honor her, respect her, and motivates him to please.

8. It gives him the time and opportunity to substantially improve and perfect his oral skills.

9. It reinforces the idea that pussy is a precious gift that must be earned, and is to be savored and appreciated on those rare occasions when he does get it.

10. It teaches him that sexual activity with his wife or girlfriend doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with his penis.

11. It deepens his submission to her, and will cause him to worship the ground she walks on.

12. It will significantly improve his attitude, and make him more generous, caring, kind, respectful, and loving. It will help soften the sharper edges of his me-first masculinity. It will make him more of a listener than a talker.

13. It helps prepares him for the eventuality of anal penetration, and getting the strap-on. Because his penis isn’t being sexually stimulated, it has the effect of gradually turning other parts of his body into erogenous zones, particularly his anus and his prostate. With patience and persistence, he can be trained to orgasm from stimulation in that region via your finger, or the strap-on.

14. If his orgasms are consistently controlled and severely restricted, he will eventually get to the point where he will do just about anything to cum. You’ll be amazed by what he’ll do for you.

Chastity -  power to the woman

This voluntary act in which the man shows his trust and hands over the key to his most precious possessions to her who will then decide when he is to be released. This is an action which gives enormous power to the woman in a relationship, or the supervisor on our course and it is a gift from him to her.

It is a sexual act which frees him from the ability to pleasure himself and frees him to learn how to please his partner and thus be allowed pleasure himself.

It sounds from this description a strange and “kinky “activity, but surprisingly the approach has wide acceptance as a method to improve male performance and pleasure.

The Mental Game of Chastity

The power exchange exists in the realm of the minds so to the submissive male, being denied can provide him with more mental pleasure and more mental fulfillment than a physical orgasm.

The aroused and denied male will spend more time in subspace and thus his mind will be on a mental sphere where the female rules supreme in his life and he is much more eager to serve the female.

The mental stimulation should touch a man’s psychological triggers, which will stimulate him sexually. It is that mental stimulation that causes an intense power exchange and that can make sex more pleasurable for the woman both physically and mentally while at the same time fulfilling the male need to be dominated.

Chastity and BDSM

Chastity is a fantastic pawn in the BDSM game. It is a great tool for tease and denial, and can be implemented as an incredibly effective punishment/reward scheme. Dominants that have never fully engaged in chastity play, will have almost certainly at some point employed a ‘permission to cum?’ policy. So, what’s the difference? Well chastity play takes this concept one step further and gives the Key Holder full control over their slave’s orgasms. Many people who love to engage in BDSM have not yet discovered the joys of chastity

Locked in Chastity for BDSM

Key Holder is a term used to describe the dominant woman in a male chastity agreement. Many couples are into BDSM and male chastity is one of the many methods that these women use to dominate their men. Some men are more turned on the more they are ordered around.

The woman will tease the man while he has a male chastity device on and she is the only one who has the key to open it and award him with a release. Discuss it with your partner in detail and decide if you want your chastity to be long term or short term.

If you are just starting out, you should ease into it before you commit to being locked in. If you enter into it before you are ready it will likely prolong the process.

“be careful what you wish for”

There is an old saying among those wives who adopted a chastity lifestyle because their husbands encouraged them…”be careful what you wish for”.

If some of the husbands were given a choice to go back to their old ways they would, but none of the wives would.

Deep down the caged men are happier because they wanted to be sexually controlled by their wives and now they are. Their new reality is often much different than their original fantasy because it is now your fantasy not his.


Pairing: TBS(Thomas Sangster) x Reader

Fandom: real life

Warnings: fluff

Rating: fluffy

A/N: just for you to know, I wrote it imagining that except for being a secundary actor the reader would be the actress playing of Teresa, except for Kaya Scodelario, and sorry I haven’t posted for so long highschool is taking most of my time!

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Imagine~ First meeting Kai in the prison world.

Word Count: 1248

You’d been stuck in this prison world for nearly six weeks now, all for nothing. Your so called ‘best friend’ had killed a coven member and blamed it on you, and everybody believed her. So now you’re here, Mystic Falls, in 1994 for some strange reason.

As you were strolling through the shop aisles you heard a bang behind you. This being the first time you’d heard a noise that wasn’t made by you, it made you jump. 

“Hello?” you called out, hoping somebody was out there. 

“Hello gorgeous.” a male voice said as a fairly handsome boy came into your view. 

You were confused, at first believing it was just a way for your brain to cope with the eternal loneliness. But then realizing that most likely wasn’t the case but you wanted to make sure. 

“Are you real?” you said before face-palming in your head about how dumb that sounded. 

He chucked before saying “I am, in the flesh. But I should be the one asking if you’re real because I’ve been alone in this world for about 20 years.”

“Wait what? I thought this prison world was made for me?” you said, confused. 

“Nope, just for me. Have you ever heard of Malachai Parker?” he smirked. 

At first you mind went blank before realizing who was standing in front of you. The boy who killed most of his family and was sent to a prison world as punishment. That explains why it was 1994.

He was cuter that you’d imagined but he was still a sociopath. 

“Your that siphoner that killed his whole family or should I say coven.” you said calmly, trying to keep your cool. 

“So you’ve heard about me?” he said, his smirk turning into more of a grin. 

“Everyone has. According to everybody you’re insane, but I always thought you were just misunderstood.” you say as your fear began to subside. 

“Is that so? But if you know about me doesn’t that make you a witch?” he questions which you realized he only wanted to know so he can siphon your magic and try to leave. 

“Yes it does. But I’m just like you, I don’t have any magic. I can only siphon magic from other people.” you reply truthfully. You didn’t have your own magic which is probably why everybody believed your friend over you. 

“Oh.” he replied, disappointment evident in his voice. “What was your name again?” he said as the disappointment faded. 

“You never asked in the first place but it’s Y/N. I would ask yours but I already know.” you say with a smile. 

“Since you’re the only other person on this planet. How would you like to get to know each other” he said like you didn’t already know everything about his past. But you didn’t object and sooner or later he led you to the Mystic Grill. 

*A while later*

“So she just pinned the whole thing on you?” he asked. 

“Yep. All whilst I thought she was my best friend." 

You and Kai had got to know each other over the last hour or so. And to be honest he was nice, nothing like everyone had said he was. Everyone called him a sociopath who had no feelings but he wasn’t like that at all. He’d just been molded that way. 

After talking for a while he offered to let you stay in the house he’d been staying in. 

"I’d love to. But I can’t guarantee I won’t eat all your food.” you said with a laugh and he laughed too. 

“Feel free Princess.” he said with a grin. This was the first person he’d spoken to another person in nearly 20 years and he actually liked her. So he was going to do everything in his power to keep her. 

*That night*

 You and Kai spent most of the night talking and playing board games and generally just having a fun time until around 1am when you both became tired. 

“Erm, where am I supposed to sleep tonight?” you asked realizing you hadn’t prepared a bed or anything. 

“Oh god, I didn’t even think about that.” he said nervously. “Well, you could sleep in the spare bedroom but it’s really cold in there and the other room hasn’t got a bed in it. I-I mean you could sleep in my bed with me.” he said, the last bit coming out weaker than he’d meant it to. 

“If it’s okay could I share the bed with you? It’s just I don’t like being cold or sleeping on the ground.” you said nervously but styling it out with a giggle. 

His face flushing a light shade of pink before saying “Uhm, sure I’ll grab you some clothes to wear for tonight and you can get changed in the bathroom down the hall" 

"Sounds good.” you replied as you followed him down the hall to where you assumed his room was. 

After a few moments you reached the room. It was really homey and suited Kai’s personality quite well. It was a dark blue with a large king size bed, it had an oak wood dresser and a bookshelf. 

“I decorated it myself to pass time.” he says as he pulled open the drawer. 

“It’s nice, it suits you well.” you said as you continued to observe your surroundings.

“Here’s some clothes to wear and I got you joggers and shorts so you can decide.” he said, passing the clothes to you. “Thank you.” you smiled and made your way to the bathroom. 

When you got there you set the clothes down and began to strip down. 

“Oh yeah, Y/N.” Kai said as he entered the bathroom, you quickly attempted to cover yourself up but failed miserably. 

Kai looked up and saw you as you were in the middle of getting changed. 

“KAI!” you shouted as he stared at you in surprise, but when he realized a smirk creeped over his face. 

“Hot.” he said chuckling, as you became frustrated. “Get. Out!” you shouted yet again. 

“Alright, alright. I’m leaving.” he said still grinning as he exited the room. 

You quickly get changed into an over-sized top which you assumed was Kai’s and a pair of shorts. 

As you entered the room Kai was lying in bed shirtless with grey sweats on. You’d be lying if you said he didn’t look hot. 

“You put on quite the show in the bathroom.” Kai smirked as he looked you up and down. 

“Ugh, shut up.” you groaned as you crawled into the bed next to him.

“Don’t be embarrassed Princess. You’re really hot.” he said as he scooted closer to you. 

“Thanks, I guess.” you say with a giggle, whilst blushing profusely. 

“I’m just playing, sorta.” he says with a smirk still playing on his face. He changed his position from sitting upright to lying down side ways. 

You could feel the warmth radiating off his body and it made you happy. You hadn’t felt anything like this in over a month and you couldn’t even start to fathom how he felt. 

Out of nowhere he pulled you into his chest, wrapping his arm around your hips.

At first you were confused, but then realized how safe and comfortable you felt in his arms. 

It was at this point you felt content with the thought that this was the person you were possibly spending eternity with, and with that you drifted into a deep sleep.

Hell Hound Part 7

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Smut, with 1 semi appropriate gif

Requested ? nope

notes: A big surprise is coming at the end of this part and go check out my collab with @rejectcentral it’s also a Peter Parker story but starts out as a Bucky x oc.

And also @rejectcentral went ham on the fighting scene, and she did amazing!!! So please go check her blog out it’s amazballs!!

German Airport 3 days later…

My palms were sweaty, and I couldn’t focus.

The day has come where I fight my boyfri- I mean Spider-Man.

I really need keep that in check, I just need to focus on ‘fighting’ Spider Man to keep him occupied so we can both impress our leaders. I see Peter across the strip from me and the rest of the team, waiting to attack. You know, he really does look good in that suit I mean it just shows off his cute little butt so much like- Oh what am I saying! Focus, focus!

“Are we really going to do this?” I whispered to Wanda, sweat now collecting on my hairline. She nodded her head and gave me a sad smile, knowing I wasn’t ready for what we were about to face. It was the destruction of the Union, and no one was going to be able to stop this collapse.

“Let’s go!” Steve shouted, and we all started running towards the carriers, as that was our main goal point. As Peter became closer and closer my heart pace increased as well. Suddenly, Iron Man and his team start running towards us. I see Peter and Tony exchange a few words before the first collision of metal rings through the air. Black Widow pinned against her best friend, Vision against Wanda, Iron Patriot against Sam, it was all so wrong. This was not what the Avengers were for, this is not what peace looks like. Suddenly I feel a hard collision into my shoulder and I see Iron Patriot flying by. As I struggle to get back up, I can see Peter going after Bucky and Sam. Thinking that Bucky and Sam could hold their own while not hurting Pete too bad I emerged myself in the real fight in front of me. I focused all of my energy towards keeping the beast inside of me under my control, and as I slowly lit up into flames, the hot embers engulfing my body.

“Holy shit,” I hear Vision say. “Is that girl on fire?” I look up to see that Bucky was not doing so hot against T’Challa, so he was my first focus. Running straight towards the two powerhouses I pummel into the side of T’Challa, but soon feel a razor sharp scratch against my calf as he digs into my skin. Letting out a groan of pain I release the royalty and Bucky throws him against the side of a plane. Slowly making my way off the ground I can feel the cool breeze against my flesh wound, but the cold feels good and I relish in the feeling for a few moments. Until my thoughts are cut short by a boyish scream and the sound of glass breaking coming from the airport building. I see a flash of red and blue being dragged across the sky before colliding with a bunch of boxes set on top of one another. I immediately run over to Peter to make sure that he’s okay. He’s fast to get up, the adrenaline in his body has to be on an all time high. I can see his eyes widen at my flaming form but I smile and slap him upside the head.

“You had me worried for a second Spider-boy.” I say jokingly. I know that I can’t see his face under his mask but I can just see him rolling his eyes. Peter grabs me by the arms and brings me close before pushing me back on the stacks of boxes, my landing padded by the cardboard.

“We really have to do this, don’t we?” He asked timidly. I nodded my head as I got up from the boxes and put myself into a fighting stance. He let out a sigh and mirrored my position. I was the first to throw a punch, well I wouldn’t really call it a punch because I never intended for my fist to ever land on Peter, nor to cause him any serious harm. As this went on for a while we both became a little more goofy with our moves, making them less about actual fighting and more about who looks the dumbest. At one point I had actually began to laugh at Peter’s nonsense during this serious situation.

All of the laughing with Peter just reminds me of all of the fun memories that I had with my mom, like our Friday game nights where we would cheat so much but neither cared because winning wasn’t everything, or when she stayed up all night with me binge-watching Criminal Minds because I was too scared to watch it after dark by myself. I got so caught up in the memories of my mom and I that I didn’t realize that Peter was screaming my name until it was too late. I felt strong arms grabbing me around my waist and then I was flying through the air. My body came to a bone chilling halt when I collided into the cement side of the airport building, my head cracking in the back. As I landed on the ground, I tried to catch my breath but nothing was working. My vision became extremely blurry, I felt no center of balance, my head was absolutely throbbing and my left arm felt like someone was stabbing a knife repeatedly into the tanned flesh. I could hear Tony in the background yelling at the top of his lungs at T’Challa.

“That was my daughter you just hurt you fucking ass-hat. I told everyone that she was off limits!”

“I don’t take orders from you, metal man.” T”Challa responded before running off to find Bucky.

I closed my eyes momentarily to try and find some type of relief for my body, but to no avail. I opened my eyes slowly but I saw a figure in front of me that just couldn’t be real. My eyes widened before slowly rubbing them. She smiled and her brilliant teeth were shining miraculously in the sunlight.

“Hello my sweet little Samara” I hear a familiar voice call out. I raise my head off of the concrete and see my angelic looking mother standing there before me. This can’t be real, this can’t be happening.

“Mom,” I questioned cautiously. “Is that really you?” She nodded her head and opened her arms before me. I ran straight into them and laid my head onto her smooth, silk shirt, missing the way that she embraced my body whenever we would hug.

“I miss you so much my little matchstick.” She said smiling while grabbing my face between her two calloused hands. Mom was always a hard worker, she never got the time to treat herself right.

“I missed you too momma.” I said, my voice cracking in the middle of the sentence as I could feel tears now forming in my eyes. I let the salty drops roll freely down my scratched face as I took in my mom’s appearance.

“Mom, you’ll never believe what’s happening. Right now I’m fighting the Avengers with the Avengers, how weird is that? And Peter is on the opposite team but he promised not to hit me too hard.” She smiled at my running mouth, I always blab alot when I’m nervous oddly enough. But as I looked back at the airport, I saw a burgundy and gold suit flying around and I could feel anger bubbling inside of me.

“Mom,” I said with a sharpness in my tone. “Why did you never tell me that Tony Stark was my father? Don’t you think I have the right to know where the other half of my DNA comes from? Do you think it’s fair that I’ve had to grow up without a dad that actually wanted me? No you had to keep him  away. Why mom, why did you do that!?” I became more angry, and a fire begins to burn deep within my soul as I keep ranting with my mother. I understood that she was trying to protect me, but does she think that I’m that much of a baby that I can’t handle that?

“Honey calm down, you’re getting warm on one side and frozen on the other, you need to settle down okay? I know that I kept a lot from you, including your name but I did all of this to protect you. Someday you will learn why I did these things but today is not one of those days okay?” I could feel her starting to slip away from me, her faze becoming a haze.

“No mom wait, you can’t leave me, not again.” I whimpered as I clutched onto any piece of my mom that I could grab. All of my attempts were futile though as my hands were met with air instead of the beautiful figure that was my mom.

“In due time my darling, in due time…” her voice faded away in the whistling wind.

“No, no, NO MOM COME BACK. I CAN’T LOSE YOU AGAIN MOM PLEASE!” I begged, now full on sobbing as I tried to run with the voice but tight arms wrapped around my waist as I felt the familiar feeling of spandex drawing me back into the world.

“No let go of me, that’s my mom!” I yelled struggling against Peter. “Peter I can save her this time, I can.. I can save her Peter just LET ME GO!” I wiggled and prodded and begged but Peter’s iron tight grasp on my body would not budge. Finally I fell against his chest, sobs racking through my body.

‘“Why couldn’t I save her Pete?” I asked him. The pain in my head was back and bolder than ever, it was burning so bad that I could feel my body start to shut down, growing weak in my limbs.

“Samara,” Peter said, shaking me slightly. “Samara, Sammmm, Sammsies. C’mon babe don’t pass out on me, stay awake, keep your eyes on me okay.” Peter ripped off his mask and I could see a black eye forming on his right eye, even then he still looked like the most gorgeous creature that I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but let myself slip into the darkest part of my mind that held the promise of no pain.

“No, no, no. Please baby, I- MR STARK HELP” Peter was now shaking my body violently as my eyes fluttered shut. The last thing I heard was a heavy metal suit landing hastily again concrete and a small, teenage voice whispering,

“Please, let her be okay. She’s the one thing that holds me together.”


I wake up in a panic.

I shoot up from a hospital cot, my body heat went up at an excessive rate making me sweat. Whenever my body does that it means that its rapidly healing to self.

No longer do I feel pain, now I just feel the biting sting of betrayal. My mom kept pretty much my identity from me, I see no logic in her reasoning.

And since she can’t say why herself I’ll go Tony, he has to have something…anything.   

“Hello Samara. I’m FRIDAY your father made-”

After the initial shock of hearing the voice of the AI system I cut her off. “No, Tony Stark is not my father.” I said stubbornly.

“Yes Miss Stark, I-Miss Stark I advise you not to get -okay.” FRIDAY said as I completely ignore her and get up. I started to pull at wires off my body, the machine beside started to do a long beep sound and the heart monitor turned flat.

As I was pulling out my IV Tony Stark and Peter come barreling into the room.

When they saw that I was okay, they calmed down.

“Why did you do-”

“Where am I?” I asked looking around and I see a lab with different stations.  

“You’re in the Avenger Tower, the medical wing.” Tony said with his arms crossed as he watched Peter comes over to me.

“Sam, you-you’re healed. I’m so sorry I should’ve been faster, I-” I stop him by giving him a hug tucking my head into his neck. “I’m okay, I heal fast, I must’ve missed so much Homework.” I said still into his neck. “I did it. Don’t worry about that, and I talked to Corrine and she has been Captain till you get back to school.” He wrapped his arms around me tight, I move my head back and roll my eyes, “So you wrote my 10 page paper in english? You read Pride and Prejudice?” I asked with a raised brow.

Peter blushed, “Well I think Sparknotes is just as good as reading it.” I smiled, I completely forgot what was happening. That was until I heard someone clear their throat behind us.

Reality had an annoying way to pull me back towards earth.

“You know, I’ve been here the whole time. And really? What is it about you two and Homework?” Tony said once he caught our attention.

I rolled my eyes as Peter let me go as fast as possible, like he just noticed Tony’s existence.

“Sorry, Mr.Stark sir…sir.” Peter said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. Now it was time for Tony to roll his eyes. “Wow, okay cutting to the chase I have intel where the Cap and Tin Man are and I’m going to help them, so you,” He pointed at me, “FRIDAY will show you around since you’ll be staying here now, and you,” his finger turned to Peter, “You Spider-ling, I have a car for you, ready to take you home, cause I don’t trust you two alone, mostly I don’t trust you. You stare too much.” Tony said in a egotistical tone. Peter blushed a dark red and replied with his usual, ‘Yes sir’.

We all stand in silence for a moment.

“I meant now, move it people.” Tony shooing us out of the lab. I started to go one direction and Tony went the other, Peter followed me.

Once Tony noticed Peter was following me instead of him he groaned in annoyance and grabbed the boy by the collar.

“Nice try.” Tony said, I waved and laughed as Peter had a sheepish look on his face.

Once they both left FRIDAY started to talk and show me other places throughout the tower. By the end of the tour it was dark and I laying my room Tony designed for me, with a walk in closet that as the latest trends on the hanger.

I laid on the bed feel tempurpedic mattress mold to my body. As I was contemplating the meaning of life, like all adolescents do, when my phone rang. Already knowing who it was I answered it without fail.

“Hey Pete,” I said with a chirp, “Hey Sam, what’s up?” He said his voice sorta muffled and I can hear the distant sound of New York, he’s on Spider-Man patrol.

“I know you’re in Spider-Man gear, swing by and we can hangout.” I said hopefully, looking at the ceiling.

“What about Mr. Stark, I’m not allowed over.” He said with a unsureness edge to his voice.

“Okay first off, I might be related to him by blood but he is not my father so he doesn’t control me or my boyfriend, and secondly who are you more scared of me or him?” I asked now sitting up.

There was a brief moment of silence.

“Both..but you more.” He said and I can hear the smile on his face.

“Good, now come over, I’ll leave the window open.” I said once he agreed we hung up.

I got off the comfortable bed and opened my large window that sits above my huge day bed.

I was dressed in small shirt that had the stupidest cat pun that said ‘Get Meowster Here!’ with small black shorts.

I sit back on the bed and swing my legs back and forth in boredom.

“Miss Stark you know Mr. Stark won’t approve.” I jump at FRIDAY’s voice and let out a breath, “don’t tell Tony please.” I asked fluttering my eyes, after a few seconds she answered, “Okay, but just this once.”

I did a small victory dance, then I thought of something,”Hey FRIDAY, can you play Girl/Girl/Boy by Panic! At the Disco please?” I asked

“Sure thing.” FRIDAY said and the song came on loud and clear.

I started to dance like a spaz and embraced it. I was laughing and singing along at the top of my lungs. After the song was done I collapsed on the bed in fit of giggles that was until I hear Peter slowly clapping from the windowsill. I shoot up from my spot from the bed in surprise. He of course had his full Spider-Man uniform on.

“You have a gift!” He said over dramatically

I roll my eyes for umteenth time that day and smiled while walking over to him, when got to him I gave him a peck over his mask.

“Aren’t you going to buy me dinner first?” Peter said as a joke, he always had this new found charisma and swagger when he put of the suit. But we all know he looks better with it off.

With that in mind I put my hands at the base of his mask and pull it off. “Just kiss me you idiot.” I said before bringing him into a searing kiss. I weave my fingers through thick chestnut locks and bring him closer.

I start walking backwards until the back of my knees hit the mattress and I sit down which caused us to separate. We both were taking deep breaths.  

“Are we? Like now? Here?” Peter asked in flood, I bite my lip and looked at the spider emblem on his suit, “I guess.”

“Okay um alright, wow.” Peter said in a stutter rubbing the back of his neck. “If you don’t wan-” I started but Peter cut me off. “No no no, I want this, I want you. You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting this…wanting you.” Peter said in a shy voice and suddenly he finds the floor fascinating. I smile and lifted his chin with my finger, “I have-” again this time Peter cut me off with a kiss.

And the kiss was hot and heavy, felt the back of the of his suit for the button that causes it to come undone. Once I found it I clicked it, and the suit effortlessly fell to the floor. I detached my lips from his and slid back from him to give him room on the bed. Once he completely stepped out of the suit and crawled up to me until he was hovering over me.

“Hi” he said before kissing me briefly, I smile and replied, “Hi” I then placed my hands on his muscular pecs and slowly moved them to the back of his neck and top of his back as he gave me open mouth kisses on my neck, trying to find that spot that makes my toes curl. After a few attempts he found, and how he found out was when I arched my back and digged my nails into his skin out of pleasure.

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I felt one his hand travel down to my thigh and gave it a small squeeze, than he began playing with the strings of my pajama bottoms.

“Y-you can can ugh, take-oh god- them off,” I said in a moaning mess.

When Peter leaves my neck I whimper at lost of contact. He hooked his pointer fingers at the band of my shorts and looked at me again, still unsure, I jerkily nod my head and watch as he takes a breath and pulls them down.

He gasps as he sees I have no underwear, I bite my lip as Peter grows pink. I feel something go from hard to solid rock in his boxers.

I feel my breath catch in my throat as he gently places his hands on my knees. “M-may I?” Peter asked and suddenly all of this becomes real and I don’t have any regrets. I love Peter Parker, and I’m giving him a piece of me that no one can take away nor steal. It will forever be his.

“Yes.” I said laid back down watching him as I hold my breath. He slowly opens my legs, and I can feel how wet I was down there, I become embarrassed when Peter is just staring at it with an expression I can’t name.  

“You’re stunning Samara, perfect even” Peter said in a whisper. I smile and my fears quiet down.

After a moment nothing happens, “Peter, aren’t you..?” I asked looking at him expectedly.

“Ye-yeah, sorry, where exactly?” he asked embarrassed. I gave him a reassuring look and grabbed his hand, I slowly guided it to where he needed to be. And once I told him what to do we were back in business.

He started to move in tight circles and I let out a cry, “Peter!” I grip the sheets beneath me tight and arched my back again, with my toes curling. I start to pant as Peter gradually picked up speed.

“Peter, Peter, Peter” I moaned like a prayer as I felt something inside me was about to snap. I didn’t notice Peter lowering his face.

All of a sudden it stopped, I was about to say something when I felt Peter has put his mouth over my clit and gently started to suck.

My hips started to buck as pleasure took over my body, “PETER! I’M CLOSE!” I yell as I grip his hair firmly in my hand. As if like a switch Peter goes even faster, and after one more buck I completely come undone and twitch a little, I feel myself violently as Peter lets me go.

I look at Peter with lust hooded eyes, “How was that?” Peter said licking his lips, sliding a finger up and down thigh. Instead of answering him I move forward and grab onto him, we started to kiss again.

After kissing some more and all clothing has come off we both stare at eachother. “I love you  Samara.” Peter said holding my hand tight, I squeeze it back and said for the first time while he was wake, “I love you too.”

He smiles wide and gives me a sweet kiss once he pulled away I looked down, I don’t know how he’ll fit, I’m just hoping it doesn’t hurt. As if hearing my thought he said, “I’ll go slow.”

I nodded my head and watched at Peter slowly positioned himself at my entrance, with one final look Peter slowly pushed himself inside of me.

I was expecting pain, but nothing, all I felt was pleasure, I’m glad I broke my hymen during sports. Once Peter was all the way in he sighed in content.  After a moment of adjusting to his size, I signaled him to start moving.   

And when he did the sensation felt amazing almost unbearable. Mine and Peter’s groans mix together as he pumps his hips slowly.

“F-Faster, fa-oh-oh god!”  I was beginning to ask but Peter started to go hard. The bed was rocking in time to Peter’s thrusts and you can hear our skin slipping together when they meet. “Fuck Samara” Peter groaned as he held my hips tighter moving hard against me, I know I’ll marks on my hips after wards.

By this time I’m a moaning mess and I feel the familiar edge that’s about to be met.

“Babe, d-darling, I’m g-” Peter started, “Me too” I moaned out with an arched back. I didn’t think it was possible but Peter started to rock even harder and after a moment for the second time I open myself like a flower, “PETER!” I screamed in ecstasy I feel myself grip him tight, at the sound of me screaming his name Peter comes undone and feel him unravel inside me. I pant as he pulls out, he fall beside me and brings my naked body to his chest.

“I love you Sam,” Peter whispered before kissing the shell of my ear. I smile and whisper ‘I love you’ back before I fall asleep myself.

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jeremy heere x reader head canons !!

someone requested this elsewhere and i decided it’d be fun to put it here too, because there aren’t all that many bmc fics or something

this is w a y too long
like this is like points for a really cliche fic rather than head canons but that’s probably cause it’s a vague request and i got carried away ( i had fun with this )

-so like,, you started as friends having totally S L A MM E D into some dork in the hallway who was listening to bob marley
-news f l a sh : that dork was michael mell
-you two turned out to be fast friends real quick
–((after levels of apologies from both of you))
-the quick friendship would’ve been the same with jeremy
-w O U L D V E
-if he wasn’t such a nervous geek.
-BuT doNt woRry yOu secRetLy tHink iTs hEllA hEckIn cuTe
-so like jeremy slowly gets the nerve to talk to you more and like it’s interesting to watch
-cause he does it at inappropriate times
- like ,,, he’ll just start lAughiNG really awkwardly and loud like a solid minute after a joke you make
-or like “oH hEy (y/N) hAvInG a fuN daY of criPPLing soCiAl impAriTy ?”
-just cause like the boy has no idea to talk to you
-and believe me he hits up michael after school just slamming his head on the dashboard of michaels pt cruiser
-“i do n t kNOW HOW TO TALK TO THEM M I C H A E L”
-“i can see that, jeremy”
-“jeremy, buddy, we can all tell”
-and so jeremy will just attempt to redeem himself but eventually michael just pushes him into them thinking ‘well if it worked with me it’ll work with him’
-he was kind of right?
-jeremy got way too nervous but eventually (y/n) was like ‘i’ve had enough of this’ and foRCES them to socialize ,, whilst making sure he’s like comfortable? like he doesn’t hate them ???
-so after that whole awkward weird phase, it turns all into the three amigos
-like they’re the mega geeks and losers but
- they aren’t TOTAL losers ??
-because people have a lil more respect for jeremy and michael after the squip incident,, which kind of just died over after a few months
-so like y'all will just ch i ll in michaels basement and ya know he gets the stoned™ sometimes but that doesn’t matter because
-you and jeremy are pure (lol jk they get the stoned™ sometimes too)
-and like everything is good and great and fun and games and all the bonding
-and jeremy and you got like this B O N D thing where you went from awkward to buddies™™™
-so it’s just like,,, good?
-until jake starts hitting on you
-o h y e s when the bisexual jake //he’s kinda gay and i’ll fight// starts to
-get all
-to the good ol amigo
-and so like,,, you’re kinda into it ? you think jake is pretty cute and hey he’s a fun guy
-so you start hanging out more
-and michaels all upset that it’s a two player game™ again but he still feels blessed to at least hAVE a player two
-but jer over here is like o k a y so first christine and noW thEm whAt The fuDgE sanDwiCh
-and like no no you’re not just ignoring your dorks you still hang out with them
-but like it’s just less
-and so jeremy starts to get kinda pissed around you (which, no offense, love, but that’s kinda hypocritical)
-but michael is being sweet and small and favoring all his time with you cause he takes what he can get
-but because jer y'all get a w k w a r d
-and sure you and jake aren’t technically dating but there were times you did get a little hot and steamy and make out and jeremy ended up finding oUt and hE jUst feLt bETRAYeD
-and so jeremy starts cutting you out and it’s making you sad
-so you go to confront him about it ( in a kind way )
-and so you’re all like “yo, heere, what’s wrong lately?”
-and he’s all upset but can’t think of anything rude to say to you because you’re p ER FECT and he’s just “i don’t know why don’t you ask jake ?”
-and you’re pretty oblivious and you’re casually thinking he feels dejected about being friends and “i’m still hanging out with you and michaels happy with it i don’t know why you’re so upset? i’m still trying to be your friend?” and you’re genuinely confused and feeling pretty bad because jeremy is your G U Y and you just l oVe hIm
-and he just gets so mad he tries to like move his arms in this angered way or some shit but then he just f l a i l s them at his side and he lets out a groan and moves his hands to cover his face and tug on his hair ( kINKY)
-and you’re starting to get more worried about jeremy but you’re also thinking that maybe he just hates you and you’re getting really nervous and you feel like you’re gonna cry but you D ONt let yourself cry
-so you’re looking at jeremy looking all sad and angry and useless and h o p e l e s s and you just feel this wave of guilt thinking you caused this and you mutter out a sorry and go to walk away , which is when you feel the tears alMOST ALMOST fall but you’re being a sTroNg perSon
-and he goes to let you walk away and then he looks up and he can just tell by your posture that you’re totally broken
-like you’re slouching JUST a bit more, and your hands are half heartedly in your pockets, and your feet scuff just slightly
-and then the boy gets his own guilt
-so he just grabs for your hand
-and that turns into a fumbled mess because youR hAnDs arE in yOur poCkEtS so hE jUst gRaBs yOur wrIsT
-and you get really confused and turn and look at him and
-he’s just got this look?
-and it’s got so many emotions and you’ve never seen him like this
-like he’s got this anger, and sadness, and fear and longing and this emotion you doNt uNderStand and ITs aLl sO capTivAtIng
-and before you can ask anything
-jeremy just t r a n s f or. m s from this awkward geeky boy who couldn’t remember his name when he first met you, to this strong confident knight in shining armor
-and he leans in and just kisses you
-but just understand this is going from experienced jake who knows how to kiss to passionate and in love smol boi
-and he’s not quite sure what he’s doing but it feels right to him and he just cares so much
-and you feel yourself totally just fall under everything he’s doing and practically mE LT
-then you realize you didn’t kiss back and he realized it too so he pulls back
-“i-i’m so sorry ? i shouldn’t have done that i’ll go oh my god i’m so sorry.”
-the rambling continues and small cute jeremy is back and you just crack a smile and he gets confused and even more self conscious and you just quickly kiss him
-and he doesn’t comprehend it
-“my apologies for not responding to those actions, i was lost in thought per se. we’ll have to retry that sometime”
-so you’re walking away and jer got confused cause you don’t normally talk like that and he’s like what you mean
-and then it kicks in and his face goes R E D (more than before, which he didn’t know was possible)
-he’s just trying to get something out but he can’t and he just lets out a “o-okay!” and he totally voice cracks and he knows he voice cracked and you know he voice cracked and the whole
world knows he voice cracked but it really doesn’t matter and the last thing you do is just shoot jake a text
-“jeremy just kissed me” and he immediately responds “ F I N A L L Y. hoW mAnY tiMes dO we hAve tO maKe oUt foR thaT.”
-sure enough there’s quickly another text from jake “one more time?” and you let out this abrasive loud laugh"
-“prolly not jakey- d but thanks for the offer i’ll keep it in mind.”

okay that’s it and it was long and stuff and yes but yeah

So I never thought I’d make a post about Yakov Feltsman, but here we are XD

Yakov has made it very apparent throughout the season that he thinks Victor’s just messing around for fun, “playing coach” like it’s a game. Until now, I’ve just thought that the writers made Yakov so angry about Victor dropping everything to go be Yuuri’s coach because Victor is literally the most talented ice skater he’s ever coached.

Of course, Yuri Plisetsky is up-and-coming crazy talented, but Yakov has history with Victor; he’s possibly even known him since before Victor’s Junior debut. This is Victor’s career, and Yakov is upset because from where he’s standing, it looks like Victor is throwing everything away on some selfish hunch. Watching Yakov’s attitude slowly warm to Yuuri over the course of episode 9 was really interesting.

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Can you share your favorite 3 (or more) Ambrollins gifs and tell us why they are your favorite ones, because i always love your opinions and views and i missed all the early days Ambrollins fun :-((

Oook here we go again (I’m sorry but I had misinterpreted your ask at first, bear with me I’m a total mess xD)
I must say that I have a billion fave Ambrollins moments, so I’ve chosen one gif for every moment of their storyline. I apologise in advance for the bad quality of my gifs :C

1. Their first official face-to-face in FCW

I simply love their first on-screen interaction. First of all, for its meaning (you know, where everything started), but most importantly because it shows perfectly the dynamic between them and the tension that has been high af since day one. 

2. Seth literally jumping into Dean’s arms after his win

The happy Shield days… look at them and try not to cry, I dare you :’(

3. Dean chasing Seth forever

It was 2015, and I had just got into WWE again after many years (that’s why it’s so meaningful to me). In the meantime, Dean and Seth were carrying out the angle in which Dean had stolen Seth’s title. We all thought it was all fun and games, until Dean popped up on the titantron cutting one of the best promos of their feud.

4. Dean’s title reign

This one from their second feud after Seth’s comeback is still my favourite promo. Not only within the Ambrollins ones, but of all the promos I’ve seen so far. I think the tension between them definitely reached its peak at this point of their career: the intensity of their stares, the fire in their words, everything was top quality storytelling. And the very moment Dean lifted his title looking straight into Seth’s eyes without speaking, my heart skipped more than a beat.

5. Redesign, rebuild, reclaim your boyfriend

And here we are, where this stunning angle of reconciliation between them has begun. Seth was looking at Dean pacing after their win, unsure of what to do, but the will to hug his rediscovered tag team partner was too strong. The thing I like the most is him standing on his tiptoes to reach Deano… isn’t it the sweetest thing we’ve seen so far in this industry? Aw.

Bonus: of course I couldn’t not include THE ASS SLAP ahahahahah gayest segment E V E R xD

Hope you enjoyed this time! Thank you again for asking :3

~MTMTE Beach Day~

While we were at the beach over the weekend, @zenxenophilia and I came up with all of these ideas for what a beach day out with the MTMTE bots would be like! They’re on a secluded beach using mass displaced forms and their human friend is there to make sure they all have a good time! :D

So I’m going to do a few bots and give some headcanons on what they’d do at the beach and she’ll add some more to this post on her blog! I’m a little rusty lol but I hope y'all like this~!


  • Rodimus loves everything about the beach. He doesn’t even mind the water (though after the trip he comes to regret this)! He wants to do all the games during beach day, especially the more competitive ones. After all, he’s the Captain so he has to win all the games! His favorites are chicken and volleyball, the last one which he gets a little too aggressive about. There’s one point where he accidentally hits the ball straight at Megatron’s face. That’s not even how you play, Roddy! It doesn’t matter to him, in Rodimus’ mind that was a victory, the biggest one of the day.

  • He’s constantly trying to get the less enthusiastic bots to enjoy the beach day, which usually back fires on him. To his credit, he just wants everyone to have a good time because he knows a lot of the stuff happening on the ship lately has been extremely stressful. His amazing crew all deserve a day to just relax but of course, his idea of relaxation is different from the others.

  • Has a particularly fun time antagonizing Megatron. There’s one point where the older bot falls asleep on his towel and Rodimus (sniggering all the while) goes over and completely buries him in sand. Megatron simply thinks the wind got the best of him until a few days later when he sees that Rodimus posted selfies he took with the slumbering sand Megatron all over the ship. Lovely.

  • Sort of playing off his desire to win all the games, at some point during the day, Rodimus learns that Skids has become excellent at everything beach related (of course). He becomes rather jealous and declares (loudly, much to the embarrassment of Ultra Magnus) that HE is the Beach King, not Skids! The two end up having  a series of competitions through out the rest of the day, sometimes partnering with Swerve & Drift. At the end of the day, the human declares the winner Rodimus simply because THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS RODIMUS WE WANT TO GO BACK TO THE SHIP ALREADY, IT’S NIGHT TIME! Rodimus smugly wears a paper crown he made for the rest of the day.


  • Drift also loves going to the beach but he’s much more calm about it than Rodimus. Mostly, he’s just pleased to see everyone spending time together, especially with the human. He mentions something about bonding and growing closer spiritually and that’s when Rodimus begins to tune him out. Poor Drift is then dragged along to do every crazy beach activity with his Captain and best friend.

  • His favorite game is volleyball though. He’s excellent at it once he learns how to play and between him and Rodimus, the two are pretty much unstoppable. When he’s not indulging Rodimus in beating the other ship members in games, Drift spends most of his time sunbathing or chilling with his human friend. He loves hearing about their experiences with beaches (assuming they’ve been before) and watching them swim in the ocean, having a good time. He enjoys being able to relax for once and not having to worry about the Lost Light crazy shenanigans.

  • Drift is also the one who takes all the pictures of the beach (aside from Rewind video taping everything). He only cares about things that he considers aesthetically pleasing though, like sea shells and random birds. Also a lot of pictures of the ocean and the sunset, which while beautiful, never include the actual crew. After the day is over and Drift shows everyone the pictures, most of the crew are annoyed because he didn’t get anything actually IMPORTANT.

  • Drift would be one of the bots to collect sea shells, probably keeping them and learning from the human how to make jewelry out of them. He finds it interesting and ends up making everyone a sea shell necklace, which his human friend actually wears all the time. If anyone says anything about the necklace (*cough* Whirl *cough*), the human gets upset and stands up for Drift.


  • Cyclonus is not as enthusiastic as Tailgate about going to the beach and spending all day watching everyone else make a fool of themselves (and by everyone else, he means Rodimus). Still Tailgate is just so excited to spend time with him and their human friend, he can’t help but give in and come along. He doesn’t participate in any of the games despite Tailgate’s begging though. However at one point, Drift does hit the ball a little too hard during Volleyball and it goes sailing towards Cyclonus, popping on one of his horns. That counts as playing right? ;P

  • Tailgate gets confused about a lot of things involving the beach and their human friend. What’s a sun tan? You burn?! What do you mean you can drown?! DON’T WORRY HUMAN, HE’LL PROTECT YOU! It takes a long time explaining on the human’s part before Tailgate stops worrying about them so much. Cyclonus still keeps an eye on them both though. 

  • Tailgate loves the ocean and especially enjoys watching his human friend jump the waves. When he learns about sharks though, he becomes frightened. They sound horrible and dangerous! But then at one point, he actually sees a shark and is amused at how small they are. He just thought they’d be bigger? More intimidating? But they’re more cute than scary up close. What silly Earth creatures. X’D

  • Cyclonus meanwhile, does find himself admiring how beautiful the beach is. When Tailgate shows him a sea shell he found later on, Cyclonus even can admit how pretty it is. He does eventually join Tailgate and the human on their quest to collect as many sea shells as possible, keeping a few for himself to remember this moment by.


  • Rung is the Mom of the trip honestly. When he learns that they’ll be going to Earth for a beach day, he makes sure that he is as prepared as he can be. He questions the human on what the beach will be like and what is necessary to make the trip most enjoyable. As such, when they get to the beach, he pulls out everything under the sun from his subspace. Suntan lotions, extra towels, snacks and water, books, basically anything he could think of to help the human. :3 

  • He spends most of the day watching the others and smiling at how cheerful everyone seems. He brought along a beach umbrella (due to the human’s suggestion), shielding himself from the sun and the sand being blown up by winds. He also brought along a datapad to read during the trip and is perfectly content for the first time in a long while.

  • He also encourages the human to take breaks and not let themselves be worn out by everyone dragging them along to different activities. When they want to calm down or maybe take a short nap, they go to Rung because he’s peaceful and quiet and not grumpy unlike some of the others (*squints at Megatron*). He doesn’t say anything directly about it, but Rung adores this time with his human friend and can’t wipe the smile off his face for the rest of the day. 

  • Rung does NOT appreciate all the sand though, that’s for sure. It gets everywhere and for days after the beach trip, he still has trouble getting it out of his seams. This is also the reason why he stays away the water and all of that salt. It’s too exhausting trying to clean up the sand, much less salt from the ocean. At one point, Swerve is a little too excited during a game with Skids and ends up tripping, causing Rung to be covered in sand. Everyone finds it hilarious except Rung who gives Swerve the Disappointed Stare. 

Ultra Magnus:

  • Speaking of sand, Ultra Magnus HATES IT TO HIS VERY CORE. It’s everywhere! There’s so much of it and he can’t get it out of his seams! It gets into everything and it’s so weird feeling too. He doesn’t like when the wind blows the sand because it lands in his optics more often than not. So needless to say, he’s rather upset about the whole trip and thinks it’s a waste of time - at least at first.


  • Once he finds a spot to chill away from the rest of the loud crew, he starts to calm down. The sand still annoys him but he begins to notice just how gorgeous Earth actually is. Even the breeze is appreciated after a while, with the hot sun beating down on them all. At one point, he asks Rewind to record the sound of the waves beating against the shore and though he never explains why, Rewind has a feeling that the big bot is using the sounds to help him fall into recharge.


  • He takes everyone’s safety on this trip very seriously. Swerve compares Ultra Magnus to a human life guard, which confuses him until he talks to their human friend and finds out what that is. Despite it originally being an insult from Swerve, Ultra Magnus takes on the role with pride. He watches the water for sharks (mostly for the human) and makes sure they go out with another bot. He knows they can swim but they’re so small and delicate and those waves are so big! It doesn’t help when one time they get hit too hard by a wave and go under for a moment, nearly giving Ultra Magnus a spark attack. Even though they come up laughing and just fine, he’s still worried for them for the rest of the day.

  • It takes the human coming over and spending time with Ultra Magnus (see why Rung has to get them to rest) for him to be able to de-stress. They show him a little hermit crab they found crawling along and he hesitantly admits that perhaps not everything about the beach is horrible. Rodimus exhausts himself with all the games (but only for a short time of course) and joins them as well. The human enjoys seeing the two talking and even catches a faint smile on Ultra Magnus’ lips when he unintentionally makes Rodimus laugh after mentioning something Megatron did earlier in the day.

    I can’t wait to see what you add to this Zen~!


tyler seguin // i’m your biggest fan

warnings: mentions of alcohol

who: tyler seguin x reader

premise: tyler discovers ur fan account….


When you chose to be a marketing media major in college, you weren’t really thinking about how you could apply it. It seemed interesting and not too difficult, so you picked it without a second thought. Fresh out of college, you were beginning to regret the decision. Your business and econ major friends were finding jobs so quickly, but you couldn’t even find a job opening that worked with your major, let alone an actual job.

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Missed an anniversary

Missed a chance to post this a few weeks months ago.  We have managed to mark one year that the Balmung RP Calendar has been it’s own entity and one and a half years we have been doing the RP Event Calendar weekly posts.

This started out as a little project @nefzenffxiv​ and I had to keep track of the insanity that is Balmung’s RP Scene for our own purposes as soon as we snuck into Balmung.  We had inadvertently stumbled into a @crescent-ffxiv​ pub crawl on our first week.  We were still building the personalities of our characters, so we can blame Crescent for that.   We also ran into a certain @diskwrite-ffxiv​ at the event whom we decided to adopt.  (Or maybe she adopted two strays, we don’t know) She then pointed out we should meet them at the @drunkenmoogle​.  The trail from there to now is lost to memory, chaos, confusion.

It’s been a very bumpy road from there until now, but where’ here.  
Thanks for your support and patience.

Thanks for keeping Balmung’s RP community moving at such a speed that something like this feels like a necessity.  It’s -awesome-.

~ Erah’sae

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Au where everything is the same except IVOR’S WITH THEM

Ok but no, that’d actually be interesting. Vos never appears, but instead Jessie returns home to find that Ivor’s returned from the portal network. He says Harper is working with The Games for a short time, that she’ll be there soon.

He travels along, but he acts so awkward, and can’t seem to clearly answer questions about his adventures with Harper in the network. Nothing’s quite right until they’re leaving the ice tower- then the pieces fall together, and Jesse is beyond heartbroken and angry.

PB&J headcanons because I love those dweebs

  • One year for hallowe’en Bitty sat on Kent’s shoulders under a really long coat because they decided to dress as a tall person just so they could chirp Jack for once
  • Jack is getting increasingly more nervous about Kent’s demon cat. He checks under sofas before he sits down because he doesn’t want his ankles scratched that much again
  • Kent says swawesome. It’s how the Falcs worked out that he and Jack were together, but they all thought they were the only one to know so they respectfully kept it quiet
  • Bitty sometimes ends up on those “hockey wives” type things that I keep hearing about from y’all and am still not convinced are real
    • Oh man I bet there’s some Falcs/Aces rivalry at some point and Bitty’s in the middle like “I just hope everyone has fun and no one fights”
    • Sometimes Kent shows up because “I’ve got a famous hockey boyfriend too”. He’s great on reality TV
  • When Kent is watching tape, Jack will do everything in his power (up to and including neck kisses) to distract him. Until he finally gives in and decides making out is a better plan, at which point Jack will look at the TV and go “actually this was a really good game” and completely ignore Kent
  • Kent and Bitty have a competition on twitter where they try to take and post the most photos of Jack while Jack is taking a photo of something hipstery
  • Bad Bob pretends to be the disapproving future father-in-law type about Kent because he thinks its funny
    • But only Kent
    • “Mr Zimmermann, what do you think about your son dating two men?” “Well, I’m glad he’s happy. Y’know, Eric is so good for him and they’re going to be so happy together it’s wonderful. And Kent’s alright too I guess.”
    • Jack makes Bob give Kent a special “sorry I pretended to hate you for a joke” cake and absolutely refuses to let him put the word “pretended” in scare quotes
  • All of Kent’s pet names for Bitty are foods. “Cupcake”, “shortbread”, “apple pie”. Sometimes he calls Jack “maple syrup”
  • Sometimes they go on road trips between Providence and Vegas, but they have to avoid the entire midwest because Kent is scared of tornadoes
    • Jack’s like “fine, then we have to avoid the south because I’m scared of republicans.”
    • And Bitty says, “If we’re ruling out states, I’m not going anywhere where we’ll see nothing but corn for more than five hours at once”
    • They have to cross into Canada to make it work
  • Kent and Bitty throw the best forth of july party every year, partly because it’s Kent’s birthday, partly to annoy Jack
  • French. Bitty is competing with Kent to get better at it. Kent actually sucks at french but he is great at fake french and Bits can’t tell the difference it’s actually hilarious
  • No one knows which baseball caps belong to who anymore, they just grab the nearest one and put it on
    • They’re everywhere in their houses
    • Sometimes Jack and Kent end up accidentally wearing merch from the wrong hockey team
  • Kent is a little intimidated that both his boyfriends went to college
  • Joking arguments about the weather. “It’s only because you’re from Georgia” “Nuh uh. Canada is just too cold. Kenny, tell him.” “It’s too cold. Should be illegal” “You live IN A DESERT”
  • If asked, Bitty says he’s only dating two hockey players to double his chances of getting to take a selfie with the Stanley Cup. Or he’s hedging his bets in case one of them loses too many teeth. Sometimes he says he’s just doing it to annoy his grandparents. He’s got a lot of bullshit reasons it’s become a running joke in the media
  • “Don’t you want to live in the same city as your boyfriend?” says the Falcs or Aces GM, every time Kent or Jack are close to free agency. They’re desperate to get the two on the same team again so they can win lots of games and make the third guy on their line feel awkward
  • Bitty beats them all at air hockey

theinsanefox  asked:

99 for Otayuri? :D

Writing prompt for : “This was fun— Lets do it again sometime!”
Pairing: Otayuri
No warnings, sfw 

Otabek is a go big or go home kinda guy. Which comes in handy when competing to be one of the best professional figure skaters. It also pushed him to be brave enough to ask Yuri Plisetsky to be his friend all those weeks ago in Barcelona, after he admired the younger boy for his relentless ambition and hard work, from afar for years.
His stoic expression had might not show it but he was more than relieved when the Russian didn’t told him to get fucked right there in Park Güell. 

Both had been pleasantly surprised how easily they got along, despite being so different from each other. They keep in contact after they part, taking to texting and skyping whenever their busy schedule allows it. It’s less often than both of them would like it to be but there is nothing that could be done about it, the passion of competing allowing neither of them to make more room for their delicate blooming friendship that stretches from Russia to Kazakhstan. 

Luckily, they both go big or go home kinda guys. Giving up is not an option, even when it comes to human relationships. So when they in the same city again a few months after the GPF for another competition, they make sure to spend as much time together off the ice as they can.
Due to a previous Skype-call, Otabek knows that Yuri isn’t flying back to St.Petersburg until the day after the competition, which leaves them a whole day they can spend together. 

Despite being friends for months and texting regularly, Otabek doesn’t really know what Yuri likes to do for fun. If he had to make a list of Yuri’s favorite things, spontaneously, it would look something like this:

- ice skating and crushing everyone else while doing so

- training for medaling in gold until he either wins or dies trying 

- cats and everything that has to do with them

- all kinds of animal prints that hurt normal peoples eyes, preferably wearable 

- making fun of Viktor and his Katsudon & denying his love for both of them 

- junk food he isn’t allowed to eat

- pissing every person of authority off until they go bald 

- being more extra than Viktor but also denying it, one look at this wardrobe is enough to proof that point

- video games, loud music, a newfound fascination for motorbikes ( god knows where that came from ) and generally being a brat which Otabek finds endearing ( maybe he is in some kind of denial too ).

The list however helps Otabek realizing that Yuri likes crazy and dangerous stuff, stuff that increases heart-rates and leads to screaming, either in annoyance or excitement. 
And just like that, Otabek figures out how they will spend their day off, together.

“An amusement park?” Yuri asks as they stand in front of the brightly colored gate, faint screams and the smell of cotton candy wavering through the air. 

“Yeah, you always see them in movies but I’ve never been to one. You?” Otabek asks, paying for their tickets.

“No.” Yuri answers. “Was too busy with training.”

Otabek thinks that this is perfect. It is colorful and loud, full of all kinds of unhealthy junkfood and all the roller coasters around them will provide the adrenaline Yuri’s so fond of. He’s sure that Yuri will love it. 

Otabek pulls him along into the first line they see, leading to a big red roller coaster. It’s his first ride as well and he’s surprised by how much he likes it, he can’t help but laugh and scream through the entire ride, his eyes watering from the airstream. When they get off, he feels high on joy and adrenaline. 

“That was fun, let’s do it again …Yuri?” When he turns around, Yuri is a bit green around his nose, his blond mane sticking up like the raised hackles of a stressed cat, his knees seem a bit shaky too. 

Suddenly Otabek is glad that they hadn’t something to eat yet and they sit down for a while, just watching the carousels and roller coasters while sipping water. Otabek notices that Yuri feels better once he starts pointing at things and laughing again. For the rest of the day, they only get on carousels for kids and old people how Yuri calls it but they have fun nevertheless.

Yuri eats so much junk food that Otabek is impressed with how he fits all of it in his small stomach and also how he doesn’t puke from dipping his caramelized popcorn into melted cheese. 

Stomaches full, they feel like pushing their luck by getting on another carnival ride, so they end their trip to the amusement park by playing some games at the blinking booths full of cheesy prizes. They hit moles on the head with hammers, let plastic horses race and trow grimy balls at chipped metal bottles. And win a hind worth of cheesy shit for it. Balloons and ugly key-chains, party horns and glittery paper-crowns. 

They hand it all out to a group of kids, who are way more excited then they were.

On their way back to the gate, Otabek suddenly stops and Yuri almost runs into him. “What the fuck, Beka?” 

“One last game?” Otabek grins and drags Yuri along to another booth. At this one you have to shoot with a rifle and hit the target from a few meters away, the points in the rings adding up to the prize you will get.

Yuri watches curiously how Otabek picks up the gun and places his hands like he knows what he’s doing, he changes the way he stands and narrows his eyes, closing one. Then he shoots, three times, rapidly. And hits the red middle of the target every time.

Yuri’s jaw drops open and the guy behind the both is congratulating him, a few people who saw are clapping. 

“What-? How-?” Yuri stutters while Otabek points at a prize he’s free to choose.

He shrugs at Yuri like he just didn’t do something totally impressive and badass, and grins sheepishly. “My Dad used to take me hunting before I started skating, wanted to see if I could still do it.”

Then he hands Yuri a gigantic, beautiful Tiger-plushie that feels incredibly soft as Yuri wraps his arms around it in order to hold it up. It’s almost as big as Yuri and he loves it. Loves that Otabek had gotten it for him. 

“Thank you.” Yuri whispers in awe, blushing slightly and looking like his birthday and the next GPF gold came early to him. Headline: The Russian Punk’s ice-heart melted by ridiculously cute  Kazak stuffed animal, read below for more.

When they finally leave the park, it’s already getting dark and both of them have to be at the airport soon. 

“That was fun, let’s do it again sometime.” Yuri says, smiling brighter than all the colored lights disappearing behind them.

Otabek smiles back and doesn’t know that there is something he missed adding onto the list of Yuri’s favorite things. 

  • Kondo: its time to forget the mistakes of the past and start making the mistakes of the future
  • Hijikata: the best way to solve problems is to create more problems until you are dead
  • Sannan: just because i caused the problems doesnt mean i have the solutions to them
  • Okita: have to stop saying "how am i going to kill my way out of this one" everytime there is trouble going on, or at least not out loud
  • Saito: tired of people always telling me go to hospital and that i've lost a lot of blood, its my severe head injury not yours stay out of it
  • Heisuke: I hope one day I will find love, or a cool looking leaf. either one
  • Shinpachi: i was tricked into believing dropping a candle in to a bath is what a 'bathbomb' is. so tired of being constantly betrayed
  • Harada: love is a battlefield. huh love is a emotion or feeling? then what the hell is a battlefield?? no no this doesn't make sense at all
  • Chizuru: some say killing people is the answer to the problems, me personally i think killing people is bad to do because im not a horrible monster
  • Ibuki: i am going to lay completely still on the forest floor until either things start going my way or i disintegrate into nothing
  • Kazama: dont speak i know just what youre saying, something about how beautiful and strong i am probably
  • Yamazaki: hate when people say im lurking in the shadows when im just chilling
  • Serizawa: learning from mistakes is for people who recognise that they make mistakes. i dont give a shit
  • Shiranui: if we do this we do it my way [cut to a bunch of explosions, corpses & debris fly through the air] okay maybe i should be more open to ideas
  • Sen: you know the old saying, boys will be trash
  • Kodo: there are few things in life that can't be achieved with occult dark magic
  • Kaoru: maybe i am the one to blame, on the other hand maybe every one else is the ones to blame
  • Inoue: i was deep in meditation when suddenly i stood up and gestured vaguely about something. that moment changed the course of my life forever
  • Ootori: the "drama" fiasco is over, we learned nothing from it and nothing changed but we can safely say it is over for sure i hear that
  • Itou: where people like you see a problem i see opportunity to create worse problems
  • Amagiri: looks like things are always happening once again
  • Kimigiku: a lot of people say to me, things, but i am to busy brushing my hair and being a beautiful model. thats what life is all about
  • Matsumoto: hey kids, i know youre struggling right now but im here to tell you, everything gets worse forever
  • Hakuouki as a whole: its all fun and games until its not that anymore

anonymous asked:

fun autumn outdoors game: everything you can possible step on is lava except for autumn leaves on the ground

I’m cracking up bc me and my friends used to play this back when I was in school?? We used to do it while walking home from the bus stop, but there was a part where we had to cross the street (where there were no leaves) so we’d all try to leap across the whole street in one jump and obviously fail miserably lmao ^^;

anonymous asked:

HCs of RFA members plus Saeran taking care of their young child?

Cute cute cute!!! I’m not so good with children myself so lets see how this goes!


  • He’s literally the best father ever
  • also he’s a pushover
  • Literally your child has so much stuff. Why do they need thirty stuffed animals? Simple. They asked Yoosung and he couldn’t refuse
  • He’s the BEST at hide and seek, but he’s also the absolute worst at jigsaw puzzles
  • “It only has forty pieces, dear, it shouldn’t be that hard”
  • He’s kinda a child at heart, so your kid adores him
  • Of course, they adore you too. Who couldn’t??


  • He puts on little plays all the time
  • He’s an incredible dad tbh
  • Like he gives the child the world but at the same time he knows where to draw the line
  • Any arguments between Zen and the child is just Zen giving the ‘Disappointed Dad Look’ and he’s already won
  • It’s all fun and games until the kid wants a cat


  • Best mom 2k16
  • She’s the most responsible mom ever while also being the best mom
  • Her desk at work is covered with framed pictures of you with your kid. Her favorite is you giving them a piggy back ride on your shoulders
  • She gets them a bunch of toys and honestly just wanted to give them everything they ask for
  • Except candy
  • You both have flashbacks to last halloween


  • He spoils them
  • They want a pony? Done. Want their own mini castle playhouse? It’s being built right now
  • He knows it’s not good to spoil them, he just loves them too much
  • He’s so cute like he’s all smiles when he’s around them aND WHEN THEY WERE SMALLER HE DID THE BABY VOICE
  • He’s terrible at hide and seek, but get this, it’s all a trick. Your kid wins all the time because Jumin loves seeing their face light up when they find him
  • He makes sure they know how to act around Elizabeth 3rd, and he’s overjoyed when Elizabeth adores the kid


  • Best dad ever??
  • He tells so many dad jokes. worst of all, his sense of humor is rubbing of on your child
  • But in all honesty, he’s the dad everyone in the world deserves
  • He loves them with all his heart and he constantly gives them piggy back rides and plays games with them
  • All their friends adore Seven so much, and Seven nearly cries with happiness when their friend’s call him their second dad


  • He’s trying his best
  • He gets stressed out very easily and doesn’t quite know how to act around a child, so he follows you lead
  • He has so many books on how to parent
  • No matter what happens, at the end of the day, he always smiles because he loves his family so much
  • Eventually he falls into the rhythm and becomes probably the sweetest dad in the world

sO….. this was quite a while back but

While working on that last level of Ninja, I ended up having a bit of a TIME in Brayflox Longstop (normal), with a particularly chatting MCH. I swear to god, this conversation happened the ENTIRE RUN. Key Stone was our tank (and a PLD), Lyseria was the healer and didn’t say a word until right at the very end.

I’ve blanked his name out here but this MCH had SOME kind of stick up his ass, was TOTALLY SERIOUS, yelled at the tank when he actually DID pull a whole bunch in the swamp and we ended up wiping, and just could not help but reply when I ribbed on him. He ended up locked out for the first and third boss and we cleared it anyway because lmao

THIS ISN’T EVERYTHING I admit I cut the part where exclaimed I play the game, “Cause it’s FUN, fucktrumpet!” and left out my plea for him to stop using blank so we could at least clear in a reasonable manner, but I think u get the idea.