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Fueled By Desire (NSFW 18+)

A/N: So, today has been a crazy day but I started writing this last night and wanted to post it tonight ! So I wrote it in virtually 24 hours, so I hope it didn’t suck to bad. I planned on posting it earlier but I had a bit of writers block. This a Theo smut that you can thank @hardladyheart for. She’s filled my mind with dirty Theo thoughts. (Fun fact’ this gif is actually mine and my blog name used to be twfanfic-af)

Thanks to: @writing-obrien and @hardladyheart for editing and proof reading.


Word Count: 2803

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—  s.s., “bury your gays”

Day 2: Pets

Hogwarts AU! feat. Akaashi’s first owl and the poor Bokuto family owl.

Sometimes, it becomes all too easy for the negative things to stick around. They tend to cling to us. Follow us around where ever we go. With each step forward, more may latch onto us. When life gets too heavy, we must free ourselves from this unneeded negativity. Why? Because we don’t deserve to be held back from genuinely happy lives.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Pity (M)

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Female!reader

Word Count: 8,337

Summary: After breaking up with your cheating ex, Jimin had been there for you. You had figured that he was just feeling sorry for you, but tonight he wants to show you that that’s not the case

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Finders Keepers

A little context - i am part of a group of a Goliath, an elf, a dwarf and a half elf (me). I tended to keep everyone in check, as I’ve played with this group of people before and they’ve done some rather….odd things. I left for about 5 minutes to search the rest of a war camp for survivors.

DM: After Liberating the prisoners of the war camp, Goliath, you start to look through everything, see what missing and forgotten possessions you can find, you find some things of value but the very last thing you find is a small bundle of cloth, you go to leave it but then it starts kicking and crying

Goliath: (Without a second of hesitation) I’ve always wanted to be a dad

Dwarf: Look. Buddy. I’m all about finders keepers when it comes to loot, i really am. but you can’t keep the child.

Goliath: but-

Dwarf: we’re planning on fighting a dragon in a few weeks! you really think we can keep a baby? it’s parents are probably right here.

Goliath: Fine. I hold the baby up lion king style and yell “DOES THIS BELONG TO ANYONE?!”

DM: Everyone immediately looks to you as you shout, holding this baby which now up close looks to be a half orc child. As everyone looks, nobody owns up to the child belonging to them.

Elf: Looks like you get to have your dream to being a dad after all

dwarf: don’t encourage this!

The Goliath not only kept the baby, but it’s a re-occurring character in our story, the Goliath learnt to write so that he’d be able to write is half orc daughter letters from where ever we go, when we’re out adventuring it stays with the Goliath best friend, a halfling and her gnome girlfriend.

So every time I feel drained, the universe replenishes my thoughts with Black Panther news. Like, it’s really trying to force me to live to February 2018. I’m about to go out to get my $60 to put aside in my Black Panther Funko Pop box for my tickets for the Regular, IMAX 3D, and that AVX thing with the moving chairs. (IDK if that’ll even be enough with the way these ticket prices are set up… I might have to start heauxing on the side)

Like, let’s look at these costumes. Ruth E. Carter is about to murder us in the first degree with beauty, honestly. Colors, patterns, textures, that outline-y shit, POPPING against that brown skin I AM YELLING.

I need a close-up on T’Challa’s jacket. 

These looks, the confidence, the shoulders and arms, I LOVE when women characters actually LOOK STRONG, with toned muscles, VISIBLY STRONG, as opposed to that melted cheese waif look that seems to be in style. I am mad AF that I cannot pull off a shaved head. 

Easily the best looking cast in the MCU. 

Ok and these bodies

Once again, I ask you: HOW WILL WE GET THROUGH THIS. Where will our edges go. Will we ever be the same.

fam(ily) - one | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 4.8k
genre: fluFF?? aNGST?!? idk jimin is a dad

one | two

[A/N]: goin straight to the point, our little family by the very talented @nightbts heavily inspired me to write this fanfic !! I absolutely lovLOVEelovelove that story, so much i made my friend read it WITH me. its a beautifully written piece and i never knew i loved parent!jimin so much. sis i wasn’t lying when i said it inspired me to write my own !! pls enjoy, dont have high expectations bc its not anywhere near how good OLF is lol

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“I don’t think you’re going to find a decent girl at the club.” Jungkook said entering the noisy, dark building.

Jimin laughed, “who said I’m trying to find a decent girl?”

Taehyung rose an eyebrow. “So what are you going to do when she wants to hook up? Bring her back to your place with your twins in the next room?”

Jimin frowned and ordered the first drink on the menu. “No.. I don’t know.” You, the only girl bartender in the club, fixed the drink in the fastest manner Jimin has ever seen. You poured it into a glass and slid it towards the man. He lifted it, weary as to how it was going to taste. The glass rim touched his lips and the alcohol burned his throat as he took it all in.

“Can we just enjoy the night?” Jimin asked when he saw the other two awkwardly hesitant. “I’m not bringing home anyone, guys. I came out here to forget that I was a single dad working a 9 to 5 job.”

Jungkook laughed and patted his best bud’s shoulder. “That’s a little hard to forget when your babies are both of your wallpapers.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and shrugged off his friend’s hand. Taehyung walked off to flirt with the girl bartender down the bar. Jimin was left alone, swirling the ice and liquor in his heavy glass.

“Rough night?” You asked as you polished the cups. He looked around to make sure you were addressing him. Taehyung had wandered off to another girl and you had walked back over. He peered up to see your soft smile. Your eyelashes fluttered against your pale cheeks. Your hair was secured messily in a bun.

Jimin laughed it off, not sure how to answer that question. It was more of a rough entire six years and since he had twins, it felt multiplied by two. “You could say that.”

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Why is Jon/Sansa endgame?

Hello to all, once again. Of course, I’ve decided to do another small, well, LARGE meta on why I personally think Jonsa is endgame. Now, these are my points, and my views, if you don’t agree, you’re free to do so. On we go now.

Now, since season 6, I’ve started shipping Jon and Sansa. Believe me, before season 6, I never thought they would even meet each other. But, I was surprised, and was also very surprised by the chemistry they had with each other. From the get go, from the scene where they discuss home and from there, I was very…suspicious of their interactions with each other. Now, personally, I have no brothers. I do have sisters though. I would never act with them the way Sansa and Jon act with each other. The stares, the heavy breathing after arguing, the protection speech. 

Moving on…

Point 1: They look like Ned and Cat reborn. Even book wise, Jon is said to look the MOST like Ned, even Cat says so. Sansa herself is compared to Catelyn numerous times. By Petyr, by Lysa, etc. Now even though Sansa is compared to Cat, she doesn’t treat Jon the same way Catelyn did. After meeting him again, she becomes very close with Jon. She learned from  her mistakes. Anyway…

At the wall, after his death, when Jon came back, he started to wear his hair in a man-bun, and it matched Ned’s perfectly, almost eerily. Sansa also started to wear her hair in ‘northern’ braids. Much like her mother did. Even in season 7 now, she wears her hair a lot like her mothers, with a touch of Cersei in it. 

Jon/Ned- Honorable, broody, tries to do the right thing all the time, protective, etc. 

Sansa/Cat: Red hair, has the ‘tully’ look about her. Sansa also has the gift of observation, a lot like Cat did. Etc.

Now, this relationship. Cat and Ned’s. They were not married for love, they were married because Catelyn was engaged to Ned’s brother, Brandon. He however, met his end in Kings Landing when the mad king Aerys invited him and his father, for a peace summoning. He was burned alive. To join the two houses, Catelyn and Ned then married. Over the years, Catelyn said their marriage was built up, ‘stone by stone.’ They also had the most loving, healthy relationships on the show. 

In Season 7 Jon and Sansa have had so many parallels to Ned and Cat. Their looks, and now their actions. 

Point 2: Their chemistry!!

Like I said in the introduction to this meta, their scenes in season 6 were so…tense. This scene specifically. They just ooze sexual tension. Like…their are so many unspoken words between them. So many things they want to unleash, all the anger they have pent up, not exactly at each other, but just in general. 

Hell, Kit said himself. “Sansa twists him in ways no one else can. She gets under his skin.” We’ve seen this before, with Ygritte. When they were together, Jon and Ygritte argued a lot. It came to a boiling point when they fucked in a cave. Jon and Sansa’s chemistry has yet to come to the ‘boiling’ point. In the tent though, with all the heavy breathing, the lighting, and the intense eye contact, I was halfway expecting Jon to throw Sansa on the table and fuck her senseless. 

If they weren’t ‘brother and sister’ no doubt that would have happened.

I’ve also said before that they have this unspoken thing to their relationship. They can communicate without words. Like when they were meeting with Lyanna Mormont, Jon knew when to jump in when Sansa needed him, and Sansa knew when to jump in when Jon needed her too. 

I love that.

Point 3: Their compatibility.

Now, at the moment they do consider themselves ‘brother and sister.’ Even though they don’t act like it.

Now, season 6 and 7 has shown us that Jon needs help when it comes to political aspects of ruling. And Sansa, well, she admits that he’s the ‘military man.’ Sansa knows the south, because she was experienced it, she’s tasted the betrayal, the death, the hypocrisy. She’s been flung into it, the only thing that protected her was her ladylike facade. 

Also, in the books, Jon and Sansa dream of having children that look like their deceased siblings. And have their names. They dream of returning to Winterfell, they think about it constantly. Also, the books show the parallel journey that they both take. It isn’t as noticeable in the show, but book-wise, it is very plainly seen. 

Also, my last meta was about redheads, and why Jon seems so drawn to them. He’s drawn to them because of two women he couldn’t get to notice him. Cat especially. I also mentioned that he ‘detested’ ladies, but that’s just a front because of the wounded pride aspect of it. He knows he’ll never be with a lady of a great house. He ‘hates’ them, but begins to love Ygritte because of her stories, and singing. Now, Jon himself, for Sansa, is her hero. 

In the books, she dreams of someone beheading Janos Slynt. Well, someone does…Jon Snow. 

He’s brave, gentle, and strong.

Point 4: The Stark name..

I wrote a comment on a video a long time ago, stating that Jon and Sansa are the only two who can rebuild house Stark. If Sansa were to marry another, her children would not have the name Stark. Arya herself, has never wanted that life. Bran, he can’t procreate, because his ‘anatomy’ does not work. He says it himself, he’ll never be Lord of anything, he’s the three-eyed raven. 

This is where Starkbowl threw me. They said at the end of season 6, Sansa was pissed because she wasn’t crowned Queen. I didn’t believe that then, didn’t believe it between seasons, and I sure as hell don’t believe it now. Sansa knows if she were Queen, she would be forced to marry a random Northern Lord. Or Baelish would try to get his hooks in her again. She would be sold like cattle once more. I think Sansa was very glad that that wasn’t what happened. 

Now Jon: Yes, it is true that Jon is basically a Targaryen. However, if he were to marry a Stark, he could take her name. If he so chose to do so. She could legitimize him as :Stark: by the only way really…marriage. 

When Jon’s parentage becomes a known fact, and it will, probably in season 8. We saw the way the Northern Lord’s reacted when they heard Daenerys was in Westeros. How will they feel knowing that Jon, their KING, is a Targaryen? They only put him that spot because they thought he was Ned Starks son. Well, he isn’t. He’s Rhaegar Targaryens. They won’t bend the knee to a dragon. But, if Jon were to marry a Stark, his claim would stay strong, and the Stark claim would stay even stronger. Their children would be Starks, the name carrying on. 

Point 5: Their blood relations..

“But, they’re siblings!” False. They are NOT siblings, they are first cousins. And yes, in TODAY’S TIMES, I repeat TODAY’S TIMES, it is seen as taboo, but, back in medieval times, it was considered normal. Even in civil war times, for those who have seen Gone with the Wind, the Wilkes married their cousins. They always did. Melanie was Ashley’s cousin. Also, Sansa was going to marry Robyn Arryn, he is also her first cousin. 

Now, looking at blood logistics here:

Siblings share 50% blood relations.

Aunt/Nephew share 25% blood relations.

1st cousins share between 7-12% blood relations.

Also, the Stark line has married cousin/cousin before. Even uncle/niece before. It was not common, but it did happen. It has happened in the Stark line. Ned’s mother and father were cousins. Tywin and his wife were first cousins. 

“Were will you go?” 

“Where will we go?”

“I won’t ever let him touch you again, I’ll protect you, I promise.”

“We need to trust each other, we can’t fight a war amongst ourselves, we have so many enemies now.”

“Do you think I’m Joffrey?”

“You’re as far from Joffrey then anyone I’ve ever met.”

“You’re good at this, you know?”

“You are. You are.”

“Would that be so terrible?”

“You know him better than anyone, what do you think?”

“You’re abandoning your people! You’re abandoning your home!”

“Until I return, the north is yours.”

“I love Sansa..”

“As I loved her mother…”

Touch my sister, and I’ll kill you myself.”

^^^^^^(NOT MY PIC!!!)

What does LF know?

“Does she miss me terribly?”

Jon’s expression: =.= bitch please. I will throw your little ass off here.

“I didn’t ask.”

And more to come with Theon, and the Hound later this season.

I think I’ve made my point, loud and clear. 

Also, one last thing:

Real Love

It’s ya girl, Spaghetti, back at it again with another fanfic.

In which Sherwin goes to Jonathon’s house to do homework together.


It was quite a warm Friday. Kids were filing out of the school grounds, laughing and joking and shoving, cars were making their way down the street and everybody was relieved that the week was over. The only person that wasn’t smiling was Jonathon; first off, he had a bunch of maths homework to do. Jonathon hated maths. Most of the work was really annoying anyways. When on earth was he ever going to need to know the square root of a number, or how to use Pythagoras Theorem? Secondly, he couldn’t stop thinking about what happened earlier today.

“Come on you don’t really like him, do you?”
Jonathon looked up from his lunch. “What do you mean?”
The blonde made a face that looked like a sneer. “Y’know. That ginger kid. Sherwood.”
“Whatever. The point is I don’t think you’re gay Jon.”
“Yeah,” A boy with dark brown hair piped in. “My sister used to think she was.” The boy shrugged, taking a bite of his sandwich. “But it was just a phase.”
“Exactly.” The blonde nodded in agreement. “It’s not real love. How could it be?”
The two boys laughed together. Jonathon didn’t feel hungry anymore.

Ruffling his hair, Jonathon let out a breath through his pursed lips. It was true he’d hadn’t thought about guys in that way before, but what he felt for Sherwin was real. His face got flushed and he started smiling way to much and when he looked at him, so many different feelings bubbled up in his chest he couldn’t even describe it. “Geez. I’m acting like a girl with a silly crush…”
Then he saw a familiar messy mop of red hair in the crowd.
Then he burst into flames.


“Guess who!” 
An arm wrapped itself around Sherwin’s shoulders making him yelp.
“J-Jonathon!” Good lord.His voice literally just broke thirty times in a row. The brunette laughed and pecked the smaller boy on the forehead. Sherwin went bright pink, a wobbly smile spreeading on his face. “So, um, how are you?” Sherwin mentally smacked himself for being so awkward.
Jonathon’s nose wrinkled as he looked at the workbook he was carrying in the crook of his arm. 
“Could be better. Miss Lavender set a bunch of homework and I already know I’m gonna do bad.”
Jonathon looked shocked for a second before his broke out into a grin.
“Really? You’d help me with my maths?”
Sherwin could feel his getting redder as he nodded.
Jonathon beamed so widely a dimple appeared in his cheek. “That’s great! Let’s go!” He grabbed Sherwin by the hand and started running faster than Sherwin ever could.
“W-Wait! Where are we going?”
“To my house!”
“At least let me call my mum first!”

“So I just have to divide by two after that?”
“Yep, then you have your answer.”
“Whoa, it’s a lot easier when you explain it.”
Sherwin smiled a wobbly smile before looking back at his own book. His face refused to go back to a normal shade as he couldn’t stop focusing on the fact that he was in Jonathon’s room. Sure the door was open and they were doing homework but still. He also couldn’t get over how draw-able Jonathon was. His face was the definition of concentration; his brows were slightly furrowed, his blue eyes partially covered by long lashes, while a few loose strands of hair fell in front of his forehead. Sherwin was so caught up in his sketching he didn’t realize Jonathon watching him.


“Are you drawing me?”
The red head jumped, his face turning the same hue as his hair.
“Um, I, er, n-no, uh, maybe?”
Jonathon quirked an eyebrow, trying his best not to grin like an idiot. Scooting over to Sherwin he peered down at the drawing, his eyes widening slightly.
“Wow. That’s amazing.” Jonathon couldn’t help but blush upon seeing the sketch. The pencil lines were so soft and delicate, he could almost see the love that Sherwin was drawing him with.
Jonathon looked up at the boy, realizing how close they were, noses almost touching.“We should take a break.” 
“Um, Okay do you wanna-”
Before even thinking about what he was doing, Jonathon took the book out of Sherwin’s hands and put down on the table. Wrapping his arms around the smaller boy’s waist he leaned back so they were both lying on the bed. He couldn’t help but smile when Sherwin let out a little squeak.
“I really, really, like you, Sherwin.”
Jonathon felt the red head hesitantly wrap his arms around him, stuttering out something that sounded like “I like you too.”
“Not real love…” The words of his friends echoed his brain. “What do they know?”
Maybe they wouldn’t be together forever, Jonathon and Sherwin, but right now, at this moment, the feelings they felt were as real as anything, and that is enough.


Sherwin’s heart beat steadily as they cuddled. He had the overwhelming urge to kiss Jonathon on he lips, right there and then.
But not just yet.
Not yet.

I hope y’all enjoyed this fanfic! If you have any suggestions, feedback, or if I made any errors just let me know.
Jonathon and Sherwin belong to Beth and Esteban.


all of time and space. all that ever happened or ever will… where do you want to start?

“We could go to Rome and watch the gladiators in the Colosseum. Or Paris in the Belle Époque. Perhaps Tokyo 200 years into the future?” Klaus suggested with a smile on his face and a challenge in his eyes.

Caroline smiled too. “I want to see everything.”

“Then I will show it to you.”

cwpunk  asked:

What about headcanons for being Richie's big sister?

•Being Richies big sister would include:•

Being Richie’s big sister would include:

- He comes to you when he has questions about anything which leads to pretty awkward conversations from time to time

- Richie being especially curious about “grownup stuff” you don’t know how to explain to him without traumatizing the kid

- You’re the one he learned most of the swear words he knows from

- Teasing him about Eddie

- So many fights when you were both younger

- You’re both so sarcastic all the time you barely talk normal to each other and it drives your parents up the walls

- Always jokingly insulting each other and getting really creative with that

- But when he really needs his big sister you’re his safe space

- Except he doesn’t tell you much about his problems with the Bowers gang, he doesn’t want you to think he can’t stand up to a bunch of bullies

- But you know and you try to show him how to be tough

- Richie really admires you although he would never say that out loud

- Always playing into Richies game when he makes his voices

- “Would you please be so kind to pass me the fine mineral that makes this excellent food taste even more delicious my fair lady?” “Here you go sir, behold the mineral” and your parents just being like “where did we go wrong”

- The only time you ever got into a physical fight with anyone was because Bowers had said something about you while Richie was there and your brother wanting to defend your honor didn’t keep his mouth shut, you on the other hand didn’t want your brother to get hurt because of you so you didn’t have too many options

- Richie having his sense of humor from you although you are a bit more mature than him

- You teaching him about good music

- When Richie is upset he knows he can come to you any time and you will just hug him and listen to his problems until he feels better

- You being protective not only of Richie but also of Eddie because you know how much your brother likes him

- Him calling you kiddo although you’re older than him

- Always making jokes about everything

- Richie being the only one to make you laugh to the point of tears

- Sometimes seeing yourself in him when you were younger and loving him even more

cardboardhydrates-liked said to it-refused:

What about something where Grillby and Sans run into someone Sans knew as a kid, a classmate or a teacher or something, and Grillby gets to hear stories about Sans when he’s little?

This doesn’t fit in the series, really, but that doesn’t really matter and it’s a good prompt so here’s a few hundred words of Sans being miserable.

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