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so i've been thinking abt the fact that yuuri has never slept with anyone else other than victor and what vic think about this. Some ppl would really like this and they would get kind of possessive/proud but then there's others that could feel kinda guilty? i have a friend that lost her v-card with her current bf and they want to get married but her bf doesnt want for her to only have sex w him bc he doesnt want her to have any regrets. do you think there's an scenario where vic feels like this?

So I’ve mentioned this a couple of times before but something similar does happen yes. One of Viktor’s character traits/flaws is his possessiveness of Yuuri (for example the Chihoko incident). It’s not in a creepy ‘I’m the only person you can ever love/have and I’ll resent you for doing anything else’ way but more a ‘I love you more than anyone else ever can and I’ll be better than everyone else so you’ll never want anyone else again’ (for example with the Chihoko thing he doesn’t get angry at Yuuri for having someone in his past he just tries to prove he is better than them and does his whole ‘they may be Yuuri’s past but I am his now’ speech. The chihoko thing isn’t the best example as it’s essentially a crack fic but it does make the point the clearest). 

So rivals!Viktor follows along a similar vein. If Yuuri wasn’t a virgin before they slept together he wouldn’t care at all. He wasn’t and he would never expect Yuuri to be either. He doesn’t value Yuuri more for that and he absolutely wouldn’t think that Yuuri is any less worthy if he had slept with someone else. However, he does really like the fact that he’s Yuuri’s one and only, as you can see in chapter 13, as it plays right along with his possessive streak. He loves that he’s the only one that Yuuri has ever let in in that way and it makes him feel special and valued by Yuuri, unlike how he was feeling previously which you’ll see more of in the fic. So he does enjoy the fact that he’s Yuuri’s one and only even if he opinion of Yuuri wouldn’t change at all if he wasn’t. 

On the other hand, there is a bit of worry there about the fact that he has a fair bit of experience and Yuuri has only ever slept with him. He’s well aware that that is something that could potentially be a wedge driven between them and he’s terrified that Yuuri will eventually come to resent him for having had lots of opportunities to get experience and try new things while Yuuri is tied down to Viktor and has lost that chance for good. He would loathe the thought of going into an open relationship and having Yuuri sleep with other people now that they are exclusive as he’s very much a ‘you’re the love of my life and the only one I’ll ever want and need’ kind of person + possessive to boot and someone who would get very jealous and insecure if Yuuri was in a relationship with him after everything they went through but also sleeping with other people. But he also values Yuuri’s happiness above everything else and would be destroyed if Yuuri came to hate him again and so he does hesitantly bring up the fact that he doesn’t want Yuuri to come to resent only ever sleeping with Viktor and if Yuuri wants to go out and try some new things before settling down he would accept that and still be waiting when Yuuri came back because he knows that Yuuri would still love him and want to be with him in the end. Thankfully, Yuuri has absolutely no interest in sleeping with anyone else and this is how number 6 in this top ten list happens

Jungkook Scenario: Save Me

Request: Hi would you like to participate in a scenario challenge? This is where i determine the title, and everything else, BUT you determine what happens in the story. do you get the gist of the rules? :) OK READY here’s the criteria. TITLE: Save me, angst to fluff, MEMBER: Jeon Jungkook DON’T FORGET to tag this as bts scenario so i can read it and especially HAVE FUN! <3-ChallengeAnon

Genre: Angst then Fluff

WARNING: Depression, mentions of suicide

Jungkook stared up at the night sky, his mind blank, the wind swaying him back and forth and blowing his hair from his face. He was so high up, on the roof of his apartment building, higher than the buildings around him and the trees below, leaving nothing to obstruct his view of the stars.

He couldn’t recall just how long he’d felt so numb to the world. Something had slowly crept into his life and had taken him over, robbing him of all feeling except despair and dread. For too many nights he lied awake at night, his mind racing with thoughts of self-hatred and existential dread until even those feelings were robbed from him. There was nothing more he wanted than to feel again, but nothing worked. Each smile he tried to put on for his family and friends cut him a little deeper, because even if they couldn’t tell, he knew his smile was fake and it pained him to lie.

He wasn’t sure what brought him to the ledge of his apartment building roof. He hadn’t thought it through or planned it, but some unidentifiable force had pulled him out of his bed late at night and taken him to the rooftop. Not even the beauty of the quiet night sky could move him anymore, even when he used to enjoy its splendor so much.

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So how would someone who's sp dom and Se inf work? Isn't inferior Se kind of unaware of surroundings while sp is very aware?

inferior Se kind of unaware of surroundings 


while sp is very aware 

no, not necessarily

sp = self-preservation, survival
in a more primal sense:
- building a safe house
- stocking up food
- not doing risky extreme shit like fighting with a bear for fun
in modern society also:
- paying your bills on time
- taking meds when you are sick

.. for all those things you don’t need good sensing.
Good Se or Si can be extremely beneficial, like actually sensing when the food you bought got moldy and you need to throw it away. or sensing when the temperature in your room got too cold and you need to turn on the heater or else you get sick.

But yes with sp INxJs and ENxPs you will often have absurd scenarios where they buy like 3 loaves of bread (because stocking up) and when they get home there are already another 3 loaves waiting for them from yesterday which they totally forgot.
Or they will make an elaborate financial plan that will secure their retirement but they forget taking any money or credit cards with them when going grocery shopping.
Or they will take 5 ibuprofen “just in case” when their nose is running just a little bit.

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hi!!! i was wondering,,,,, how would sub!cheol be like? good luck with your new blog!!!

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

Hi, thank you so much for sending in a request. I wasn’t sure of which format you preferred. I hope you like this but if you wanted a scenario or something else just send in another request and we will get it done!

Sub! Seungcheol…

~He’s going to be a very dominant sub. You’ll tie him up but he’s going to tell you exactly where to touch him and how to touch him.

~He’s going to very descriptive on how you have to touch yourself.

~You’re going to have to shove something into his mouth to keep him from dominating you

~You will sit on the top of him watching him suffer being a sub

~He’ll be up for almost anything though like role playing, dressing up and using sex toys but only if you are comfortable, unless it’s like a cock ring.

~He would be really into role playing though especially if he’s the dominant one.

~Seriously when it comes to being sub he’s always whining about it but he’ll do it to make you happy anyway.

~Sometimes he would low key enjoy being sub as he gets to watch you tease him slowly.

~When he’s sub he would stay in character most of the time saying stuff like…

~“I’ve been a bad boy, are you going to punish me Miss/ Mr Y/L/N?”

~“Yes madam, how can I please you?”

~But most of the time he’s going to stop and question himself like “Omg why do I have to do this?”

~“ you should be the one calling me sir/daddy”

~Overall I guess he would still try his hardest to please you because he’s an amazing boyfriend

I really hope you like this, I tried my hardest but coups is such a dominant figure. Tbh he’s the type that would be into some dom daddy kink. Thank you so much again for requesting, feel free to request anything else! Everything is welcomed!! 

Admin Sunshine

Kitten in a Dog Eat Dog World

Part of Trying to leave him

Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, Yugyeom


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III ; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; EXO: Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part I, Part II, Part III ; Dean: {Coming soon}

Characters: Jackson x Original Character {Hana}

Summary:  Hana was just getting over a break up when her friends dragged her to a club. The club where he lingered. Nothing about him interested her, until one night together. A relationship formed between a nurse and gangster, but one day, she finds out he’s not just some wannabe gangster and he makes it impossible to escape. 

Word Count: 5260

This scenario will be group with all Got7 trying to escape him!

Note: Do not get involved with someone who hurts you or threatens you. Your mental and physical health are so much more important than anyone else. This is purely fictional.  I do not think any members are actually like this, but this is an au

Credit to gif owner


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(Jealous jongin) well then maybe doing it as a list/headcanon would be easier for you ?

That, I can easily do! I hope you like this❣

  • i don’t think that too many things would make jongin jealous (what i mean by this is that i don’t see him as a husband/boyfriend who would get angry at you speaking with another man—small things)
  • if the man was flirting with you and you were a little oblivious, or maybe you didn’t want to be rude, those would be the types of things that would get jongin to narrow his eyes at this man in annoyance
  • he’s the type of guy to otherwise conceal this feeling until you two were finally home
  • i can also see him subtly rushing you, depending on where it is you are
  • he wouldn’t just drag you away, but he would say something about the both of you having forgotten things to do, things you hadn’t known about until just then
  • i feel like things could possibly get a little nsfw when he does get a little jealous
  • not because he sees you as property or something that belongs to him solely (read: he isn’t your master; you aren’t his being to control)
  • but because he would find validation in seeing you call out his name, not someone else’s—validation that you wouldn’t be whisked away by some other man
  • i also don’t think he would usually be much of a dom, though on these nights he would be particularly rough and strict with you—instructing you to tell him that you love him as you hit your peak, that you were emotionally his
  • in short: while jongin doesn’t get jealous easily and likes allowing you your freedom and room to breathe, there are certainly times where he struggles to control himself. he trusts you, but not anyone else

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Heeey!! You don't know how much I've fallen in love with your blog! You write amazing and everything seems quite in character! I absolutely love it! So I have this scenario in my head where the straw hats meet up with the whitebeard pirates. I just got in my head that sanji would be absolutely enamoured with ace s/o (Not just the noodle dance but also his charming side) and ace would get jelous. Would you mind writing it? You don't have to if you don't want to.. or if it's stupid! I love you!

It’s ok if I request hcs for Ace feeling insecure because he thinks his s/o might like someone else? If you are not comfortable with it I understand so don’t worry ^^ thanks a lot in advance, your writting is simply amazing!

so I put those two together, hope nobody minds^^ Also thank you for thinking I keep the hcs in character, I’m glad  love u too <3

  • OH Ace is a jelly guy actually xDDDD
  • I think that scenario is possible considering Sanji’s persona and I don’t think Ace would fancy it all that much
  • Tho I think Ace mostly pretty chill and won’t even notice or take Sanji’s flirting attempts seriously 
  • but still can get jealous and pull his s/o from Sanji, until Sanji annoys him so much Ace punches him
  • or until he does get some sort of inferiority complex because he’s gotta admit Sanji is damn handsome and does the gentleman thing with ease
  • Everybody would tell Sanji to hold his horses and Ace’s eyes would angrily twitch when Snooj is around his precious s/o
  • And by the end the s/o ofc would say how much they love Ace and that everything is fine ahhaha <3

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could you write a scenario (or headcanons if u want) where Lance's s/o takes a bad hit during a mission and when they get them to the healing pods they're confused because it says it's picking up two heartbeats and coran is like "uhhhh did u kno she's pregnant if not surprise!!" *nervous jazz hands*

It’s Mod Enki! I went with doing the headcanons or else the scenario would be super long and idk if anyone wanted to be bombarded with that. I hope that’s okay!


  • As soon as he finds his s/o is pregnant he’s like??? What???? It takes him a while to sort out how he feels about this. He thinks back to when he and his s/o even did the do and how he didn’t really think this could actually happen to them. He’s a little ashamed of himself for not trying to ask Coran if there was some sort of Altean version of contraception or like a condom or something that he could use. But even if there was there definitely was no guarantee that they’d even have it on the ship?? 
  • He curses the fact that he’s trapped in the ship with the love of his life and he can’t control his sexual urges like the adolescent he is. He also curses that he put this burden on his s/o because they’re in the middle of a war with Zarkon and that’s not the place to be dealing with a child. 
  • He doesn’t feel ready to be a dad in the slightest because it’s terrifying that he’s going to have to keep both his s/o and his child safe in this hellish war ridden universe. Plus there was no way they could just rush over to Earth and drop off his s/o and hope that they have a good life with the child because they’d lead the Galra right to their home planet.
  • Lance honestly can’t think if what he can even do because there’s no way they could raise a child in space but there’s also not a way to possibly abort the fetus if his s/o didn’t want to keep it. Either way he’s screwed and his s/o is already really hurt inside the healing pod. 
  • He blames himself for everything that has happened and never leaves he s/o’s side while they’re recovering. All the while he sits there and tries to think of all the signs that he probably didn’t notice to tell him that his s/o was pregnant. It was entirely possible that his s/o hid the symptoms from him to make sure he didn’t worry or anything. Or it was completely possible that his s/o didn’t know either and that they dismissed any symptoms because they simply just thought it was nothing. 
  • As soon as his s/o comes out of the healing pod he hugs them for a long time and after they eat and get something in them after being in there for so long he takes them to their room to talk to them. He really wants to talk it out with his s/o because honestly he doesn’t think either of them are ready to be parents and especially in space. 
  • Whatever choice his s/o makes he respects them because it is their body and they can do anything they want to with it. In the end they try to make it work whatever it is and makes sure that the other paladins support them as well. He also makes sure his s/o stays on the ship more often when they go out to do missions and when they do come with him he makes sure to keep them in his sights no matter what. 
  • The entire ordeal probably stresses this poor boy out so much like honestly he’s going to have grey hair by the time he’s 30. He is still a young boy who makes dumb jokes please let him stay that way for just a while longer before he has to grow up.
▏Don't Replace Me! ▏Yongguk ▏シ ▏

Request: Hi there could I request a BAP scenario where you’ve been dating for awhile and Yongguk brings home a puppy for you to keep you company while he is away? Thank you! <3

Comments:Can you imagine Yongguk just giving you a puppy though like 2x the cuteness what is life 

            I have a present for you, so make sure you’re not asleep when I get home, or else the present will be mine!! >:) –Yongguk

            You read the text message for the hundredth time and still managed to crack a smile. Who knew it would be possible for someone to be so cute over text message?

            You gulped down the last of your water bottle before tossing it into the recycling bin and staring at the clock. A yawn escaped your lips; it was nearly eleven o’clock, but you vowed to stay awake for Yongguk, since he was so insistent about it.

            “Hurry up,” you said aloud, sauntering to the living room. “I will literally fall asleep at any moment if you don’t-“

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Amber Drabble

Anon asked: Amber drabble where you feel insecure and feel like he would do better with someone else.

So yeah, guys I know

I’ve been so…. inactive lately. So today I’m planning on writing at least three more scenarios or so. I’ll be catching up with the submissions list. You can still leave submissions in my ask box but it would take long to get your request done.

RULES for submissions on my profile!!  

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Scenarios where Mc and RFA tell their children they ate all their Halloween candy as a prank

omg yes,

Sorry these are a bit late for Halloween

I hope you don’t mind if I make these headcanons instead, I don’t think that I’d be able to write very good scenarios with this. I think it would get really repetitive.  


  • He’d feel so bad for tricking his kid. He’s always been the subject of Seven’s jokes and while it made almost everyone else laugh, it just left him feeling faintly annoyed and quite embarrassed, but he couldn’t just say no to MC, especially when they smiled at him like that
  • He’d be a blushing, stuttering mess as he told his kid that they’d eaten all the candy, even as MC kept a perfectly straight face.
  • It would be him that ends up confessing to their kid that it was just a prank, he’d just feel so bad
  • He’d be apologising nonstop and would probably let them eat extra candy to make up for it


  • “How could you do something like this?” Their daughter screamed, flopping dramatically onto the ground, making MC laugh and Jaehee grin as she tried to stay relaxed
  • She felt bad, but couldn’t help but be at least a little amused at the absolute horror on their daughter’s face as she sobbed at the idea of all her hard work from the previous night being for nothing
  • “I’m sorry,” Jaehee said
  • “You’re mean!”
  • At that, MC burst out laughing at the pouting child and Jaehee laughed along, as they led the kids to where they’d hidden the Halloween candy earlier that day.


  • He doesn’t quite understand why MC wants to prank their kid, but he’s more than willing to go along with their plan
  • He volunteers to be the one to tell their kid that he and MC ate all the candy, because he knows that their children take him far more seriously than they normally did MC
  • The moment Jumin finished speaking, the kids screamed, high pitched and furious over and over
  • MC was giggling behind their hand, but Jumin was managing to keep his expression rather neutral even as the kids wailed and sobbed and collapsed to writhe around on the floor, saying something about how much they hated their parents and how they would never go trick or treating again.


  • “It’s not my fault that he ate all the candy.” MC said with a smirk
  • Zen laughed, looking at their kid with an apologetic, guilty grin “Do you think you could consider forgiving me?”
  • Their kid shook their head miserably
  • “I hate you!” They screamed being running to their room and slamming the door.
  • “I love you too!” Zen called back with a grin. The moment they were out of sight, MC and Zen burst into hysterical laughter
  • “You should bring their candy back,” MC suggested when they caught their breath and Zen agreed, grabbing the candy from where they had hidden it and brought it to his child’s room


  • I don’t think that anyone needs to even say that he’d love to do this to his kid. In fact, it would be his idea, or at the very least, he and MC would come up with the plan together
  • He was careful when coming up for a hiding place for the candy
  • He and MC wouldn’t actually tell their kid that they’d eaten the candy, as their kid would probably be suspicious at anything that their parents told them by this point, so he and MC would wait and watch (probably through a camera that he set up in the kitchen) as their kid looked for the candy that had suddenly gone missing
  • He had to admit that they were diligent in searching all around the kitchen for their candy before they gave up, running up to their parents.
  • “Where is it? I know It was on the counter”
  • “We ate it,”
  • Immediately their kid froze, staring at them with terrified wide eyes as if contemplating if it would be worth it to burst into tears. The seemed to decide it would be worth it as they immediately burst into sobs and MC and Seven were unable to hold back their laughter.
  • Also there’s no doubt that this is on video, so they’re definitely not going to let their kid live this down.
Exo’s Reaction - When You Tell Them You’re Asexual

Here you my lovely! <3


Xiumin - *He’d reassure you that he’d perfectly fine with it and would be really understanding*

Lay - *He’d be really supportive and would understand that theres a barrier and he’d probably prefer cuddles and kisses anyway*

Kai - *He’d be a little disappointed but would understand and give you loads of unconditional kisses, love and cuddles instead*

Suho - *He’d turn it into a positive scenario and would reassure that he’s perfectly okay with it because sex isn’t everything*

Kyungsoo - *You knew that he took the news well and that he’s going to be happy whether or not your asexual or sexually active at times because he likes spending quality time where you both just read books, cuddling and watching films*

Tao - *He’d be bitchy when he gets his horny moments and with you being asexual, he’d find it hard to maintain himself and would end up doing something else apart from sexual activities with you anyway*

Chen - *He’d lighten up the negative aroma around you both and would let it slide and would nag you for cuddles all the time instead*

Kris - *As long as he had you, he really didn’t mind at all. Yeah he may of wanted to have a few intimate times but it wouldn’t bother him that much* 

Chanyeol - *He’d always say about having children but as you can’t have them as your own, he doesn’t really mind because there’s always an option of adopting and loads of cuddle sessions*

Baekhyun - *He’d always be really supportive no matter what and even if you felt really bad about being asexual because he doesn’t get to have fun, he’d tell you that he doesn’t really care about not having sexual fun*

Sehun - *He’d be disappointed that he can’t have sex but it wouldn’t stop him from loving you more and more and after a while, he’d prefer playful and cuddly days*

Luhan - *He’d be the most supportive person you’d ever meet and though he’d like to have intimate sessions, he’d rather do what you want because he doesn’t want to take advantage*


Masterlist (Reactions) / Masterlist (Scenarios)
Mobile Masterlist (Reactions) / Mobile Masterlist (Scenarios)

Imagine listening to Woozi’s raspy voice as he lulls you to sleep through the phone when you call him during the nights where you can’t seem to fall asleep.

Daddy’s Little Girl (Joker! Jimin)

Originally posted by bwipsul

Type: Fluff

Request: Can you do a scenario/story/JiminxReader where you both are insane? Like inspired by the joker/bts short film lie. I know it kinda sounds stupid but I think it would be really cool.

It was one of Jimin’s favorite passtimes. Robbing banks or just about anything else he could get his hands into. You just went along like an obedient dog. “You look smashing princess” Jimin cooed into your ear as his arm was wrapped around your waist tugging you closer to him. He placed a heavy kiss onto your neck and smield when your fingers locked themselves into his hair. He was oke for public display of affection and alot of it.

 “Boss!” one of his people spoke as you two looked up “what?” Jimin asks annoyed “we have company on the way” he spoke as Jimin smiled “want to put a show on for daddy?” he whispers as you turn towards him. You grab his chin and bring him in for a kiss before pulling away and giving him a nod. "Try to stay conscious til help arrives" he coos. This was a good way for him to find out if you two were recognize and you being as loyal as you were, you did whatever it took to please your freak of a boyfriend.

Jimin smiled as he turned to his men “get going now my baby girl can get herself out of any situation” he spoke as he gave you one last looks “daddy doesn’t want to hurt you…too much” he coos as he clutched his gun tight before you smiled. He raised the gun before leaning in and planting a kiss onto your lips before pulling back “sorry baby” he says and quickly brought the butt of it down hitting it again your head. He held you up as you began rocking slightly “you’re doing so good for daddy just one more. Once you get home I’ll treat you like a princess” he says as you nod slightly. He sighed as he hit you face with a harsh slap as he laid you down making sure you were more damaged than you were already. “Good luck baby girl. You did so good for me” he whispers as he takes off running to get to his guys.

You laid there for what seemed like an eternity before someone came rushing over to you. “Ma'am can you hear me?” you heard as you open your eyes you took in the blurry sight of a blonde man “you took a beating” he says. Your face turned in confusion, you’ve heard the voice before and the hair seems to familiar. Soon you found yourself being stood up and almost falling over.

Before officers were able to talk to you the paramedic spoke that you were too far out of it to talk. You were picked up and sat onto the gurney. “Y/N Y/N can you hear me?” The blonde spoke as you were slowly becoming more stable. “How do you know my name?” you asked slurred from your busted lip. Once your vision was clear “just your insurance to promise you get out okay” he spoke as he hopped out telling the officers you were going off to the hospital.

He hopped back in “J-Hope drive” the blonde spoke “I’m Jin. I’m Jimin’s personal doctor” he spoke as you nodded. “How can someone be so willing to take a blow like this” he mumbled as he brought gauze to clean the blood from your forehead. He made sure you were clean before he bandaged your face up “you must be hard headed. You don’t even have a concussion” he spoke as you smiled. It was about 20 minutes before the ambulance came to a stop.

Your eyes were closed as you were half asleep when the doors opened. “She managed to get our of there without anyone suspecting her. She wasn’t even with the other hostages” Jin spoke to Jimin. “She’s alright then?” Jimin asks “the crazy girl is very much okay” Jin informs as Jimin smiles largely watching J-Hope help you out bridal style before he walked over. He took you from J-Hope as he looks down at you. “Baby girl I’m so proud of you. The people don’t know anything” he spoke to you. “No one saw anything the camera were cut, no finger prints, her taking the hit gave us the ability to hear some of the hostages stories about the crazy clowns that stole thousand and thousands of dollars” J-Hope spoke with a large smile. “I’m putting her to bed and no one disturb us” he spoke as he wasn’t listening to what was being said anymore. “Princess can you hear me?” he coos as he feels a light nod against him. “I’m so proud. You’re willing to do so much for me” he whispers as kisses your forehead.

anonymous asked:

All the guys reacting to doodle bob spongebob episode XD

omg that’s an interesting scenario XD

Shu: He’d sit there and watch it all with a straight face, not reacting even once. That is, if he doesn’t fall asleep of course. Shu couldn’t care less for tv.

Reiji: He would think it’s nonsense and a waste of his time. He would comment on everything that he finds wrong and end up getting a headache.

Laito: Laito would find it entertaining and even, knowing Laito,,, arousing :U Him and Ayato would be cracking up and Laito would make a bunch of dirty jokes and then everyone else would be like O_O’’ NO LAITO STOP

Kanato: He’d tell Teddy how it’s irritating having to watch such a dumb show. He would not find it funny at all and end up forcefully changing it to something else.

Ayato: He loves these kinds of shows and would think it’s hilarious. Him and Laito would be cracking up and making jokes throughout the whole thing and then the rest of the day he’d go around saying, “DEYOiYME OiYOiYAAEE MEYAAOOWUAAAA ! !” like Frankendoodle.

Subaru: He would cross his arms and scowl as he watches it and complains at how stupid it is. But he’d end up laughing just as hard as Ayato before it’s over. 

Ruki: His expression would remain the same throughout the whole thing as he silently finds it to be quite funny. 

Kou: He’d be yelling with Yuma about what he would do if he had a magic pencil and then Ruki would tell them to be quiet so he can properly hear the tv. Kou would quote lines from the episode later on and annoy the crap out of Ruki.

Yuma: Yuma would find it to be really funny and would get into a conversation with Kou about what he’d do with if he got a magic pencil. He’d make super loud comments that interrupt the show.

Azusa: He would sit quietly and watch it intently, completely getting absorbed in the show. Then out of nowhere he’d comment on something, scaring the shit out of everyone else. They’d be all like “where did you come from?!” He would also want to know what it feels like to be erased.

Tough Guy

Request: Could you please do a fluffy Dino scenario where you’re with him at the dorm, and he’s obviously trying to do all these things for you (like getting stuff off shelves) to make himself look cool + manly? (And reader thinks it’s cute and stuff ☺️) Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

A/N: It’s my first post in this account! I hope you like it!! 

- Admin Bee

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I have no control over where my thoughts go, but sometimes they come up with beautiful scenarios like this:

Okay so I’m sure I’m not the only one who is liking this new look that Daryl has, with the whole navy blue buttoned down shirt that shows off his muscles *swoons*…

BUT GUYS! What if in the (hopefully) near future, like in s8, we get to see that same shirt on Carol as she walks out of the bedroom with nothing else on. 

Cause I mean, I’ve always loved her in navy blue…

Originally posted by sogui

PS: @lapicesypantones or @thaliasandy I would love y’all forever if you could draw her in that shirt

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Hiii! Love your writing skills! ❤️ could I request a scenario where you ask a member of your choice to fake date you (and they like you) because you want to make a guy jealous but in the end, you end up falling for the 17 member instead? I love all of 17 so i really couldn't pick a member! Your choice :) thank yoouu! (/ #OuO#)/

i feel like wonwoo would fit this situation really well….

for real.

genre: slight angst but fluffy ending

pairing: wonwoo x reader

this turned out longer so i’m putting it under the cut!

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I Guess You’ll Have To Come Back

(A/N: This may be a bit adult for some, but I rewatched wednesday’s episode and couldn’t help my feels. A few days before I saw this video on Vimeo while browsing for something else and this is where the inspiration comes for this story. You may or may not want to watch it before reading, its a bit graphic, pg 13. not too bad  https://vimeo.com/92403817 Matt has just been looking too good lately. P.S. I kinda based the whole photojournalist thing on my dreams, so feel free to replace it with a scenario you would like in your head.) 

You’re at your apartment in Hoonah, sitting on a solid wooden chair under your vanity getting yourself physically and mentally ready for the day ahead of you. You were leaving, but this time it wasn’t for a few days it was for a few weeks. You hated leaving, but looked forward to the adventures ahead of you and your arrival for when you came back.

It was hard leaving your boyfriend, and it was a huge adjustment for him. Missing you for days at a time, coming home to a cold bed at night, and rude comments coming from jerks in town who said a women shouldn’t be the primary bread winner. He struggled with these issues but he came to understand it. Your desire to pursue a challenging full time career and he didn’t want to be the reason to stop you. You were a ground breaking photographer for a world renown magazine and had titles to withhold. You had to go out and explore and document. You had promised yourself to not only go after your goals, but to run after them and let nothing come in the way. 

Leaving was always the hardest part. You had to assure him over and over that one day you would settle in to the house he would buil for you two in Browntown and stay for good, and possibly consider having children with him, but at the moment he knew you had to run wild. You packed bags every other night to stay at Browntown with Matt; only to pack the bag again and go back to your apartment and the pack an even bigger bag and suit case to leave the state.

You lived a hectic city life, and didn’t think it was going to work between you two at first. He loved you though, loved you something terrible and was willing to compromise. No one thought he’d end up with a lower 48 girl. Even himself. He even caught himself wondering about moving in to her apartment to be with you all the time but voiced this idea once to Gabe who immediately shot it down and that was that, he was willing to sacrifice everything for you.

It was almost 5 am and a faint bluish light began to kiss your window. Reminding you morning was fast approaching and you had a flight to catch at 7. You stared at yourself in the mirror, smiling. Stopping to notice how happy you were. Teenage you would have been so proud of where you were. You had everything you ever wanted, and someone to share it with. You saw from the reflection Matt was stirring, starting to awaken. The sight of him shirtless and pantless in your bed, under your covers was enough to get to you to stay but you fought the urge. 

Your eyes are glued to the mirror waiting for his next move. His eyes open slowly like a child awakening from a nap, you can’t help but love his sleepy demeanor. He feels for his watch and checks the time. He then feels your side of the bed to find your spot unoccupied. He swings his legs to the side of the bed and gets up. He sees you and smiles to you through the mirror, but this quickly fades when he realizes you have to leave soon. He finds his pants pooled on the floor from the previous night from when you stripped them off. He picks them up, sliding them on and lets the buckle hang open, causing the jeans to hang low on hips. He looks around for his grey t shirt and can’t find it until he realizes you’re still wearing it.

He stands behind you keeping eye contact with you through the reflection. He gathers your ponytail in one hand and pushes it to one shoulder. Leaving the other exposed. He places his right palm on you, immediately sending chills through you. He gives you a small squeeze and you lull your head to the side leaving you vulnerable to him. He places a small chaste kiss to the tip of your shoulder, and youre still watching him. He’s broken the gaze to pay attention to the flesh before him. 

He moves kisses up to your neck and to your earlobe earning a tiny moan from you. There was something so sensual about a woman’s neck to him. So open and vulnerable to take and pleasure as he pleased. He loved the tiny noises and faces you’d make at the simplest touches and gestures. His kisses became rougher and harder. You closed your eyes and enjoyed the sensations he elected from you. The tiny searing bites, wet licks, and gentle pecks. He fed off your energy and continued, melting you to the core. 

He grabs your loose ponytail and takes your hair out of the elastic running his finger through your scalp. He gathers it in both his hands gently yanking on your hair send shockwaves through you. He starts to aggressively kiss the skin up and down your neck continuously earning loud moans of pleasure from you. Pulling your hair different ways opening up skin to his lips. Then he directs your head back to him so he can claim your lips. He nips at the corners and crashes on and off your lips only giving you tiny moments of contact. Your eyes are far beyond closed you’re in a different world letting him take control, all you can do is feel.

He takes off his tooth necklace and clasps it around your neck. It hangs a bit big and awkward on you but he bits his lips and examines it on you, and then returns back to his task at hand.

“Ma-” He quiets you with a kiss.

“Mattttttt,” you moan.

He finally slows down and gives you a few more pecks on the lips. 

“ I, I, I can’t keep this.” You say between moans and closed eyed.

He’s motions become needy and fast kissing every open area of skin, under your chin, up your jawline and everytime he stops to go to a new location he lets out a few words, “Then - I -guess - you’ll - have - to - come - back.” 

He finishes up with a kiss shared between you two on the lips and walks back over to the bed laying there smug, “Nice shirt.” He comments running a hand through his long curls. 

You can’t resist, “20 Minutes.” You mumbled, staggering over to him, still weak. 

He lets out a chuckle of victory and you throw yourself on top of him. 

What this man did to you.

When you scare them

Request: How would Vixx react when they think you aren’t home (but you’re actually hiding) and then you jump out and scare them? :3

N: *thinks to himself* Ofcourse I was going to come back home for this. What else can I expect from this weirdo?

Leo: *no reaction*

Ken: “You thought that was going to scare me?”

Ravi: *tries to act like he didn’t get scared*

Hongbin: *Was drinking water when you jumped out and scared him* *falls and chokes on the water*

Hyuk: *looks up from behind a table where he hid after you jumped out and scared him* “Oh, it was just you”