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EXO - Reaction

Anon: Hey! Can I request EXO’s reaction to finding out their S/O is unexpectedly pregnant but scared to tell them cause S/O is afraid that they’ll choose their career over a child? Thank you!

Of course you can! lol Its kind of nice to have a reaction in our ask box than the nsfw requests! (which we have like 2 left of and I’m working on rn) Also this kinda turned into a scenario/reaction lol sorry -Admin Sierra


He would find the test in the guest bathroom of your shared apartment while cleaning. He would wonder if it was yours or someone else. Once he realized that the only people who had been at your guys place where the guys he would kinda get frantic. He would wrap it in toilet paper and put it in his pocket.

As he cleaned he would silently ask questions on why you didn’t tell him. If you where scared to tell him. Why you would be scared, he loved kids. He was wiping the mirror when he stopped. He realized he had been working a lot lately. Maybe you where scared because you thought he would choose his job over a family. Which made him sad. He was scared to bring it up though since you hadn’t said anything about it. He waited til that night, he asked you about starting a family which made your fear fade away. He did end up telling you he found the test in the bathroom though.

Wait… you knew?” You would ask sitting up staring at him.

Yeah, I thought it was someone else at first, but did the math and guys can’t get pregnant so….” He trailed off looking at you.

You nodded. He grabbed your arms and pulled you into his chest.

Don’t worry love, I want this, I want a baby with you. I love you so much. We are gonna be great parents.” He said stroking your hair til you fell asleep.

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He came home early from practice wanting to surprise you with your favorite snacks and a movie. He had spent 90% of his time at work and the other 10% sleeping. He would actually overhear the conversation from you and your doctor outside the bedroom door confirming you where indeed pregnant. He was shocked, Whenever you to had sex you where always safe, to prevent this. Not that he wouldn’t be happy and ready, Its his work and the fans, how they would react and treat you is what worried him. He hear you say your goodbyes and bolted to the living room when you walked out.

Oh! you’re home? So early.” you said kind of nervous of how much he may have heard.

Yeah, I got out early… I picked up some of your favorite snacks and a movie, I figured since I haven’t been home often I wanted to spend some time with you.” he admitted. You simply nodded and kinda rocked back and forth on your heals.

Are you okay baby?” He asked setting the bag on the coffee table.

Yeah, yeah I’m fine.Just a bit tired is all.” You lied. He just nodded and sat on the couch opening his arms to you so you could cuddle to him. He knew what you where thinking so he waited til you where ready to tell him.

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Being the leader of EXO meant he was hardly home, worse than the other members. He was surprised when he came home that you where still there waiting for him. He was so scared to lose you to his job that when he found the pregnancy tests in the trash can, hidden underneath papers in your shared bedroom, he would start crying. He knew why you had hid them. Or at least had a strong hunch. He would rush to the kitchen and make your favorite meal. You walked out of the guest bathroom to the smell of him cooking and your stomach churned. You walked into the kitchen and faked a smile as you hugged him from behind. He quickly turned around and wrapped his arms tightly around you and started to cry again.

Junmyeon…” you where caught off guard at his cries and you tried to pull away to look at his face but he only held you closer.

I love you so much.” He cried into your hair.

I love you too.” You said holding him in your arms.

He finished cooking and you ended up telling him over dinner, and he explained that he knew and he didn’t want to lose you or his baby to his job. He promised he would make sure he went to every doctors appointment and to be home as much as possible.

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Kyungsoo would find out from your best friend. They would tell him because they know your fear of him choosing his job over a family isn’t true. No matter how many times they tried to convince you, you still didn’t want to tell him you where pregnant. He would be mad at first because he was hearing such amazing news from your friend and not you. He would calm down once your friend explained why they where telling him instead of you. He was terrified to lose you two, so, he would drive home immediately ignoring the other members and his manager in the process.He was determined to show you how much you meant to him and how much he wanted this. When he got home he rushed into the house searching for you.

(Y/N)?” He called through the house but got no response.

He ran up the stairs to your shared bedroom to find you sleeping in your guys bed. You face was puffy from crying. He crouched down, leveling his face with your sleeping one. H reached out and stroked your cheek causing you to flinch at the sudden contact. You woke up and stared at him for a second, then realized that he shouldn’t be home yet.

What are you doing home Soo?” you quietly questioned. Sitting up slowly and rubbing your eyes.

He just took off his jacket and shoes and climbed in bed with you. He pulled your body to his and ran a hand over your stomach. You froze.

You know don’t you?” you asked not looking at him. Cursing out your friend in your head.

Yes, I do. (Y/N), why would you think I would ever choose my job over you. Our baby, a family?” he asked, using his index finger to turn your face to him. You shrugged looking at his nose instead of his eyes.

I would never in a million years do that. You know me of all people, I would never do something so ridiculous, I want to be a farmer for heavens sake.” He said, causing you to laugh a little. He smiled and held you in his arms the rest of the day.

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He would be in China when he found out from Baekhyun. Baekhyun would congratulate him and you on the pregnancy and it would confuse the hell outta Yixing. Poor Baekhyun wouldn’t know what to. He would apologize and quickly hang up the phone call. Yixing would call you immediately and question what Baekhyun had said.

(Y/N)?” he said when you answered the video call. He looked worried and that worried you.

Yixing? Whats wrong?” you asked squishing your eyebrows together.

Is it true?” he asked.

Babe, you’re going to have to be more specific than that, Is what true?” you chuckled softly. Cocking your head to the side in confusion.

Are you…” he trailed off taking a deep breath. “…Pregnant?

You swallowed hard, Color draining from your face. You stared at him through the screen.

Ho-” you started but he cut you off.

Baek told me, he said he found the test on the bathroom counter he thought you already told me. You didn’t. Why?” he looked mad. He wasn’t he was just confused why you wouldn’t share such amazing news with him, the father. You sighed and explained why, Slowly and nearly so quiet he almost couldn’t hear you.

Baby…” He sighed. “I would never choose my career over having a family with you. You’re my everything! You keep me going when I want to throw it all away. I want to make a name for myself so we can be stable and raise a family. I’m doing this for us, but if it came down to choosing I would choose you over everything. I love you so much, Please don’t ever doubt that or me.

You had started crying but you nodded. “I love you, I love you so much Yixing, I was just scared because of the type of career you have.” you explained a little further.

Don’t be love, listen I have to go now, but I will be coming home in 2 days, I’m cutting my time here short to spend it with you. I don’t care what anyone says. You need me there with you right now. Ill be home soon okay? I love you baby.” He said and you smiled and nodded. You two hung up and he was home the very next day.

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He would be terrified when he overheard you talking to your mom on the phone.

I’m scared, What if he doesn’t want this mom?

He stopped in his tracks. Want what? he wondered.

What if he gets angry and leaves me alone? He has a very important career, I am just a person.

What? Why would I get mad? he furrowed his eyebrows in concentration listening further.

I cant tell him…

I don’t know what I’m gonna do that’s why I called you, for help, some advice maybe…

He shifted his weight to his other foot and leaned in further.

Okay, I’ll see what I can do maybe he wont care if I come see you for a few days while I try to figure it out.

I can fly, I’m not that far along, the baby will be fine mom.

BABY?! WHAT?! His eyes bulged out of his head and he nearly dropped his phone.

Okay I’ll text you later, mhm, Love you too.

He took off towards the living room, tripping on the rug in the process. He tried to regain himself before you came out. He was thinking about what he had heard when you walked out. He propped an elbow on the counter top and pulled out his phone as you walked in.

Oh. You’re home?” you where shocked to see him. You shuffled to him. He kissed you and nodded. He didn’t trust himself to speak yet.

My mom called and wants me to come stay with her for a few days.She said she misses me.” You said very fast looking everywhere but his face.

Okay, well Maybe we should make it a mini vacation, I have a few days off.” He said not waiting for you to answer when he called the local airline to purchase two tickets to your home town. He wanted you to tell him, but he didn’t want you to be scared to so he figured being home with family would make you a little more comfortable.

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He would go quiet when Kyungsoo told him that you where pregnant. He would sit there and just stare at his hands.

Why didn’t she tell me?” he asked Kyungsoo.

Because shes scared Chen, You have been taking more interviews and you even just came out with a song, do you realize how much promotion is going to take up your time?” Kyungsoo said.

Chen just covered his face with his hands and yelled into them. Causing Kyungsoo to jump a little. Kyungsoo put a hand on his shoulder.

Go home, Ill cover for you, Make her dinner tell her you are gonna be home a lot now since our promotions for the comeback is over. Make her see that being scared to lose you to this job is ludicrous.” Kyungsoo stood grabbing Chen’s arm and pulling him to the door.

Okay, Um thank you Soo.. For telling me.” Chen thanked him and gave him a quick hug and left. When he got home you where washing the dishes from lunch. You where surprised to see him so early in the day.

Oh?” You looked up and saw him enter the kitchen. “You’re home! How was work?” you asked drying your hands off. He didn’t answer, he took long strides to you and pressed his lips to yours. You where caught by surprise but kissed back.

What was that for?” you asked a little out of breath when he pulled away.

I missed you so much, I’m sorry I haven’t been home enough, but that’s changing today. Promotions are done and I’m not going to do any for my new song.” he stated taking your hands in his.

What? No promotion for it? Chen are you feeling okay?“ you asked as you touched his for head. He nodded. He was attached to your hip just about all day until dinner when he forced you to stay out of the kitchen so he could surprise you with your favorite meal and dessert.

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He would actually be very pissed off. Not at you but at himself for making you feel this way. He spent most of his time at the studio or when he was home he was in his office working on new songs. When he did finally go to bed you where already asleep. Countless times he would notice you had been crying. He found out you where pregnant from the fans. They where mad at him for the same reason you where scared to tell him. One fan saw you at the doctors office, and overheard the news by accident. They took to Instagram spamming him with messages in his DMs. It was never posted, thank god.

What do you mean you know (Y/N) is pregnant, shes not pregnant. Please don’t spread rumors that arent true.” He responded to the fan as politely as possible.

She is, I heard it, I was there. I didn’t mean to hear personal information but she was crying in the room after. What did you do? Why did she not tell you?” The fan asked getting annoyed at him. He read it 5 or 6 times before it hit him. His job. That’s why. He decided seeing as the fan didn’t post about it anywhere to confide in her.

My job… That’s what I did, I think shes scared to tell me.” He said.

Maybe you should spend more time with her, I understand your job is important but she’s your girlfriend, and shes pregnant, Imagine how she must feel right now! Chanyeol, Go to her. Don’t tell her you know make her feel loved and she will tell you herself.” She replied.

Chanyeol nodded firmly and took you out to dinner at your favorite place and went to the arcade and won as many plushies as he could. He made sure you felt every ounce of love he had for you that night, and forever.

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He was on your computer doing some work, You allowed him to use his when his would act up so it wasn’t something new. He was typing away when he heard adding sound meaning you had a new email. Without thinking about it he opened it. Thinking it was just spam until you saw it was the doctors office he read it quickly thinking you needed to just make another appointment soon but it wasn’t the case.

Dear Ms. (y/l/n), The test results came back successfully, Congratulations! You’re expecting a beautiful addition to the family. Please contact us to schedule a follow up appointment. -(D/n)” He read the email at least 7 times over.

You almost done babe? I need to check my emails.” You snapped him out of his trance.

Uh yeah hold on.” He said quickly closing the web browser and adding a few last words to his own email to his manager. He closed the laptop and handed it over. Not really looking at you.

Thanks babe, Ill be in our room.“ You said kissing his head and walking away. He nodded slowly looking at his desk. He waited for you to come in and tell him what he already knew but you didn’t. In fact you said you had a few errands to run and that you would bring back something for dinner. He was worried so he followed you. You met up with Minseok at a coffee shop. Sehun sat far away but close enough to hear. You told Minseok you where pregnant and when he tried to congratulate you you stopped him and told him you where scared to tell him because he might choose his career over a family. Sehun was shocked. He choked on his water and quickly ran out of the shop. He made it home before you and waited for you to come cuddle him on the couch when you walked in,

Shoot, I forgot to grab dinner.” You said slapping a hand to your forehead.

Don’t worry I ordered food for us, You always forget.” He chuckled patting the seat next to him on the couch.

Thanks Sehun. I’m sorry I forgot… again.” You laughed grabbing a pair of chopsticks and grabbing a bite of the noodles. He watched you eat silently. The thought of you being scared of him leaving you behind, his family behind mad him sad. He held your hand causing you to look up at him.

You know I love you right? You can tell me anything.” Sehun said out of the blue.

You swallowed your food. “I love you too Sehun..” You slowly said back realizing he knew something. You told him right after that.

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Dunk Shot {Basketball Player! Jeno/ College! AU}
  • Pairing: Jeno X Reader
  • Genre: Fluff; Basketball! AU; College AU; Bulleted Scenario
  • Request: “hi! i saw that you had no jeno scenarios or imagines about him so i wonder if you could make a basketballplayer!jeno that falls in love with a shy girl :> it could be in any format if you want :DD btw you did a great job in the renjun flowershop thing ♡”  + “college au with jeno if thats okay?? thank you!!“
  • Word Count: 1323
  • Summary: Not only did you get hit with a basketball by the cute guy with an adorable eye smile, but you’re also his partner for a class project.

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so i've been thinking abt the fact that yuuri has never slept with anyone else other than victor and what vic think about this. Some ppl would really like this and they would get kind of possessive/proud but then there's others that could feel kinda guilty? i have a friend that lost her v-card with her current bf and they want to get married but her bf doesnt want for her to only have sex w him bc he doesnt want her to have any regrets. do you think there's an scenario where vic feels like this?

So I’ve mentioned this a couple of times before but something similar does happen yes. One of Viktor’s character traits/flaws is his possessiveness of Yuuri (for example the Chihoko incident). It’s not in a creepy ‘I’m the only person you can ever love/have and I’ll resent you for doing anything else’ way but more a ‘I love you more than anyone else ever can and I’ll be better than everyone else so you’ll never want anyone else again’ (for example with the Chihoko thing he doesn’t get angry at Yuuri for having someone in his past he just tries to prove he is better than them and does his whole ‘they may be Yuuri’s past but I am his now’ speech. The chihoko thing isn’t the best example as it’s essentially a crack fic but it does make the point the clearest). 

So rivals!Viktor follows along a similar vein. If Yuuri wasn’t a virgin before they slept together he wouldn’t care at all. He wasn’t and he would never expect Yuuri to be either. He doesn’t value Yuuri more for that and he absolutely wouldn’t think that Yuuri is any less worthy if he had slept with someone else. However, he does really like the fact that he’s Yuuri’s one and only, as you can see in chapter 13, as it plays right along with his possessive streak. He loves that he’s the only one that Yuuri has ever let in in that way and it makes him feel special and valued by Yuuri, unlike how he was feeling previously which you’ll see more of in the fic. So he does enjoy the fact that he’s Yuuri’s one and only even if he opinion of Yuuri wouldn’t change at all if he wasn’t. 

On the other hand, there is a bit of worry there about the fact that he has a fair bit of experience and Yuuri has only ever slept with him. He’s well aware that that is something that could potentially be a wedge driven between them and he’s terrified that Yuuri will eventually come to resent him for having had lots of opportunities to get experience and try new things while Yuuri is tied down to Viktor and has lost that chance for good. He would loathe the thought of going into an open relationship and having Yuuri sleep with other people now that they are exclusive as he’s very much a ‘you’re the love of my life and the only one I’ll ever want and need’ kind of person + possessive to boot and someone who would get very jealous and insecure if Yuuri was in a relationship with him after everything they went through but also sleeping with other people. But he also values Yuuri’s happiness above everything else and would be destroyed if Yuuri came to hate him again and so he does hesitantly bring up the fact that he doesn’t want Yuuri to come to resent only ever sleeping with Viktor and if Yuuri wants to go out and try some new things before settling down he would accept that and still be waiting when Yuuri came back because he knows that Yuuri would still love him and want to be with him in the end. Thankfully, Yuuri has absolutely no interest in sleeping with anyone else and this is how number 6 in this top ten list happens

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So how would someone who's sp dom and Se inf work? Isn't inferior Se kind of unaware of surroundings while sp is very aware?

inferior Se kind of unaware of surroundings 


while sp is very aware 

no, not necessarily

sp = self-preservation, survival
in a more primal sense:
- building a safe house
- stocking up food
- not doing risky extreme shit like fighting with a bear for fun
in modern society also:
- paying your bills on time
- taking meds when you are sick

.. for all those things you don’t need good sensing.
Good Se or Si can be extremely beneficial, like actually sensing when the food you bought got moldy and you need to throw it away. or sensing when the temperature in your room got too cold and you need to turn on the heater or else you get sick.

But yes with sp INxJs and ENxPs you will often have absurd scenarios where they buy like 3 loaves of bread (because stocking up) and when they get home there are already another 3 loaves waiting for them from yesterday which they totally forgot.
Or they will make an elaborate financial plan that will secure their retirement but they forget taking any money or credit cards with them when going grocery shopping.
Or they will take 5 ibuprofen “just in case” when their nose is running just a little bit.

Bts gif reaction to having to buy period products for you.

Thanks for requesting anon, hope you enjoy it.

(Credits to gif owners)

Request: Could you do a reaction of BTS having to buy period products for you? Thanks❤️


Rapmon always asked you if you needed anything whenever he went to the store, so you asking him to buy pads was a normal thing.

“It’s the usual ones right? Just checking, see you in a bit”

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Jin always checked up on you, he always checked if you ran out of products, so he could get it even before you asked.

“Aww oppa your so sweet, you bought me pads?”

“Yeah, you were running low so I thought you wanted more”

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Suga hated the fact of buying products for you, to him it was very embarrassing and he didn’t like the look that the women at the counter would give him.

“Hey, do you think this is good for my girlfriend?”

“Yeah it should be fine”

“Oh okay thanks”

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Jhope was very experienced with this, he has a sister so he knew exactly what to buy and when to buy, he would keep his own calendar that would mark your important days, so he could get prepared for your painful cramps that you experienced.

“Y/N come here, I’ll help you get better”

He would cuddle and stroke your stomach until you fell asleep.

“My princess looks beautiful when she’s asleep”

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Your periods were genuinely shorter, so you didn’t really have to ask him to buy anything, but when you started unexpectedly and you had run out of pads, you would call him and ask him to buy some while he was out shopping.

“Ok sweaty don’t worry, oppa got this”

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V always got really scared when you were on your period, you had really bad mood swings so he would try everything to calm you down.

“Tae I think I ran out of pads, what do I do?”

You were in tears fully annoyed.

“Baby, don’t cry I’ll get you some, don’t worry, come here”

He would hug you until you fell asleep, he would then go down to the supermarket and get you some pads.

“I bought you pads, don’t cry anymore, it makes me sad too”

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Jungkook usually feared nothing, but there was one thing he feared, it was you on your period, you pmsed really hard, your moods were always angry,

“Kookie, I’m out of tampons, why am I out already, did like someone else use it or something?”

“Ummm why would anyone else need it, we’re all guys Your the only girl here”


To him you looked like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

“How about I get you some and you drink up the tea and calm down.”

He kissed your forehead and walked to get some.

“Here you go my angel, don’t be angry, you scare me, I don’t like seeing you that upset”

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So hope you enjoyed this one, and request away~


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Jungkook Scenario: Save Me

Request: Hi would you like to participate in a scenario challenge? This is where i determine the title, and everything else, BUT you determine what happens in the story. do you get the gist of the rules? :) OK READY here’s the criteria. TITLE: Save me, angst to fluff, MEMBER: Jeon Jungkook DON’T FORGET to tag this as bts scenario so i can read it and especially HAVE FUN! <3-ChallengeAnon

Word Count: 2,540

Genre: Angst then Fluff

WARNING: Depression, mentions of suicide

Jungkook stared up at the night sky, his mind blank, the wind swaying him back and forth and blowing his hair from his face. He was so high up, on the roof of his apartment building, higher than the buildings around him and the trees below, leaving nothing to obstruct his view of the stars.

He couldn’t recall just how long he’d felt so numb to the world. Something had slowly crept into his life and had taken him over, robbing him of all feeling except despair and dread. For too many nights he lied awake at night, his mind racing with thoughts of self-hatred and existential dread until even those feelings were robbed from him. There was nothing more he wanted than to feel again, but nothing worked. Each smile he tried to put on for his family and friends cut him a little deeper, because even if they couldn’t tell, he knew his smile was fake and it pained him to lie.

He wasn’t sure what brought him to the ledge of his apartment building roof. He hadn’t thought it through or planned it, but some unidentifiable force had pulled him out of his bed late at night and taken him to the rooftop. Not even the beauty of the quiet night sky could move him anymore, even when he used to enjoy its splendor so much.

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hi!!! i was wondering,,,,, how would sub!cheol be like? good luck with your new blog!!!

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

Hi, thank you so much for sending in a request. I wasn’t sure of which format you preferred. I hope you like this but if you wanted a scenario or something else just send in another request and we will get it done!

Sub! Seungcheol…

~He’s going to be a very dominant sub. You’ll tie him up but he’s going to tell you exactly where to touch him and how to touch him.

~He’s going to very descriptive on how you have to touch yourself.

~You’re going to have to shove something into his mouth to keep him from dominating you

~You will sit on the top of him watching him suffer being a sub

~He’ll be up for almost anything though like role playing, dressing up and using sex toys but only if you are comfortable, unless it’s like a cock ring.

~He would be really into role playing though especially if he’s the dominant one.

~Seriously when it comes to being sub he’s always whining about it but he’ll do it to make you happy anyway.

~Sometimes he would low key enjoy being sub as he gets to watch you tease him slowly.

~When he’s sub he would stay in character most of the time saying stuff like…

~“I’ve been a bad boy, are you going to punish me Miss/ Mr Y/L/N?”

~“Yes madam, how can I please you?”

~But most of the time he’s going to stop and question himself like “Omg why do I have to do this?”

~“ you should be the one calling me sir/daddy”

~Overall I guess he would still try his hardest to please you because he’s an amazing boyfriend

I really hope you like this, I tried my hardest but coups is such a dominant figure. Tbh he’s the type that would be into some dom daddy kink. Thank you so much again for requesting, feel free to request anything else! Everything is welcomed!! 

Admin Sunshine

Blackpink Reaction: When you bring home a new pet

||| @dying-to-die18 asked: Can you do a blackpink reaction to when you bring home a kitten/puppy please? |||

Kim Jisoo

Originally posted by queenjisoo

She would be like.

“Ahh you didn’t have to~~”

While low key screaming inside how adorable the puppy is.

Kim Jennie

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She would have trouble controlling herself. She would think the kitty you brought back is the cutest animal she has ever seen and would want to go out and get at least a few more with you.

Rose/Rosanne Park/Park Chaeyoung

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She wouldn’t question why you got a ferret out of all the possible pets because she would fall in love with the lil guy as soon as she saw him.

Lisa/Lalisa Manoban

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“Lisa look at this,” you said bringing a large macaw inside.

“Oh my god! It’s large! Where did you even get the money to buy something like this!!!” she would be too shocked to say anything else for a few minutes as she inspected the parrot. 

“You know what? I love it!” she would say as soon as she finished. “We should teach her some words!!”


B.A.P Mafia!Au 

Part 1 - Yongguk – Leader

General description: 
Fearless, dangerous, merciless, but in every way a charmer when he wants to be. As the leader of a famous Mafia organisation Yongguk would be mainly doing the business part and leaving the «dirty work» to the members under him. One would think he could be found at top notch parties, dancing with girls and drinking the night away but you are wrong. He sees himself as a business man and operates mainly from his office, giving orders. He avoids direct interactions as much as possible as he finds that numbers are the only important part and that they can also be coordinated on the phone. However, sometimes also he is needed in person. And this is where, in the VIP lounge of a high end night club, he meets you. 

Meeting you:
You are the daughter of another well known Mafia gang leader. Your father thinks its time you learn to step into his footsteps and so Yongguk has to settle the deal with you. At first he is rather sceptic, to say it nicely. He would be as charming as he could thinking this meeting will be easy and over fast. But you have learned how this business works and so as the meeting advances his facade would falter and he sees that you are more than just pretty face. He would be intrigued and would try going over on a more privat terms at the end of the meeting, thinking he could get a bit of fun out of this. However you refuse, leaving a very perplexed Yongguk. 

How he finds an interest in you:
He had never been turned down before. Most were too scared to do so and the ons that had tried quickly changed their minds after he put on his charming persona. Though it didnt happen often that he had been interested in more than just the deal. Not long after the meeting he requested another one. Purely out of business reasons of course. «Left over questions» he called it. He invited you to his private head quarters where he spend the evening trying to win you over with a fancy dinner, wine and an extra portion of charm. Again you were on top of your game, leveling him perfectly. This would be the point where he would get a serious interest in you. 

Note: Omg this is the first time Ive ever written anything like this. I hope you like it. Please do send me a message if you have any constructive critisicm or anything else youd like me to know regarding my writing as I am always looking to improve myself! 
I also want to apologise for any wrong spellings as english is not my first language!

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Can I get a Kirishima x reader scenario where the reader stopped eating and starts to exercise more because they feel like they are fat compared to everyone else around them, and Eiji finding out and a lot of fluff and body appreciation at the end? I've just been feeling off lately and would love some Eiji! Your writing is amazing! Keep up the good work and hope you have a happy birthday!

With a fem! Reader like you asked! :)

Kirishima Eijiro:

The knock came suddenly, making you stop the set of sit ups you had been doing. You caught your breath and paced forward to the door and unlocking it.

On the other side stood Kirishima, his face smiling brightly and his arm holding up a plastic baggy full of snacks and goodies inside: some of which being your favorites.

On any other day you would have been excited to see these items in your loving boyfriend’s possession, but today or rather of late… it really discouraged you, making your mouth line into a frown and your body slump ever so slightly.

“Fat recommended some shops and I stopped on my way back! Want some?” He asked, holding the bag out to you.

You held out your hand, shying away from the goody bag, this action confirming what Kirishima had been concerned about. He had noticed the portion sizes lowering and the exercise increasing, and it worried him a bit.

“No thanks Eiji… I’m not hungry.” You mumbled, looking away from his gaze.

“You sure? I know these pocky are your favorite flavor…” He lifted up the box, and shook it, the contents inside hitting the box.

“No really, I need to get back to my exercises.” You spoke, shaking your hands.

Kirishima frowned and sighed. You froze and watched as he let the bag drift down to his legs and he ran a hand through his falling red locks.

“I know you’re not eating.”

Your eyes shot open and you bit your lip. How could you be so stupid… of course he noticed. This was Kirishima after all! He was always keen on everyone around him and how they were feeling!

“I- umm… I just!” You broke out into tears, the weight of the past few days finally wearing down on you. God you hated how you looked, you hated even more that people pointed it out and confirmed this terrible self loathing.

“You don’t have to do anything to impress me y’know.” He told you, pulling you into his embrace.

“You’re just too perfect though Eiji… and there are so many people who comment on how good looking you are and and how you deserve someone who looks good with you. A-And I’m just sick of feeling like I’m not attractive and no matter how much I try I’ll never be!”

“You do look good though. You’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen!” He told you, his hand brushing your hair, his touch soft and comforting as the tears formed in your eyes.


“No buts! I think you’re beautiful! And I know that it might not be enough, but a lot of people think you’re amazing too! I-I know insecurity is a terrible thing and you’ll never feel good enough… but I also know hearing what you need to hear from someone you’re very close to can help as well.”

“What do you mean?”

“I struggle with my self esteem a lot.”

“No way! You’re so wonderful and heroic!”

“See!” Kirishima chuckled. “You think the world of me, but it’s hard for me to accept. Not cause I don’t want to, but because I can’t see myself as being amazing! But I also know you wouldn’t lie to me. So please believe me when I say you’re stunning.”

“I-I’ll try.” You shook your head, tears welling a bit from his kind words.

“I know when you look at yourself all you see is a body you hate and want to change… but I see you. I see the most wonderful, kind, smart, funny and sweet girl who I’m lucky to call mine.

The people who matter will see your beauty and the people who don’t are ugly inside. I know it’s stupid to say… but trust me.”

“I do Eiji… I love you… thank you.”

“I love you too… and don’t thank you. I didn’t do anything but tell you the truth.”

“I feel so stupid…”

“Don’t. We all do things because we feel pressure to do them. Just know I’m here for you! And if you’re serious about working out and losing weight, then I’ll work out with you! We can motivate each other! How does that sound (Name)?”

“Really good… though I’m more hungry than anything right now…”

“Then how about we eat these snacks and watch a movie right now?”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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oh my gosh the dowoon uni au was cute!! ; u ; could you do one also for bri--young k too? dancer/artist s/o maybe? dsfaslkd;fsad i'm so soft from that bullet point list ;;;

Say no more, I’m on it!  (✿´ ꒳ ` )ノ

University!AU - JaeSungjinYoung K - WonpilDowoon -

University Student!Young K

  • majoring in business administration w/ a minor in music
  • bounces around in different clubs doesn’t really sign up to any of ‘em……..just shows up to have a good time
  • everyone got used to it since he did it in freshmen n sophomore year too
  • if any of the newbies in the clubs question it one of the other juniors/seniors just shrug and are like him???? oh he’s brian he tags along sometimes 
  • everyone knows him n he knows everyone
  • everyone also has a mild crush on him
  • are you a boy, girl, other??? 
  • doesn’t matter
  • you have a mild crush on brian kang
  • anyways his favorite club to hop into is dance bc if he couldn’t sing or play an instrument he’d probably do a minor in dance
  • he goes to the dance studio after a few weeks of not going
  • walks in to see you happily leading practice n the usual senior sat in the corner on his phone
  • he recognizes you enough to know that you’re also in junior year but not much else
  • brian just shrugs n puts his bag down n does his stretching
  • asks the senior what’s goin on
  • he explains that you’re teaching a piece or choreo for extra credit bc it would be shown in the annual performing arts showcase
  • also adds that he didn’t know why you bothered bc from what he’d seen you were p much a model dancer
  • brian’s immediately intrigued by you as he watches your movement as you dance through the hip hop routine as an example
  • he could see how much you loved to dance with each movement n how freely you moved
  • learns the part of the routine you were teaching but knows he’s gonna have to find some way to learn the parts he missed
  • just as he thinks that you’re going around n looking at everyone n helpin people out with some bits they didn’t quite get or are strugglin w/
  • you spot him like hi!!!!! brian right??
  • he blinks n does that cute thing where he looks around before he points to himself like me????
  • you laugh a lil n tell him that if he wants that you could teach him what he missed whenever he has free time
  • next thing he knows the club time’s over n he’s alone w/ you in the dance studio
  • to his relief you’re not a ridiculously strict dancer n you have a sense of humor he likes n you can actually laugh at yourself when you explain something to him n don’t phrase it quite correctly
  • he actually has a lot of fun?? n gets to know you too
  • you tell him that you’re one of the few who got chosen to do a solo dance in the showcase n that goes toward your end of year grade
  • he’s impressed bc he knows that it’s mostly seniors who do dance solos at the showcase to get signed up by agencies n that they only let juniors do solos if they’re exceptionally good
  • he tells you that he’s also performing in the showcase in a band to help out his buds in sophomore year w/ their music technology course
  • you’re turn to b impressed bc wow……..he’s kind, funny, cute, can sing, dance AND play an instrument???????? man of your dreams much?????
  • RIP your expectations for future guys
  • you actually end up in the dance studio till it’s gettin dark out
  • you just look at each other like whoops???
  • quickly you finish up n brian offers to walk you to your dorm
  • ofc, bc you didn’t expect to stay so late, you didn’t bring a jacket so you’re in your dance gear out at night n it’s a lil chilly
  • brian notices you shiver n without saying anything drapes his jacket over your shoulders
  • you blink n look up at him blushing…….only to see him blushing a lil too
  • you get to your dorm n stand outside for a bit until he speaks up n asks if he can see you again
  • you only tilt your head in confusion n say he’ll see you at dance practice, right????
  • and he actually signs up n turns up the next week and the weeks after
  • n stays a little longer w/ you every week, it doesn’t take long till you start seeing him outside of the club on dates
  • he helps you monitor your dancing to help you improve
  • your rock to lean on when the expectations for you are starting to effect you
  • also your most extra hype man whenever you start dancing
  • you can always trust him to get rid of any nerves n get you excited for your performance
  • like on the night of the showcase n you’re freaking out bc you’ve gotta peform your solo in like five minutes he just takes your face in his hands
  • “oh my god no i can’t do this what if i mess up if i mess up in front of all of those agents my career as a dancer will be basically over no one will want to hire me and i won’t know what to do without dancing i can’t do this i’m gonna throw up oh my go-”
  • “shhhhhhh……babe, you’ll do fine….dancing is in your soul, just show that spirit on stage n you can’t possibly slip up.”
  • before you can protest he kisses you for the f i r s t time then he’s shooed away by the stage manager before you can object
  • sure enough your solo stage goes perfectly n you get a big applause
  • but you’re still not thinking straight
  • you go off and sprint to where you know brian would be getting ready
  • before he or anyone else can ask how it went, you grab him by the front of his shirt and mash your lips against his
  • stage manager comes in a few seconds later to get the band, sees you n brian n is like gfdi noT AGAIN YOU NEED TO GET ON STAGE
Kitten in a Dog Eat Dog World

Part of Trying to leave him

Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, Yugyeom


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; Dean; EXO: Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part I, Part II, Part III

Characters: Jackson x Original Character {Hana}

Summary:  Hana was just getting over a break up when her friends dragged her to a club. The club where he lingered. Nothing about him interested her, until one night together. A relationship formed between a nurse and gangster, but one day, she finds out he’s not just some wannabe gangster and he makes it impossible to escape. 

Word Count: 5260

This scenario will be group with all Got7 trying to escape him!

Note: Do not get involved with someone who hurts you or threatens you. Your mental and physical health are so much more important than anyone else. This is purely fictional.  I do not think any members are actually like this, but this is an au

Credit to gif owner


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Chapter 7- The Forgotten

Warnings: Implied smut, angst, fluff. This chapter is pretty chill.
He leans over and looks into my eyes.  I can see the truth in his eyes. I close the distance between us and kiss him lightly on the lips. My eyes close at the same time Tae’s down. He deepens the kiss, pushing me onto my back.
A/N: Here is Chapter 7! *applause* I am working on getting the chapters day by day. If you are ever confused by something, please tell me so I can clear it up! Enjoy~ __________________________________________

There was someone chasing after me.  They were gaining on me, and I was getting tired.  I was going to stop soon from over-exhaustion. I couldn’t stop. If I do, they could easily kill me.  

If I did die, I would be with my parents, right? All I had to do was…Stop.  I willed my feet to slow down to a steady pace.  

“That’s right, Y/N. Let me kill you,” My aunt appeared next to me.  “You have no place on this Earth anyway. What would a demon’s spawn be allowed in the Earth? It’s not even allowed in the Supernatural Kingdom.”

She took out a sword. It was a pretty sword,could probably cut my head in a matter of a whip.

“Too bad this is a dream. Trease and I would have ended you here,” The shadow suddenly stopped and stood next to my aunt.  I scream.

I wake up in a cold sweat. Tae sprang up next to me, glancing around the room.  He looks over me, checking for bruises or marks that I had been attacked.

“I’m fine Taehyung. Just a nightmare. “ I run my hand through my hair to calm down.  

“Want to tell me about it?”

“I can’t remember much,” I tell him the truth. I had been  pushed out of my own nightmare with barely a remnant of it.   

Tae nods, “ We will tell Namjoon in the morning. Can you sleep anymore?”

I shake my head. I didn’t want to for some reason, “Whatever the nightmare was about my body doesn’t want to experience it again. It happens.”

HIs head tilts in confusion.

“My nightmares are nothing new. They usually appear when I am stressed out or scared of change. I am stressed and scared of this change in my life. I did not anticipate any of this. I guess the nightmare was my body trying to make sense of everything.”

“I  thought you said you couldn’t remember anything.”

“I can’t. But with past nightmares, nothing has ever been clear. I was always pushed out of them. Without a trace of what it was about or who was in it. I can only guess. “

Tae becomes silent, and then speaks again, “ Well, there’s nothing I can do except say this:  I will protect you no matter the costs.”

He leans over and looks into my eyes.  I can see the truth in his eyes. I close the distance between us and kiss him lightly on the lips. My eyes close at the same time Tae’s down. He deepens the kiss, pushing me onto my back.  Climbing on top of me, I feel his manhood begin to grow through the thin blanket that covers me.

Tae’s mouth begins to explore my body, licking and biting every inch of my exposed skin. He comes back up to my neck and begins to suckle.   I gasp. It was painful, but also passionate….

_______________________________________________ “Y/N! Y/N!” A voice interrupts my dream.  I blush, remembering what was about to happen.  

Sitting up and stretching, I open my eyes to see Jungkook and Jimin smiling down at me. The curtain had been opened to let in a little sunshine.  The day mimicked my mood: bright and hopeful.

“Goodmorning, “ I beam.

“Ahh, someone’s happy!” Jimin exclaims. “ Did you sleep good?”
“Better than ever. This bed…Is really comfy.”

Jungkook’s doe eyes sparkle, “ I picked it out for you.”

“What?” I look at the bed. Then glance around the room. This isn’t Taehyung’s room. “I was moved?”

The two maknaes nod.

“Oh,” I was a little upset; I kind of wanted to stay inside Tae’s room for a while.

The room I was in smelled freshly cleaned. The walls were painted a dark green with little pink flowers.  There were several of my pictures framed on the wall; my mom and dad’s pictures were on the new nightstand next to the bed.  My few awards were sitting on a bookcase with many of my books stacked neatly. It reminded me of my room.  Was it wrong to not feel anything about missing my old room though? I felt safe here.  

Jimin plopped down next to me on the bed, “ So, Y/N. It’s time for you to get dressed.  Bang Shiyuk should be here in a few minutes to take you to the store for school supplies and clothes. Namjoon has already told the school that you will not be attending school for the next few days-”

“How did he do that? Wouldn’t it be weird if my parents had not called?” I inquired.

“Actually,” Jungkook spoke up, “ the school is where the Council works undercover. They had to watch over you somehow so they filled positions in the school. The principal is Head Councilor Kim Jong-un, Namjoon’s father. “

The Supernatural Universe had been with me all the time. And had just now showed told me?!

I kept my anger to myself, and smiled brightly, “ Nice. I wish they had came to me in the first place. Instead of leaving me for 3 years by my loathsome.”

Jimin and Jungkook shared a look.  I tried the mind-thing and read their thoughts.

Can we tell her?

I think Councilor Jong-un has to tell her. We don’t know for sure. He is the only one who has ever saw it.


I’ll have to have a little talk with Principal Jong-un when I get back it seems.

I was fully dressed in a frilly dress that Jin had salvaged from the burning house.

“It was the only thing I could hurriedly pick up,” I knew he was lying straight through his teeth. My jeans and t-shirt were in the front of the closet.  He must have reached into the far back and picked this dress.  

This particular frilly dress hung on to my figure tightly since I had not worn it since I was 12–I was surprised I could still fit it.  It was also pink with little roses on it.

“Yoongi do I really have to wear this?”

“I will never tell you not to take it off. I don’t want to feel Jin’s wrath today. He’s worse than Namjoon sometimes,” He deadpanned.  

Hoseok agreed, “But you look really cute in it. I didn’t even know you had boobs.”

Yoongi hit him and shooed him inside, but not without muttering, “It’s true. I thought she was a size 0. ”

“There isn’t even a thing called a size 0! “ I yelled feeling offended.  

They didn’t know the hardship of finding a sizing store near here that wasn’t Victoria’s Secret.  

Bang Shi Hyuk drove into the driveway, and stepped out. I understood why the boys trusted him with my safety.  He was a strong-built man with a serious face. Not.  Shi-Hyuk’s face was conformed into an elephant kind of. The smile on his face told me he was always happy. Then again, never judge a book by its cover.

“I assume you are Y/N.”
“I’m the only girl around here so yes. “

His face contorted into shock at my sass.  And then he laughed.  “I have a feeling you are going to teach these boys a lesson.”

He held open the passenger door for me. i hopped in, wanting to get the shopping done so i can go back into my room. He lifts himself in the driver’s seat and starts the car.  Soon, we were speeding into traffic towards the mall.

“So what do you really need?” He asks as he merged in between two cars.
I thought for a couple of seconds, “ I need to replace my whole backpack. I need more clothes; dresses are practically everything that Jin  saved.  And… well… That’s all.”

He nods and turns into the mall’s parking lot.  The lot was packed with cars, meaning that the mall was as well. I didn’t really like crowds. Especially not in Sunday dressage.

Shi-Hyuk hopped out of the car, and moved to open my door, but I had already jumped out.  The wind blew my skirt up Marilyn Monroe style, and a couple of boys hooted and catcalled.  I tsked, and proceeded to let Bang lead me into the store.  Boys had never been at the top of my list, nor had I been at the top of theirs. Hopefully, the day they noticed me was not today, because of this darned dress. I knew too much cleavage had been showing.

Bang turned to me, “ Which store should we go into first?”

I pointed toward my favorite thrift shop named Darly’s Days, “ It has the best and most comfiest jeans known to this Earth.  They always wash their clothes and they even have a sale going on right now. The own usually gives me discounts since I come here almost every weekend. Oh look, they are having a shoe sale as well. “
I run inside the store, and admire the prettiest tennis shoes I had ever seen. They were dark pink high tops with little snowflakes on them.  I look at the cost and almost giggled– they were five dollars. Bang arrived with a basket and I threw the shoes into it.  Next was clothes.  I picked out a couple of jeans and a few t-shirts. There was a skirt next to the jean rack that was black lace with little marks that resembled spiderwebs.  I was debating whether or not I should buy it when Hoseok materialized out of nowhere. I stifled a yelp and glanced around to see if anyone had noticed it.

“Hoseok, what are you doing here?”

“Jin told me to come. He wanted to make sure you didn’t buy anything plain.  And from what I see, you did just that. You’re going to end up like Kookie with only a few white shirts and Timbaland’s if you don’t broaden your horizons of fashion. Purchase those and we will go to another store. This store scares me. “

I was too stunned to say anything, and merely went to purchase the clothing. The owner, Darla, rang me up.

“Ah, Y/N! It’s nice to see you. I put these shoes right there for you to see. Aren’t they lovely? It’s way better than your usual tennis shoes. I also saw you looking at that skirt, you should get it. It’s on me. I really would like you to where something else besides jeans! Also, this is such a pretty dress. Wear dresses more often.  It seems you need more bras. I believe Park Jae Eun has a bra sale going on– she will even size you.  Bye!” The lady was always a little chatty.

Hoseok sidled up to my right with Bang to my left.  “I think we should do what Darla said. You do need more bras.  We can’t have people thinking our Princess is a size zero.”

“That’s not a thing.”

“It is now if you keep wearing sports bras.”

“Fine. I’ll get a few more bras. “

Bang smiled, “ I’ll go get some food from the court.” He hurried off in the direction of food.  

Hoseok led me into Victoria’s.  Lace, striped, colorful, bright, dark bras greeted us.  A woman strutted up to us as we examined a sultry piece.

“May I help you?”

Hoseok smiled and I swear I could see the woman blush,  “ I need to get her… boobs sized.”

“Oh…Okay, “ The woman glanced at me before looking back at Hoseok, “ Follow me please. “

The woman led me towards the back of the store.  “ Please stand right here and I will be back shortly.”

Five minutes later, she’s back with a non-padded bra.  “Put this on.”

She stood waiting, so I hurriedly took off my shirt and my regular bra in front of her.  Then she wrapped a soft measuring tape around my back at band level, under each arm and around the front.  

“I am going to measure just above your bust, right about where the straps meet the top of the cup.  You should do this anytime you feel as if your bra is too tight later when you grow a little more.” She writes down the measurement. I couldn’t see it since she tucked it back into her shirt pocket.

“Now I am going to keep the tape around your back at band level, measure at the fullest part of your bust. Is this tight?  Make sure the tape isn’t too tight by taking a full breath in and out, allowing the tape to slide to its most comfortable position. This is how you can get the bust size.”  She takes that measurement too.  “Alright, I will be momentarily with sample bras that are your size, “ She exits with a little smirk on her face.  

I picked up my shirt and put it back on and went to find Hoseok, who was near the underwear section.

“Ah, Princess, “ His face was a little red. “ I was wondering if you needed a couple…”
“Yeah I do. But I don’t really like these. Thank you Hoseok. And please do not call me Princess.  It does not suit me. “

He smiles, “ Then you do not  have to call me Hoseok. The boys call me J-Hope or Hobi most days. “

“I am your hope, I am you angel, J-Hope!”

I laughed.  The Bra lady saunters towards us with five pairs of in each hand.  “ I have selected bras of many colors and different patterns.  These should fit you but if they do not, please do not hesitate to ask me for more.” She winks at Hobi and sashays away toward another customer.

“I’ll go try these on in the dressing room.”

“I will go and check on Bang and see if he needs help.” He disappears and I find the dressing rooms.

I chose one bra that was pink with little white butterflies on them. Checking the size, my mouth popped open.  This could not be right.  There was no way in the world I had a boob size of 34 D.  Maybe she took the wrong measurements.

I try the bra on and felt comfortable.  It was snug on my chest and didn’t feel as if I was being strangled. I look in the mirror and see that the bra makes my chest pop a little more than I like, but I loved the design.  Someone obviously did not like the plain colors that the store usually sales. Fitting a few more bras, I found that out of the twenty-five, I only liked ten.  I put back on my shirt and my original bra, and stepped out of the dressing leaving the ones I did not like  in there.  

I stepped out into chaos.

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Heeey!! You don't know how much I've fallen in love with your blog! You write amazing and everything seems quite in character! I absolutely love it! So I have this scenario in my head where the straw hats meet up with the whitebeard pirates. I just got in my head that sanji would be absolutely enamoured with ace s/o (Not just the noodle dance but also his charming side) and ace would get jelous. Would you mind writing it? You don't have to if you don't want to.. or if it's stupid! I love you!

It’s ok if I request hcs for Ace feeling insecure because he thinks his s/o might like someone else? If you are not comfortable with it I understand so don’t worry ^^ thanks a lot in advance, your writting is simply amazing!

so I put those two together, hope nobody minds^^ Also thank you for thinking I keep the hcs in character, I’m glad  love u too <3

  • OH Ace is a jelly guy actually xDDDD
  • I think that scenario is possible considering Sanji’s persona and I don’t think Ace would fancy it all that much
  • Tho I think Ace mostly pretty chill and won’t even notice or take Sanji’s flirting attempts seriously 
  • but still can get jealous and pull his s/o from Sanji, until Sanji annoys him so much Ace punches him
  • or until he does get some sort of inferiority complex because he’s gotta admit Sanji is damn handsome and does the gentleman thing with ease
  • Everybody would tell Sanji to hold his horses and Ace’s eyes would angrily twitch when Snooj is around his precious s/o
  • And by the end the s/o ofc would say how much they love Ace and that everything is fine ahhaha <3

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I haven't seen much Reisaru lately (due to it recently being a Sarumi-based month--nothing wrong with that though!), but let's bring some back, please! :D Any cute scenario will do. Whatever you think the sweetest, most diabetes-inducing scenario will be for the two of them. :D Thank you!

Since today’s Munakata’s birthday, how about a cute birthday scenario ^^ I imagine Fushimi would be worrying about what to do for Munakata’s birthday while simultaneously being annoyed at himself for it, like part of him is all ‘tch. Birthdays are stupid anyway’ but there’s also a part of him that keeps feeling as if he doesn’t do something good for Munakata’s birthday it will be like losing (since in Fushimi’s mind still he tends to think of even birthday presents as a contest where you need to beat everyone else in order for your gift to have value). He has no idea what to get Munakata though, like the obvious answer is a puzzle but he knows the alphabet squad pooled together to buy Munakata a giant all-white puzzle, while Awashima’s bought Munakata a fine set of teas from all around the country. So Fushimi’s just sitting there in his little pool of self loathing over not being able to get Munakata anything that will be deemed as special, which is when the alphabet squad asks if Fushimi will distract Munakata for them for a few hours so they can get his birthday party prepared. Every year the squad tries to find some way to surprise Munakata but of course he always knows what’s happening, however he likes to pretend to be surprised because it pleases him to see how happy it makes the rest of the force.

So Fushimi takes Munakata out for a walk in the park down the road for a few hours and maybe it’s a nice cool day and the leaves have just started to change colors so Munakata is enjoying the scenery. As they walk he points out different types of trees to Fushimi and maybe also fascinating bugs and just all the wonders of nature, while Fushimi walks with his hands in pockets and replies in nods and tongue clicks. Munakata doesn’t seem to mind though, keeping up a steady commentary and then he has Fushimi sit on a bench for a bit while he gets them both some hot tea from a nearby vendor. They sit side by side sipping from their cups and Fushimi mutters that isn’t Munakata bored, walking around doing nothing. Munakata says that on the contrary, he feels quite invigorated being out here like this and he enjoys spending the time with Fushimi. Fushimi shrugs and digs in his pocket, dropping a small necklace into Munakata’s hands as he mutters a ‘happy birthday,’ probably adding quickly that he just saw the necklace in the shop and he knows it’s a stupid birthday gift but it made him think of Munakata. Munakata holds up the necklace, the charm is a small puzzle piece painted to look like the galaxy and Munakata can’t help but smile as he notes that it is a very lovely gift. Fushimi tries to act casual as he says Munakata will be getting better ones and Munakata notes that he has already had a splendid gift today: he got to spend several hours here peacefully enjoying the scenery with Fushimi, and that is far more than he could have asked for. Fushimi gets a little red as he says that Munakata doesn’t have to try and make him feel better or anything and Munakata again notes that he is being perfectly serious, he enjoys any opportunity to spend so much time with his favorite subordinate, especially on a day such s this.

cheerleaderjackie  asked:

In a scenario where Jackie may had been married to someone else and had a kid with that person, do you think Hyde would be up to raising that kid with her if they get together again?

Absolutely. He’d be as much of a dad as he could be to Jackie’s kid, whether the kid’s biological father were in the picture or not. He knows first-hand what it’s like to grow up without a dad, and he wouldn’t want Jackie’s kid to go through that. And he’d love that kid by default because s/he’s part of Jackie.

Depending on the age of the kid, though, the relationship might have its rough patches at first. But Hyde would do his best to forge a relationship with him or her.

That’s not to say he wouldn’t need time to process the situation, but his love for Jackie and support from her (and others) would help him push through.

Daddy’s Little Girl (Joker! Jimin)

Originally posted by bwipsul

Type: Fluff

Request: Can you do a scenario/story/JiminxReader where you both are insane? Like inspired by the joker/bts short film lie. I know it kinda sounds stupid but I think it would be really cool.

It was one of Jimin’s favorite passtimes. Robbing banks or just about anything else he could get his hands into. You just went along like an obedient dog. “You look smashing princess” Jimin cooed into your ear as his arm was wrapped around your waist tugging you closer to him. He placed a heavy kiss onto your neck and smield when your fingers locked themselves into his hair. He was oke for public display of affection and alot of it.

 “Boss!” one of his people spoke as you two looked up “what?” Jimin asks annoyed “we have company on the way” he spoke as Jimin smiled “want to put a show on for daddy?” he whispers as you turn towards him. You grab his chin and bring him in for a kiss before pulling away and giving him a nod. "Try to stay conscious til help arrives" he coos. This was a good way for him to find out if you two were recognize and you being as loyal as you were, you did whatever it took to please your freak of a boyfriend.

Jimin smiled as he turned to his men “get going now my baby girl can get herself out of any situation” he spoke as he gave you one last looks “daddy doesn’t want to hurt you…too much” he coos as he clutched his gun tight before you smiled. He raised the gun before leaning in and planting a kiss onto your lips before pulling back “sorry baby” he says and quickly brought the butt of it down hitting it again your head. He held you up as you began rocking slightly “you’re doing so good for daddy just one more. Once you get home I’ll treat you like a princess” he says as you nod slightly. He sighed as he hit you face with a harsh slap as he laid you down making sure you were more damaged than you were already. “Good luck baby girl. You did so good for me” he whispers as he takes off running to get to his guys.

You laid there for what seemed like an eternity before someone came rushing over to you. “Ma'am can you hear me?” you heard as you open your eyes you took in the blurry sight of a blonde man “you took a beating” he says. Your face turned in confusion, you’ve heard the voice before and the hair seems to familiar. Soon you found yourself being stood up and almost falling over.

Before officers were able to talk to you the paramedic spoke that you were too far out of it to talk. You were picked up and sat onto the gurney. “Y/N Y/N can you hear me?” The blonde spoke as you were slowly becoming more stable. “How do you know my name?” you asked slurred from your busted lip. Once your vision was clear “just your insurance to promise you get out okay” he spoke as he hopped out telling the officers you were going off to the hospital.

He hopped back in “J-Hope drive” the blonde spoke “I’m Jin. I’m Jimin’s personal doctor” he spoke as you nodded. “How can someone be so willing to take a blow like this” he mumbled as he brought gauze to clean the blood from your forehead. He made sure you were clean before he bandaged your face up “you must be hard headed. You don’t even have a concussion” he spoke as you smiled. It was about 20 minutes before the ambulance came to a stop.

Your eyes were closed as you were half asleep when the doors opened. “She managed to get our of there without anyone suspecting her. She wasn’t even with the other hostages” Jin spoke to Jimin. “She’s alright then?” Jimin asks “the crazy girl is very much okay” Jin informs as Jimin smiles largely watching J-Hope help you out bridal style before he walked over. He took you from J-Hope as he looks down at you. “Baby girl I’m so proud of you. The people don’t know anything” he spoke to you. “No one saw anything the camera were cut, no finger prints, her taking the hit gave us the ability to hear some of the hostages stories about the crazy clowns that stole thousand and thousands of dollars” J-Hope spoke with a large smile. “I’m putting her to bed and no one disturb us” he spoke as he wasn’t listening to what was being said anymore. “Princess can you hear me?” he coos as he feels a light nod against him. “I’m so proud. You’re willing to do so much for me” he whispers as kisses your forehead.

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could you write a scenario (or headcanons if u want) where Lance's s/o takes a bad hit during a mission and when they get them to the healing pods they're confused because it says it's picking up two heartbeats and coran is like "uhhhh did u kno she's pregnant if not surprise!!" *nervous jazz hands*

It’s Mod Enki! I went with doing the headcanons or else the scenario would be super long and idk if anyone wanted to be bombarded with that. I hope that’s okay!


  • As soon as he finds his s/o is pregnant he’s like??? What???? It takes him a while to sort out how he feels about this. He thinks back to when he and his s/o even did the do and how he didn’t really think this could actually happen to them. He’s a little ashamed of himself for not trying to ask Coran if there was some sort of Altean version of contraception or like a condom or something that he could use. But even if there was there definitely was no guarantee that they’d even have it on the ship?? 
  • He curses the fact that he’s trapped in the ship with the love of his life and he can’t control his sexual urges like the adolescent he is. He also curses that he put this burden on his s/o because they’re in the middle of a war with Zarkon and that’s not the place to be dealing with a child. 
  • He doesn’t feel ready to be a dad in the slightest because it’s terrifying that he’s going to have to keep both his s/o and his child safe in this hellish war ridden universe. Plus there was no way they could just rush over to Earth and drop off his s/o and hope that they have a good life with the child because they’d lead the Galra right to their home planet.
  • Lance honestly can’t think if what he can even do because there’s no way they could raise a child in space but there’s also not a way to possibly abort the fetus if his s/o didn’t want to keep it. Either way he’s screwed and his s/o is already really hurt inside the healing pod. 
  • He blames himself for everything that has happened and never leaves he s/o’s side while they’re recovering. All the while he sits there and tries to think of all the signs that he probably didn’t notice to tell him that his s/o was pregnant. It was entirely possible that his s/o hid the symptoms from him to make sure he didn’t worry or anything. Or it was completely possible that his s/o didn’t know either and that they dismissed any symptoms because they simply just thought it was nothing. 
  • As soon as his s/o comes out of the healing pod he hugs them for a long time and after they eat and get something in them after being in there for so long he takes them to their room to talk to them. He really wants to talk it out with his s/o because honestly he doesn’t think either of them are ready to be parents and especially in space. 
  • Whatever choice his s/o makes he respects them because it is their body and they can do anything they want to with it. In the end they try to make it work whatever it is and makes sure that the other paladins support them as well. He also makes sure his s/o stays on the ship more often when they go out to do missions and when they do come with him he makes sure to keep them in his sights no matter what. 
  • The entire ordeal probably stresses this poor boy out so much like honestly he’s going to have grey hair by the time he’s 30. He is still a young boy who makes dumb jokes please let him stay that way for just a while longer before he has to grow up.
Tough Guy

Request: Could you please do a fluffy Dino scenario where you’re with him at the dorm, and he’s obviously trying to do all these things for you (like getting stuff off shelves) to make himself look cool + manly? (And reader thinks it’s cute and stuff ☺️) Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

A/N: It’s my first post in this account! I hope you like it!! 

- Admin Bee

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Amber Drabble

Anon asked: Amber drabble where you feel insecure and feel like he would do better with someone else.

So yeah, guys I know

I’ve been so…. inactive lately. So today I’m planning on writing at least three more scenarios or so. I’ll be catching up with the submissions list. You can still leave submissions in my ask box but it would take long to get your request done.

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