where else would you get a scenario like this!

I have no control over where my thoughts go, but sometimes they come up with beautiful scenarios like this:

Okay so I’m sure I’m not the only one who is liking this new look that Daryl has, with the whole navy blue buttoned down shirt that shows off his muscles *swoons*…

BUT GUYS! What if in the (hopefully) near future, like in s8, we get to see that same shirt on Carol as she walks out of the bedroom with nothing else on. 

Cause I mean, I’ve always loved her in navy blue…

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PS: @lapicesypantones or @thaliasandy I would love y’all forever if you could draw her in that shirt

Stop Trying It’s Okay To Lose


HI! would you like to participate in a scenario challenge? This is where i determine the title and everything else, BUT you determine what happens in the story. do you get the gist of the challenge? SO, READY? (since i like your tumblr header, lets make that the title.) TITLE: Stop trying it’s okay to lose, Angst to fluffy, MEMBER: Jeon Jungkook. DON’T FORGET to tag this a bts scenario so i can read and HAVE FUN! smell ya later :) <3-ChallengeAnon


Thank you challenge anon! I had a lot of fun writing this small drabble I hope you like it!! 

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You stood on the cliff edge looking at the beautiful stars, if only they could match the beauty of the tears falling from your eyes like rain. The light reflected creating pools of stars and your hair was a galaxy. You had recently gotten into a fight with Jungkook again, but this time he was being extra stubborn so you did the only thing you knew how to do.


You got into the old pickup truck you shared and drove away to the one place of thought. You found this place years ago running from your parents, who were not the nicest of people. You came here to think, to make huge decisions. Taking a breath you turned and walked into the woods, to many people they held danger and death, but to you they held wonder and secrets that you told the trees. 

They were your protectors when you needed a break from life, sniffing you found the small lagoon, it was really quite beautiful. The water was crystal clear, a small waterfall on one side supplied fresh water and heat from the stones let the water be slightly warm. It had the perfect outlook of the city, you smiled. Stripping off your clothing you dipped a toe into the water, before sinking into the soothing warmth. It was like your worries washed away, and you relished the feeling.

“I thought I’d find you here.” a ragged voice raw from crying said, turning you saw Jungkook, standing at the edge eyes rimmed red. “I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell at you. That competition wasn’t that important to me anyways, I can always try again next year.” You paused, knowing how important the competition really was to him. You also knew, though that this was his way of apologizing.

“It’s okay Jungkook,” you turned away to stare at the city “It’s okay.”

“It’s not, I shouldn’t have yelled at you, really it’s not okay.” he murmured, before you felt his arms wrap around you, “i’m sorry,” he whispered.

“It’s okay, just remember that you don’t need to try so hard to win,” you paused, turning to look at him, skin glistening with water, “it’s okay to lose Kooks.” you whispered. He smiled, nodding,

“I love you,” he whispered, you just nodded smiling.

moksoriwa  asked:

3 words: choker(i'm almost sorry but def no shame), icarus, mint. Does greek mythological figure count as a word??? for rap money supreme pls because who else would make me thirst for his neck tbh

im so sorry if this is completely not waht u wanted but this is just where the words took me?? weird magical realism angels and ?????? IDK I HOPE YOU LIKE IT THO??? 

requests are: closed

the drawing of lines
rated t for too weird
word count: 2,683

01. choker

There are lines tattooed around your necks at the coming of age ceremony; it’s a line of demarcation–something that marks your mind from your body, your head and soul from the rest of you, meant to remind you that from here on out, whatever may happen to your body, your soul will remain unaffected.

That you might have to make choices that benefit your mind, but not your body.

(What utter bullshit.)

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I Guess You’ll Have To Come Back

(A/N: This may be a bit adult for some, but I rewatched wednesday’s episode and couldn’t help my feels. A few days before I saw this video on Vimeo while browsing for something else and this is where the inspiration comes for this story. You may or may not want to watch it before reading, its a bit graphic, pg 13. not too bad  https://vimeo.com/92403817 Matt has just been looking too good lately. P.S. I kinda based the whole photojournalist thing on my dreams, so feel free to replace it with a scenario you would like in your head.) 

You’re at your apartment in Hoonah, sitting on a solid wooden chair under your vanity getting yourself physically and mentally ready for the day ahead of you. You were leaving, but this time it wasn’t for a few days it was for a few weeks. You hated leaving, but looked forward to the adventures ahead of you and your arrival for when you came back.

It was hard leaving your boyfriend, and it was a huge adjustment for him. Missing you for days at a time, coming home to a cold bed at night, and rude comments coming from jerks in town who said a women shouldn’t be the primary bread winner. He struggled with these issues but he came to understand it. Your desire to pursue a challenging full time career and he didn’t want to be the reason to stop you. You were a ground breaking photographer for a world renown magazine and had titles to withhold. You had to go out and explore and document. You had promised yourself to not only go after your goals, but to run after them and let nothing come in the way. 

Leaving was always the hardest part. You had to assure him over and over that one day you would settle in to the house he would buil for you two in Browntown and stay for good, and possibly consider having children with him, but at the moment he knew you had to run wild. You packed bags every other night to stay at Browntown with Matt; only to pack the bag again and go back to your apartment and the pack an even bigger bag and suit case to leave the state.

You lived a hectic city life, and didn’t think it was going to work between you two at first. He loved you though, loved you something terrible and was willing to compromise. No one thought he’d end up with a lower 48 girl. Even himself. He even caught himself wondering about moving in to her apartment to be with you all the time but voiced this idea once to Gabe who immediately shot it down and that was that, he was willing to sacrifice everything for you.

It was almost 5 am and a faint bluish light began to kiss your window. Reminding you morning was fast approaching and you had a flight to catch at 7. You stared at yourself in the mirror, smiling. Stopping to notice how happy you were. Teenage you would have been so proud of where you were. You had everything you ever wanted, and someone to share it with. You saw from the reflection Matt was stirring, starting to awaken. The sight of him shirtless and pantless in your bed, under your covers was enough to get to you to stay but you fought the urge. 

Your eyes are glued to the mirror waiting for his next move. His eyes open slowly like a child awakening from a nap, you can’t help but love his sleepy demeanor. He feels for his watch and checks the time. He then feels your side of the bed to find your spot unoccupied. He swings his legs to the side of the bed and gets up. He sees you and smiles to you through the mirror, but this quickly fades when he realizes you have to leave soon. He finds his pants pooled on the floor from the previous night from when you stripped them off. He picks them up, sliding them on and lets the buckle hang open, causing the jeans to hang low on hips. He looks around for his grey t shirt and can’t find it until he realizes you’re still wearing it.

He stands behind you keeping eye contact with you through the reflection. He gathers your ponytail in one hand and pushes it to one shoulder. Leaving the other exposed. He places his right palm on you, immediately sending chills through you. He gives you a small squeeze and you lull your head to the side leaving you vulnerable to him. He places a small chaste kiss to the tip of your shoulder, and youre still watching him. He’s broken the gaze to pay attention to the flesh before him. 

He moves kisses up to your neck and to your earlobe earning a tiny moan from you. There was something so sensual about a woman’s neck to him. So open and vulnerable to take and pleasure as he pleased. He loved the tiny noises and faces you’d make at the simplest touches and gestures. His kisses became rougher and harder. You closed your eyes and enjoyed the sensations he elected from you. The tiny searing bites, wet licks, and gentle pecks. He fed off your energy and continued, melting you to the core. 

He grabs your loose ponytail and takes your hair out of the elastic running his finger through your scalp. He gathers it in both his hands gently yanking on your hair send shockwaves through you. He starts to aggressively kiss the skin up and down your neck continuously earning loud moans of pleasure from you. Pulling your hair different ways opening up skin to his lips. Then he directs your head back to him so he can claim your lips. He nips at the corners and crashes on and off your lips only giving you tiny moments of contact. Your eyes are far beyond closed you’re in a different world letting him take control, all you can do is feel.

He takes off his tooth necklace and clasps it around your neck. It hangs a bit big and awkward on you but he bits his lips and examines it on you, and then returns back to his task at hand.

“Ma-” He quiets you with a kiss.

“Mattttttt,” you moan.

He finally slows down and gives you a few more pecks on the lips. 

“ I, I, I can’t keep this.” You say between moans and closed eyed.

He’s motions become needy and fast kissing every open area of skin, under your chin, up your jawline and everytime he stops to go to a new location he lets out a few words, “Then - I -guess - you’ll - have - to - come - back.” 

He finishes up with a kiss shared between you two on the lips and walks back over to the bed laying there smug, “Nice shirt.” He comments running a hand through his long curls. 

You can’t resist, “20 Minutes.” You mumbled, staggering over to him, still weak. 

He lets out a chuckle of victory and you throw yourself on top of him. 

What this man did to you.